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Oh, I’ve written about the Zoom Doom, and those Zoom Rooms. The world, now, with so-called leftists, it is triple cancel culture, even in the benign chat feature of Zoom Doom. And so how are they going to proceed with the revolution? Cancel culture? Cut the feed. Pull the plug?

First, there is some bullshit etiquette on chat that I am unaware of? I thought the chat button and chat feature on Zoom was just that, chat. When we join a webinar, well, that’s all one might get to discuss or post links. It is not an interruption to those talking, presenting. I hope the hell they are not monitoring chat while giving a presentation. It is for the AUDIENCE, the listeners, who are not participants in the Zoom sense, but an audience.

Today, with my phone on one Zoom, and my laptop on another, after attempting to illuminate with facts and links — and some of the people in the chats were responding positively to the few things I posted — I was drum-rolled, 3, 2, 1 “host removed you from the Zoom meeting.” Twice!

This was one of the ones,

And, of course, I was listening to the speakers, and there are no ways to interrupt or even show one’s face, because this Zoom, like most, is just a live “talk.” I don’t know what Zoom Bombing is, but I can guess it’s people trying to butt in with marketing, or those with racist views. Me, well, I was riffing with the majority of the things stated here by the speakers. And, chat, in my book, should be ignored if one wants to fully concentrate on the speakers, but the host (moderator) puffed me away. Cancel culture at its worse, since I am a revolutionary and in the camps of much of what BAP does and stands for.

You know, freeing black prisoners is important, for sure, and when imprisonment is extended with the vaccines (sic) and the issues tied to forced vaccinations, well, I take that seriously, so I gave the chatters some links:

Almost everywhere, Rastafarians have been at the forefront of resistance against the “vaccines,” witnessed not just by leading protests but also in the production of numerous anti-“vaccine” songs of protest in Jamaica. One suspects that the government of Jamaica will be treading very carefully: always teetering on the edge, it would be reckless to provoke a massive, country-wide Rastafarian uprising. Indeed, the Jamaican government has been very careful: “Jamaica’s government is aware of the Rastafari community’s doubts, and prepared for the reality that not every Jamaican would take the vaccine, health ministry Permanent Secretary Dunstan Bryan told Reuters. ‘Herd immunity can be achieved without having all those populations vaccinated,’ he said”. Only 32% of Jamaicans said they would agree to be injected, according to a Gallup poll, making Jamaica one of the leading “vaccine” resistant nations in the world—and it is thanks to Rastafarian cultural resistance. Jamaica has thus vaccinated only 2% of its population thus far. Contrary to dire assumptions of doom, Jamaica has had among the lowest number of infections and deaths from Covid-19 in the Caribbean region, much lower than even some of its closest neighbours. Rastafarians “credit traditional medicine, like root wine and herbs such as neem, bitterwood and ginger, for helping fend off the virus, and do not want to take the vaccine”.

Johnnie Black Iron Williams (source)

As one Rasta Reggae artist, Jah Bouks, told Reuters: “It is a false alarm. They are fabricating a lot of things, government and scientists. It is a money-making thing you know”. In Grenada, Rasta musician Johnnie “Black Iron” Williams rejected not all vaccines, but specifically the Covid-19 injectables, saying that if they became mandatory his family would refuse and his five children would be home-schooled—there too, Grenada’s government has sworn it would not impose vaccination. This is despite the fact that Grenada has suffered some of the most extreme emergency measures of the region over the past year and a half. Rooting his concerns in a history of medical experimentation with Black people, and a belief that this vaccination campaign is biowarfare aimed at reducing population, Williams’ concerns were also rooted in knowledge of the marketed injectables, and the reign of silence that pervades public “discussion” about them:

“I do not know of any pharmaceutical product that does not come with side effects, so we must never ignore the side effects. If there are side effects, then there should be exemptions for people like myself, whose vegan dietary lifestyle is a part of my way of life. One of my main concerns is the ingredients used to create the vaccine and from my investigation, I became concerned that one of the ingredients in the vaccine is MRC5, which is tissues from aborted foetus”.

But I also pointed out in the BAP webinar, again, in the chat (it is not something that shows up on screens unless one starts chatting). Also, there is a Q & A box, and I’d expect the specific questions one wants to ask to be there. Comments about one of the speaker’s cute child and such, well, that is chat material. I gave them Linda Ford, who has written a big book on female politicals:

Imprisoning Women Politicals
Occupy Seattle and Ms Rainey, pepper sprayed at 80 years old.

In the Eye of the Beholder: USA History of Imprisoning Women Politicals — My Review of her book, Linda’s:

Part One of review and discussion of Linda G. Ford’s Women Politicals in America: Jailed Dissenters from Mother Jones to Lynne Stewart

I was born a protester … My mother had to go to the school a lot and talk to the principal.— Dorli Rainey,

I am being jailed because I have advocated change for equality, justice, and peace. … I stand where thousands of abolitionists, escaped slaves, workers and political activists have stood for demanding justice, for refusing to either quietly bear the biting lash of domination or to stand by silently as others bear the same lash.— Marilyn Buck, at her 1990 sentencing (epigram in Linda Ford’s book, Women Politicals in America)

Moving on, the other webinar, is/was on, lab leak racism, and I am way beyond that Biden-Blinken-Trump lie!

Webinar Logo

Again, I put in some sources, for sure — from Zero Anthropolgy:

“Stop the Shot”: Resistance through Science, Religion, and Law

19 Aug by Maximilian C. Forte

On August 4, an interesting event took place: “Stop the Shot”. This was a video press conference organized by the Truth for Health Foundation in the US, which was live streamed online and has since been uploaded to various alternative video hosting platforms—on the main one advertised, it has already received three quarters of a million views. I was in the audience for the live event, and have since decided to write a summary report after reviewing and adding some complementary research.

The video press conference lasted from 12:00pm EST until roughly 2:00pm—a fast-paced event, with numerous speakers. Pre-conference releases from the foundation indicated that the event would present new information, shared by the lead attorney in a US lawsuit against the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) regarding the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and the under-reporting of deaths and injuries. We were informed that the presentation would include an update on the CDC Whistleblower affidavit, which indicates “more than 45,000 actual deaths have taken place following the COVID shot, versus the VAERS reports of only 11,000”. In fact, the news was even more astounding than that. In addition, the press conference was to provide previously undisclosed data from both Pharma-clinical trials and subsequent additional studies on the injectables related to “specific, serious, immediate, and long-term impacts on fertility in both men and women”. Finally, updates on medical studies concerning actual “vaccine” immunity would be discussed, as well as information about current lawsuits, and the theological implications of pandemic management.

Others, like Whitney Webb —

Bats as Bioweapons

As the ongoing coronavirus outbreak centered in China has spread to other countries and been blamed for a growing number of deaths, a consensus has emerged that this particular virus, currently classified as a “novel [i.e. new] coronavirus,” is believed to have originated in bats and was transmitted to humans in Wuhan, China via a seafood market that also traded exotic animals. So-called “wet” markets, like the one in Wuhan, were previously blamed for past deadly coronavirus outbreaks in China, such as the 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

In addition, one preliminary study on the coronavirus responsible for the current outbreak found that the receptor, Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), is not only the same as that used by the SARS coronavirus, but that East Asians present a much higher ratio of lung cells that express that receptor than the other ethnicities (Caucasian and African-American) included in the study. However, such findings are preliminary and the sample size is too small to draw any definitive conclusions from that preliminary data.

Two years ago, media reports began discussing the Pentagon’s sudden concern that bats could be used as biological weapons, particularly in spreading coronaviruses and other deadly diseases. The Washington Post asserted that the Pentagon’s interest in investigating the potential use of bats to spread weaponized and deadly diseases was because of alleged Russian efforts to do the same. However, those claims regarding this Russian interest in using bats as bioweapons date back to the 1980s when the Soviet Union engaged in covert research involving the Marburg virus, research that did not even involve bats and which ended with the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991.

Like much of the Pentagon’s controversial research programs, the bats as bioweapons research has been framed as defensive, despite the fact that no imminent threat involving bat-propagated bioweapons has been acknowledged. However, independent scientists have recently accused the Pentagon, particularly its research arm DARPA, of claiming to be engaged in research it says is “defensive” but is actually “offensive.”

The most recent example of this involved DARPA’s “Insect Allies” program, which officially “aims to protect the U.S. agricultural food supply by delivering protective genes to plants via insects, which are responsible for the transmission of most plant viruses” and to ensure “food security in the event of a major threat,” according to both DARPA and media reports. (source: Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent Darpa Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak by WHITNEY WEBB • JANUARY 30, 2020)

So, this “scientist,” Lee Siu Hin, he was talking, and stating that any narrative around the SARS-CoV2 as being anything other than a naturally occurring virus was just plain wrong. He is into scientism, and, while I do believe through researching research that DARPA did develop this bioweapon and that the jabs are also part of the other slow burn bioweaponry, as well as the economic bioweapons of lockdowns and mandates, I guess these so-called lefties do not do nuance. But again, it was in CHAT. No Zoom Bomb where someone just starts blasting the Star Spangled Banner and cuss words. These are just static live events, with a chat option.

The following I posted, and then I got the 3,2,1 bye bye —

These words were written in 1998 by Robert P. Kadlec, who went on to become a top biowarfare advisor in the George W. Bush Administration, and then most recently returned to government in 2017 as an Assistant Secretary under Trump. His cogent analysis brought to mind some disturbing facts :

[D]uring the previous two years, the Chinese economy had already suffered serious blows from other mysterious new diseases, although these had targeted farm animals rather than people. During 2018 a new Avian Flu virus had swept the country, eliminating large portions of China’s poultry industry, and during 2019 the Swine Flu viral epidemic had devastated China’s pig farms, destroying 40% of the nation’s primary domestic source of meat, with widespread claims that the latter disease was being spread by mysterious small drones…So for three years in a row, China had been severely impacted by strange new viral diseases, though only the most recent had been deadly to humans. This evidence was merely circumstantial, but the pattern seemed highly suspicious.

Furthermore, the particular features of Covid itself seem to fall into this same category. Early last year, Unz published the perspective of a retired forty-year veteran of American biodefense, who focused on the unusual epidemiological characteristics of the virus, which was extremely contagious but had a low fatality rate of 1% or less.

One important point he made was that high lethality was often counter-productive in a bioweapon since debilitating or hospitalizing large numbers of individuals may impose far greater economic costs on a country than a biological agent which simply inflicts an equal number of deaths. In his words “a high communicability, low lethality disease is perfect for ruining an economy,” suggesting that the apparent characteristics of the coronavirus were close to optimal in this regard. (Ron Unz)

I absolutely do not live off of the Unz Review, for sure, and the racists there in some of the sections, and consistent racism and misogyny are, well, part and parcel this country, left and right, no? And I am illustrating this to give myself a bit of breathing room in understanding how closed the American mind is, and with the Zoom Doom, you get escorted out of a fucking electronic chat room. This is not a live in person event where people are blurting out comments. This is an at-home, at-office, at-Starbucks static listening thing, where, first, one can put in all these rah-rah’s, and where some put in secondary and supporting sources. But to be cut off? That is the left, man, the same ideology of Trumpie’s cold cocking and sucker punching Black Lives Matter t-shirt wearing peaceful demonstrators at a rally.

I’ve been spat upon and had cola and beer tossed on me for not standing up for the National Anthem at sporting events. I never stand for that, or the pledge. Recrimination, that is the fake revolutionary, with this Silicon Valley-aided Zoom or Google Hangout, what have you. Workers World Party? Well, this communist is not invited to the “party.”

I just wonder how these people, many of whom I respect (Baraka, Abu-Jamal, Kimberly, Prashad, Zeese, Blumenthal) will question the narrative and paradigm tied to the trillions made by these pharmacueticals? I do not recall seeing anything in their writing questioning mRNA, and alas, that’s the rub: What’s Left of the Left? Che helps us all. Cut the power, Pete Seager, when Dylan comes a playing electric guitar — Zoom Doom, for sure.

Capitalism on a Ventilator - The Impact of COVID-19 in China & the U.S. ebook by Margaret Kimberley,Sara Flounders,Carlos Martinez,Monica Moorehead,Deirdre Griswold,Mumia Abu Jamal,Vijay Prashad,Lee Siu Hin

Capitalism on a Ventilator == The impact of COVID-19 in China & the U.S.

A new anthology from International Action Center and China U.S. Solidarity Network contrasting the effective Chinese response to COVID-19 with the disastrous response here in the U.S. It pushes back against the racist anti-China campaign in the media.

The chapters include articles by many published authors, including: Ajamu Baraka, Monica Moorehead, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Margaret Kimberley, Vijay Prashad, Lee Siu Hin, Sara Flounders, Carlos Martinez, Kevin Zeese, Deirdre Griswold, Max Blumenthal and more. Many of the chapters were first published in Workers World.

The Day Dylan Went Electric - HISTORY
The Day Dylan Went Electric
Bob Dylan shocked audiences at the Newport Folk Festival by strapping on an electric guitar and debuting a new rock ’n’ roll sound.

I was furious that the sound was so distorted, you could not understand a word he was singing,” Seeger says, in a newly posted video interview with Amy Goodman. “He was singing a great song, ‘Maggie’s Farm’ — a great song. But you couldn’t understand it.”

Seeger says he ran over to the sound man, and said: “Fix the sound, so you can understand him. They hollered back: ‘No, this is the way they want it.’ I don’t know how ‘they’ was. I was so mad, I said: ‘Damn, if I had an axe, I’d cut the cable right now.’ I really was that mad.”

The legend of his fury, misread Seeger says from the start, has grown larger with each passing year. “I wasn’t against Bob going electric,” he adds. “As a matter of fact, some of Bob’s songs are still my favorites. What an artist he is.”

I’m finding more and more of the so-called lefty news-opinion sites will search a submission for the dreaded fuck or motherfucker, and hands down, Deep Six it out of possible publication.

You know, a Vietnamese like Linh Dinh, who does great work and not so great work, banned from so many sites, and schools as a writing teacher . . . just like me: But I would rather read this, from him, than all the hand-wringing and pontification of the lefty sites about any number of issues, including the issues of the day, Afghanistan and Planned Pandemic, AKA plandemic.

Watching Afghans fleeing in panic in 2021, Americans can even laugh, however. Andrew Anglin, “Look at them running! Run, faggots, run!”

Anglin also calls them “sluts and other sinners.” This is very bad form, Andrew. If they’re faggots, sluts and sinners, then Uncle Sam was their pimp, john, rapist and bugger, which is accurate enough, but how can you blame foreigners for believing in Slick Sam’s sexy come-on, his glammy image and thumping pitch, when even Americans don’t know better?

Sidestepping human shit and collapsed grandpas on downtown sidewalks, they still think America is number one!

“SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” signs, banners and stickers adorn working class bars and storefronts across the USA. Even after so many self-defeating wars that bankrupt their nation while murdering millions of innocents, they continue to enlist. (source)

With guns, will travel. No one else thinks like this. I wonder how many Americans can even identify ten countries on a map, or maybe just five?

In 2013, I met a woman in Cheyenne who said her daughter was stationed in North Korea. I bet most Americans don’t even know they’re paying to have at least 900 troops in Syria. Where is Syria?

With their own neighbors or relatives slaughtered, they can’t stop fighting for war profiteers or Jews, for it has become an American rite of passage. Even queers and trannies demand a piece of this Satanic action.

As for whom they must fight, they don’t even have a clue, or they’re too cowed to name their true enemies. There’s no true resistance or hope for America until the first meaningful assassination. Only galvanized by this can a pushback begin.

Dinh’s deadly sins include using “queers” and “trannies” in one paragraph. Then, this, about “meaningful assassination,” a real no-no. Then, the quadruple whammy — “With their own neighbors or relatives slaughtered, they can’t stop fighting for war profiteers or Jews, for it has become an American rite of passage.” (emphasis mine).

The points are clear in America. With the planned pandemic, which is now a bioweaponized endemic, with countless (to the number, Omega) “variants” hitting the code red-double code red American fear management syndrome, along with the Stockholm Syndrome, a la Collective Delusion, we are in a lovely place, Ollie. Think of Trump Derangement Syndrome and Biden Buddy Syndrome, and Trump Beatification Syndrome, Harris-Pence for President Syndrome. You have multimillionaires Maddow or Carson, or libertarians Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald, and all points left and right of these celebrities defending one or many aspects of Democracy, CIA Murder Incorporated Style.

I was on a Zoom group call last evening. People from Germany, France, Canada, Texas, California, Washington, Oregon, and other places. All, more or less, teachers, some community college, most K12. They are scarred shitless about mandates, about proof of jab, about losing work because they decide not to put down, “Yes, got the mRNA.” Unions have sold them out, governors, principals, superintendents and the country as a whole. There may have been 70 million checking off Rapist Donald Trump for President Round Two, or Round One, but most of them did get the jab, most of them cried with honorific tears for Melanie and Donald’s Operation Warp Speed jabs they themselves supposedly got. The Puritanical Snake Shaker Governor of Texas, in his zeal against anything contrary to his pea brain thought process, well, he said he now tests positive for Covid-19, after supposed two jabs and the booster jab.

