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It’s a New Short Story Collection

Cirque Journal , where I have published essays, reviews, poems and short stories for several years, now has  Cirque Press, publishing some of the writers in the Pacific Northwest.

This fundraiser means a long-in-the-trenches fiction writer, me, will have this short story collection hit the public as a hard copy: Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam. Small publishing houses like Cirque have to underwrite the cost of production and printing.

Call this “crowd funded literature.” These are the times we are in with conglomeration and monopoly of the publishing industry and the elitism of the small-small literary presses.

You’ll be part of a literary adventure — some of the stories have been published, including “Bloody Sheets,” here, starting on Page 115

“Slaying Dragons, Demons, the Methodology of War”  (16-17)  when I was a faculty member at UT-El Paso also gives insight into this short story (fiction) project.

For a $30 donation, you will receive a pdf of my book, Reimagining Sanity: Voices  Beyond the Echo Chamber:

You’ll be part of the adventure of this compelling thematically-threaded book — short stories —  as your name will be printed in the Thank You section of the book for any fund “give” of 100.00 or more.

Once the manuscript is a bound book, all donations of $100.00 also get a signed copy of the book.

Post Script: There are many links to my work on America’s War Against Vietnam. Whew, 15 years ago, when I was a faculty at Gonzaga U, I was making some hay in that regard.  “Vietnam conflict remembered around Spokane.”

Peace, Paul K. Haeder

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