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I’m attempting to concentrate on the Consortium News “feature” covering Sy Hersh. The Committee for the Republic was hosting investigative reporter Seymour Hersh at the National Press Club in Washington Tuesday evening at 7 pm EDT to speak about his Nord Stream reporting. “Watch it live exclusively on Consortium News.”

This is a dog and pony show, and this fellow, Sy, is on a repetitive roll (I’ve heard him on six or seven shows, hoping for something new, but he isn’t that sort of guy — very repetitive, and the interviewers are somewhat fearful of just interrupting him to get him back on task, whew). And while he thinks he’s snarky and cool about it, the amount of shit coming out of his mouth sometimes around this or that autobiographical musing is amazing. You can’t interview Hersh, and you can’t have a conversation with him. He will go on for 15 minutes, or more, before a questioner can get a question in.

He puts down people’s questions. He is arrogant. He is not funny in any Jewish Lenny Bruce way. He’s old, behind the times, and a type of dinosaur. The Nordstream story is nothing grand, for sure. We all knew what happened BEFORE the Sy Substack, and there were plenty of speculative ideas of who did the pipeline bombing. Sy Hersh is an exceptionalist, and he loves this country, and he thinks it has the best and brightest people on earth. I’m not sure I believe his diver down story. But the bottom line is that it was USA that did it, benefitted from it, and all the gloating, man, that too speaks volumes of all those trashy countiries in Europe. Celebrating this sabotage.

He doesn’t go deep into other sources in his life, and the people at this event, this talk or rehash — seeminly all gray hairs, all white, and mostly male — just go on and on how this fellow is the best investigative journalis ever, whatever that means. This sort of pedestal hoisting is bizarre. Think of all the stories, like Gary Webb’s, and a million others, from other countries, but Hersh is the winner among none others.

These people are asking Hersh him what he thinks about this and that, and it’s just a drunken brawl where Sy is the all-knowing reportrer beyond all reporters, and, now he tells us the right movement — Right Wing, that is — is a problem in Russia, and all reporters are missing it. It’s going to be the next big thing hurting Russia and Putin.

I get so bored with these sorts of people who really don’t ask questions, but have this confirmation bias and really are asking dead end queries, and this Sy can’t listen, can’t talk in a back and forth way, can’t talk with humans who are as smart or smater than he is. It’s as if he’s been stuck in a cave when it comes to a lot of things..

From World War Two, onward, that’s Hersh, and he laughs at his own rants, and his continuing with his type of conversation as Soliloquy is sometimes pointless.

He goes on and on about working for the New Yorker and NYT. Being from a working class family. Being a copy boy. He’s so American, so out there, and he just flows on and on with this or that piece of history, and he’s in a hurry to talk about what he knows about history, and he is allowed to just go on and on, with tangents, all over the place.

An hour and twenty-four minutes. His biggest observation is how the press has to protect the people who end up as undisclosed sources.

Ritter does a little soft-shoe here, The Nord Stream-Andromeda Cover Up

In a report to the United Nations, both Denmark and Sweden said that the damage done to the Nord Stream pipelines was caused by blasts equivalent to the power of “several hundred kilograms of explosive.”

It should be noted that underwater pipelines like those used in Nord Stream are designed to withstand proximal explosions from devices up to several hundred kilograms in size. Indeed, in locations such as the Baltic Sea, where unexploded military ordnance from multiple world wars abounds, the threat of a drifting device striking a pipeline and detonating is quite real.

Computer modeling shows that a 600-kilogram high explosive charge detonated approximately 5 meters from a 34mm-thick steel pipeline filled with gas would not compromise the structural integrity of the pipeline.

Imagine that, this guy, Sy, has a spedcial SEAL Team source, or someone, and he got the low down on two divers from Panama, Florida, and a large Norwegian ship, and a recompression chamber. In some ways, Hersh is a bit confused about diving, tri-mix, depth, etc.

That is the duh we knew months ago, and then there are stories about underwater drones, tested in that area, big drones, torpedo drones,with explosives, and with telemetry and the ability to set an explosive, or series of explosives. Directed explosives. Duh.

Divers? Well, maybe, maybe not. But we have this story, and there is no interest in the pipeline, theft of Russia’s gold and assets, and the fact that Sy’s America now has always been this America, and worse.

