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Whew, the realities of so many people as part of the walking wounded in high and low places. The landscape in USA, now Canada, UK and parts of Europe, where the Capitalists buff their gold-plated toilets and polish their collection of cars, there are hundreds of millions of people, rudderless, broken, flayed, laid prostrate from the emptiness of the consumerism, the bright lights and the smoke and mirrors. Everywhere in these lands there are masses of people faking it, living in la-la land. So much mental illness. So many variations on a theme of poor spiritual and intellectual hygiene.

The scriptwriters — the powerful who employ the torturers, the marketers, the legal vultures, all those barkers and salesmen, all those sociologists and psychiatrist,, all of them, who are in the business of behavior modification — they too a broken, but in a criminal way. Thugs in Brooks Brothers suits. Hit men and hit women in the boardrooms of defense corporations, in mining corporations, in all the dirty corporations that make up the M.I.C. and the many headed poisons serpent of “contractors,” building roads, offices, runways, towers, systems of chaos as they help the Amerikkkan Empire extract, steal, rob, extort from those in the global south, in developing and under developed countries, from sea to naval cruising sea.

I’m around a lot of trauma, as a teacher, journalist and social services professional. I am right there in the middle of trauma, of generational and familial trauma after trauma. There in the middle of epigentics and the fact most people are in various layers of dysfunction. Forget about the self-esteem issue, or the Collective Stockholm Syndrome, or the General Anxiety Disorder. Yes, there are dark forces here to facilitate the continuation of trauma upon trauma.

The warehousing of youth in public K12 gulags. The commercialization (privitazation) of everything in a child’s life. The pimping for companies to gain the attention and the heart and soul of children. All those endless vapid hours upon hours on social (unsocial) media, all the rot of Netflix-Amazon Prime-Hulu-Redbox. All of the syphiliitic “artists” who make noise with groins explosed and skin pummeled with absurd tattoos. Selling those kids on pot, now, THC, DCD. The kids are already in the loop of trauma after trauma:

  • parents divorcing
  • one or both parents addicted.
  • poverty
  • no real adults who are mentors, kind
  • criminality or incarceration of adults in their lives
  • bad food
  • bad role models
  • bad birth
  • bad diet
  • lack of inquiry or inquisitiveness of those around
  • a world/households that are addicted to TV, sports, the lizard brain mush of entertainment
  • physical and verbal abuse
  • low birth weight
  • crime in and around the neighborhoods
  • no public or safe public spaces
  • parents who are never there
  • parents who are products of abuse
  • parents who are children, chronologically or just intellectually
  • warring criminal elected officials, from the Five Star General all the way to the county commissioner
  • constant reminders of polluted neighborhoods and lack of investment in public-social spaces.

It is a laundry list, for sure. And, as a professional, working with these realities is part and parcel part of a day. When I clock out, though, I am challenged to meet the same level of trauma informed care and compassion when the criminality, the stupidity, the infantilization, the McDonaldization, the boorishness, the stupidity, criminality, addiction, all of it, hits me in my personal and neighborhood space.

I’ve stated that I am not going to give a criminal Trump or Clinton or Obama or Biden a break just because we know for a fact there are any number of epigenetic defects and familial rot-gut backgrounds, and mental hygiene issues ramrodding these powerful leaders. Trump and his bad daddy and his narcissistic personality disorder or Clinton’s sex addiction or Biden’s dementia. All of that is a given when looking at powerful and rich leaders, from Oprah to Bezos, from Dick Cheney to his daughter, Liz. Those rich and famous and powerful are one hell of a lot of a few hundred million people who are messed up on many levels.

Power, megalomania, egomania, lying, looting, lechery, sure, that is the result of throwing trillions at them, allowing them to break the law, allowing them to subjugate the 80 percent of the world, entire countries/continents with their filthy designs and projects of unlimited power, unlimited criminality.

Sometimes I wake up to a few kudos in my email box after one of my pieces or articles ends up read and appreciated. Other times, I am called stupid, a fool, and depending on the topic, an idiot, as in Covidiot!

Some bloke from Canada sent in a long email October 13. You know, no one has a right to question the planned pandemic, or call mandates criminal, against informed consent. You know, forced jabs for the greater good of all. Lose your job, your housing, your freedom if you dare not get the jab. Everyone is stupid who might for a thousand different reasons question exactly what’s going down with lockdowns, quarantines, lock-ups, terminations, broken supply chains, unimaginable profits for the rich, the drug makers, military in a time of economic downturn. Anyone questioning the origins of the Franken-SARS, or the validity of the mRNA gene hack. God forbid anyone question why so many get put on ventilators, and why simple and inexpensive measures, like nasal sprays with nitric oxide or massive doses of Vitamin C and Zinc and steroids and anti-virials might knock down or knock out the so-called Covid-19.

I ca certainly reproduce the email in question, but I like the response from my friend, Joe the Farmer from Merced, California, when I forwarded this Canadian’s ire against my rant — Back at Ground-Truthing Again and Again and Again

Paul — This fellow’s (Bruce’s) reaction doesn’t surprise me. Today on the site he refers to as, “writers for the gross fool who runs Global Research out of Montreal” there is an essay about a commercial airline pilot dying in flight. The video is a Stew Peter’s production that is definitely alternative production. The Doctor he interviews is a health economist of right wing persuasion. Stew Peters patterns his production similar to Alex Jones complete with selling products at the end of his videos. There is all kinds of stuff on Global Research that is on the fringe of loopy.

The same can be said of numerous other sites. But because these are alternative sites doesn’t mean that some of what they say might be true or at least something to think about. This fellow who attacks you obviously gets his information from mainstream corporate media which is equally suspect and won’t allow anyone on their broadcasts that question the vaccines. Corporate media has been in lockstep from word go with the emergency use mRNA vaccine manufactures.

I’ve lived long enough to know that sometime the dissenting voices are the ones that turn out to be right. In the last week there has been three small aircraft that have crashed in California for no apparent reason. One was a doctor in southern California. As of yet I haven’t read anything as to the causes of these accidents. There was a military doctor several weeks ago that called for the grounding of military pilots after being vaccinated. 

We are starting to see corporate media reports of supply chain collapse. Docks are jammed up with cargo ships, return containers are not being returned to the ports, lack of truck drivers, etcetera. All this in a world of efficient computer programs designed to make everything run smoothly and all of a sudden it doesn’t work. Truckers can’t get their required certifications for drug tests thereby preventing them from driving. The same is happening for just about every industry that moves freight. But Amazon keeps going. The big shippers keep going. The small guys get sidelined. 

Doesn’t all this look suspicious to Bruce? Like maybe something else is happening here? Banks are getting free money pumped into the repo market daily from the Federal Reserve and still the supply lines are plugged up like a constipated buffalo. I wonder if Bruce links any of this with economics or is it all just COVID related because some people refuse to get vaccinated because they’ve been hit with a stupid stick as he pontificated?

I noticed Bruce started all of his rant with what a environmental warrior he was at a job  because he discontinued the use of herbicides to spay weeds around power poles and his sending of transformer to England to be incinerated thirty five years ago. I wonder if he ever thinks for a second that those chemicals he discontinued the use of were all approved by the EPA, FDA or the CDC or at least to be allowed to be used until there was such an outcry by the public that it was impossible for the power companies to continue there use. Or that the BLM and forest service still use some of those chemicals today.

Do you think Bruce ever wonders why some of those people that don’t want to get the jab might just not trust those agencies approval of these experimental vaccines based on the history of these agencies? I doubt he does. 

Arguing with self righteous assholes like Bruce is like wrestling with a pig in the mud. All of a sudden it dawns on you that the pig enjoys it. Joe

There are many many self righteous people who believe only a select few have the right to discuss the prevailing issues around coronavirus, SARS-CoV2, Covid-19, etc. MDs can only discuss the human medical conditions, engineers can only discuss engineering, aerospace scientists have the floor on all things space, economists, all things monetary. This is the bloody collective dellusions of the white race, truly, the colonizers, the race that came into these lands, Turtle Island, and raped, ravaged, roiled the land with fire and pesticides. The murdering savages, those Puritans, those Hudson Bay Company men, those Carnegies, those Rockefellers, Oppenheimers, the entire bastards in the 5 percent, they are the true lords of truth, lords of information. Anyone else stepping outside their wheelhouse, well, off with their heads.

Off with their heads, I say: Scientists!

Better cancers and neurological and gut disease through chemistry, oh those scientists, and the medical pros, and the FDA, the rest of the Fauci types, loving ROund-up!

The EU authorities’ assumption that glyphosate does not spread through the air has been disproven. The results of the German study “Pesticide pollution of the air” prove that glyphosate and dozens of other pesticides are traveling through the air for miles into national parks and cities. The analysis was initially published in 2019 and has now been peer-reviewed by independent scientists and published in the journal Environmental Sciences Europe. It was commissioned by the Bündnis für eine enkeltaugliche Landwirtschaft and the Umweltinstitut München and is the most comprehensive data set on pesticide pollution in the air in Germany. However, the EU authorities responsible for the approval process concerning the use of glyphosate have so far excluded air transport.  

And, wise words from Joe the Farmer, again:

“Paul:  It has been known for years that Roundup travels through the air. The ag agents in Merced County held seminars for the farmers forty years ago where they said farmers could face fines and have their beloved Roundup restricted if they sprayed it when it was windy, not that any farmer ever faced a fine or stopped doing so. There was spotting on leaves where Roundup droplets had landed that ag agents would point out the cause as being from airborne Roundup. Just more proof of Capitalism killing everything for the profits of a few. Joe”

An immediate international moratorium on all dual-use gain-of-function research must be instated and all existing experimentation must be autoclaved, only greed and hubris have ever been served by attempting this type of genetic manipulation. Humanity does not need a vaccine against HIV derived from a coronavirus, nor do we need to be tinkering with genetic material that holds the potential to wipe a significant percentage of us off the face of the Earth.

Failure to embrace such a ban may effectively become a death sentence for our species, assuming we aren’t already on our last mile. Reinstate the global moratorium on “gain-of-function” research. Sign the petition here!

Do you want to know how many people in the Western world want to here that the batty bioengineered SARS-CoV19 was manufactured at the University of North Carolina, and under the auspices of Fauci and His Gang? Read up, study, and learn how this virus was bio-engineered at the spike-protein genes which was already done at UNC to make an extraordinarily virulent coronavirus.