So, is this not a time for, What the Fuck, discourse? Is this not the time for Lenny Bruce and George Carlin? Bill Hicks? All dead too young, even with their motherfucking dirty mouths probably flapping Warp Speed as the cognitive dissonance and false balance and equivocation and downright War is Peace thought processes are unfolding in this, shall I call it, Mother Fucking United Snakes of AmeriKKKa?

Robin Williams
Andy Kaufman
Comedian Lenny Bruce
Bill Hicks

This is a short screed, really, letting off steam, since I have a novel I am writing, looking for work in a state where you are asked by some fucker, a hiring manager, if you have received the jab? First, they took your credit report, then they came for your driving record, then they demanded your rental history, then they took your medical records, then they ripped off your school records, then they got your banking and credit card details, then they got your urine, then they get your nasal and mouth swabs, then they put you on a lie detector machine, then they check your jab passport, then they scan the internet for anything written or thought about or mentioned on the worldwide web, and then they check your keyboard strokes, then they tap into the Zoom conferences, and then they have you on camera at this or that protest, then they get all closed and expunged judicial records, then they have your juvenile records, and then they have each crap and piss and blink of an eye you have made.

These teachers are attempting to coalesce, find some shelter from the storm. All have lost friends, family and colleagues, and I do not mean, “lost to Covid-19, the bioweapon ‘virus'” but lost in the sense that these people’s cohorts/friends/family do not want to discuss a goddamned thing questioning Fauci, CDC, Covid-19 Team USA. They have lost people because these teachers and others on this call would dare wonder where all their rights have gone.

There are common law projects fighting jab mandates, fighting mandates to show the scarlet letter “A, for anti-mRNA.” They are concerned about real SARS-Cov2 therapies banned because these drug companies have histories broad and long of killing people, of getting drugs FDA approved, and then each year, 4,500 drugs and medical devices, etc., pulled from FDA acceptance. The trillionaires (collectively) want no questioning of a gene editing jab.

On average, the FDA pulls 4,500 of their once-approved medicines and devices from the shelves every single year. This partially explains how the third (at least) leading cause of death in the U.S is medical error. Do not mistake “approval” for “safe” or “effective.” (source)

A grateful nation thanks Dr. Anthony Fauci - CBS News
Anthony Fauci: The face of America's fight against coronavirus - BBC News
Oh, so this is it, for protesting Fauci? They have that murdering Ronald Reagan up in this pathetic show of anti-Fauci forces, all white, and, they are willing to put War Criminals of any party up on signs? God, it is lonely out here!
Petition · Investigate and charge Barack Obama with war crimes. ·
War Crimes on Trial: The Nuremberg and Tokyo Trials | The National WWII  Museum | New Orleans
War Crimes on Trial: The Nuremberg and Tokyo Trials
war crimes – Friggin' Doo-A!
Trump Tells Allies He Wants Absolved War Criminals to Campaign for Him
Trump Tells Allies He Wants Absolved War Criminals to Campaign for Him

I’ll keep the meeting details, groups and people anonymous, but here is the email from the organizer:

We had a successful 1st meeting of [our group to support workers & students who want a choice]. 47 people attended from CA, WA, OR, IL, NY and NM. Overall, there was a real thirst for overcoming our isolation and trying to figure out how to make connections and get information on what is happening, where are things headed and what can we do about it.

People from similar states and cities did make some new connections and people were buoyed by hearing others talk about their struggles even if things appear pretty grim right now.

There were also lots of resources shared that Tim (pseudonym) added to the notes. I will post the notes in a later email when I get them from Tim.

One issue that came up was the idea that we felt our group needed to be super inclusive of all political trends and currents (from Left to Right) and people’s medical status (vaxxed or unvaxxed). People are under immense pressure from the State, their employers and even fellow workers and there is little movement here at this time to help people find alternatives. So we need to be open to anyone who wants to fight these mandates/passports and believes control of one’s own body is an important principle to stand for.

Concretely, a few things came out of the meeting:

  1. 1) We will meet next week at the same link we used for this meeting to discuss the exemption process. We want people to have accurate information on how to navigate that.
  2. Meeting Link: #
  3. We created an email sign up list which we’ll use to keep in touch with people off FB and also Jane (pseudonym) created a Telegram group for people more comfortable using that medium. (link in notes and hopefully Jane will post it below as well)
  4. Overall sense, that maybe we can do something about this rather then just get swept downstream by all the madness. One person said…”I was done with activism, but now I guess I got to get back involved”. I think that was important.

Okay…that’s it for me. Others who were there please share your thoughts if you feel inspired.

To that end, I will sign off. The political persuasions of people, and their allegiances to inhumane political stances and the barbarism of this country, well, I DO think it matters who is really fighting for one’s right to one’s body. Do your politics align with the wars wars wars overseas, and those here, in this country, where poverty is the tool of the right in so many unique ways, and it is certainly a tool for the left too, but in an unusually different thematic way?

Oh well, I am on a completely different set of political, philosophical, foundational, spiritual and intellectual trajectories, I find with EVERY group I join. Except those in the Black National movements, land defenders, peasant farmer movements, but those are there, and I am here in this capitalist dictatorship. Final comments on the right to refuse/consent:

The New York law firm Siri & Glimstad is fighting mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations with litigation and warning letters dispatched to schools and employers.

The Washington Post has a story on Siri & Glimstad’s efforts and arguments—partly funded by the Informed Consent Action Network, a Texas-based nonprofit group fighting mandatory vaccines.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Informed Consent Action Network paid the law firm in 2019 nearly $1.3 million, according to the group’s most recent tax filing.

Siri & Glimstad contends that employers and universities can’t require COVID-19 vaccines because they were approved in an expedited process. In a February column for the health news site Stat, law firm managing partner Aaron Siri made that argument and warned of “costly and time-consuming litigation” for those enacting requirements.

The article noted that Siri & Glimstad has represented the Informed Consent Action Network.

“Left unsaid,” the Washington Post reports, “was the fact that Siri and a law partner were representing a Wisconsin nursing home employee objecting to one such requirement. The piece also did not note significant disagreement over what the law allows.”

Siri & Glimstad has also sent warning letters to Rutgers and Princeton universities and officials in one Wisconsin county. And the firm is acting as co-counsel for a fired sheriff’s deputy in North Carolina who refused to disclose his vaccination status.

According to the Washington Post, there is little caselaw on mandatory vaccines following emergency use authorization; the only other vaccine that won such clearance was for anthrax.

A federal law governing emergency authorization said people must be informed of the option to accept or refuse such an approved product, along with the consequences of refusing. Michelle M. Mello, a law and medicine professor at Stanford University, told the Washington Post that it’s not clear whether the law addresses required vaccines at work or school.

In December, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission offered its guidance. The EEOC said employers can require their employees to get COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of going to work, as long as there are reasonable accommodations for those who decline because of a disability or religious beliefs.

Once vaccines receive full approval, legal challenges will become more difficult, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental lawyer and an anti-vaccine advocate who has advanced the much-disputed view that a vaccine ingredient can cause autism, according to the Washington Post.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Kennedy pointed to a 1905 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, which upheld the power of state government to force residents to get vaccinated against smallpox or pay a fine.

To succeed, “you’d need to go to the Supreme Court and get a reversal of Jacobson,” he said. (source).

We must continue working to promote the building of a human community with a shared future.

— President Xi Jinping

Oh, another quick blog, as the cascading disgusting news of the minute comes at me while I am volunteering at the welcome center in Waldport, meeting people from Oregon, around the region, other places even farther north, east, and a few from other countries, like today, Cambodia.

We are not the smartest people on the block, and the sharpest pencils in the box, well, forget USA USA, Go USA!

Shit show from governors and their breast grabbing, ex-president (sic) Trump and his golden shower tapes and rapes and such, to the Bill Cosby Drug ’em Anyway You can show. Biden and the victim, Tara Read, raped, allegedly, by BIden. But oh, even though these are trauma setting events for the people in the victim seat, and those around them, and maybe vicariously us who have to read about this shit and the lack of justice to all the perps in Capitalism, there still l are bigger stories, and the cognoscente dissonance of the stupidity of making millions and billions off of disaster, pain, pollution, war, hurt, poverty, environmental genocide, AKA, ecocide.

Here, shit show stories with deeper parsing to be done:

California may have enough water, and that’s a triple pun by Bloomberg Un-News.

Fake vaccine cards from China, with misspellings (think CIA)

The old Black-Jamaican-Indian Harris team with Beady Dementia Biden at the helm of, resuming Trump’s kill the Mexicans, et all policy.

Oh, the European capitals and hinterlands, burning and flooding — Turkey, here.

Then, some judge in Dallas is now yammering about SARS-2 surges, and no pediatric beds for sick kiddos.

And, here we go, world government, one government, we stupid, useless breathers and eaters and breeders, brought to us by National Propaganda Radio, NPR.

Ramzy hits it on the head, Greed and Consumption: Why the World is Burning: Global warming is, in large part, the outcome of a destructive pattern instigated and sustained by capitalism. The latter can only survive through unhindered consumption, inequality, greed and, when necessary, war.

Rome is scorching hot. This beautiful city is becoming unbearable for other reasons, too. Though every corner of the beaming metropolis is a monument to historical grandeur, from the Colosseum in Rione Monti to the Basilica of Saint John Lateran in San Giovanni, it is now struggling under the weight of its own contradictions.

In Via Appia, bins are overflowing with garbage, often spilling over into the streets. The smell, especially during Italy’s increasingly sweltering summers, is suffocating.

Meanwhile, many parts of the country are literally on fire. Since June 15, firefighters have reportedly responded to 37,000 fire-related emergencies, 1,500 of them on July 18 alone. A week later, I drove between Campania, in southern Italy, and Abruzzo, in the center. Throughout the journey, I was accompanied by fire and smoke. On that day, many towns were evacuated, and thousands of acres of forests were destroyed. It will take months to assess the cost of the ongoing destruction, but it will certainly be measured in hundreds of millions of euros.

Additionally, the entire southern Europe is ablaze, as the region is experiencing its worst heat waves in many years. Greece, Spain, Turkey, and the Balkans are fighting fires that continue to rage on.

Ahh, there is that consumption addiction, that Retailopethicus, that Homo Consumo Sapiens things, in Western Man/Woman. MD Gabor Mate discussed this years ago, and he is an addict, too, to shopping:

But it’s not hardwired in us as hunters and gatherers, for sure. Thanks to marketing, Mad Men, Mad Women, to Terror Management Theory, Edward Bernays, PT “A Sucker is Borne Every Nanosecond” Barnum. It’s mass brain washing, mass sublimation of diseases of the mind, mass murder, mass guilt, the societies in Western Culture, here because of Mass Murder and Massive Theft After Theft.

Sex and Coke and Cigarettes are an addiction, hitting the old serotonin reuptake. Then, there is classic Capitalist selling you what you do not need, what does not work, what is broken upon delivery, what is too expensive, what is a lie.

And, lies are big in USA — George Lakoff, narrative framing. W Bush was a rancher (no, he was afraid of horses, had no cattle, and was silver spoon Yale dropout.). Up is down, as in the Dead Presidents and those still sucking air, those useless breathers like Bush, Carter, Trump, Obama. Oh, that first Black President, Clinton.

This is the fog of consumption and valorizing the dirty rotten rich, all their goods and millions and billions with blood on each dollar, each mark, each ounce of gold and encrusted diamond broach and 240 foot yacht. Edward Curtain nails it — Just to take that piece of human stain, Obama as an example:

The recent news of Barack Obama’s vile selfie birthday celebration for his celebrity “friends” at his 29-acre estate and mansion (he has another eight-million-dollar mansion in Washington, D. C.) on Martha’s Vineyard is an egregious recent case in point.  If he thinks this nauseating display is proof of his stability and strength – which obviously he does – then he is a deluded fool.  But those who carry water for the military-intelligence-media complex are amply rewarded and want to tell the world that this is so.  It’s essential for the Show.  It must be conspicuous so the plebians learn their lesson.

Obama’s Vineyard mansion stands as an outward sign of his inner disgrace, his soullessness.

Trump’s golden towers and his never-ending self-promotion or the multiple million-dollar mansions of high-tech, sports, and Hollywood’s superstars send the same message.

Take Bill Gates’ sixty-three-million-dollar mansion, Xanadu, named after William Randolph Hearst’s estate in Citizen Kane, that took seven years to build. (The Houses of Dead and Crooked Souls)

He nails Thoreau well here, “There is a taboo in life in general and in journalism: Do not ask where people’s money comes from.  Thoreau was so advised long ago”: Do not ask how your bread is buttered; it will make you sick…

So, I am finished for now. No amount of sanity is the antidote for this sick society, the endless sickness that is part and parcel the Military-Media-Education-Press-Finance-Surveillance-Medical-Drug-AI-Prison-Legal-PR-Retail-Extraction-Ag Complex.

Big ass complex that it is:

How is the new IPCC report substantially different from any of the other IPCC reports? The planet is warming. Human activity caused it. There is only a limited amount of time to take action in order to forestall the most extreme outcome. The report is a prelude to yet another global climate conference, where more non-binding, incremental measures will be agreed upon by the very leaders who profit from inaction, amid much self-congratulatory backslapping about how fraught the process was. Meanwhile, the forests burn, the permafrost melts, the methane percolates, the droughts deepen, the seas rise, the rivers flood, and the hurricanes line up in the Atlantic basin like jetliners over O’Hare.

When reading the dire climate report, it’s important to keep in mind that 20 transnational corporations and the Pentagon are responsible for more than 35 percent (480 billion tonnes) of the total global carbon emissions since 1965. (St. Claire, Counterpunch, Friday 13th, August 2021)

Saudi Aramco 59.26 (billion tonnes of carbon dioxide)
Chevron 43.35
Gasprom 43.23
Exxon-Mobil 41.90
National Iranian Oil Co. 35.66
BP 34.02
Royal Dutch Shell 31.95
Coal India 23.12
Pemex 22.65
Petro Venezuela 15.75
Petro China 15.63
Peabody Energy 15.39
Conoco-Philips 15.23
Abu Dhabi National Oil 13.84
Kuwait National Oil 13.84
Kuwait National Petroleum 13.84
Iraq National Oil 13.48
Total SA 12.35
SonaTrach 12.30
BHP Billiton 9.80
Petrobas 8.68

Just fucking plastic
Richest mother fuckers in the world?

Estimated carbon dioxide emissions in 2017 (million tonnes)
Pieces of shits USA military
Meat, Dairy Industry Surpass Big Oil As World's Biggest Polluters | NOT A  LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
Fucking McDonalds, et al, Industrial Poison Ag

So, there are no other ways to look at the lab-generated, multivariant SARS-2 than through the lens of mass murdering media and the charlatans of propaganda, all in the employ of billionaires, millionaires and high income folks in this Big Pharma-Big Medicine-Big Feat triage of destruction? Who the fuck with a normal-functioning mind believes that?

It’s a great piece here, at Gray Zone — Amid rising reports of vaccine-related menstrual disruptions, the CDC and FDA are dismissing women’s concerns and denying them information while corporate media pathologizes them in sexist fashion.

CDC Covid vaccine women menstrual cycle

The writer drills down into the vaccine loving industries (ipso facto, thoughtful and investigative critical thinking maligning industries), and how women were not a big part of the mRNA, trials (sic), and that the disruption of the reproductive system of a female ain’t no big thing, according to the FDA and Saint Fauci and Company. Imagine, the adverse effects of these shots, on everyone, and no fetuses, and this Gray Zone article focuses on women — And the writer is looking at this from a feminist point of view, albeit, one flawed since she equates feminism USA style with supporting the Democratic party, AKA, War-Banking-Poverty Pimping Party, as equal in its profane treatment of humanity as the Republican party. Here, a quote:

I have five female friends who, after receiving Covid-19 vaccines, experienced disruption to their menstrual cycles. Their symptoms have included hemorrhagic bleeding lasting more than a month; heavy intermittent bleeding for four months; passing golf-ball size clots of blood; and extreme cramping, serious enough to land one friend in the ER.

Most of these women are in their 20s and 30s, and at least one of them thinks she might want to have children. She now worries that her symptoms might be the harbinger of long-term fertility problems. At least two of my friends have symptoms that have not resolved. All are feminists and have throughout the years been consistent Democratic Party voters.

Other women of childbearing age have reported becoming temporarily “postmenopausal” after their second mRNA shot; conversely, women in menopause are reporting suddenly beginning to bleed again; trans men on hormone therapy have also reported sudden bleeding. Apparently, the number of vaccinated women around the world reporting alarmingly disrupted menstruation is, to be conservative, in the tens of thousands.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, does not warn women who get the shots that they may experience a disrupted menstrual cycle. — Marcie Smith Parenti

The big issue and concern with this piece is that Parenti does not go into detail around the OTHER jabs that do not use mRNA DARPA-Mengele wizardry as the undergirding of the treatment protocols–

mRNA vaccine
mRNA vaccine
A mRNA vaccine is made using mRNA that gives your cells instructions for how to make the spike protein found on the surface of the COVID-19 virus. After vaccination, your immune cells begin making the spike protein and displaying them on cell surfaces. This causes your body to create antibodies that can fight the COVID-19 virus.
Viral vector vaccine
Viral vector vaccine
A viral vector vaccine is made when genetic material from a COVID-19 virus is inserted into a unrelated, harmless virus. When the viral vector gets into your cells, it delivers genetic material from the COVID-19 virus that gives your cells instructions for how to make the spike protein found on the surface of the COVID-19 virus. Once your cells displace the spike proteins on their surfaces, your immune system creates antibodies that can fight the COVID-19 virus.

