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I have heard this since, oh, the 1990s, from many different people in many varied arenas. Not all my warriors in the battle for justice — social, environmental, education, human rights, cultural, economic — who were long in the tooth made that statement: ‘The world is really screwed, and I am so glad I am sixty . . . seventy . . . eighty.’ That my friends is a huge cop out, and I am now afraid — in the Decade of Planned Pandemic, 2020 – 2030 — this will be the default for more and more people under the weight of inflammatory capitalism.

Look, daily, if they — those old timers — study the mainstream corporate press/media (which they do) or any variation on a theme of so-called “alternative” media (there aren’t really alternatives, per se), they will see each story unfolding to drill panic and impotence into everyone, which not only creates fear and panic, but also creates a sense of collective dread, and stasis of the mind.

+ there is a blood shortage + there are stories daily of shortages of food, fertilizer, meat, vegetables + cost of food is out the roof for the 80 percenters in the society + so many worthless people making so many dollars for what: sports, entertainment, movies, music, investing, and other perverse things tied to the One Percent and the 10 Percent…..

Shortages of construction workers, shortages of truck drivers, shortages, shortages. Then unionizing taking hold in such places as Starbucks and Kelloggs. Constant drum beat of lies about Russia-Ukraine-China-Latin America. Endless wrong headed people at Fox News or CNBC. So much wrong with the fake science of virology, and those talking heads of those agencies ramming vaccines and nothing else down the throats of Americans, and the globe. Imagine, no pitchforks for the multimillionaires and billionaires and corporations making money off of blood — pandemic lies and merchandise, food, necessities, medicine, education, transportation, utilities. Imagine that situation, even for enlightened ones, who were once warriors, but now, they throw up their hands and say, “Oh I pity the youth of today.”

As if this stuff is new? CIA, FBI, War Department, Wars, Weapons, Offensive Tools of Murder? Any of it new to this era, to Gen Z? Come on!

The Pentagon headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Oh, that greenhouse gas — methane:

On Prince Edward Island in Canada, farmer Joe Dorgan’s unlikely discovery has the potential to change the world. 

Dorgan, who founded North Atlantics Organics, which produces and distributes organic seaweed, stumbled upon what is nothing short of a climate miracle — the seeds of which were planted through five generations of family farming along the shores of Prince Edward Island. Back then, farmers harvested seaweed for feed and fertilizer. 

Globally, methane is responsible for 30% of global warming. Of that, livestock, such as cattle, account for about one-third of all methane emissions. 

“They [researchers] found out that feeding seaweed to cattle would reduce greenhouse gases by as high as 40%,” Dorgan said.

Digesting roughage requires extra digestion from cows and causes cows to burp more. Those burps emit methane, a heat-trapping greenhouse gas that’s 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

In a year, a cow emits as much greenhouse gas as a small car. Because animal numbers have skyrocketed to help feed a growing human population, livestock now accounts for 15% of global emissions. 

So, instead of having serious discussions on how we all need to reduce the factory farming, the confined/concentrated animal feeding operations, we are talking about growing more stuff — seaweed — so we can have our dairy and burgers. That is the sacrifice zone mentality of capitalism and embedded in those of us hooked on some aspect of capitalism. And it is difficult to live inthe world without some addiction, or many, that rapaciouis consumerism, marketing, retailing, and scams have brought us. I love coffee, but there is a price that goes beyond the grocery store sale of that pound of ground cafe. The way capitalism works it, there are so many layers of exploitation, economies of miss-scale, theft, pollution, illegality and unethical practices. You can believe you have shade tree coffee and beyond fair trade, but that is absurd. That’s $15 a pound.

So, the rich and the richer will get the best of capitalism, and those of us who believe in trade, humane and fair and deeply tied to ethical and envioronmentally sane trade, we have no say since most of us make the pittances that we mostly bargained for as radicals and real leftists who have been marginalized out of living or fair wages in those occupations we ended up in that are NOT STEM or superstar in law-marketing-investing-banking-real estate: FIRE!

Here, 2021, and the US Navy wins. Over the needs for drinking water. But this has been going on forever:

This is Democracy Now!, I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González, as we turn now to Hawaii, where the U.S. Navy is facing growing calls to permanently shut down a massive underground fuel storage facility that’s contaminated water supplies in parts of the island of Oahu.

State health officials recently found petroleum levels 350 times the safe limit in a water system that serves over 90,000 Navy families. The Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility has been used since the ’40s to provide fuel to Pearl Harbor. It can hold up to 250 million gallons of fuel. Environmental activists have long called for the Red Hill site to be closed down, in part because it’s located just a hundred feet above the primary groundwater aquifer for Honolulu and the rest of Oahu.

On Monday, the Navy defended its response to the crisis during a 13-hour public hearing. The Navy refused calls to temporarily remove fuel from the tanks, saying the facility, quote, “provides a large preponderance of the war reserve fuel supply for the Indo-Pacific theater.”

Environmental activists and Native Hawaiians have held a number of protests in recent weeks over the water crisis.

SAM IKEHARA: How many more leaks and reports of burning skin will it take? How many more children need to experience headaches, vomiting and diarrhea before the tanks are shut down? There has already been too much harm, too much damage, not enough accountability and not enough healing. Two hundred thousand gallons of fuel cannot be unspilled. The skin cannot be unburned. But it is not too late to do the right thing and shut down Red Hill before an even greater catastrophe is upon us.

Those dirty, bloody mercenaries —

Shares of several leading COVID-19 vaccine makers were jumping as of 10:44 a.m. ET on Monday. BioNTech (NASDAQ:BNTX) stock was up 6.2%. Shares of Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) were rising 5.7% higher. Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) stock was trailing not too far behind, with a 3.8% gain.

There was one common denominator behind the rise of these vaccine stocks. On Sunday, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that a “tidal wave” of COVID-19 cases in the country stemming from the omicron variant could be on the way. The U.K. is accelerating its booster program. Investors could be anticipating that other countries could be on a similar path.

We can’t even follow through on a vote of the people, in California, for more “human” treatment of farm animals (contradiction in terms). Amazing how dysfunctional Capitalism is, and how perverted the corporations are and how they have pimped out politicians galore.

Simple humane stuff — The California law requires that breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens and veal calves be given enough space to stand and turn around. For pigs, that means they no longer can be kept in narrow “gestation crates” and must have 24 square feet (2.23 square meters) of usable space. But the restaurant thugs — lobbies/industry groups — and the grocers and the animal meat thugs — are against even that minor shift in treating animals with a bit of more space in their torture chambers before they are further tortued before butchery. The numbers are staggering, how much bacon Californians eats, and most of it comes from other states. Here is the impotence of capitalism — profits over everything:

“Producers of eggs and veal appear able to meet the new law, but hog farmers argued the changes would be too expensive and couldn’t be carried out until the state approved final regulations for the new standards. An estimate from North Carolina State University found the new standard would cost about 15% more per animal for a farm with 1,000 breeding pigs. The National Pork Producers Council has challenged California’s right to impose standards on businesses in other states, but so far those efforts have failed. California is the nation’s largest market for pork, and producers in major hog states like Iowa provide more than 80% of the roughly 255 million pounds (115 million kilograms) that California’s restaurants and groceries use each month, according to Rabobank, a global food and agriculture financial services company.”

Pigs, uh? Swine flu, huh? Zoonotic diseases, uh? Pig waste lagoons, uh? Spoiled soil, waterways, air, uh, from pig producing? Then, since they are confined, pigs then become these antibiotic resistent, bacteria breeding, and virus harboring ghosts of their previous selves. Bovine? Poultry? This is madness:

Researchers have developed an on-site bovine respiratory disease test that provides results within an hour, a breakthrough that experts say has the potential to save the cattle industry millions of dollars.

The technology likely won’t be in farmers’ and veterinarians’ hands for a while because it must undergo further testing and development, but researchers say the future looks promising.

Bovine respiratory disease, or BRD, is the costliest disease in the beef cattle industry nationwide, causing nearly $1 billion in losses annually, according to Mohit Verma, the project’s lead researcher and a professor of agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue University.

SM verma2.jpg

Josiah Davidson, a graduate student in Mohit Verma’s lab, shows the color change in a new pen-side bovine respiratory disease test. (Source)
The Associated Press (AP) assigned six “reporters” to put out a 4,000-word hit piece on Kennedy.

The above image accompanies a piece about how the AP and others are attacking Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and, well, the AP and the American people (pre-Covid-19) believed the lies of the militarists, the pigs like Ronald Reagan, Nixon, Ford, Bush A and Bush B and Trump. Kennedy continues to self-identify as a lifelong Democrat. Fine, but his book is amazing, and Fauci is, truly, if you spent just a minute or two looking at his records, well, Fauci is criminal. And as such, he is running the criminal enterprise. No other way to work this Covid-19-SARS-CoV2 other than through the auspices of CDC, NIAID, NIH, WHO, and others.

As Kennedy’s new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci” rose to the top of the bestseller list in recent weeks, the blue check bourgeoisie started to panic because his work reveals, amongst other things, that they are charlatans.BUY TODAY: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New Book — ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’

So the Associated Press (AP) assigned six “reporters” to put out a 4,000-word hit piece on Kennedy.

This appears to be part of a wave of paid retribution stemming from Kennedy’s extraordinary record of successfully challenging the dishonest Pharma narrative.

The AP hit piece reveals nothing new about Kennedy but it tells us heaps about the worldview and mindset of the corrupt white-collar class that makes their bread defending the Pharma cartel.

Whether you like him or not, Kennedy is a serious scholar. “The Real Anthony Fauci” is 480 pages and involved a team of more than 20 world-class research scholars working for more than a year. (source)

Read on —

And more reading:

And more:

It’s a fight, really, every aspect of the world, now, and, yep, 1900, 1800, 1950, 1750. But when you are in this fight, now, and you have history as perspective — or some of it under your belt — things can look bleak. However, to tell youth we think they are screwed, that we gave them a screwed earth, that is the height of stupidity. Oh, those Nazi’s —

How do you, fine reader, take this? Sitting down? On your toilet? In a corner cowering? Or all primed to be self-satisfied and self-important, ready to lock me up, lock us all up, for questioning the Powers That Be’s narratives. Because PTB are dangerous in any time, any epoch and with any subject matter at the ready: CP Hopkins,

And so, as 2021 goose-steps toward its fanatical finish, it is time for my traditional year-end wrap-up. It’s “The Year of the Ox” in the Chinese zodiac, but I’m christening it “The Year of the New Normal Fascist.”