Oh, all the news unfit to print, that is the continuing criminal enterprise system of America, of USA Media, of the Disorientation of the Discourse, and with all those felons and futures thieves and tax evaders and country coup d’état lovers in office, in the senate, congress, executive branch, US military, state department, CIA, all the posts tied to US Patriot Act, and then all the military contractors outright lying and loving their bank accounts, in-house ones, and off-shore. Land, real estate, mutual funds, private stocks, under the table deals, this is the White Savior, man, so anything tied to Pfizer or to any of the scum, it should be a slam dunk to not only doubt their motives and word, but to outright demand their heads.

I lose more people on this stuff, every day!

Why does Christina Parks, Ph.D., object to the idea that a “vaccine passport” will reduce COVID rates? And why don’t African Americans and Ph.D.s want the vaccine?

Parks, whose Ph.D. is in cellular and molecular biology, addressed those questions and more on the latest episode of “The Defender Show,” where she told the show’s host, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., that mandating something to be injected into somebody’s body is “just ridiculous,” and vaccine passports are “blatantly illegal.”

Parks said there are two reasons she objects to vaccine mandates and passports: lack of informed consent and lack of science to support them.

Parks explained how mRNA vaccines were never designed to prevent transmission of the pathogen, even though they were marketed that way. All you have to do, she said, is read and understand the clinical trials.

Watch and learn, The Defender.

The real agenda of those billionaires: first the forced jabs, the biometrics, the implants, transhumanism 5.0. 5 G and 6 G up your rectum.

From Caitlin Johnson —

**quoting her — In 2018 the influential author and professor Douglas Rushkoff wrote an article titled “Survival of the Richest” in which he disclosed that a year earlier he had been paid an enormous fee to meet with five extremely wealthy hedge funders. Rushkoff says the unnamed billionaires sought out his advice for strategizing their survival after what they called “the event,” their term for the collapse of civilization via climate destruction, nuclear war or some other catastrophe which they apparently viewed as likely enough and close enough to start planning for.

Rushkoff writes that eventually it became clear that the foremost concern of these plutocrats was maintaining control over a security force which would protect their estates from the rabble in a post-apocalyptic world where money might not mean anything. I encourage you to read the following paragraph from the article carefully, because it says so much about how these people see our future, our world, and their fellow human beings:

“This single question occupied us for the rest of the hour. They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from the angry mobs. But how would they pay the guards once money was worthless? What would stop the guards from choosing their own leader? The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers — if that technology could be developed in time.”

Something to keep in mind if you ever find yourself fervently hoping that the world will be saved by billionaires.

LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman has said that more than half of Silicon Valley’s billionaires have invested in some type of “apocalypse insurance” such as an underground bunker to ensure they survive whatever disasters ensue from the status quo they currently benefit so immensely from. ** end quote!

Back to the top — generational trauma, structural violence, environmental racism, killing us all with the military industrial complex, with those neocons and neoliberals, both fucked up parties, Demon and Pubics, democrats (sic) and republicans (sic). The amount of trauma upon trauma on people now, just a few dozen months after the March 2020 big triple lie of planned pandemic, to mask or not to mask, to quarantine, or not to quarantine. To social distance or not. All the while there were thousands of doctors and others with cures, with ways to weather the corona flu, without hospitalization, intubation, the rest of the sick sick Soylent Green scenario.

Again, War is a Racket, Big Pharma is War, Capitalism is a Continuing Criminal Racket. War is Peace, and Up is Down. Here, Lowkey and Ho, talking about a very slim view of capitalism a la Iraq and Afghanistan. This is it, the big rip off. Oh, if they really wanted to save us from the virus, the pollutants, the antimicrobial resistance, all of it, now wouldn’t these narcissist criminals, Trump and Biden et al, go after all those people who have stolen trillions? Trillions for, hmm, clean water systems for USA and the globe. Clean farms? Great schools? Medical clinics EVERYWHERE? There are many many millions of heads that have to roll to start from scratch, to get the people’s and the planet’s revolution up and running. Could be your senator or your uncle, mom or banker. Many many murderers have to go, no?

Listen/watch: Just one shitty exercise in theft and murder. Imagine all the other rackets!

for a spouse with Mexican and Portuguese roots

by Paul Haeder / October 10th, 2021

the pacific is 100 miles
endless, on a good day
spouts and blowholes
grays and a few sperm
whales, yet the circus
is close, stellar jays
picking out acorns
shaking the trees
those nuts stashed
in times of gripping
when ocean and sky merge

this idea of a statue
blind Siletz woman
one daughter from loins
of white man
who refused marriage
…170 years ago
forced death marches
to this Coast Reservation
spread from Cape Lookout
to Dunes City, but they
ran, not away, but toward
homelands, rootedness
away from cancer, whites

Amanda statue is near a footbridge
one covered in debris
the new icon is on the trail
fitted with tracking device
since those white settlers
have been ripping
away land and cultures
for almost two centuries
the blood of Puritans
Germanics, Nordics
illegal aliens
were ‘granted’ Indian land
320 acres for a man
240 for married woman

like a cancer
the land turns to asphalt
endless caravans
of spewing cars, logging trucks
vacation RV’s

but Amanda stands strong
you hold the legend:
her face to the sky
blind but all-seeing
more vision than a thousand whites —
squatters and Indian burners —
the statue is there to receive
decent hearts, minds still welded
in guilt . . . all of what the current whites
seem to be able to give,
guilt, no reparations, or
a statue on a remote trail
hikers and loafers
wondering what a blind
Indian really sees

we cover all those international stories, all those big time national stories, but the rot is from the top down, into the bowels of we the ordinary people

Time and time again, the left sites just keep pushing all those international stories, all those stories tied to this or that political party head, and while China is important, and while we know the dirty deeds of Blinken to Pompeo, all the way back, we still miss out on the common people, us, the little ones.

Sure, this is a trending story, in California, tied to the vaccine mandate, the hysteria, the fascism:

The University of California, Irvine has placed their Director of Medical EthicsDr. Aaron Kheriaty, on ‘investigatory leave’ after he challenged the constitutionality of the UC’s vaccine mandate in regards to individuals who have recovered from Covid and have naturally-acquired immunity.

Last month Kheriaty, also a Professor of Psychiatry at UCI School of Medicine, filed a suit in Federal court over the mandate.

Natural immunity following Covid infection is equal to (indeed, superior to) vaccine-mediated immunity. Thus, forcing those with natural immunity to be vaccinated introduces unnecessary risks without commensurate benefits—either to individuals or to the population as a whole—and violates their equal protection rights guaranteed under the Constitution’s 14th Amendment,” Kheriaty wrote in a Sep. 21 blog post.

“Expert witness declarations in support of our case include, among others, a declaration from distinguished UC School of Medicine faculty members from infectious disease, microbiology/immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, pediatrics, OB/Gyn, and psychiatry,” the post continues (click here to read the rest).

…there is now considerable evidence that Covid recovered individuals may be at higher risk of vaccine adverse effects compared to those not previously infected (as seen in studies herehere, and here, among others). -Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

This issue, though, is more important on a local level for schmucks like me, who are overeducated, aging in a hateful society, left of left in a centrist and capitalism hard left/right contradictory world. I am back at a job, and the pay is embarrassing, and the fact that I am in a rural county with rural thinkers and with a service economy tied to beach combing, fishing, crabbing and vacation rentals also contributes to precarity.

You think I am ready to leave to go somewhere else, to some big sophisticated city, some harbinger of high tech and military industrial complex to find more sustainable and lucrative work? Each day, my skill sets, my background, all the ground-truthing and other on the job training, all the travel, all those deep learning moments in my life in several fields, all of that is mush to the masters of academia, the masters of companies that are small and large, getting on the gravy train of city, county, state, national and international money. Tax cheats and welfare queens and kings are those in the complex, the big C for the CRC, Corruption Racket Complex — military-banking-ag-energy-prison-pharma-education-medicine-mining-chemical-AI-surveillence-real estate-insurance-prison-legal-media-entertainment.

Yep, bad that an environmental lawyer was under ankle bracelet house arrest for more than two years and faces six months in jail for contempt as a lawyer who sued the pants off of Chevron for killing and polluting communities south of this border. Sure, the hellfire and brimstone of this rotting empire is addictive, with all these blogs and newsfeeds and whatnot tapping into the lizard part of the collective American brain.

Chevron Steven Donziger Feature photo

Judge Loretta Preska, an advisor to the conservative Federalist Society, to which Chevron is a major donor, sentenced human rights attorney and Chevron nemesis Steven Donziger to six months in prison Friday for misdemeanor contempt of court after he had already spent 787 days under house arrest in New York.

Preska’s caustic outbursts — she said at the sentencing, “It seems that only the proverbial two-by-four between the eyes will instill in him any respect for the law” — capped a judicial farce worthy of the antics of Vasiliy Vasilievich, the presiding judge at the major show trials of the Great Purges in the Soviet Union, and the Nazi judge Roland Freisler who once shouted at a defendant, “You really are a lousy piece of trash!”

full image
Original illustration by Mr. Fish

So, note the “proverbial two-by-four between the eyes” comment from this judicial devil . . . . From a multimillionaire “judge.” Imagine that! If I told a pig that stopped me for a dangling mud flap on my minivan, just think might happen to me. Or if I told that to a judge during my trial or someone else’s? Or, to the boss, uh? Or to the teacher if I was an 11th grader. Or, to the drill sergeant? Or the TSA guy smelling my feet at the airport.

This judge is human scum, and while this is of national and international importance, I have been in courtrooms (local, small and midsized town) where women lost their children, where drug addicted got the book thrown at them, where homeless rough sleepers were fined and incarcerated, where people more sane than this judge were committed to mental ward. This is the truth about systems of oppression, about modern white civilization, a fucked up rule of law lawlessness. This is it in our world.

Now, multiple that by a factor a ten thousand — try suing Boeing, or Pfizer or FDA, or Ford, or General Mills, or Bayer, or Trump Towers or Bank of America, or Amazon, or Google, or the manufacturer of the air bag in the minivan or the pretzels your kid is choking on.

Now, bring it back to a real perspective. Local, where cities have no money for infrastructure, where medical systems are threadbare at least, or missing altogether. No country for old men, for young people, for sick, disabled, poor, mentally challenged, psychiatrically impaired. This is a country for no regular people.

Paperback No Country for Old Men Book

Yet, we will hear the media mental midgets yammer on and on about us bumbkins, us flyover fucks, deplorables, or any other laundry list of pejoratives or socio-psych mumbo jumbo for their elite brains to find more ways to subjugate the many in the name of profits and in the words of their deep alter egos — “Useless breeders, breathers and eaters.”

