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Australians, err, Brits, err, Europeans, err, Canadians, err, Americanos, all cut from the same heads on spikes cloth — Tasering Old People to Dreaming!

[Oliver Cromwell’s head was placed on a spike and erected in the 17th century. A drawing from the late 18th century.]

These are the forefathers/mothers of this shit hole Anglo Saxon World:

Heads on sticks: Decapitation and impalement in early medieval England –  Thijs Porck

Looks like one of my aunts in Surrey:

Clare Nowland has died in hospital after police allegedly used a Taser on her during an incident at an aged care facility in Cooma.

Clare Nowland, 95, has died in hospital one week after she was allegedly tasered by a police officer at a New South Wales nursing home. 

The great-grandmother has been receiving end of life care at Cooma District Hospital for the past few days, where she has been surrounded by loved ones. 

NSW Police confirmed the 95-year-old’s death in a statement on Wednesday night. 

“The tasering is such an extremely brutal act at her age at 95 and with her body size, she fractured her skull and had a large brain bleed,” he said on Monday.

“The community is also reeling, messages are pouring in through my social media channels… there’s an enormous outpour.

“A newspaper in Brazil covered this story, there is care for all over the planet pouring into our little town.”

Cooma priest Mark Croker also visited Ms Nowland in hospital on Sunday to deliver mass, the Daily Telegraph reported. 

“She looks peaceful, she’s not conscious but she certainly looks comfortable… They say the last of your senses to go is your hearing, so we know she can hear us,” he told the publication. 

“The thing with Clare is the dementia hadn’t completely taken hold, you could still have a conversation with her… she might get a bit confused, but that’s an age thing.” (source)

There are millions of people tortured, splayed, spiked, evicerated and gutted.

Here are some peace activists:

So, the old lady dies, and I am sure it is big news in Aussie-Land, for sure.

But the WWIII is being pushed by a Germany of Old, and other Nazi-Drenched countries:

Russia is preparing a superstrike

The chairman of the presidium of the All-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, Major General Sergei Lipovoy, in a conversation with Tsargrad, assessed the rumors about the creation of an elite special forces unit “Storm” by Russia to strike at important and complex targets and battles with F-16s.

This is no longer news. Our Aerospace Forces have been working on this for a long time, and we are taking measures adequate to the current situation. If NATO has now put forward a serious armored group against us and is creating an air fist, then we must respond accordingly. Therefore, a decision was made to create such a grouping that could successfully work both against the air component and against the ground. On the territory of Ukraine there are a large number of armored vehicles of various types – we will have to dispose of them,

Lipova stated.

He called it a rhetorical question how long it would take for this disposal. According to the assumptions of the major general, much less than for the training of Ukrainian pilots to use the F-16. At the same time, Russia has all the necessary resources.

“We, unlike NATO, unlike Ukraine, have everything necessary for this,” summed up the source of the “First Russian”. (source)

Air combat with the F-16.  Russia is already preparing a super strike, and the NVO is not the main affected area

It makes sense that a Taser is used on an old lady, with a puny steak knife, with big hulks of cops ready to probably break a neck artery.

Then, it goes to the next and the next level, until we have the Putrid Pigs of Capital pushing for a strike on Russia. Now, why is it that Nazi-fied Germany and Nazi-fied Poland and then all the other NATO numb nuts not legit targets for a country that is being attacked by these said countries?

How to spin the murder of an old lady, no? How will that spin by the racists and thugs of Anglo Australia? Before that, let’s remind ourselves of the dirty Zelenksy: From Prof Michel Chossudovsky!

Absolutely stunning,

An Astute Intelligence Op.

A Russian Jew transformed into a Nazi?

See the video below. 


Zelensky is Jewish. He supports the Nazi Azov Battalion, the two Nazi parties, which have committed countless atrocities against the Jewish community in Ukraine.  