And what a phenomenally fascist year it has been!

I’m not talking amateur fascism. I am talking professional Class-A fascism. Government and corporate sanctified fascism. Bug-eyed, spittle-flecked, hate-drunk fascism. I’m talking mobs of New Normal fascists shrieking hatred and threats at “the Unvaccinated” as they are dragged off “Vaccinated Only” trainspainting Nazi-era messages on their windows of their storesleaders of government fomenting mass hatredTV commentators literally quoting sadistic Nazi SS doctorsleftists going full-fascist on Facebook, concentration camps, Goebbelsian propagandacensorship of dissent … the whole nine yards.

Here in Europe, things are particularly fascist. One by one, New Normal countries are rolling out social-segregation systems, ordering “lockdowns” of “the Unvaccinated,” and otherwise persecuting those who refuse to conform to official New Normal ideology. Austria has made “vaccinations” mandatoryGermany is about to follow suit“Covid passes” have been approved in the UKGreece is fining “Unvaccinated” pensioners by reducing the amount of their state-pension payments. Swedes are “chipping” themselves. And so on.

In New Normal Germany, “the Unvaccinated” are under de facto house arrest. We are banned from society. We are banned from traveling. We are banned from protesting. Our writings are censored. We’re demonized and dehumanized by the New Normal government, the state and corporate media, and the New Normal masses on a daily basis. New Normal goon squads roam the streets, brutalizing pensionersraiding barber shopschecking “papers,” measuring social distances, literally, as in with measuring sticksThe Gestapo even arrested Santa Claus for not wearing a mask at a Christmas market. In the schools, fascist New Normal teachers ritually humiliate “Unvaccinated” children, forcing them to stand in front of the class and justify their “Unvaccinated” status, while the “Vaccinated” children and their parents are applauded, like some New Normal version of the Hitler Youth. When New Normal Germany’s new Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, announced that, “for my government there are no more red lines as far as doing what needs to be done,” apparently he wasn’t joking. It’s only a matter of time until he orders New Normal Propaganda Minister Karl Lauterbach to make his big Sportpalast speech, where he will ask the New Normals if they want “total war” … and I think you know the rest of this story.

Figure out where you stand on EVERY issue that you can put on your bandwidth. And realize that they all relate, that systems thinking is the only approach to seeing how this madness in one silo parlays into madness in another and another and another and . . . .

Reset #9

someone cries
blood shortage
desperately empty
caches of plasma
whole blood
vampires in our midst
Goldman and Sachs
Vanguard and State Street

How A Few Bankers Fucked Romania – All Things Romania

gobs of trillions
the price of nuclear war
no need for transfusions
these gated community
minds with private
cardigan-wearing armies
bloodless devils
unleashing their vampires
unleashing Mensa Madmen
technocratic necrophiliacs
the fire roils FIRE
finance insurance
real estate

If nuclear war broke out where's the safest place on Earth? | Science | The  Guardian

wonderful lives
shuttered inside
latchkey Zoom Gen
Z shut-ins by
invitation only
check body temperatures
a hundred and one questions
you get blood
maybe, but only with
whatever Gates and Italian
guy with legion of East
Indians Orthodox Jews
Ivy Poison League Goyim
deem acceptable
patients on life support
or just pushed to the curb

On new podcast, Bill Gates talks COVID-19 with Dr. Fauci, masks vs.  nudists, and a plan to hug Bono - GeekWire

unquenchable thirst
blood on the tracks
blood on hands
bloody Monday
bloody Saturday
bloody Mary
blood brothers
with the prick
of whatever means
necessary for bloody
fear sistah

S Brian Willson, Blood on the Tracks: The Life and Times of S. Brian  Willson - PM Press

we hear childish
admonitions cartoonish
hip junkie advertising models
unlike days of old
days of blackout
curtains tiny corona
of headlights air raid
shelters all of them

The Blackout in the Second World War

in it together blue
blood by blood
bloodless bloody buddy
all in this bloody
mess together women
and children first
old men hoof it
skedaddle sayonara

Explainer: Are Shipwreck Evacuation Rules Still "Women And Children First"?  - YouTube

sacrifice for greater
good health of
a nation service
to unborn generations
blood pact
saving healing
bloody blood
sacrifices in the
nanoseconds ticking
closer to one minute
to midnight doomsday

Chronos - Wikipedia

“You know what I think?” she says. “That people’s memories are maybe the fuel they burn to stay alive. Whether those memories have any actual importance or not, it doesn’t matter as far as the maintenance of life is concerned. They’re all just fuel. Advertising fillers in the newspaper, philosophy books, dirty pictures in a magazine, a bundle of ten-thousand-yen bills: when you feed ’em to the fire, they’re all just paper. The fire isn’t thinking ‘Oh, this is Kant,’ or ‘Oh, this is the Yomiuri evening edition,’ or ‘Nice tits,’ while it burns. To the fire, they’re nothing but scraps of paper. It’s the exact same thing. Important memories, not-so-important memories, totally useless memories: there’s no distinction–they’re all just fuel.”

– Haruki Murakami, After Dark

I’m thinking about nuclear energy, the waste, the fallout, radioactive new elements. I’m thinking about all those antibiotics, about all those rat-roach-flie-mosquito poisons. I’m thinking about the sprayed-on litany of food enhancers (sic) and the artificial colorings, and the Round-up Ready, for sure. I am thinking about opiod deaths for 18-50 year olds in USA as the number one cause of death for that demographic, at 80 K last year.

But I am also thinking about immune-compromised folk, the gut diseases, the array of diseases of the liver, kidneys, thyroid, stomach. Really, all of those malnourished and over-nourished and oddly chemicalized humans sucking up sugar sugar sugar. All of the combinations of bad in utero bombardments, i.e. epigentics, and then all the fun once coming out of the birth canal or c-section cut. DNA collected. How many jabs at birth? Then, how many (pre-mRNA maintenance series forever) vaccinations before age 5, 8 10, 12?

But thyroids, man, they are so compromised (in women especially) because of a variety of reasons that the entire ranch has been sold down the river. Thyroid issues here; chronic paid, brain fog, gut issues, psychological issues.

Serious-serious chronic illnesses associated with thyroid issues. And, this chart below is cartoonish, but if you look into thyroid diseases and the effects, you will shiver. And this is a common problem, becoming bigger with poisons, background radiation, pregnancy, bad food, bad nutrition, stress, plastics in the air-blood-intestines. Oh, what a world, and of course, AMA, CDC, NIAID, NIH, WHO, you name the outfit, they are so hobbled by their germ theory crap, all other things really killing people (and planet) are not only a drag on a broken medical system, but on their economy.

Common symptoms of hypothroidism: depression, brain fog, fatigue, muscle cramps, cold intolerance, weight gain, dry skin

So, that’s just one arena-terrain of issues, the thyroid. Add up the entire issues flooding our endrocrine systems, then add up the microbiome maladies, add up the weathering of humanity under inflammatory capitalism, and here we are going into 2022.

Shoot, let’s inset doomsday #999 just to get gargantuan — the glacier down under:

The Thwaites “Doomsday Glacier” in West Antarctica is spooking scientists. Satellite images shown at a recent meeting December 13th of the American Geophysical Union showed numerous large, diagonal cracks extending across the Thwaites’ floating ice wedge.

This is new information, and it’s a real shocker if only because it’s happening so quickly, much sooner than expectations. It could collapse. And, it’s big, 80 miles across with up to 4,000 feet depth with a 28-mile-wide cracking ice shelf that extends over the Amundsen Sea.

Well, Greta and COP26, and the bagpipes of Glasgow. Another fun reality TV show, is the blank mentality of mainstream and left-stream media: how stories about Omicron and about mandated vaccination boosters x 5, and the complete loss of critical thinking when attempting to challenge the narratives/motives around the shifting baselines on steriods, i.e., fully vaxxed was one (1) J & J and two (2) Moderna’s. Now? The schedule of boosters will be determined not by doctors, not by us, not by the public, us, not by the thinkers, but by them, the elites, and those oh-so-perfectly honest and heroic folks working for Big Pharma which by the way foots the bill for most media in the mainscream, and foots the bills of many university research facilities, and foots the bill for NIH, WHO, FDA, etc.

a vaccine syringe

This is the Atlantic Magazine, one of the elites’ best source of information. When I say elite, I mean highly college degreed folk, the woke folk, all those beautifula nd wannabe beautiful people. Note, when you read these rags, and I inlcude The Nation or even Mother Jones, you get no other perspective outside the mainstream Big Pharma Has All the Answers for SARS-CoV2. DARPA?

For nearly a year now, the phrase fully vaccinated has carried a cachet that it never did before. Being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is a ticket for a slate of liberties—a pass to travel without testing and skip post-exposure quarantine, per the CDC, and in many parts of the country, a license to enter restaurants, gyms, and bars. For many employees, full vaccination is now a requirement to work; for many individuals, it’s a must for any socialization at all. (source)

I could write this entire blog just looking at the Atlantic’s story here, and how cavalier and how snobby and so tragically hip the verbiage is and the folks cited and interviewed so much on the same sheet of music, which is entirely planned. This is how these writers do their journalism — no push back, no alternative views, no outside the paradigm thinking. Here, last point I can make by pasting another paragraph:

Countries such as Israel have already done it; Anthony Fauci has been gunning for the switch. As he told me this summer, “I bet you any amount of whatever” that three shots, spread out over several months, will ultimately be the “standard regimen for an mRNA vaccine.” Even the CDC told me this week that it “may change [the] definition in the future”—a line it’s never used with me before. For a cautious government agency, that’s kind of a gargantuan leap. A new floor for full vaccination, one that firmly requires what we’re now calling booster shots, is starting to look like a matter of when, not if.

No other forces of medicine and immunology or virology to be consulted??? These writers are dangerous, but they always have been on all given topics — war, surveillence, finance, everything in the Complex. They have credos and pledges to not drill into capitalism. And that means, that this pig of a human, Tony Fauci, can play “I bet” shit word games about boosters that well, hmm, sort of work. Imagine that, funny Tony. And, what the fuck is happening in Israel? Please, look into that mess of vax madness there. “Israel.” How quickly the vaxxed lose immunity, which they never had.

Hands up, or else:

kids covid
Kids who are exposed to COVID-19 can stay in class as long as they are tested in schools, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a news release on Friday.

“Test-to-Stay is another valuable tool in a layered prevention strategy that includes promoting vaccination of eligible students and staff, requiring everyone age 2 and older wear a mask inside schools and facilities, keeping at least 3 feet of distance between students, screening testing, ventilation, handwashing, and staying home when sick,” the news release reads.