But reality is always local, no matter how much bullshit college sports and pro football and idiotic Republican and Democrat lying and spewing interferes with their noggins. For example, the outfit I work with, as a social services guy, doesn’t ask our clients — developmental and intellectual disabled adult — if they have had the jab, but rather, they ask: “If an employer asks you to provide proof of vaccination, will that be a problem?”

That is the reality now — adults barely surviving, after their whole lives spent in special ed programs and being evaluated, separated, roomed, housed and institutionalized, and many coming from proverbial messed up families, dysfunction being the functional word — I have to navigate more of the same systems of oppression-poverty inducing-safety net fraying eating at our communities’ very souls. The chances of getting part-time work in a field tied to the five F’s (food, fur, factory, filth, foliage — restaurants, dog cleaning, warehouses, janitorial, and landscaping) are already stacked against these folk. Think about the propaganda around “those with developmental disabilities are more vulnerable to the covid so they need to be vaxxed first” ideology.

Many clients were so scared that they were more or less forced into getting the Pfizer or J & J, both mRNA biomedical experimental treatments. Most live in supported housing, and most of these in group homes, sanctioned by the state, so the vaccine mandates are not just inferred, but demanded. Boosterism will continue to run rampant. More will be sick. Some will die, or course.

The reality is I know people who are losing jobs, and they are not sitting on piles of cash like a lot of professionals you might read about that are opting out of the forced chemical jabs. These people do not have the luxury of taking a stand with unlimited credit card limits, or fully owned homes, or hobby gardens out back with the swimming pool. These are people who read up about this planned pandemic, who take precautions, who listen to experts. They choice is to not get jabbed.

Imagine, being a teacher, of 20 years, and you have 130 accrued sick days (paid) and you refuse to do the jab but accept the draconian test and mask. You are still going to be fired, or put on leave, and those days you have accrued, well, forget about them.

The proposal, rejected by U.S. military research agency DARPA, describes the insertion of human-specific cleavage sites into SARS-related bat coronaviruses.” (source)

This is reality for one of my friends. Forget about the death proclamations of the Death Cult of Fauci. This guy is criminal, and he has sold millions a bill of goods.

A bill of goods, man, the lies, the continuing criminal enterprises, and then, remade, make overs, etc. Robert Scheer is not my favorite, but this takes the cake, no, as he appears as Mister New York Times and Most About USA is Good Scheer. So, no doubts about this fellow joining up with the CIA, and then now in Holly-Dirt?

This is the very celebrity culture that Chris Hedges rails against. This is a sick little blurb here promoting Scheer’s podcast of this criminal — CIA is a criminal outfit of the highest order.

A former CIA officer and Emmy award-winning creator of the hit FX series “The Americans” about two Soviet agents living secretly in Washington during the Cold War, Weisberg offers a refreshing perspective on the tense relationship between the two countries throughout his work. He joins Robert Scheer on this week’s “Scheer Intelligence” to talk about his latest book, “Russia Upside Down: An Exit Strategy for the Second Cold War,” in which he examines how he, like so many Americans, got Russia wrong. 

The author tells Scheer about his childhood growing up in a liberal Jewish household in Chicago, Ill. before studying Soviet politics at Yale University and joining the CIA, eager to do his “duty as an American” and fight what he considered then to be the “evil” Soviet empire. Now, after years of writing fiction about the Soviet Union in novels and TV scripts, Weisberg has decided to reflect on the historical events that he briefly played an active role in during his brief time at the CIA as the Soviet Union was collapsing through a more critical, factual lens. Based on both his personal experience as well as detailed research, Weisberg dispels common misconceptions about Russia that he once held to be true in “Russia Upside Down.” 

Here we go, more meaningless stuff to the average Joe in Tucson or Portland, in Kansas or Utah. But we get he is Jewish, a Yale graduate, and lover of CIA and USA. Fiction writer, and now a book writer. This is the upper echelons of America Putridity, and you couple that with his millions thrown at him as a Holly-Dirt thing, and we have the mini-Celebrity fawning.

Scheer IntelligenceIs America’s View of ‘Evil’ Russia Merely Projection?

The Americans: The Complete First Season (DVD)
More TV junk!

I was at a hospital two weeks ago, and the nurses must have thought I wasn’t awake (I never sleep in a hospital, in jail, or on a plane). They talked about the Samaritan Hospital system they work for introducing a “no vaccine, no medical service” protocol. They did not sound happy about it. And here we have it yesterday:

The Associated Press

Leilani Lutali, foreground, and Jaimee Fougner pose for a photo, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021 in Colorado Springs, Colo. Lutali recently found out her hospital wouldn’t approve her kidney transplant surgery until she got the COVID-19 vaccine. Even though she has stage 5 kidney disease that puts her at risk of dying without a new kidney. (AP Photo/Thomas Peipert) source

A hell of a country, and a hell of a “follow the science” kind of messed up system, no? Idiots of the Biden-Obama variety, like Thom Hartman, are yammering on and on about how these hospitals have a right to refuse un-jabbed folk.

Here’s what my friend Joe the farmer from Merced says about the fake leftist Counterpunch, St. Clair —

I’m getting where I can’t read this smug cocksucker’s bullshit.

Joe is referencing this —

+ I’m against any exemptions (our social contract should require either all of us to get it or that the jab be completely voluntary ), but if there’s a religious exemption there should be one for philosophy, too. “Dr. Anthony Fauci says he’s worried that people resisting COVID-19 vaccine shots based on religious grounds may be confusing that with a philosophical objection.”

+ Merck is selling its high-touted new Covid pill Molnupiravir, whose development was federally financed by NIH and the Department of Defense,  back to the U.S. government for 40 times what it costs to make.

+ These people, if you want to call them that, seem to have taken their “tactics” from the Westboro (“God Hates Fags”) Baptist Church which used to (and I suppose still does) scream their godly obscenities at mourners during the funerals of people who died of AIDS.

+ Anti-vaxism is itself a kind of brain-eating virus…A Cumberland, Maryland man murdered his brother and sister-in-law in their Ellicott City home last week because his brother, a local pharmacist, had administered COVID-19 vaccines.

+ Cuba began vaccinating its population 150 days ago. In that time, it has administered 192 doses per 100 people. In contrast, the US began its vaccination program 297 days ago and has managed to administer only 119 does per 100 people. The Covid death rate in Cuba is: 684 per million. The death rate in the US is: 2190 per million. This seems to provide pretty clear evidence that the embargo has been placed on the wrong country for the last 60 years.

And therein lies the problem with fake leftists — but the reality is Cuba is not jabbing its people with mRNA: “All of Cuba’s vaccine candidates—Abdala, Soberana 1, Soberana 2, Soberana Plus, and Mambisa, are subunit protein vaccines, like the Novavax vaccine. Crucially, the vaccines do not require extreme refrigeration, are cheap to produce, and are easy for the country to manufacture at scale. They are made by fermentation in mammalian cells, a process Cuba already uses for monoclonal antibodies.”

A nurse holds up a vial of vaccine

Now, we are worried about more of the celebrities, this time, professor who was sacked —

Academic David Miller Speaks Out Following Firing & Israel Lobby Smear Campaign

Now, think about any criticism against any university, when you are employed by the institution. I was employed by the University of Texas at El Paso. I was an English Department faculty, part-time, a radical, and I fought like hell for adjuncts, for students, etc. I was part of a group of students as a faculty member who made a human chain to stop the group of overweight sheriff posse dudes dressed up as Conquistadors on horses strutting on campus. That was 1992, the 500th anniversary of that evil contact. The El Paso Times ran a front page photo of these undercover cops jumping out of the bushes, and wrangling students, clobbering male and female with forearms to the neck.

This is what a university, then, in 1992, was encapsulated, under a rich white president, a campus that was and still is 80-plus percent Mexican-American, Latinx, now:

More cities are recognizing Native Americans on Columbus Day

This was a campus that introduced a free speech zone out of the way of traffic. A state sponsored school, with a limited small postage stamp of land where people can gain the public square for protesting. And the campus Nazi’s demanded permission, permits, and full written details of the “protest” or “information gathering.” Now, sure, talk about Covid, about Nuremburg protocol, about mandates, about those who have the jab and those who do not. Talk about NIH and Fauci and the shadowy origins of the SARS-CoV2, or the doctors who have protocols to stop not only Covid patients getting on ventilators, but getting patients out of the hospital and back home in recovery zone.

These articles are verboten on campuses:

And, if I was still on that campus, how quickly would I be sacked for criticizing a campus that pushes the Hispanic University of the World theme while colonizing Hispanics (mostly Mexican Americans) into the fold of the Corruption Racket Complex — military-banking-ag-energy-prison-pharma-education-medicine-mining-chemical-AI-surveillence-real estate-insurance-prison-legal-media-entertainment? This campus is the whoring field of military, aerspace, drone and weapons makers, and even more nefarious. What ugly optics!

So, back into that ground-truthing — try being a radical, a revolutionary, a critic of bureaucracies and corporate mandates and this sort of bullshit. UTEP is a sell-out, an embarrassment, but so are most all the colleges and universities in this shit hole. (Source) Can you imagine bringing this into the classroom — anti-war, anti-military, anti-corporation discourse and readings and critical thinking debates? Shit! Then, this? Pfizer Exposed!

And while the big house is for us in the 80 percent, the ground in your neighborhood is littered with the poisons of that Complex, the Continuing Criminal Enterprise called capitalism.

“[The aim of the international bankers was] nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy
of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and
conferences.” — Professor Carroll Quigley, ‘Tragedy & Hope’, p. 324 (source)

Sure, the they is well, us, or, we are the cancer. Even though some of us are for reparations, against spending cents on military, on SWAT teams. Many of us are knowing that the Buffalo Commons and Y2 Y are the best ways toward regenerative conservation, with the tribes at the helm.

This is what prompts this short piece, which is the tip of the injustice iceberg:

Before white settlers arrived in Oregon, it was home to over 20 indigenous tribes whose people lived symbiotically with the land, maintained the forests, and worked to preserve the environment around them.

As a territory, Oregon was shaped through manipulation of land by United States government. The Donation Land Act of 1850 dispossessed Indigenous Peoples and pushed white settlers into the territory. White males and married white women were allotted a 320 acre plot of land in Oregon. Conflict erupted between these white settlers and Native Peoples; many tribes did not survive the wars. In 1854, U.S. army troops forcibly relocated most surviving tribal bands to a newly established coastal reservation. The Act expired in 1855, but resulted in a huge increase in Oregon’s population of white settlers.

