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if it’s good for business, bring it on, anything goes in Chlamydia-Syphilitic Capitalism

You get the old soft shoe routine: PT Barnum, Snake Oil salesmen, PayDay Loan Sharks, Treaty Breakers, Indian Women, Children, Elderly Killers.

It’s the business of servicing the pioneers. Don’t get too cozy with the idea that those pioneers were all god-fearing, law abiding, great examples of fairness and grit.

Don’t get all warm and fuzzy about the armies of thieves and insurance scammers and foul meat hucksters and robbers and robber barons coming through the land and picking at it like frenzied vultures on a deer.

Griffon Vultures Feeding Photograph by Nicolas Reusens

Remember this human stain, oh, yes, purely steeped in the madness of money-marketing-plagiarism-smoke & mirrors and outright visual and audio murder by a thousand advertisements and a million seconds of his idea of fun, the circues:

Leslie Moonves can appreciate a Donald Trump candidacy.

Not that the CBS executive chairman and CEO might vote for the Republican presidential frontrunner, but he likes the ad money Trump and his competitors are bringing to the network.

“It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,” he said of the presidential race.

Moonves called the campaign for president a “circus” full of “bomb throwing,” and he hopes it continues.

“Most of the ads are not about issues. They’re sort of like the debates,” he said.

“Man, who would have expected the ride we’re all having right now? … The money’s rolling in and this is fun,” he said.

“I’ve never seen anything like this, and this going to be a very good year for us. Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going,” said Moonves.

“Donald’s place in this election is a good thing,” he said Monday at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco. (source)

I look at his face, and definitely have much more respect for vultures.

Leslie Moonves on Donald Trump: "It May Not Be Good America, It's Damn Good CBS"

You think this is far-fetched? “Les Moonves and CBS Face Allegations of Sexual Misconduct: Six women accuse the C.E.O. of harassment and intimidation, and dozens more describe abuse at his company

Imagine, all that copy in the dirty New Yorker on this human stain: the huckster and his $120 million severance package. And these stains are in charge of “news”? Farthest from the truth.

Ahh, one of my buddies sent me a couple of news blurbs, one being:

“Surgeon General: ‘Growing Evidence’ Social Media Harms Kids’ Mental Health”

New York Daily News reported:

There is “growing evidence” that the use of social media by kids and adolescents could be detrimental to their mental health, according to the U.S. surgeon general. Dr. Vivek Murthy is sounding the alarm about the negative effects of social media on the mental health and well-being of young people, amid what he calls “a national youth mental health crisis.”

In a new advisory issued Tuesday, Murthy highlighted the “significant” public health challenge posed by the use of social media by U.S. youth — specifically those between the ages of 10 to 19, who “are undergoing a highly sensitive period of brain development.”

“Nearly every teenager in America uses social media, and yet, we do not have enough evidence to conclude that it is sufficiently safe for them, especially at such a vulnerable stage of brain, emotional, and social development,” Murthy said in a statement.

He urged policymakers and tech companies, as well as families of young people in the U.S., to take immediate action to “maximize the benefits and minimize the harms of social media platforms” and create “safer” and “healthier” environments for young users.

Fun stuff in Mister Rogers Neighborhood. Hmm, 10,000 bottles of chemicals on the wall, and, who the fuck knows what one chemical does to the fetus, to development, let alone two together in synergistic fun, let alone dozens working on the old (fetal) endocrine system?

99 Bottles of Beer - Wikipedia

And so, with the tap-tap-tap of TV, of everything on the boob tube from time immemorial, through to the violent sexual assaulter Les of CBS, all of them, with their, “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality, with their, “gotta get the money anyway possible,” and so we have a Surgeon General warning about social media?

Is that because the kids are on it so much, that there is pure vapidity in the black mirror scrolling? Or, is it because there is so much venom on it, so many ways to morph a young mind into thinking 2 is 3 and down is up? Is it the eye candy effect, and the marketing Edward Bernays effect, getting pregnant women to take a puff or a gulp? Here, a little of the Freudan power of billboards and magazine layouts:

The Original Influencer | History Today

You betcha Bernays and Les are cut from the same cloth. And servicing those mean, violent, Indian hating pioneers? You betcha there were legions of hucksters and thieves working their black arts.

