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The concept of a universal income is predicated on the government (are we the government) paying some sum to EVERYONE (absurdity) rounding up to around $600 a month, or, hmm, $12,000 a year. Then, put in the digital gulag, that is, pay for success, so the data miners and social engineers and the eugenicists, getting to dictate what you and your family (if you have one) do to comply. Comply means following the steps of being citizens in their (oligarchs and social engineers and tech fascists) plan to herd the herd, to make the people the sheeple, and to determine outcomes based on their slippery bullshit lies of what makes good kids, good homes, good parents, good communities.

So, instead of community based gardens in every neighborhood, and instead of free real clinics and dental services and mental health spots in every neightborhood, and instead of mutual aid on a massive scale, and instead of real public transportation and instead of real activities of daily living that are not an arm and a leg bullshit Disneyland and cruise lines to hell, we have this UBI concept.

Socialism or savagery. Now, though, we have EuroTrashLandia doling out energy and food assistance payments, when, of course, the war lords and the barons of capitalism and the dirty dealings of billionaires and millionaires, they dictate the volume and ingredients coming from their spigots — oil, gas, water, food, gruel.

In a world where everyone thinks Branson a la Virgin Pukedom, or Musk the Mutt, or any number of examples of celebrity rich are to valued; in a world where many believe those heights are attainable (why should ANYONE want to be a Wall Streeter, banker, hedge funder, war lord, Pharma Prince, et al?), the hope is brainwashed dellusion, and the belief is wish upon a star madness that one day the average Joe or Rosa will be rich too.

People need community within communities, not rich people and thug lobbies and industry mafias. People need to gather round and make sure those businesses do not become monopolies, and if we need hardware stores, that the fair price is the fair price. We have to take over MORE of the common goods and services as a people, so we can thrive and survive. Dream Hoarders and blue collar millionaires, be damned.

Open up a tire shop, then two and then twenty and then 200 and then 1,000? Guess what, the mom and pops, those other tire shops, get shut down or gobbled up. Capitalism is cancer, greed, and money over community and common sense.

A universal basic income instead of sliding scale utilities, and sliding scale costs for basic groceries? Right! Dog eat dog, and now the middle class and now the upper economic echelon in the tech grift world are losing jobs, so they too feel the slide. Boom or bust, but boom is not booming for many, and the costs to soul, heart, health, and ecology, what a cancer, what acid on the face, inside the belly and throughout the land.

“Why a basic income, and why is now the time? Field-notes from Ireland during the Covid-19 pandemic” by Kevin Ryan, School of Political Science and Sociology, National University of Ireland Galway (source). He talks of Pandemic Unemployment Payment, when we should be talking about a hell of a lot more, like the shut downs, closures, the insanity of that game, the Planned Pandemic. Then, this forced war on Russia . . . . god forbid there is discussion and avenues for peace, or achieving simple red lines observed, or ending NATO moving closer and closer to Russia. Is this a plain brain dead world, where zombies cannot see that the solution to this is to end of ZioLensky, and to endUkraine as a Nazi state. Instead, the war, the trillions pumped in and around the proxy global wars, all of that, including USA gutting EuroTrashLandia, all of it, well, the eyes are off the prize — we have to end capitalism, end these empires, demolish the City of London, Klanada, et al, as these warring dirty countries continue to poison the land, people, minds.

No person should be pumping fists with blue and yellow urine colors of that flag in the air. But, this is the world of UP is DOWN, and War is PEACE.


This is how “They” think — all of the leaders, and ZioAzovNaziLensky, a multimillionaire, ill-gotten millions, and then, comic on coke playing piano with his dick, he is the emblem of sick Western Culture wrapped in Nazi flags.

Picture this: June 1832, and one Mr. Majendie is giving evidence to a Royal Commissioninto the Operation of the Poor Laws, which employed twenty-six Assistant Commissioners to collect evidence from some three-thousand parishes in England and Wales. The topic under discussion is ‘bastardy’. Although a mere footnote in the genealogy of what would much later be known as ‘the welfare state’, what Majendie (and many others who gave evidence) had tosay about this ‘problem’ goes some way towards illuminating the extent to which welfare has (again) become a form of stigma, an instrument of division, and a mechanism of compulsion targeting those who bear the burden of inequality under neoliberal capitalism. With this historical arc in mind, let us dwell for a moment on how the figure of the ‘unmarried mother’– also described as a ‘fallen’ woman by Catholic moralists at that time – figured in this discussion. The evidence laid before the Commission was extensive and resounding in its core conclusion: public assistance to unmarried mothers was the cause of the very problem it was intended to ameliorate. More specifically, from the perspective of the propertied class, it was the  certainty  of public provision that posed the greatest threat, because this would ensure that the mother of an ‘illegitimate’ child could count on being taken into the workhouse where she would be ‘better lodged and fed than in any period of her former life, and maintained…in perfect idleness’. This was apparently the crux of the matter, as emphasised by a Colonel J.P. A’Court: that unless checked, the mother of a bastard child was encouraged  by the logic of the system itself  to use public assistance as ‘a sort of pension to herself’ (Checkland and Checkland, 1974/1834: 264-6)

These are the bastards of the world, and they all think like that above, 2022, and are freaks who pull out their dirty signs:

Again, WELFARE for, hmm, the complex — military, media, pharma, oil, banking, finance, real estate, agriculture, mining, chemicals, and AI-VR-AR? You name anything in society, how many tax loopholes, how many tax abatements, how many state schools-universities working as labor camps for the privateers? How many countries exploited for “resources” with the mighty hand of missiles and IMF and debt payments. The Empire Strikes Everywhere.