He belongs to a Russian-Jewish family. He was brought up as a native Russian speaker, who until recently was not fluent in Ukrainian. 

And now this Jewish-Russian proxy president wants to “ban everything Russian”, including the Russian language, the Russian media, the teaching of Russian in the schools.

He has been instructed by Washington to lead Kiev’s Neo-Nazi government, which is portrayed by the U.S. mainstream media including the NYT as a democracy. 

Zelensky also plans to ban Russian composers including Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Borodin, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, and many more.

He has ordered the removal of 100 million books by Russian authors, including Tolstoy, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Gorky, from Ukraine’s libraries.

Meanwhile, the Kiev neo-Nazi regime (supported by US-NATO) has endorsed the writings of Stepan Bandera as well as Adolph Hitler’s Mein Kampf

Zelensky has also betrayed his family. Many of his relatives were the victims of the Nazi holocaust.  

In a twisted irony, days before he assumed office, “he …laid flowers on the grave of his grandfather, Semyon Ivanovich Zelensky, who fought in the Soviet Union’s Red Army during World War II”.

It was May 9 — Victory Day in Ukraine — and a day of “thanksgiving,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

“[Semyon] went through the whole war and remain[s] forever in my memory one of those heroes who defended Ukraine from the Nazis,” he wrote. “Thanks for the fact that the inhuman ideology of Nazism is forever a thing of the past.

Thanks to those who fought against Nazism — and won.”  (quoted in Washington Post, emphasis added)

High Treason.

My Grandfather: “one of those heroes who defended Ukraine from the Nazis”. 

What a liar and a criminal,

Sponsored by America and Europe, Zelensky is promoting Nazism in Ukraine


That Australia, which is part and parcel the project of Conquest, Spain, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Portugal:

Some of the other remains held in the boxes at Mitchell (which I’m not permitted, out of deference to the dead, to open) belong to Indigenous Australians who died in colonial institutions – jails, hospitals and asylums – and, scarcely cold, were “anatomised” (a benign euphemism for butchery). Thousands more, who might have died naturally and remained buried, were exhumed en masse.

The collection of bodies at Mitchell is central to a shameful, bleak, little-known narrative that begins at colonisation and reverberates through Australia’s unsettled national sovereignty. It extends discomfortingly into the 20th century, and resonates today as an element of ongoing trauma in Aboriginal communities.

It is also a story about those who created an extensive body-parts market in Australia and in leading institutions around the world. Until the mid-20th century, Australia’s Aboriginal people were seen as something of a missing link to the prehistoric; as late as 1945, Arnhem Land people were likened to Neanderthals, their bodies studied just like the other fauna that officialdom considered them to be. The renowned amateur anthropologist Charles Mountford promoted a 1945 lecture tour about Aboriginal people in Arnhem Land under the title Australia’s Stone Age Men, drawing on a stereotype that had defined the work of Darwinists and phrenologists for 150 years. Phrenology, best described as a pseudo or even voodoo science “of the mind”, had created its own prolific market for the body parts – especially heads – of Australian and other indigenous people since the late 18th century. Long after phrenology was widely discredited, Aboriginal skulls were still sought and displayed with the same benign sentiment that one might attach to animal remains. Mountford’s expedition removed hundreds of skeletons from sacred sites in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. Many made their way to the Smithsonian in Washington DC and were only returned, after considerable resistance, in 2010. (“The bone collectors: a brutal chapter in Australia’s past/ The remains of hundreds of Aboriginal people, dug up from sacred ground and once displayed in museums all over the world, are now stored in a Canberra warehouse. When will they be given a national resting place?”)


[Photo: A picture of OnYong, the last full-blood man of the Ngambri people of the Limestone Plains. He died at the end of a rival’s spear. Settlers dug him up and fashioned a sugar bowl from his skull. By TY Balcombe, circa 1850, Mitchell Library.]

Now now, this old lady will be buried, maybe, not just a potter’s grave or museum box, we hope.

