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It’s not everything is okay in Mister Rogers Neighborhood. So many problems in the United Snakes of Israel-Firsters. You name it, we have that issue or theme or topic or infrastructure, or ecosystem, economic system, all of it, it’s in the crapper.

Of course, there are big MoneyPox endemics and pandemics on the horizon, and in a culture of stupidity, in a culture of hubris and elites controlling all valves, all bridges, all resources, all means of production and means of survival, we are here, man:

“Vaccine Industry Insider Peter Hotez Helped Fund Wuhan Gain-of-Function Study”
Dr. Peter Hotez, who received a $6.1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health for the development of a SARS vaccine that had the stated aim of responding to any “accidental release from a laboratory,” denounced plans to conduct hearings next year into the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 leaked from the Wuhan lab in China.

This is the face of a know-it-all, elite, a person who looks down on EVERYONE except those in his tribe:

Hotez’s own 2012 to 2017 NIH grant for the development of a SARS vaccine had the stated aim of responding to any “accidental release from a laboratory,” in addition to a possible zoonotic spillover of the virus.

The $6.1 million NIH grant also raises the possibility of “deliberate spreading of the virus by a bioterrorist attack.”

“SARS outbreaks remain a serious concern mainly due to possible zoonotic reintroduction of SARS-CoV into humans, accidental release from a laboratory, or deliberate spreading of the virus by a bioterrorist attack,” the grant’s description reads. (source)

Oh, and the monkey is now back on our back, and alas, the children are hit with mRNA jabs, a, b, c, d, infinity. Then, now, approved Monkey Pox jabs. Colleges are coming back in session forcing jabs on all students. This is the jabberwocky of dumb as rocks AmeriKKKans.

And that wasn’t a planned pandemic. Imagine, the futures, the future of the country in some people’s imagination, college-educated youth, are now demanding Zoom School in Diapers, PJs and Cheetos. “Online Education Is Booming, but Colleges Risk Lapses in Quality, Report Says”

In the article above, there is zero comments or citing of those who are absolutely against any on-line transformation of college and universities. This is it in these fake magazine and publication, The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Still, Gravelle said, the college has clearly defined minimum expectations — a marriage of Quality Matters’ standards and the State University of New York’s Online Course Quality Review Rubric. She wants instructors to ask themselves:Is the posted content good content? (“If I see Wikipedia,” she said, “I’m going to start questioning things.”) Is each piece of content accessible to all students, including those who are blind, colorblind, or hearing-impaired? Is the instructor visible to students by posting announcements regularly and popping in on discussion boards? Do students have opportunities to interact with their classmates, such as in group projects?

With this consensus of turning students into screen watchers, into Zoom Doom participants (sic) we have given our souls to the coders, the technocrats, the digital gulags, the social impact monsters, the data collectors, the squeezers. It’s about putting people further and further away from land, from spittle and yelling and body language and on campus, in communities, in field work, with leaders and those who want to learn how to lead. We already had death of real education for decades, with teach to the test, with the colleges and universities bowing to Club Med silliness, to athletics, to the MBA Schools and Admin Class and the Deanlets and the Institutional Research flunkies.

So, now, just wiring up youth and the next generation to transhumanistic tools, with downloadable knowledge, and direct links to satellites in return. Data and data and data.

We have a nursing shortage, doctor shortage, care home shortage, affordable housing shortage, trauma informed worker shortage. We have excess of trauma induced Capitalism. We are predators. We are world chaos makers. We are the Empire of Lies and Chaos and Terror. Truly.

We are ready for nuclear war, and we can’t keep prices down in the food stores, with our workers’ gasoline, with our medicine and education and travel and leisure and with everything, for the sake of arming Ukraine Nazi’s and Picking Nuclear war with China. See Ritter below. (source)

Just a few big problems, and we’ll use California and Oregon as examples of just one major issue — water. And, water is life.

Newsom: California must boost water recycling, desalination


By KATHLEEN RONAYNE Associated Press ​

California’s governor wants the state to invest tens of billions of dollars in water recycling, storage and desalination to shore up its supply over the next two decades. Gov. Gavin Newsom was set to announce the plan Thursday at a desalination plant. The state predicts its water supply will decrease 10% by 2040 as the U.S. West gets hotter and drier. Interest in recycling treated wastewater for drinking is growing across the West. California is in the third year of a drought and the state’s 39 million people aren’t conserving as much water as Newsom wants.Read more

WATER: Do we have enough water in Oregon? Depends who you ask
By MICHAEL KOHN  Ask a few Oregonians if their state has enough water to meet its needs and you may get some varying answers. The differing views on the question may be tilted based on where people live, or even their gender.

From, 44, Becoming self

Do you think you are born with a life purpose? If so, is there also a time frame in which you meant to fulfill it? Is the Voice that lives within us the only compass that guides us to its fulfillment?

From a very young age, Ania knows there is something that she wants to accomplish. Some sense of purpose or mission that urges her to move out of her home country, Poland. And so she set herself on a life-changing journey to find it.

Through living in Sweden and the United States, unsuccessful relationships with men, and working at the most glamorous boutiques of Chanel, Dior, Valentino, and Tom Ford, she keeps pushing on. As her restless search continues, she finds herself entering the world of personal growth, seeing Jesus in her first meditation with Jack Canfield, walking the fire with Tony Robbins, and talking to Abraham-Hicks from a hot seat.