They call this piece of human stain, the Original Influencer: Bernays the Barbarian!

The Original Influencer | History Today

Ahh, the Harvard historian and those Pilgrims Progress, in Smithsonian Magazine, written by a Rosenbaum, who I am sure would never ever see the savagery of Isra-Hell akin to the original people’s in Turtle Island being splayed:

“In truth, I didn’t think anyone sat around erasing it,” Bernard Bailyn tells me when I visit him in his spacious, document-stuffed study in Harvard’s Widener Library. He’s a wiry, remarkably fit-looking fellow, energetically jumping out of his chair to open up a file drawer and show me copies of one of his most-prized documentary finds: the handwritten British government survey records of America-bound colonists made in the 1770s, which lists the name, origin, occupation and age of the departing, one of the few islands of hard data about who the early Americans were.

“Nobody sat around erasing this history,” he says in an even tone, “but it’s forgotten.”

“Conveniently?” I ask.

“Yes,” he agrees. “Look at the ‘peaceful’ Pilgrims. Our William Bradford. He goes to see the Pequot War battlefield and he is appalled. He said, ‘The stink’ [of heaps of dead bodies] was too much.”

Bailyn is speaking of one of the early and bloodiest encounters, between our peaceful pumpkin pie-eating Pilgrims and the original inhabitants of the land they wanted to seize, the Pequots. But for Bailyn, the mercenary motive is less salient than the theological.

“The ferocity of that little war is just unbelievable,” Bailyn says. “The butchering that went on cannot be explained by trying to get hold of a piece of land. They were really struggling with this central issue for them, of the advent of the Antichrist.”

Suddenly, I felt a chill from the wintry New England air outside enter into the warmth of his study.

The Antichrist. The haunting figure presaging the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation plays an important part in Bailyn’s explanation of the European settlers’ descent into unrestrained savagery. The key passage on this question comes late in his new book when Bailyn makes explicit a connection I had not seen before: between the physical savagery the radical dissenting Protestant settlers of America wreaked on the original inhabitants, and the intellectual savagery of their polemical attacks on the church and state authorities they fled from in Europe—and the savagery of vicious insult and vile denunciation they wreaked upon each other as well.

“The savagery of the [theological] struggle, the bitterness of the main contenders and the deep stain it left on the region’s collective memory” were driven by “elemental fears peculiar to what was experienced as a barbarous environment—fears of what could happen to civilized people in an unimaginable wilderness…in which God’s children [as they thought of themselves] were fated to struggle with pitiless agents of Satan, pagan Antichrists swarming in the world around them. The two [kinds of struggle, physical and metaphysical] were one: threats from within [to the soul] merged with threats from without to form a heated atmosphere of apocalyptic danger.”

Ahh, Bailyn, a Jewish fellow, died in 2020 at 98. Rosenbaum, also Jewish, writes some pretty disgusting things about those of us who see the Zionist and Jewish Aparthied state as wrong wrong wrong:

But it’s not an impossibility. Try to imagine a world in which Israel no longer exists. After a heart-stopping moment you move on, thinking: If it hasn’t happened by now … And sure, the entire world has essentially turned on the Jewish state, driven by the false narratives of the hate-Israel types, and it’s clear there will be relatively few mourners internationally if it should happen. Things have become so turned around that hating the Jewish state has been a way for the world to absolve its guilt at allowing the slaughter of the Jews a few decades ago. Just like Hitler did, they will find a way to blame it on the Jews for bringing it on themselves. I guarantee it; the apologists for genocide have prepared the way by slandering the Jewish state for #GenocideinGaza while ignoring the explicit call for genocide in the Hamas charter. (source)


Ahh, so, thus far, I have been wading my toes into Jewish waters, for sure, with Les, Ron and Bernard being proud successful Jews witht he gift of gab and the platforms from which to articulate. The discussion (hateful) that Ron makes in that piece quoted form above is again retrograde and revisionist. Have at it. All song and dance and again, more elite and filtered fodder from a specific group of people in America who have found the golden calf.

But is it the social media that the surgeon general really knows about? Is it the movies, the history, the KKK side and the Elite side of this society where so many in the middle have been enslaved and abused and held hostage to the grand experimentation of Chlamydia Capitalists?