Arnhem Land

[Photo: rnhem Land in the Northern Territories, where Aboriginal skeletons were removed from sacred sites. Photograph: Richard I’Anson/Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images]

Ahh, which Utopia is it for? Full movie link on Vimeo: LINK.

Tasers. Amazing the infantilization of this sort of weapon: The Taser was first developed in the mid-1970s by American inventor Jack Cover. Taser is an acronym for Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle (the Tom Swift books about an inventor of amazing gadgets were a childhood favorite of Cover) and is a brand name for the device, which is manufactured by Taser International.

Tom Swift and His Ultrasonic Cycloplane (The New Tom Swift Jr. Adventures,  No. 10): Victor Appleton II, Graham Kaye: Books

They are deadly, combined with the pigs/cops other techniques:

Reuters now has documented a total of at least 1,081 U.S. deaths following use of Tasers, almost all since the weapons began coming into widespread use in the early 2000s. In many of those cases, the Taser, which fires a pair of barbed darts that deliver a paralyzing electrical charge, was combined with other force, such as hand strikes or restraint holds. (source)

Remember her name: Clare! Clare Nowland.

Electro Muscular Disruption! DEATH.

Heads on spikes.

Heads on Pikes - The Tudor Society

So, the Brits sent the convicted (most not murderers but first time offenders) to New South Wales: New South Wales, a state in southeast Australia, was founded by the British as a penal colony in 1788. Over the next 80 years, more than 160,000 convicts were transported to Australia from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, in lieu of being given the death penalty.

The Penitentiary Building on Port Arthur, a former convict settlement in Tasmania, Australia. (Fred Adler/BBC)

[Photo: Convicts and the Colonisation of Australia, 1788-1868]

Oh, those convicts: “It should be observed that Australia’s richest man – ever – was ex-convict Samuel Terry, the ‘Botany Bay Rothschild’. Tapping in to the urban consumer culture by importing goods and running pubs were both highly successful ways of accumulating wealth and Terry and his wife Rosetta Pracey successfully exploited both strategies. When Thomas Bigge came to town in 1820 he heard that Terry held 1,450 head of cattle, 3,800 sheep, 19,000 acres of NSW, and that he supplied more mortgages than the Bank of New South Wales (of which he was one of the largest shareholders). At his death in 1838 he was worth 3.39% of the colony’s gross domestic product, the equivalent today of over $24 billion (Rubenstein, 2004).

Terry was not alone in forging a fortune, but it was certainly easier for a convict to make good in the early years of NSW than in the later phases.” (source)

Ahh, the society based on theft, murder, torture, rape: The Cult of Forgetfulness. DOes that ring true of so much history today? I wrote about that in today’s AM substack, and there is the Agnotolgy.

Like many settler colonies with evolving frontiers, there has been a continuous undercurrent of sexual violence in Australian history. From the first establishment of European settlements in Australia, forced sexual relations perpetrated by white settlers have remained relatively unspoken about in recollections of the Australian frontier experience, regardless of the victim’s race.

The term ‘the Great Australian Silence’ was first coined in a 1968 lecture delivered by anthropologist W.E.H. Stanner. Stanner utilised the term to address the manner in which certain critical areas of Indigenous and non-Indigenous history, including invasion, dispossession and massacres, had generally been ignored by Australian historians as part of a long-term structural trend, otherwise known as the ‘cult of forgetfulness’. (source)


Yurlayurlanya. Now, go to Wikipedia, and it’s hundreds of names and tribes: This list of Australian Aboriginal group names includes names and collective designations which have been applied, either currently or in the past, to groups of Aboriginal Australians. The list does not include Torres Strait Islander peoples, who are ethnically, culturally and linguistically distinct from Australian Aboriginal peoples, although also an Indigenous Australian people.