The Mayo Clinic lies here about the mRNA vaccine, and even this site doesn’t give the information on the alternative “vaccines.” But here, on this flagging blog, more information in a short screed than all of Mainstream Mush and Murdering Media:


Vaccines include: Sinopharm, Sinovac

Number of doses required: 2 doses, intramuscular

Other licensed vaccines that use this type of technology: Hepatitis A, polio, rabies (all inactivated type) 

What to know: The whole virus vaccine uses a weakened or deactivated form of the pathogen that causes COVID-19 to trigger protective immunity to it. 

The two vaccines mentioned above – Sinopharm and Sinovac – both use inactivated pathogens, therefore they cannot infect cells and replicate, but can trigger an immune response.


Vaccines include: Oxford-AstraZeneca, Sputnik V (Gamaleya Research Institute)

Number of doses required: 2 doses, intramuscular

Other licensed vaccines that use this type of technology: Ebola

What to know: This type of vaccine introduces a safe, modified version of the virus – known as “the vector” – to deliver genetic code for the antigen. In a COVID-19 vaccine, the “vector” is the spike proteins found on the surface of the coronavirus.

Once the body’s cells are “infected”, the cells are instructed to produce a large amount of antigens, which in turn trigger an immune response.

Benefits: Viral vector-based vaccination is another well-established technology that can trigger a strong immune response as it also involves both B cells and T cells.


Vaccines include: Novavax

Number of doses required: 2 doses, intramuscular

Other licensed vaccines that use this type of technology: Hepatitis B, meningococcal disease, pneumococcal disease, shingles

What to know: The protein subunit vaccine contains purified “pieces” of a pathogen rather than the whole pathogen to trigger an immune response. It is thought that by restricting the immune system to the whole pathogen, the risk of side effects is minimised.

Benefits: The protein subunit vaccination is also a well-established technology that’s advantageous for those with compromised immune systems.

But reading Parenti’s piece, you can sense her socialism, her radical (root, fair, smart) belief that the wool has been pulled over the eyes of USA and Western societies Big Time by the war profiteers, and in this case, the war profiteers are those in this so-called war against a virus — Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Double Dealing. The planned pandemic that is, thanks to DARPA and the gain of function viral Mengele shit, is now an endemic — variants will come hell or highwater. What are we going to do about that? Boosters, straightjacket medicine — the resisters are the enemy. One Minute of Hate by Biden, that’s the ticket!

To many, this probably seems wrong-headed; and indeed, growing “scientific evidence” indicates it is a mistake. A recent University of Chicago and UC-Berkeley study found that women suffer higher rates of adverse reactions to pharmaceutical products than men, even when dosage is calibrated for differences in body weight. This is likely due to the more subtle dance of hormones that dictate women’s well-being, but the issue is very rarely studied.

It was not until 1993 that the federal government began requiring pharmaceutical companies to include women in their drug studies. And only in 2016 did the NIH begin to formally request that researcher grantees consider “sex as a biological variable” and specifically report on such findings. 

Yet the fast-tracked Covid vaccine research skipped these provisions. Women were included in the initial Covid vaccine trials, however, none of these studies disaggregated research findings by sex.

Unfortunately, this is all tied to mind-stripping, and that Google guy, that celebrity in the movie, The Social Network, is being paraded around by lefties like Russel Brand, and in that interview, Brand or the celebrity don’t look at what mind-stripping really does — not just scraping data and thoughts and emotions from people, the targets, but using that data to sway entire sectors of our lives, changing up to down, reality to fiction when it comes to regime change, the lies of Empire, the financial-AI-Wall Street thugs who want Cuba do go down, want Syria in flames, want Iran imploded by Israel’s 1,000 nukes and millions of gallons of biological/viral/chemical bombs.

Russel Brand is milquetoast, part of his UK roots, really,, and this dude, “Tristan Harris. You may recognize him from the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma.
Here Tristan explains how our attention is being mined and that we have now become the product.”

I watched the putrid The Social Network. Bad all around, geared to a 6th grade reading level, really, and this Harris guy is quite the multimillionaire charlatan — He’s in the film, about 1/3 of the running time. Now, big tech is a million times worse than this shit show demonstrates, and then when you see take-downs on Harris, on the film, we get those other misanthrope elite thinking Ayn Rands piling on their own libertarianism, and some equate questioning the main thrust of The Social Network — that big tech kills — to those who pushed the movie, Reefer Madness — trying to emote fear into citizens against pot smoking fellow citizens. Wrong comparison — apples to pig skins. Techies are more than just smart scum; there is something highly broken in them, and they should never be in a position of power, legal or otherwise. They are their own demigods, and they believe that Digital Tech is no different than the technology that brought us the bicycle. Look at this crap — The Social Dilemma Manipulates You With Misinformation As It Tries To Warn You Of Manipulation By Misinformation

Note: Netflix, the company which produced, distributed and widely promoted the documentary, is also arguably the first big internet company to spend time, money, and resources on trying to perfect the “recommendation algorithm”! That’s capitalism, folks!

Taking this to the next stage, Ollie, the violent video games.

See Where Oliver Hardy Grew Up in Georgia | Official Georgia Tourism &  Travel Website | Explore

Yeah, so violent, murdering, war-mongering, racist interactive X-box games, come on, they have zero effect on the brains of punks and not-so-punky kids and adults who play them, and live them, and spend countless human life hours joy sticking with them. Look at this spin, “We present you our “TOP 10 Brutal FPS Games of 2021 & 2022” for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, STADIA & PC” ranking list. Hope you enjoy it!”

Well, isn’t that capitalism — what you eat, what you breathe, what you hear, what you think, what you read, what you believe, what you do, what you make, what you destroy, what you hope for, what you demand, what you consume in general, none of that has any effect on humanity. That’s the basis of the techies who see these violent, misogynistic and racist “games” as basically just entertainment.

That is the big smoke and mirrors, propaganda, lie of capitalism. This is not a lie:

The results showed that there was a significant positive correlation between exposure to violent video games and adolescent aggression; normative beliefs about aggression had a mediation effect on exposure to violent video games and adolescent aggression, while family environment moderated the first part of the mediation process. For individuals with a good family environment, exposure to violent video games had only a direct effect on aggression; however, for those with poor family environment, it had both direct and indirect effects mediated by normative beliefs about aggression. This moderated mediation model includes some notions of General Aggression Model (GAM) and Catalyst Model (CM), which helps shed light on the complex mechanism of violent video games influencing adolescent aggression. (The Relation of Violent Video Games to Adolescent Aggression: An Examination of Moderated Mediation Effect)

Yeah, so 4 G, cell phones to the ear, all the EMF’s, now Internet of Things, Internet of Nano-Things, Internet of Biological Things, none of that create negative effects on humans, plants, animals. This is how these charlatans of the Mengele Brand work. However, let’s see where this takes us, RFK Jr.:

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit published its decision Aug.13. The court ruled that the FCC failed to consider the non-cancer evidence regarding adverse health effects of wireless technology when it decided that its1996 radiofrequency emission guidelines protect the public’s health.

The court’s judgment states:

“The case be remanded to the commission to provide a reasoned explanation for its determination that its guidelines adequately protect against harmful effects of exposure to radiofrequency radiation…”

CHD Chairman and attorney on the case Robert F Kennedy, Jr. said:

“The court’s decision exposes the FCC and FDA as captive agencies that have abandoned their duty to protect public health in favor of a single-minded crusade to increase telecom industry profits.” (Source)

Children’s Health Defense won its historic case against the Federal Communications Commission.
“The FCC will finally have to recognize the immense suffering by the millions of people who have already been harmed by the FCC’s and FDA’s unprecedented failure to protect public health. Finally the truth is out. I am hopeful that following this decision, the FCC will do the right thing and halt any further deployment of 5G.”

So, now, break out the masks, in my state, Oregon. Absurdity, and I have volunteer jobs, and the mandate is to have the masks on at interpretive centers, everywhere the public may walk into. I know for a fact after thousands of hours of research on the topic of mask efficacy and tertiary topics that these masks do not stop a virus. Truly. Alas, though, I can chuck everything by sticking to my guns and my knowledge base, or put up with a fucking mask that I pull over (off my nose) to breathe. Now, just applying for work, the vaccine passport will be mandatory. No passport, no job, no food, nothing. And these pieces of human stain Democrats didn’t see this coming (bullshit), and now that it is here, Bring on the Stasi. No different than the white supremacist Republicans and their stupidity about racism, structural racism, structural violence, and the mis-history of their pathetic souls believing Young George Shall Not Tell a Cherry-Tree Chopping Lie. This fucking country is diseased with infantilized thinkers, and putridity on both sides of the Apple Pie Red-White-Blue manure pile of political parties wafts in my air, fuckers.

Danny does it well here, in the article at Black Agenda Report, ” Critical Race Theory Debacle Signals the Collapse of the American Empire.” Old Stan and Ollie would be proud:

The GOP’s entire identity is shaped by white supremacy.”

The question that must inevitably be answered is: where do correct ideas come from? It is clear they do not come from General Mark Milley. The U.S. military will not become less racist if it studies “white rage” because white supremacy is baked into the fabric of its very purpose as an institution. Correct ideas also do not come from the GOP, as its opposition to Critical Race Theory is based on the equally faulty and racist premise that “culture wars” are destroying what makes the United States “special.” Correct ideas are inevitably lost on dueling sections of a ruling class seeking to stabilize an illegitimate empire.

The people’s struggle to liberate themselves from systems of exploitation is the primary generator of correct ideas. Critical Race Theory’s growing influence correlates with the emergence of Black Lives Matter protests dating back to the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2011. The growth in the popularity of “socialism” can be traced back to the Occupy Wall Street movement and the struggle against union busting and austerity in Wisconsin, Chicago, and elsewhere. The history of class struggle, whether in the case of Black America or liberation movements abroad, is characterized in part by masses of people being propelled into a lifelong search for the correct alignment of ideas and actions that will bring qualitative changes in their conditions of life.

Critical Race Theory’s growing influence correlates with the emergence of Black Lives Matter protests.”

The debate over Critical Race Theory will not resolve the contradictions that ensure Black Americans make less than sixty cents for every white American dollar , the U.S. military receives trillions to bomb Black and brown people abroad, and racist New Cold War tropes continue to be recycled to justify policies such as the extremely counterproductive sanctions on China’s solar energy sector . Super exploitation and war are all the American Empire has left to offer. A huge challenge for the class struggle in the United States is the fact that there are more corporate consultants and Democratic Party operatives posing as “anti-racist” than grassroots leaders and organizations prepared to take on the urgency of the political moment. Liberal elites, even when they tolerate criticisms of capitalism and racism, ultimately suppress or smear the revolutionary leaders and movements that inform revolutionary struggle. This is why establishment adherents to Critical Race Theory can offer anti-capitalist critique while scantly supporting organizations fighting to free U.S. political prisoners like Mumia Abu-Jamal whose activities remain criminalized by the state.

The collapse of the condominium in Florida serves as an apt metaphor for the system of imperialism as a whole. Our search for correct ideas exists within the confines of the crumbling edifice of the American Empire. Conditions continue to worsen for the majority, which will inevitably lead to graver and more acute crises as demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The American Empire offers no answers, just platitudes and lies. Social transformation rests upon the ability of the oppressed to look beyond the narratives of their oppressor, seek truth from facts, and build a mass movement that can sustain radical and revolutionary debate and organization.

Of course, the word “critical” comes from a bedrock of critical thinking, looking beyond the looking glass, tossing all those the rose tinted shit Capitalism glasses to the crusher, and stopping the feeding tube filled with lies and historical fictions into our babies on through the K12 system. The amount of stupidity coming from K12 teachers and administrators and curriculum dictators is reflected in the amount of deficits in thinking and knowledge and compassion and ethics and vital questioning of authority these 18 year olds are plagued with once they graduate (sic). Yep, you are what you do not know, what you do not think, what you do not speak, what you do not hope for, what you are not exposed to, what you do not eat, drink, breathe, consumer, buy, do, believe, hope for, imagine, create, grow, what you do not read or discuss or debate. .

Here it is, black and white, what you do or do not ask, what you do or do not investigate, what you do or do not study scientifically, what you do or do not engage in, that’s the Kurtz horror in our Heart of Dakrness. These elite male Goy and Jewish MDs, et al are Mengele on a very sophisticated level, they are the horror!

When it comes to the Covid-19 vaccine and “fertility,” the official talking points have been dizzyingly contradictory. On the one hand, one regularly encounters passionate and categorical insistence that there is no evidence of any negative impact on fertility, short or long term, attending any Covid-19 vaccine. As of yesterday, the CDC now states, “There is currently no evidence that any vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, cause fertility problems in women or men.”

In the Guardian article from April, Dr. Gunter sneeringly invokes the age-old, disingenuous, sexist, and murderous conflict between male “scientists” and female “witches,” saying, “No, the Covid-19 vaccine is not capable of exerting reproductive control via proxy. Nothing is. This is because it is a vaccine, not a spell.” Brumfiel of NPR asks, “Can vaccines cause infertility, miscarriages? The answer to all this is no.” Concerns to the contrary, he says, are nothing more than “a persistent set of lies.” The New York Times states, “Scientists have said there is no evidence that the vaccines affect fertility or pregnancy.” Dr. Brian Levine, founding partner of a reproductive health clinic, says, “No one has been able to say that there are any untoward outcomes on anyone’s reproductive potential or reproductive future as a result of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine or the sequence of vaccines.”

A widely quoted male gynecologist told the BBC that there was “no evidence to suggest that COVID-19 vaccines will affect fertility.” Alan Copperman, MD, of the Mt. Sinai Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Science, claims “the evidence shows that the vaccines will not affect anyone’s fertility.”  Just yesterday, from the Boston Globewe are told there is “conclusive evidence that the vaccine has no negative impacts on reproduction.”

Such statements give the unmistakable impression that the matter of Covid-19 vaccination and fertility is resoundingly decided.  

But, here’s what is confusing. The menstrual cycle – and please, someone do correct me if I’m wrong – is a fertility cycle, consisting of a follicular phase, the ovulation phase, the luteal phase, and then the passing of the menses itself. If a woman accepts a Covid-19 vaccine and begins to suddenly and hemorrhagically bleed, for weeks or months or end,  this by no means necessarily suggests she is permanently sterilized, but nevertheless indicates her cycle has been thrown off track, which is a fertility-related side effect – one which is particularly salient to a woman trying to conceive.  

Indeed, when one reads the medical literature and official corporate and government statements with the uncharitable eye of a lawyer (which I am), the medical establishment’s position on Covid-19 vaccination and fertility is strikingly more circumspect than that which appears in the press. 

It turns out that the lack of “scientific evidence” that Covid-19 vaccines affect fertility has at least something to do with the lack of actual scientific research on the question. 

Again, Capitalism runs on chaos, confusion, patriotisms, false gods, scientism, divide and conquer technique, and much much more, but also relies on the head in the sand proposition; on overload, general anxiety disorder on steroids; and through the super-charged world of Social (sic) Media. To the point of most humanity in these United Snakes of AmeriKKKa having no conversations about masks, the mRNA, vaccinations forced while you are held down by the thugs of capitalism: banks, mortgage holders, landlords, employers, the cops/pigs, authorities, state, local and county boards. Mandates are marching orders. Mandates are, well, this: “if you don’t see, hear or speak the evil, then, we are dead, the living dead, when the evil is in the corporations, in the courtrooms, in the cop shops, in the various branches of government, in the military, in the Social Network brain zapping, mind stripping systems of oppression”:

Hear Speak and See No evil Studio Wireless Skin | Art

There are evil forces out there, Mister Ostrich, and I ain’t talking lions and leopards. The evil is the banality of it, the Eichmann’s, the lab coats, the military DARPA folks working on the next and the next evil virus that can’t be taken down by normal methods.

Do ostriches really bury their head in the sand? - BBC Science Focus  Magazine

Now this is fucking evil — SaNoTize, it should have been approved March 2020! Imagine that, nasal spray, to cut down on viral load. Guaranteed to work better than social distancing, masks and endless antimicrobrial spays and foams that are not creating AMR — antimicrobial resistance on steroids.

Anti-Covid nasal spray in approval queue could be game changer for India:  Scientist - Times of India
Anti-Covid nasal spray in approval queue could be game changer for India: Scientist

The self-administered nitric oxide spray, developed by Vancouver biotech firm SaNOtize, is said to have yielded promising results in its UK and Canada clinical trials, including against the UK variant. The company is preparing submissions to worldwide regulators for emergency approval.

“We are currently working to find the right partner in India and hoping it will be approved as a medical device in India to prevent Covid-19,” said CEO and co-founder of SaNOtize Dr Gilly Regev.”What I would have loved right now is to go and give this to a whole town in India and show that everyone using it is not getting infected,” she said. “We would have saved millions of lives if we could have brought it to market last year.”