Today, there are only nine federally recognized tribes within the state. However, they continue play a crucial role in the maintenance of forested lands and passing on indigenous knowledge to other state residents.

It is a whitewash article, since it comes from the Oregon World Forestry Center.

This is the only way to go:

There once were over 400 million acres of wild prairie grasslands in the central part of North America. The backbone of the Buffalo Commons movement is the work — over a period of decades — to re-establish and re-connect prairie wildland reserves and ecological corridors large enough for bison and all other native prairie wildlife to survive and roam freely, over great, connected distances, while simultaneously restoring the health and sustainability of our communities wherever possible so that both land and people may prosper for a very long time. Future generations may choose to expand these reserves and corridors, as the new culture of caring and belonging we have started today becomes an integral, ingrained part of life in the world of tomorrow, especially as extensive grasslands become needed to help absorb carbon from the atmosphere. (Highly biodiverse native prairies are excellent carbon sequesters.)

As both model and metaphor, the Buffalo Commons includes various, sometimes seemingly disconnected components that all add up to a new healthier life for our region centered around sustainability and regained community. This restoration economy can include everything from GPRC’s Million Acre Projects and Plains Youth InterACTION program, to a small West Texas or Kansas farmer’s re-banking of the soil on his land, to a group of Lakota or Oklahoma or Colorado mothers working together to stage gang intervention or ward off a meth invasion, to a string of communities along two hundred miles of a creek or river working to establish clean, healthy water flows again, to environmental groups making ecologically-focused land purchases. It’s problem solving through local, hands-on action. (GPRC)

Then, of course, back to the other racist projects, against Blacks and Japanese and Chinese, you name, these cancerous whites were and still are the carginogens of now and the future:

Oregon’s Constitution originally included a racist provision that excluded free Black Americans from the state. It read that “No free Negro, or Mulatto, not residing in this state at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall come, reside, or be within this state, or hold any real estate, or make any contracts, or maintain any suit therein.” The constitutional provision was only repealed in 1926.

This racist provision meant that most of Oregon’s early population and loggers were white. However, despite this prejudiced history, Black Americans and other people of color played a key part in our state’s logging industry. 

Black and white loggers pose side by side for a photo in Maxville, OR.

This is putting it mildly, since, Oregon, like so many other racist states (all the states) had sundown laws — you know, if your skin isn’t as white as a catfish belly, then you are subjected to arrest, kidnapping, beatings and lynching. This mentality is epigenetic, deeply epigenetic, and the Oregon Folk, even in Metro Sexual glee in Portlandia, are tried and true, well, racists of another mother.

History of Racist Planning in Portland — “Historical Context of Racist Planning: A history of how planning segregated Portland is a review of racist planning practices in Portland. This systemic discrimination, which was also practiced nationwide and goes back to the origins of our country, has harmed communities of color by excluding them from homeownership and wealth-building opportunities; denying them access to educational resources, jobs and healthy neighborhoods; and perpetuating segregation, displacement, and harmful stereotypes through the zoning code, deeds and covenants, lending practices, public housing and urban renewal.”

Then, the racist, Zionist, CIA loving Atlantic magazine — The Racist History of Portland, the Whitest City in America.

Note the hoods and sheets, well, they are now judges’ robes, DA’s briefcases, and the entire building and construction and real estate industry in Brooks Brothers:

A Ku Klux Klan March in Ashland, Oregon (Date unknown; estimated to be from the 1920s)
PORTLAND, Ore.—Victor Pierce has worked on the assembly line of a Daimler Trucks North America plant here since 1994. But he says that in recent years he’s experienced things that seem straight out of another time. White co-workers have challenged him to fights, mounted “hangman’s nooses” around the factory, referred to him as “boy” on a daily basis, sabotaged his work station by hiding his tools, carved swastikas in the bathroom, and written the word nigger on walls in the factory, according to allegations filed in a complaint to the Multnomah County Circuit Court in February 2015.

Hallelujah. If the white readers of this blog, and those that are in the Uncle Tom and Tio Taco clan, can’t see the destructive cancerous white race’s project of annihilation of the races, other than the catfish belly colored ones, then, they are the enemy.

Yep, now for the animals, all those animals murdered by farmers and ranchers, all those wolves, all those puma, all those coyotes. The white race is the vermin, but they dynamite the noses off of everything on their precious polluted industrial agriculture —

Ahh, now who pays the ferryman, uh? How many tens of thousands of big, medium and small (sic) leaks are there in the world, with the oil giants destroying human and nonhuman health. This is the price of the white cancer —

The spill has significantly affected Huntington Beach, with substantial ecological impacts occurring at the beach and at the Huntington Beach Wetlands,” a city statement said.

Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr said the spill of 3,000 barrels worth of oil was reported about 9 a.m. Saturday and drew a response from a broad range of government officials. A unified command of cities and agencies, along with Beta Offshore, was established.

The oil continues to spill from the pipeline breach location connected to Platform Elly, Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley tweeted early Sunday. She said the leak location is five miles off the Huntington Beach coast.

And it is a state, cities, counties, the USA, that is broken, so incompetent, so fucked up:

Foley — who represents the impacted cities of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Seal Beach — said the damage from the spill could be irreversible. She said the beaches and marshlands are “part of our heritage” and draw countless numbers of people to the shore.

“We’ve started to find dead birds & fish washing up on the shore,” she tweeted.
She wrote that Newport Beach Mayor Brad Avery “hit the oil slick in his boat today heading back from Catalina. He saw dolphins swimming thru the oil.”

The price of energy, oil, fossil fuels, cars, planes, trains, trucks, and all those Tesla’s made from the burning of fossil fuels. Don’t let the electric battery fool ya. You think all those parts are metals and plastics and rubber from heaven?

Finally, Ellen Brown, yammering in her piece about unfathomable virigin water under the crust, 400 feet down, pure unadulaturated water. Water for all. Bullshit.

“Now re-branded, AquaterreX, LLC, was launched in May 2021 with breakthrough technology to locate vast amounts of underground fresh water.”

Four billion people depend on dwindling supplies of shallow groundwater for drinking and food production. Moreover, water is becoming contaminated every day from pesticides, chemicals, and other contaminants.

“By 2025, 1.8 billion people will experience absolute water scarcity and two-thirds of the world will be living under water-stressed conditions.” –UN Convention to Combat Desertification

A New Water Source That Could Make Drought a Thing of the Past

More white saviors, drilling for water. You know, water for, well, just people, right? Nah, how much water to raise a pound of beef, or to produce an 8-inch micro computer wafer? How much energy and pollution in the process of water for industrial food, to move sewage, to deal with pig blood-fetus-shit ponds? Right, water dozens of times more than the people’s needs. Absurdity. This is Ellen Brown showing her true capitalist lite face?

Off with their heads, all of them, Goldman Sachs and the other Fortune 1000 class:

The ideal solution would be new water flows to add to the hydrologic cycle, and promising new scientific discoveries and technologies are holding out that possibility. But mainstream geologists have long contended that water is a fixed, non-renewable resource —and vested interests are happy to profit from that limiting proposition. Declaring water “the new oil,” an investor class of “Water Barons” —including wealthy billionaire tycoons, megabanks, mega-funds and investment powerhouses — has cornered the market by buying up water rights and water infrastructure everywhere. As Jo-Shing Yang, author of “Solving Global Water Crises,” wrote in a 2012 article titled “The New ‘Water Barons’: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water”:

Facing offers of millions of dollars in cash from Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, and other elite banks for their utilities and other infrastructure and municipal services, cities and states will find it extremely difficult to refuse these privatization offers.

Here, from one of the letter writers looking at Brown. I doubt my letter will be published, since Sheer Post is, well, sort of nanny gate-like in its gatekeeping:

Richard Gallagher

Drill for water. Oglala Aquifer, one obvious example.

The proposal to drill or mine for water ignores the obvious. No matter the science.

As if, water is a singular or isolate concern. Clean aka potable water is befouled as part & parcel of industry or simply the ‘washing away’ of contaminants aka pollution.

The institutions and the systemic architectures of the present – one might even tilt towards ‘the green’ which is another form of wizardry – are basely the problem. Conjure up infinite amounts of water, akin to infinite amounts of oil, infinite amounts of any & all precious substance(s). That is not a solution.

You can begin with overpopulation. Consumerism. Inequality of wealth. Economies based on war & profiteering from such. Bad governing structures aka corrupt. Globalization. On an on and on. WATER. There isn’t a shortage – there is a misuse of a resource and simply too many goddamn people. The solution (as if here is one) is sustainability and balance. Good luck with that.

Oceans of water are beneath our feet, and new technologies are extracting it economically without ecological damage.
[Sam Cox / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

Yep, you think anyone in any business or administration would plumb Michael’s head around commodities, socialism, and this concept of privatizing everything, including water? Yep, sell lithium, steal lithium; food or fish; oil or copper; trees or rubber.

Quickly, I am out back, cutting back some Sitka limbs, and the pot smoking, cigarette fuming, dumpy neighbor who is in his 50s, starts talking to me over the fence line. He’s bullshitting about two dwarfs fruit trees I planted a year ago. There is a lot of white trash bullshit not just in this rural-coastal Oregon town, but throughout the land, so don’t get me wrong.

I already told the dude a week before, “Stop talking to me. I have nothing to say and want nothing from you to even contemplate.”

Here I am, cutting and sawing, and this pot head/smoker/cougher who lives in his old mother’s home, with his California license plate beat-up car broken down in the front yard — and mind you, we have not talked, and when he piped up last week when I was talking to a contractor about a fence for our yard, this pot smoking-cigarette fuming dude inserts himself into our conversation. I let him spew his yammering, and then told him to can it, and let me talk to the guy. The contractor says he deals with a lot worse in his line of work.

The point is I am trying to be less righteously nonconfrontational, and this dude, today, was talking while I was working, and I repeated to him to shut up and leave me a lone. He went on and on about the sign on our property — This one, or this one in rainbow colors:

Read the other idiot neighbor, another adult boy, drunk, living with his mommy –A Flag; a Violent MAGA Family; a Brick through the Window!

These are weirder and weirder times, and the white boys — his brother is also a pot head, hacking up shit all the time in the back yard — they are out of work, living with mommy, and they are mad as hell at anyone on a forward path. They pontificate, listen to Fox, go all over the Internet for their slime news/unnews. They are vapid, and they live in a racist bubble, and because this part of the world is white and white and white on white, they feel entitlted.