Typically, Aboriginal Australian mobs are differentiated by language groups. Most Aboriginal people could name a number of groups of which they are members, each group being defined in terms of different criteria and often with much overlap.[citation needed] Many of the names listed below are properly understood as language or dialect names; some are simply the word meaning man or person in the associated language; some are endonyms (the name as used by the people themselves) and some exonyms (names used by one group for another, and not by that group itself), while others are demonyms (terms for people from specific geographical areas).

Over the last three decades a rich seam of Indigenous life-writing has emerged in Australia, much of which (since it is an essentially female phenomenon) is devoted to Aboriginal women’s recollections of working as housemaids in white people’s homes. During the same period Aboriginal domestic service during the first half of the twentieth century has become the focus of extensive investigation by a new generation of Australian historiographers. The relationship settler Australians had with their Aboriginal servants was, both sets of textual evidence attest, for the most part, controlling, sadistic and deeply rooted in feelings of racial superiority. It bore, in other words, more than a passing resemblance to that which flourished under regimes of formal enslavement in other parts of the world. (source)

Clare Nowland. Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith:

Heads on Spikes. F-16’s. Oh, Australia, the vassal.

Read all about the vassal state: USA, Australia Militarizing PNG: Softly swallowing sovereignty, rendering a vassal state; An independent geopolitical perspective by Dominic Navue Sengi

Hostility to John Pilger’s film a denial of nation’s brutal past

For the last few weeks, I’ve seen a film bring together Aboriginal people all over Australia. The buzz around Utopia – a documentary by John Pilger – has been unprecedented. Some 4000 people attended the open-air premiere in Redfern last month – both indigenous and non-indigenous Australians – and yet little appeared in the media about an event that the people of Redfern say was a ”first”. This silence has since been broken by a couple of commentators whose aggression seemed a cover for their hostility to the truth about Aboriginal people.

When I watched Utopia for the first time, I was moved to tears. Three times. This film has reminded me that the great advantages I enjoy today – as a footballer and Australian of the Year – are a direct result of the struggles and sacrifices of the Aboriginal people who came before me.

Utopia honours these people, so I think the very least I can do is honour Utopia and the people who appeared in it and made it.

It takes courage to tell the truth, no matter how unpopular those truths may be. But it also takes courage to face up to our past.

Ahh, the language of hate, covered over, dissected by Aboriginal Poetry:

Understand Old One

What if you came back now 
To our new world, the city roaring
There on the old peaceful camping place 
Of your red fires along the quiet water,
How you would wonder 
At towering stone gunyas high in air
Immense, incredible; 
Planes in the sky over, swarms of cars 
Like things frantic in flight.

 – Oodgeroo Noonucal​

Maybe Clare will forever be remembered if we burn photos of her:

I shared with Leane an observation by Yankunytjatjara/Kokatha poet Ali Cobby Eckermann from his essay in Fire Front, a First Nations collection edited by Alison Whittaker. At an Aboriginal Writers Retreat in 2009, some of the best poems he heard were thrown into a campfire. “The campfire is a vessel that holds many of our stories,” he writes.

“That’s right,” Leane replied. “They were put into the air—released to the air. They’re still in the air, not dissipating. First Nation literature goes into the campfire and into the air and into the song and into the water.”  

As we finished our conversation, I pictured Eckermann’s verses going out into the universe, expanding and purifying the silence between our words. (source)

Let her live in another world, walkabout: Everywhen & Dreaming

According to most traditions, the human spirit cannot be destroyed, even after the body dies. Instead, it becomes one with elements of nature called the everywhen. Researchers have not managed to successfully translate the term Everywhen – or Dreaming. It roughly means that nature and ancestral spirits share a close connection. The Dreaming also exists beyond space or time.

This Dreaming is a wide-ranging way of life. Part of the human spirit remains behind close to where the person died. It may then turn into a dangerous but short-lived ghost. The other part of the soul is the immortal spirit that joins the Dreaming. (source)

Silvery river curving through green hills.


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