Participants protest during the Legalise Ivermectin to fight COVID-19 demonstration on January 11, 2021

Again, you are what you are not allowed to see, not allowed to read, not allowed to hear, not allowed to watch, not allowed to speak:

Mere discussion of the drug has resulted in big-tech censoring or deplatforming thought leaders in collaboration with the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, Merck Co. – which manufactured the drug in the 1980s, has come out big against the use of ivermectin to treat Covid-19. In February, the company’s website read: “Company scientists continue to carefully examine the findings of all available and emerging studies of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 for evidence of efficacy and safety. It is important to note that, to date, our analysis has identified no scientific basis for a potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19 from pre-clinical studies; no meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease, and a concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies.”

As the Post points out – Merck has not launched a single study of its own on ivermectin.

“You would think Merck would be happy to hear that ivermectin might be helpful to corona patients and try to study it, but they are most loudly declaring the drug should not be used,” said Schwartz.

“A billion people took it. They gave it to them. It’s a real shame.”

In closing, the research team writes that “Developing new medications can take years; therefore, identifying existing drugs that can be re-purposed against COVID-19 [and] that already have an established safety profile through decades of use could play a critical role in suppressing or even ending the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.”

“Using re-purposed medications may be especially important because it could take months, possibly years, for much of the world’s population to get vaccinated, particularly among low- to middle-income populations.

‘Oh say can you say, by the dawn’s early propaganda/censoring/book-internet burning’: You can’t view this on YouTube or Facebook. Now that’s a crime against humanity.

1st International Ivermectin for Covid Summit

Quotes About Fahrenheit 451: top 15 Fahrenheit 451 quotes from famous  authors
A Brief History of Book Burning, From the Printing Press to Internet  Archives | History | Smithsonian Magazine

This multimillionaire perverted human (sic), Sean Penn, telling the world that “people need to be dragged, kicking and screaming, in headlocks, or zip ties, or straight jackets, to be forcefully jabbed.”

Oh, I alread wrote about this putrid man, about his lies about Haiti, and his great white hope stupidity. Check past blogs, or go to Dissident Voice to be reminded.

My friend Joe the Farmer from Merced, California, sent this after I sent him the article, “Sean Penn Calls for Mandatory Vaccinations, Says Like Setting Speed Limit.” Caccior

Jack boot mother fuckers like Penn have no problem with martial law and suspension of peoples rights. He’s straight out of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. I hate assholes like Penn who live a life of fantasy and think they know something. He knows nothing about genetic engineering or the history of the mRNA vaccines long term effects because no one does. Only in a country as stupid as the United States can an idiot like Penn gain legitimacy because he’s an actor. It’s happened over and over in this country, (Reagan, Schwarzenegger) and we’re still trying to recover from their actions and fucked up policies. But it’s looking like the lunatics in charge are going to knuckle all of us into forced vaccinations one way or another. I’ve come to loathe this country.

I followed up Joe’s spot on email with this:

Yeah, I wrote about Penn a few DV articles back, and he is the fucking pervert who loves US military, loves US CIA, and he will do anything to get the fucking war equipment for his next movies. Does he say, “Hmm, welfare checks for these murderers, so why not reappropriate all that welfare blood money from the MIC and bring it home to fight climate change, fight forest fires, to harden cities, to build community housing, and, food for my workers.”?

He is the worst of the worst, like The Apprentice motherfucking Trump and all the minions and banks and producers and advertisers who stuffed their dicks into the pussy Donald’s face. “Skunk Works Plant to Build Advanced Fighters Other Projects.

100 percent welfare cheats, one and all. Remember that Ronald Alzheimer’s Reagan shit about the welfare queen with three Cadillacs and a hundred thousand a year income? Ray-Gun has to be told many times, “Mister President, err, we can’t track down any Negro woman like that . . . we’ve scrapped all data bases, all welfare people. She doesn’t exist. But Ketchup, sir, is still a veggie suitable for the FDA’s veggie requirements for school lunches. Isn’t Amerikkka great?”

This is a broken society, from the killer wasp, all the way to Beady Eyed Dementia Patient Joe Citibank Biden, and his millionaire Indian-Jamaican married to a Jewish Money Man VP, all the way through and through, as the US Post Office is gutted daily by a human stain, DeJoy, and here we are — in Florida’s most populous county — “In Florida, Brevard County’s fire chief is pleading with residents to cut back on 911 calls as a surge of COVID-19 cases is overwhelming hospitals and leading to a shortage of ambulances. In Broward County, teachers union president Anna Fusco says four Broward County school teachers died of COVID-19 in just one 24-hour period this week. And she said students are getting sick and dying across Florida, too.” (Source)

Here, the leaders (sic), both female (they run the MIC major players) and male, wetting their pants —

skunk works
Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility at Skunk Works in Palmdale, Calif. Courtesy of Lockheed Martin.Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works advanced development division opened a new 215,000-square-foot production facility Aug. 10, allowing reporters and visitors a glimpse inside the state-of-the-art factory before it begins production of classified systems and is likely permanently closed to non-cleared personnel.
What will be built here first is a secret, but Skunk Works Vice President and General Manager Jeff Babione said he anticipates the facility—at the Air Force’s sprawling Plant 42 complex—will build fighters; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft; hypersonic missiles; and other advanced projects, with possibly more than one project in series production at a time. He declined to say specifically whether Lockheed Martin will build Next-Generation Air Dominance fighters at the plant.

That’s it, no — taxpayers footing the bill for the Military Industrial Complex Mafioso and we don’t get to know what’s behind those doors, and how it is we pay $300,000 a year, minimum, for engineers (sic) to do their dark arts of murder. How’s that $18 an hour to take care of granny as a CNA? These motherfuckers, from the wrench turner at $40 an hour, to the sons and daughters of bitches making $23 million a year, all of them need to go the way of the Dodo. Anyone reading this, left of Pig Obama/Clinton, or right of pig McCain/Reagan, you know it’s true. So if this pulled quote doesn’t spur you on to hate these people, then continue watching the mush on TV, “Homeland,” and all the other propaganda lies a la “Independence Day.”

“There will be no paper, only iPad-like devices,” Babione noted. The workers will have access to augmented reality systems to troubleshoot and determine the best ways for robots to execute the work in addition to developing better designs.

The cavernous plant is environmentally controlled to stay within 2.5 degrees of a set temperature in order to minimize changes of the materials in response to heat or humidity, so that joints line up as they were designed to do using digital thread methods.

“The components that make up the different vehicles that we are manufacturing have different coefficients of expansion,” Babione explained. “Composites are different than steel; steel is different than titanium; titanium is different from aluminum.” It’s important that they be assembled “at the same temperatures” at which they were manufactured, he said. “That’s how we eliminate the need to do drilling in that facility.”

The massive air conditioning system will be powered by a new solar farm adjacent to the plant with 52,000 solar panels. Lockheed Martin is working with the state and county to get the permits.

Old Beady Eyed Biden and her Jamaican Indian VP, what a Team USA: Those murdering wasps (well, white Anglo Saxon protestants are replaced by white Goy/Jew Israel Firsters, for sure) :


Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia) is the world’s largest species of hornet. In December 2019, WSDA received and verified two reports of Asian giant hornet near Blaine. These are the first-ever sighting in the United States. Canada had also discovered Asian giant hornet in two locations in British Columbia in the fall of 2019.

So we have killer wasps, and now, continual 365 days a year wildfires, smoke from them thar hills in New York City, and a D-minus for roads and bridges, and alas, zero public transportation worth shit, a transcontinental rail system that makes 1960 Bulgaria’s system look like a Chinese dream. Mask up, buddy boy, and now the teacher’s union, mandatory jabs. And, well, no mandatory therapeutics for fighting a flu, the so-called SARS-2? Nope!

Here’s a wasp or hornet of another variety —

  • Sen. Kamala Harris’ father criticized a joke she made referring to her Jamaican heritage in response to a question about marijuana, according to the news website Jamaica Global Online.
  • When Harris was asked on a radio show last week whether she had smoked marijuana, she said jokingly, “Half my family’s from Jamaica — are you kidding me?”
  • Donald Harris, a professor emeritus of economics at Stanford University, said in a statement to Jamaica Global Online that the senator’s grandparents “must be turning in their graves.” (Source)
Kamala Harris

“Forget the Gaffes, What About Biden’s Lies?” (Source) Or, “The presumptive Democratic nominee has struggled to deal with allegations of sexual assault by a former staffer.” (Source)

Oh, this is it for USA. For the world tied to White Colonial Culture, all the Euro-Trash, the Aussie-Trash, Kiwi-White-Trash. Canada? Or is that Klanada?

Why does the Canada Revenue Agency treat Jewish, Christian, and Muslim charities so differently?

In June the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLM) released a report showing that the CRA disproportionately targets Muslim groups. According to the report, 75% of the groups whose charitable status was revoked following a division audit by the CRA between 2008 and 2015 were Muslim. ICLM’s findings add weight to a report released in March by the National Council of Canadian Muslims that also found Muslim charities were disproportionately targeted for surveillance, audits and revocation of their charitable status.

Some Jewish and Christian charities, on the other hand, openly support the Israeli military and West Bank settlements in contravention of CRA rules. Recently, a formal legal complaint was submitted to the CRA by Palestinian-Canadian refugee Khaled Mouammar and Rabbi David Mivasair regarding the charitable status of the Canadian Zionist Cultural Association (CZCA). The complaint details that organization’s support of the Israeli military in contravention of CRA guidelines for registered charities. CRA rules state that “increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of Canada’s armed forces is charitable, but supporting the armed forces of another country is not.” Yet, the Israel Defense Forces website named CZCA as an organization “authorized to raise donations for the IDF.” (When Global News reporter Stewart Bell began asking CZCA questions about its ties to the IDF, the Israeli military quickly removed CZCA from its list of international organizations.) In 2019 the CZCA allocated over $1.7 million to YAHAD, which is run by a retired Israeli General and a Colonel. The organization says its “aim is raising funds for IDF soldiers.”

And if we dare look into Israel’s nuclear arms, the death and destruction industries of Israel, the spying Israel does to even United States of Israel, even Klanada, oh, we get labeled with antisemitism big time. Orwell too is turning in his grave: War is Peace, Lies are Truth, and The Meek Shall NOT Inherit the Earth.

Oh, that fucking Penn and El Chapo. What a messed up world we are in. And redneck Rolling Stone magazine. Ending this quickie blog with the other pervert, Trump and Company, LLC:

Rolling Stone' stirs controversy with drug lord interview

Old Trump and Epstein, and Trump’s Russian Princess:

Jeffrey Epstein Told Inmates About Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Before  Death, Book Claims

On Contact: The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell

Nick Bryant: Maxwell was part and parcel of that whole operation.  And she knows the kind of power that is and we’re dealing with the–with the apex of power.  And I believe that she–it looks at this point like she is gonna take the fall by herself.  Her–and her trial has been really fishy.  I mean, first, it was, like, a year from the time that she was indicted that had her and Jeff for a year and it was supposed to start in July, but then it’s been pushed back another three months, so–the–that–it’s not malfeasance, but it’s certainly fishy.  Nothing in the Jeffrey Epstein story makes any sense.

“Would-be green capitalism is nothing but a publicity stunt, a label for the purpose of selling a commodity, or – in the best of cases – a local initiative equivalent to a drop of water on the arid soil of the capitalist desert.”
― Michael Löwy, Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative to Capitalist Catastrophe

Amazing, with terror management and terror creation on overdrive to include viruses, antimicrobial resistance, Delta and Omega variants, wildfires, human caused fires, droughts, endless military offensive weaponry, new and enhanced nukes, forever chemicals in mother’s milk, GMOs and Round-up in every cracker, cerebral flake and slice of bread in our dwindling food secure world, fetid water, e coli on beaches, lead in the water, ending water for farmers, chronic diseases on the rise, suicidal ideation ramping up, and, well, think of the rising water, melting glaciers, failing crops, and all those refugees.

Talk about a War of Terror promulgated by the barons of finance, media, law, real estate, retail, tech. In the upside down world of supposedly a war against corona viruses and then 913 billion dollars more in the greasy pockets of the billionaires. Imagine, ejaculated felons popping their loads in space. Imagine the entertaining ourselves to death watching those millionaires Holly-Dirt act as bad as they get, while, kids need relearning of history, rethinking of critical thinking skills, and an outright disgust of the world’s children in the hands of despots who have lovely Swiss bank accounts for their rape, drug dealing, land thieving and more.

I was at the transfer station today, dropping off a fridge I could have fixed, but there are no parts, and the only appliance repair in this county can’t get to our refrigerator until August 24. Then, the range, perfectly good, but we needed something more efficient. Look at the piles below. Outboard engines, carts, all of this. That our capitalist society — throwaway, dumping away, an unfixable production society — has forced the citizens’ hands this way, how in hell can we really work on climate change, extinction, collapsing systems, tipping points, etc.?

I’ve hammered on this for decades — forcing a society, a culture, all cultures, to live by a durable goods ethos, and one where grants are given for people who want to learn how to fix and give them the tools and places to fix things. Making the corporations build things we need, of course, and to make all those processes — embedded energy, investigating toxicity levels in both the production of and use of those products.

Every single part of that oven comes from mother earth, and the bulldozers and explosives to crack the ores, and then all the cooking to smelt, to melt, to form, all of it, to include the various processes that envelope human and nature killing chemicals — paint, chrome, lead, all the plastics in knobs.

Built to break down, that’s the motto of capitalism. Broken and unfixable, another one. One stop shopping — no need for repairs.

This new new normal, pre-Corona Capitalism, and now, includes the fact that the well off and rich have nothing to worry about if an oven or Big Screen TV breaks. No worries about the car needed a tune-up. But the rest of us? We have to put money away from rainy days, and a fridge has only five major areas that could go wrong. A hundred bucks, and a few dollars more for the part. Instead, we are forced to buy buy buy and throw-away throw-away and throw-away. A fridge that just 6 years ago would have cost $250 now goes for $800. I made calls to Lowes and Home Depot, and alas, no one answered the phones. Several times each. I ended up on a Chat with Kyle, who stated he was in Ohio. Again, no help, nothing.

Luckily, I found the local store with those two items. Nice folk, and no luck for me for a social worker-teacher-military vet discount, or senior citizen. In any case, not just the two appliances cost. If I didn’t have the van and the brawn, the delivery costs for each one, $80, and then disposal fees for both, $50 each. That’s $260. This is the epitome of America — fees, charges, taxes, fines, tolls, disposal add-ons, all of that, adding up not in nickels and dimes, but in Benjamins.

Contemporary capitalist civilization is in crisis. The unlimited accumulation of capital, commodification of everything, ruthless exploitation of labor and nature, and attendant brutal competition undermine the bases of a sustainable future, thereby putting the very survival of the human species at risk. The deep, systemic threat we face demands a deep, systemic change: a Great Transition.

In synthesizing the basic tenets of ecology and the Marxist critique of political economy, ecosocialism offers a radical alternative to an unsustainable status quo. Rejecting a capitalist definition of “progress” based on market growth and quantitative expansion (which, as Marx shows, is a destructive progress), it advocates policies founded on non-monetary criteria, such as social needs, individual well-being, and ecological equilibrium. Ecosocialism puts forth a critique of both mainstream “market ecology,” which does not challenge the capitalist system, and “productivist socialism,” which ignores natural limits. —- Michael Löwy is a French-Brazilian Marxist sociologist and philosopher. He serves as Emeritus Research Director at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris and is the co-author, with Joel Kovel, of An Ecosocialist Manifesto (2001). His published works include On Changing the World: Essays in Political Philosophy from Karl Marx to Walter Benjamin and Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative to the Capitalist Ecological Catastrophe

Here, the PDF, The Great Transition.

It goes without saying, Ecofeminism and Ecosocialism go hand in hand, and that is the only way forward in a socialist world:

Ecofeminism also develops a proposal for social change that promotes comprehensive social changes based on the recognition of interdependencies between human beings and between humans and nature. It sees humans as interdependent and eco-dependent beings that all need care and attention to survive. What is more, we are all beings that need quality care to live “a life worth living”, just as nature needs us to take care of it and respect its limits and vital cycles (Herrero 2013, Eisler 2014). The change proposed by ecofeminism basically involves highlighting the material bases of care and sustainability of life and denouncing the anchors of the capitalist system of domination. These anchors are: invisibility, devaluation, disregard, exploitation, plundering and the appropriation of wisdom, knowledge, work and all activities – the majority of which are carried out by women – without which human survival and the production and reproduction of culture and society would be impossible (Shiva 1995, Herrero 2013).

Simple stuff, really, reclaiming the sacred, reclaiming the old way of elders and youth, working hand in hand, growing food, canning, preserving; building microhomes, learning how to do things with one’s hands, while thinking and talking like a mountain or river or lake or reef. This amazing world destroyed, largely, by a few evil white men, and their millions of men and some women in armies, marketing, and those industries.