They had Black Lives Matter and anyone in Portland protesting the pigs of capital, including Trump Pig, LLC, and Biden Pig, LLC. However, these pot heads are railing against Harris and Biden, but they are oral sex wannabes when it comes to Trump LLC and the whole rotten crew. They think Biden is awful, but Trump is, well, I won’t go on and on about their bizarre and perverse love of Trump.

These fuckers know nothing of commies like me, left of socialist lite, and they are basically on a trajectory of hating AOC, The Squad, educated folk, artists, protestors. Yep, they do not do nuance, and this guy, in his pothead shape, actually stated, “Now, if I was a conforming’s cis gender person, would you talk to me this way. WOuld you talk to me if I was BIPOC?

My spouse entered the scene, coming outside upset since she was in a flare — Hashimoto’s which precipitates asthma attack. I was minding my own business, but she’s right to tell me, “Come on, Paul, you are trauma informed. This guy has something wrong with him. He is also white trash looking to stir up anything. Next time, if he confronts you over the fence, just put down what you are doing and walk away, and come in the house.”

She called the cops, and alas, that is yet another story of pigs whining, saying that “he didn’t break any laws, so I recommend you start filling out the paperwork for a restraining/no trespass order.” So, yelling at a cop, a pig, I wonder what that would do to me, uh? No laws broken. Right. Disturbing the peace. Terroristic threats. Assault with deadly weapons.

The feeling my spouse has is that we are in no-man’s land — an old community of washed out white trash, many of them on pot, and most of them racists. Do nothings. And, the California infusion up here, unfortunately, most are coming with Orange County chips on their shoulders, millions to burn, and they are not the rooted people one would want as collective neighbors.

The world is dicey for sure, and as I get older, my pugnacious spirit has to be tempered. Cold cocking someone, like these fucking fools, is actually a good thing, but in nanny and litigious USA — where the rednecks would call the cops and lawsuit me if I did what would be deserved — this is no longer an option without finding oneself in the criminal injustice world. Fines, fees, payments, judges, pigs, DAs, the lot of them.

I was trained a bit by my older sister, Robbie, who was killed as she road her Harley from Kamloops BC to Arizona. Some fucker fell asleep at the wheel and ran into her as Robbie was on her way down south with two other riders. She was 23. That was my legacy, as she lived her life to several fullest points by the time she was road rashed and concussed into death. She was not afraid to confront a pig, a swine, anyone doing her or any of her friends an injustice. I learned a lot from her in her show years, and one was that you stand up for yourself.

Today, with the Trumpidians, Covidians, Lesser Evilests, and the More Evilests, we are locked in a bizarre circus. A carnival, that is, a back of the town show of the strange and perverse ways of humanity. The cruelty, the abusiveness, the evil, the sinking stupidity of the sucker born every minute and the shark and grifter born every nanosecond. There is no rootedness, and this society is hyper classist, full of the castes, leveled to make most people feel disposed and disenfranchised. In that process, they are dispossessed, and rootless. They are evil, and their protectors are many — so many feeling sorry for the white, racist and deplorable people who are misanthropes, violent in their dreams, hateful in the thoughts but on the surface looking like poor white trash, victims of modernity, and all I can say is that leftists and liberals who feel this are insane — with no grounding in reality, with dealing with these people. The racists on the right-wingnut side of things, they are pure and pure bigots and racists, too, and they want chaos and pain. They want a pound of flesh and they want injustice to rule. They would pull the switch in a moment’s notice, They are the lynchers. They love the Border Patrol whippers, and they love the thugs turning away entire ships of refugees. They are the true little ignorant fascists, who believe this land is their land. Fucking putridity.

This is not easy to read, I am sure, for most people have some semblance of hope, or they see people as products of bad upbringings, bad divide and conquer crap. The believe there is some time for retribution or rehabilitation. Most Americans have no idea how bad their fellow citizens are. Really. They buy into this or that lie, and for sure, most people I meet that are on that spectrum of hate and incompetence, they are not your brother’s or sister’s keeper. They want to believe the lies and the violence and the mythology of this shit hole country because they are the shit in the hole of this empty country. Most people doing bad things, well, if they have not poverty or hell of addiction to crawl out of, they do the bad things because they are bad people.

And this of course goes all the way to the top, to the people in top hats and fancy ball gowns, or Brooks Brother’s soldiering uniforms. They are beautiful and elite, in their minds, but they are awful people who protect awful leaders and awful ideas.

What can we expect, then of the people who follow the awful ones, who buy into the hate and violence, who are lobotomized?

So be it.

Here, from my friend Joe the Farmer from Mercded —

Turns out President “Not As Awful” is just as awful as former President “Awful”.

DeJoy is still there fucking up the postal service.

Jerome Powell is still shoveling free money to Wall Street.

And President “Not as Awful’s” appointments that are every bit as bad as “President Awful’s”.

“President Not as Awful” ain’t changing the criminal corruption but instead is appointing another Justice Department official neck deep in the graft. 

Now go back to sleep America.

There’s nothing for you to see here.

The business of America is stealing everything not nailed down.

Always has been.

Always will be.

 Ain’t it awful?

This is in reaction to this article — The Justice Department Has 58 Documents About Its New Criminal Chief that It Doesn’t Want the Public to See.

And this is the awful truth:

Fed's Wall Street Bailout

Nah, we are not a society ready for deep discussion and debate about work, forced revealing of health information, forced mRNA jabs, and more. So, here we are, a teacher, ready to be gone gone gone. Andy Libson has drawn a line in the sand.

The decision of where a person will draw a line comes to our show hosts. We speak to Andy Libson about the decisions he is being forced into at his own job.Workers and students across the nation are being mandated to submit their status or proof of the COVID injection. This has caused many to face a “choice” between their “freedoms” or their livelihoods. Get jabbed or be terminated and ostracized in a society where the obligation to get injected by the government is being encroached in almost every sector of our society. This episode poses the question…”where will you draw your line?”

At 1 hour and 37 minutes, Kenny and Eduardo and Andy discussing how Andy is handcuffed with San Francisco School District provisos of giving the school district his vaccination status, and if he has a medical or religious exemption, that too.

You see that information is really not protected in some red file in HR. The administration in his school has it, and, really, when you listen to this, any parent who comes in and says she saw teacher Andy without a mask (she could lie, of course), then she would have a right to ask about HIS vaccination status.

There are no five ways to looks at this — it is a culture of snitching, but worse: fear, and accomodating the worst of the worst concepts of always treating humans as guilty-dirty-useless-sick-unvaccinated before proving otherwise. And there is no proving, since there is no discourse. All information is being banned, and the pigs in administrations, pigs in the CEO class (sic) and those HR fools who listen to lawyers and default to the most common denominator: workers are not to be trusted.

Now, this might be pulled from Fuck You Tube, since Andy and Eduardo and Kenny are having a conversation about risks, intended risks, unintended risks, the subterfuge, the fascist policies of compulsory this, compulsory gene therapy, and forced dictates. This is not controversial, in any other time, other baseline. But that shifting baseline syndrome has rotted the brains of the liberal (faux) class, and the rampant/rabid stupidity of people who label those of us who WANT more information, who want to RESEARCH, who want to delve into the shit that is corporate crime and bureaucratic crime and group think and lies are truth, and newspeak.

Here’s JJ on a Bike, and those creeps, those sexist pukes like Howard Stern, Sean Penn, Bill Maher, et al, the wouldn’t last a minute with this fellow talking about the Covid origins. And the origins of this Covid-19 are important — WAY important tied to the entire lock-up mentality, the entire rush for Warp Speed untested non-vaccines. It just is a little hindrance, no, on exactly how the SARS-CoV2

This is the new lay of the land, not wanting to talk, to research, to listen. JJ: Pittsburg scientist, and this is March 2020!!!

You think Physics Teacher Andy Libson — before he’s sacked — could show this episode to seniors and discuss what scientific inquiry is? Hell, I couldn’t show this in a college level writing class without a whole lot of pain: just one student complaining; just one passing fellow teacher complaining. Or what about having this essay as a reading piece for discussion and response?

COVID-19 Detention Camps: Are Government Round-Ups of Resistors in Our Future?

by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead / September 29th, 2021

No doubt concentration camps were a means, a menace used to keep order.

— Albert Speer, Nuremberg Trials

It’s no longer a question of whether the government will lock up Americans for defying its mandates but when.

This is what we know: the government has the means, the muscle and the motivation to detain individuals who resist its orders and do not comply with its mandates in a vast array of prisons, detention centers, and FEMA concentration camps paid for with taxpayer dollars.

It’s just a matter of time.

Over at Dissident Voice, here.

The question that needs to be begged is what will the SFSD do when they access this episode of What’s Left . . . and they have tons of snitches? Remember, these are mostly spineless administrators, out to lunch school board members, lock-step thinkers in the hierarchy in unions. These are schools that have fully-SWAT outfitted pigs on campus, “resource officers,” and these are schools that let the armed mercenary services on campus to recruit, but they would never let an anti-war, anti-military peace loving group on campus, or even Veterans for Peace, or Coffee Strong.


This stuff was verboten —

Coffee Strong: Listening to the GI Voice at Fort Lewis

And, just breaking now, Shit-ehh-Fornia, and its bizarre Governor, mandating k12, 6 years of age to 20, the jab. This is how these people roll.

Gavin Newsom just announced that California would become the first state to mandate eligible students attending public and private schools be vaccinated against Covidfor in-person instruction.

According to KFI News in Los Angeles, “The governor is directing the California Department of Public Health to add the COVID vaccine to other vaccinations required for in-person learning.”

This would have NEVER been accepted treatment of young kids, in 2019! The rich see us all as diseased!

Again, you can’t shuttle through the headlines, the so-called news, without having spasms and fits. You will not get journalists doing shit to really go after the capitalists, uh? Baby food. And these transnational Wall Street thieves, these stockholding companies, not even a slap on the wrist. So, if I as an unjabbed person goes into a public place, and then the rabid fascists find out, they then can call the cops, do a citizen’s arrest, and take my ass down, zip ties and all. But, do these billionaires and multimillionaires get hog-tied or frog-marched into court, and have their ill-gotten profits used for a reparations fund for all those babies? Dream on:

Baby Food Makers Kept Selling Products with Arsenic Levels Exceeding FDA-Approved Limits


Baby food manufacturers allowed products contaminated with heavy metals to remain on store shelves — even after dangerous levels of the toxic chemicals were detected in their products. That’s according to a new congressional report released Wednesday, which found baby food makers Gerber and Beech-Nut failed to recall infant rice cereals tested to have arsenic levels above FDA limits.