Corporate welfare has remained the norm in the executive branch, as well. Government agencies like the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and the Rural Business-Cooperative Service continue to support failing businesses and dubious foreign investments with tax breaks and subsidies. The Export-Import Bank, perhaps the federal government’s largest driver of corporate welfare, continues to operate unimpeded. It provides subsidies and tax incentives to the politically-connected under the guise of boosting American exports.

Yeah, headlines galore: “Helipads and everything else Amazon is getting out of its deals with New York and Virginia.” Yeah, the poor house!

James T. Bennett’s new book Corporate Welfare: Crony Capitalism That Enriches the Rich examines American corporatism from the early days of the republic to recent battles surrounding the renewal of the Export-Import Bank of the United States. Long have special interests sought to manipulate government for financial gain in the United States, and Bennett chronicles these exploits with wit and humor. Though it may seem that the current swarm of lobbyists and crony capitalists is a relatively new plague, it is not. The cronies have always crawled across Capitol Hill, the political swamps that surround it, and the hinterlands.

Bennett begins by examining the emergence of the mercantilist philosophy embodied by Alexander Hamilton and his acolytes in the early years of the United States. Pretty much from the get-go, powerful private economic interests have jockeyed for access to the public purse. Hamilton’s Report on the Subject of Manufactures outlined to Congress the case for state-sponsored “help” to business. Business left to its own devices would not produce the maximum good for the new nation, he argued. The federal government must guide the beast commerce. Ah, what a familiar refrain.

And so Bennett begins the sordid tale of American corporate welfare and crony capitalism. From Hamilton and the early anti-Jeffersonians to the Whigs, the Republicans, the “robber barons,” right through the Progressive Era, and into the modernera after Hoover, at every stage of American development cronies have exploited the taxpayer and regulatory apparatus for private gain.

So, sure, Pink FLoyd Rogers is calling a spade a spade. Multimillionaire that he is:

British rock star Roger Waters has hit out against the US for profiting off of the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which he says Washington allowed to happen because it was beneficial to American interests.

Discussing US foreign policy on the Bad Faith podcast on YouTube, the Pink Floyd co-founder stated that the conflict in Ukraine was “the best thing to happen to them in the last 10 years,” because it was “really good for business.”

“Part of their business is making money from the war through making weapons and selling them to the people and taking the profits from it,” Waters explained, adding that this money never goes to ordinary people. “It’s not you or me, not ordinary people who invest in the war industry. It’s people with tons of cash, and they get very well paid when there’s war.”

Another benefit of the war for the political establishment, according to Waters, is that it allows it to convince people who struggle to make ends meet and end up homeless that their woes are the fault of the Russians and Putin, who is compared to Hitler and accused of being responsible for “destroying everyone’s lives.”

Rogers says he has now been banned from performing in Poland for openly criticizing the West’s military meddling and calling for peace between Russia and Ukraine. (source)

These are very easy solutions, but the world of the Anglo-Saxon kills common sense, and their masters, including highly intelligent scholars and psychologists and economists and sociologists and social engineers and propagandists and techies, from the Chosen People, too, they are in this for the fleecing, for the millions, and their savagery isn’t a Ukrainian missile barrage into apartment buildings or schools or hospitals, but their work is kill and kill and kill, none the less, with digital ledgers and wads of fake cash.

You know, we are worthless eaters, breathers, shitters, urinators, drivers, seekers of medical care. The world population is their explosion, and their diffusion is wiping us away . . . Imagine that. Here you go: Matthew Ehret – author and historian — interviewed by lawyer Reiner Fuellmich and lawyer Viviane Fischer. Matthew Ehret is talking about eugenics (world population reduction) and transhumanism and the history of it. He is also talking about who supported Adolf Hitler financially to start his genocide. (Source)

Rosa Luxemburg, who became active in the Polish and German socialist movements in the 1880s, undoubtedly read Kautsky’s book, and would have heard its ideas discussed many times. Chapter 4 includes this passage:

“If indeed the socialist commonwealth were an impossibility, then mankind would be cut off from all further economic development. In that event modern society would decay, as did the Roman empire nearly two thousand years ago, and finally relapse into barbarism.

“As things stand today capitalist civilization cannot continue; we must either move forward into socialism or fall back into barbarism.”

The similarities between this passage and the one quoted above from The Junius Pamphlet are obvious. The crucial final clause in Kautsky is virtually identical to its counterpart in Luxemburg’s “Engels quote” – (source)

  • Kautsky 1892: we must either move forward into socialism or fall back into barbarism (es heißt entweder vorwärts zum Sozialismus oder rückwärts in die Barbarei)
  • Luxemburg 1915: either transition to socialism or regression into barbarism (entweder Übergang zum Sozialismus oder Rückfall in die Barbarei)

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