Yet, again, Capitalism on the slide runs fear into the minds and backbones of both those on the mini-left and heavy-right. Here, a book, and a quote:

“It is not only the radical left that is concerned about the future of capitalism and democracy as they are practiced in America. There is a recent flood of books not only by long-standing critics but also by erstwhile defenders, successful entrepreneurs, and powerful ex-policy makers.”  — Anne Case and Angus Deaton

As I repeat, it all comes down to one fridge at a time, and all those engines of pollution, all those things thrown away, made to break, marketed to wear out quickly for a new style or model to embed into the American citizen/consumer’s minds.

“The fourth of John Talbott’s criteria is the need for cultural sustainability: Satisfying our need as human beings to be creative and expressive; to learn, grow, teach and be; to have a diverse, interesting, stimulating and exciting social environment and range of experiences available.”
― Christine Connelly, Sustainable Communities: Lessons from Aspiring Eco-Villages

And, we can take what Connelly states in her book, to the level of — “There is relatively little sharing of facilities, faculties, things, social capital, land, farming, cooperative everything, largely due to the dispersement of collective action capitalism has welded to the capitalist consumer, err, citizen. In one sense, many people in this Western society like the idea of big familial situations, and dispersing extra “things” and extra “time” in a cooperative sense, but the systems of oppression, the systems of dog-eat-dog, the systems of malformed educations and coocoo histories, all of that and the retail mentality AND the psychological fears (real, imagined, post-hypnotically suggested through a debt society) of losing home, health, humanity with the wrong throw of the mortgage and employment dice, we have now mostly a society that is not a sharing society, not a sharing economy, not a cadre of millions who believe in a genuine progress index as a marker of a democracy’s overall health.

But to allude to the title, specifically, I am looking at more and more systems of shutting out the groundview of things, versus the global view, or the international view. I am seeing more and more web sites forgetting the lynchpin of humanity — the family, the community around a family, and the attempt to create tribes and communities of similar purposes and communities of place.

The reality is that, like Thoreau, most do not have to travel far geographically or scholastically to understand systems from one example, or a limited set of examples. If a community, or town or county can’t stop job-killing, physiology killing, ecological killing things coming in, such as, say, aerial sprays of mountains and valleys and hills that have been razed by industry, then, what sort of hope do people hold out in the larger view that your country will do the right thing with say, oh, Cuba. You know, stopping the plague of economic and financial and shipping sanctions/blockades. You can see in plain view the results of stealing countries’ bank accounts or stopping the shipping of valuable life saving “stuffs.”

So, how can that Lincoln County, OR, attempt to go to the State Supreme Court to lobby these shyster judges to do the right thing — stop the spraying of neurological and gut killing sprays to inhibit the unnatural grown and profusion of noxious weeds and opportunist shrubs and bushes on a part of mother earth that once was a dynamic forest with dynamic species, with shaded creeks, with ground food for sub-soil, terrestrial and avian creatures.

I get why web sites that carry leftist news and reports go for the international gut, but we need balance. We need proof of life and hope and action at the human level. We need writers like me to take on example of humanity doing humanity right, and giving it to the world.

That is the world here, for a moment — less than 72 hours on a plot of forest land I happen to own with my sister. Nothing fancy, just 20 acres of white pine and cedar and Douglas fir. Turkeys and bears, and the amazing skies. It is near Pahto, or Mount Adams. What should be wet soil is something like I’d find in Colorado near Durango. Snow for the season, more than one fifth the average snowfall. And there has been no rain since June 17.

We are talking Oregon, in the viewshed of Pahto and Wy’east (Adams and Hood). Things on those 20 acres and my neighbors’ adjoining 75 acres are not right. Fire, as one of the brothers told me, will be — unless climate models change 180 degrees — a bigger and bigger part of the land. The landscape. The people’s trial and tribulations. Throughout the west. Throughout the globe.

As we are in a 24-7 loop of being entertained (distracted) to death with sports, Trump Beatification Syndrome/Trump Derangement Syndrome, the politics of perversity, Corona Crisis Number 999, and all the junk that occupies the brains of Homo Retailopethicus.

Land Ethic

I’ve been coming to this property for going on 30 years. Not regularly since I have lived and worked in such places as El Paso, Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Gladstone, Beaverton, Estacada, Vancouver, and down here on the coast. It is a three and three-quarters of an hour trip from our house on the Pacific (Central Coast) to the place eight miles north of a town called White Salmon.

I met the neighbor landowners, let’s call them Rita and Ron, before they had put down the concrete footings to their house. Now, some 30 years later, they have a garden, tapped into water, have a nice modern house, lots of out buildings, a Cat for grading, and other things to make life in the woods pretty nice. Ron’s got a degree from U of Washington in geography. He is from Seattle. His brother (we’ll call him JW) put in 30 years at Boeing, and he spends time up on some acres he owns next to my property. A motorhome that is nothing fancy, a SUV and he has juice, water and a septic system. There is a lot to do, and not a lot to do. He has a condo in Scottsdale, and he has kids in Spokane and Florida. He is living the good life, and it isn’t a huge ecological footprint. He’s a died in the wool democrat.

There are robust and real discussions with these two guys and Ron’s wife Rita. She has been married three times, has childhood trauma, had major drug addictions and she is a big time worker, gets things done, and is in recovery. Her gigs include not just taking care of rich people’s linens, scrubbing and cooking. She’s done this sort of work so long that she gets requests from really sick spouses, or individuals. She is there as caretaker, first responder, nutritional coach, travel agent, companion on some of those trips, and navigator for finances, health care concerns, family issues, and more.

Heavy things taking care of people who once were robust, skiers, surfers, outdoors folk, who are now bed-ridden and stroke paralyzed. There are plenty of issues tied to family members of the people she cares for wanting their cut of the goods, and those who want to outright steal from their moms and dads, grannies and papas.

This is a job we call “caring for people” angels. While Rita doesn’t buy into any heaven hell theme, she jokes about being both an angel of mercy and of death. Many have tied on her watch due to advance stages of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and the like.

I worked as a union organizer in Seattle, for part-time college faculty, but my union, SEIU, was and is all about health care workers. I spent time with women and men in Seattle and surrounding communities who were the licenses caregivers — the care home owners and the care home workers. Those workers are many times employed by the state to work the low paying, hard hours jobs of assisting people, old or young, who are incapable of thriving on their own without help with any number of things. Many of the people I represented in the union did the bathing and the feeding.

What I learned in those microcosms (again, the big picture stuff was always at the forefront in the union, with them beating the drum to support Obama-2 and Insley for WA governor) was again ramifying how mixed up Capitalism is under Democrats or the Demons of Republicanism. In Seattle, post-Occupy where I got to teach a few times in those famous street teach-ins, all of the Trayvon Martin protests, and those against Amazon, the fabric of that disjointed concept of those who have and those who do not have was in plain sight.

The levels of inequity were in plain sight in that backyard of mine. And, those people from African nations, those Latinx, working as personal care support, or CNAs, and those managing houses where the old, tired, sick would end up, now that was yet another lesson, and all the world as a stage was there in that Diaspora of people from poverty stricken post (sic) colonial lands, where war and murder by despots. These humble people were/are the caregivers, the end-of-life shepherds for “our” people — citizens.

In so many cases, the people who come from poor countries, they were the only people in the lives of these American citizens who were languishing in their sadness as their families had abandoned them in many instances. Some woman from Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, there she was, bathing, soothing, singing to and holding the lives of white people who were stuck in a room, slowly or rapidly dying.

Caregivers, and SEIU represented them as a unit. All the training these caregivers have to undergo, at the state and county levels. Black women and men, and those of Muslim faith, in the Seattle area, tending to the lives of the dying, or the developmentally disabled, that is the reality of capitalism as throwaway society. Capitalism of the impersonal, Capitalism of the scam after scam. Each layer of Capitalism is like a tree riddled with termites and beetles and all manner of disease eating it from the inside out.

That’s the real world stage — what a society does to assist the old, young, vulnerable, failing, too weak to move. What a society does to collectively build safety nets, to look at the all the world as a stage from a macro lens, in order to widen the scope to the county, regional, national, global level. Rita taking care of super vulnerable people who do not worry about how they are paying for her private services. Aging in place — in these big homes overlooking the Columbia Gorge. Aging at home before all things go south.

In some cases, Rita is their only confidant, their only set of ears and eyes. Twice weekly visits are the only human touch they receive in their lives. Her job is that multiplicity of jobs in a patriarchal disaster capitalism society — nurse, PT provider, social worker, psychologist, taxi service, health navigator, nutritionist, legal consultant, errand person, cook, mover, travel consultant, companion, financial planner, and more. to end up as a symbolic friend and quasi-daughter or sister.

Rita and Ron live a good life out in the woods, with turkeys jumping into the trees, deer coming to the great garden they have, and the seasonal bear pushing over stumps to look for grubs. A riot of hummingbirds. Snakes and lizards. Butterflies we don’t see in suburban areas anymore. And those trees.

Ron works the land, tends to the canopies, looks for crowded trees, or dying ones, and has learned how to shepherd the land so the trees on the property thrive. Canopies where the crowns don’t touch. A better than park-like feel to the land. And now, with the changing precipitation, the nighttime temperatures last week in the nineties, all that desiccating climate heating, we have yet another “world is a stage” with the poor management of the land, the lack of state resources, the lack of collective will to mitigate fire suppression, and how to bring these forests into some manageable fire dampening state.

Yes, Ron is 68, still capable to log and stack trees, but his shoulder a few years ago was operated on, and a knee replaced this year. And, just a week ago, a reminded that the other knee will be chopped out with a titanium replacement to come.

Rita and Ron save money, use the Washington state Medicaid system, they are not consumers — Ron saves the old Ford sedan, cannibalize parts from old washers and dryers, and he knows how to tune up chainsaws, and how to build. His degree in geography and his deep regard for American history keep him sane. He likes golf, he plays dozens of types of cards, including Texas Hold’em, and he does Scrabble. He knows the native names of the two mountains in his geographic area.

This is the small fry of America, and a hidden gem. I know for a fact that old aging in place infirm people, or chronically unhoused folk, or people on the more untenable end of the Autism Spectrum, as well as people who do not fit in, who have intellectual disabilities, or those with complex or simple PTSD, would thrive here.

Again, setting up communities that are multi-generational, with residents possessing multiple avocations and occupations, people with varying skills, those who want community big time, and those who need community in their lives to do some checks and balances. Horse therapy, or dogs. Healthcare and PTSD recovery through gardening. Skills of building a tiny home from logs to end product. Designing microhomes that are in kits, packages that a couple could put together. Imagine that, housing people, and getting abandoned farms or degraded farms into the hands of intentional and healing communities.

So, that one 72 hours on the land, my land shared in title with my sister (it’s really never OUR land, now is it), the small things of just regular people spark, again, from this socialist, Marxist, communist, the deep well of experience and deep learning to a much higher ground, something worthy. But imagine, a thousand, or ten thousand farming centered healing communities, with Native American elders/wisdom, with that wounded veteran to farmer ethos, with all the markings of communitarian outposts of real healing and body-mind-spirit functioning. You know, all those yellow buses that are no longer road worthy. Think in the millions, taken to some of these places to be stripped, insulated, interior designed, made into HOMES, with amazing artistic touches, in a big circle, like a sunflower, with a community gathering place in the center, commercial kitchen and food processing center, healing center, and arts center. Imagine that, Bezos and Gates and all the other Financial Stormtroopers who have gutted communities from the bottom, up.

Alas, that’s what the small generates — the systems thinking approach to communities, which need food security, water security, direct health care, even living, aging and dying in place. This does work, will work, and should be scaled up to the thousand degree. But in this scorched earth and scorched body capitalism, nothing can be moved unless there are a thousand lawyers, ten thousand contracts, and one hundred thousand overseers-code enforcers-middlemen/women in the mix, denigrating human agency, deconstructing the value of people and ideas, and destroying hope.

Bear, turkey, deer, on the deck sipping tequila, and the four of us talking about life, aging, the intricacies of lives so different yet here, on this plot of land, with a common humanity beyond just the intercourse of money and exchanges a la capitalism. The land, that is, the mountains and hills, all those animal trails, each tree a testament to these people, Rita and Ron, caring for the place for more than three decades.

Got a Few Million for this Real Solution?

So, the state of affairs is rotten, to the max, in every aspect of Capitalism. Sure, JC and Rita and Ron have a more middle of the row belief in this country’s exceptionalism. They are not versed in Howard Zinn, W.E.B. DeBois, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, and so many others who have pried open this country’s evil roots, it’s so-called founding, and the wars, the expansionism, all of that. It’s much easier to look at the past with rose tinted glasses, and to believe that something was right, with Eisenhauer or Truman, FDR, any of them. That is the limitations of Americans, even good ones like Ron, Rita and JC. Truly, but they are in their own world, so to speak, a bubble, and yes, they get the world around them is harsh, that some (sic) of USA’s policies have kinked up the world. But to have those limits, to not see how the US has always been Murder Incorporated, or that this is Rogue Nation, a nation of chaos, a nation run by CIA-DoD and the secretive cabal of banks-industrialists-AI fuckers.

And, lo and behold, another friend, we’ll call her Betty, sent to me this other chunk of land, in Oregon, near wine country, 205 acres, up for sale, with amazing infrastructure, up for sale for 6.9 million dollars. The possibility of a developer coming into 205 acres, setting the torch for 5 acre dream (sic) homes for the rich, in a planned and gated community of millionaires, well, that is the rush she had to ask me if I had ideas.

Of course I have ideas. Look at the list above. This place is called Laurelwood — Look at it here. Link.

205 Acres Southwest of Hillsboro, OR

Here, the lo down via the realtor —

  • $6,945,000.
  • 205 +/-  acres zoned AF-5
  • Includes 49 Acre Campus with 6+ Buildings totaling approx. 130,000 SF:
    1. Expansion Hall- Administration Building with Auditorium, Classrooms and Offices
    2. Harmony Hall- Girl’s dorm with 67 rooms, 7 offices, lounge, chapel, commercial kitchen, dining room, bath suites, etc. and attached 3-bedroom Dean’s house
    3. Devotion Hall- Boy’s dorm with 49 rooms (19 rooms need sheetrock finished and painted), apartment with kitchen, bath suites, rec room, lounges, etc. and attached 5-bedroom Dean’s house
    4. Gymnasium/Music Building with Stage
    5. Science Classroom Building with Library
    6. Industrial Arts Building with Auto Shop, Wood Shop and Welding Shop
  • Extensive Updates during current ownership include:
    1. Administration Building has newer metal roof, updated windows, new insulation, remodeled auditorium and meeting rooms, new HVAC, electrical service and lighting
    2. New windows, high efficiency hot water system, new HVAC, new kitchen appliances and walk-in refrigerator, insulation, paint, lighting and carpeting in Harmony Hall (Girl’s dorm)
    3. New windows, insulation in 49 rooms plus new sheetrock in 30 rooms of Devotion Hall (Boy’s dorm)
    4. New and repaired roofs and new electrical services
  • Domestic water system and sewage system for campus
  • Includes separate 4.69 acres (Tax Lot 1301) with Spring and water rights– domestic water source for campus
  • Adjacent 151 +/- acres well suited for low density residential development with 30 LA water co-op certificates
  • Vineyard soils & Beautiful Views
  • South Fork Hill Creek flows through property
  • Rural location approximately 14 miles south of Hillsboro near Gaston
  • Washington County
  • Tax Lots 2400 & 1532, Sec 5, Tax Lots 400, 2400 & 2500, Sec 5c and Tax Lot 1301, Sec 16, T2S, R3W, W.M.

Ahh, the place is now a retreat, in retreat, as the Yoga enthusiasts are old or aging, and the place was closed due to the corona insanity/lockdown, and the people are giving up, and now it’s on the market: It is Ananda of Laurelwood. I present the basic website verbiage:

What Is Ananda?
Ananda is a global movement to help you realize the joy of your own highest Self.

Ananda Oregon
Living Wisdom School
Temple & Teaching Center
Yogananda Gardens
Conscious Aging

Our Inspiration
Paramhansa Yogananda
Swami Kriyananda
Ananda Worldwide
Education for Life

There you have it — water, a spring, land, buildings, the potential of being not just this 205 intentional-healing-farming-tiny home building community, but a model for many others to spread across the land. I know I could get dozens of groups to come to this property for workshops, test kitchen work, growers, even wine producers, horse therapy folk, music healers, and even entomologists to create insect and pollinator fields. Students from the dozens of colleges around the Pacific Northwest, doing projects on aging, on healing, the dog and horse therapy works.

Take a look at this —

Our retreat center is located southwest of Portland in a beautiful pastoral valley. There are numerous places to walk and connect with nature throughout our gardens, orchards, and grounds. Our guest rooms are simple, decorated to create an uplifting space to rejuvenate. Each room has its own sink with bathrooms just down the hall. Three delicious vegetarian meals served each day are included as part of your stay. Your retreat includes morning and afternoon yoga and meditation.

So, how do I, well trained, well educated, well versed, find the money? My proposal to Betty is to send a letter to, well, that famous ex-wife, McKenzie Bezos, now McKenzie Scott Tuttle. Billionaire who has pledged to give away half of her wealth, in the billions, tens of billions. Oh, there is Nick Hanauer, and other billionaires, so, imagine, just putting 6.9 million down, owning the property, shelling out for two or three years the monthly upkeep and insurance shit that this property would need while people like me and others build this community, pulling in all those actors, business women and men, the nonprofits, the outside the envelope people who could help design this place as a place of healing.