Doug Valentine:

CIA, man, no SEAL Team:

So, Hersh is limited, and these events are sort of aberations. Here’s a fun fact:

“A growing body of evidence suggests that the US would blow up the global economy to prevent China from laying claim to Taiwan’s semiconductor factories.
Former White House National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien has hinted at a sinister US contingency plan in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. Rather than see Taiwan’s semiconductor factories fall into the hands of the Communist Party of China, the US and its allies would simply pull a Nordstream.” (Source)

This is the history of the Anglo Saxons, UK or USA, and the Five Eyes controlling the world, and now Japan wants to join. And nuclear submarines for Australia, and Sy is breaking a pipeline story? Oh, it’s so much more worse than that.

Obstruction of Justice: How the British Government Protected 8,000 Soldiers of the Waffen-SS Galitsia Division

Amid the continued support given to the fascist politicians and military of Ukraine by western governments, many people are asking how such a betrayal of the sacrifices of the Allies in World War Two could take place. However, what most people are unaware of, in large part due to an ever-more corrupted media, is that these governments have a shocking history of protecting the perpetrators of some of the most terrible crimes of that war. One of the most egregious examples of this practice of shielding war-criminals from justice was confirmed in 2005 with the declassification of British Home Office papers showing that the British government protected at least 8,000 members of the Waffen-SS Galitsia Division from the justice that awaited them in the Soviet Union. (source)

One thought on “All Those White Guys in a Room

  1. Kelly Kloss says:

    Yeah, an old, (not really), half breed, (who cares), is right again. Don’t you get tired of it?

    In 2011, when Putin, started planning, to blow up, then Obama, and Biden, and winkin’, and blinkin’, and “cookies”, and what he(?), did, and……
    WTF? The “presentation”(?), at the press club, reminded me of my times at the memory care unit, (volunteering wise ass!!!), listening to the residents, my mom included.

    Well, I know that this is an important topic, but maybe this is a way to give the dottering, reporter, a little bit of an ego stroke. As Garland Nixon, and so many others, sing the praises of “Sy”, it was a display of deterioration. Some poet/author/journalist warned me that this man, past his sell by date, may not be as much as was attributed to him.

    The performance, at the press club does more to undermine his tales, than the MSM could ever dream of doing. Senile, sleepy, Joe Biden. Looked to me like the man holding court, last night, is riding the same train. Just situated in a different car.

    It was an hour of my life, that I’ll never get back. But, a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless, as it learnt me, once again, that second hand is good for garage sales, not so much for significant journalism. Learnt. Again??? Maybe I should join the train ride, myself???

    Still, Hersh wrote the story, that no one else did, or dared, so I think that some sort of kudos are in order. Some sort of token, preferably with the word vanity inscribed somewhere. So, where does that leave me? You? Us? The show is over, and the usual suspects will either decry, or lionize, this man’s performance. Honest assessments will be a rarity, not the norm. Tell me I’m wrong. I dare ya.

    And the artillery, and the bombs, will continue to fall. The bullets will continue to fly. And, the missiles will continue to warmup, in the bullpen.
    And, men, and women, and boys, and girls, infants, and almost infants, will continue to suffer, and die, at the whims of the people in charge, at my home.
    My country. The place I grew up. lol

    Tried to grow up, anyway. Kind of infantilized here, ya know. I knew DAVE Obey, when I was just youngster. A volunteer for the Wisconsin Democrat.
    The party of the working man, or so my pops told me. We lost touch, when hardscrabble life came a callin’, but I have little doubt that he was a power broker, like the rest. After 30+ years in the house, that would seem inevitable. My bias wants me to believe that he was no Gingrich, or Pelosi. Better person than those “stains”.

    What difference does it make? We’re where we are at now, and it ain’t worth a $hit. The United States of lying, and killing, and stealing, goes merrily along, no matter what any politician, or journalist says. As it should be, I guess. This country was founded on these….principles????? Ask any red man, if you can find one who hasn’t given in to the emancipation known as oblivion.

    I’ve heard that Nixon (Garland, not “tricky dick”), put out there that the US would blow up the chip factories in Taiwan, if things weren’t going their way, and it went viral on the intertubes. He said he was just “funnin’”, but a lot of folks didn’t get the joke, and there was a lot of hair on fire, for a day or so.
    What do I believe? Not much. Been lied to, and livin’ a lie, since I arrived here in an merica’. Never hated ruskies, or chinks, or aayrabs, or any furiners, for that matter. Always thought that if the US gave them cash, instead of bombs, we’d have so many friends we wouldn’t have room for them all at the parties we could host.

    I guess I never grew up, and became a man, and understood the virtue of the gun.


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