Remember, dear Surgeon General, “sleep and boredom and focus and reality are our enemies,” according to the monsters of social media, FU Book, Google, TikTok, YouTube, the lot of them, including the CBS ads and constant billion dollar giveaway to Trumps or Bidens or any of them.

Former Facebook president Sean Parker admitted that social media apps are about “exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology” and that they “understood this consciously and did it anyway”.

All of them, the lot of them, they never ASK why? Why go ahead with this shit, but WHY do we need this crap, WHY would you want to add to the already distracted society? WHY WHY WHY? Apes with nukes, man.

We are their experiments, in every sense of the word, and they never ask why — more satellites in space, more chemicals on the wall, more free beer on Memorial Day weekend, more more more, and geez, those new-fangled plastics and nanoparticles. All those CRISPR fun things. Oh, why oh why?

farmed pigs

Only one other organization, the company Acceligen, has received FDA approval for a gene-edited animal. In 2020, FDA made a low-risk determination for products made from “Slick-Haired Cattle” that are gene-edited to have coats that increase the animals’ resilience to higher temperatures. Other companies have received FDA approval for genetically-modified animals, but for transgenic approaches, which involves a different technology that inserts DNA from outside species into the genome of an organism.

Gene-editing is an emerging technology that works only within a species’ DNA and can make changes that could come about naturally or through traditional breeding practices. Dr. Oatley hopes his work will improve public perception of gene-edited foods.

Google that: “WSU and gene edited pig meat” or any combination thereof, and you will find all positive, PR spinning, WSU-originated shining stories why the process is great for human kind.

Ahh, Surgeon General, anything about those influencers in the human tragedy of knowing too much and not enought questioning WHY?

Then, the crux of it all, really: dancing and sipping and eating and partying while tens of thousands get ground up in the meatgrinder of Ukraine, and then, shit dog, how many are dying from starvation, hunger, disease, structural violence, economic sanctions, a thousand cuts of weathering, the planned pandemic, all of that, fun stuff?


Facebook has a new hardware product called Portal, a video sharing device which has Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa built-in, and it is the first physical product released from Building 8.

The breach of 50 million Facebook user accounts and a loss of $11 billion didn’t stop Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from today launching the presale of Portal, a device for making video calls with an automatic zoom that follows you around.

“Whether you’re moving around the kitchen or chasing the kids through the living room, Portal’s Smart Camera adjusts to follow the action,” the website reads.

The hardware device is the first of its kind to come out of Facebook’s Building 8 innovation lab. Building 8 was launched in 2016 under the direction of former DARPA chief Regina Dugan.

facebook portal building 8

Regina Dugan

According to Facebook’s job listings, “Building 8’s goal at Facebook is to create and ship new, category-defining consumer hardware products that are social first. To do so at scale. And to power this with a breakthrough innovation engine modeled after DARPA. As a team of world-class experts, we drive innovation in the areas of augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, connectivity, and more – and operate on aggressive, fixed timelines with extensive use of partnerships in universities, and small-large businesses.”

DARPA stands for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, whose mission is “to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security.” (source)

Nah, the paid-off Surgeon General will not ask WHY? “Facebook was literally created by DARPA and funded by the CIA’s In-Q-Tel.

Sure, I voted for these Eichmann’s, NAZI-bred folk, doing what? You know about it, right, reader?

In mid-2003, the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency launched an ambitious program aimed at recording essentially all of a person’s movements and conversations and everything they listened to, watched, read and bought.

The idea behind the LifeLog initiative was to create a permanent, searchable, electronic diary of entire lives. Not only would a lifelog immortalize users, in a sense, it would also contribute to a growing body of data that military researchers hoped would contribute to the development of artificial intelligence capable of thinking like a human being does. (source)

All of this precipitated by Judge Judy. I was listening to a friend who was sipping tea and listening to Judge Judy out-takes, and man oh man, we are in Judge Judy Land, are we not, with the Tribe of People from Zionism and Judaism giving us the stiff upper cut.

Judge Judy' Profits Lawsuit With CBS Settled For Now – Deadline

Any news fromthe Surgeon General about this form of sadism on TV, and I have been around a hundred plus Judge Judy types in education, journalism, literary arts, higher ed, union organizing, social work, even in the environmental field, and in urban and planning circles, as well as journalism.

