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Yet as US-led meddling in Ukraine has proven, the West is not capable of respecting international law or its own bilateral agreements with the rest of the world, making conflict all but inevitable. Russia for its part was fully prepared for the conflict that finally resulted after decades of abuse by the West, leaving a relatively unprepared West to suffer the consequences of its own belligerent actions. Only time will tell if China is likewise prepared and whether or not the West is as eager or able to weather yet another crisis of its own creation.

Daily, I hear the Democratic Party lover who is helping me do some house remodeling say (dozens of times a week): “Ah, Chinese made screws . . . worthless.”

He’ll say the same thing about a broken hammer staple, or some piece of aluminum or steel. As I have had to remind people everyday —

“That broken fan, that broken hair dryer, that broken printer, that broken plastic broom, that broken scrubber, that broken shoe, well, those are AMERICAN brands, and I guarantee, the Chinese are given the blueprint types, the schematics, given all the ingredients and parts accepted for this or that product that comes to the USA with ‘Made in China’ label.”

It’s Walmart or Maytag, or the box of drywall screws, all of those things, they are product-designed by the Americans, or whichever country sends their manufacturing over to China. Their product design and product production assemblyline parameters. What goes into that plastic toy made in China was already planned and propped up way before a sweat shop in China got the contract.

And those Home Depots and Lowes and Ace Hardware stores, making bank, triple and five times the price of those products over a triple profit margin? No advanced hatred of the titans of retail, all those billionaires and multi-millionaires just loving the gouging Americans during Planned Pandemic, Planned Zoomification of Everything, Planned Housing Crisis, Planned Medical Crash, Planned Infrastructure Failures, Planned More Taxation, Planned Pollution and Toxification of land/air/soil/water/bodies.

This is the broken product line of USA:

And he is Catholic like Pelosi, and a Jew-Zionist, too:

Then, this alimentary canal addition to the American Manure Pile Politics, “Trump told RNC donors that the US should put China’s flag on planes to bomb Russia”:

Alas, here, in the local rag where I publish, not an atypical illiterate diatribe, from a local resident. Notice all the points she makes, and then, one word, COMMUNISM, as her platform for stupidity:


Dark day in American history

Communism is alive and well in the United States of America. Your constitutional rights are under attack. Your cities and streets are unsafe in the daytime, as well as the night. Portland. Seattle. San Francisco. Las Angeles.

Shopping mall shootings. Grocery store shootings. Drive-by shootings. Senior citizens physically attacked by marauding groups of teenagers. Shoplifting and smash-and-grab robberies occurring every day. Police defunded and not supported by the citizens they risk their lives to protect. Drag queens teaching children in public schools how to be a successful drag queen. Men (white) are the enemy. Women are no longer women. Parents deemed political extremists for expressing their views at school board meetings.

And the never-ending witch-hunt culminating in the raid on former President Donald Trump’s personal home over a handful of documents. Ms. Clinton deleted how many thousands of emails with no repercussions? 

Illegal aliens are pouring over our southern borders, causing a devastating impact on the local citizens, criminal justice, health care and other related costs to the U.S. citizens. President Biden is sending billions of dollars to Ukraine, hiring 87,000 new tax auditors and making the IRS the largest government department, bigger than the CIA and the FBI.

Why? It’s a simple question. Deep down inside, we all know what is happening. The bigger question is are you ready to stand up and be counted and defend our country? Well, are you?

Elizabeth Burletson /Lincoln City


This is the reality of anti-democracy Communist Paranoid Americanos. It is upside down thinking, war is peace ethos, and just so pumped from CNN or Fox or Q-Anon or, well, freaky. Hate Biden, love Trump. Then, commenting on the decay of America as if that is communist? It’s Capitalism, lady.

It is amazing that a woman living in a Rural Community where capitalism has cut, cleared and poisoned the forests; where the Highway 101 is crumbling because of lack of true socialism at a federal highway level; where the Capitalists get all the housing market hammered up with Air B & B and short term rentals; where there is a nurse and doctor shortage because the wages they want and the lifestyle they desire ain’t here, but she longs for the good old days of when Capitalism Ruled With A Kind Heart and Even Hand and Open Book!

We close down beaches here in Lincoln County because of sewage pipe overflows.

Traffic from hell as tens of thousands come here on weekends when the city temperature in Salem or Eugene or Portland hit 100.

Parts of Newport are decayed, but privately owned. Disgusting buildings right on Highway 101.

No homeless services. No animal adoption and care services.

Yeah, that communism — flipping homes, and those coming from states like CA, with millions in the bank from an overvalued piece of shit home coming here to gobble up two or three homes for rental or STR purposes.

Yeah, saltwatere taffy and usless bad trinkets and coffee shops and worthless restaurants, but no dental services, and getting a contractor to repair a hole in the roof, think months and months waiting, at $175 an hour plus overpriced material-supplies.

Oh, this lady, a dime a dozen in the USA. But that’s the cornerstone of her conversation, her family’s, and the younger generation, where do they fit into her broken rhetoric?

It’s difficult, though, when I decry this country, decry the military complexes, decry the unfair taxation, decry the bureacrats, decry lots about a bad government, when I also want MORE government, that is, good governing, people directed oversight, more state biologists and more state and regional oversight and control of the profiteers coming in and gouging and stealing money in these private-public scams. More city, county and state workers for health, dental, hospice, day care, aging in place. MORE safety nets directed by the people using the public services, not more of Bezos and his grabbing up medical services or education services.

It’s just really bad, in America, just from that Diamond series:

That is at the core, from some lady in Lincoln County, or some dude named Jared Diamond, antiicommunist.

Here, Louis Proyect, looking at Jared Diamond’s work:

Diamond’s account of Haiti is lifted entirely from the work of development economist Mats Lundahl, who has a long record of defending free markets and liberalized trade. In some ways he can be described as a Swedish version of Jagdish Baghwati. In the 1980s he took the position that economic sanctions against South Africa would harm Blacks. He has also described the period of 1870 to 1914 as a kind of Golden Age for the world economy. In other words, he might be grouped with Niall Ferguson and other intellectuals nostalgic for the good old days of Imperialism.

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