The Test-to-Stay initiative was put into motion by the CDC to help “minimize absenteeism and learning loss which can occur during traditional quarantine at home.”

Again, read the story on “Test to Stay,” and you will get no push back on the policy, on the stupidity of testing, on the masking requirements, on the 3-foot distance lies, man, so-so much wrong with this picture. (Source)

But again, it’s not the air, stupid. It’s not the water, stupid. It’s not the food, stupid. It’s not the chemicals offgassing and in every product a child first comes in contact with up until the grave, stupid. It’s coronavirus, and, it’s compliant people, labeling and creating the “Dirty You,”which in the old days (not so old) was the Dirty Jew-Japanese-Indian-Irishman-Chinaman-Gypsy-Communist-Catholic-Disabled-et al.

I am asked about climate change, as the existential set of crises for humanity. How to stop it, how to mitigate it, how to prepare for it?

Here, from friend, Joe, then my snarky answer —

Paul– It’s pretty fucking obvious the government doesn’t plan to do anything except to promote more air travel, more military use of hydrocarbons, more roads for increased auto and truck travel, more planet destroying corporate agriculture and the list goes on. Besides that most people are not willing to change their lifestyles one bit. They will continue to support the things that kill the planet as they shroud themselves in selfrighteousness because they recycle and separate their food waste and put it in their compost bins made of plastic. They will pat themselves (and on each other’s) backs as they eat organic cucumbers flown in from Chile for their Super Bowl parties. Sick cognitive dissonanced bastards riding towards Hell on earth. 

Joe — And the same tools to say stop companies from forcing low wage workers working in warehouses while tornadoes are about to hit and then once those workers are killed injured and traumatized will be the same needed to reorganize humanity for a world without ice: compassion, moral compass, communitarian guidance, systems thinking, socialism, democracy, resiliency, end of economic classes, justice, integrity, regional & multinational planning, valuing safe/ food/ air/ water/ soil, those plus redistribution of work and economic well being …. some or all of these needed to solve little things (sic) and yet we can’t tackle opioid crisis or housing crisis or industrial torture factory animal crisis.

A world without ice without those human values above? Road Warrior and The Road and Minority Report and Soylent Green and Bladerunner all mashed up

Seagulls stand on the Caddebostan shore, in Asian side of Istanbul, Monday, June 7, 2021, partially covered with marine mucilage, a thick, slimy substance made up of compounds released by marine organisms, in Turkey's Marmara Sea. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised Saturday to rescue the Marmara Sea from an outbreak of "sea snot" that is alarming marine biologists and environmentalists.

Again, the loopy writing of this mainstream and influential rag, The Atlantic. “Climate Change is Going to be Gross: The thick layer of mucilage that covered the Sea of Marmara for weeks was an unsettling glimpse of climate change’s more oozy effects” by Jenna Scatena This Jenna will not interview ecosocialists or those looking at the systems of collapse. Putting one part into the system, and then looking at the system. So, all this dead algae and plankton, off-gassing, mucking up ocean floors and coming to the surface and destroying fish stocks. And yet, no one interviewed looking at how this is just a slice of the destruction pie, and that yes, bacteria and viruses live in the muck, and yes they can get passed on and on and on.

Under a Green Sky? By Peter Ward?

Under a Green Sky : Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us about Our Future

Paleontologist Peter Ward’s book on mass extinctions and climate change provides a deep-time perspective that is both sobering and necessary. Under a Green Sky puts the present within a geological context while also making the climate crisis feel even more personal and pressing. Before getting that perspective in full, however, readers encounter several fetching narratives of paleontological and other scientific fieldwork across the globe. Captivating as they are, the stories are mostly used to set up later passages that aggressively dismantle an argument Ward clearly loathes: that most past mass extinctions — especially the Permian, some 250 million years ago — were caused by huge meteorite impacts. Ward takes scientists and the media to task for, in his mind, recklessly embracing impacts as the culprit du jour for nearly all prior mass extinctions, when an impact is clearly responsible for just one such die-off: the famous dinosaur-killer 65 million years ago.

Ward presents a powerful alternative model for explaining these extinctions. In short, an increase in carbon dioxide — from volcanism (in the past) or from humans (in the present) — warms the oceans enough to change circulation patterns. When this happens, sulfur-eating microbes sometimes thrive. These bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide, which, in sufficient quantities and under certain conditions, outgasses into the air, shreds the ozone layer, and poisons other living things. The warming also causes methane ice under the seas to melt and, well, burp, adding to the nasty mix. The end comes not in a bang but a stinky whimper. (Source)

Here we go, with more info on that Co2 that is misunderstood, for sure!

Quoting: “Where is the “Misanthropocene” right now in relation to past extinction events? The chart below tells the tale. Notice that our current rise in GHG’s is essentially instantaneous in relation to past warmings which took place over thousands of years. As far as scientists can tell, the current warming from industrial civilization is the most rapid in geologic time. Ice core and marine sediment data in the paleoclimatology archive have revealed brief periods of rapid warming and there is no reason to believe modern man is immune to such catastrophic and abrupt climate events. In fact, we know that the Arctic is already warming twice as fast as anywhere else on the planet. Earth sensitivity to climate change is now thought to be possibly double that of previous estimates. An entirely different planet can result from just a slight change in temperature:

Snap 2015-01-14 at 23.36.48

We’re about halfway towards the same CO2 levels as the Paleocene Thermal Extinction, but our speed of trajectory surpasses even that of the Permian Extinction:


In 2005, Lee R. Kump and fellow scientists published a paper describing what would become known as the Kump hypothesis, implicating hydrogen sulfide (H2S) as the primary culprit in past mass extinctions. According to OSHA, “a level of H2S gas at or above 100 ppm is immediately dangerous to life and health.” Prior to Kump’s study, the working theory had been that some sort of singular, cataclysmic event such as an asteroid strike was to blame for all mass die-offs, but Kump and colleagues proposed that a global warming-induced asphyxiation via hydrogen sulfide gas(H2S) was to blame for snuffing out life under the sea, on the land, and in the air. In past mass extinctions, volcanic eruptions and thawing methane hydrates created greenhouse-gas warmings that culminated in the release of poisonous gas from oxygen-depleted oceans. Humans with their fossil fuel-eating machines are unwittingly producing the same conditions today. The Kump hypothesis (elevated CO2 with lowering O2 levels) is now regarded as the most plausible explanation for the majority of mass extinctions in earth’s history.”

U.S. commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, glibly remarked in January that the COVID-19 epidemic in China would be positive for the U.S. economy. Some cynical journalists believe Wuhan was a good spot for release because any genetic modifications revealed in its sequence could later be blamed on Wuhan’s biosafety level-4 lab, thus achieving plausible deniability – the CIA’s operational hallmark.

Continually, the narratives around Big Pharma, the lockdowns, the Ministry of Truths (media, government, business, academic) tied to any sort of inquiry into what the hell is going on with jabs, lockdowns, virus X, Y, Z, omega variants, what the human microbiome is, all of that, you’d expect, to be questioned and discussed. You know — journalists not taking the words hook-line-and-sinker from anyone, any entity, any government body, any PR spinner, any authority, any policing agency, any corporation, and any of it if it stinks of group think and ramrodding forced feeding.

There are the legacy media/press, and then the big time media, the cable networks, the entire thuggery of mainstream newspaper and magazine journalism, where again gatekeeping and a bizarre code of “not going after the drug-pharma-virology-research end of science” holds them captive. This positioning that everything coming out of CDC and NIH and the various countries’ Covid-Task Forces as being sacrosanct is not just troubling, but is anti-free speech, anti-humanity.

Because, there is a history of bad acting by science and technology and engineering, and there is a boatload of reports and books on the cover-ups and the mistakes and the outright fear mongering science-engineering-medicine-pharma has unloaded onto humanity.

The lab coats, the shiny labs, the triple post doc degrees for each vaunted scientist, all the fawning, all the glory through grants, through agency titles and gigs, all the university associations, it all seems as if these people are many cuts above the rest of us ignorant fools, so even scientists-turned-journalists are made to look like fools when questioning the mainstream narratives.

So many earnest, smart, working doctors are made to look like fools by global media. But, Richard Fleming, MD, JD? Drats, his comments airing on InfoWars, so it must be BAD.

So, calling Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a looney makes a lot of sense in this upside down world of left is right and lies are truth. War is the peace given those mandates, lockdowns, fear, Zoom Life, inflationary trends, poverty, unemployment, eviction, foreclosures, and “getting anything anyway possible” training for the masses are played out and propped up by a compliant media and lockstep authorities from city, county, states and nations, across the globe.

The fact that many many doctors and scientists — a few million — are not at the center of discussion on what is happening with Omicron, or are not buying the PR spin from Big Pharma on not only pushing more and more more boosters, but now more new and improved (sic) main shots for Omicron, that is the crime against humanity.

Really, there are literally many many folk who have the training, the degrees (if that’s your litmus test) and direct work experience with medicine, the virus research, physics, more, gaslit and censored, silenced, marginalized, and, well, finished.

Yet, RFK, Jr., is a looney.

Story at-a-glance:

  • Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have created a formidable public-private partnership that wields incredible power over the American public, along with global health and food policies.
  • Inspired by Rockefeller’s business model, Bill and Melinda Gates donated $36 billion worth of Microsoft stock to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) between 1994 and 2018.
  • Gates also created Bill Gates Investments (BGI), which predominantly invests in multinational food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, energy, telecom and tech companies with global operations.
  • Gates strategically targets BMGF’s charitable gifts to give him control of the international health and agricultural agencies and the media, allowing him to dictate global health and food.
  • Fauci and Gates met in person, shaking hands in 2000 in an agreement to control and expand the global vaccine enterprise.
  • You can read all of the details in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s best-selling book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” which contains more than 2,200 footnotes of referenced data.

It does seem crazy, no, with all the cable news yammering, with all the lock-step health department promos to jab-jab-jab. It is amazing that other methods of preventing severe flu illness or severe Covid-19 symptoms are not in the toolboxes. So many other ways to tackle sickness.

Yes, the following words, in the context of the narrative set forth by the elite and those following the elite, and all the journalists who follow their orders from the colonies of compliant thinking — Ivy League schools, think tanks, media operations, etc. — seem like lunacy in this day and age:

A new press release published on the 17th August, which can be viewed here, confirms that the pair have received sworn affidavits from leading experts including research scientist and nuclear cardiologist Dr Richard M. Fleming, the Nobel Laureate virologist Professor Luc A. Montagnier, and Dr Kevin W. McCairn, a neuroscientist and expert on neurological disease.