Jesus Effing Christ: (‘Judge Judy’ was plagued by sexual harassment claims, drinking on the job, and racism, former employees say. They worry the new $25 million Amazon streaming show will be more of the same)

Judith Sheindlin occupies a nearly divine perch in television. The 5-foot-2 family-court judge — known for her black robe, lace collar, and acid tongue — has been doling out tough-love legal verdicts since the Clinton administration, and the approach has paid off. She brought in a whopping $47 million a year for just 52 days a year of filming at CBS, and she has held onto the sort of cultural cachet that has eluded many of her contemporaries.

Following a public dispute with CBS — said to be over money and, improbably, Drew Barrymore’s talk show — “Judge Judy” wrapped in spring of this year. Amazon quickly stepped in, paying Sheindlin an estimated $25 million for 120 new episodes of “Judy Justice,” which the company hopes will serve as a cornerstone of its IMDb TV free streaming service. The deal was reportedly the largest-ever first-season order of a single show by a streamer. “Judy Justice” launched on Monday. 

In a recent New York Times interview, Sheindlin said that while her robe would change color for the new show — from black to a deep maroon — she intended to keep the legacy of the original production going, including her hard-nosed, moralizing style. “I bring eyeballs because, at least for one hour a day, people see that someone is holding the line,” she said. “I’m unafraid to call out irresponsible, un-American behavior. If we settle for mediocrity, we get what we deserve.”

But some of Sheindlin’s former colleagues, dating back to the mid-aughts until the show wrapped, say she failed to hold the line against racism, sexual harassment, and abuse at her own show. An Insider investigation involving interviews with 16 former “Judge Judy” employees, as well as a review of thousands of pages of court records, has found that Sheindlin’s long-standing executive producer and director Randy Douthit has repeatedly been accused of sexually harassing employees, making inappropriate sexual comments to female staffers, offering preferential treatment to staffers he found attractive, and ordering junior producers to bring fewer Black litigants on the show.

The former employees who spoke to Insider described an unrelenting high-pressure environment behind the scenes at the show. They accused Douthit and his deputies — the supervising producer Victoria Jenest and the co-executive producer Amy Freisleben — of fostering a workplace culture in which staffers were pitted against one another, threats of termination were frequent, drinking during work hours was not unusual, cases were manipulated to artificially increase the drama, and a vicious contempt for litigants who appeared before Sheindlin was common.

Nah, WHY Judge Judy, WHY TV kills brain cells, and, nah, WHY elites with gigs at MSM rags, legacy media, even those in the Halls of Poison Ivy League schools like Harvard are being steered by some interestingly tribal know it alls?

Then, this stuff, a piece from a Russian, seeing all the fun and games in St. Petersburg, while men die on the battlefield and families are murdered in Donbass.

I sent this to a friend, Toothless in Wisconsin (read the Substack series) !

His comments?

Had a 40 minute discussion with a die hard 88 year old River Falls republican, about…. a lot. Nine- eleven to Hoover. Capitalism. Covid, and who really got the “stimulus”.

Unbowable, and unyielding. Won’t answer a difficult question. Been waiting for a late cab, for an hour. Gonna piss in the gutter, soon.

How appropriate in the days leading up to “memorial day”. When I spoke with the eighty-something USA republican, yesterday, and brought up Russian casualties in World War Two, and juxtaposed those numbers with American losses, the old fool had no answer, but to challenge my numbers. When I bring up invasions of Russian soil, he countered with 9-11. Then we went to false flags, and physics, and he was on his way directly. There are none so blind.

One with a mouth full of pearly whites can still be toothless. Takes guts to be an honorable defender of others.

пост_релиз@biblioteka_intellekt_14 Encontro com o escritor Vladlen Chertinov  "Eu não desisto do meu".. | VK

Everything on MSM and everywhere, really, just broken, and I wonder how the surgeon general deals with his own dead-brain? Social media? Nah, elitism and tribal control of media, marketing, finance, AI, and social media, publishing, TV, and history books? Any do no harm there?