One thing leads to another. But it is that trip to Normandy in France where she discovers what she was looking for 44 years…

Amazing what we are talking about and facing today with these incompetent Anglo Saxons in USA and Klanada, and the EuroTrash and the UK, Brits. Amazing what Australia and New Zealand do to add fuel to the flames, while all these locales are suffering from heat, energy shortages, inflation, lack of services, no ambulances to pick up heart attack victims, etc., etc.

This photo is, of coursem disgusting on so many levels:

Another disgusting image:

Then another 86 year old wanting to destroy his country, this billionaire Italiano:

Then, Brussels meets Cocaine Cowboy Multimillionaire Vogue Magazine Comic:

And, I could conjure up thousands of disgusting images of undeserving classless celebrities, but this says it all, no, Ugle Gaga: Meat Dress? This is what Biden and Blinken want to be saved with nuclear attacks?

Not good, really, Biden:

Teacher shortage, Zoom Workplaces, Masking Up Outside, MoneyPox, more and more people wanting Ukraine to the Last Ukrainian. No water for Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico . . . .Lake Mead is at its lowest level in history and is at risk of becoming a “dead pool. Yet, here we are, with Blinken and Company, DoD, Republican saber rattlers and then the Democratic Party Rainbow Flaggers wanting war war wat. Whew.

We are hurting big time: And, Woke is Good, when it comes to Afrikans in America, Before 2014, the call to “stay woke” was, for many people, unheard of. The idea behind it was common within Black communities at that point — the notion that staying “woke” and alert to the deceptions of other people was a basic survival tactic. But in 2014, following the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, “stay woke” suddenly became the cautionary watchword of Black Lives Matter activists on the streets, used in a chilling and specific context: keeping watch for police brutality and unjust police tactics.(source)

The earliest known examples of wokeness as a concept revolve around the idea of Black consciousness “waking up” to a new reality or activist framework and dates back to the early 20th century. In 1923, a collection of aphorisms and ideas by the Jamaican philosopher and social activist Marcus Garvey included the summons “Wake up Ethiopia! Wake up Africa!” as a call to global Black citizens to become more socially and politically conscious. A few years later, the phrase “stay woke” turned up as part of a spoken afterword in the 1938 song “Scottsboro Boys,” a protest song by Blues musician Huddie Ledbetter, a.k.a. Lead Belly. The song describes the 1931 saga of a group of nine Black teenagers in Scottsboro, Arkansas, who were accused of raping two white women. (source)

Lead Belly uses “stay woke” in explicit association with Black Americans’ need to be aware of racially motivated threats and the potential dangers of white America. Lead Belly’s usage has largely stayed the common, consistent one ever since, including during one notable brush with the mainstream in 1962, via the New York Times.


That year, a young Black novelist named William Melvin Kelley wrote a first-person piece for the Times called “If You’re Woke You Dig It; No mickey mouse can be expected to follow today’s Negro idiom without a hip assist.” In the piece, Kelley points out that the origins of the language of then-fashionable beatnik culture — words like “cool” and “dig” — lay not within white America but with Black Americans, predominantly among Black jazz musicians.

Read a decent article from Vox of all googy mainstream sources:

A history of “wokeness”

Stay woke: How a Black activist watchword got co-opted in the culture war.

By Aja Romano

As always, the whites, the liberal lites, the pro-war whites, all those fakes, have co-opted wokeness. Shame on them, and now people make fun of “woke.”

Indeed, even in a piece largely focused on linguistics, Kelley directly connects “woke” Black culture back to an awareness of systematized white violence against Black people. Writing about the ephemeral nature of this shifting Black vernacular, he noted that many popular idioms among Black Americans have been loaded with coded precautions since the era of slavery — like the use of “ofay,” pig Latin for “foe,” to stand in for a white man. “[T]he language was used primarily for secrecy, exclusion, and protection,” Kelley wrote. “If your master did not know what you were talking about, he could not punish you, and you could maintain your ignorance and innocence.”

This linguistic subterfuge seems to be how “woke” — the concept and the word itself — flew under the mainstream cultural radar for what seems to have been decades. Not until the late aughts, with the rise of social media and a few prominent assists, did wokeness begin its steady, proper push into the broader American consciousness.

So, alas, this is not being woke is all about, for sure, but then, white America, Straight, Cis-Gender, LGBTQ, err, this, is not what woke means:


G—Gay, Genderfluid

B—Bisexual, Bigenger

T—Transgender, Two-Spirit, Trans Masculine(demiboy), Trans Feminine (demigirl)

Q—Queer, Genderqueer (Questioning goes into a different Q)


A—Asexual (Ally goes into a different A)


P—Pansexual, Polysexual (attracted to multiple sexes/genders, but not necessarily all)

We are bombing Yemen and Libya and killing many in African countries, children in Venezuela, in Cuba, Donbass, the entire world. We are not woke, for sure, and we have murdered Afrikans here and abroad. We are not a woke country, and anyone other than informed Afrikan Americans using the term in an honorific or critical way is insane, racists, dumb as dirt.

Yet . . . I see woke hitting the negative comments big time. You know, Biden is Woke, Harris is Woke, the US DoD is Woke, Boeing is Woke, JP Morgan Chase is Woke. Yeah, we are the Pepsi Generation, only to the marketers, and so again, once again, the language co-opting folk and the police and the haters all in this the wrong way, which is what white “culture” here and everywhere does to a truly amazing concept of what it means to be, Longing to be Awake, Erykah Badu.

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