For me, it is a quick writing prompt, and what follows it that letter to McKenzie Scott Tuttle. First draft. You can never get this to Abigail Disney or Melinda Gates, others, including the Phil Nike Knights. That is Capitalism on steroids — lies, flimflam, propaganda, marketing us to death, layer after layer of buffering, check systems, until good ideas and a good piece of land go the way of the dodo — extinct. This project I could spark into action. I have no problem talking with McKenzie or her handlers with her there, of course. Anyone. There are 2,800 billionaires in the world. Hundreds of philanthropies. A few million angel investors. Collective action and stakeholder building. But the property needs to be held in a trust, a placeholder to allow for a group of people to design its future, to get entrepreneurs involved, to get this thing going so it can be self-sufficient. A model for thousdands of other places around the USA and Canada, being scarfed up by the evil ones, the developers.

Below my letter, see Nick Hanauer. McKenzie Scott gets wealthier even giving away billions below that. Abigail Disney below that. Below her, the author of Dream Hoarders. Better yet, Michael Parenti on Capitalism below the hoarder talk. Below that, Michael’s son, Christian, speaking about Tropic of Chaos, his book climate chaos/heating fueling violence and war.

Here, my letter to McKenzie Scott Tuttle (Warren Buffett and Bill Gates started the Giving Pledge in 2010. It encourages those billionaires to pledge to give away 50% of their earnings to charity. By 2012, over 81 billionaires joined the Giving Pledge. That number is now over 120 billionaires, as of May 2014, according to the Giving Pledge’s official website.)


Dear McKenzie Scott-Tuttle:

RE: Satellites of Tierra Firma – Some Look to Mars and the Moon, We Look to Soil Here

& Medicine Wheel of Healing, Growing, Learning, Living

People and land need healing which is all inclusive – holistic.

                 — Allan Savory

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

                — Nelson Mandela

Reverence is an emotion that we can nurture in our very young children, respect is an attitude that we instill in our children as they become school-agers, and responsibility is an act that we            inspire in our children as they grow through the middle years and become adolescents.

                — Zoe Weil

Oh, the naysayers tell me and my cohorts to not even try to break into the foundation you run, that this concept of having Mackenzie Scott Tuttle even interested in becoming a placeholder for an idea, and for this land that a group of visionaries see as an incubation collective space for dreams to become reality.

We place our hopes in your ability to read on and see the vision and plans driving this solicitation, this ask. And it is a big ask.

This is figuratively and literally putting the cart before the horse. Here we have 200 acres, and the vision is retrofitting this center that is already there, Ananda,  into a truly holistic healing center, youth run, for a seven generations resiliency and look forward ethos of learning to steward the land, learning to grow the land, toward biodynamic farming, all mixed in with intergenerational wisdom growing.

We are seeing this, as stated above, as a medicine wheel. A circle of integrative thinking, education, experimentation and overlapping visions of bringing stakeholders from around the Pacific Northwest (and world) into this safe harbor. There are already facilities on this property as you can see from the real estate prospectus. There are 120 rooms in a great building. There are outbuildings, a gymnasium, barns, and spring water.

It is unfrotnately up for sale, and the danger there is a developer with a keen eye to massive profits and turning a spiritual and secular place of great healing and medicine wheel potential into “dream homes” for the rich.

Good land turned into a gated community? We are asking your philanthropy to take a deep dive into helping put this property on hold from those nefarious intentions and allow our group to develop this circle of healing – education across disciplines, elder type academy mixed with youth directed programs; farming; food production; micro-home  building and construction facility; trauma informed healing.

Actually, more. Think of this as a community of communities.

Young People Need Hope, a Place (many places) and Leadership and Development

So many young people are done with Industrial and Techno Capitalism. They know deep down there is more to a scoop of soil than a billion bacteria, and they want to be part of healing communities.

We are proposing the Foundation you have set up invest in this property, as a placeholder for our development plan – actually it is an anti-developer plan. This property will be scarffed up for a steal, by, land and housing developers who want McMansions out here in this incredible eco-scape. Just what we do not need in the outlying areas of Portland.  Or in so many other locations across this country.

We are a small group ready to do what we can to get food growers and producers at the table to invest in intellectual and sweat and tears capital to make this 200 acres work as a living community of new farmers, people living and learning on the property, incubating ideas for, we hope, to include a micro-home building project, crops, vineyards, learning centers for farming and preserving, marketing and engaging in food healing.

We come at this with decades around food systems, learning from Via Campesina/o or Marion Nestle, Alice Watters, Winona LaDuke, Rachel Carson. We believe in bio-mimicry, that is, learning how nature settles scores, survives and thrives. We come at this as deeply concerned about ecological footprints, life cycle analyses, the disposable culture and the planned and marketed obsolescence.

We are also coming at this as educators – earth teachers, who know classrooms in prison like settings, with rows of desks, do not engender creative and solutionaries– young people ready to go into the world, even a small community, with engaged, creative and positive ways to deal with climate chaos and the impending shattering of safety nets, including biological and earth systems “nets” and “webs.”

This property is unique, as all of our earth is. This is firstly Kalapua land, first, and that is the Grande Ronde and Siletz, as well as the Atfalsti, too. We call it Gatson, near Hillsboro, Oregon, but the land is the essence of the spirit givers of this continent before “discovery.”

Rich, in the wine country of the new people to this region, this land is about applying our ethos and yours, Ms. Scott-Tuttle, toward a real healing, a real stewardship and real intergeneration ethos around carrying the wisdom of tribes and growers and educators to the youth. We believe women are at the center of many of the themes already listed – farming, educating, healing, human stewardship.

Think of this project as the cart before the horse, because the old system, the horse, was always the money, the source of power, and with power, comes string attached. The people involved in this project are looking to have a multistoried community of farmers, learners, youth learning trades and people skills, as well as elders, both Native and new arrivals, to understand that a farm is more than that, as well as a vineyard is more than the sum of the grapes. It is about a reclaiming the sacred – soil, air, photosynthesis in a truly sustainable fashion.

The only “green washing” we can imagine this project will carry forth is the washing of the greens, the other harvests, in tubs of clear spring water.

Some of us on this project have traveled to other parts of this continent, and spent time with coffee growers and understand that shade grown coffee and beyond fair trade are the only elements to a truly fair and equitable system. Train the people of the land, who are the true stewards, to not only grow, but to roast and market the bounty. Grow the community with water projects, irrigation, schools, and globalized sharing of people, visitors.

This project needs a placeholder, to keep the land out of the insane real estate market. We will do the rest, we solutionaires. There are so many growers and investment angels who want to be part of the Seventh Generation solution.

Clearly, the lessons for people to be in this 200 acre community, farm-soil-healing satellite, are lessons you, Ms. Scott-Tuttle,  the fiction writer, know, which you capture deftly with Luther Albright. The world for young people in the Pacific Northwest is that crumbling home and crumbling dam of Albright. The healing we need is more than the structures and infrastructure. It is inside, at the heart of the soul of imagination. Some of us on this project are soliciting from your charity a placeholder purchase of the property are tied to the arts, believing STEAM is the only way forward, and that S.T.E.M. is lifeless and dangerous without the A – arts. We believe the true voice of people are those who believe in asking “what should we do” rather than what is currently on superchargers – “What Can We Do?”

We realize that for many young people , politics have failed them. Many youth I speak with and work with, believe this country is in the midst of an empire of chaos in steep decay. Alternatives to the decay is building communities that would fit the model here on 200 acres – agro-ecological farming; nutritional centered living; housing; long-term care assistance; youth directed entrepreneur projects; bringing in local and state businesses leaders to be part of a design from the grassroots up.

The catch for most of the youth we have engaged is —  to paraphrase and level  a composite point,” We are ruled by an elite class of individuals who are completely out of touch with the travails of the average American.” This simple statement is packed full of context and frightening reality for millions of students and adults who feel disconnected and neutered by both government agencies and corporate policies.

First, who wants to be “ruled” by anyone? That we have this class system of elite, middle managers, the elite’s high ranking servicers, and then, the rest of the citizens, the so-called 80 percent who have captured less than the overall 10 percent of “wealth” in this country. The very idea of an elite out of touch, or completely out of touch speaks to an ignorance that is dangerous to the world, to the 80 percent, and also speaks to a possible planned ignorance. That we have millions of amazing people, to include nonprofits, community-led organizations, educational institutions, journalists, and others, who can speak to what those “travails” are, and yet, the elites failing to grasp those challenges, or failing to even acknowledge them, this is what many believe is the decay of this society.

This may not sit well with you or your philanthropy, but we as a group have dozens of years experience working with K12, higher ed, farming groups, social services/mutual  aid movements, and have systems thinking in our backgrounds, and we underscore youth and community driven projects and designs. This medicine wheel/circle land trust we are asking you to consider with a follow up meeting, well, this is the only way to a model-driven set of safety nets to move into some challenging times for this Empire in a world that is no longer USA centric.

We are solutionaries, that is, we look for solutions by taking apart problems and then applying holism and deep experimentation in design, but using tried and proven systems that do work.

Healthy food, healthy relationships to culture, people, nature, healthy work, worthy work, with an eye always on the arts. Just as a farming and tiny home community, where biodynamic farming and food preserving and from nail to roof to complete tiny home design are s part and parcel the key elements for this community to thrive under, well, there are no better classrooms and transferable skills.

Some of us have seen youth and adults learn the crafts needed to design, plan, building, and market tiny homes that would be used to seed communities that are, again, centered around farming, centered around healing, centered around Native American healing, and local community values. A young woman who finishes the hands-on learning of building a tiny home – with windows, skylights, plumbing, furnings, electricity ready, all of that which a home entails – is a remarkable, valuable person. All those skills, again, like a medicine wheel, teach deeper lessons, and transferable skills.

This is what this property would also “house.”

All Tied Together – School, Outdoors, People, Action, Solving Food Insecurity and Housing

The should is an educational-farming-entrepreneur-solutions incubator on these 200 acres. Proving that this could be one of a thousand across the land. There are literally thousands of similar properties around the US, within their own cultural-community-ecological-historical milieus, but again, this project is one that Luther Albright would have thrived inside as a “New Engineer for Growing Communities,” as opposed to river-killing dam builder.

Our earthquake is here now, with all measure of tremors and aftershocks —  that is the climate chaos, wildfires, food insecurity, and alas, the New/New Gilded age of deep inequities that are criminal, as you well know, Ms. Scott Tuttle.

Here, the cart (before the horse):  this amazing collective piece of land and buildings with a multiversity of spiritual under girders . The horses are ready, but they need the cart, the home, the fabric of incubation. Those stallions and mares are engaged, ready, who are willing to take a leap of faither and risk being outside the common paradigm of predatory and consumer-driven capitalism that has put many millions in a highly precarious position.

It’s amazing, the current system of philanthropy which forces more and more people to beg for less and less diverse money for fewer and fewer truly innovative ideas. Funding a project like this is a legacy ad-venture, the exact formula we need (scaled up to a 1,000 different locales) to break the chains of Disaster and Predatory Capitalism. We need that “capital,” the cart, to help those stallions and mares to break for the field of ideas and fresh streams of praxis.

There are any number of ideas for sustainability communities. Co-ops, growers groups, or mixed communities for young and old to exchange knowledge, capacity, growth, sweat equity —  called intergenerational living. This is about a pretty inventive suite of concepts and practices:

  • learning spaces, inside and outside
  • buildings to develop micro home (unique, easily packaged and ready to put together) manufacturing and R & D
  • food systems – farming of sustainable food, herbs and those vines
  • husbandry
  • learning food systems, from farm to plate
  • ceramics, painting, music, dance, theater and writing center
  • speakers bureau
  • farmers,  restaurateurs and harvesters with a stake in the community  
  • healing center
  • Youth directed outdoor education and experiences
  • sustainability practicum’s for students
  • low income micro home housing
  • day care center, early learning center

How does this make any sense to a billionaire, who has devoted her life to “giving away” half of her wealth in her lifetime? Well, we see this project – this land-property – as a legacy for many of the avocations and interests (passions) you have articulated over the years. Your vision and commitment to education and women-centered projects are admirable. This is one of those projects.

There is that emotional and sappy Movie, Field of Dreams, and the statement – “if you build it, they will come.” We have found that over the years teaching in many places – Seattle, Spokane, Portland, El Paso, Auburn, Mexico – that young people and nontraditional students want mentoring, leadership and the tools to be mentors and leaders. They need the cart before the horse can herald in the new ideas, and the new way to a better future. If the classroom and master facilitator allows for open growth, unique student-led ideas and work, well, that person has BUILT the field of dreams from which to grow.

There are so many potentials with this project, and it starts with the land, holding it as a Scott-Tuttle placeholder. From an investment point of view, as long as you have people wrangling other people and professionals to get this satellite of sanity, the medicine wheel with many spokes radiating out and inward, the property increases in monetary value. Land is sacred, but just as sacred are the ideas and the potential that land might germinate and grow. It is the reality of our country – too few control too much. We see it in the infamous “Complex” – not just military, but, Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Media, Big Business, Big Education, Big Medicine, as well as private prisons, for profit social services, AI , and Big Tech, so called Surveillance Capitalism.  Who in the 80 percent has the funds to purchase a $7 million project?

Big ideas like this cooperative land medicine wheel (a first of many satellites) might be common, but the web of supportive and cohesive things tied to this property is unusual, to say the least. With the failing of small businesses throughout the with the food insecurity for women, children and families, with the housing insecurity, added to debt insecurity —  with all those insecurities young and old face, this project could be the light at the end of many tunnels.  We have connections to Oregon Tilth and Latinx Farmers, and large biodynimc vineyards. We have connections to women’s veteran groups, to aging in place experts. We have connections to trauma healers and growers and interested folk who know construction and design. Additionally, the Pacific Northwest, from Puget Sound to Gold Beach, OR, is full of innovators, and those include the dozens of colleges and universities just in these two states – Oregon and Washington. We intend to trawl for investors – farms, food purveyors, wineries, restaurants, schools and various college programmers – to put into this project. A soil plot to test perennial wheat, a al the Land Institute, to Amory Lovins, Novella Carpenter, and so many more, finding a place of integrated living, ag, permaculture and ever-evolving cultural understanding of the finite planet we are on.

We are hopeful, even under the current Sixth Extinction.

It is telling, this entomologist and educator’s perspective after three decades of teaching:

Diana Six, an entomologist for 30 years who teaches at the University of Montana, took her students to Glacier National Park on a field trip and reported the following:

“Life doesn’t just deal with this. When I went up Glacier with my students a few weeks ago, the flowers were curling up. At some of the lower elevations, glacier lilies were shriveled, lupins didn’t even open. The flowers should extend for another three weeks and they’re already gone. Any insects or birds that depend upon them, like bees or hummingbirds, are in trouble, their food is gone. Bird populations have just baked… People seem to think of extinctions as some silent, painless statistic. It’s not. You look at birds that can no longer find fish because they’ve moved too far off shore. They’re emaciated; they’re starving to death. We are at the point that there’s nothing untouched. “

How contradictory and illustrative that this student experience took place in a “protected national park.”

Referencing how climate change impacts life, Diana said: “Somewhere along the way, I had gone from being an ecologist to a coroner. I am no longer documenting life. I’m describing loss, decline, death. “

We are hopeful that our youth can document life on this Medicine Wheel Land Satellite, and instead of  describing “loss, decline, death,”  this one satellite can help individuals to describe resurgence, restoration, holism, and growth. A model, like the one we propose, could be the incubator and inspiration for other like projects throughout the land. So many empty buildings, so many abandoned farms, so much good land about to be grabbed up by McMansion developers, or those who have no vision toward a resilient and communitarian existence.

This we are thinking of a medicine wheel since so many people can utilize the Farm, from horse therapists, to gardening as trauma healers; from alternative medicine experts, to restaurants with a connection to growers. This is  Tierra Firma Robusta, for sure, with so much potential to integrate a suite of smart, worldly, localized and educational programs, permanent, long-term, and short in duration.  This would be the linchpin of inspiration, an incubator for similar project, and we’d make sure that the Philanthropy you head up would be in some form of limelight – imagine, a billionaire placing a property with a deep spiritual history into a land trust of perpetuity. I know another billionaire has purchased farmland and is now the largest farm land holder in the US, but this one here we propose would fit an entirely different model, having nothing to do with industrial farming, genetic engineering and monocultures. Like all good societies, the cornucopia of life and backgrounds and people and land is what makes them dynamic, healthy and resilient, as well as fair.

We propose a grand idea, but we need that field of dreams, that field, that farm, before we can engage a hundred people to be part of this medicine wheel of land healing and hope.

Please let our team discuss this further. Truly, we have both the passion and persistence to get this Medicine Wheel of Healing Farm Community to an unimaginably vibrant level. Will you be part of our field of dreams?

205 +/- Acres southwest of Hillsboro, OR

The Ananda Center at Laurelwood is considered an educational nonprofit. It started as a retreat center with workshops including yoga and energy healing. It also offers a non-credit residential study program and a non-accredited (but state authorized) college offering bachelor and associate degrees and educational certificates.