A new claim has since been submitted to the ICC due to the vast amount of new evidence and information that has come to light in the past few months, and the lawyers say they now have compelling evidence that “the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the Covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are deliberately engineered bioweapons that have been released in two phases on unsuspecting peoples of the world”.

Attorney Melinda C. Mayne, and Kaira S. McCallum have also confirmed that they have now been joined by lawyers who have filed similar Requests for Investigation to the International Criminal Court, in France, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In any case, the facts need to be investigated, and any sort of lockdown on robust investigative journalism is a crime against the people.

Speaking with MintPress News, Linsey McGoey, a professor of sociology at the University of Essex, U.K., explained that Gates’ philanthropy comes with a price:

“Philanthropy can and is being used deliberately to divert attention away from different forms of economic exploitation that underpin global inequality today.

“The new ‘philanthrocapitalism’ threatens democracy by increasing the power of the corporate sector at the expense of the public sector organizations, which increasingly face budget squeezes, in part by excessively remunerating for-profit organizations to deliver public services that could be delivered more cheaply without private sector involvement.”

We are in dark times, where people will not open themselves up to discussion. Case closed. Remember those cases closed days a few weeks ago?

In a recent article (“The Anti-Science Left Doesn’t Want You Asking Questions”), Candace Owens did some­thing brave: she told the truth, that many women said they were experiencing symptoms after getting the jab. Predict­ably, Owens was accused of being a conspiracy theorist, a liar and an “anti-vaxxer caus­ing vaccine hesitancy.”

But now, the National In­stitutes of Health (NIH) are looking into the trend be­cause apparently, what Ow­ens described is happening at an alarming rate. The NIH is “ordering a $1.6 million study into how covid vaccines im­pact menstrual cycles,” she says.

Although people like National Institute of Child Health and Human Develop­ment director Diana Bianchi knew that changes to men­struation were happening, she characterized them as “‘not a life-or-death issue,’” Owens said. “So, they allowed women to be gaslit for months online – censored by fact-checkers because it wasn’t a priority for them to look into the is­sue. Disparaging labels were slapped on any woman who shared the truth about what they were experiencing, be­cause after all, ‘experts say there is no evidence that vac­cines impact fertility.’”

Owens simply told the truth and asked important questions. So did rapper Nic­ki Minaj when she shared an anecdote about someone she knew in Trinidad who re­ported swollen testicles after getting the jab. Minaj merely encouraged people to do their own research. The reaction? MSM journalists attacked her in the most vicious manner. Piers Morgan, a loosely de­fined “journalist” with The Daily Mail, said, “She is ped­dling lies that will cost lives.” As if some Science god made him the soothsayer of truth and honest journalism. At best, Morgan is a peddler of banal gossip and trite, second­hand news.

Well, I suppose everyone is a looney in “their” book:

Here, my response to a friend concerning a journalist who will not look at questions surrounding these “vaccines” or look at the research behind them and other aspects of agency capture and nefarious testing and hidden projects tied to the gain of function work, and the mRNA warp speed.

Quoting myself: “Yeah, I got it too, Joe. I am not saying you shouldn’t go at it with him, but I don’t have much context about he and his blog. But I do know colonized minds, and shoot, you know, polio and Salk, and then, how does this relate to anything tied to mRNA, and why there are no WHY’s allowed in the discourse even by research journalists, MDs, PhD’s, virologists, and others. That’s the problem here, is that the narrative this fellow follows is pretty fucking limited, and if you look hard at his position, it is a position that comes from the mainstream, truly, and then if he tries to go outside that, then it’s coming from a democrat-progressive(sic) left. 

I just talked with Bob Z, 80, who just had a knee replacement in Spokane. He is from Minnesota, ex hippie, does archival stuff tied to the Dylan days, and the ’60s. He was my producer on my radio show. He loves what I did then, and my writing, but he still basically admits he watches cable, CNN, and does read some things thrown at him via the emails. I do not hit him with much of my stuff anymore.

He says that he could have had a week in rehab, but the doctors and med staff at the hospital in Spokane stated that the unvaccinated are taking up bed space in rehab centers, retirement facilities and hospitals so no room. We can go back and forth with what he knows and what I know, and he admits I know a lot more on a lot more topics, including the SARS origins, the dark side of DARPA and NIH, etc., etc. And what these jabs are, etc.

Yet, he states, or asks, “Isn’t RFK, Jr a looney?” And there it is, so I go back, walk him back to 2005 when RFK Jr. came to Spokane to dedicate the new Riverkeeper. How his talk was jam packed. How people swooned over his smarts, his licks, and his speaking and litigation abilities. I even wrote a piece on him for the local weekly. Bob Z knew that, and I mentioned the appearance in my hour-long weekly radio show, which he produced. Then, in 16 years, most of those same formerly fawning people will call him looney, crackpot, anti-vaxx, and off the deep end.

So, in those 16 years, RFK Jr has been at work. Has been working hard, in fact, and in many countries and in fields still tied to environmental law arena and other arenas. Like drug companies, big Pharma and the vaxxing  biz. And he’s talked with scientists, doctors, advocates, lay people, and others. A lot of talks and depositions.

He’s 67, and now, somehow this fellow at age 51 when he was well regarded in 2005 and talked in Spokane and was loved then, now is looney. 

That is the issue, then, no, maybe I who was sort of well regarded, but a dissenter and dissident and disbeliever in all those sacred cows, but smart enough, maybe now, at age 64, I too am a Looney Tunes?

Even though in 16 fucking years I have had more than a dozen different jobs, entered more than 5 very different fields, have been writing and publishing, and teaching, and learning, but alas, those fucking 16 years are meaningless, or speak to a sliding slow lunacy? These people are Ministry of Truth fuckers, and while not 1984 and Big Brother of Orwellian modeling, they still are big on science. It goes to environmentalism and climate change and sustainability. They think somehow that doctors working on diseases and disease prevention are protected from criticism. Put some of those experts in the BIPOC category, and many in the female category, and, most being Democrats, and this is where we are. Those labs and those petri dishes and those studies and animal modeling and computing and all of that, it is sacred space.

I don’t know what else to say. Because if you are in echo chambers like these folk are, the echo sounds valuable, important and loud. Leaps of faith. The greater good even given the risks? All of the marketing that they laugh about, tied to smoking or big defense industries, but then, they are bamboozled when it comes to CDC, Johns Hopkins, UNC, NIH, et al marketing. 

Are there fewer people I can count on to have a smart discussion on many things? Yep. Do I have anything in common with these docs and scientists who yammer about the USA being the United Socialist America? Nope. Do they have some things to say about Covid-19, mRNA, PCR, origins? Yep. Do I throw everything they know and all the work they have done on this pandemic out the window because I think they are abhorant and stupid when it comes to China, Russia, Iran et al?  No. Would they line my ass up for firing squad and imprisonment for my work on critical race and my communist leanings and my idea about world government and world corporate fascism? Yep, I believe many might. But . . . . .

No discussion with the liberals? No open minds? No willingness to doubt the authorities? No going outside their lanes? That is what I have issue with, and so I am feeling like the walls of common sense and decent rhetoric and humane thinking, well, all are being exploded. Or, the walls are closing in on me. It feels like that daily, truly.
Just give in, just stop doubting the jabs, just line up and get the shot. Even those who defend (maybe) the right to not be forcibly vaccinated still caveat that statement with the fact they got the jabs and believe in their efficacy. That line tires the shit out of me, too.” +–+ end of quoting myself!  

No matter what we say, there isn’t enough time, not enough bandwidth, and most of these people believe Fauci and believe every single person with a lab coat, Ivy League MD degree, attached to their post-doc work in immunology, virology, biochemistry.

But there are other scientists:

Overall, it’s stunning to read how the scientific community marvels at the ability of influenza type viruses to cause pandemics, because unlike Ebola people don’t die-off within days of exposure but productively transmit the airborne pathogen for two weeks undetected when asymptomatic.

Influenza is usually transmitted by direct contact but can also be transmitted by aerosol (e.g. on a passenger plane). Indeed, international transmission is increasingly frequent. Notably, aerosol transmission of influenza requires up to 27,000 times fewer virions to induce equivalent disease. Taken together with the fact that the influenza virus is readily accessible and may be causing more deaths than previously suspected, the possibility for genetic engineering and aerosol transmission suggests an enormous potential for bioterrorism.”

Some of the more fascinating discussions in the scientific community involve ethical issues with gain-of-function experimentation. Gain-of-function research involves genetic manipulations that expand the adaptability and/or virulence of a given pathogen.

Ralph Baric, an infectious-disease researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, last week (November 9) published a study on his team’s efforts to engineer a virus with the surface protein of the SHC014 coronavirus, found in horseshoe bats in China, and the backbone of one that causes human-like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in mice. The hybrid virus could infect human airway cells and caused disease in mice, according to the team’s results.”

Other interesting discussions involve the resistance of certain DNA and blood types to particular infections and the sensitivity of others:

One of the reasons COVID-19 can be so fatal to some people is because of their bodies elicit an overzealous immune response called a cytokine storm, which may originate in their DNA. A small study of patients who died from the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak found that many carried mutations that triggered this self-destructive flood of cytokine molecules. Results from studies on the genetics of COVID-19 susceptibility and severity are beginning to trickle in. One study suggests that variants in the HLA genes likely play a role. Others point to differences in the ABO blood type, as well as variants in the ACE2 gene, which codes for the protein SARS-CoV-2 latches onto to infect human cells. But the findings are all preliminary and require follow-up with larger datasets.”

Also noted by scientists are the distribution of similar DNA and blood types to particular geographical regions and ethnic groups which could potentially enable effective targeting.

Rather than specifically triggering the toxic effects of organisms such as anthrax, the Sunshine project warned that weapons based on a new medical technique called RNA interference could shut down vital genes. If the sequence of the target gene varies between two different populations the technique could be used to interrupt key body functions in one population and not the other. If as little as 10% or 20% of a target population would be affected, this would wreak havoc among enemy soldiers on a battlefield or in an enemy society as a whole, the group said.” (Fighting the Invisible Enemy – Not COVID 19, but Imperial Fascism)

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency Attorney Aaron Siri, who represents PHMPT, said:

“Americans must routinely produce documents, pay fines, and otherwise expend resources to comply with the law. Courts don’t inquire as to the ability or financial resources to comply with the law — they must comply.