This is how these felons roll, these dirty rotten propagandists, the smoke and mirrors crowd, the polluters, all those elites and money grubbers:

Going from baby food to land, forests, indigenous rights, we can see more putridity of the White Savior Civilizations (sic) facilitating the land rapists and the water polluters. This is not outrageous in Can/Klan/Ada?

In Canada, a judge has ended an injunction granted to logging company Teal-Jones, which the court says was used to crack down on activists at the Fairy Creek watershed blockade in a way that violated their civil liberties and infringed on press freedom. Police have arrested over 1,000 land defenders, often violently, as they fight to protect the remaining trees in Vancouver Island’s ancient forests. The First Nations-led protest is Canada’s largest act of civil disobedience. Click here to see our coverage of this issue

It’s a simple formula, a simple illustration of how syphilitics are the ruling class is, and here,

“David Graeber’s bestselling book “Debt: The First 5000 Years” revolutionised our understanding of the origins of money and the role of debt in human societies. But intellectual revolutions take time, and David’s sudden and untimely death left this revolution unfinished. David’s widow Nika Dubrovsky has established ‘The Fight Club’ to keep David’s unique way of challenging conventional wisdoms alive after him. Each ‘Fight’ will pit leading advocates of different visions of how society functions against each other. The inaugural fight, to mark the first anniversary of David’s death, is a debate between the renowned economists Thomas Piketty, author of “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”, and Michael Hudson, author of “And Forgive Them Their Debts”. Thomas Piketty wrote the preface to the tenth anniversary edition of “Debt: the First 5000 Years”. Michael Hudson’s anthropological research into the origins of money and debt in ancient Sumeria was the basis of much of David’s analysis in that book. Join us for an unmissable encounter between two celebrated and highly influential economic thinkers as they debate: what is money and what is debt? What are the most serious problems of today’s finance-capital economies? And what are the best remedies?”

Finally, the new brisk and slick predators, those capitalists, those impact bond folk, the algorithms, the mining of our minds, bodies, dreams, aspiratins. Wrench in the Gears, a long one, with lots of sources to click on to enhance Alison’s work:

This past week someone sent me a paper on augmented cognition. As I read it, a number of pieces clicked for me about earlier research I’d done into executive function. I wanted to preserve the thread, so I captured it in the screen shots below. Follow along to see how grit and resiliency intersect with Metaverse navigation and soul theft.

Also, this week Philadelphia School Superintendent William Hite briefed the Federal Reserve. Listen carefully to hear him setting up human capital bond markets in ed-tech, social emotional learning (SEL), nutrition, and tele-health via public-private partnerships with “philanthropic” predators.

This is accepted behavior, accepted “follow the science” bullshit; accepted state paid for university research; accepted elite school work and disgust? This is what Americans cannot handle:

So, how can lead in Flint’s water be a big deal? Arsenic in baby food? Arresting protestors in Canada? Think about how polluted media are, how broken universities are, and how confused and full of Collective Stockholm Syndrome the public is. This last comment is pretty telling:

This year’s NDEAM theme is prescient: “America’s Recovery – Powered by Inclusion.” October 2021.

The power of acceptance in this diverse world will follow the arc of social justice; however,  it’s a long journey, still, in 2021.

When I was 15, I had to do community service for ripping through the Tucson desert with my unlicensed motorcycle while I had no driver’s license.  For three months, I read poetry, drama and letters to people in the last stages of their lives at a hospice.

When I sat with some of these patients, I was both humbled by and shaken awake to life’s fragility. My favorite person was Gloria, who was on her last stages with a tube running from her 60-pound inoperable tumor to draining ghastly fluids.

We  talked about her days in theater, and I read plays to her, including Shakespeare’s Othello and Sam Shepherd’s, Curse of the Starving Class. I met her 55 year old daughter with Down Syndrome.

Disability, or handicap, and other phrases like terminally ill, vegetative state and bed ridden flummoxed me into a state of wokeness.

I am still working with drama and engaging people who fit the Disability Month profile: adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

This awareness campaign — started by Congress 33 years ago – is close to my heart since I’ve worked as a trained customized employment specialist, initially with United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon.

This work was in the tri-county Portland area, and successes were high points in my life, probably more so than the clients’ lives. Helping land jobs for people who have challenges and face unimaginable hurdles tied to discrimination, stigmatization and poverty is rewarding.

There have been big changes in how we relate to people living with disabilities; however, prejudice and disenfranchisement are still prevalent. Discrimination against those with a developmental disability is high.

The “National Snapshot of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities in the Labor Force” was commissioned by Special Olympics. The facts are sobering:

  • Only 44% of adults with ID aged 21-64 are in the labor force. This is compared to 83% of working-age adults without disabilities who are in the labor force.
  • 21% of working age adults with ID are unemployed. This is compared to less than 8% of adults without disabilities who are unemployed.
  • 28% of working age adults with ID have never held a job.
  • Only 34% of adults with ID aged 21-64 are employed.

In Lincoln County, adults with intellectual disabilities work in  grocery stores, hotels, landscaping businesses, restaurants and other settings. State agencies are committed to making sure adults have the opportunity to work in competitive environments.

However, stigma and unique circumstances make it challenging to get job placement: many with DD/ID can’t work more than PT jobs;  transportation is problematic; and many need a job coach on site to insure successful day-to-day activities.

Historically, in 1941, National Employ the Physically Handicapped week cracked open the nut. In 1962 “physically” was removed. 1973 harkened the Rehabilitation Act declaring discrimination on the premise of disability was illegal. Then, more headway: Education for All Handicapped Children Act (1975).

Thirty years ago, Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law, guaranteeing access to work and prohibiting discrimination against individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Today, more families and communities are comprised of an increasing number of people who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Still, today, those wanting integrated employment that have an employment specialist assisting in customized employment face roadblocks.

Cultural change must galvanize this philosophy of “it takes a village to ensure the safety, health and well being for all our fellow citizens.” That means business owners must step up to the plate.

In the words of Mister (Fred)  Rogers himself:  “Part of the problem with the word ‘disabilities’ is that it immediately suggests an inability to see or hear or walk or do other things that many of us take for granted. But what of people who can’t feel? Or talk about their feelings? Or manage their feelings in constructive ways? What of people who aren’t able to form close and strong relationships? And people who cannot find fulfillment in their lives, or those who have lost hope, who live in disappointment and bitterness and find in life no joy, no love? These, it seems to me, are the real disabilities.”

2021 NDEAM Poster English

Ahh, that’s the piece coming out in the Newport News Times, above. The reality is I have 750 words to work with, no graphics, and alas, no polemics. And, yes, this concept of disabilities of a wide variety should be on everyone’s minds now, in 2021, the Year of the Jab, the Year of the Long Haul, the Year of Weathering, the Year of the Haves Putting the Screws Down on the Haves Not!

You see, the injuries caused by the felony offenders, Pfizer and their mRNA experimental what not, those are disabilities to be argued over for years to come. Lawyers lines up, judges bought and paid for through the ugly world of Capitalism — adding these prefixes: predatory, usury, chaotic, casino, disruptive, mafia, and so many other terms for this predation and rip-off scam. Structural violence is built into the system, and whether you are injured by glyphosate encrusted foods, or the unending cascade of carcinogens and neuro-toxins put out by the great believers in “better living-chronic illnesses through chemistry”, or injured by the jabs, or the bioweapon that is the perfect triple storm, or just by the endless threat of eviction-incarceration-bankruptcy, homelessness, medical-educational indebtedness, all that Repo that is the Republic, there ain’t no Demon-crat or Repulsive-can to come to anyone’s rescue. Prostitution is honest compared to these continuing criminal enterprise winners in government-big business-big finance-military-tech-Pharma-et al.

Transmission electron micrograph of SARS-CoV-2 virus particles.
Old news — A GRANT PROPOSAL written by the U.S.-based nonprofit the EcoHealth Alliance and submitted in 2018 to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, provides evidence that the group was working — or at least planning to work — on several risky areas of research. Among the scientific tasks the group described in its proposal, which was rejected by DARPA, was the creation of full-length infectious clones of bat SARS-related coronaviruses and the insertion of a tiny part of the virus known as a “proteolytic cleavage site” into bat coronaviruses. Of particular interest was a type of cleavage site able to interact with furin, an enzyme expressed in human cells.
The EcoHealth Alliance did not respond to inquiries about the document, despite having answered previous queries from The Intercept about the group’s government-funded coronavirus research. The group’s president, Peter Daszak, acknowledged the public discussion of an unfunded EcoHealth proposal in a tweet on Saturday. He did not dispute its authenticity.

Disability — what pray tell is that? There are dozens of chronic illnesses that generate many levels of loss of abilities, i.e. disabilities. I work with all sorts of disabilities, and all sorts of chronic illnesses go hand in hand with disabilities, especially with homeless and those who are fighting addiction and poverty and incarceration. Then, the luck of the roulette wheel — intellectual, developmental and psychiatric disabilities.

Anyway you cut it, this is the Land of Chronic Illnesses. Food and factories, and the filth in prescriptions and in the peddled crap of fast food, junk food, packaged food. The chronic illnesses are at birth, and many are tied to all the hormone disruptors and neurotoxins and gut and brain discombobulations. We are really in a world of hurt, with so many with fatigue, fatty livers, kidney malfunctions, obesity, all the drug injuries from the Pharmaceuticals, and so much more of the pollution, single point source, and all of it mixed together into a veritable pureed mush of poisons in the food, soil, air, water, airwaves and just living in a mass psychosis society. . . . Where the rich, undeserving, celebrity of every dirty kind, play god, and determine who and what and where and why and how we are as people. Elites are the cancer of cancers.

And then, you have this human tick, Trump, and boy what a sick world of people who would never ever let this guy forget who he is — racist, fascist, undserving, soiled un-Man, Donald Trump (and his followers and bootlickers)

‘The poor guy’

Referring to the 2001 article (published by the Washington Post) at a South Carolina rally on Tuesday night, Mr. Trump called Mr. Kovaleski “a nice reporter”.

“Now the poor guy, you gotta see this guy,” he continued, before launching into an apparent impression of Mr. Kovaleski, waving his arms around with his hands at an odd angle.

“Uhh, I don’t know what I said. Uhh, I don’t remember. He’s going like ‘I don’t remember. Maybe that’s what I said.'”

Mr. Kovaleski has arthrogryposis, a condition that affects the movement of joints and is noticeable in his right arm and hand.

A New York Times spokeswoman told news site Politico: “We think it’s outrageous that he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters,”

The original Washington Post article by Mr. Kovaleski said that authorities in Jersey City “detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river”.

Since Mr. Trump’s claims about Muslim Americans celebrating 9/11, the reporter has said he does “not recall anyone saying there were thousands, or even hundreds, of people celebrating”.

Yeah, October, the month when the folks like Fauci and Trump and all the other enablers of pain and disaster capitalism should be set to sea. We all are useless breathers, eaters, walkers, sleepers, in and out of wheelchairs, what have you, to the rich! Hence, the planned demic, bioweapons 6.0. May they all rot in proverbial hell.


The proposal, rejected by U.S. military research agency DARPA, describes the insertion of human-specific cleavage sites into SARS-related bat coronaviruses (source)

Disabilities month, indeed!!!

drats, forget about these experts who have studied millions of people, millions of times, around what obesity does to the body, what poisons do to the gut, what all those inflammatory products do to our immune systems

Unending loopy discussions about how great the mRNA pushers/developers are, for sure, and then in the same breath, these people are obese/morbidly obese, and full of chronic illnesses, most notably asthma, pre-diabetes/diabetes. The entire list of poisons and synergistically deadly things consumed actively or passively would scare the hell out of any Covid Cultist if she or he would just take the scales off their eyes.

And, alas, what a tale to tell, that nefarious DARPA with all of its paid for in the open, and paid for under wraps outfits to develop, well, weapons of mass destruction, mass surveillance, mass confinement, mass disruption, mass sickness. No no no, DARPA, messing with bacteria, viruses and in/organic poisons as “defense” tools in the offensive tactics of Empire/Military/Reset.

For some reason, the scales stay on those liberals (sic — think highly neoliberal and conservative) even when confronted with piles and piles of evidence. Just yesterday, a friend, in his early 80s, already on mRNA 2.0, waiting for 3.0 to be delivered to him in Spokane. He knows he doesn’t have or won’t make for the bandwidth on these stories around Operation Warp Speed, gain of function a la 30 years, all the WEF plans, all those World War Games prior to November 2019. Event 201. Nah, it is too too much for even old hippies like Bob, who is living on $1,100 a month, Social Security, and he just cited the Washington CIA Post‘s article on Spokane having the highest per unit raise in rents. A town with 60 percent of the populous renting, and here we are — enough said, right?

How can he be prepared to linger in the science and the counterarguments around mRNA, the forced jabs, lockdowns, masking, social distancing, variations on a viral theme? How can he, when he thinks those opposing the mandates, and those questioning the mRNA booster for all of USA, are somehow all tied to Trump, or/and, all ignorant or poorly educated.

So, I am challenging the entire Covid narrative, and Bob knows me, likes me, and honors me. He was my radio show producer. He respects me. I told him last night that a telephone chat just will not cut it for me to attempt to educate. A Power Point? A reading list? Some podcast?

This is one tough nut to crack, the lefty nut, or the liberal nut. He is from Minnesota and he is tied to Zimmerman, Bob Dylan, and he is schooled in lots of great things, too, like tenants association, and working with Mondale a long time ago. He’s not a commie, but he sees himself as a socialist, of the Bernie Sanders (sic) variety.

This is Mr. Fish, and good on him, but let’s see the liberal version, please:

That one of Jesus would be handing out coupons, a few SNAP benefits, pamphlets on LGBTQA, some guides on organic gardening, and posters supporting Tesla and electrified everything, but with a pile of 401 retirement fund statements, etc., with all those piggy banked investments of the old hippies around, well, those lovely stocks tied to the entire mess of surveillance capital, med, CRISPR, even GE or Boeing or you-name-it BlackRock or Blackstone or Apple or UPS. It really doesn’t matter, divesting from fossil fuels campaigns, etc., because, well, fossil fuels are embedded in all those things the greenie weenies and liberal fascists supposedly support because they are believing in socially responsible investments (contradiction in terms, no?). They might not want Smith and Wesson or Raytheon in their stock holdings, but goddamned if they are not going to invest in Google, Amazon, Boeing, etc.

Again, all those Fauci Fawners, all those idiots who will not listen to others, even those with credentials, even those from big schools, big Ivy League institution, even those who once worked for Big Pharma. Their obedience is massive. Absolutely massive. No jamming on the streets now that Biden The Bumbler is turning Guantanamo into a, well, illegal alien processing/holding/incarcerating/tracking camp.

Again, the real news is this:

Today we have pollution levels out of control; the most important problem is the pollution of the human and animal food chains. The most recognized toxic substances is glyphosate, including involuntary biological contaminants mycotoxins. Each species has its own peculiarities in inducing effects on health. Mycotoxins is an important stressor factor, in particular deoxynivalenol (DON) that disrupted the expression of the Zonulin-1(ZO-1), occludin and claudin of porcine gut epithelial TJs. Mycotoxins are immunotoxic and teratogenic. Antibiotics imbalance microbiota. Pollutants, including involuntary, and antibiotics have a negative effect on cell junctions, the microbiota and the microbiome, which ultimately lead to dysbiosis and leaky gut. Glyphosate is another emerging problem; it appears that the damage is caused by the surfactant, TN-20. Surfactant and glyphosate led to mitochondrial damage, apoptosis, and necrosis, disrupts the integrity of the cellular barrier and blocks out microbial growth at lower concentrations. Furthermore, glyphosate induces an increased activity of phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) that leading to a hyperammonemic environment in the gut, incresed ammonia level is believed to be intestinal bacteria in small and large intestine. There is strong correlation between gut dysbiosis and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There is strong relationship between intestinal gene expression and bacterial structure. This is the future challenge for research. Keywords: autism spectrum disorder (ASD); deoxynivalenol (DON); dysbiosis; tight Junction (TJ) glyphosate; microbiota; mycotoxin; zearalenone (ZEN); phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL)  (source)

In no uncertain terms will these issues be looked at, because we are in Covid Porn, and it is every fat man/woman/child for him/her/them self. This is a giant eugenics scheme being played out on many levels. You won’t have billionaire Anderson Cooper covering any of this, because these people are trained on what to say, what not to say, how to say it, and how to keep it out of the news.

Then, like I stated yesterday, you have this scam layered upon another layer of scam:

Pretty amazing, these liberal lites, AKA Fascists. Where are the great newshounds on this one?

These are the beautiful people, don’t you know? Yikes, we don’t have time?@!#$%?

“The Manufacturing of Greta Thornberg” is compelling, and speaks to the entire Capitalism-Billionaires-Philanthropies-Big Businesses-Technologies will get us out of hot water, hot air, hot land, collapse. That’s it for these people. Read, “The Making Of Greta Thornberg by Cory Morningstar.”

These people are serious, these blue faced-blue assed Democrats, especially in the two states I have spent countless cortisol loads on — Oregon and Washington.

As a final note, I was talking to the manager of a place in Corvallis. It’s a 12 room “hotel” funded by a big wig in Corvallis who made his multiple millions selling poison and war, Pepsi, et al. You know, all that HFCS and sugar and bubbly shit. Sugar. This place is for people and families who have to have some procedure or operation done at the Samaritan Hospital, but it’s cost savings — $30 a night.

This gentleman stated,” Well, it could have been last week you were looking for a place. We were all booked up, and because it was back to campus week at Oregon State University, the hotel rooms, I was told by several patients, were going for upward of $800 a night.” You know, Best Western, La Quinta, Holiday Inn, et al. He chuckled and said, “Price gouging. Imagine if a gallon of gasoline doubled in a day. How many people would be out on the streets protesting that?”

That ain’t going to happen here, but in places like France or Chile, Haiti or Brazil, millions take to the streets for a doubling of bus fare or 40 cents more a gallon for petrol.

Price gouging? Oh, the euphemism for theft, ransom, out right criminality. So, capitalism relies on this disaster and shock relationship, buyer beware, and without leadership and without the revolution to upend these piece of shit, this is a constant factor in USA. CONSTANT.

But again, it’s the Covid, Stupid, not air pollution, toxins, fetal damage, epigenetics, synergistic process of not just two chemicals in daddy’s or mommy’s body, but many all together.

I did a review of Semper Fi, here — “Semper Fidelis or Das Kapital Uber Alles: From Eisenhower to Trump!” Read it. Camp Lejeune disease.

Semper Fidelis
Am I eligible for disability benefits from VA?

You may be eligible for disability benefits if you meet all of the requirements listed below.
Both of these must be true.


Served at Camp Lejeune or MCAS New River for at least 30 cumulative days from August 1953 through December 1987,


Didn’t receive a dishonorable discharge when you separated from the military
And you must have a diagnosis of one or more of these presumptive conditions:

Adult leukemia
Aplastic anemia and other myelodysplastic syndromes
Bladder cancer
Kidney cancer
Liver cancer
Multiple myeloma
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Parkinson’s disease

Who’s covered?

Notice, no citizens, civilians covered in this BS VA benefits blurb, and be real — 7 diseases! Right. Make that dozens more. And, make that hundreds of places other than this shit hole Camp Lejeune. You think that contaminated water has nothing to do with the immune system, all those physical compromises, cardiac issues? You don’t think DARPA and CIA and others, worldwide, to include Israel and the Old South Africa and UK, that there haven’t been experiments on a weaponized bio-engineered virus getting into the general population, where chronic illnesses and comorbidities outnumber any of the normal’s or Iron Man/Woman types?

Grow a set of testicles or ovaries or both! PLEASE.

Clinton’s docu-series, Trump’s Tweets, Holly-Dirt’s Shenanigans, Biden’s Bumbling, LGBTQ-BIPOC Neoliberalism Back at Backwards, & More Great White Saviors! Hell, another actor (sic) running for Tex=ass governor, what’s his face, Matthew McConaughey (net worth, $200 million)

Borders, Blackness, and Empire
These are not men, mind you!
See the source image
Another War Criminal enjoying California!

So the corporations are at the UN conference on food, peddling poisons, pestilence, predatory capitalism, putrid food, penury, while the entire racist system runs runs runs on the Macho Pukes in Uniforms, whipping black men and black women and black kids. And, supposed “socialist” Mexican AMLO, as disasterous to the Blacks (Haitians), as always is the case with these Conquistador Euro Trash.

AMLO? Mexico?