Later, Haeder . . . . Quoting:

Vladlen Chertinov, writer and journalist, former military commissar:

“On May 10, the Ukrainian side distributed two videos made from a drone. They depict the suicides of two Russian soldiers. On one, a fighter, who finds himself in a hopeless situation, blows himself up with a grenade, on the other, he shoots himself from a machine gun. What and who were these people thinking about before deciding to do something that strengthened their spirit? After all, they probably could have surrendered, but they chose death.

These shots now do not go out of my head when I see a peaceful life: cafes and restaurants crammed with visitors, crowds of fans going to Zenit, the smelt festival, posters inviting to concerts, and soon also Scarlet Sails. It feels like there are two Russias: one is dying at the front, and the other, as if nothing had happened, is enjoying life. The first dies for the second.

On May 13, I looked at the Internet poster and found out that in the remaining days of the month 62 musicals, 163 shows and 103 stand-ups will be held in St. Petersburg. It just doesn’t fit in my brain.

Most of all, stand-ups achieve – performances in the style of the Comedy Club, when several bullies, as a rule, of mobilization age, laugh on stage, and their humor, as a rule, is below the belt, and even with drug addict overtones. “Black stand-up”, “Stand-up top comedians”, “Petersburg stand-up”, “Adult stand-up”, “Premium stand-up”, “Fresh stand-up”, when there is not enough imagination, just “Another stand-up” will do – their name is legion. And the audience during these stand-ups, sitting at the tables, eats and drinks something. In general, some joke with a blunt end, others neigh and guzzle. And others die. There is tragedy, and here is comedy.

From the above, I personally have associations with the fall of the Roman Empire.

Approximately on the same days when both of our nameless soldiers committed suicide in battle, the fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin was buried. All the media have been talking about it. The singer Pugacheva came to Russia, who, together with her husband Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia), condemned the special operation, and in front of her at the funeral, the press secretary of the supreme commander in chief, leading this very special operation, bowed and kissed her hands. How can you put it all in your head? And … combine in one country.

Then it turns out that our soldiers fight and die for this too. So that Pugacheva and Sobchak, spitting on Russia during the war, could return to it with impunity whenever they want. They are fighting for the same Yudashkin, holder of the Order of Honor and Order of Merit for the Fatherland, who, according to some reports, has not filed tax returns since 2015 and owes the state millions of rubles. But the state did not delicately disturb Yudashkin, and the press secretary of the president, Dmitry Peskov, personally came to his funeral.

They are fighting for the head of the Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, who with impunity allowed the West to rob Russia of 300 billion dollars, and quietly withdraw the money of Western companies arrested in response from the country.

They are fighting for Sberbank, which after 2014 invested billions of dollars in Ukraine and indirectly financed the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while refusing to work in the Russian Crimea, and opened the first regional branch there only 14 months after the start of the SVO.

They are fighting for businessmen who drive up the price of bulletproof vests. For corruption in the defense industry, which continues even during the SVO, as recently announced by the head of the investigative committee, Bastrykin.

And this anti-list of those with whom our “Motherland begins” can be continued endlessly.

In my opinion, it is much more difficult for our soldiers today than for their grandfathers and great-grandfathers during the Great Patriotic War. Because they knew: behind them – the whole people, the whole huge country, “stand up for a mortal battle”, turned into a single military camp. On the world and death is red. And today they die in loneliness and obscurity.

It is already clear that in recent years our government has made many serious mistakes that cost the country and people dearly. And the fact that today the government is deliberately lulling the people into a peaceful life, in my opinion, is another big mistake. Another loss of precious time, comparable to the Minsk agreements and the freezing of the Russian Spring in 2014.”


Ahh, those Krauts and those Chosen People:

According to former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Minsk agreement served to buy time to rearm Ukraine. “The 2014 Minsk agreement was an attempt to give Ukraine time,” Merkel told the weekly Die Zeit. “It also used this time to become stronger, as you can see today.” (source)


Bring it on, What Would Judge Judy Do? Runs shivers down my spine, and I have extra air sickness bags from Southwest Airlines, so all is well here tapping on my laptop.

Judge Judy in the center with two other photos of Judge Judy facing out to the left and right behind her. the background is a red to dark red gradient.

Terminal Velocity: Man Lost of Tribe is a reader-su

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