“In fact, it would be laughable if a billionaire defendant came before a court and claimed poverty to escape making a document production, but that is the FDA’s position.”

The FDA budget for fiscal year 2019 was $6.1 billion.
In the FDA’s
 64-page briefing, the agency argued it needed the full 75 years to redact and release the documents out of “fairness” to other FOIA requesters.

we hold earth

crush seeds then pull

where leaves break

down with bacterial

love the whole parts

connected through water

this earth is boiling

9,000 degrees balled

up center pure

so much sun hidden

cracks bring life

death clouds

love is capillary

seeks leveling

heights . . . finds

pooling after

crashing over cliffs

rain, trees

upside down tears

you live for culture

carve talismans

into stanzas

teach and learn

like the string

section and conductor

seated, dancing

you live on your day

of death, backwards

tributes for you

me, child of poetry

new pages

left to the heat

of Sonora 50 years past

more now body

to mind, mind

into body you

are the lifting

humus ten

billion bacteria pinched

in between fingers

you taught many

to use as instruments

musical, painting

new-old worlds

fingers, your hand

is the poetry

She is gone, now.

Appalachian Elegy (Sections 1-6)



hear them cry
the long dead
the long gone
speak to us
from beyond the grave
guide us
that we may learn
all the ways
to hold tender this land
hard clay direct
rock upon rock
charred earth
in time
strong green growth
will rise here
trees back to life
native flowers
pushing the fragrance of hope
the promise of resurrection


such then is beauty
against all hope
you are here again
turning slowly
nature as chameleon
all life change
and changing again
awakening hearts
steady moving from
unnamed loss
into fierce deep grief
that can bear all burdens
even the long passage
into a shadowy dark
where no light enters


night moves
through the thick dark
a heavy silence outside
near the front window
a black bear
stamps down plants
pushing back brush
fleeing manmade
roaming unfettered
any place can become home
strutting down
a steep hill
as though freedom
is all
in the now
no past
no present


earth works
thick brown mud
clinging pulling
a body down
heard wounded earth cry
bequeath to me
the hoe the hope
ancestral rights
to turn the ground over
to shovel and sift
until history
rewritten resurrected
returns to its rightful owners
a past to claim
yet another stone lifted to
throw against the enemy
making way for new endings
random seeds
spreading over the hillside
wild roses
come by fierce wind and hard rain
unleashed furies
here in this touched wood
a dirge a lamentation
for earth to live again
earth that is all at once a grave
a resting place a bed of new beginnings
avalanche of splendor


small horses ride me
carry my dreams
of prairies and frontiers
where once
the first people roamed
claimed union with the earth
no right to own or possess
no sense of territory
all boundaries
placed by unseen ones
here I will give you thunder
shatter your hearts with rain
let snow soothe you
make your healing water
clear sweet
a sacred spring
where the thirsty
may drink
animals all


listen little sister
angels make their hope here
in these hills
follow me
I will guide you
careful now
no trespass
I will guide you
word for word
mouth for mouth
all the holy ones
embracing us
all our kin
making home here
renegade marooned
lawless fugitives
grace these mountains
we have earth to bind us
the covenant
between us
can never be broken
vows to live and let live

fa$ci$t$ are the new Technocrats a la DARPA

So, the SARS-CoV2 is in, well, pets. Ferrets, dogs and cats. And deer, tigers, minks, well, you get the picture. This virus has animal hosts. None of what the lock-step folk say about second booster and 3rd and 4th, forced upon everyone, is bizarre.

Again, the breakthroughs, the Omicrons, the variants, for god’s sake, this zoonotic disease is in the water, air, food, crops, and, yep, pets. That program will be launched soon, since the head of Pfizer is a PhD in vet science. All those animals, all those feedlots and barns, all those cuddly ones on the bed and in the house, they too will be forced to get jab and booster.

This is a huge money maker — as big, but scaled up, as the Pet Rock. Can you imagine, a common rock, put in a cheap box, with a cute one page Care Instructions printed up, and sell it for $9.99. But at least you get a rock, which can be used for many many things.

The vaccines x 5, annually, what are they good for? Yep, profits.

It is, alas, a health threat that has been contrived, but now, Merck has a new pill, hmm, so close to ivermectin. Anti viral. Within three days, bringing down the viral load by 95 percent.

Or, SaNoTize — Quote: “A well known antimicrobial, Nitric Oxide, has been found to rapidly reduce SARS-CoV-2 viral load, knocking it down by 95% within 24 hours, and 99% within 72 hours, according to a recent study by researchers funded by England’s NHS foundation trust and SaNOtize Research & Development Corporation – a Canadian biotech company currently conducting Phase II trials of a nitric oxide nasal spray.

A group of 80 adults (18-70 years) with confirmed (Alpha strain) Covid-19 infections were divided into two groups, with half receiving nitric oxide nasal spray (NONS) that were self-administered 5-6 times daily for 9 days. (source)

On the one-year anniversary of the declaration, some of those involved in the public health proposal spoke to The Eagle about their intentions, the fallout, pandemic data and the idea of “focused protection.”

They say what they proposed was a long-accepted public health concept designed to both protect the old and compromised while allowing the young and healthy to live normally. Their idea was to avoid the collateral health damage of the lockdowns, which would hit the poor the hardest.

The scientists drafted the declaration at the American Institute for Economic Research, a think tank off Division Street in Great Barrington. It has received more than 860,000 signatures from around the world, of which nearly 15,000 of those are from scientists and more than 44,000 are from medical practitioners.

The concept was denounced by other researchers worldwide as both callous and impractical. Great Barrington town officials quickly tried to distance the town — one wanted the policy renamed, while residents joined the chorus. The situation soon dropped the declaration scientists into a political cauldron, as some politicians seized on the proposal, while others rejected it as far-right heartlessness.

In Great Barrington, scientists declare policy for living with COVID: Shield only the most vulnerable for herd immunity

GREAT BARRINGTON — Three top scientists say there’s another public health crisis underway, and it is the poor and working class who suffer the…

‘Nothing new’

The scientists say that when they traveled to the Berkshires six months after the lockdowns and began to discuss the crisis, they were upholding a well-established public health practice of “focused protection.”

“So there’s nothing new or innovative in the declaration,” said Dr. Kulldorff, who is a member of the scientific advisory committees to the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “What we saw was that, because people thought that these lockdowns and the masks and so on would protect everybody, [authorities] did not do the focused protection.”

The resulting deaths bear this out, he added. Kulldorff said there are two underpinnings to the declaration that data now supports: The “thousand-fold difference in mortality” between old and young, and what he says is strong and lasting natural immunity after infection.

“One of the stunning things through this pandemic is the questioning of natural immunity after having COVID,” Kulldorff said. “We didn’t know this a year ago, but now we know that the immunity from having COVID is stronger than after the vaccine.”

Kulldorff is, in part, referring to health officials who appear to be dancing around the immunity issue post-infection, concerned that it will undermine inoculation efforts. The results of a large Israeli study showing robust natural immunity, for instance, demonstrates this.

‘Our crucible’

Dr. Bhattacharya, who is also a professor of health policy and specializes in the economics of health care, moved last month to the school’s newly established Department of Health Policy. It was DeSantis’ Aug. 1 tweet with Bhattacharya’s photo that was nailed to campus kiosks, in which Bhattacharya is quoted about focused protection and linked to death counts in Florida. DeSantis has sown derision for his support of declaration-style COVID policy and opposition to vaccine and mask mandates.

The poster campaign was initially a response to comments Bhattacharya had made about the lack of “high quality” evidence that masks stop the spread of infection, which also led to a faculty petition to silence public health pronouncements contrary to university policy — one that does not overtly target him. But the posters felt threatening, and it took him several days to return to his office.

“It felt like targeted harassment,” he said. “The poster campaign really shook me.”

In April, Bhattacharya was further linked to DeSantis when he participated in the governor’s April roundtable about “Big Tech censorship and the COVID-19 pandemic.” Kulldorff also participated, as well as Scott Atlas, a fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford who had resigned as former President Donald Trump’s coronavirus advisor.

Bhattacharya says he has never registered for a political party and is obligated as a public health scientist to consult with anyone, regardless of politics. “I’d happily speak with any politician on any side of the issue — I don’t limit my advice,” he said.

The campaign to censure him marks a dangerous decline in discourse, particularly at a university, he said. Bhattacharya says he feels a responsibility to speak what he believes is the truth, given his tenure and job protection.

“I think many people who signed the Great Barrington Declaration have lost their jobs or have been silenced or lost opportunities for grants and collaborations,” he said.

Can we not look at strengthening our immune response, our general terrain healtlh? For hardly any weekly dollar outlay? Zinc, Turmeric Curcumin, D3, aspirin, other supplements and some pharma drugs.

Merck COVID Pill

The fate of molnupiravir — developed in partnership between Merck and Ridgeback Therapeutics — is important for both society’s battle against Covid-19 and Merck’s financial fortunes. Experts say that an easy-to-give, oral treatment that keeps people who contract the SARS-CoV-2 virus from being hospitalized or dying would go a long way toward helping society return to normal. Existing pills, such as hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, have failed to deliver convincing results. Monoclonal antibodies treatments, though very effective, must be given as shots or intravenous infusions.

The entire show has many smoke and mirrors brigades, and many curtains and endless house of mirrors.

Those who oppose the neofeudal authority of the corporate, stakeholder Technate and refuse to comply with the imposition of biosecurity obligations will have their CBDC restricted or switched off. The pseudopandemic has established the framework of the biosecurity state that will control all our lives. The vaccine passports are the gateway to full biometric identity for every citizen in the new normal Technate.

We will be required to show our biometric ID on demand. Access to goods and services will be monitored and restricted as desired by the Technate. UBI and CBDC combined with biometric ID will ensure our compliance. The central planners of the Technate will oversee the AI controlled system which will automatically limit the freedoms of those who defy the rules decreed by the stakeholder capitalists.

Money, as we currently understand it, is no longer required by those behind the pseudopandemic. The net zero carbon economy enables them to seize control of the “global commons.” This means that they will have dominion over all of the Earth’s natural resources. All land, the oceans, the atmosphere and even space is being converted into assets via Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics. (Source)

From left, Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University; Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a Stanford University professor.

China owns Nature magazine’s ass: Debunking “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” claiming COVID-19 definitely wasn’t from a lab — Source. Read the peer reviewed research paper published by BioEssays that this paper seeded, as well as its addendum which conclusively demonstrates the bioengineered nature of the 1977 H1N1 Pandemic Strain leak.  

