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Oh, Zoom Doom Rooms:


  • Technologically-assisted communication is prevalent, yet, its impact on the social brain is unknown.
  • We measured mother-child brain-to-brain synchrony during live and technologically-assisted remote interaction.
  • The live interaction elicited 9 cross-brain links between densely inter-connected frontal and temporal areas in the beta range.
  • The remote interaction yielded only 1 significant cross-brain cross-hemisphere link.
  • Brain-behavior associations emerged only during the live interaction.
  • Further research should examine the cost of social technology to brain maturation, particularly among youth. (source)

I am in this “master class,” Disarming Disinformation Master Class, and some guy, Craig Silverman is telling us about Google ads, and how to distinguish web sites that utilize ads from those “right-wing, conspiracy-loaded, anti-vaccination, et al” sunders.

I feel like I am being lectured by a Canadian Jewish Freshman college teacher.

I signed up to understand just how interesting (sic) this Disinformation Disarming will be. I have an inkling this thirty-something Canadian and others on this two-day “master class” will start flowing into who is good, who is bad:

Here is Silverman, in the list from Transcend Media

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He’s really on Alex Jones, War Room, and Steve Bannon. He mentioned that some of these stories on these sites will have ads for Harvard or the Red Cross, as if these institutions are somehow vaunted and squeeky clean and should not have their Google ads on these “suspect” sites.

Go to Silverman, et al:

Red Cross? The American Red Cross’ 2010 performance in Haiti has become the focus of critics who are urging people not to donate to the organization . . .

I just threw in a question about mainstream media or legacy media and THEIR funders, i.e. owners and advertisers having influence on these vaunted organizations.

Index of US Mainstream Media Ownership

Our goal is to provide radical transparency and a better grasp of the U.S. Mainstream Media by listing publishers (owners, majority voting shareholders, and donors of titles) considered major US daily news sources. We have time-stamped this index – May 11, 2021.

Most of the 400 participants are from Latin America, and the “master” class is in English, Spanish, Portuguese.

I did leave the Zoom Doom Room to watch an incredible sunrise, and I knew I missed nothing. Put the garbage canister to the curb, too, best use of my time since this Silverman is grating.

Someone just asked if Silverman in his research has found any ads in the digital space from drug traffickers. Ironic. Hmm, that’s not Pfizer, but Narcotraficantes. Sicarios.

Again, Zoom:

The transition to technologically-assisted communication has permeated all facets of human social life; yet, its impact on the social brain is still unknown and the effects may be most notable during key developmental transitions. Applying a two-brain perspective, the current pre-registered study measured mother-child brain-to-brain synchrony using hyperscanning EEG at the transition to adolescence during live face-to-face interaction versus technologically-assisted remote communication. The live interaction elicited 9 significant cross-brain links between densely inter-connected frontal and temporal areas in the beta range [14-30 Hz]. Mother’s right frontal region connected with child’s right and left frontal, temporal, and central regions, suggesting its regulatory role in organizing the two-brain dynamics. In contrast, the remote interaction elicited only 1 significant cross-brain-cross-hemisphere link, attenuating the robust right-to-right-brain connectivity during live social moments that communicates socio-affective signals. Furthermore, while the level of social behavior was comparable between the two interactions, brain-behavior links emerged only during the live exchange, suggesting that remote interactions yield a somewhat thinner biobehavioral experience. Mother-child right temporal-temporal synchrony linked with moments of shared gaze and the degree of child engagement and empathic behavior was associated with right frontal-frontal synchrony. Our findings indicate that human co-presence is underpinned by specific neurobiological processes, suggest potential reasons for “zoom fatigue”, and open a much-needed discussion on the cost of social technology for brain maturation, particularly among youth. (source, “Technologically-assisted communication attenuates inter-brain synchrony”).

So here we are, adults, in a Zoom, with questions in the chat, and it is, alas, sort of a Big Brother thing going on in my mind. Questions sent in chat, translated by a moderator. The questions are definitely are not from people who are questioning the MSM or legacy media’s cahoots with the billionaire and oligarchy class. It’s still mostly Alex Jones.

I provided sources in the chat — WASHINGTON – The Washington Post revealed Wednesday that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s highly controversial “Disinformation Governance Board,” launched with much fanfare just three weeks earlier, was to close, and that its director, Nina Jankowicz — former fellow at the quasi-state Wilson Center think tank, and Ukrainian foreign ministry communications adviser – had resigned. (Kit Klarenberg — Mint Press)

I have given this source: The Future of Media Project

Silverman still is yammering about climate deniers (climate heating) and then vaccine deniers. This is the Canadian, man, Klanadian. He is beyond absurd. His country has done SO much wrong. He’ll never go to Zero Anthopology (Canadian) for a different view of his planned pandemic: “Submission to Canada’s Public Order Emergency Commission”

Or will he source another Canadian, “Beijing, the Five Eyes or Something Else? Who’s to Blame for the COVID Pandemic?” by Matthew Ehret?

Ever since the earliest days of the Coronavirus pandemic, evidence began to emerge that the virus was not a naturally occurring evolutionary phenomenon as asserted by the WHO, Nature Magazine, and editors at the Lancet, but had other origins.

Among the earliest of those who found themselves supporting this theory were the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lijian Zhou who made international waves by sharing two articles by Larry Romanov on the possibility of “gene targeting” of the virus which was having a disproportionately bad effect on Iranians, Italians and various Asian genotypes. Zhou was soon joined by bioweapons experts like Francis Boyle, prominent virologists Luc Montagnier and Judy Mikovits, followed by a growing array of scholars, scientists and academics from around the world who all assessed that the virus’ apparent gene sequencing implied human handiwork. While all agreed that COVID appeared to have originated from a lab, it was still unclear whether that lab was Chinese or controlled by the USA.

Another obvious question arose with this lab theory: Was it an accidental leak or was it consciously deployed?

Since pandemic war game operations had become a normalized part of western geopolitical life from the early days of Dark Winter in 2000 to the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2011 Lock Step to the World Economic Forum’s Event 201 (and dozens more in between), the likelihood of conscious deployment was a very serious possibility.

This Master Class is tied to University of Texas, and Knight Center for Journalism:

Global Disinformation Lab-GDIL (University of Texas) & ISP. Here, Silverman at Knight Center.

ISP logo

Oh, listen to Eva Bartlett:  Missiles crash in Poland | Ukraine ramps up provocations | Report from Donetsk | Scott Ritter Show

The guy, Craig Silverman, is done, and now a survey. Not many of the questions answered.

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