Videos, as promised:

Tropic of Chaos

Christian Parenti reported on several countries where environmental change is fueling violence and war. He responded to questions from members of the audience at Politics and Prose Bookstore in Washington, D.C.

 “The people that are actually fleeing via the sea that are on tremendously unseaworthy dinghies — most of the time without life jackets, without enough food or water — are in extreme danger, and they cannot always be rescued.” — Laurence Bondard of SOS Méditerranée, a humanitarian group that rescues migrants at sea

Oh, people raise their hands and say, “What are we to do? It’s too big. Too many social justice issues. Too much. What can Americans do?’

Funny stuff, the disgusting Libya now that Clinton and Obama and Biden destroyed that country. Oh, too bad the Beady Eyed Biden and His Elite East Coast Ivy League Goy and Jews in his Administration are just as putrid producing.

This is the dying Empire, and those former Empires, despicable and murderous, for sure. Trillions wasted on hypersonic missiles and the endless million dollars for each US “soldier” deployed for a year in another country. Dispicable the pigs that are cops beating nuns and peaceful protesters trying to protect land, soil, air, life — beating all around the world for those of us with those ovaries and testicles to protest the high crimes of the elite with the rumble of governments that are prostituting for shekels who deploy the many armies of repressors.

Guts, like Paul Watson and whales:

See the source image
SOS, to the rescue, but racist Italians, Greeks, others will not let them dock with sick and injured men, women, children

See the source image

[Sea Shepherd, stopping the murder of cetaceans and other earth creatures]

The Gestapo will murder Chico Mendez, Palestinians, Africans like Wangari

See the source image
Wangari Maathai: The Woman Who Planted Million of Trees

You can’t show this video to US children, because it’s not part of the Empire’s narrative, not part of the curriculum, because then we’d have to show land defenders, in this country, Turtle Island, pounded, pepper spayed and beaten to defend water and land:

There is a deficit of humanity in these Democrats’ zombie bodies, inside the so-called leaders’ hearts, all part of the devils that comprise all the rotten people in charge, shepherding along the Neoliberalism of Clinton-Obama-Biden. The Bush Family and the Bush administrators in those shit hole administrations, all war criminals. Same in Nixon and Reagan and Carter and Ford and LBJ administrations. Trump? The epitome of Jerry Springer Candidates, and there are many already in the Senate, Congress, in state houses, on local boards. Oh, JFK, Jr, murdered by CIA because he was against the military industrial complex, against imperialism and colonialization and war.

JFK almost ended Cold War and Cuba blockade in 1963, filmmaker Oliver Stone tells RT in EXCLUSIVE interview
The US blockade of Cuba and the Cold War with the USSR could have both ended in 1963 had President John Fitzgerald Kennedy not been assassinated, filmmaker Oliver Stone said in an exclusive interview for RT’s Going Underground.
Stone spoke to RT’s Afshin Rattansi from Cannes, where his new documentary ‘JFK: Revisited: Through The Looking Glass’ premiered. The film relies in part on interviews with JFK’s relatives and recently declassified documents about the 35th US president.

This despicable country, all those deplorable people, from Gates-Kissinger-Hillary-Trump and all the way through the East Coast Elite Ivy League trained Economic Hitmen, and those snake charming redneck conservatives, all of them, deplorables. There are man deplorables, many more than the Clinton declaration, or what Mitt Romney stated, too — the 47 Percenters: May 17 2012, “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what … who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims. … These are people who pay no income tax. … and so my job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Ahh, those 47 Percenters. More like 20 percent of the USA fails to pay taxes, depends on huge government contracts for roads, buildings, space toys, military, and all the infrastructure to make billions and millions. Those are the ones dependent upon we the people’s labor, sweat, taxes, fees, fines, surcharges, penalties, add-ons, tolls, interest charges, balloon payments, PayDay loans. Hoarders.

“Global Witness records the highest number of land and environmental activists murdered in one year – with the link to accelerating climate change of increasing concern”

Shockingly, over half of all reported killings last year occurred in just two countries: Colombia (peaking at 64) and the Philippines (rising from 30 in 2018 to 43 in 2019). Globally, the true number of killings was likely much higher, as cases often go undocumented.

These killings include the murder of Datu Kaylo Bontolan, murdered in the Philippines after opposing illegal mining in the area. A Manobo leader, he was one of many indigenous people killed in 2019, asserting their right to self-determination and protecting their ancestral lands from those looking to exploit their natural resources.

Mining was the deadliest sector globally with 50 defenders killed in 2019, with agribusiness remaining a threat, particularly in Asia – where 80% of agribusiness-related attacks took place.

There have also been increasing threats and attacks in Romania, including the killing of Liviu Pop. A ranger working to protect one of Europe’s largest, primeval climate-critical forests, Liviu was shot and killed after protecting trees in a country where organised criminal gangs are decimating these forests.

You will not see action at all from both sides of the feces heap. Nope. These motherfuckers have gone on long ass paid recess, and they are the criminals, no?

Her recent piece in Time magazine is headlined I Lived in My Car and Now I’m in Congress. We Need to Solve America’s Housing Crisis.

Last week, Congressmember Bush introduced the Unhoused Bill of Rights, which she describes as “the first-ever federal legislation to declare the civil and human rights of unhoused individuals, particularly the right to sit, stand, sleep, or eat in public without fear of harassment or criminalization.” Earlier today, Congressmember Bush tweeted “5 AM. This morning felt cold, like the wind was blowing straight through my sleeping bag. Since Friday—when some colleagues chose early vacation over voting to prevent evictions—we’ve been at the Capitol. It’s an eviction emergency. Our people need an eviction moratorium. Now.”

Signs at a temporary center for homeless people run by Kansas City, Mo., on Feb. 11. Cities and community groups are wrestling with how to shelter a vulnerable population without exposing it to an airborne virus that spreads most easily indoors.
Signs at a temporary center for homeless people run by Kansas City, Mo., on Feb. 11. Cities and community groups are wrestling with how to shelter a vulnerable population without exposing it to an airborne virus that spreads most easily indoors.
 Christopher Smith—The New York Times/Redux

Optics, man, and even dying children in the desert along the Tortilla Curtain, La Frontera, none of those realities and column inches and TV shots expedite National (sic) Guard (wimps) and the DoD and the ATF and the Border Patrol and millions of others to actually set up safety nets. We are that dying mass of cancer. But murderers, nonetheless.

We — the 80 Percent in USA, 90 Percent Collectively Globally — are the nobodies, useless eaters, useless breathers, useless breeders.

Galeano, Eduardo, R.I.P:

The Nobodies

Fleas dream of buying themselves a dog, and nobodies dream of escaping
poverty: that one magical day good luck will suddenly rain down on
them—will rain down in buckets. But good luck doesn’t rain down
yesterday, today, tomorrow, or ever. Good luck doesn’t even fall in a
fine drizzle, no matter how hard the nobodies summon it, even if their
left hand is tickling, or if they begin the new day with their right
foot, or start the new year with a change of brooms.
The nobodies: nobody’s children, owners of nothing. The nobodies: the
no ones, the nobodied, running like rabbits, dying through life,
screwed every which way.
Who are not, but could be.
Who don’t speak languages, but dialects.
Who don’t have religions, but superstitions.
Who don’t create art, but handicrafts.
Who don’t have culture, but folklore.
Who are not human beings, but human resources.
Who do not have faces, but arms.
Who do not have names, but numbers.
Who do not appear in the history of the world, but in the police
blotter of the local paper.
The nobodies, who are not worth the bullet that kills them.

Remembering Eduardo Galeano, Champion of Social Justice & Chronicler of Latin America’s Open Veins

Its most basic material activity is a war against the living world, and as life is destroyed, the war must spread. The spread is not just geographic, though that is both inevitable and catastrophic, turning biotic communities into gutted colonies and sovereign people into slaves. Civilization penetrates the culture as well, because the weapons are not just a technology—no tool ever is. Technologies contain the transmutational force of a technic, creating a seamless suite of social institutions and corresponding ideologies. Those ideologies will either be authoritarian or democratic, hierarchical or egalitarian. Technics are never neutral. Bright Green Lies 

Go here, look at the choices, and go to Raj Patel. Here. My interview of the fellow, who is just out with another book, Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice

Just take the time and hit that link above and listen to yours truly talk with him a long time ago — 57 minutes worth on my old radio show. Five down on the list.

He’s on Democracy Now, talking about a new book, and the concept is that Capitalism has caused for 600 years biotic, spiritual, physiological, economic inflammation. The diseases of Predatory/Casino-PayDay Loan Capitalism, the perversion of a few elites controlling not just the gold and shekels, but futures of billions of people. They do this through inflammatory methods, through the process of weathering us, especially the poor and blacks in this country, and elsewhere.

They are more than just felons, these whites, who enlist a few Uncle Toms and Tio Tacos and others from other racial groups and ethnic and national origins. They are perversions of humanity. Those several million years of evolving as hunters and gatherers, before the death spiral of civilization occurred at the Fertile Crescent moment when pastoralists and others were then locked out of their traditional lands. Those human skills and traits we have to relearn. Call it New Neo-Tribalism. Forced to dance for food, or fornicate for food, that’s what the controllers did. Whatever these elites believed then was their God Given right to dominate “the tribes,” the First Nations, the Original Peoples.

With the seeds of money and armies, with Empire in their eyes beginning with the Romans, sure, and now, the flagging deplorable nation of USA, we have seen the wanton destruction of our own DNA through the ages of Industrial and now Digital imprisonment.

Here is one big take on how destructive and suicidal Capitalism is:

Bright Green Lies

There are so many topics and realities that are hitting planet earth and human kind in a rapid pace way, like the Gatling Gun of 2021:

See the source image

But instead, every system is in decay, and most of that decay has been orchestrated recently and at the dawn of Capitalism and with their royal perverts called the Barons — Robbers and the Murderers and the Rapists and the Despoilers. Pick a country, and then go back and see how perverted the British Empire was, or Leopold, and what he did in the Congo, or the French in Viet Nam. Just be smart enough to know what epigenetics is, how generational trauma and generational learned and adapted and biological methods of murdering ecosystems, cultures, indigenous populations, languages, and tribes and families is carried forth, on and on and on. This system of elites controlling, of a few corporations (financial institutions, i.e. banks like JP Morgan Chase or financial Mafiosi, like BlackRock and Blackstone) dominating, search on your own to learn how those people at the top and the middle managers are indeed the spawn of their forefathers’ disease of murder-rape-despoilment-theft-occupation-colonization.

Raj Patel and I talked about his book, the Value of Nothing. That is the rub, no, how capitalism puts no value on the most valuable things, like family, community, health, welfare, nature, trees, wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs, meadows, savannas and such. Well, the value capitalists put on those places and things are tied to extraction, and the thievery and extortion and the scorched earth warring capitalism which is consistently unfolding on society after society.

The disease is the systems of oppressions and control, and the learned helplessness and forced and planned/perceived obsolescence. Fear wins out, for sure, since the pitchforks and tar and feathers should have been rolled out in the millions of gallons and in the tens of millions in terms of those garden tools to end the murdering and the thieving and the raping.

Propaganda wins out, too. Neil Postman wrote a book that was published in 1992 which is more relevant now than ever: Technopoly

Neil Postman calls technopoly. In his 1992 book Technopoly, Postman defines it as a “totalitarian technocracy,” characterized by “submission of all forms of cultural life to the sovereignty of technique and technology.” It embodies the arrogant sense of solutionism in technological innovation, man’s new theology, under current industrial civilization. Making problems, as the authors here show, the industrial human’s use of technology, also including biotechnology, has been destructive, rather than restorative, toward the living world. (Source)

Then there is Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis:

Paperback Cosmopolis : A Novel Book
“Look at those numbers running. Money makes time. It used to be the other way around. Clock time accelerated the rise of capitalism. People stopped thinking about eternity. They began to concentrate on hours, measurable hours, man-hours, using labor more efficiently.”
― Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis

And so it goes, so many people left with no tastebuds in their mouths, because they are not conscious of the stink and the feces fed to them from the elite, or their captives, like a Biden or Trump, who is no elite, but a billionaire none the less.

For now, I could rant for hours, yet here, a poem, with more meaning to some, but truly to me, at this moment, than all the manure piling up each nanosecond as time is dictated by the morass of media run by the beady-eyed ones, the perverse, and you know their names if you do a Forbes 1000 search of those companies’ heads, or the Forbes look at the 2,700 billionaires. Each one is less than human, and quickly, even the millionaires and multi-millionaires who might have had half a soul, they too are greedy and now looking at us all as useless breeders, eaters, breathers and doers.

The Legend of Yatagarasu, the three-legged crow and its possible origins |  Heritage of Japan
The Legend of Yatagarasu, the three-legged crow and its possible origins

From yours truly,

Are Crows Scary Or Just Scarily Smart? : Short Wave : NPR

Grandfather Told Me to Watch for Crows – By Paul Haeder

centimes, coins collected near Saint Germaine en Laye

old butter crock, near sagging shed, my stash

all those bike rides through cobbled rain

baguettes and batards for the family

boulangerie runs for mom, big pot of marinera

salad, and the pan, bread of life

I kept the change


old lady gave me croutons

to feed ducks, but the crows came

followed me home on my Junker bike

three speeds me racing through town

up hills where crows lifted easily

I spread the crunchy bread particles

crows tipped down for a munch

spoke French in their caw-caw language


the coin cache was once-a -week seemingly

fewer and fewer, so I moved the crock

to my window, outside, where snails,

escargot fist-sized mother of all snails,

climbed the slick ceramic at dew hours

snails I collected for my sister’s garlic

concoction, we celebrated the gourmands of Paris


I looked for crows at French school, and when

famille took the VW bug to the Rivera, three Kids,

mom spoke French, the old man German speaker, too

I watched crows at the docks, crows cracking open clams

crows at cemeteries my sister took me to with her Kodak

the black birds, those crows, smarter than the street cats

and mangy dogs kicked around by angry butchers

crows somersaulting for sinew, entertaining port-sipping

old fellows and grannies three sheets to the wind


those centimes were diminished by a factor of 10

the crows, I observed, took one, and returned

with bits and pieces of marble from the quarry

a jigsaw puzzle of amazing marble on the roof

above my bedroom, the exchange from me

the sucker and the corvids, full of French pennies

somewhere where the murder ended bird dusk dives


I spoke with a PhD at UW, in Seattle

gift of crows was his lecture

crows that would shit on a husband’s

black Mercedes, and bring bras to the lady’s

kitchen geranium planters

but that black Audi – old man squirting birds with hose

old lady gifting crow with meats and dry cat food

and even if they moved cars around, the shit plunged onto the old

man’s car every morning, the sign, and bras from distant

clotheslines throughout Copenhagen, lifted as bird gifts

to the kibble- gifting Danish lady


in West Texas, I drove like a bat out of hell

all the time, late, on this dirt road to the prison job

where I taught, my old jacked up Toyota pick-up

filled with books and essays, and the crows at one bend

where chili and onion trucks peeled out

where corn kernels spilled from grain trucks

my first near collision, one crow, ducked, as I traveled

over his road perch, and I stopped, he looked around

kept pecking at corn, and again, and again

one or two crows, ducking, as I drove over

for an entire semester, I skimmed over them

they laughed, caw cawing in border Spanish


I was in Arizona, no more centime-stealing corvids

but now Hopi and Navaho buddies, aunties’ legends of crow:

wisest of birds, at first colored white, friends of buffalo

caw-caw-caw overhead when hunters

with sharp spears and arrows came to kill

buffalo stampeding and tribes starving

so one day, a young hunter dressed as a buffalo

mingled with the herd, then

crows came, “caw-caw-caw, hunters are here”

all buffalo stampeded except the one

crow landed on the boy buffalo’s shoulder,

“caw caw, leave or you’ll be killed”

and the boy grabbed him

and the tribe wanted to do something with white crow

so they tied his feet to a stone, burned him, but the straps

burned through, and crow lifted, now singed, black


Or, Snow Owl’s version: How Crow Gave Fire to the People

When the Snow Spirit did appear, all the people and animals were freezing and a messenger was selected to go up to kijilamuh ka’ong, The Creator Who Creates by Thinking What Will Be. The messenger was to ask The Creator to think of the World as being warm again so that they would not all freeze to death.

Rainbow Crow was chosen to go and he flew upward for three days. He got the Creator’s attention by singing beautifully, but even though he begged the Creator to make it warm again, the Creator said He could not, because He had thought of Cold and He could not unthink it. But He did think of Fire, a thing that could warm the creatures even when it was cold. And so He poked a stick into the Sun until it was burning, and then gave it to Rainbow Crow to carry back to earth for the creatures. The Creator told Rainbow Crow to hurry before it burned all up.


I sang the dirge under breath as a dozen

crows tiptoed, paraded around dead brother crow

in a parking lot near a beach, and I held cars

at bay, asked my friend to stand in their way

to have them circle away from the funeral

corvid ceremony, a delight for me

those ideas I grasped, when I read,

 Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?

Frans de Waal said, “Are we open-minded enough

to assume that other species have a mental life?

