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*Updated, to address the degradation that defines our times, from Trump Deplorables to Biden Wall Streeters; from the pandemic that is supposed to be a war, to war profiteers who are cashing in on death, massive unemployment, mom and pop’s closing, and other businesses sucking wind. We are adrift, and the racket that is war the General wrote about in his War is a Racket is the entire commodification of everything by private capital — selling us all down the river until communities and entire states are gutted, torn to shreds by the tsunami created by the elite and their Eichmann Partners tearing through public funds, public services, publicly funded projects, schools, roads, and the dreams of people who want a roof over their heads and a source of food, something higher than the lower rungs of some base hierarchy of needs. Public education, public arts, public health, public spaces, public transportation, public utilities and resources FOR and ABOUT and BECAUSE of the PEOPLE. US. *

Paul Haeder is a revolutionary writer/journalist, educator, activist and social services provider. His work has been published widely, including Dissident Voice, LA Progressive and Cirque Journal. Paul’s active in working with and writing about environmental reclamation, global justice, paradigm shift in how we “do” public education, anti-Imperialism, ecosocialism, the arts, and worker-owned organizational systems. For daily or weekly commentary, hit the link below! Blogging from the Oregon Coast.

For now, head over to my Go Fund Me page for info about and [$] support for my published Short Story collection, Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam, which came out Feb. 2020 by Cirque Press but was derailed by a DARPA bat virus! And then the lockdowns, the hysteria, the beginning of the end for artists trying to make a buck and do public readings, or performing. Yes, utilize my Go Fund Me to help me publish work that will never see the light of day in the Big Five publishing houses and in most of the mid-to-small size boutique and bourgeoise presses; and you can purchase the current book by contacting me. Here is the promo stuff at CIRQUE Press. But contact me at Wide Open Eyes!

Again, my article below, on the coming of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where only the elite and the super rich will be individual agents in their own lives, and the rest of us will be at the whim of the digital crumbs from their Dashboards. Vaccine Passports? Come on, the elite and the monsters of AI and technology will capture every moment in our lives, from thoughts on Fuck-You-Book, to a Word Press Blog like this one. From articles here and there, to credit checks, purchase histories, land and real estate deals, criminal records, hospitalizations, school records, driving records, and so much more. Read it — ” The Collector, Non-profit, Painter and Teacher — Art and a pandemic — creators struggle for intellectual, emotional, financial validation & lifelines

Note: I was writing two columns a month for Oregon Coast Today — Deep Dive: Go beneath the surface with Paul Haeder. Then, Finding Fringe !The issue now (and going back to my youth in 1977 as a budding newspaper journalist) is that capitalism is criminal and a racket, so most journalism is no longer an avocation or a profession. Those that still have rags want easy info-tainment, superficial crap. My paltry paying gigs, well, they too have fallen prey to the whims of continuing criminal enterprise thinking that a profit is only to be made by the virtual signalers and “artists” reaching the masses.

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Lake Louise, by Paul K. Haeder

Services/ Opportunities I Offer for Game, Worthy, and Willing Fellow Writers, Learners, Lay People Needing Assistance —

Editing: This includes fiction, non-fiction, dissertations, reports, white papers, technical papers. I have more than 40 years experience working with individuals and organizations around communications and the written word, from Delphi Electronics to Planned Parenthood; I’ve helped individuals with their PhD research.

Tutoring: I have more than 40 years as a composition teacher at both the college level and for youth in alternative high schools. Writing is the backbone to modern society, and young and old have lost the ability to articulate who they are and what they know through decent, readable and cogent writing. As a tutor, I help individuals with essay writing and that includes composition, research writing using MLA, APA, AP, Chicago style, and with their own individualized writing needs tied to both education and their professional lives.

Community facilitation and events: I’ve worked for non-profits and schools to help coordinate large events as well as lecture series, author talks, teach-ins, and some land use charrettes.

Speaker: I am a fiction/ non-fiction writer, journalist, poet and subject matter expert who can work with any group on various topics of the day. That includes community engagement around media, sustainability, community planning, growth, the environment, and intersectionalities of poverty-race-gender-culture and the environment.

Photography: That’s more than 45 years as both an amateur/professional photographer. I have had solo and group shows. I can assist any individual or business with visually expressing their inner and outer selves as well as the unique qualities of the business’ vision and purpose.

Rates: This is a unique time in late stage capitalism. I am negotiable on all rates. They are project based, so a proposal will be drawn up after motivated interviewing by yours truly to the individual (s) seeking any of the above services. I am not John Grisham, so I am not asking for an arm and a leg when it comes to my services.

Paul Haeder’s shot in Viet Nam! Looking for dwindling food, fish!

The Power of Environmental-Social-Cultural-Multi-Generational Justice

Our power comes from our ancestors standing behind us, holding us up to have the strength to face anything. As tribal people, we know that possession of the earth is not an actual thing, so we are using our power to protect the earth and water from the abuse and destruction of greedy corporations. Our stewardship of the earth has been passed down to us from thousands of generations that have done the same.

My little Inupiaq heart is both constricted and expanded for my brothers and sisters at Standing Rock. And I can feel in my bones that the voice of our people will be heard, and every American will join us in protecting the earth for generations to come, by defeating corporate greed and killing the black snake before it ever takes a breath.

—   Tara Dowd, an enrolled Inupiaq Eskimo, was born into poverty and now owns a diversity consulting business. She is an advocate for systemic equity and sees justice as a force that makes communities better.  [ Inlander]

My Interview of David Suzuki, more than 10 years ago! Kick Ass.

And, just two months ago, Dec. 2018 — HERE!

Right Livelihood Award 2009-press conference-6.jpg                                             David Suzuki, 2009

Here: Video interview by Kerwin Rae, Business Coach, Sydney

Published on Dec 16, 2018

After listening to this episode with Dr David Suzuki, you’ll never be the same again. The environmentalist, activist, professor of genetics and science broadcaster hits us with some home truths about what our future will look like if we continue to live the way we have been. What will life be like for our children and grandchildren? Can the damage we’ve done to the planet be reversed? Is extinction of the human race imminent?

Ahh, Banff, and climate change! Photos by Paul K. Haeder.