Cat resting on man's chest

The researchers said that cats have biological factors that make them more vulnerable than dogs to COVID-19, such as viral receptors that allow the virus to more easily infect cells. Cats are also more likely than dogs to sleep near their owner’s face, which increases their exposure to the virus.

They added that because the infection rate in animals with owners was higher than in those at the shelter and the stray cats, humans are more likely spreading the virus to pets than vice versa, something previous studies have also shown.

Lead author Dorotheee Bienzle, DVM, PhD, recommends that infected owners keep away from their pets and not allow them into their bedroom. “I’d also recommend that you keep your pet away from other people and pets,” she said in the release.

“While the evidence that pets can pass the virus on to other pets is limited, it can’t be excluded,” she added. “Similarly, although pets have not been shown to pass the virus back to people, the possibility can’t be completely ruled out.” (source)

Ahh, the failings of capitalism, the failings of the bread and circus, the days of Roman collesium crap.

The stories just keep returning, and it is more than some bizarre Matrix groundhog day. In the news, today:

An autopsy of former NFL player Phillip Adams has revealed Adams had “unusually severe” brain disease in his frontal lobe at the time he fatally shot six people and took his own life in April. Adams had stage 2 chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which has been linked to head trauma and concussions — often inflicted while playing football. The range of symptoms include violent mood swings and memory loss. Researchers also found that Adams’s pathology was similar to that of Aaron Hernandez, a former NFL player who died by suicide in 2017 while in prison on murder chargers. Phillips had repeatedly sought help from the NFL.

Here, my hat in the proverbial ring, when LA Progressive used to publish me regularly, but no more, since I have been continuing the research on Pfizer/CDC/Moderna/DARPA/Virus Paranoia/PCR/SARS-CoV2/lockdowns/passports/mandates/more.

Haiti and the NFL — Toussaint Tyler and Battling TBI

traumatic brain injury

Slave Rebellion of 1793: Legacy to be Revived from the Graveyard of True Revolutionary Zeal

In exile at St. Helena, when asked about his dishonorable treatment of Toussaint, Napoleon merely remarked, “What could the death of one wretched Negro mean to me?”

The Black Napoleon, or that’s what former slave Toussaint L’Ouverture was called. Get this, historians – the leader of the only successful slave revolt in modern history in effect defeated the genocidal white trash that is part of France’s legacy.  Haiti – that French colony, and he was the son of Gaou Guinon, an African prince captured by slavers. Sent to that white French genocidal colony of Saint Dominique.

Toussaint, born May 20, 1743, under the Code Noir, that black code that legalized all the harsh punishment (treatment) of slaves. Property. L’Ouverture was allowed unlimited access to a library of the manager of the Breda plantation. His godfather was a priest, Simon Baptiste, a kind fellow who taught the young Toussaint to read and write.

I’ll come back to L’Ouverture in a minute, first moving to a new friend, Toussaint Tyler, named after L’Ouverture. Mr. Tyler and I met recently, coming into the office at my day job as social worker for homeless folk, stuck in a system of addiction, criminal charges, mental health challenges. Portland, Oregon, and Mr. Tyler and I are quickly brothers in arms, looking at our six decades on Planet Earth as one of struggle, triumph, exasperation, recrimination, rejoicing, repulsion, anger, happiness, and revolt. I am more settled into my anti-Capitalist fervor than is this man of god, myself having declared anarchism and socialism and communism as the only way out of this warring white Capitalism that has decimated tribes and cultures and entire races of people. Early in my scattered life.

My friendships with men like Toussaint Tyler, Sr., are based on deeply held respect for the individual coursing through capitalism’s hall of horrors.

Mr. Tyler, homeless, in a shelter, introduces me to his older brother who had just gotten out of prison, 25 years straight time. His brother is the gifted and focused one in the family. Mr. TNT Tyler says his brother, who was just released from McNeil Island Corrections Center in Pierce County, Washington, is the smartest and ablest fellow around, who entered into a life of crime ripping off rich folk and faced the music here in Oregon with some hard-hard time in prison in Washington. Where his brother learned the law, learned his own new mission in life, and who is now more than just an inspiration for Toussaint.

Toussaint Tyler, once the leading rusher as fullback for the University of Washington Huskies. He was born in Barstow, California. His nickname was TNT Tyler, called one of the greatest fullbacks in Husky history. Punishing running style and bone-crushing blocking. We are talking about a 58-year-old man who has seen the gridiron since age nine, a man today who is forgetful and now homeless, who has been couch surfing for years, who once had glory and wives, and who is now awaiting a brain scan, ordered by the National Football League.

TNT and I talk about the Will Smith movie, “Concussion,” a flick Tyler saw when it came out two years ago. “Man, I just started crying when I saw my life in many ways depicted on the screen.” This is the rotten NFL, the elite owners, the chosen few paper jockeys and lawyers and MBAs, who watch mostly people of color slam bodies and craniums into each other for a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry akin to Roman times gladiator exploitation.

Enslavement. Boys hitting each other in Barstow or Compton or Baltimore or Toledo.

He was riding a wave of limelight as a former player in the NFL, including the Saints and Minnesota Vikings . . . decades of Traumatic Brain Injury depression and outbursts of angry physicality.

The NFL, a non-profit shit-storm of Predatory Capitalists using the dumb-downing of America to fill stadiums, land TV/Cable contracts and sell the junk of faux celebrity. Tyler had his own trading card with the New Orleans Saints. Tyler traveled the country and the world as a football hero. Over six feet two inches, 240 pounds, a hard-hitting man who has admitted to more than a dozen concussions.

He’s been in and out of recovery – pain pills, cocaine, opioids, and booze. He was riding a wave of limelight as a former player in the NFL, including the Saints and Minnesota Vikings . . . decades of Traumatic Brain Injury depression and outbursts of angry, physicality.

I run my life around narratives, around the people who have intersected with me as dive master, photographer, journalist, teacher, social worker, traveler, and activist.

His story now, after my sixty years on planet earth, hits me hard – heavy on a personal level, both positive and negative. Exploitation of the black man by the elite, by the worthless white men in suits and ties, those golf-loving whites, the money men, the tribe of shekel collectors, the very tribe of men who that mythical Jesus Christ went to town on upsetting the money changers’ money tables.

Harvard, Yale, law schools of the elite, MBAs from large Division One schools, running poor whites and blacks and Latinos into the ground, to the grave, through the psych wards, under the belly of the beast of drug addiction, homelessness, and the halls of criminal injustice.

Tyler tells me about his father, an amazingly talented man, self-taught, who was a lightweight boxer, who had seven kids. Mother who worked for the government. Their United States of Israel roots not from California but from Arkansas and Baton Rouge. Tyler traces his African roots to Sierra Leone.

“I never understood why I was crying all the time, and depressed.” He has had a knee replacement. Tyler shows me both wrists – big surgical scars from massive fractures from defenders slamming helmets and face-guards into his body. “I am beat-up, for sure. I forget things. The NFL knew in 1954 that head trauma from pounding gridiron players hitting each other caused permanent brain damage – shrinking, permanent atrophying of parts of the brain, a sloshing of parts of the brain.”

This is the American way – full-throttle exploitation, on the field, in the workplace, in neighborhoods. The elite, polluting cities, our air, the water, our children’s minds, the dreams of adults, and the hopes of the aged.

We are one giant Trumplandia Casino Capitalism Continuing Criminal Enterprise. Signing our death warrants. Tyler, lasting four years in the NFL, and ending up as a juvenile detention officer for King County (Seattle), working with 12 to 17 year olds locked up in a county lock-down facility.

He was in his addiction then, as a county official, and he worked hard on gang-prevention and working with troubled youth in King County, Washington.

Tyler today continues to talk about living a lie most of his life – chasing women and fame, drugs and money. “I didn’t need football to make it in life,” he says. He is so sure that youth should not be playing football until their brains are fully developed. Tyler tells me that he was at Roosevelt High School in Portland recently, and saw a little kid, an eight-year-old, laying on the ground, crying about his head hurting after taking a hit on the football field.

“I’m glad my sons didn’t play football. If I could do life all over again, I would have never played football, gone into basketball.”

One son, Toussaint Tyler Jr., played college basketball for Central Washington University. A story was written up about the sixth man for the men’s basketball team, Mr. Tyler’s son. Tattoos all over his body – rib-cage, wrist, knee, shoulder. Each inscription plays a significant reminder to TNT’s son about where he comes from, where he is going and where he doesn’t want to go:

  • Me Against the World
  • Respect Few, Feat None
  • Family Forever
  • Brotherhood
  • Only God Can Judge Me
  • Tha Truth
  • All Eyez on Me

Toussaint Tyler Sr. is talking about the class action lawsuit against the NFL, a party of over 22,000 claiming NFL negligence, asking for money to cover years of drug abuse, psychiatric breaks, incarceration, broken marriages, failed relationships, split-up families, and internal anger-confusion-dementia.

These white so-called leaders, elites going to their elite children’s Christenings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, going to their dear children’s graduations from elite universities, law schools and business colleges, they are demons, felonious, as criminal as criminality can come, laughing all the way to the bank, living it up in their five homes each, jet-setting the globe with the blood and brains of the real workers, the real heroes, wiped all over their zero escape clause contracts. All those One percenters and their Little Eichmann agents and riffraff controlling the lives of the sacrificial lambs.

Sure, we can Google (another massively screwed up project of control run by another set of war-loving elites) Toussaint Tyler and see he was the only one in pro-Football to knock out Lawrence Taylor. Sure, Toussaint is gunning for getting onto various boards – Urban League, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, etc. – and wanting to help turn lives around. Sure, Toussaint wants the homeless in Portland – some really raw characters that make Charles Dickens’ novels seem like Mister Rogers Neighborhoods – to be helped. Toussaint Tyler asks me to stay with the non-profit I was working at. Wants me to meet bigwigs and help sell programs to the elite in Portland (Intel, Nike, adidas, et al).

I want to throw in with Toussaint Tyler, Sr. – I want to hit up these metrosexuals, these gentrifying elites, these bourgeoisie, these Bill Gates and Paul Allens and Phil Knights types to get down to real business, to getting their bullshit philanthropic ideals into real gear. We need to help the homeless and the drug addicted get on their feet with REAL programs, with solid recovery, where they can get SPECIAL treatment, in a time of Neoliberalism and Trumplandia. We are running non-profits with genuflecting and begging, hoping for social workers to get to work with shitty pay and tons of on-the-job trauma. My non-profit gets grants, and we are hobbled by the constraints of the millionaire class, and the state and county and city agencies.