Are we creative enough to investigate it?

Can we tease apart the roles of attention, motivation, and cognition?

 Those three are involved in everything animals do;

hence poor performance can be explained by any one of them.”


hang gliding years ago off Steptoe Butte

the wheat of the Palouse like a choppy

verdant sea, my glider new to me, circling

and turning, to extend the ride…

two crows, near my glider’s leading edge

right off my tip, cawing and cawing

then with flick of tails, down, turned

upside down, at my right wing tip

gliding with me, then, above, behind

upside down all the way as if to say, “nothing doing

polyester and aluminum helmet head slow poke”


the crows are there in ancient-new battles

men and children and women

exploded apart, or just left whole with death

concussions, and dogs come from the shadows

crows swooping, hopping from body to body

shiny buttons from uniforms gouged away

the eyes of those facing heavenwards

pulled out by grandfather crow

taken whole, taken to another place

huge brambles where piles of orbs

are pushed up, toward heaven


crows holding séances

waiting for the last glimmer to milk over

devouring what is left of sight

vision, some hope or love

some human frailty at the hour of death

fear and turmoil, eyes crow eat

as if to take souls forever into them


each new crow generation galvanized

to the dead humans

alive again, toward heaven, as a gift of crows

clownish and smart

devilish and forgiving

crows and their shiny objects

tricks like tobogganing down hills

or getting drunk on fermentedpyracantha

fire thorn berries gobbled up

just to see what it’s like to be human 

sad in our cups, forever believing

we are above when in fact

we are here, with the crows

Crows love cheeseburgers. And now they're getting high cholesterol.

Marx emphasized, “namely, that its own colossal productivity would bring capitalism to its knees, by making socialism followed by communism both materially possible and logically necessary” has turned out to be false (so far).

You have to give it to capitalists, man:

  • Bezos wants to buy NASA
  • gene editing of embryos, via CRISPR, is a growing stock investment
  • So who actually owns the world? As always when it comes to such overarching questions, we need to follow the money. That involves looking at inventory, specifically at the world’s largest banks to establish who the shareholders are and thus who really calls the shots:

Bank of America Shareholders

State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, FMR (Fidelity), Paulson, JP Morgan, T. Rowe, Capital World Investors, AXA, Bank of NY Mellon.

JP Morgan Shareholders

State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, FMR, T. Rowe, AXA, Capital World Investor, Capital Research Global Investor, Northern Trust Corp. and Bank of NY Mellon.

Citigroup Shareholders

State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, FMR, Paulson, Capital World Investor, JP Morgan, Northern Trust Corporation, Fairhome Capital Mgmt. and Bank of NY Mellon.

Wells Fargo Shareholders

State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, FMR, Berkshire Hathaway, Capital World Investors, Wellington Mgmt, AXA, T. Rowe and Davis Selected Advisers.

Goldman Sachs Shareholders

State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, FMR, Wellington, Capital World Investors, AXA, Massachusetts Financial Service and T. Rowe.

Morgan Stanley Shareholders

State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, FMR, Mitsubishi UFJ, Franklin Resources, AXA, T. Rowe, Bank of NY Mellon e Jennison Associates. Rowe, Bank of NY Mellon and Jennison Associates.

Bank of NY Mellon Shareholders

State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, FMR, Davis Selected, Massachusetts Financial Services, Capital Research Global Investor, Dodge, Cox, Southeastern Asset Management.

As you can see, the pattern goes on and on. The upshot of all this is that the eight largest financial companies in the United States are controlled by just TEN shareholders with FOUR companies involved in every single decision that’s made. That’s without mentioning dealings in tax havens such as the Cayman Islands, Monaco or Liechtenstein. Even more shocking is the fact that the US Federal Reserve is comprised of 12 banks represented by seven board members, some of whom are representatives of the “big four”.

In other words, State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock, and FMR have a controlling influence on US monetary policy without oversight or democratic safeguards to speak of.

Here is a list of some of the companies controlled by the “big four”:

Alcoa Inc.
Altria Group Inc.
American International Group
AT&T Inc.
Boeing Co.
Caterpillar Inc.
Coca-Cola Co.
DuPont & Co.
Exxon Mobil Corp.
General Electric Co.
General Motors Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Co.
Home Depot Inc.
Honeywell International Inc.
Intel Corp.
International Business Machines Corp
Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
McDonald’s Corp.
Merck & Co. Inc.
Microsoft Corp.
3M Co.
Pfizer Inc.
Procter & Gamble Co.
United Technologies Corp.
Verizon Communications Inc.
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
Time Warner
Walt Disney
Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation
CBS Corporation
NBC Universal

The “big four” also happen to control the vast majority of European companies listed on the US stock exchange, and also have an influence over the largest financial institutions in the world such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. It goes without saying that the names of the families that control State Street Corporation, Vanguard Group, BlackRock and FMR never appear anywhere. (Source)

  • Japan and Covid-19 Olympics — one lie after another, and did you hear this: Japan did not want to use an African singer for opening ceremony.
  • All prices of all goods going up — food, rent, essentials, meds, water, electricity, cable
  • Biden wants to bomb Cuba with, disease, famine, propaganda, and, well, bombs
  • The EU is following lock-step to NATO and USA, Canada, Israel
  • Human Rights Watch barely condemns Israel Jews for murdering Palestinians
  • Up is down, right is left, lies are truth — Jews Scream at Ice Cream, Ben and Jerry’s
  • Heady stuff, not something Fauci or the others want to discuss —

Dr. Pierre Kory, Ivermectin (Let’s help end the pandemic.)/COVID and the lung damage: Updates from the Ivermectin world/COVID long-haulers and the management approach

Dr. Kory gained international fame when he went to the US senate and asked for the approval for the Ivermectin for COVID. Since then, INH has changed their position from against Ivermectin to neither against and nor pro Ivermectin – a neutral position is still a better position to allow physicians to use it without fear. Similarly WHO has started reviewing Ivermectin’s efficacy for COVID as well.

Here’s Dr. Kory’s biography

Dr. Pierre Kory is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Critical Care, and Pulmonary Medicine and is also a Testamur of the National Board of Echocardiography Exam. He recently served for 5 years as the Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of Wisconsin where he was an Associate Professor and the Chief of the Critical Care Service. He is considered a pioneer and national expert in the field of Critical Care Ultrasonography and is the senior editor of the widely read textbook “Point-of-Care Ultrasound” which is in its 2nd edition and has been translated into 7 languages, having won the President’s Choice Award for Medical Textbooks from the British Medical Association in 2015. Dr. Kory also ran a busy pulmonary practice in New York City for almost ten years and has also lectured on and published numerous peer-reviewed articles in two other areas of clinical interest and expertise; 1) the use of therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest and 2) the efficacy of intravenous ascorbic acid in the treatment of severe infections and septic shock.

He has also previously served for three years as a Program Director of a Fellowship Training Program for doctors specializing in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and has won multiple major Departmental Teaching Awards at each institution in which he has served as faculty. More recently, he became one of the founding members of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance ( composed of 5 national/international critical care experts that devised a COVID-19 treatment protocol called MATH+ and he also served as an emergency volunteer during the early COVID-19 pandemic in New York City, NY where he spent 6 weeks attending the main COVID-19 ICU at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center.

  • The mayor of Los Angeles signed an ordinance Thursday making it unlawful for people to “sit, lie, sleep” or otherwise situate their belongings in the “public right of way,” according to CBS LA.
  • The measure makes it illegal to sit, lie, sleep, or set up encampments near “sensitive use” properties, and other areas such as streets, overpasses, underpasses, freeway ramps, and more as mentioned in the document, and as reported by FOX 11.
  • Here we go — ” There is choice in Amerika — You can either get the mRNA jab and booster, OR, pay for twice a week tests, wear a mask 24/7, be separated at work, no travel for work, and more. Oh, darn, now, in some jobs, it’s either job or jab. That is choice, Amerikan Style.
Eric Garcetti wearing a suit and tie smiling and looking at the camera: In this Aug. 16, 2018 file photo, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is interviewed by the Associated Press in Los Angeles. ASSOCIATED PRESS
The face of a criminal, LA Mayor, putridity!

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that “the war” against the coronavirus “has changed” in newly reported internal documents evaluating the threat of the delta variant.

“Delta is different than previous strains,” reads a slide in a CDC presentation dated Thursday.

The presentation is circulating within the CDC as the agency considers new public health messaging around vaccine effectiveness and the risk of breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people. Such cases are still rare, the agency said, but are slightly more likely to happen with the delta variant than with other coronavirus strains.

The slides were first obtained by The Washington Post on Thursday and subsequently obtained by NBC News and The New York Times

They offer a clearer picture of why the CDC announced earlier this week that people in certain high-risk areas should resume wearing face masks indoors, even if they are vaccinated, and hint that the agency may be reevaluating other community strategies to mitigate the pandemic, which is now regaining strength in every state. 

The good news is that the CDC believes vaccines prevent over 90% of severe illnesses in people who contract the delta variant. Researchers have always understood that some people, particularly the elderly or the immunocompromised, might catch COVID-19, even if they are fully vaccinated. The point is to control the spread, and prevent serious illness and death.

a group of people in a room: Healthcare personnel work in a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) intensive care unit where they are dealing with a surge in cases of the Delta variant at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, Utah, U.S., in this handout photo provided July 23, 2021.

Urgent Open Letter For The Information Of:

All Citizens Of The European Union (EU), The European Economic Area (EEA) And Switzerland

All Citizens Of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland (UK)

All Citizens Of The United States Of America (USA)


The European Medicines Agency (EMA)

The Medicines And Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

The United States Food And Drug Administration (FDA)

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC)


Doctors For Covid Ethics (D4CE)

20 July 2021

Dear Sirs/Mesdames,

Official sources, namely EudraVigilance (EU, EEA, Switzerland), MHRA (UK) and VAERS (USA), have now recorded more Injuries and Deaths from the ‘Covid’ vaccine roll-out than from all previous vaccines combined since records began.

EU/EEA/Switzerland to 17 July 2021 – 18,928 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 1.8 million injuries, per EudraVigilance Database.

UK to 7 July 2021 -1,470 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 1 million injuries, per MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.

USA to 9 July 2021 – 10,991 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 2 million injuries, per VAERS database.

TOTAL for EU/UK/USA – 31,389 Covid-19 injection related deaths and almost 5 million injuries reported so far in July 2021.

Nota Bene: It is important to be aware that the official figures above (reported to the health authorities) are but a small percentage of the actual figures. Furthermore, people are dying (and suffering injury) every day from the injections. Bear in mind, the official figures are obviously higher at the time of writing (21 July 2021) than on the cut-off dates shown above i.e. 7 July 2021 (UK), 9 July 2021 (USA) and 17 July 2021 (EU/EEA/Switzerland).

This catastrophic situation has not been reported by the mainstream media, despite the official figures above being publicly available.

The Signal of Harm is now indisputably overwhelming, and, in line with universally accepted ethical standards for clinical trials, Doctors for Covid Ethics demands that the ‘Covid’ vaccine programme be halted immediately.

Continuation of the programme in the full knowledge of ongoing serious Harm and Death to both adults and children constitutes a Crime Against Humanity/Genocide for which those found to be responsible or complicit will ultimately be held personally liable.


Governments worldwide are lying to you the people, to the populations they purportedly serve.  

The figures above demonstrate that the mRNA vaccines are deadly. 

Yours faithfully,

Doctors for Covid Ethics

18,928 DEAD, 1.8 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

By Brian Shilhavy, July 21, 2021

Never before in modern, or even ancient history, have governments around the world acted in unison to force a medical procedure upon all their populations, and silence all dissenters who try to sound the warning alarm, which include tens of thousands of doctors and scientists.

Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt of COVID Vaccines, Cites Whistleblower Testimony Claiming CDC Is Under-Counting Vaccine Deaths

By Megan Redshaw, July 21, 2021

America’s Frontline Doctors filed a motion to stop the use of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID vaccines for anyone under 18, anyone with natural immunity or anyone who hasn’t received informed consent.

Graveyard of Empires

By Eric Margolis, July 21, 2021

Afghanistan was a war of lies, sustained by the powerful US and British media. President George W. Bush, a man of deep ignorance, launched this war to cover being caught sleeping by the 9/11 attacks.


Dr. Dick Bijl, epedimiologist, President of the International Society of Drug Bulletins

“there are increasing signs that medicines play a key role in the falling life expectancy in the United States and stagnating life expectancy in the European Union. We’ve seen big scandals around Vioxx, Rofecoxib, a simple painkiller. The medication for diabetes: rosiglitazone, Avandia. Countless medications have cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives. It just keeps on going. You would think that after all of those tragedies the rules would be tightened. They’re not. In fact, they’re being relaxed”.

Max Forte, Zero Anthropology: Overall, I genuinely appreciated this film and sympathized with its main speakers and their arguments. I feel compelled to rate this film 8.5/10.

(This documentary was viewed three times over the past month, in preparation for this review. This review forms part of the Biology and Culture, Health and Lifestyle series of Documentary Reviews on Zero Anthropology.)


A study (pre-published in the journal, Hospital Pediatrics) reported hospitalization rates “greatly overestimate the true burden of COVID-19 disease in children.” Summing up, the study’s authors logically noted that their findings clearly illustrate the need to perform similar retrospective chart reviews for COVID-19-coded adult hospitalizations and overall mortality. Click here to read about that. 

  • At least three people died in Turkey on Thursday as officials said more than 50 forest fires were recorded in the country. This is how governments prepare for disasters:
  • An 82-year-old man was found dead during an evacuation of the Kepezbeleni district and 62 people were hospitalized in Antalya after inhaling smoke and sustaining burns from the blazes.
  • Amazon (AMZN) faces a record-breaking €746 million (roughly $887 million) fine after a European Union data privacy regulator said the e-commerce giant had violated the bloc’s signature privacy law, known as GDPR, in an advertising-related decision.
Maintaining the security of our customers' information and their trust are top priorities, Amazon said in a response to the penalty. File Photo by Friedemann Vogel/EPA-EFE
  • 6 people test positive for COVID-19 after Caribbean cruise
FILE - In this March 14, 2020 file photo, Royal Caribbean International cruise ship docked at PortMiami in Miami. Six passengers from a Royal Caribbean cruise have tested positive after the ship docked in the Bahamas. Royal Caribbean said Friday, July 30, 2021, that four of them are adults who were all vaccinated against COVID-19, and two are minors who were not vaccinated.
  • CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has signed an extension to the eviction moratorium further preventing the eviction of tenants who are unable to make rental payments. The moratorium that was scheduled to expire on June 30, 2021 is now extended through July 31, 2021 and this is intended to be the final extension of the moratorium. 
  • DOD — Department of Death:

  • The Navy has charged a sailor with starting a fire in July 2020 that destroyed the USS Bonhomme Richard, an amphibious assault ship that became engulfed by an inferno for days as the ship was docked in San Diego, California. He should be given a medal, and get a YouTube channel to give real tips on how to do the same to the ENTIRE USS fleet. Though, imagine, all of those poverty pimp contracted vessels and machines used to fight fires, climate chaos, disease, homelessness and infrastructure failures. RETROFIT the DoD.
a large ship in a body of water: Navy charges sailor with starting the fire that destroyed USS Bonhomme Richard [Updated]
  • Texass, the evangelical fucked up inhumane shit hole — Remember Who Kicked Ass at the Alamo! Governor Abbott’s order prohibited anyone except federal, state or local law enforcement from providing ground transportation “to a group of migrants who have been detained by CBP for crossing the border illegally or who would have been subject to expulsion under the Title 42 order.”
Greg Abbott holding a laptop
White Monsters, Left and Right!
  • France has thrown its military weight around in Africa for years, but recently, in the wake of troop casualties, and with the prospect of more soldier deaths, French imperialist punks have signaled their plan to withdraw more than 2,000 troops from the continent.
A French soldier talks to a crowd outside a church in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, on Thursday.
  • Ahh, the Shitty Hole, USA, out of Cuba, motherfuckers!
Africans at a mobilization in Cuba

Based on the disparity in voting on the illegal racist and immoral US blockade on Cuba for the  last 29 years, we say to US Imperialism that their condescending lectures on democracy now  more than ever fall on deaf ears. The only thing more ridiculous are geography lessons by  Christopher Columbus.

The Zionist state of Israel is progressing to unseat Adolph Hitler as the symbol of global  terrorism and white supremacy, we are well aware of their slaughtering of Palestinians, bombing  Egyptians/Kemetians and Syrians, ignoring the sovereignty of Algeria and Tunisia, militarizing  Apartheid regimes throughout Southern Africa represent their horrific legacy, we urge that no  one present ever forgets their role in inflicting diplomatic terrorism on Cuba. We must demand  that the African Union strips Zionist Israel of its observer status. (Source)

The catch-phrases “transnational criminal organizations”, “humanitarian assistance” and even “disaster relief operations” are worn-out euphemisms for the neo-colonial presence of the US Empire and its European allies in Guyana and throughout the region. Military exercises and CIA manuals are a vital part of the game plan to ensure the continued strength and influence of the hegemon.(source)

Good bye, Glen Ford, of Black Agenda Report. Another voice of reason, resting in power/peace: