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“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” –Upton Sinclair

The College Degrees are Part of the Problem, not the Solution 

Moreover, this false consciousness of the holder of the university degree is to some extent legitimized by the “social expectation” of the family, community or society that believes that “university degrees are automatic vehicles for personal and family socioeconomic advancement”. And there is no greater self-deception than this in a free market of titles with closed labor markets!

One more detail. Just as a college degree doesn’t make its holder more learned or more capable of surviving on a crisis-ridden planet, it doesn’t make him or her more honest or ethical than the rest. Graduates aren’t better rulers/authorities, better public administrators, or better caretakers of Mother Earth, just because they carry a degree! Let’s look at the current dire political stories of Abya Yala.    Ollantay Itzamná 


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So it starts here – “What do you think 2021 will have in store, Paul?” Or, an article from the New Yorker on the year of the plan, err, pan-demic!

Feb 12, 2021 – The Year of the Metal Ox. Chinese Zodiac. And, what is that 2020 Year of the Rat signifying in its last throes? The rat – persistent, enormously large in p[populations, easily malleable, cleaver, smart, and  . . .

The Rat is the first of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. The Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride. Then, just as they arrived at the finish line, Rat jumped down and landed ahead of Ox, becoming first.

The Rat is also associated with the Earthly Branch (地支 / dì zhī) Zi (子) and the midnight hours. In the terms of yin and yang (阴阳 / yīn yáng), the Rat is yang and represents the beginning of a new day.

Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life.

In Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and surplus. Because of their reproduction rate, married couples also prayed to them for children.

Paired with the Celestial Stems (天干 / Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. Although zi is associated with water, the years also cycle through the five elements of nature (五行 / wǔ xíng).  Source.

Batty for Bats

The reality is this 2020, not ending until Feb. 12 2021, is a year of nothing new under the sun, but for a majority of the world, this is the year of multiple plagues.

Those plagues, hmm, go deeper than some bioweaponized virus. Or should I say, now, bioweaponized speech.

The novel corona virus. Right. So, wet meat markets have been around for centuries. Bats? Corona? Count that over 42 or more bat viruses of them.

Most of the oldest known bat fossils were already very similar to modern microbats , such as Archaeopteropus (32 million years ago). The extinct bats Palaeochiropteryx tupaiodon (48 million years ago) and Hassianycteris kumari (55 million years ago) are the first fossil mammals whose colouration has been discovered: both were reddish-brown.

Batty for Bioweapons and Viruses

Very suspicious, no, the bioweapons labs and all their triple PhDs and MDs going back and forth from USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, and in a few cases, China. There are BSL-3 and BSL-4 protocols, but all of them put the scientists and workers in Haz-Mat suits with air source blasted into the head piece from an outside source. There are BSL-3 labs in many Ivy League schools, in Canada, and of course with the US Military in cahoots with various for-profits and governmental agencies.

Very suspicious indeed, no, Fort Detrick, Maryland, closed October 2019 for   safety (containment) violations.

But this auspicious year, of the ox, hmm, is it foreboding or is it a sign of change, huge change, positive change?

The Ox is the second of all zodiac animals. According to one myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be decided by the order in which they arrived to his party. The Ox was about to be the first to arrive, but Rat tricked Ox into giving him a ride. Then, just as they arrived, Rat jumped down and landed ahead of Ox. Thus, Ox became the second animal.

The Ox is also associated with the Earthly Branch (地支 / dì zhī) Chǒu (丑) and the hours 1–3 in the morning. In the terms of yin and yang (阴阳 / yīn yáng), the Ox is Yang.

Oxen are the hard workers in the background, intelligent and reliable, but never demanding praise.

In Chinese culture, the Ox is a valued animal. Because of its role in agriculture, positive characteristics, such as being hardworking and honest, are attributed to it.

Paired with the Celestial Stems (天干 / Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. Although chǒu is associated with earth, the years also cycle through the five elements of nature (五行 / wǔ xíng).  Source 

Yin and Yang — The Age of Aquarius 

We are talking the yang against the yin of the rat. Certainly, the ox is huge in Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture. Symbolizing more than strength and hard work, but intelligence.

In the sheer anthropometric sense, the rats have always been in the USA – politics, banking, military, policing, business, and, alas, every sort of president has a slew of rats in their employ. Lots of rats eating at the inside out of this country. Rats, like a plague of Bill Gates, et al exploding on the land.

The hard-working ox, well, that is us, the eighty percent – the worker, the laborer, the knowledge workers who are in that white collar game for advancing social-cultural-racial-gender-economic-ecological justice.

Shoulders square, and one foot in front of the next. No stopping us. Except for, hmm, the “plague.”

And that is the plague of silence, the plague of weapons, the plague of money changers, the plague of police, the plague of chemists, the plague of all that is wrong with the “Complex.” Military-IT-Prison-Pharma-Med-Oil-Real Estate-Finance-Insurance-AI-Banking-Surveilence-Media-PR-Education-Law Complex.

Filled with “those” anthropized rats as the Plague Bearers’ Little and Big Eichmann’s.

Plagues — All Tied to Rapacious Capitalism, Predation, Shocks to the System

Let’s get back to the germ of this intellectual insemination – a friend emails me a day ago, with this article:

In April, Lawrence Wright published a shockingly prescient novel about a global pandemic sparked by a mysterious virus that originated in Asia. As his fictional world hewed ever closer to reality, and it became clear that the covid-19 outbreak was hardly the fleeting episode that President Trump insisted it would be, The New Yorker asked Wright to spend the better part of the year reporting this narrative.

Remarkably, the very scientist who had helped Wright invent a fictional pathogen and vaccine for his novel—Dr. Barney S. Graham, of the National Institutes of Health—ended up becoming the chief architect of the first two vaccines to be authorized for emergency use in the United States. In addition to Graham, Wright also interviewed epidemiologists, researchers, public-health experts, frontline medical responders, and key individuals across federal and local governments. The result is a work of sweeping reporting that takes readers inside laboratories, hospital rooms, and the White House for an astonishing and comprehensive examination of the science, the politics, and the human tragedy of the pandemic.

This week, we have devoted nearly the entire issue—something we’ve done on only a handful of occasions in The New Yorker’s history—to Wright’s exploration of the past year and what went so wrong with America’s response to the coronavirus. His narrative of the pandemic is filled with insights about vaccinology and White House intrigue, but among the most powerful segments of the piece are his portraits of ordinary Americans, such as Dr. Ebony Hilton, a Black anesthesiologist in Virginia, who knew from the start that the pandemic would lay bare our society’s deepest inequities. The pandemic may be the biggest story of our lifetime, but Wright, as always, has woven his tapestry from the smallest threads. —The Editors

I Am Asked Why, How, Who, What, When . . .  Because, well, here you go:

Now, I am working with adults with developmental disabilities, which is a concentrated, focused job, but I have time to check the dumb phone and email back this —

As always New York twits get it wrong ….. plague year? the head of one vaccine company with an Indian name says we are looking at a decade just with SARS-CoV2 …. Then the WHO says another thing, and it’s two years, with rescue drugs just around the corner (now we call this vaccine apartheid, because the poor and the LMIC’s  — low and middle income countries – will be shit out of luck)  …. but I’ll go with USA and DARPA as responsible for this novel virus and HIV and Lyme disease… and well read up on polio…. the vaccine caused/causes polio….. this ugly bioweaponry goes back to Hitler and even he refused to unleash his stockpile of sarin…. the irony uhh?

Check out this:

Five years to control the pandemic.

Four or five years to get the vaccine.

Pandemic supplies.

“This virus is here to stay,” said Sarah Cobey, an epidemiologist and evolutionary biologist at the University of Chicago. “The question is, how do we live with it safely?”

Alas, this is emailing and texting USA. I am working, and getting my full attention on a New Yorker article takes a lot, and I easily skim the long piece, and it is same old middle-urine-stream writing, alas, elitist writer for an even more elitist publication. You will not get anyone on the doubting Thomas side of things tied to the origins of this virus, history of USA messing with viruses and gain in function experiments with RNA, and you won’t get people doubting the masks, doubting the positive rates, doubting lockdowns, doubting the efficacy of Gates and Fauci and the entire bombastic bunch in Trump’s LLC, and the weasel democrats, and, well, the media is the message, no longer the medium is the message.

I expect the reply from this particular friend because she is pugnacious and at 71 with her own multiple odd and curious intersections with spooks, CIA, Iran-Contra, I have to let it fly.

Curious… Why do YOU think DARPA, et al, released this bioweapon?  Why are you convinced that it’s from the USA? Like 9/11 and JFK assassination….the conspiracies and perspectives are endless.

I understand complexity but somewhere along the line, there must be a general reason for all of this.

Please don’t say, “So the wealthy can keep and control the currency”. Or….It is written in the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Vita or the freakin’ stars.

So say you…….. What’s BEHIND the “Grand Plan” to poison humanity and make every living place uninhabitable? Are we merging with the “DEVINE”?   HA!

Now, the response may sound perturbed, but this friend knows my disposition and my serious look at the world of Capitalism, and the elites and a few million sociopaths who would unleash any manner of death to the globe. Here, one response:

Whew. I thought my years knowing you and pontificating and polemizing were enough for you to understand why I know DARPA, US Military, US Tech (now) and Big Pharma and other covert forces do the things they do, and have a documented history of doing those things.

So, I will have to write a Dissident Voice piece, using your series of questions as the jumping off point, okay?

Look, I may just be some scraggly wannabe novelist, failed, and someone way outside my ability zone struggling, but I have been around the block a few times. And I am a story teller, which means I have inserted myself into many people’s lives. As well as studying the real journalists of our time.

So, the friends I have had, and even senior NCO students I taught, and my own two fucked up years in the military, and my old man’s 32 years total, and then all his friends and colleagues, and my work in Central America and Vietnam, well, Barbara . . . .

Fort Detrick and DARPA and a bunch of other actors have been researching and morphing and bioengineering viruses for decades. That’s documented.

However, Fort Detrick, under the auspices of bioweapons researchers, civilian and military, and DARPA, have created vaccinations and formularies that were given to my buddies. Experimental malarial vaccines in 1977, as my buddies were Airborne in Thailand and other parts. Many years of forced vaccinations, forced prescription drug use, etc.

An extra $300 a month in 1977, and signed documents saying once the person dies, in or out of the military, the body goes to the US military, err, DARPA, bioweapons labs at Plumb Island, Fort Detrick and dozens of other places.

The corona viruses have been around for tens of thousands of years, or more. In bats. There have been guano collectors, bat eaters, and others for thousands of years. I was in bat caves, with Vietnamese and Laotians who caught bats — even the ones we were studying — and put them in oil and deep fried them, and alas, I ate a few to not show the pussy American wimpy side. I have been with guano collectors in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Vietnam.

Do you think you want to believe that a wet meat market — they have been around for thousands of years — really realized this novel virus, and now others, and now variants and more and more and more?

I have some cheap land for sale on the Pacific in Nicaragua I’d like to sell you, woman.

I am not sure what you are asking? There are not a million conspiracies around 9/11, nor are there dozens even, around JFK, MLK, RFK, et al. There are not dozens even for SARS-CoV2. I can point you to real researchers and journalists and book writers who have dug deep. I guarantee the conspiracy in each case, well, it is not some jumbled up at cross-purposes thing.

But, enough, already. I will try and address your skepticism or your fair series of questions in a long polemic. Give me a day or two.

Vietnam and ecocide and some pretty strange poisons from moldy wheat and other lovelies sprayed on the Viet Cong. Agent Orange as a soil contaminant. Shit, you want the research paper on cigarettes’ connection to lung cancer that came out in, drumroll, 1956? So, a system of capitalism run by sociopaths, hmm, they knew the cancer connection, multiplied by number of people smoking worldwide, and, alas, how many have died from smoking related diseases. Right, not a conspiracy.

Here, from another heroine. The observation apocryphally attributed to socialist activist Rosa Luxemburg, imprisoned for her opposition to German involvement in World War I and then summarily executed by the state, expresses it best: “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”

Because Capitalism is Efficient, Has Invisible Hands, Gift that Keeps on Giving

I get the questions sent to me via email, from various places my piece end up as my primary publishing source, and then those on the WWW who take pieces and put them onto other sites.

Always the ones about — “Show me socialism in the world that works? Remember, those socialists in Soviet Union and China murdered tens of millions. Capitalism has brought people out of poverty. Socialism puts people into poverty. The USA, for the most part (according to Gallop or PEW or Fox News) is a great country that gives to the world, that produces the brightest and the best, that is the place where all those ‘other” people risk their lives to come to.”

Or variations on that. My friend, again, follow up:

Do write a long polemic…send it my way.

My “skepticism” is mainly an inquiry into your research, sources, conclusions, etc.

You might be glad to know that I actually read your stuff carefully enough that prompts curiosity.

My oldest brother worked for DARPA after Vietnam.  Whiz on all things Alternet, which became commercialized to Internet.

I don’t dispute or am the least bit surprised about bioweapons. I’m just distilling the conversation to WHY destroy humanity to “save it”?

It may be as simple as the short term nature of Capitalism.  Whether you die with big TOYS or not, you still die.  A grease spot in history. A figment of a long forgotten motive to be remembered for things that don’t matter.  So what?

“So What?”  is the real predicament.

Write about THAT!

Zooming and Dooming — Small and Big Screens, the Digital Dashboard

Good fodder for face-to-face discourse, which is now fading quickly in terms of the professional and administrative and knowledge work and computer data entry employee. Education, too. Students learning NOTHING on a Zoom. Offices not shuttered (big savings to those corporations to foist empty skyrises onto cities). Imagine, people at home, tapping away on a keyboard, Zooming in, Zooming out, forever glued to home office, home dining table, the fridge and toilet and microwave at the ready, with old Spot there wagging the dog tail, and the feline curled up on the lap while making this or that white collar transaction, all for the benefit of the overlords, the capitalists, the elites.

So, all those small shops — from this or that cool handmade item, to this or that piece of furnishing, toy, tool, utensil, food item . . . . . all those lunch counters and street food carts and little hole in the wall Thai, Mexican, Cantonese, Italian, Greek, Ethiopian. etc., any place to run to get lunch, roll, cup of tea, all of those gone.

The consequences of downtowns depopulating, and all of that foot traffic, all the time just being in with other people (oh, tolerances, oh, learning how to interact with others, not just those in your immediate household, and just dealing with life, man, and life doesn’t happen in a Zoom-Ready House).

Stepping Back

We can discuss how out of balance we are with time — and disallowing those who have looked at the “law of time” from even getting out of a New Age arena. We can look at what it means to be in a place which is a type of human prison — four perpendicular walls with battened down windows and sheet rock ceiling and wall to wall carpeting or flooring. That what mother culture/mother nature intended?

We can look at the good in the hearts of the common people, the people of that land, and, sure, there are some terrible outcomes of the Judea-Christian-Abrahamic mentality forced into peasantry. We know that a small town can be stifling, but again, that is usually a small town dominated by Catholicism or other Christian sects, or those of Islam.

But alas, the answer to the power of a few destroying, yes, the world despite themselves, that evidence has been around for a long long time. Armies pressed into service to raze, ruin, rape and remove the indigenous people, or even the peasants. How’s that working out historically? Things improves in 20th and 21st Century compared to Roman Times, Genghis Khan  days, the days of Franco, Hitler, Pinochet, the French Indochina, the Belgium Congo, he Armenian Genocide, the Rape of Nanking? How was that American War Against Vietnam? How many — 6 million Vietnamese dead or dying as a result of the poisonous Red White and Blue. Sure, the number 22 — American veterans a day killing themselves.

This number has now been eclipsed by the more than 60,000 U.S. veteran suicides in a recent span of just 10 years. More than 6,000 veterans committed suicide every year during that timeframe, despite the fact that the total number of veterans declined by 18 percent.

Project 22 documentary

Well, hmm, I wonder what my friend would say about War is a Racket, if that book is not validation of the price of capitalism by the elites on not only the wounded, the murdered, the land, but think about the concept of a Military Industrial Complex to begin with. Think about all those beautiful people with their engineering, chemistry, law, sociology, physics, medicine, pharmacy, business, geology, et al degrees who are part of the Matrix — all those schemes and companies and for-profits and governmental-CIA approved agencies bent on domination: of sea, air, land, town, city, state, country, region.

I am not sure why it is difficult to make that leap into the Plan-Demic, a weaponized virus experiment gone, well, will-rogue, or intentionally set out to do what? Neutron bomb? How many communities of color have been destroyed in this country directly from the SARS-CoV2 disease, and then due to the economic and mental and isolating fallout of this planned disease of capitalism that has set up towns and cities with not enough good health care; no system of support and decent response to a national emergency; no system to force the hands of the Pelosi and Trump and McConnel and Biden types to actually save the communities, the mom and pops, the schools, the people who are dying from a petri-dish generated virus or the BlackRock a la Larry Summers disease of not keeping our own people alive and sustained.

You might have one percent of the population hit with Covid-19 deaths and injuries, but how many is that? One percent of 310 million, well, 3.1 million. Around 400,000 dead? Now, how many will be dying and dying and dying that slow death by a thousand Capitalist cuts in the coming year(s)? Now that isn’t tyranny? Now that isn’t proof that the elite are perfectly fine with One Percent Death from SARS-CoV2 and One Percent Death and/or Injury from Vaccines and then how many tens of millions thrown into poverty,, instant precarity, joblessness, houselessness, without electricity, water, phone service? Right, so those slow deaths by a 1,000 days, not a sign that yes, the elites, from Gates to Musk, from Soros to Buffet, Bezos to Sims, all of them, they are masters of the madness? They aren’t monsters?

They all have their think tanks, their Aspen and WEF conferences, their lobbies and secret associations and voting and trading blocks. They have their vision of who is bad, who is good. They believe that we all should be picking up ourselves by our bootstraps while their boots are squarely planted on our proverbial collective necks.

Pay for success finance deals will be well served by the global vaccine market that is being advanced through Gates’s outfit GAVI.  Vaccine doses are readily quantifiable, and the economic costs of many illnesses are straightforward to calculate. With a few strategic grants awarded to prestigious universities and think tanks, I anticipate suitable equations framing out a healthy ROI (return on investment) will be devised to meet global market demands shortly. — Wrench in the Gears.

The price of the war in Iraq, with the sanctions, is a few hundred thousand babies and children dead? That’s an okay price. Multiply that by a factor of 10 or 100 or more.

Unsafe at Any Speed

The only difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is the velocities with which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door. That’s the only difference. — Ralph Nader 

Now look, it can be a Thatcher or Albright or Bolsonaro or Franco or Nixon or whomever . . . . then those behind the scenes, the overlords of the George W. Bush and Tony Blair types.

Look these boardrooms are full of people who think the price of cigarettes is profit and a few persnickety independents who tie smoking to any number of human cancers. Paying out for cancer lawsuits is, in the words of every corporation, the external costs of gobbling up profits. They got that bunch of research papers in the 1950s that pointed to lunch, throat, tongue cancer. That is, drum roll, 70 years ago, and do they now stop hawking cigarettes? And how has Philip Morris expanded?

Now, these are not monsters? Not just Altria and Phillip Morris, but the entire suite of lawyers, marketers, bankers, PR-spinners, growers, packagers, manufacturers, governments, and chemists and agronomists.

Is this just not one example in a million about the racket that is capitalism, and when you wed that with the CIA, the full force of the government and the private sector players who have the ears of the politicians, then I can’t think of just a few dozen more to illustrate it. I can think of millions.

Earlier this year Altria executives estimated annual U.S. cigarette volumes would decline between 4% and 6% through 2023, sending company shares down sharply.

The Richmond, Virginia company acquired a 35% stake in e-cigarette maker Juul, which has quickly grown to dominate the U.S. vaping market. Juul’s high-nicotine flavored pods have helped Altria offset declining cigarette sales, but it has also attracted new scrutiny. Members of Congress, the Food and Drug Administration and several state attorneys generals are investigating Juul amid allegations that its early marketing overtly targeted teenagers. Since its launch, the portion of high school students using e-cigarettes has mushroomed to 20%, according to U.S. survey figures released last year.  Source.

Oh, so smoking the tobacco leaf is down in terms of profits, but then vaping is up. Smoking is blamed for some 7 million deaths worldwide. More than 20% of the world’s population smoked in 2015, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization. That figure was down nearly 7% from 2000.

Not enough to illustrate why a plan-demic is not so far-fetched in the minds of the World Economic Forum, Gates, a thousand Fortune 1000 companies, vaccination makers (sic) and, well, you get the bloody picture that the Plague Year has always been the Plague Year for the Other, those in the crossfire, crosshairs, cross-contamination, cross-purposes of the bloody United Snakes of America.

Ahh, so, regulating e-cigarettes and even calling tobacco as a murder-and- cancer-delivery product, nah, not in a capitalist world. Look at how Wells Fargo spins this:

Wells Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog said the combination “would make a lot of sense,” allowing the companies to cooperate amid the “global arms race” for non-traditional tobacco products.

Both companies have been pivoting in recent years to cigarette alternatives, with tobacco sales feeling the pinch of bans, taxes, stigma and anti-smoking health campaigns.

Philip Morris, based in New York, has been rebranding itself with new products and the slogan “Designing a smoke-free future.” The company sells its battery-powered iQOS device in 40 countries. The iQOS heats tobacco without burning it. It will soon be sold in the U.S. under a licensing agreement. While U.S. regulators have allowed the sale of the device, they have not yet ruled on whether iQOS can be marketed as less harmful than cigarettes.

Oh, these are sick people — lawyers, marketers, investors, banks, more. Altria has tons of wine companies, and they used to own Kraft Foods. Now, my buddies who live up on the hill where I live, in the half a million dollar homes overlooking our mini-town, with our bungalows and double-wide manufactured homes, do they invest in this merger? Big bucks to be made on Wall Street. Is this the disease, the root of the evil? Good all-American liberals and conservatives, investing in cancer? Hmm, is that the disease that would allow for hundreds of colleges around the world, and many private outfits, and governmental outfits, to test, produce, retest, retrofit bioweapons, as in poisons, bacteria, viruses?

A site called Investopedia. Whew, now that will turn any good Dorothy Day or Berrigan Brother’s white in the face!

Still Addicted to Dividends? Satisfy Your Craving With Tobacco Stocks.

The reason is simple. Cigarettes are among the least price-elastic goods in existence, meaning that as they get more expensive, the quantity sold doesn’t drop by as much as the price increases. Smokers often grumble about rising prices, as they should: every pack sold has to account for the costs of lawsuits past and present, multi-billion dollar settlements, and other litigative obligations. But as high as prices have risen, they haven’t risen enough to change behavior on a large scale. People who want their fix, want their fix. And rather than run the risk of spending less on smuggled cigarettes instead, law-abiding smokers will continue to pay through the nose. Altria sold over half a trillion cigarettes in the United States last year.

Oh, a trillion divided by 2, 500,000,000 cigarettes sold in the USA? And Altria used to own Kraft, Nabisco and dozens of other companies not even remotely connected to Cancer Sticks.

Oh, Brother Thou Art . . . . Schemer, Faust, Devil, Eichmann, Milton Friedman

Let’s recap — so all of these war profiteers (because this was called a war against a virus, and the economy went into a war slide, and the number of dying and sick people is war-like numbers globally) in the Fortune 1000 and those not publicly traded yet, and those drug and chemical and marketing companies, and all those N95 mask and plastics makers of PPE, sure, they have been reined in, right? Caps on profiteering? Regulated to do this and not do that to the American people? Sure! NOT.

The full extent of the Gardasil scandal needs to be assessed: everyone knew when this vaccine was released on the American market that it would prove to be worthless…I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all time because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers. Gardasil is useless and costs a fortune and decision-makers at all levels are aware of it! Cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, paralysis of the lower limbs, vaccine-induced MS and vaccine-induced encephalitis can be found, whatever the vaccine.” — Dr. Bernard Dalbergue (former Merck employee)

No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable…for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death. – President Ronald Reagan, as he signed The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986, absolving drug companies from all medico-legal liability when children die, are injured or are disabled from vaccine injuries, thus reversing many of the intentions of the original legislation establishing the FDA [source]

Image result for HPV vaccine

So, the former Mengele, Doctor Dalbergue, working with Merck, now has turned over a new leaf. And, then, Obama’s buddy, Reagan, he was never a good guy and never turned over any good altruistic leaf, are they cut from the same cloth?

For instance, DARPA spent $10 million on one project in 2018 “to unravel the complex causes of bat-borne viruses that have recently made the jump to humans, causing concern among global health officials.” Another research project backed by both DARPA and NIH saw researchers at Colorado State University examine the coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in bats and camels “to understand the role of these hosts in transmitting disease to humans.” Other U.S. military-funded studies, discussed in detail later in this report, discovered several new strains of novel coronaviruses carried by bats, both within China and in countries bordering China. [Source]

So, my own background in and around US Army, and with my own friends who were in the US military, including working with geneticists and pathogen experts, I would have to say — Believe that the US and its allies and the doctors and the military and Big Pharma, yep, they have been messing with diseases ever since USA captured Japanese in Unit 731.

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland —is touted as  the U.S. military’s lead laboratory for “biological defense” research since the late 1960s, but believe it, there are many more secretive ones out there, thanks to Western Science and Culture.

We don’t have to go back to WWII. Here,  one study conducted in Southern China in 2018 resulted in the discovery of 89 new “novel bat coronavirus” strains. Each one uses the same receptor as the coronavirus known as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Drumroll — this study was funded by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Science and Technology, USAID — an organization long alleged to be a front for U.S. intelligence, and the U.S. National Institute of Health — which has collaborated with both the CIA and the Pentagon on infectious disease and bioweapons research. [Source]

So, What Example Do You Need that These Elites Are Sociopaths? 

A society that has nuclear weapons, dropped two of them onto Japan, and who has manufactured 10,000 warheads, and whose plutonium facilities have contaminated millions, nah, those people would not be the same people who would release a pathogen like one of the 89 novel bat viruses, which happened to be used in genome and protein sequencing experiments?

Imagine, Duck and Cover was the great learned method of personal protection against the effects of a nuclear explosion, which the United States government taught to generations of United States school children from the early 1950s until the end of the Cold War in the late 1980s.

No, these scientists and eggheads and politicians and military strategists and marketing experts and what is collectively called, America’s Brightest and Best, no, they would not hoodwink the world with a pathogen that would demand a financial and cultural and life and death reset, even if that pathogen might morph into a more virulent one.

Neutron Bomb — The neutron bomb case study suggests a model of a “technology reserve,” in which China develops a weapons technology to match the capabilities of another state, but defers deployment and keeps them in reserve. The longer report also considers how this model might apply to China’s decision-making on BMD, ASAT, and HGV systems. To assess the drivers behind Chinese decisions, the report uses five variables as an analytical framework.

Yet, as always, the Chinese are anticipating the USA, which of course, flaunts the bombs, the pathogens, the bioweapons, the chemical weapons, economic bombs, too — That grand Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory developed the concept in 1958. Then, development was carried out as part of projects Dove and Starling (they call the deadly bomb after birds). The early USA device was tested underground in early 1962. Designs of a “weaponized” version were carried out in 1963.

Headlines Will Send Cortisol Levels Out the Roof

So, more African Americans have been murdered by police this year, during Black Lives Matter protests, than the year before. Hmm, so you work for FedEx, and have tons of packages fall on you because of faulty equipment, lacerate your liver and break some bones, and, well, OSHA fines the billionaire-dollar thieving company, $7500, and a judge brings it down to $5,100? And then you are 23, strong young man, and the same kind of accident — equipment failure — unloads tons of packages onto you, you hit a metal pole, straight on the chest, and, bam, you are dead in three days.

These stories never-ever end, and they accumulate by the tens of thousands daily in this society, pre-Covid-19, during-Covid-19, and beyond. Forced to sign non-disclosure agreements with Amazon to not tell anyone their good, bad and ugly Covid-19 prevention methods?

Yeah, so an entire multi-level society of 80 percent of the 310 million population, will be eating more than just crow under the Biden Billionaire Club. Unemployment, underemployment, partial employment, and more, and none of that gets us on the streets? No huge phalanxes of protestors standing down the rent, the mortgage, the credit card, the school loan, the medical bill effing thieves?

This is not a communist aggregating place to find articles, but there are some interesting ones, and clear ones — so in their search engine put in “bioweapons.”  Counterpunch Magazine.  

You’ll get the picture. No, not just Americans, but . . .  a shit load of hell from the White Civilization, the Europeans, the others.

Again, reading the new medical and nutritional guidelines — not sugar until four years of age, and breast feeding immediately after birth for at least six months. The sugar lobby and the Nestle lobby and a shipload of scientists (sic) and the lawyers, jostling to stop these recommendations. They whittled it down to the “first two years, don’t let Johnny or Juanita get refined sugar.”

Headline after headline, and you will then know why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers but humanity gets ulcers, hypertension, cardiac issues, diabetes and a ton of chronic illnesses, thanks to this Capitalism society.

And yet, those best and brightest in Capitalism’s Armies, they don’t fight for us collectively. The 17 million worldwide who die of coronary disease. It’s on us, right? Just like caseine and dairy do not cause cancer. Right. And it’s addicting.


[In an earlier chapter of The Cheese Trap], I briefly mentioned casein, the protein that is concentrated in cheese. And casein has some secrets to tell.

If you were to look at a protein molecule with a powerful microscope, it would look like a long string of beads. Each “bead” is a protein building block called an amino acid, and, during digestion, the individual amino acids come apart and are absorbed into your bloodstream so that your body can use them to build proteins of its own.

So the calf digests the proteins in milk, breaking apart the chain of beads and using these amino acids to build skin cells, muscle cells, organs, and the other parts of the body.

However, casein is an unusual protein. While it does break apart to release individual beads, it also releases longer fragments—chains that might be four, five, or seven amino acid beads in length. These casein fragments are called casomorphins—that is, casein-derived morphine-like compounds. And they can attach to the same brain receptors that heroin and other narcotics attach to.

In other words, dairy protein has opiate molecules built right into it. [Source]

Again, this society, as Ralph states, this society creates so many problems with unfettered capitalism, and, in the old days, pre-Plague of Censorship CV-19, we also have a ton of people who have solutions. But they never get to the table. You’d think a public intellectual and public political figure and a legal eagle for the people would be in on any administration? NOPE.

It all goes back to, well, food, land, water, farming, food, community, small is better, acting locally but thinking globally, and did I say food and shelter?

Of course, you get academic degrees to generate better and faster economic income without greater physical effort. This is a socially shared illusion. The farmer usually instills in his son: “So that you are not like me, study so that you can be someone in life”. But does that guarantee us fulfillment? And why is the fear of death a companion that brings us back to Earth, our origin and destiny?

The COVID19 pandemic came and confirmed the deadly error of the western and westernized academy: the peasant families survived the planetary confinement without major anxiety and suffering! If we are not able to grow our own food, no matter how many titles or how much money we possess, we will die trapped in the fear of encountering the virus in the other who provides us with food. [source]

[original source — Ollantay Itzamna  ]


I remember a long time ago, finding a Life (or Look) magazine at a swap meet in Arizona, on the outskirts of Tucson. Man, those were the days – 1977. Every sort of snow bird and desert rat out there swapping any number of a million things: from shrunken and powdered dog testicles (for the prostate issues of old men) to silver dollar certificates, from six shooters to bleached out badger bones; dream catchers and gold panning equipment; everything you could imagine, it was out there somewhere in the hundreds of stalls.

The Life story was about this crusty guy, who sailed by himself, maybe circumvented the globe. In any case, I don’t have that old issue within reach, but I do recall this fellow who faced gales, isolation, dead calms, no radio contact, hunger, talking about the hernia he had to deal with onboard. Everyday, he did a headstand on the mainsail mast, to let all the guts go back down so the innards wouldn’t be protruding as much. He took a selfie of himself, upside down, with his feet and ankles held in by some loose rope he rigged.

Almost 90% of COVID-19 Admissions Involve Comorbidities

You/We/They Are What They/You/We Eat

I’m not proselytizing some macho moment here, but rather pointing out the mettle, man, of people then, and, well, now, but also how rotting the USA celebrity cult is. From all the pardons the Orange Accused Rapist has filed through, to all the murders he personally is overseeing at the federal level.

All those celebrities and politicos and the like, either the Proud Boys and their Co-Morbidities of obesity, depression, diabetes, hypertension, or the Gestapo police and their shoot-first-cover-up-later mental retardation. I’m in social services again, as a failed novelist, Working with mostly young adults trying to prep them for jobs in the community. All those skills and insider things. People living with I/DD – intellectual and developmental disabilities. Many with co-occurring challenges – one client has fetal alcohol syndrome (was in the womb with mother drinking and drugging). The outcome is autism spectrum, anxiety disorder, oppositional defiance, paranoia, executive function control issues, and so many more DSM-V labeled “things” happening with her – including physical ailments (thanks to mommy) and a truckload of learning disabilities. Try having a job with one of those “disabilities.” I’ve thrown in as a social worker, helping just-released prisoners navigate a place like Portland, Oregon. Ten or 20 years in solitary, and, bam, out into the community, and then, bam, three months to get their proverbial shit together: housing, job, a thousand classes forced down their throats as part of the conditions of release.

Black Men Have the Shortest Lifespans of Any Americans. This Theory Helps Explain Why.

Black people have much higher rates of hypertension, obesity, diabetes and strokes than white people do, and they develop those chronic conditions up to 10 years earlier. Studies link these health problems to stress. The unique, unrelenting strain caused by racism can alter a body’s normal functioning until it starts to wear down. John Henrys, who battle with an unequal system as they try to get ahead in life, bear the consequences in their bodies. “The stress,” James said, “is going to be far more overwhelming than it has a human right to be.”

There is no way that the thousands of people I have met over the years – as teacher, journalist, radio host, activist – could survive those prisoner blues or that sailor’s physical predicament or the life and times of a person with fetal alcohol syndrome disorder.

And I am thinking about the elites, the stem-cell sucking Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk or Trump and Company, the lot of them, all in the houses of congress and the senate and those east coast graduates of those Ivy League Schools of the Americas. They may know the legal and political and economic tools for killing and maiming and destroying, but not one of those titans could last a day in the joint. Not one of them. Or homeless on the coast, with daily gales and tourists who call the cops for just one evil glare.

No Safety Nets for the Eighty Percenters; I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

And here I am, almost 64, in between health insurance coverage (this is the American way – new job, 90- day vetting period before coverage, and alas, what the fuck happens if something happens in the interim?). Imagine, you work your ass off, and it takes the evil system of capitalism to get a guy covered for health insurance!

This is why America and any other capitalist shit hole that demands slave wages and slavery and dead-end and shit jobs while the 10 Percent and then the other 10 Percent go their merry ways down to the investment houses, it is, definitely, a killer society. The language, the bridging, the lexicon and grammar, all of that, they are coming from complete two different places when one considers a precarious worker – college educated too, multiple times – and a retired couple in a nice big house all to themselves. The couple is worried about maximizing at least 12 percent profits on their investments, while the precarious couple is just working to, what, save money, beat the body and mind down, until what?

Trump's Claim Of $2.5 Trillion In DoD Dough: Not True « Breaking Defense - Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
  • no state bank or credit union
  • no national health service
  • no progressive taxation system
  • no community free drop-in clinics
  • no community farms/gardens
  • no public transportation
  • no public amenities
  • no intergenerational gatherings
  • no leadership and governance
  • plenty of pollution, predation, precarity
Actually, The U.S. Can Afford Welfare

You’ve heard all of this before. Here, another aside tying into this screed: So, just a few days ago, I braved the gales along the Oregon Coast. King tides. Days of rain. The beaches were full of logs, and the rivers coming from Highway 101 were a few feet deep and 20 feet across.

All my outdoor and military training went out the window – instead of getting my hiking boots wet, I opted to climb a log jam in lashing rain. Climb and climb, until, yep, not a senior moment, but a slip on a huge log jammed cedar. Bam. I did a backward fall, like a swan dive in reverse, and, yep, a perfectly large limb, pointing straight up, ready for my right side.

Ten feet down this log jam/ gnarled collection of cool trees and logs and limbs and snags got me.

The problem was I went down, 10 feet, and, bam. I took the three second rule, then got up, looked for blood on my head, and proceeded to climb out of the crisscrossing logs, as I ended up wet from the crotch down anyways in rapids of tannin-rich fresh water going to sea.

I did a mile down the beach, and, reversed course, and then things started throbbing. As is the case, a day or two later, and the pain is hard.

I live in Lincoln County, a very rural locale on the coast of Oregon. The hospital system is Samaritan, and, I have zero idea if my insurance has lapsed (since I get all these fucking notices that the deadline to enroll in health insurance is coming up).

No pissing blood. Good. No bruising. Bad or good. Pain when I laugh (lots to laugh about with Biden-Bumbler and Butt-Lick Trump in the news) or move sideways.

Everyone, from my spouse to my daughter are admonishing me to go to the ER, to the doctor, get an x-ray.

Do readers really have that memo yet at how the for-profit hospital-medical system is the reason Covid-19 has taken that toll, what, 19 percent higher rate of deaths in USA for 2020 than in the year 2019, not all attributed to the DARPA-Fort Detrick mutated bat virus concocted in several labs. Attributed to the failure of private for gouging medical care (sic) and the number of people who were told – “Wait on that heart ailment, no CAT scans today, etc., etc.”

The Toll of Not Mending Our Safety Net Before COVID-19 | Time

Death By a Thousand Bills-Fines-Surcharges-Taxes-Levies-Loans

Suicide by delayed health care. Suicide by lockdowns. Suicide by the news news news.

This is North America – my choice is to go into a hospital and then have this or that test, this or that specialist yammer on, and, then, what, $8000 bill later, some diagnosis?

My own background in knowing a thing or two about medical needs, well, I did the old UCSF orthopedic surgeon lecture I found on the worldwide almost-not-free web, and alas, the verdict is my ilium is possibly fractured, maybe a few tendons ripped out of place, and, two ribs cracked?

My spouse checked on me this morning, since it was sort of a day off from my social services job and I slept in, as I also don’t sleep worth shit anymore, for the past 20 years. She thought, “Man, what if Paul is dead.”

I am here writing this, and the point of this screed is that every way I turn, and that means everyway any decent and compassionate person turns, the screws get tighter and tighter. Capitalism is the evil, and the evil doers are the elite, the one percent, then their two percenter lawyers and CEOs and thieves of every ilk. Then the two-income families with a doctor here and a defense contractor there. You get the picture – until we are the 80 Percent, while the 20 Percent not only hoards dreams and hoards community futures, but that slice of the American pie is gorged by the very people who should be, well, sent in capsules into outer space to see exactly what happens to the rich and the very rich and the somewhat rich in an oxygen-free environment at zero gravity.

There is no manner of discussion with the GOP or Libertarians or the Biden Boosters or Trumpies that can come at this fucked up capitalist penury system any other way than to say it is totally not working for the 80 percent. Story after story of the inequities, the inequalities, the ineptitudes, the inertia, the incongruence, the insipidness, and the insanity capitalism has gifted the world. From Blacks and Latinx dying in much higher proportions form the Fort Detrick Bat Virus Militarized Pathogen, to the private hell of privatized prisons, hospitals, education, and just banking.

The system of participatory socialism I describe at the end of Capital and Ideology some people would prefer to call social democracy for the 21st century. I have no problem with this but I prefer to talk about participatory socialism. In effect, this is the continuation of what has been done in the 20th century and what was successful. This includes equal access to education, to health, to a system of basic income, which to some extent is already in place but needs to be made more automatic; educational justice needs to be more real and less theoretical, as it is too often the case.

Regarding the system of property, which has always been the core discussion about socialism and capitalism, the proposal I am making relies on two main pillars: one is co-determination, through change in the legal system and the system of governance of companies, and the other part is progressive taxation and the permanent circulation of property. — Thomas Piketty


[BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, which is an eight-trillion-dollar enterprise, and the largest shareholder in almost every company that matters to the future of the Earth.]

Better Dead Than Red! 

You know, I was just with a client of mine – major Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has a job at a fish processing plant. I mean, like sometimes 70 hours in a week. He’s almost 30, and his mother is his paid personal support worker. That’s cool, for sure. Something like 80 hours a month she is paid above minimum wage to get things done for her son. Things like banking, personal hygiene other things.

Obviously, I work with him and her, and with a non-profit which gets paid through the county and state for our services. This mother is also a military veteran. In any case, the person I work with is amazing, knows a thousand species of sharks and fish and other by-catch that comes in with the nets during certain harvest seasons, and, well, this man needs more men in his life.

They live in cramped quarters, and for the most part, they seem happy.

The problem is, this mother, with sort of hippie like ideology, still, she can’t even imagine socialism. “I don’t even want to hear that word, socialism.” Imagine, military (purely socialistic) veteran (socialism a la health care) and the feeding troughs from the Joints Chief of Staff on down the Raytheon line, and then add to that, everything she gets now is based on a form of socialism – socialized health care for her (VA) and him (ACA); the money she gets paid is from the government, and all those special education schools and programs over the years? Well, again, government-financed, as in public schooling and public commons.

This is why I believe Americans are really more than stupid and perverse, but they are the enemy of earth on so many levels. “It’s easier for an American to imagine a world depopulated, dead and dying from calamities, climate change, war, resource shortages, than a world without capitalism.”

Democratic Socialism vs Capitalism : NPCDaily

This is a continual conversation I have, daily. Sometimes in the community, other times personal. Just the other night, at a solstice gathering with another couple, well, more of the ugly side of Americans who Have, and those who Do Not Have (And why don’t they have? Easy answers to be gathered).

Paranoia on Steroids (or on MSNBC)

We had already fought about what solstice means, and I like fires outside, breaking shared bread, candles, talking about some crazy pagan and even farther back rituals and thinking. But because of Covid-19 Paranoia, and all the mask fever, all the complete lunacy of our times, well, no fire outside, no swapping of recipes.

We were told not to bring food, and the idea is that food from anywhere outside this couple’s house might have the militarized bat virus lurking on it. Forget about the fact that this fellow served condiments and some other food items prepared outside of the house, packaged and sent to his local Fred Meyers.

The bone of contention was that the husband started talking about how troubled he was about his next investment fandango, and that is the crypto-investment, the post-bit coin realm. Blockchain madness. He pleads Marxist in his belief system, but like so many broken people, he is out for himself and his wife. Life is all about fear and loathing, and listening to Rachel Maddow and the other titans of stupidity on mainstream Democratic Party TV. One day you can love listening to Richard Wolff, but the next day it’s all about the Motely Fool.

My discourse was around the fact that a) I am not well off and therefore I am not in any investor class, and b) that a majority of the world should be paid in cash, in the coin of their realms, not enslaved by some digitized scam called cryptocurrency. That the USA greenback/dollar may collapse (his prediction); therefore, blockchain bit coins are the way to hedge those bets, again, more than 80 percent of Americans have no ready cash to invest in Crypto Bullshit Currency.

We have tens of millions who are food insecure NOW, and unable to feed their families. We have hundreds of millions of Americans with huge debts – from school, to mortgages, to just paying for the daily living, on credit. Of course, medical debt is a trillion dollar albatross around the necks of millions. Once you get taken into a hospital with “Fort Detrick/DARPA virus,” you might come out alive owing several hundred thousand dollars.

No jobs, bad jobs, failing jobs, and alas, the language of investors infected the Solstice. The lexicon of crypto-mancers, well, I was not in the mood, so I was snarky and, well, showed my communistic colors. Sure, it gets frustrating!

All of which leads to the same soft shoe song of “I can’t see how we can stop this technology, this digital currency … I don’t know how we can stop Russia and China from exploiting fossil fuels and resources, while we are supposed to be green, so, therefore, we should be the first at the takings …”

Cynical, Skeptical, Jaded: Part of the Problem, not the Solution

Mainstream media and the mush that is what Americans consume in TV and in la-la land movie-ville, well, that has colonized and co-opted the minds of people who were once friends with a shared and dynamic lexicon and language.

It is now, them against us. More and more, this is the relationship between friends, sometimes good friends.

Giving up, throwing hands in the air, just saying, “you do good work … you should be compensated for that” is just not enough to move a conversation forward.

We ended up talking about movies, and I said that Steve McQueen’s five movie brilliance, Small Ax, was worth the time. The fellow recommended, The Art Dealer, and alas, I reminded him that my glass was more than filled up with World War Two themed movies, Holocaust-themed flicks, flicks about grandkids looking for stolen loot or artifacts. I said, “Hey, try some different stuff than just the chosen people’s produced, or directed, or financed, or scripted shit on cable TV.”

The language of friendships are daily getting more and more cross-wired.

Here is another doozie – so, a fellow I helped over the years, a veteran, homeless, well, he put me into his will. I did not want that, and the funny thing is he came into some money from a father, and, well, nothing to shake a Trump or Clinton stick at, but the money would have been enough to make his amputated leg/ diabetic/ depressed life into something more than sheer homelessness, when I first met him.

I got him set up into an apartment, and they put him in the only ground floor unit that made it impossible for him to navigate his wheelchair safely. They were saying they’d hire someone to put in a special walkway/path to the tune of $5,500 charged to the veteran.

I tried my damnedest to get the largest apartment rental property management service (sic) in the USA to respond to empathy, logos, pathos, ethos, and, not one of my dozen emails got even a response. Pinnacle Property/Real Estate Management, look them up.

Property management investment corporations, and Pinnacle charged him for a sidewalk feature we had the local boy scouts, Rotary and a construction company all ready to put in for, well, supplies, at the tune of $500, which would have been paid by some charities (this was before he came into a few thousand dollars inheritance).

He then went from apartment to assisted living, quickly — and that nightmare, again, in a local facility that is part of national chain, and alas, $4,000 a month for a single room, and then another $2,000 a month they charged for special services? Weekly, when he was still cognizant, my friend complained about the lack of food, the small portions. He did not have a caseworker for more than two months. Then he started to fail. This is America, and, alas, this veteran died due to isolation, Covid-19 insanity, and the threads of assisted living where the workers treat the inmates like scum.

He had outstanding ambulance bills, Comcast would not shut down his phone, the banks froze his assets, the apartment complex previous to this assisted living joint had a bill for breaking his lease, the assisted living outfit had $250 late charges here and there, and alas, this is how America and capitalism runs – middle man, person x and y, corporation a and b, sticking it to you.

He had a newish friend as his executor, and she had to pay the state of Oregon $350 to take a four hour online mandatory class on being an executors (this is the society of nickel and dimes, fines and taxes, fees and surcharges, add-ons, late fees, service charges, hidden fees, surtaxes, forced certifications, levies, and more).

She had him cremated, and again, the deal is, lucky for her, she has some disposable income, so she had the finances to pay for the death certificates, the filing charges, the body burning, the moving fees, the late fees, all of that. Eventually she got the death certificates, and still she had to fight months to stop Comcast. Imagine, the hundreds of millions of dollars companies like Comcast get for phone and cable services and wifi services for the dead.

The lawyer working with the executor, for the few shekels in my friend’s investment account, needed an my W-9, for tax purposes, and I let out my disgruntled ire to him, “that, alas, capitalism and the rules written by the banks and the lawyers, demand my social security number and my name and address be given to the IRS for a paltry sum, an inheritance?” Obviously, it was a point of contention, not an attack on him personally, but surely it must have been an attack in his profession (lawyers, hands down, YUK).

What are 20,000 Lawyers at the Bottom of the Sea? Answer: a start!

These conversations go nowhere, because, a, lawyers do believe their lies and the game they play because they set the rules of the game minute to minute. I ended up saying something positive about the USPS, and he called me on his cell phone. All things looked like he was an agreeable liberal, though he said in his field, investment law, he was a rare democrat.

Again, the dreaded “socialism” came out of my mouth, since I am not and never have been a dedicated Democratic Party proponent, and alas, this country tis of thee needs the new MAGA hat – Make America Go Away.

That crossed the line for this quasi-liberal lawyer. He texted me saying – “I think I need to ask you not to overshare your politics w/ me, I don’t agree on all accounts, but support your right to believe what you want. I try to minimize my cell phone usage for work purposes, and certainly don’t want to have it be a medium for political or religious debate.”

This is how the dimwit smart lawyer types who love democrats think. Just the fear factor, too, of his ultra-conservative partners finding out his liberal leaning ways. On his cell phone. One he used to contact me with, including many texts.

This is how these $300,000 a year gutless wonders work, man. “I have mine, I get mine anyway I can, I will follow the rules, toe the line/tow the line, and alas, I make my money money money while I give a few shekels to the WWF, United Way and some democratic candidate for president. But SOCIALISM? You are worse than Trumpies! Do not contact me again!”

Oh, the level of discourse is so bastardized, so broken with mainstream and idiotic-stem media, all the barking and wailing, the pure shit coming out of the internet, the blogs, the podcasts, and more and more. There are no rational conversations with a broad mix of perspectives, that’s for sure.

Until we live in a world where any narrative, any science, any doubts, any humanity pointing against fascism, digital platforms for crypto-currency, for universal butthole/basic income, any discussion about how bad Zoom doom is for the K12 and post K12 crowd, but now, for the people who embrace working from home, never having to step foot in the office again.

Join, Believe, Comply, Be Coerced, Obey, Lock-step or DIE!

Any level of pushback against Facebook or Musk or self-driving cars or forced vaccinations, forced closures, forced kettling during protest, forced shut downs, forced evictions, foreclosures. Any level of going against the bullshit libertarian-Ayn Randian-Neoliberal-Lords of War narrative, and we are dead meat, literally or figuratively. Forget about having a smart discussion about sea level rise, anthropomorphic causes of global heating, global resource collapse, global pandemics, global pollution, global cancer rates, global hell!

I have so-called lefties denying the whole thing, even making up some shit about Covid-19 isn’t real when the evidence is that it IS real, really manufactured REAL, really perfectly Phase One of a Many Phased/Headed Hydra of Hell.

As if all those bioweapons by USA and Israel and the like are not historically Real. As if the poisons meant for humanity, as in Agent Orange, isn’t really REAL. Phosphorus bombs, Napalm bombs, Smart bombs, the mother of all bombs, nope, not real. Stealth drones and mini-poison delivery systems by CIA-Mossad. Nope, not really REAL at all.

These are subhuman, the murderers of MLK, Kennedys, Malcom, and on and on. So, no, these pieces of human scum would never ever really create REAL biotoxins. Nope. No PR-spinners saying a pack of cigarettes a day pushes the blues away. Nope, not those people, those Salvador Allende plotters. Not those Henry Kissinger types, and Dulles Brothers, and COINTELPRO, and the entire profit system that would have Tyson Foods rule the lives of not just the workers, but the fetuses of workers, the land, the very ecology where the Eerie Lake worth of Blood and Offal and Guts and Shit drain off.

No, the virus is not really a REAL invention of these murderers and experimenters. NOPE.

Imagine, here in Oregon, there is a mink industry (sick sic), where the purveyors of Auschwitz for Animals pack in minks, and they have outbreaks of not just SARS-CoV2, but other pathogens. Imagine that this is an industry? And it isn’t locked down, closed for good.

Imagine that, the democratic Governor Brown, and the lunacy of a country led by leeches and piranha and the almighty power of the imperial president and all the president’s Military-IT-AI-Banking-Medicine-Pharma-Big Ag-Prison-Chemical-Real Estate-Surveillance Complex Men/Women, messing with lockdowns, ICU’s 110 filled up, no PPE, no nothing, and this is what we have. No screaming at the top of their lungs from the NPR pundits. All those worthless millionaires and multimillionaires that are part of the medium is the message pukes.

The character Howard Beale gave the following speech in Network that still resonates today.

I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth. Banks are going bust. Shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter. Punks are running wild in the street and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it. We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat, and we sit watching our TVs while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be. 

Oh well, the lying lefties who think it is all a Greta Spin or Bill McKibben muse, they too are right about green as the new black, how the greenie weenies want capitalism to save the planet,  but these same lefties are wrong wrong wrong about the reality of how messed up the world really is, and will be due to a WORLD without ICE:


John Englander is a co-author of the paper and author of the books “High Tide on Main Street” and the soon-to-be-released “Moving to Higher Ground: Rising Sea Level and the Path Forward.” He says this paper is a reaction to a “chorus of concern in the scientific community that the projections for rising sea level were understated.”

He said the research team hopes their work can inform the next major IPCC report, since that’s the most widely cited document on climate change. “With the next report now being prepared for release in 2021-22, our intent was to make the case to the IPCC leadership to explain the reality of Antarctic potential melting better, as it might significantly add to sea level rise this century.”

Since the last Ice Age, which reached its maximum extent about 20,000 years ago, global temperatures have warmed about 18 degrees Fahrenheit and sea levels have risen 425 feet; that’s greater than the length of the football field.

Historically speaking, simple math reveals that for every degree Fahrenheit the Earth warms, sea-level eventually rises by an astonishing 24 feet. There is, however, a sizable lag time between warming, melting and consequent sea-level rise.

Considering that Earth has already warmed 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the late 1800s, we know that substantial sea-level rise is already baked in, regardless of whether we stop global warming. Scientists just don’t know exactly how long it will take to see the rise or how fast it will occur. But using proxy records, glaciologists can see that as we emerged from the last Ice Age, sea level rose at remarkable rates — as fast as 15 feet per century at times.1

  1. Excerpts from Jeff Barardelli, “Sea-level rise from climate change could exceed the high-end projections, scientists warn,” CBS, 23 December 2020. ]

“Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” –– Mark Twain

by Paul Haeder / December 30th, 2020

First, the blatant insipid nature of National Propaganda Radio and “(Not) All Things Considered.” You know, the so-called liberal media that is so-so cutting edge, leftist. How rotten the world is, and how valiant the workers are, the poor, the laborers, and this is taking up their head space for those back East Elites and Trust Fund Babies and Tribal Chosen People’s children and relatives. PBS, NPR, the NYT, Washington Post, they all stink of, well, the liberal class, the rah-rah stand-ins for a, err, kindler and gentler Tough Love Capitalism on Steroids.

President Trump and former first lady Michelle Obama were named the most admired man and woman in 2020, according to an annual survey by Gallup. The analytics and advisory company conducted telephone interviews with a random sample of 1,018 adults across the country in the first weeks of December.

Last year, Trump tied with former President Barack Obama, who was named most admired the past 12 consecutive years. But the president managed to pull away this year with 18%, 3% ahead of his predecessor.

Michelle Obama was ranked as the most admired woman in America for the third year in a row. The runner-up was Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, followed by first lady Melania Trump, according to Gallup.

We do not have to spend time on the irrelevancy and the controlled opposition nature of this non-poll, this goofy “poll” from Gallup, which has a thumb on the pulse of America and the average anal temperature of a true blue GOP or DNC.

Celebrity cults, and, alas, again, no poor, downtrodden, precarious, three-job person doing the news. The buttoned up dead-heads of the East Coast delivering the “news” and determining what ends up on this insipid network.

Moving along – now, another rotting person, giggly and oh-so positive, as if she is selling a hot yoga experience membership, or as if she is so happy to have her Zoom Zoom life, making phone calls to sources (sic).

One system, the Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority, mass transit, is not even on life support because of Plan-demic and decades of the USA and major cities giving up to the fucked up car, the worse Uber and Lyft felons, and, alas, now we are talking billions of dollars lost because ridership went down.

But those CNA’s (certified nursing assistants), and cleaners and janitors and restaurant workers, well, the world is about to triple screw them.
Real people with three jobs, needing good, reliable and frequent mass transportation, but this NPR All Things (sic) Considered just is one rotting example of elitism after another.

Sure, two women were interviewed, and one said it clearly – this country runs on the backs and sweat and labor and arms of workers, and low income people are the majority, and thus, a country should be making decisions for and about them.

As in funding what the majority of us need – decent public transportation.
Who cleans the toilets, changes the bedding of granny, cuts and dices the veggies, picks the food, and m moves the goods and services? It can’t be done on Zoom doom, yet the yellow belly elites, their Little Big Man Eichmann’s and the other white collar types, well, they in the super minority, make decisions?

And then elitist NPR and PBS do their bizarre contortions and absurd questions about why we, the USA, DC, NYC, and a multiple of thousands of places have NO GOOD PUBLIC transportation?

These assholes never ever question the system of penury and elite overlord control Capitalism with a bi “C” for Criminal sets up? Think about that – the auto-industry in bed with the fossil fuel industry in bed with the construction and roads and highways corporations in bed with the insurance companies, and, there you have it – Unsafe at Any Speed, the personal vehicle, the 18-wheelers with three tandem box cars whipping around neighborhoods.

It is Fast-Food Nation, but also SOV Nation (single occupancy vehicle). It is highway and by-way and couplet nation, with neighborhoods and downtowns and exurbs polluted with smog, traffic jams, death vehicles.
So, this NPR reporter laughs up a storm when she sees, on a Zoom, the fellow she interviews whose title is — Senior Research Associate Urban Institute.

Game of Thrones on Mass Transit maps. It’s as if this woman/ NPR reader is having a pizza orgasm. Then, the knowledge worker, instead of having guts and reality about how the USA needs to flip the script – no more control of towns, cities, suburbs by the trucking-auto-construction industries —  he talks about underfunding, and taxing citizens in those communities more and more for public transportation.

As if all those CEOs and Stockholders and Millionaire and Billionaire Minions of the Shekel have no skin in the game. The Targets and Walmarts and Amazons and the other thousands of national and multinational companies making book on the labor of people who depend on rides to and from their three jobs a week, nah, don’t dare flush them out for who they are – gigantic continuing corporation welfare criminal enterprises.

Nice hearing the news delivered by a $120,000 a year news spreader and another elite who probably makes a cool $90 K a year at the Urban Institute.
I’ve been up close and personal with these folks, since I did a foray into urban planning with a graduate degree earned face to face and on the ground in urban and regional planning. Imagine that, no Zoom, not on-line communities, but rolling up sleeves, going to neighborhood association meetings, mapping on butcher paper, listening to myriad of community needs, complaints, visions, etc.

Imagine that, going to tribal councils, and going to rural communities to see what kind of signage they might want for some scenic byways. Imagine the hard work of classes with people in them and going through ground-truthing with other students in neighborhoods.

Imagine me also teaching English classes while a graduate student. A radio show on art and then also sustainability. Then a column in both the weekly newspaper and the monthly magazine on urban and regional planning issues, among other issues.

Above all, the planning system has to convince local communities of its ability to deliver urban change to their collective benefit. Enthusiasm for neighborhood planning is highly dependent on communities feeling they have the ability to influence their locality, to command the resources to achieve the change they want and to resist plans for their area being imposed from above with little local input. Thus closing the democratic deficit in planning at local, city and regional scales is also dependent on the ability of the planning system to deliver and thus on the implementation of the other reforms discussed above.

1. Planning should be about wellbeing not just growth
2. Planning powers must be radically devolved
3. The benefits of planning regulation should be recognized
4. Land reform is essential, including local land ownership and land value capture
5. The democratic deficit in planning must be tackled — Source

There a thousand and one non-profits making money parsing what urban and regional planning should or should not do. Lots on urban growth boundaries, and a plethora of terms and characterizations tied to unchecked growth, the tragedy of the commons, failure of the politics of planning and zoning, and much of that is tied to the rapacious nature of the US Chamber of Commerce and then a million lobbies and industry groups grappling over the money, man, the taxpayer money, the largesse of our world.

Never do they want what’s good for the larger community, for the poor and lower economic class. NEVER. And those non-profits working the urban planning gig, those on the sustainability gig, on the environmental gig, they, again, largely controlled by the controllers – East Coast snobs, East Coast graduates, people with big ties to the ugly Ivy League, and, of course, from “families” with connections.

Oh, shit, as my old agent (New York City) told me, my El Paso zip code was a bad zip one for the masters of publishing when they received my short story and novel manuscripts. The best they could attack me with was that I was “a regional writer.”

Then the same luck of another bad zip code for Spokane, as a regional planning aficionado. You think I could get a job in planning journalism, or work with a think tank?

You know, the only way the world will change is when the elites go into their Zoom Doom holes, letting them just yammer and yammer on in their cloistered and controlled environments. . . and the world moving toward some semblance of social-cultural-racial-gender-BIOPOC-environmental justice will be assisted by out embrace of the narratives and strength and collective IQ and acumen of the people – the 80 Percenters, the poor and hard-working men and women and children who are paying the price of Criminal Capitalism.

It’s not just me with sour grapes or resentment, though there is no reason why a few sour grapes and some resentments should not be the primacy of news stories. Or a person’s motive for writing for an on-line blog-newsletter. Or there is no reason why resentment, social injustice railing, sour grapes, and other angry motives should not be parts of reports and conferences and white papers and certainly with community-based decision making.

Alas, when hearing the Trumpies, the various criminals occupying state capitals, the prognosticators in the realm of economy-education-environment-equity-energy (the 5 e’s), the Obama Three Criminals Lining up, the Bumbling Biden-Reagan Tripping, all the others in the media and internet world, all of them, they have nothing to say to the 80 percent.

And the NPR piece listed below is just an encapsulation and emblematic of bad tides that have been lapping our mental shores for decades, and the rising toxic news (sic) tides that are rising as quickly as the ice-drained seas.
It’s all about what the elites do not report, what they miss to report, how they spin, how they shade and craft their perspectives and their frames. And you will get kernels of decent stories, sometimes, on PBS and NPR, but the crowd of “reporters” and “news broadcasters” are myopic in many ways, lost in a parade of elitism and east coast patriarchal and matriarchal mindsets.

They only take a centerline, and they falsely balance, and they create dichotomies in a world of multiple perspectives and solutions. They are controllers, and their sing-songy voices, their enunciations, their clippy wording, their timed ethos, pathos and logos, all of that, it has created the drumming rot of the liberal class.

Again, Capitalism is a big failure, and PBS and NPR and the other dozens of mainstream media maulers, well, they will never bring on the revolutionaries, the people in planning or transportation or economics or politics or sciences who question the very foundation of a military economy, the empire of delusion, the Homo Retailapithecus and Homo Consumopithecus species that Capitalism and especially Western Capitalism have Bred in their Chambers of Insanity-Stupidity-Victimization-Illiteracy-Intolerance-White Supremacy.

I heard Joseph Stiglitz on Democracy Now, and, alas, he is Capitalism’s biggest cheerleader, and he looks so bizarre in his old Jewish Man Way, in a Zoom Box, lecturing the world on, well, $600 plan-demnic check versus $2000 check. Yes, he hits a few points, but again, he is a multimillionaire, safely ensconced in his East Coast abode, Zooming his classes he teaches, Zooming his interviews, while he pens yet another and another book, read by a few NPR and PBS types.

AMY GOODMAN: So, also included in the bill, these tax breaks to the wealthy, including increased military spending for about $5 billion. Americans for Tax Fairness put out a report saying the collective wealth of billionaires in the U.S. has jumped by close to a trillion dollars, $931 billion, since mid-March. The report found 22 million U.S. adults reported not having enough food to eat. More than half of those adults had children in their households. Nearly 62 million U.S. residents lost work between March and September. And yet this massive windfall for the country’s wealthiest billionaires.

JOSEPH STIGLITZ: Well, that’s a reflection of what is becoming called the K-shaped recovery. When we kept interest rates so low, when those who have access to Zoom and technology can largely avoid the worst effects of the disease, you’re going to get that kind of K-shaped recovery. The low interest rates benefit those who own shares, and those have done fantastically well. And that’s why, in that context of this very unequal incidence of the disease and the incidence of the economic impact, that $2,000, that goes to those at the bottom, is really important, because it — you know, it doesn’t really remedy the K-shaped recovery, but it ameliorates some of the worst consequences.

And there we have it, the Peace and War/Pandemic Report, by Amy Goodman (millionaire) and the weight of that quasi-alternative media outlet, with, again, a few decent stories, features, so no baby (Democracy Now) out with the bathwater.

What Is The Future Of Public Transit In The U.S.?
Senior Research Associate Urban Institute

Spaces of Struggle 

The Radical Planning White Paper – Part 1

Five Radical Ideas for a Better Planning System 

Radical planning has two main trends. The first is an anarchist-inspired approach emphasizing decentralized control and the experimentation with alternative societal organizations. The second main school of radical planning is more structurally orientated. It takes a Marxist direction focusing on the impacts of the economic system on class conditions and the role of planning in the class struggle. The first group of radicalist planning theorists includes the environmentalist movements. The Marxist radical version proposes government control of the means of production and that production, instead of being governed by profit motives, should be directed towards meeting societal needs as defined through the political process.

Naess analysed these five main alternative planning theories with a view to determining their ability to deliver sustainable development. The criteria Naess used to evaluate these theoretical positions were:

(a) To what extent will the planning form be able to contribute to long-term preservation of global and national environmental qualities … and management of natural resources in a way that does not reduce the abilities for future generations to meet their needs?

(b) To what extent will the planning form be able to contribute to the preservation of local environmental qualities?

(c) To what extent will the planning form be able to contribute to a distribution of goods which ensures basic rights to welfare for everybody, regardless of nationality or social group?

(d) To what extent will the planning form be able to advance, or be in conflict with civil and political rights, especially minority rights?

(e) To what extent will the planning form be able to contribute to the improvement of the conditions for planning in accordance with the criteria for a sustainable development?

Phoenix, the most unsustainable shit-hole, and Bill Gates is developing tons of land there — this is the sickness of Capitalism —

What do those millionaires and their Little Eichmann’s do for America? Right, trillions for the Mercenary Military Complex, Billions to that Apartheid ” Israel, and bailing out the hedge funders and investment class.


Bank owned — America! Millions of empty buildings, malls, homes.

California’s Hospital Crisis — this is the face of Reagan on down and up that criminal line.


for my wife on the 2020 terminus

tucked-in necks
pushing against westward
wind, reminders of strength
of nature, our
human foibles
deadly dramas

you have shrouds
rainbow serapes
layers covering so much –
father’s familial dementia
severe religious dogma
a sister’s daily protection
as you held back what
you could for a brother

awakenings at the corona
of upthrusted earth
rising to Pacific
you find a new you
layers peeled away
still the exposure
the tremors of past
colliding into future
but you push through

neck protected
nothing fancy, just
tortoise determination
like giant blue herons
those passing my window
where words
are my talisman

you are there
in the moment
bawdy stories
of long-lost aunts
those funny as hell
tales of making out
in a Pennsylvania cemetery
white girl with
those black guys
the sum total
of your life

reclaiming lost
those woven sheets
of indigenous
cotton, the colors
of your past
beckoning a new
renewed future
one day
your stories
will bring a chuckle
to us all  A pair of sandhill cranes standing in Myakka Lake as a flock of white ...

You can fool most of the people most of the time. P. T. Barnum

Someone said, “If you don’t have something nice to say about someone, don’t say anything.”

Oh, the idiocy of America!

Shit-dog, this country, now, and going back when I was in my teens (13 when my family moved us from Paris, France, to Arizona – of all places), well, lying, cheating, achy-breaky heart, don’t you know, thieving, scamming, and, well, bombing (military and economic), that’s what it is, but you won’t get that from those lying cheating bullshitting PR-spinning, pass-the-hat, money-loving politicians on both sides of the manure pile.

Literally, most Americans really believe this is, at its core, a great country. Honest. Pretty darned exceptional. God-granted. Great White Hopey Dopey.

The lies, in school, and the lies, in families, and the lies, within the culture – every single flyover of the blue angels (sic) and the parachute drop of the golden knights, more ramification of the emptiness of the country.

A view of the Elysian Park Heights area filled with houses, and a road through the middle and another on the hillside on the right.

I remember learning about Chavez Ravine, in the Los Angeles area, where amazing Mexicans and Mexican-Americans set up a community – homes, churches, schools, and community center. That started in 1910, and the reason Mexicans ended up creating a self-sufficient neighborhood of up to 1,800 families was because of the racism declared by and emanating from those great lords of capital – restrictive housing covenants they called them. In Oregon, where I live now, they just got rid of Sundown Laws, another way to say, “If you are caught being black after sundown, well, anything goes . . . . bring in the nooses (not clowns).” Alas, the planners in LA sold them out, the politicians screwed them and the Dodgers professional sports stinkers, from New York, to LA, ripped them off in a really screwed typical North American manner.

More than 3,000 people living in three communities, in a rural setting, they eventually got tossed and evicted, a la LA County Sheriff Department ghouls, again, evidence of the pigs or coppers or whatever you want to call the thugs of oligarchy.

Stealing Home: Los Angeles, the Dodgers, and the Lives Caught in Between tells the story of how a cluster of longstanding Mexican-American neighborhoods in Los Angeles was destroyed through the exercise of newly expansive state powers. The author, sportswriter Eric Nusbaum, demonstrates the caprice with which municipal leaders used that power, shifting their priorities rapidly from a project aimed at expanding the city’s housing stock to one aimed at assuring its big-league status. Nusbaum employs the well-known story of Dodger Stadium’s origins to craft a compelling social, political, and cultural history of postwar Los Angeles. The result is a cautionary tale about the dangers of eminent domain, and of municipal authorities’ power to reshape communities in the name of grand civic enterprises.  Source. More information here.

Now, this was a high school English class, in Tucson. The 15-year-old Paul was already steeled against robber barons, against the military, against the capitalists, against the entire project of death by a thousand pollutants. I was introduced to Silent Spring, too, at age 13. I learned about what happened to Rachel Carson. Hell, even Cousteau gave me a sense of the oceans and humanity’s razing and dazzling exploitation,  and more of that.

You know, the winners write the history. Eminent domain for the greater good. All that taxpayer money and all that land and all of the other graft associated with “professional sports,” well, the high school class wasn’t so much divided, as it was me and a couple of other students decrying this system of theft and eviction.

I hated the University of Arizona basketball teams and football teams because the coaches and staff and all the money thrown into that it was a shining example of conservative thievery, and then all those “liberal” college profs loving the NCAA Sweet Sixteen and all of that. Overpaid thugs in the sports business, while part-time faculty live in their minivans, going from campus to campus. Fuck America (and it is the same in all the white countries, Canada, Australia, and in Korea, Mexico, all over — real teachers not only do not get paid squat, but they get killed.

Oh that racism. Who was here before the whites ended up in California?

Might makes right. That’s how the progress cookie crumbles. These idiotas have a thousand little homilies to the criminality of USA and Capitalism!

Go Team. Give me a “C.” Give me an “R.” An “I” . . . “M’” . . . “I” . . . “N” … “A” … “L”!!!!!! Oh yeah, -ality . . .  CRIMINALITY! C for Capitalism/Criminality!

Even after living in Europe and UK, with a mother from Canada, grandparents from Germany, my namesake, Paul Haeder, a WWI pilot for the Keiser, and the others a Scotsman and Scotswoman forced to live in Canada a la Salvation (starvation) Army … after all the pro-union discussions when my Scots grandfather ended up working in a paper-pulp mill in B.C., a union job … after years of learning the history of my Irish roots, too … the bombing of relatives in Dresden, well, I had a real sense of how capitalism was a whore’s game of extreme exploitation.

One of my relatives showed me the wee book, “War is  Racket.”

All it takes is one example to drive a person to understand the systemic criminality of this country tis of thee, and the absurdity of what, calling Turtle Island, “America,” after another thief of time from Florence, Amerigo Vespucci.

“Who was here before the sick boys and girls from Europe came in pillaging, prostituting, pimping and polluting the land with their ministers of money, military and religions?” Deeper questions for a 15 year old.

In that class, in Tucson, in a school, called Canyon del Oro, with our mascot called, The Dorados. This is valuable underpinning for a radically progressive and leftist human’s progenerating. Sure, the mascot looked like a Conquistador, in that weird way of making us on the football team and wrestling squad look like ancient warriors, in a school named for a desert canyon with no gold – on this very land, usurping everything about the very fruit of the races and tribes that were, or course, here, way before the DNA mutants, called Europeans, slogged over to the so-called New World, the New Eden.

That was 1973, decades before the ugly racists fought to ban classes in the school system in Tucson that gave a history of Mexicans and Chicanos in this part of the world.

On Tuesday, May 11, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law HB 2281, which “prohibits a school district or charter school from including courses or classes that either promote the overthrow of the United States government or promote resentment toward a race or class of people.”. The classes now banned are the ‘La Raza studies’ courses—also called Chicano studies or Mexican American studies—that have become popular in Arizona public schools.

I interviewed one of the faculty who helped set up this engaging set of courses, Mexican-American Studies, in the Tucson Unified School District. Sure, a federal judge deemed the governor’s and legislature’s HB2281 racist, years later, but what needs to be emphasized – those students who took all the other core courses as well as the Mexican-American Studies classes were motivated to learn more, motivated to break some cycles of poverty, and not dropping out before graduation.


We are talking about students defending the Mexican-American studies program who were then attending the University of Arizona.

So, 1973, a punk wrestler/football player/scuba diving freak already got the memo of how racist the entire system is, from the Democrat-voting freaks in high office, to the GOP, Great Oppressors Party. And my own classmates telling the teacher that Chavez Ravine just shows how backwards “those people were, and how smart Walter O’Malley was to get the Dodgers there and to win championships.”

To the victors go the spoils. Foreclosures, illegal evictions, dark clad figures in the night with torches, an army of lawyers out to scrape every cent from the poor working class. Ahh, America, what would that Florentine say, uh?

The white lords of capital, the winners, and, unfortunately these white kids mostly were the losers, for the most part, of that white lords’ game of wealth and power accumulation.

Ironically, when I was a faculty union organizer (part-time college instructors) with SEIU-925 in Seattle, my supervisor’s old man had just written a book on Chavez Ravine.

Michael Laslett was my boss’s name (SEIU-925), and his old man, John, had a book coming out soon, at my old stomping grounds, University of Arizona (Press) –

Many historians have contributed to our understanding of Chavez Ravine, the forcible evictions that took place there, and the impact that these evictions had on the Mexican American community that once lived there. Some of these historians, like John H.M Laslett, focus their research on how the Red Scare impacted the Los Angeles City Council’s decision to not go through with the public housing that was promised to the residents of Chavez Ravine. In his book, Shameful Victory: The Los Angeles Dodgers, the Red Scare, and the Hidden History of Chavez Ravine, Laslett provides an analysis of what life was like for Chavez Ravine residents before the evictions, and as they were resisting the evictions. One of Laslett’s main arguments is that of the anti-communist sentiment that was sweeping the nation and rearing its head into Los Angeles City Council politics. He describes a correlation between the growth of anti-communist sentiment and the opposition of public housing, ultimately resulting in the 1953 decision to cancel the public housing, and instead use Chavez Ravine land for “public purpose.”

Chavez Ravine: A Story of Mexican American Female Resistance in Mid- 20th Century Los Angeles

Chavez Ravine eviction

Ahh, the same old same old, 2020, and the forced evictions. The Gestapo sheriff deputies playing turnkey for the dirty management companies, the banks, the mortgage holders. And where oh where are those women, those Cesar Chavez types during this lockdown. Please, dear reader, there is good reason why they, the paymasters of this country, call it a lockdown.

That is the process of locking out people, locking up the food, locking away the profits, getting a lock on all the benefits of a war profiteer’s wet dream. Imagine, any company making profits hand over fist, during this time of Covid Reset.

Zero talk about a tax on profits during 2020. No talk of reappropriating the profits made on locked down and locked out and lock and unloaded Americans. Job after million job after ten million job, ended. Restaurant after store after coffee shop after even biggish chain, closed.

Talk about neutered and spayed Americans. This bye-bye to 2020 will usher in the decade of continuing criminal enterprises, on a huge scale, and usher in more meaningless cult of celebrities, more meaningless business story after business story on this or that next or ex Titan of business.

Zoom and Amazon and a thousand other companies making money hands over fists, while USA citizens en mass are starving, soon to be starving, and, then, the heroic vaccinators, now, with this or that experimental RNA vaccine, and oh how the year 2022 is now on the lips of the profiteers. By 2022 the LMIC’s might get some version of the arm stab. Low and Middle Income Countries, they are acronymized.

The predictions are there – all businesses that are deemed mom and pop, they are on the chopping block. All workers will have the Scarlet Letters, VV, on a passport or a little tattoos, but not VV for Valiant Victory, not V for Victorious Vendetta, but VV for Vaccinated Victim.

Victims of criminal profiteers, criminal millionaires in Congress and the Senate, and the destroyers of all safety nets and public services – the unqualified, deceitful, deliriously dumb anointed assholes of all those government agencies.

Yeah, no need for FEMA, no need for OSHA, no need for veterinarians and ag inspectors and fish biologists and climate experts and transportation wonks and housing authorities and the like to be honest, there for, by and because of the people. Hell, how many education secretaries from either side of the political manure pile deemed teachers as commies or ingrates or spoiled?

We don’t need robust research on the thousands of new chemicals (read, poisons and toxins) coming out of the war profiteer sectors. No need for oceanographers and wetlands experts in the employ of the public. No need for seismologists, hard rock geologists, holistic medicine wonks, and all the other people who should be protecting us as individuals, communities, collectives, states, regions and the country as a whole.

We are all – the 80 Percent of us – future Chavez Raviners. We are now the Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. We all are illegal aliens.


Leading me to think how shallow Americans are, now, and how flagrantly philandering the media are. There is no So-Called Liberal Media, and many a conservative has admitted they call NPR and PBS liberal just to get headlines, to get their goat. No one believes NPR and PBS are liberal outlets. Neoliberal, sure, but neoliberal ain’t progressive. Does anyone reading Dissident Voice really need a primer on how bad NPR and MSM have been, way before Si Se Puede Obama?

The omnipresence of the ads hour after hour has irritated many NPR listeners around the country. By way of comparison, a major commercial station in Hartford – WTIC – clocked 18 advertisements in that 8am hourly slot – albeit they were longer than the NPR ones.

They invite guests on air who ideologically oppose public broadcasting—that’s fine, but then they minimize the appearances by leading progressives.

It seems that NPR and PBS, often by their omissions and slants, bend over backward in order not to offend right-wing lobbies and corporations. They invite guests on air who ideologically oppose public broadcasting – that’s fine, but then they minimize the appearances by leading progressives.

Occasionally, I speak with the NPR and PBS Ombudsmen. The purpose of the ombudsman is to maintain proper standards and ethics as well as to consider audience complaints. A while back, an NPR Ombudsman volunteered to me that NPR was giving far more time to representatives of conservative evangelical groups than to representatives of liberal religious organizations.

Charlie Rose on PBS had many more CEOs on his program than civic leaders. — “The Realized Temptations of NPR and PBS” – Ralph Nader

Allow me to circle around to the germ of this screed — Mike “Rooster” McConaughey. He went off on his soap box last week (he has more than $200 million listed, but there is always more and more offshore, as the Fiddler on the Roof might sing). Again, this is America – giving this putz airtime. Big bad McConaughey, working as a 12-year-old in his old man’s oil field ventures in Texas.

He went off on that vapid line of how there are two bad same sides of the same coin – the extreme right and the extreme left. This libertarian Hollywood puke, again, he gets on TV, British TV, too. It’s all nonsense, and yet, he takes himself seriously, and the world listens to this nincompoop.

He said we need “the liberal and conservative side” to be present in our society but that “the extreme left and the extreme right completely illegitimize the other side.” McConaughey explains that “the two extremes illegitimize those two sides or they exaggerate that side’s stance into an irrational state.”

The division in America will not be fixed without “confrontation.” McConaughey said, “you’ve got to have confrontation to have unity.” He said, “I would argue we don’t have true confrontation right now, confrontation that gives some validation and legitimizes that opposing point of view. We don’t give legitimacy or validation to an opposing point of view, we make it persona non grata, and that’s unconstitutional.” — Source.

These are the rich people, speaking for the, well, both sides? False balancing, manufactured lies, and to say the extreme right is the same extreme as the socialists, and that’s what these multimillionaire entertainers see the left as. Liberal to him is neoliberal, and conservative to him, well, in his cannabis haze, is, who, Dwight Eisenhauer?

Cancel culture is not socialists, communist or anarchist. Yet, the billowing bag of wind, he represents much of Holly-Dirt, much of the vaunted class, the millionaire and investor class. As they produce endless crap, movies, the same old “character actor” who is the same old “dude or gal” in yet another film.

These people hang with each other, and I just saw there’s Mel Gibson and Sean Penn movie coming out. Oh, two sides of the same coin.

These are charlatans, and their lives are meaningless to that working class or underclass human being.

Mister Mike knows nothing of the real cancel culture, knows nothing of the real world, no matter how many days he worked in the oil fields with his old man.

That’s how the idiotic cookie crumbles in the USA – vultures of capital, the same investing gurus, these folk who have money thrown at them, in an industry (sic) that is around to propagandize the exceptionalism of this global terrorist country, and then oh they wax poetic, nostalgic and crocodile tear eyed about this bloody country built on the back of slaves and on the bones of Original Peoples.

I think just skimming so goofball Bing News or Yahoo News, something, that’s what got my ire, and there are another million Michael McConaughey’s out there or John Malkovich’s to fill a septic field from Portland to Peoria.

There was always, in the past, a limit to this hatred. Letters would be signed with the writer’s address. Or if not, they would be so-ill-written as to be illegible. Not any more. In 26 years in the Middle East, I have never read so many vile and intimidating messages addressed to me. Many now demand my death. And last week, the Hollywood actor John Malkovich did just that, telling the Cambridge Union that he would like to shoot me.

Long live the memory of Robert Fisk, and this is, again, another nutshell of the nutty Americans in Holly-Dirt, or Politics, or Business, or Tech, you name it:

How, I ask myself, did it come to this? Slowly but surely, the hate has turned to incitement, the incitement into death threats, the walls of propriety and legality gradually pulled down so that a reporter can be abused, his family defamed, his beating at the hands of an angry crowd greeted with laughter and insults in the pages of an American newspaper, his life cheapened and made vulnerable by an actor who – without even saying why – says he wants to kill me. — Robert Fisk

sayonara The Year of Beginning a Century of Buffoons and Devils

gum tree outside
spasmatic limbs
roots reaching sky
great blue heron squadrons
above filigree tips
agate sheen murder
crows by a dozen
espying me watch

powder blue, fog, rain,
monsoon, electric
sunrise, I hear tidal churn down
road, closed-tight window
hermetic darting beta
at fingertips, clacking away
words flow staccato breathing

‘have typewriter, will travel’
2020 world stagnated
viral fear like storm
troopers, 24-7 virus
TV, social media
rotting from top
down, mercenaries
one and all
shekels by nanosecond
magic of the markets
evil more than Dante’s
evil dredging fear
Goebbels and Mengele
carnival actors, bloated
faces of racists
geriatric Brooks Brothers
criminals, laughing KIA

a distant foghorn
helicopter scanning
Pacific king tides
sneaker waves
conjunctions of sun
moon Jupiter
Saturn solstice
guiding double star
galvanizing superstitious
boys and girls
lining up for a billion
jabs, Gates & Company
devils limp-wristed
richest criminals worldwide

Anna hummer
dissipates forbidden
thoughts momentarily
drawing air on silhouetted
gum tree barren
more depth of being
against the millions
of Eichmann’s setting
death schedules
school children hijacked
stuck to Lazy Boy middle
managers, while Black
Lives Matter, fieldhands
speaking mother tongues
choppers, butchering
their own lives
as Rachel Maddow
Lot’s are stench detritus
gesticulating multi-millionaire
commentary, press-titutes
by another name

shine on, Pacific yews
dawn dews, word
is lynx is wandering
Bay Side streets
black bears dance too
Anna hummingbirds dive
bombing for fun, elk the
only reindeer in sight

the locust gum tree
traps winter lamentations
buds ready for springing
into hollowed light
I write seeking
dissipated destiny
barely hinted at
peregrine greeted me
at bridge arch
I’ll take any sign
the Gregorian calendar
forever wrong
thirteen moons
blue moon

Wolf Moon
Snow Moon
Worm Moon
Pink Moon
Flower Moon
Strawberry Moon
Buck Moon
Sturgeon Moon
Corn Moon
Hunters Moon
Beaver Moon
Cold Moon

I’ll watch gum tree
moons passing
give me Indian
names, so I forever
erase the deadly
viruses of Capitalism
our reckoning
with bat viruses
cooked up
in the devils’ labs.

Dec. 13, 2020, Waldport, Oregon*
*Land of Alsea — Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde (see, Native Lands America, Canada, , where you live)

Angling for New Beginnings – Recovering Time, Faith, Memory

more than a survivor’s tale – a story recalled by those in everlasting recovery

by Paul Haeder / December 11th, 2020

Timeincown Art Print featuring the photograph The Walk To Paradise Garden by W. Eugene Smith
W. Eugene Smith — The Walk to Paradise Garden

prefiguring Dante’s circles
this father squeezed gravity
hateful and alcoholic parents
models of daily pugilism
he turned into teen
warped by progenitors

predator, mean as cuss
finds bullshit Navy
place to repress
until fathering child
madam boom-boom

the second child, or maybe third
daughter is my friend:
imagine juvenile bruises,
older sister of bro’ standing
between another hematoma
for baby, sacrificing safety

these are not eulogies of cracker
redneck, rather sickness
the seed of his parents
boy-to-man, hateful
the bubbling acid
narcissism, sociopathy

daughter tells me
predator father tricked
her out, California style
the boy brother
flung like ragdoll
every ounce of old man’s
incompetence, failings
each, an uppercut to boy’s gut
multiple head crashes

today is fifty years from
her birth: she paints
therapy images, collages
eyes of mother and chin
of grandmother
Frida Kahlo roses
the Christ figure
in supplication
she puts in a rib cage
sews it with red
yarn, the heart of
Dolores Mexicana
dangles, blade
deep into heart

this life is more than
one or two lamentations
formative years
pure war zone
until separation from
evil paternal sociopathy
brings youth into
struggling adulthood
always some thing
hooked to wicked
father, crusted hard
like a web, crystalized
reaching a thousand miles away
as old man hovers over
model radio planes
lives his life
old man moldering in basement
apartment, his eyes
who knows, scans
porn hubs
his heart
a disembodied belly
of codfish
bloated, bloodless
giant bladder of evil
air from the depths
of Dante’s imagination
bellowing outward, inward
inward, outward

as boy and girl
recover five decades
walk drunk with nightmares
darkness shards turn
to light, golden
new shapes, vibrant
the taste of life
sweet and full
acridity of the assaulter
peeled away
from tongues

until a collage of life
is multiplicity of images
pasted over and over
rearranged each year
the image lifting like
a thousand scabs
healed over
as brother
and sister
breathe air
no longer sucking
in exhalations
of a human devil
they still call
dad …
but rather oxygen
from a warm
blue sirocco
until “dad”
turns to ashes
the white-hot baptism
of surviving
brother and sister’s
eulogy to their past
floats away

New photographs of an empty old farmhouse - Shadows and Light

for friend Barbara, her loss, as I write from her POV

by Paul Haeder / December 6th, 2020

City Guide: Portland, Oregon | Go Next

I am pulling out soot-covered
memories, fires in the hills
reminder of Portlander:
Candee was her name
lost for one month in care
gone in half a day home hospice
I had forgotten this utility trailer
a lifetime of my things, photos, past lives

she had more lucid
memories of my life
than my own record
understood my various traumas
exuded all the empathic ways
advised me, even knew which judge to hear
my case, touching my thoughts
when I barely touched people
in fading photographs

if I had only known Candee
had been stuck
to terminal IV’s, shuttered to death
bed, I would’ve jumped in my
car, hit the road for Seattle:
Is this an act of my own aging,
maybe 71 is young, still
we live our lives so disconnected
are these the lessons . . . connectivity?

people pass now, unknown to me
yet my instinct during this month’s
beaver moon told me something
was wrong with Candee, but
drowned out by, what,
empirical hijacking of our times
my drowning under the drone of
Trump, elections, global chaos?

A while back, Candee had a home for unwed
mothers, took them into her house:
my question is, do these women and their kids
know this angel is dead?

life is like a passing iceberg –
dramatic, sometimes picturesque
then we move on, like a split glacier.
I admit I telephoned her
land line, old school Candee
no interest in Facebook, then Monday
gruff son answers her phone,
my question:
Where’s Candee . . .
she’s dead . . .
Quit joking Trevor, I’d like to speak . . . to . . .
she’s dead . . . .

a confidant for three
decades, now fire-blasted minerals
inside a urn
to be dumped into Puget Sound
no dances, no dirge, no songs of
Candee’s life . . . this is remittance
for aging, disjointed lives
generations in this cold hard land
ready to cart off a life
to Goodwill, conceive of
hurried cremains ceremony
like flicking ashes from a Havana
cigar into the wind?

Memorializing, singing, breaking
of bread, recalling, tributaries
to one’s life, all those connected
to a web, my friend, once unbroken chain
now delinked, this northern
wind in my bones
hard felt now, dislocation
of hip, of my
humility, humanity

another passing
Candee, apprehender
of my mental state,
dredger of emotions
she is now beyond
a beyond, one less
conjurer of ancient rules
gone to her tribe
of shamanistic women
she, sorcerer of my heart, my thoughts
the tip of my tongue
no longer Candee, there
here, finishing my sentences,
knowing my thoughts.

PHOTOS: Spreading the ashes of a man who was homeless in Salem

years growing up in Chile and then San Francisco grafted her life toward socialism

Before heading over to interview this subject, I was thinking of a possible epigraph for the piece. One from a Chilean:

“Discovery is not seeing what there is (that is impossible at any level), but rather allowing oneself to converge towards a continually freshly-created reality.”  ― Chilean economist, Manfred Max-Neef, From the Outside Looking In: Experiences in Barefoot Economics

Then I thought –Why not a female Chilean poet?

“Speech is our second possession, after the soul-and perhaps we have no other possession in this world.” — Gabriela Mistral

Maria — In Newport.

I meet Maria Sause at her upstairs one-bedroom apartment along gravel road east of Newport. She’s been renting for four years from the couple who owns the property who also occupies the residence below her.

Sause tells me her education now at age 78 continues unabated and full-throttle without all the encumbrances tied to trying to raise a child (she has one son), working to survive, and returning to Chile to take care of a dying mother and ailing father, and living with a dynamic Chilean poet leftist in a rural area of that country. “I am belatedly educating myself.”

Gabriela Mistral

As we talk on a warm fall day, Maria explains her current interest is attempting to define “fascism.”

She’s reading Michael Parenti, and asks me, “Is he a reliable source?” I laugh, telling her I’ve been reading him since I was a young college student in Arizona, interviewed him once for one of my newspaper gigs 20 years ago.

“The essence of capitalism is to turn nature into commodities and commodities into capital. The live green earth is transformed into dead gold bricks, with luxury items for the few and toxic slag heaps for the many. The glittering mansion overlooks a vast sprawl of shanty towns, wherein a desperate, demoralized humanity is kept in line with drugs, television, and armed force.” ― Michael Parenti, Against Empire

I’ve run into Maria several times over the past two years of my time in Lincoln County. She is a member of the group, Lincoln County Community Rights, which has lobbied for a ban on aerial spraying of clear-cuts (and any other land) with pesticides that are linked to ill effects on humans and animal life.

She believes in the right of a community to determine what practices are safe and which companies should be allowed to do business within the community.  The basic gist of her belief system is that companies and governments must be held accountable to the people to ensure public health, safety and security are maintained.

This may sound like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro espoused, but in reality, many communities in the USA before the turn of the 19th Century had restrictions on which company could or could not be allowed in a town to do business.

Her own narrative and her zest for knowing the lay of the political landscape make her a real find on the Oregon Coast. She also is a painter.

Four Days After the Nazi Invasion

As fate would have it, her life and this interview might not have come to fruition. Maria’s father, Franta (Francisco), left Czechoslovakia a scant 96 hours after Nazi Germany took over her parents’ homeland (March 15, 1939).

The Czech family line, originally Kraus, goes way back: “I just got in touch with a second cousin three years ago who has completed the family tree. The Kraus family goes back to the late 1700s in Czechoslovakia.”

Maria is an avowed anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist. Her early days in Santiago, Chile, with her industrialist father (he was a licensed medical doctor from Czechoslovakia whose credentials were not recognized in Chile) was one of personal challenge since he was a highly intelligent but dictatorial man.

Given his tough demeanor, her father was prescient enough to have sent his wife, Lisbet Erica Hirsch (maiden name), to England in 1938 before things got ugly in Europe.

Maria and I talk about history, about the saga of her Jewish heritage and roots. Her Kraus family line was virtually extinguished — 54 members on her father’s side (and an unknown number on her mother’s side) were exterminated in places like Auschwitz. Nazis processed professional Jews through the town of Theresienstadt, a hybrid concentration camp and ghetto established by the SS during World War II.

“My father in his youth belonged to several left movements. Maybe it was the shock and trauma of losing parents and the entire family that turned him into a rightwing conservative.”

Maria and her sister were sent to private schools outside of Santiago in the 1940s and 50s. Her parents split when she was one and a half years old and the legal battle for the children put them into a children’s home. After Maria turned six, her father took the girls to live with him, and eventually remarried when Maria was 12.

Her own diaspora as a secular, non-practicing Jew is what she herself initiated once she hit age 19 and her father approved of Maria leaving Chile to study at the San Francisco State College. She stayed with an aunt and uncle. That residence lasted six months before Maria was out on her own, working, going to school and eventually marrying.

Pablo Neruda

Summer of Love

Maria talks about her vibrant circle of friends and compatriots now in Lincoln County. At 78, she has good friends and the Lincoln County Community Rights organization is a lifeforce. She has three grandchildren from a single offspring, Christopher (55), who is in Portland but has lived in Tempe, San Francisco and Chile.

As a writer, I measure lives through their formative years and their young adulthood as stepping stones into aging.

Maria’s sister died young, age 47, of ovarian cancer. Maria went to Israel to assist her sister through the dying process. She has two nephews in Israel, aged 56 and 54. They’ve kept in touch, she says, but going to Israel is out of the question for her: “I can’t stand what Israel does to the Palestinians.”

Maria has gone to school to learn English literature as an avocation to becoming a public-school teacher, which she tried her hand at as a single mother raising Christopher, who graduated from Newport High a long time ago.

That lesson, after having gained a master’s in education in a one-year intensive program at Portland’s Reed College, was tough: the challenges of behavioral issues with K12 students and the way things are run in public education were enough to turn her off substituting.

She says working as an English-Art-Journalism teacher at Siletz High School was a hard lesson. “The kids just ate me up, I wasn’t prepared for all the behavioral issues. I gave the principal my resignation after two years.”

We then turn the pages of her life back, to when she was growing up in Chile and her closest friend was an active member of the communist party – Ursula Sternsdorrf. All of Maria’s intellectual curiosity was kept from her conservative father, who was forced to leave the Nazi advance and the imminent death camps to became an industrialist in Chile.

We jump to her first emancipation – coming to California. Three weeks after arriving in San Francisco to go to school, “I met that anarchist poet, Edward Sause.” 

When Maria returned to Chile to attend a wedding, her father was about to let her return, even going as far as contacting the American Consulate to put pressure the government to keep her in Chile.

The three groups of people who could not get a visa to leave Chile, she shares, were: adulterers; communists and mentally retarded people.

She was three months pregnant when she married Edward. “My husband was a wonderful person, that is, when he was sober.” Just a few years in, they ended up divorced, and Maria was raising a young boy while getting work in offices.

“I was incredibly influenced by my father. He had a strong personality. I wanted to be on good terms with him.” But the way she lived her life was contrary to her father’s belief system and worldview.

Her pathway to Newport is circuitous – meeting her San Francisco State College Shakespeare teacher who was fired for his support of the 1968 student strike. He was Edward van Aelstyn, who ended up in Northern California and lived in his family’s house which burned down. In 1977, he ended up in Newport with his family where he helped set up Red Octopus Theater and Teatro Mundo.


“You don’t push other people under in order to get yourself afloat.” – Maria’s credo

She ended up sharing a house, in 2007, with her former Shakespeare teacher, van Aelstyn.

But even that journey is both circuitous and interesting:

She was back in Chile taking care of her father (who died in 1997) when Maria fell in love with Cesar Retamal. He had lived in many places, including studying in East Germany as a machine builder. He had been imprisoned in Chile by the Pinochet junta. He was an activist, a communist and blacklisted in Chile. The country’s American-backed dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, plays a central role in Chile’s history.

Cesar, like thousands of students, professionals, and union activists, was “disappeared” and tortured in one of the hundreds of “torture houses” Pinochet’s secret police had set up throughout Chile.

Cesar escaped because he knew one of the guards, Maria recounts.

“This is a period of time when I had an enormous education,” she said.  

After her father’s death (her mother had died years earlier), they ended up with inheritances (both Maria and Cesar got separate amounts). Shortly thereafter, they ended up looking for land in the South of Chile: near Temuco, about 675 kilometers from Santiago. The couple eventually built their dream home at the foot of the Andes.

“We built a house which I designed and made a scaled-down exact model of it. Four months later, the cabin-like home was built by locals. Great gatherings of friends and acquaintances were common there. Politics were central to the parties.

Cesar ran a construction business, and she ended up doing translation work – technical, engineering reports, environmental impact reports, and process papers. These included multinational companies, such as Rio Tinto and Anglo American.

She says she learned a lot doing that type of work. She recalls working on a report enlisted by the Bolivian government focusing on privatization of water for the city of Cochabamba through a consortium to include the British private company, International Waters.

It was a dialogue between the British company and Bolivian government.

Interestingly, Cesar’s construction outfit was involved in building small plain homes that the Chilean government had guaranteed every citizen could have access to.

Cesar and Maria split amicably in 2006. The house and land they both still own, and Maria said she also has six apartments in Chile that are rentals which have not seen any income since the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Oregon — Tillamook State Park

Rolling Up Her Sleeves to Preserve Forests

“I have a love-hate relationship with Oregon,” she tells me. “It’s got a reputation for having an environmentally minded government. Yet it’s clear industry runs the state.”

She recalls John Kitzhaber, when he was governor, saying he couldn’t do anything about the clearcutting and aerial spraying in Oregon because “my arms are tied by the timber industry.”

 “Pre-emption laws are made whenever government and industry see the people are rising up against their projects,” she said. “A government that protects industry at a higher level than it protects the safety of the people is unconstitutional.”

This concept of having a fundamental right enshrined by the Constitution that allows people to decide locally on issue of health, safety and the environment, is held dearly by Maria Sause.

She has witnessed the devastation caused by total forest removal in her own neck of the woods where she lives in small above-garage apartment on acreage along Fruitvale Road. The stumps are emblematic of her own fight and LCCR’s fight against clearcutting.

The Lincoln County aerial ban was reversed September 2019, which means timber companies began spraying glyphosate, Atrazine and 2,4-D (an ingredient in Agent Orange made infamous in Vietnam) near where she lives.

Oregon forest

“Right where I live, they clear cut an enormous parcel of the forest.” Interestingly, her life-long avocation of painting reflects thick forest, open sky and clear-cut landscape.

Both Maria and I talk about our socialist leanings and beliefs.

Maria laughs when she tells me of the construction business she and Cesar embarked upon. “We made sure everyone got the same wages. Cesar and I were working without pay. We did not have any business background.”

The administrators/owners were leftists and the laborers rightwing. She laughs hard at that dichotomy.

She tells me that the fight for a community bill of rights, reversing these state pre-emption laws and having communities determine their health, safety and sustainability takes time.

Maria Sause is no fly on the wall, no Pollyanna, and certainly has certain gravitas in the community. She’s up on the issues why the Liquid Natural Gas proposed port in Coos Bay, Jordan Cove, is wrong for that community and the state.

She alludes to the youth around the world, and especially in Newport, protesting for climate action. She applauds them.

In the end, her goal with LCCR is “to provoke structural change in government. In that sense, education is key to “give people the opportunity to see government is not really there to protect their safety.”

Santiago, Chile

“This is why I am here in Newport. I have good friends. I can do my painting. Work on community rights. People have to rise up for their most fundamental rights.”

I pose the question bout if she were to die and have a tombstone, what would be inscribed on it: — “We don’t know why we pass through. Let no step we take while here be wasted.”

The country is still collectively traumatized by the ugly years of Pinochet – 1973 to 1990.

Any reader should be able to piece together this grandmother’s “philosophy. Interestingly, she is clear that her concept of work involves having fun. “I can have as much fun working as doing something conventionally called entertainment. Work can be, and should be, entertaining and entertainment, for me, can be something that requires effort and is difficult to do.”

As an environmentalist, Maria has a clear and simple message about how we are more than just stewards of the planet, and more than just the managers of the earth’s beauty, which so many call man’s “resources.”

“There are a lot of things we, as a species, shouldn’t do. We unfortunately learn about them as we witness ourselves doing them and causing harm to other species and our own. So, what I think we as a species have to do on Earth today is retrace our steps in many ways, and start living in a way that allows other species to live and flourish, even if that means relinquishing many comforts, we take for granted today.”

Penguins in Chile!

there has always been reset after reset once the white race invaded Turtle Island . . . Nothing New Under the Sun, man . . . theft, bribes, murder, maiming, polluting, colonizing, absolute control of the masses!

It’s an unprecedented coalition of business networks that have come together to raise our ambition. Not just to help our individual CEOs succeed, we’ll do that for sure. But to actually bring their voices together to help shift culture. So that the pushback on the BRT [Business Roundtable] from different business publications or other people within the business community lessens. So there’s less of a headwind culturally for this type of leadership.  — Jay Coen Gilbert, co-founder of B Lab and B Corporations [Source]

[These are not good people, and if anyone thinks otherwise, then, well, War is Peace, Truth is Lies, Hate is Love!]

We Are Big Data’s Dregs

The great data dredge. Everyone’s hired through a digital head hunter, staffing firm, and the result is a continuation of atomizing society with no water cooler, so to speak, from which to complain about working conditions, to discuss the next austerity measure concocted by the boss/management/ CEO/Corporation. No after work bull session at the local Chili’s or T.G.I.F. to compare notes about those exploding gas tanks and caustic chemicals and faulty electrodes in the air bag systems.

This is what Ford would have wanted, and this is what the heads of retail and data and manufacturing want. They’ve already put most of us over a barrel with forced arbitration clauses, non-compete agreements (sic), and rule after penalty after threat after law after delimitation, that, well, in this knowledge (sic) economy and post-Industrial (sic) economy, the white collar and pink collar workers are hemmed in by management. More than the field hands picking this country’s lettuce!

The hemming in is an oppression planned and sealed, and a deep seated zombifcation of the “higher castes” and to be honest, people of the land, even those in struggle, in other countries that have been deemed shit-holes by Trump and Third World by Biden have more gumption about them, more ability to fight the systems, the oppressors, than any member of the Western Civilization.

Just drive around your town or suburb, anywhere. Take a look at what and how the systems have been set up for and about the rich, for the money changers, for the money takers, for the dream hoarders. Take a look. How many bus stations, how many covered and art-imbued public amenities? How many public toilets, public waysides, public paths, public trails, public pedestrian overpasses, public bandstands, public gazebos, public museums, public eateries, public statues, signs, art, historical markers? How many trees and shrubs and open spaces set up for the public? How many picnic tables and interpretive trails, and . . . . ? How many tiny home villages for the houseless? How many community gardens? Theaters and cinemas for and by the people?

Talk about dead and lobotomized citizens, as we have allowed the captains of industry and oppressors of finance and the legions of pushers of the realm rule: retailers, consumer crack salesmen/women, middle managers, ant hill after ant hill of processors and facilitators of the entire house of cards built upon the dopamine hits of lizard drips of the brain. “I betcha can’t eat just one Lays potato chip,” now on steroids – “I betcha you can’t just have 3 big screen TVs in your pad . . . “And now you fill in that blank – Just look at the so-called Black Friday ads.

Amazing, junk, junk and more junk. Families buying deep fryers and rice steamers and any number of electronic junk that they can’t or don’t know how to use. All that plastic and tin, diodes and LED screens. All of that planned obsolescence. Nary a word about the embedded energy, the packaging, the toil and slave labor, the life cycle analysis. Piles and piles of worthless junk, planned to break, parts planned to snap, wires planned and ready to melt.

Planned Human Obsolescence

This is not a difficult thing to comprehend,  about socialism for the land and people versus capitalism for the elite and bankers and small group of sociopaths, who will fight tooth and nail (well, with a battalion of lawyers at $1500 an hour each, not really a fight per se) to push the poisons, hawk the faulty products, demand the welfare for the rich and corporations, and deposit all the externalities of their profit schemes onto the public and the commons’ health.

But . . .  Man, those “buts.” I talk all the time with great white saviors, who just start spewing at the mouth of the evils of socialism, and that, well, capitalism is good, and “we let Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk and Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg” accumulate so much wealth and power, so it’s our fault, and really, is it that bad we have these Titans who give us goods and services? This is like heaven compared to countries who push that bullshit democratic socialism crap. Do you know what the 10 pillars of socialism/communism/Marxism are?”

Try putting “debunking the critics of socialism” into the Google Gulag Search, and you shall receive so much hatred and polemics around anything tied to socialism on the first 50 pages of the search, that, well, you get the picture why these big white saviors will dare  come up to me and challenge me the socialist on how and why socialism is bad-bad-bad while capitalism is god’s work.

As these great white saviors are pushing a cart filled with two TV’s, a new printer, two iPads, and junk junk junk, 50 pounds of kitty liter and a hundred pounds of dog chow. While walking past the two young men I am working with who are taking in shopping carts as part of their competitive work as people who happen to be living with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. These Great White Hopes are Blind to “them.”

These great white saviors, well, it’s all about survival of the fittest. All about the colonized mind. All about – “you majored in the wrong subject matter, sucker . . . born into the most messed up family, sucker . . . grew up on that side of the railroad tracks, dufus . . . got stuck with those bills and foreclosures, sucker.”

Oh, the invisible hand of the oppressors, and these people – Biden and Trump supporters, what have you – are criminal thinkers, really, because with one huge swath of their inhuman brain, they disregard 90 percent of the planet’s people.

“They are all sucka’s for being born where they are and from the loins of ‘those’ rotten people.”

A Sucker Borne Every Nanosecond

Oh, and I am seeing more and more quasi-leftist stuff, saying, well, the left needs to embrace the Trumpies, to work with them on labor rights, on environmental rights, on health care for all, on all those issues, and not be so hung up on their misogyny, racism, classism, white Duck Dynasty Ted Nugent shit.

Insanity, man. Leftists writing from the comfort of their offices, well, they are a dime a dozen. The reality on the ground is that this country has a cool 100 million or so hateful, resentful, ignorant of the world, pro-war, rah-rah, hate welfare of all kinds sort of people. They don’t have to be Proud Boys and KKK. These people in this USA, the white ones, mostly, have come from that evil spawn stock, back even before SCD, Smith Colony Disease.

Then, again, we have Democrats with a wilted big “D” who need their comeuppance, and who are just one half brain shy of a squid, and somehow, the other squids (sorry about the dispersion to cephalopods) with another load of brain cells missing need to be embraced, because, the GOP and Trumpies and the like want to move toward a truly socialist society?

Again, the reality is some bad-ass slow, consistent and in many cases rapid death by a 1,000 capitalist cuts.

I meet people in my new job, working with Adults with ID/DD, to get job ready and jobs in the community – real jobs, not stuck in some sheltered workshop getting one-tenth the wage of anyone else in the same job.

Sure, I am doing great work, god’s work, the work of an angel (they really say this stuff to me, a commie, a devoted atheist), and while I get the gist of that, we talk about how it is my careers have been shit for pay, highly exploitive and yet highly regarded in some sense: teaching, social services, and, well, community journalism.

“Ha-ha, you are doing these great services knowing you are not going to get rich doing it, but thank you for your service.”

Imagine that stupidity, that dense mentality. Imagine, the hard jobs that need doing in a broken capitalist society with wave after wave of damaged, chronically ill, economically strafed, mentally poisoned, generously precarious, and one paycheck away from bad ass disaster citizens on the precipice? PayDay Loans? That in and of itself defines capitalism. The Mafiosi aspect of this spiritually deserted society.

Yet, now, these great leftist warriors are saying the Trumpies and the GOP of the world – the log cutters, the mill workers, the truckers, the blue collar millionaires – that they want workplace rights, the right to strike, the right to squat, the right to refuse bad and dangerous work; that they want to be able to shut down polluting industries, and the right of the people to take over industries? That these Trumpies and GOP want universal health care, universal rights for all people. That these GOP and Trumpies want real education, more education, holistic education, writing and thinking across the curriculum, across disciplines, across industries. That the GOP-Trumpies will work so-so well with organizers and “the people” over defunding and holding to task “the police-backed” banks-warehouses-fulfillment centers. Right!@#$%

So how does anyone on both sides of the manure pile called USA politics square this fact?

Ahh, the world’s 26 richest people currently have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.8 billion—down from 61 people in 2016. As the rich get richer, sea levels are rising, tribalism is flourishing, and liberal democracies are regressing. Even some of the wealthiest nations are plagued by job insecurity, debt, and stagnant wages. Ordinary people across the political spectrum are increasingly concerned that the system is rigged against them. Trust in public institutions is near an all-time low.

So that Google search got one hit on the “other side” of the dividing line (not really) – “What the Right Gets Wrong About Socialism. As Scandinavia shows, it does feature plenty of public ownership—but also a thriving economy.” Erlend Kvitrug, June 29, 2019 at Foreign Policy Magazine.

Sure, we get this from the Norwegian —

Norway’s success has not come without costs—wealth accrued through oil and other extractive industries has had harsh ecological consequences. But students there and across Scandinavia graduate without the horrifying debt burdens of their U.S. counterparts. Those who sustain injuries in traffic accidents never have to beg bystanders not to call for an ambulance, for fear of drowning in medical debt. Norwegian diabetics don’t need to crowdsource their insulin. As seniors, they don’t spend their golden years working at Walmart or living in their vehicles. Their homes were not repossessed en masse by banks during the Great Recession. Extensive public ownership shields Norwegians from the harshest aspects of unfettered capitalism.

But then he attacks North Korea and Venezuela for being failing socialist countries, and without the context of the international transnational monetary criminal system of sanctions and debt and theft of Venezuela’s treasury, and war war war with Korea still on the hot plate. Then the illegal maneuvers of governments like the USA and supported by all those others, including Norway, in its attack on Venezuela’s elected leaders and support of the dirty rich racist opposition groups, that is not mentioned.

Yep, there is a link in the Norwegian’s piece to another article – July 2018, “There is Nothing Inherently Wrong with State Ownership” by Matthew Bruenig over at Current Affairs Magazine.

Again, short anemic, and an essay in response to an attack on Norway and Sweden and “socialist” countries in the Nordic category by a New York Times “writer,” a Bret Stephens, who is sloppy and makes untrue claims in this piece, “Democratic Socialism Is Dem Doom.”

No Richard Wolf and no Michael Parenti or any thousands upon thousands of thinkers who know about societies and economies and cultures and ecologies who could put this tripe to rest. This is it?

Hemming Us In

Imagine, a 69-year-old working in a deli at a national chain. “I was once a speech therapist with a thriving private practice. And then my retirement went bust, thanks to Enron.” So, Molly works with a terrible limp, arthritis everywhere and almost no hair left. Fryers, slicers, prepping, and she runs it. Since age 55, when not only her measly retirement went bust, but the speech therapy arena turned more and more into high end certification racket, and gobbled up by, well, monopolies, agencies that scarf up the independents, or make it impossible to compete against the aggregators and services felons.

Then another guy, James, working the parking lot, bathrooms, carts, etc., making a wage when he started at this national grocery chain, of $9.75 an hour. He busts his butt, and we talked about his chronic heart failure, the meds he takes each month, all of that, including the pace maker and other aspects of his life, at age 60. He is at $12 an hour after five years with this outfit, and he tells me his supervisor likes his work, and his helping the other cart people, so much so that he is in for a wage increase to $15 an hour. He has to wait 90 days for the higher ups to approve that.

Hemming in. Working hard jobs at an old age to keep bad health insurance that is part of a for-triple-profit system of penury and theft. Oh, stories of an item being charged 18 times more during this Covid “crisis.”

A study that revealed hospitals may be charging as much as 18 times over their costs.

Nurse Jean Ross – “ Yes. Again, unconscionable, but that seems to be the way in this country. Up to 18 times. So, for example, if your true cost — it’s called the charge-to-cost ratio, or CCR — if your true cost for your service is $100, they are, in many cases, charging up to $1,800. And they do it because they can.” This from a study put out by National Nurses United.

Sit on the Ground and Try and Pull Yourself Up by Bootstraps

Those great white hopes, those big happy white males and big happy white females who voted for Trump and then those that believe Biden is better, well, that’s what we have – “Just let it take place, and that’s the way the Capitalist Cookie crumbles. What would Cuba be doing? The great invisible hand will fix things!”

Where I currently work – a small non-profit – the amount of software and tracking-time management apps and all the government agencies I have to get my mandatory trainings on and get my certifications renewed, well, it’s almost daunting. That’s the squeeze, the money train to the middle men, having nothing to do with my job, my humanity, work.

This is a non-for-profit agency working with adults with ID/DD.

Imagine all those warehouses and factories and office buildings and other places where the atomization was already on overdrive before the plan-pandemic.

Now, with the lockdowns, the on-line doom dungeons, and alas, with more and more AI and IT measures in place to keep us out of each other’s social distance arena, things are really degrading big time.

Teaching to the New Technology

I want to look at another gig I had – substitute teaching. Not just the bad working conditions of the public schools and anxious teachers and idiotic principals and the dictatorial superintendent. Let’s look at the payrate. Look at this – substitute teachers, K12, in Oregon, on the Coast, now managed by a Tennessee outfit. Note the hourly rate, and of course, coming into substitute teaching, a teaching certificate is required, and that means, well, most teachers like me, we have master’s degrees. That Oregon licensing costs another cool $400 to get the license and jump through the hoops. We get no mileage expended to get to and from very remote schools.

Job details — $14 an hour; Full-time/ Part-time; The State of Oregon requires all substitute teachers to hold an active Oregon Teaching License, Restricted Substitute Teaching License, or an Oregon Reciprocal License.  As leaders in the education staffing space since 2000, ESS specializes in placing qualified staff in daily, long-term, and permanent K-12 school district positions including substitute teachers, school aides, and other school support staff. With more than 700 school district partners throughout the US, ESS supports the education of more than 2.5 million students every day.

I had been teaching as a substitute a year ago. I had been hired by the District, and my contacts were through the District. I was making $80 for four hours and $160 for seven. In many cases I could get called in late and then get ready, make the drive in the rural county, get to the school and still  get the full day’s pay rate. That’s more than $18 an hour, and alas, I got to know the teachers who wanted me when they had planned absences, and the school secretaries also knew me.

There is a shortage of substitutes, and, well, if things were better all around, substitutes could be integrated more seamlessly and holistically to provide amazing outside the box perspectives and teaching.

Not so in Lincoln County, as is true of most counties, with plenty of Administrators, plenty of bullshit curriculum cops, plenty of teach-to-the- test zombies running roughshod over the entire project of working with our youth, our kids, our aspiring young adults.

This staffing “solution” is killing again teachers getting together, working with the district, getting to know people in the district, airing grievances with the district. Everything goes through this Tennessee outfit. Complaints go nowhere, and if you get a complaint leveled against you by a school, ESS will NOT go to bat. They have taken that $18 an hour and whittled it to $14 an hour. Then, they probably charge more than just that $4 per each hour taught to the DIstrict. Add to the fact they will manage who gets called, how they get called. These people are running call centers, data dredging centers, and know zilch about the schools, the roads, the weather, the culture, the teachers, the students.

I am sure they will not be allowing teachers to get a few extra hours pay if they are called in late and end up working a partial day. I am sure there are all sorts of cost-cutting (human-killing measures) this Education Staffing Solutions outfit deploys.

And, they probably pay Google for a net cast to see how many hits on the world wide web Education Staffing Solutions gets mentioned or Yelped or rated on Indeed or Linked In. You can only imagine if I was still employed as a substitute teacher, through ESS, that conversation happening, as ESS would be the outfit that would be managing me, so to speak. Finding this article criticizing them, well, sayonara subbing Mister Paul Haeder.

Management fees, man, and government (local, city, county and state, and federal) giving up oversight and decent livable wages for all the agencies and the public utilities (that we could have) and everything else, gone to middle and middle and middle men.

Again, these warped folk with ESS probably backed Trump and believe in Capitalism on Steroids, while they make bank on all the public entities across the land, AKA, public schools.

That the bus systems for schools is now outsourced from sea to shining sea, that again, defines the bottom line of pathetic capitalism. All the food cooked in cafeterias, outsourced to Sodexo. There is nothing local anymore, and these multinationals, these huge stockholder and stock board run outfits, they are making money off of us, US taxpayer, and in that formula, they are welfare recipients, and mostly welfare cheats, and with ESS, they are ripping off the very people that do the work – teachers, para-educators, more.

My comeuppance it seems was being banned from the entire District because of a few students I was in charge of at a local high school accused me of “upsetting” them when we were having a classroom discussion about homelessness, about epigenetics and families, about poverty, about the potential for many people to become substance abusers. We were talking about the books Of Mice and Men and Animal Farm.

What happened was La-La-Land level stuff, and while I think some students are crackpots, and little versions of really bad parents, I am ready to deal with crackpots and talk them off their cliff.

I did not get my day in court, so to speak, and I was not allowed to explain what could have been the students’ (three of them) hysteria, and I had no chance to query the people involved or bringing in the rest of the classroom students who were both inquisitive and enthralled to have a well-traveled, well-read, well-educated, well-experienced person like me in their classroom, albeit, temporary.

And ESS did nothing to defend me, protect me, or gain some sort of redress. That was a year ago.

Here’s a positive story — “Musings on a Monday After Teaching High School Get You Down? Nope!”

Another — “Professor Pablo and Fourth Grade Enlightenment in Lincoln City”

Education By and Because of the Corporation

The backdrop of my teaching debut … was a predicament without any possible solution, a deadly brew compounded from twelve hundred black teenagers penned inside a gloomy brick pile for six hours a day, with a white guard staff misnamed ‘faculty’ manning the light towers and machine-gun posts. This faculty was charged with dribbling out something called ‘curriculum’ to inmates, a gruel so thin [that this school] might rather have been a home for the feeble-minded than a place of education. —John Taylor Gatto, The Underground History of American Education

I did get a bird’s eye and on-the-ground look at the elementary, middle and high schools in this District. I have done substituting elsewhere, as in Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane and El Paso. Things are not looking good for youth. And I have written about that fact decades ago, and, yes, way before COronaVIrusDisease-2019, and, now, in a time of stupidity, fear, self-loathing, and complete loss of agency, the world is flipped around and, in most cases, crushed for our young people.

Did I mention fear, and while this Intercept piece below is a superficial look at the digital divide, there is so-so much more to write about this lockdown and social (pariah) distancing. It is a caste system on steroids. Calling it “remote learning” is doublespeak, oxymoronic.

In agro-industrial Watsonville, California, English-language learners struggle with remote learning. It’s much easier for students in a nearby Bay Area suburb.

I have a daughter, a step-daughter and a niece in various schooling situations. One is in med school, one is getting a chemistry degree and one is in esthetician school. Hmm, you’d expect hands-on for med school and chemistry majors. Nope. The fear factor for one of the three young women is high, and she is not wanting to leave campus, and the great reset is not in her vocabulary. There is a bombastic, “I am so glad Trump is gone. I hate him. I wish he was dead” from one of the college students. But that’s about it.

The med school woman, well, she is still having to pay out the nose for the school, yet there are less hands-on classes, again, through this doublespeak system of “remote learning.”

Now the esthetician student is hands-on, learning about the human skin dynamics, the chemistry of things in the body and outside, and working on clients, hands on. Seems very interesting that this one area – not to knock one career choice over another – has more practical hands on work than university-level chemistry majors and medical school attendees.

Now, the chemistry major’s school is introducing an “app of paranoia and tracking 101” – you put it on your smart phone, and all those who accept this app, well, as soon as someone tests (sic) positive for the virus (sic), then the entire network of users will get a notification and a detailed map of that person’s whereabouts. Oh, it’s secure, safe, no personal data shared (or mined – right!) they say, and that is a blatant lie-lie-lie. This is the Great Reset, and it’s pathetic and a gateway drug to implanted RFID’s.

The two college students, well, they are focused on their majors, but because of the siloing (atomization) of schooling, the demands on S/T/E/M do not enter the real of STEAM, science technology engineering arts math as  interdisciplinary critical studies and as a praxis of seeing how the world could, should and might work outside the Corporate Thievery of Capitalism.

The net effect of holding children in confinement for twelve years without honor paid to the spirit is a compelling demonstration that the State considers the Western spiritual tradition dangerous, subversive. And of course it is. School is about creating loyalty to certain goals and habits, a vision of life, support for a class structure, an intricate system of human relationships cleverly designed to manufacture the continuous low level of discontent upon which mass production and finance rely.” —John Taylor Gatto, The Underground History of American Education

More atomization, and more dumb-downing, and more caste systems, and more social-economic-intellectual-employment-philosophical-cultural distancing. This is it for us, no?

 …. the world’s 26 richest people currently have the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.8 billion—down from 61 people in 2016. As the rich get richer, sea levels are rising, tribalism is flourishing, and liberal democracies are regressing. Even some of the wealthiest nations are plagued by job insecurity, debt, and stagnant wages. Ordinary people across the political spectrum are increasingly concerned that the system is rigged against them. Trust in public institutions is near an all-time low.” [source]

Read some of this report, and the surface stuff, well, just surface feel good stuff, but dig deep — Oxfam Report. It’s harrowing.

Nick Hanauer, entrepreneur and venture capitalist:
I am a practitioner of capitalism. I have started or funded 37 companies and was the first outside investor in Amazon. The most important lesson I have learned from these decades of experience with market capitalism is that morality and justice are the fundamental prerequisites for prosperity and economic growth. Greed is not good.

The problem is that almost every authority figure – from economists to politicians to the media – tells us otherwise. Our current crisis of inequality is the direct result of this moral failure. This exclusive, highly unequal society based on extreme wealth for the few may seem sturdy and inevitable right now, but eventually it will collapse. Eventually the pitchforks will come out, and the ensuing chaos will not benefit anyone – not wealthy people like me, and not the poorest people who have already been left behind.

Ironically, the woman going into the beauty field is much more keenly aware of the economic and social disasters befalling small businesses in her own city, her own state and her region of the country.  She is super left, but is keenly aware of her democratic governor’s insipid lockdown measures.

I have many friends who now are going bankrupt, closing their businesses. Those businesses are part of a multiplier fabric. The town is or was so much better off with all these independent and mom and pop owned businesses. Not just the cool eateries and breweries, but many people I know opened up furniture stores, businesses around building and construction, all kinds of services you can’t find at the national level. Heck, used computer parts and computers, and even car rental places. Things that are not part of the monopolizing Fortune 500 set. Gone.

That means, of course, STEAM is damaged, in that, sure, the arts are hit hard, but the rest of the STEM also are hit hard on many levels. These STEM folk like their food, beer, edgy stuff, locally sourced and owned. The neutron bomb  that the lockdowns and lack of financing and wages and deep-deep help for the small guys and gals, well, it is hollowing out and even more hollowed out economy. The STEM folk will follow the money, while the arts folk and those deeply tied to something richer than science for profit and engineering for war and math for building and construction and technology for the Fourth Industrial Revolution will embed and grow a city’s or town’s or area’s culture.

This all leads us back to the semi-liberal class, even the youth who hate Trump and who don’t get all the conspiracies because they go to schools (universities) which are nothing to shake a stick at, since they are tied to social constructs and hierarchies reliant on the investor class; and they pay out the nose, take out loans and go to classes that are on-line, given to them now largely by scared educators, monitored and mashed up by the Titans of Technology, who have colonized every aspect of our society, ESPECIALLY, PK12 and higher education.

The young woman working on beautifying people and supporting their self-esteem and confidence on a superficial level (skin deep beauty, so to speak), well, she is more acutely aware of the lies of the authorities on both sides of the political manure pile than these card-carrying creeps who actually think Kamala Harris is something good. Anyone-but-Trump is what got us here, this evil of two lesser, lesser of two evils. The two college-going/educated ones are more and more tied into getting out and making money, and not to knock them, because they too know the disgusting reality of poverty and more and more people who once had decent lives, who were the fabric of communities, from that baker to the speech therapist, from that teacher to the counselor, from that glass blower to that coffee shop owner, from all those service workers with lives outside just the service economy (if they are budding or bustling artists).

The creative class is not what Richard Florida yammers about. The liberal class, as Chris Hedges writes, is dead. Education has been gutted and sold down the river, as Henry Giroux states. The New Jim Crow, as Michelle Alexander states, is the new normal for not just American mindsets at the citizen level, but on the economic and investor and Capitalist level.

But conditions today favor the amateur. They favor “speed, brevity, and repetition; novelty but also recognizability.” Artists no longer have the time nor the space to “cultivate an inner stillness or focus”; no time for the “slow build.” Creators need to cater to the market’s demand for constant and immediate engagement, for “flexibility, versatility, and extroversion.” As a result, “irony, complexity, and subtlety are out; the game is won by the brief, the bright, the loud, and the easily grasped.”  — “The Great Unread: On William Deresiewicz’s The Death of the Artist

Capitalism is fascism, and it takes over entire cities and states and regions. It operates on the “buyer beware” mentality, which relies on consumers to take it up the rear, no foul called on the billionaires and CEOs and capitalist systems;  and it is protected through the fascist laws of the land created by the massagers of the law from the Supreme Court down to traffic court.

More Nazis Than They Knew What to do With

Again, the great reset tied to Dashboards, a million different types of Education Staffing Solutions (ESS), universal buffoon incomes, all of that inculcated by Karl Schwab, Bill Gates, the Aspen Institute, the TED-X-ers, the World Economic Forum, all of them in the elite class, their handlers, their sycophants, all of those billionaires determining the course of cradle to grave predetermination for billions of people (Zuckerberg has encircled the African continent with his cables and lines and  fiber optics), that reset was started decades ago. Debt. Foreclosures. Bailing out corporations. Drugs for guns; Crack Cocaine and the CIA; and, well, the CIA is god, into everything, right, making sure the reset has already been ensured. CIA and Nazis, and Mossad and Jihad, and, these are the merry makers of the world of Lords of War, Lords of Disruptive Economies, Lords of Predatory-Parasitic-Vulture-Usury Capitalism.

Operation Paperclip – 1,600 of Hitler’s Angels of Death. Housing, citizenship, and carte blanc living in the United States. Families welcomed. Italy’s and Germany’s intelligent agencies working closely with the National Security State, and this was in the form of so-called the rat-lines. Tens of thousands going to South America. Tens thousand other Nazi’s allowed to come to USA.

And this was the plan, from the last days right before WWII ended with an illegal double bang of Atomic Murdering Tools – all these stay-behind armies from those defeated fascists of Italy and Germany. Check out this interview on RT –Chris Hedges talks to Gabriel Rockhill about the undercurrents of fascism in America’s DNA, and the US role in internationalizing fascism after World War II through clandestine activities such Operation Paperclip and Operation Gladio.

Rockhill is a Franco-American philosopher and the founding Director of the Critical Theory Workshop and Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University. His books include Counter-History of the Present: Untimely Interrogations into Globalization, Technology, Democracy, Interventions in Contemporary Thought: History, Politics, Aesthetics, Radical History & the Politics of Art and Logique de l’histoire.

Try having conversations with liberal (illiberal) college-educated and college-loving Democrats about USA’s bioweapons program dating back to again, WWII, and Japanese scientists who were working on all sorts of bioweapons but were captured by the USA and reappropriated and brought back to the USA for, well, good paying jobs.

That is capitalism, right, reappropriating and stealing and setting up systems of mental, physical, psychological, biological, ecological, cultural repression, and eventually, disease and illness, because it pays more to treat and encourage the disease than it does to have a society living disease-free or at least living with those old time religion concepts of – precautionary principle, do no harm, preventative medicine, treat your fellow human as you would want to be treated. You know, all of that mumbo-jumbo that is not put into practice one iota in Capitalism, but certainly is mishmashed into the systems of propaganda, and, alas the “Si Se Puede” marketing of such criminals at Audacity of Hope Obama. et al makes some feel like there is change where change will NEVER be.

Until we get this liberal archetype  who says Columbus was a bad guy, and that the USA was built upon the deaths and murders of Indians and Blacks, but, shoot, when ordering from the Prime Amazon account, or when scrolling up and down the iPhone, and, well, all of that which we take for granted in this First World which comes on the back of people here and now in this country and especially in other countries, then, well, the tune changes.

Fascism: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

Because in an economic fascism, when again, old worn out people have to still hoof it to Walmart and stock shelves, and when there is no home health care for the sick and dying, young or old, unless there is always huge exchanges of money going out into the pockets of the purveyors of capitalism, you will be getting variations on a theme of a people hooked on Netflix, hooked on buying, hooked on not knowing, hooked on confusion and chaos and, well, this is what is planned.

The great reset and fourth industrial revolution are no-brainers. We’ve given up our fingerprints for a shit job, we have given up blood and urine for a shit job, we are guilty before we can attempt to prove our humanity, our innocence, and in reality, we are always guilty in the eyes of Capitalists.

Western and ruling class ideologies have played a crucial and cruel role in the violent transformation of the peoples, ecosystems and biosphere. The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents the most violent transformation of all. For as long as the ruling class is allowed to exist, social and environmental justice remain pipe dreams. [Cory Morningstar, source]

We are now taking those supposedly benign things like tracking outcomes – you know, if you have prenatal education and vitamins as a pregnant teen, and if you get the little tikes reading on a Chromebook, watching Sesame Street and if you eat this veggie over that deep friend morsel, and, all of those metrics that the data ditzes love, all of it is now being used AGAINST self-agency, AGAINST not just individuals, but all manner of classes, groupings, economic strata. You do the stuff “right” which Bill and Melinda have studied are right, then there will be s few more digital dollars in your bank account. If you fail to do them, well, no more dialing for dollars.

Because the jobs are going. The mom and pops are folding. Even chains like bowling alleys and movie theaters, all of that, they are shuttering. This revolution was already in the works before Marshall McLuhan and the medium is the message and Herman and Chomsky’s manufacturing consent. Way before deadly at any speed, a la Nader, and way before the lies of better angels of our nature Pinker.

The fix was in long-long time ago, when the food was locked up and the agricultural revolution forced us to stop being human and humane, and made us into the cogs in so many machines of oppression and suppression.

Until today, when the Catholic freaks are coming in their vestments with their exorcising tools for anyone who would dare desecrate the statue of Columbus or any Fray who pushed their stinking selves and their stinking religions onto this continent and the one south.

In response to Indigenous-led efforts that demanded land back and the toppling of statues, Catholic Church leaders in Oregon and California deemed it necessary to perform exorcisms, thereby casting Indigenous protest as demonic. [Truthout]

LaRazaUnida cover the Fray Junípero Serra Statue in protest at the Brand Park Memory Garden across from the San Fernando Mission in San Fernando on June 28, 2020.
Exorcism: Increasingly frequent, including after US protests

This is 2020, and the trillionaire Catholic Church is walking in downtown Portland with these conquistadors of nothingness, while the great reset is happening, with the green light of the Pope. “The story did not end the way it was meant to,” Pope Francis wrote recently, deftly excommunicating about a half-century’s worth of economic ideology.  [source] In a striking, 43,000-word-long encyclical published last Sunday, the pope put his stamp on efforts to shape what’s been termed a Great Reset of the global economy in response to the devastation of COVID-19.”

Here it is imperative to note the consolidation of power happening in real time. World Economic Forum founder and CEO Klaus Schwab refers to this consolidation as a new global architecture; the new global governance. The following dates of are of paramount significance. On May 18, 2018, the World Bank partners with the United Nations. On June 13, 2019, the World Economic Forum partners with the United Nations. On March 11, 2020, the World Economic Forum partners with the World Health Organization (a UN body) launching the COVID Action Platform, a coalition of 200 of the world’s most powerful corporations. This number would quickly swell to over 700. On this same day, March 11, 2020, the WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic. The UN-WEF partnership firmly positions Word Economic Forum at the helm of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, also referred to as the Global Goals), which they are frothing at the mouth to implement. This is not because they care about poverty, biodiversity, the climate, or world hunger. Marketed with holistic language, dressed with beautiful images of brown smiling children, SDGs represent the new poverty economy (impact investing/social impact bonds) and emerging markets. Children as human capital data to be commodified on blockchain linking behaviour to benefits. Coercion has been repackaged as empowerment. The human population to be controlled via digital identity systems tied to cashless benefit payments within the context of a militarized 5G, IoT, and an augmented reality environment. A world where every function of nature is monetized, to be bought, sold and traded on Wall Street. — Cory Morningstar, The Great Reset: The Final Assault on the Living Planet [It’s not a social dilemma — it’s the calculated destruction of the social — Part III]

Pope Francis meets with members of the clergy after his weekly general audience at the San Damaso courtyard, at the Vatican, September 30 2020. REUTERS/Yara Nardi - RC2X8J96HY8F

[Pope Francis meets with members of the clergy after his weekly general audience at the San Damaso courtyard, September 30 2020. Image: REUTERS/Yara Nardi]