Being homeless usually means trauma in each and everyone’s lives – beaten down in families, drugs, sexually abused, the physically kicked down, psychic knockdowns, punished into the criminal justice system, hobbled by the debt levelers, controlled by the broken education system, held down by the business community, the exploitation class, and held back by bureaucracies of evil.

College bowls for Toussaint – Rose Bowl and Sun Bowl champion; in another Rose Bowl, Hula Bowl, Japan Bowl, San Diego Hall of Fame. Second-team Pac 10 running back for two years. Honored as a Huskie Legend, NFL Alumni.

“None of it matters. I am in a new life, starting new.” He ended up dead on arrival, in Pullman, Washington, three years ago, 60 pills swallowed in a suicide cocktail. He had done a lot of crack to make those head blows and shitty life decisions and all those mammas to his six kids sort of go away, or at least level out the pain of all those valleys and rock bottoms which are the geography of his spiritual and psychological life.

Ahh, Haiti, and the despicable French, then, now, forever – defeated by a slave, who read voraciously, especially Enlightenment thinkers such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau, one member of early moderate revolutionaries who considered seriously the question of slavery. As is the case of most French thinkers, these moderate revolutionaries were not willing to end slavery.

Applying the “Rights of Man” to all Frenchmen, including free blacks and mulattoes (those of mixed race), the so-called revolutionaries gave into the plantation owners in the colonies who were furious and fought the measure. In 1791 the measure was retracted.

This betrayal triggered slave revolts in Saint Dominique (soon called Haiti), and Toussaint quickly became leader of the slave rebellion. L’Ouverture (the one who finds an opening) was added to his name, as he led a rag-tag army. For anyone listening to the unheralded voices of the people’s history, he or she can take his hat off and honor Toussaint who successfully fought the French, whose numbers were also decimated by a yellow fever outbreak.

He fought seven battles in seven days and defeated the French. As is the true DNA of the white race, the French wanted business as usual, desiring Haiti to go back to slavery and colonial rule. In 1803, Napoleon Bonaparte wanted Haiti out of his hair, agreed to its independence and Toussaint agreed to retire from public office. Eventually Napoleon, as is so true of many of the French’s DNA code, invited Toussaint to a meeting under the promise of his protection. The French Army arrested Toussaint, put him on a ship headed for France, and Napoleon ordered D’Ouverture to suffer in a mountain dungeon where he was starved to death with all number of depravations put upon the Haitian hero.

Getting Haiti off his back, Napoleon gave up Haiti to independence and sold the French territory in North America (the Louisiana Purchase) to the United States.

Toussaint Tyler, Sr., named after the great Haitian hero, sits with me in my office, and we go over his plans to get his driver’s license back, plans to get him a job at $11 an hour, and plans to come back to life as a community organizer. He’s forgetful, having left his satchel on the Portland light rail (MAX) with his photo IDs and social security card inside.

He tears up when telling me about his granddaughter, Serayah McNeill, who plays Tiana on the hip-hop TV series, “The Empire.” Daughter of his eldest son, Serayah is a talented musician, athlete, and can do anything, Toussaint tells me. Her very presence on TV, her thriving life, her existence is a testament to her succeeding and a reminder to her grandfather that he once was in her life as a child and now he’s been MIA for years. “She reminds me of how I screwed up so many people’s lives.”

This is the story in America, one I touch daily, with men mostly, and the years taken away by drugs, by incarceration, racism, shitty employment, all told, millions of lives destroyed by the white man’s bad seed, fall from his and her own grace. The decades and centuries of structural and mitochondrial determinants in the success and failures of an entire group of people who made this country, built the fucking White House, put the land to work, harvested and swaddled the white woman’s children, what a travesty.

Repeated daily from sea to shining sea, exploitation after exploitation. And the NFL, microcosm of the chosen ones’ destruction of almost anything good, tribal, hating all people’s who live lives far from the money printing presses, the coin of the realm – slavery for enriching the few, the fattening up of these voracious people eaters, these lovers of anything close or aberrant to what the entire Trump legacy represents: the people who run the rackets of college sports and professional gladiatorial athletics, or replace sports with big pharma, big business, big military-surveillance-punishment complex, big ag, big food, big medicine, big media, big education. These people are the ones that deserve a million slave rebellions run by the likes of Toussaint D’Ouverture.

The rabid dog, ahh, the beheading is necessary for the safety of the village. Yet, it’s all flipped backwards – the elite, the weakest, the minority of all minorities, the Chosen One Percent living out their blasphemy until old age, while the good and best the world can offer, murdered, slowly, quickly, at the moment of birth. America – the racket, the thug nature of this warring nation, the disharmony of the children sucked into diabetes and mental stasis created by the chosen few’s tools of control: food, consumer popular culture, Hollywood, media, digital dumb-downing.

Toussaint L’Ouverture

Here, from the movie, Concussion, the doctor, Bennet Omalu, asking why the world doesn’t want to know about his research into football head injuries and players’ deaths, suicides, incapacitating pain, drug addiction, incarceration, murders:

Dr. Bennet Omalu: What do they want?

Dr. Cyril Wecht: The NFL wants you to say you made it all up.

Dr. Bennet Omalu: I made it up?

Dr. Cyril Wecht: They’re accusing you of fraud.

Dr. Ron Hamilton: If you retract, you’ll be fine. This all goes away.

Dr. Bennet Omalu: Why? Why are they all doing this?

Dr. Cyril Wecht: They’re terrified of you. Bennet Omalu is going to war with a corporation that has 20 million people on a weekly basis craving their product the same way they crave food. The NFL owns a day of the week, the same day the Church used to own. Now it’s theirs. They’re very big.

Note: A forensic pathologist, Omalu conducted the autopsy of Pittsburgh Steelers center Mike Webster, which led to his discovery of a new disease that he named chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE. He is currently the chief medical examiner of San Joaquin County, Calif. and a professor in the UC Davis Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

These one percenters and their 19 percenter Little Eichmanns holding up their universal Capitalist scam, they are perpetuating the chronic traumatic encephalopathy onto all aspects of society with each experiment deemed necessary to create legions upon legions of marks, the exploited, the punished, the destitute, the near homeless, all of us shoved into their consumer prisons for the pleasure of their sin upon humanity. Greed, prostitution, elimination.

“At eight years of age, I knew I was going to be in the NFL. I was the fourth all-time leading rusher for UW. But my life is more than that, I know now. I’ve lived a life for and about Toussaint Tyler. It’s been a selfish life. I want to work to help this community, these people on the streets outside. Man, all messed up on meth, dirty, on the streets, sleeping in alleyways. We have to find a way to help them.”

So continues the dilemma of the One Percent, the Churches, the Poverty Pimps, all those non-profits run for the pleasure of a few at the top. So goes the journey of Toussaint Tyler, invoking just a little bit of his Haitian namesake’s rebellion.

Each day it becomes clearer to me that those in state capitols and on K-street, Wall Street, in the corridors of power, peopling the think tanks and commissions and secretive world of the bankers and bankrollers of pain, shame, war, they are the giant tapeworm eating at the soul of humanity. Clearer and clearer that the exiled, the broken, the incarcerated and just let out, the Toussaints and a million others, they have the power of lucidity, the power of perspective, and the power of seeing outside the miasma of this country’s madness.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if the magic wand pushed a giant interstellar vacuum onto the earth that sucked up all the detritus on this planet – those buttoned up thieves lusting for their gigantic thefts, uniformed for war, all those coders and money changers, the renter class, the bankers, the technologist, the entire army of takers.

war criminals

Toussaint and I hug, as I say good-bye on my last day at one non-profit as I move to another. Life is slipstream, the sum total of serendipity, these chance encounters, as my brain folds more of what I know is social justice and revolutionary focus. He and I come from two different worlds, and belief systems, yet, well, what more can a brotherhood bring than the joy of understanding those who are different but cut from the same mold of wanting justice and seeking enlightenment.

Paul Haeder

CTE brain tissue

Robert Stern, director of clinical research at Boston University’s CTE Center and one of the paper’s authors, said upon releasing the study, “Although I wish I could say it’s a game-changer right now, it’s a game-changer for the future. We’re really not at the point of being able to diagnose CTE during life yet. We’re getting much closer, and this new paper is an important step forward.” (Source)

Reset #8

sun-drenched heron
the cold stare of seals
crows wrestling crabs
eagles shaking icicles
agates crystalline
jasper like eyes of squid
endless beach jumping
skies magnificent kite world
driftwood perfect cairns

Double-crested Cormorant | Audubon Field Guide

kids trapped up the hill
death glow of fluorescent
throbbing Chrome books
Gestapo-eyed principals
checking six-foot lines
hunting down polyethylene
masks mid-mouth
janitors like Hannibal
disinfectants their pistols

Medium Side2Side Rock Cairns

a few dogs
middle-aged couples
the lone crabber dug in
no skiffs or outboards
smoking up air, just opening sky
winds like puffs of angel
breath, clouds painting
lizards and horses
sand unexplored
I am espying opulence
pebbles and antelope skin
shells, wrack lines
like tree rings
sea grass uprooted
bulbous kelp like
whips of chariots
tide slack, river pure
diving loons, cormorants
occasional sea dollar whole
water of saline, of wetlands
mixing sky waves crashing
tumbling surf, foam pure
racing slick along receding
water scrolled sands

Where's the Science Behind CDC's 6-Foot Social-Distance Decree? - WSJ

so much lost
children trapped
inside attics of algorithms
so many old timers
telling me they are
skeptics, no way Jose
children on the beach
no chance of school
letting the turnkeys
unlock warehouses
no way children
can run ocean sands
no way all those
puttering teachers
would want liability
no more unloading
moldy children
into nature
no confidence
child will stay child

He Found an Entire House in his Attic

they watch TikTok
hold audience with
YouTube, dream of
Marvel magic, now
the glory is digital
ginned-up fear
forever chemicals
touched daily
masks and sprays
boosters mandated
the children of
a lesser god
children sacrificed
for billions
field trips ancient memory

Washington State International Kite Festival - Wikipedia

no children running
gauntlets of driftwood
no gigantic sand castles
no embers, no marshmallows
no more séances with
curling salmon steaks
nothing to learn
inside screeds from
silicon diode capacitor
clouds emasculating
nature, draining female
bodies in tides
amazing seeds washed ashore
phallic barnacles
retreat inside womb
too too too much
for our child

Oliver Asking for More” an illustration for "Oliver Twist" by George  Cruikshank | Oliver twist, Dickens, Charles dickens

no field trips barefoot
not a chance now
lined up for hypodermic
madness as adults
24/7 tickertape
wave after wave of flu
influenza viral vapidity
prepping for shooter
on campus lockdown

Water safety, sand castle competitions encourage kids' outdoor time in  Shelbyville | Education |

end of childhood
end of nature
end of crossroads
end of gathering
end of mud throwing
end of hand clasping
end of pyramid making
schools are jails
childhood locked out
the lockdown almost
complete no field
trips, nothing to touch
or shout about
childhood reset
turned to metallic
drones cradle to grave
now cradle to coffin
by the time
they mask up
for kindergarten

SuehiroKa on Twitter: "RT @MarkCutts: #Syria: In addition to those in  camps, there are millions of displaced people living in public buildings,  schools, warehouse…" / Twitter

Ha. The revolution will not be surveyed. Yeah, I’m 64, and, teacher par excellence, journalist (real, newspaper, small and mid-sized town), social worker for foster youth, developmental disabled, homeless substance addicted, even homeless veterans . . . Yah. Surveys man, and Commondreams, man.