It must be pointed out that the U.S. could not enforce these draconian measures without the complicity of the Mexican government. With the “Remain in Mexico” policy, Trump threatened the “leftist” administration of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with sanctions if it did not comply. Obrador has done much more than comply. He has deployed the Mexican National Guard and military to the country’s northern and southern borders where they have brutally attacked and disbanded migrant caravans.

Trump not only expanded but perfected policies begun under Obama. Toward the end of his term, in March 2020, Trump advisers found an obscure legal provision that allowed the administration to use COVID-19 as a way to circumvent international law protecting refugees. This was the infamous “Title 42 ” of the Code of Federal Regulations.  Title 42 authorized the Center for Disease Control to issue statutes barring entry to the US to persons from countries who are suspected of carrying a communicable disease. The CDC listed Haiti as high risk for COVID-19 despite the relatively low infection rates in the country. But such a designation only follows the CDC’s naming of Haitians as exceptional carriers of HIV/AIDS in the 1980s. No matter the rate of Haitian infection, such a designation allowed Trump, and now Biden, to expel migrants without due process. Recently, a judge blocked Biden’s use of Title 42. His administration has appealed . (source)

Optics, man, mean nothing to the BIPOC/LGBTQA Biden Bumblers:

Dolphins lined up, and soon, those with no digital vaccine (sic) passports!

Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands and the Faroe Islands Tourist Board
Every year, hunters round up thousands of helpless dolphins for hours using jet-skis and boats, before inserting metal hooks into their blowholes and using ropes to drag them alive to the shore, where their spinal cords are slashed with knives or spears.

Then, the science, follow the science — Listen to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Vice President and Chief Science Officer of Pfizer, talking about the pandemic and the COVID vaccine.

Watch the video.

On every level, the lies are winning, the liars are getting their shekels and gold and parcels of bribes and payoffs and land. Again, the inflammatory diseases are all wound up in capitalism, predatory theft, indebtedness, money lending/extortion, aided and abetted by those thieves in the Fed., all those sons of bitches and a few bitches on Wall Street, and in the Military Congressional Industrial (Thievery) Complex (Racket).

The smoke and mirrors and spin masters, all the marionettes and the puppet masters, all those dirty teachers, colonized authorities, the lot of them, they are part of the unending stupidity of Western Mentality. Again, in this new job, I am hearing of “all these people on Zoom have Covid.” And, alas, all of them were jabbed. 100 Percent, jabbed, but have “Covid.” But, these people blame the unjabbed. It is a circular shooting party, and the fools win out, while the rest of us are, well, super informed, doubly curious, tremendously skeptical, deeply versed in the lies-machinations-poisons of our forefathers and our current brood of fathers and mothers.

Leave us the fuck alone!

It’s that simple, but alas, the great white saviors, the Rockefellers and the Gates and the other nefarious ones, billionaire murderers one and all, have designs, man, for depopulating the world. These people overtly, now, state that we are worthless breathers, eaters and breeders. Just think how the un-mRNA-jabbed are treated, and we get how fucked up this country is when there is no burning tires and throwing Molotovs on the streets. In fucking Alaska, the great capitalist system is advancing what will be universal euthanasia —

Alaska has become the third state, after Montana and Idaho, to activate “crisis of care” standards at hospitals, which have become overwhelmed with unvaccinated COVID patients. Under the policy, hospitals may now deny treatment to people deemed less likely to survive. This is Alaska’s chief medical officer, Dr. Anne Zink.

Dr. Anne Zink: “The strain on our hospital systems is impacting not only people with COVID-19, but people who are there because of a stroke or heart attack or a kid who falls off their bike.”

No fucking outrage? And we know it is all about stopping the viral load in the mucus, in the upper respiratory system. Fucking do the right thing and DO NOT put your loved one on the intubation-respirator-fungus-producing-bacteria-growing-trauma-inducing-boy-breakdown tube machines!

The crimes are out there, in the open — fucking cheap product, used daily for vulnerable people, immune compromised people, for people in confined spaces, etc. But nope. You wonder why, uh?

The SaNOtize nasal spray is “the only nasal spray that has actually gone through a proper placebo control phase two trial,” says Regev. The blinded trial used saline as the placebo and SaNOtize spray used as the treatment. “We have shown that we reduced viral load 16 times more than the control after using the spray for 24 and 72 hours,” says Regev.

The spray releases nitric oxide into the nose to prevent a potential infection and eradicate a virus—whether that be COVID, influenza, or another respiratory virus. Regev says SaNOtize can be used twice a day to prevent the virus, and up to six times a day to reduce the viral load of those who have already contracted the virus.

Nitric oxide is a compound that the body naturally produces, says Regev. “It’s our first line of defense against infection in the body.” Nitric oxide has antimicrobial properties, so it’s able to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Is nitric oxide safe to use every day?

“The dose of nitric oxide in the spray is so low,” says Regev. “We haven’t seen any significant side effects at all—not in the trials, and not in the report from the market.” (source)

This entire country, the entire business world, all of them, in the, again, military, pharma, ag, energy, med, ed, real estate, insurance, banking, investment, hedge fund, law, prison, surveillance, policing, AI, food, chemical, mining, transportation, aerospace complex are part of a concerted effort and orchestrated system of theft, harm, murder and colonization. Forget about the cavalry coming in to rescue us.

Listen to Raj Patel, and read his stuff —

The 10 elements of agroecology are presented in 3 nested orbs: core concepts, social context and an enabling environment.

Yet when policy makers attend a United Nations Food Systems Summit in the fall of 2021, the solutions on the table for world hunger will exclude agroecology. The summit’s sponsors include the Gates Foundation, whose preferred solution is a set of technologies modeled on the Green Revolution. Despite a great deal of evidence that the Gates’ Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa has failed, one of its leading acolytes from Rwanda will chair the U.N. Summit. Advocates for agroecology, such as the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, which represents 200 million food producers and consumers, have too few resources to impact a process that increasingly silences their voices.

Ending hunger requires much more than pulling more food from the ground; it involves grappling with entrenched hierarchies of power. Over the past decade food production has generally outstripped demand — there is more food per person than there ever was. But because of global and regional inequalities, exacerbated by the recent pandemic, levels of hunger are higher now than in 2010. In other words, more food has accompanied more hunger. People are deprived of food not because it is scarce but because they lack the power to access it. (source)

Listen to me interview Raj a long time ago on my radio show, one that would not be accepted-broadcast today, since the topics were anti-corporate, and anti-imperial and we talked for 58 minutes! Here, Paul Haeder Podcast Number Five.

Leave these people alone —

Close up of tomatoes.
Winston Zgambo helps Anita Chitaya prepare bean-flour doughnuts.
Anita Chitaya and her husband, Christopher Nyoni.
Experiments with unfamiliar crops (top) and recipes have helped Bwabwa’s villagers achieve healthy diets. So has gender equality, which reduces the burden on women. Winston Zgambo helps Anita Chitaya prepare bean-flour doughnuts (center). Her husband, Christopher Nyoni (bottom), also cooks, traditionally women’s work. Credit: Thoko Chikondi (source)

Leave these people alone, the elks, that is!

Rare Tule Elk to Face Firing Squad in Horrifying ‘Management’ Plan
Photos: National Park Service_Shutterstock
Rare Tule Elk at the Point Reyes National Seashore will soon face death by shooting as part of the “management” plan approved by the National Park Service (NPS).

Leave these people the fuck alone, the wolves, that is.

Washington's Wolf Population Increased 22% in 2020 - Center for Biological  Diversity
The state of Washington has ordered the killing of one or two wolves from the Togo pack in Ferry County in response to repeated attacks on cattle. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) said Thursday that nonlethal deterrents used by three different ranchers had not stopped the attacks.

These are heroes, so leave them the fuck alone,

Oh, yet, the generals still get all expenses paid, get housing, get Cadillac medical care, travel, transportation and thousands of lackeys who are the yes-sir, for sure, sit, toads, for, a base pay of : 2018 military pay table, a three-star general might earn as much as $15,800.10 a month in basic pay.

Between 2004 and 2008, 80 percent of generals at these ranks joined a defense company after leaving the military.

These positions are substantially more lucrative than current pay levels for generals – $164,221 per year for a three-star general and $179,700 for a four-star general. Private companies do not have to disclose salaries, but executives at defense contractors often make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Again, criminals, looking like this idiot, but a rich and murderous one —

The Pentagon did not return a request for comments on this story. But it does have rules in place to prevent conflicts of interest. A 2009 rule published in the Federal Register requiring any official who was involved with awarding $10 million worth of business to a company gets a written opinion from an ethics counselor outlining what job functions he or she can perform in the first two years at that same company.

However, the rule has done little to slow the rush to defense firms. Petraeus is the biggest name, but there are many others that have taken the same route. CREW found that the top five defense contractors – General Dynamics, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman, which take in a combined $100 billion in DOD spending – hired at least nine former high-ranking Pentagon officers who left the military from 2009 to 2011. CREW also found that 12 generals who left during that same period now work at Burdeshaw Associates, a firm that helps companies win defense contracts. (source)

And, the stories can keep coming, but the payments to the ferryman are lacking for all of these criminals, in the racket of war:

The generals are in a corner. If they admit that the Kabul massacre is resignation-worthy — and in a healthy society, a massacre would be — they would have to admit that resignations should have occurred after the multitude of U.S. bombings and attacks in the past 20 years that killed large numbers of civilians doing nothing more sinister than attending a wedding party, seeking care at a hospital, or picking pine nuts. The Kabul bombing was an outlier only in the amount of attention it received; the killing of civilians has proven to be a feature rather than a bug of the 9/11 wars. (America’s Generals Are Cowards. Fire Them All. by Peter Maass

Wouldn’t that be a fine day in the neighborhood?

Relatives carry caskets at a mass funeral for members of a family killed in a U.S. drone strike, in Kabul on Aug. 30, 2021.
 Photo illustration: Elise Swain/The Intercept; Photos: Getty Images (2)

A fine world, indeed, with all the generals and those in the military, pharma, ag, energy, med, ed, real estate, insurance, banking, investment, hedge fund, law, prison, surveillance, policing, AI, food, chemical, mining, transportation, aerospace complex thrown to the wind as dust!

Agroecology Is the Solution to World Hunger

Millions of farmers are growing and sharing food in ways that enhance nutrition, biodiversity and quality of life

Agroecology Is the Solution to World Hunger
Raj Patel is a professor of public affairs at the University of Texas at Austin and a member of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems. His books include Stuffed and Starved and The Value of NothingMost recently, he co-directed with Zak Piper the award-winning documentary The Ants & the Grasshopper