By any means necessary, bog us down, hit us with another survey, another, and let’s chew through our masks, popcorn, and watch Dark Waters and The Mauritarian and cry, keeping that six-foot distance, for sure.

Passports passed around. Survey poll focus group.

Yippee for Goebbels, err, Bernays, err, Friedman, oh those Mad Men, now the Pew Peeps.

The revolution will not be Whitey on the Moon, Whitey on Mars, Whitey at COP 29.

You want that Gore Vidal, United States of Amnesia?

How about Agnotology.

The Revoution will be surveyed, Pre-crime, prequel, sequel.

The crimes will be GIS mapped, the venn diagrams, oh, those surveys, executive summaries.

Poll Toll Fine Code Enforce Levy Tax Triple Penalize Regressive Taxation Eviction Penalties Surcharges Add-ons Price of Inflation Two-for-One Limited to One.

Oh, Survey Rachel Carson. How’s that DDT Survey coming?

Forever chemicals. Militarized Industrial Ag. All those blood lagoons of Pig Body Parts.

Survey again, those fence lines.

White Paper, executive summaries.

Shoot, one out of 10 think or do they just believe or is it a nightmare?

Ask just the right set of questions, and, shoot, the Revolution will Be Televised. Netflix Mini-Series. Amazon Prime Hulu Showtime. Bring it all on, and we then, can cogitate, ruminate, resonate.

The Survey will not be Revolutionized.

Whitey is at the bottom of the sea. Whitey is on his submarine. Whitey is in the lab. Whitey is DARPA mad.

Thanks for the Survey.*

Shit dog, my reaction to yet another meaningless piece of survey data, executive summary. My response above.

Does it all seem silly now that the world has accepted filthy rich with their filthy followers and their own filthy rich Eichmann impersonators with their own filthy private armies of lawyers (Mafioso), accountants (thieves), PR masters (Goebbels and Bernays all in one finely appointed suit or skirt), politicians (pimps and whores all in one) as well as the Science-Tech-Engineering Complex propping up their worthless anti-human projects?

I have railed against this higher ed system since I was in it as an undergraduate at University of Arizona. Journalism minor, but I worked for the college daily rag, which was not tied to the J program. Let’s see — wasted money on telescopes; proposed telescopes on sacred Mount Graham — Dzil Nchaa Si An!

See the source image

Let’s see — U of Arizona vet school carrying out in the basement ballistic “tests” (inhumane experiments) on dogs, many of which were stolen from backyards in Tucson, by a professor of vet science. Let’s see — the head football coach gaming the system and using unused plane vouchers to cash in and spread around his felony-friendly football team. Let’s see — waste, landscaping that would make Trump LLC proud, overbloated budgets for the law school and Biz school, while adjuncts taught the majority of undergraduate classes.

Well, I have written about my next iterations fighting college deans, chairs, provosts, VPs, Presidents, Boards of Regents. The entire mess that is higher education is the entire mess that is predatory, disaster, penury, zombie, parasetic capitalism. The folks for the most part want to play nice in the playground. These stories below were percolating in 1975 when I first went to school.

They have continued throughout my part-time, precarious freeway flying faculty work, from Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, DC and beyond. The factories of compliance are humming now with the sound of Zoom calls and on-line un-education programs. Streaming students and zooming profs. As if we didn’t see this coming in 1975 or 1985 or 1995 or 2005. Did we need the Event 21 (they call it 201) to anticipate the charge toward dehumanizing the globe, or the western globe?

Now, Dec. 14, 2021, and the project on mRNA and DNA hacking is in the sixth wave (sic) full swing.

The above documentary helps explain that.

So, the news about how rotten and rotting higher education is and has become and will continue to become seems quaint, in the western mind which has been hacked by the rot that is America Exceptionalism, now plumbed for continual propaganda and war drumming, whether it is Bush 1 or Clinton 1 & 2, or Obama, Bush 2, Tump LLC, or Biden BBB.

The children might never ask why if their brains are completely colonized. Why?

Note this Swiss fellow, not someone the prostituting media will have on — His credentials: I studied medicine at the University of Zurich, obtained a doctorate in immunology and virology, specialized in internal medicine and cardiology and have 33 years of experience in diagnosis and therapy of acute respiratory infections, in hospitals, in intensive care units and, for 23 years, in my medical practice.

On March 16th, the Swiss Federal Council declares the ‘exceptional situation’, the highest danger level of the epidemic law, based on exactly zero scientific evidence.

The mass media, including the Swiss public service broadcaster SRG, take on the third part in this conglomerate of mutually escalating ignorance, arrogance, incompetence and organised irresponsibility. Brainless and heartless themselves, they hammer into our heads around the clock:

There is a pandemic of a highly contagious and even epidemiologically relevant asymptomatically transmissible corona killer virus. Every seemingly hale and hearty fellow human being can be your angel of death!

Unlike in 2009, the mass media consistently censor, discredit and defame questioning doctors and scientists, including luminaries such as John Ioannidis, Professor of medicine, epidemiology and public health at Stanford University School of Medicine, oneof the world’s most renowned and most cited scientists, specialised in science fraud, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg. At Easter 2020, after having been libelled, including an alleged threat to politicians and to my family, by a private person well known to me, myself, was brutally arrested by an anti-terrorist squad in my practice and, after it immediately turned out that I had not threatened anyone, merely the world view of insane people, I was shipped off to a closed psychiatric ward for six days becauseof ‘self-endangerment while in COVID insanity’.

The governments of almost all countries seem to have forgotten their epidemic plans, which wisely spare the individuals, the society and the economy. In blind obedience to the WHO and to lobbyists, called experts, they are enacting self-destructive non-pharmacological interventions, including lockdowns never considered before, following the authoritarian Chinese role model. They are doing this almost globally, in lockstep.

Without consulting the population, they procure billions of doses of emergency mRNA and DNA injections, which are even temporarily approved by Swissmedic. This technology is being widely used on humans for the first time. Almost worldwide, the constitution, the rule of law, human rights, civil liberties, ethics, science and common sense are being sacrificed in favour of a quasi-global authoritarian regime under the control of the WHO.

I have lost a load of people in my circle, and the culling continues, as the Americans and others I have in my dying “tribe” do not follow the science. They are the Zombie force of unenlightenment. And like the proverbial deer caught in headlights, the Western Minions (the USA Mind particularly, which is the British Mind, encompassing the Canadian Mind, also covering the Australian Mind and New Zealand Mind and many in the EU Mindset) are on a bender of authority, finding a new cold-hot war, and living with their leaders who are essentially rapists — raping the land, raping the family, raping the economies, raping the cultures, raping education, raping free though, raping raping raping.

How is it these Woke Women are Covering Up the Rapists?

Photo shows Joe Biden posing with Zoe Baird in 1993, not Tara Reade | AP  News

Oh, the United Snakes of Rapists! Cecil Rhodes would be PROUD!

Tara Reade: Why exactly are Trump’s records from January fair game but Biden’s decades-old Senate files not?
Tara Reade: Why exactly are Trump’s records from January fair game but Biden’s decades-old Senate files not?

In the debut episode of Tara Reade’s RT podcast ‘The Politics of Survival’, Columbia professor and trauma expert Anthony Zenkus explains why he finds the host’s accusation against “predatory” Joe Biden credible.

“He can’t stop,” Zenkus told Reade in their discussion about the US president, titled ‘The Politics of Trauma’. “I think these behaviors are predatory.” 

The alleged “behaviors” Zenkus refers to have been highlighted heavily by both himself and ‘Politics of Survival’ host Reade, who accused Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993 while she was working for him. Seven other women have also publicly accused Biden of sexual assault and harassment. The president has denied the allegations against him. (Source)

FILE - E. Jean Carroll, center, waits to enter a courtroom in New York for her defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump, March 4, 2020. At a hearing Friday, Dec. 3, 2021, lawyers for former President Trump argued before a federal appeals court that the U.S. government should take his place as the defendant in the lawsuit filed by Carroll, who accused him of rape. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

But Carroll’s lawyers say Trump’s response went beyond any job obligation.

“A White House job is not a promise of an unlimited prerogative to brutalize someone who was a victim of a prior attack,” attorney Joshua Matz told the court.

Carroll, a former longtime Elle magazine advice columnist, sued Trump in 2019, saying he slandered her in denying her allegation that he raped her in a New York City department store dressing room in the 1990s.

Trump said she was “totally lying” and was “not my type,” among other remarks. He said they’d never met, dismissing a 1987 photo of the two and their then-spouses as a momentary encounter at a social event.

In the final months of the Republican’s presidency, the Justice Department sought to replace him as defendant in Carroll’s case. The department has maintained its position during Democratic President Joe Biden’s administration.

Justice Department lawyer Mark Freeman told the appeals court Friday he wasn’t out to “defend or justify” Trump’s comments, calling them “crude and offensive.”

“I’m here because any president facing a public accusation of this kind, with the media very interested, would feel obliged to answer questions from the public, answer questions from the media,” Freeman said.

After the hearing, Carroll called on the appeals court to reject what she called a “dangerous strategy” from the government and Trump.

“In no world was Donald Trump upholding the office of the presidency when he claimed I was ‘not his type’ and called me a liar,” she said in a statement. “His comments were personal attacks meant to punish me for daring to speak the truth.”

Fox News apologises for cropping Trump out of Epstein and Maxwell photo |  Fox News | The Guardian

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