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I have heard this since, oh, the 1990s, from many different people in many varied arenas. Not all my warriors in the battle for justice — social, environmental, education, human rights, cultural, economic — who were long in the tooth made that statement: ‘The world is really screwed, and I am so glad I am sixty . . . seventy . . . eighty.’ That my friends is a huge cop out, and I am now afraid — in the Decade of Planned Pandemic, 2020 – 2030 — this will be the default for more and more people under the weight of inflammatory capitalism.

Look, daily, if they — those old timers — study the mainstream corporate press/media (which they do) or any variation on a theme of so-called “alternative” media (there aren’t really alternatives, per se), they will see each story unfolding to drill panic and impotence into everyone, which not only creates fear and panic, but also creates a sense of collective dread, and stasis of the mind.

+ there is a blood shortage + there are stories daily of shortages of food, fertilizer, meat, vegetables + cost of food is out the roof for the 80 percenters in the society + so many worthless people making so many dollars for what: sports, entertainment, movies, music, investing, and other perverse things tied to the One Percent and the 10 Percent…..

Shortages of construction workers, shortages of truck drivers, shortages, shortages. Then unionizing taking hold in such places as Starbucks and Kelloggs. Constant drum beat of lies about Russia-Ukraine-China-Latin America. Endless wrong headed people at Fox News or CNBC. So much wrong with the fake science of virology, and those talking heads of those agencies ramming vaccines and nothing else down the throats of Americans, and the globe. Imagine, no pitchforks for the multimillionaires and billionaires and corporations making money off of blood — pandemic lies and merchandise, food, necessities, medicine, education, transportation, utilities. Imagine that situation, even for enlightened ones, who were once warriors, but now, they throw up their hands and say, “Oh I pity the youth of today.”

As if this stuff is new? CIA, FBI, War Department, Wars, Weapons, Offensive Tools of Murder? Any of it new to this era, to Gen Z? Come on!

The Pentagon headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Oh, that greenhouse gas — methane:

On Prince Edward Island in Canada, farmer Joe Dorgan’s unlikely discovery has the potential to change the world. 

Dorgan, who founded North Atlantics Organics, which produces and distributes organic seaweed, stumbled upon what is nothing short of a climate miracle — the seeds of which were planted through five generations of family farming along the shores of Prince Edward Island. Back then, farmers harvested seaweed for feed and fertilizer. 

Globally, methane is responsible for 30% of global warming. Of that, livestock, such as cattle, account for about one-third of all methane emissions. 

“They [researchers] found out that feeding seaweed to cattle would reduce greenhouse gases by as high as 40%,” Dorgan said.

Digesting roughage requires extra digestion from cows and causes cows to burp more. Those burps emit methane, a heat-trapping greenhouse gas that’s 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

In a year, a cow emits as much greenhouse gas as a small car. Because animal numbers have skyrocketed to help feed a growing human population, livestock now accounts for 15% of global emissions. 

So, instead of having serious discussions on how we all need to reduce the factory farming, the confined/concentrated animal feeding operations, we are talking about growing more stuff — seaweed — so we can have our dairy and burgers. That is the sacrifice zone mentality of capitalism and embedded in those of us hooked on some aspect of capitalism. And it is difficult to live inthe world without some addiction, or many, that rapaciouis consumerism, marketing, retailing, and scams have brought us. I love coffee, but there is a price that goes beyond the grocery store sale of that pound of ground cafe. The way capitalism works it, there are so many layers of exploitation, economies of miss-scale, theft, pollution, illegality and unethical practices. You can believe you have shade tree coffee and beyond fair trade, but that is absurd. That’s $15 a pound.

So, the rich and the richer will get the best of capitalism, and those of us who believe in trade, humane and fair and deeply tied to ethical and envioronmentally sane trade, we have no say since most of us make the pittances that we mostly bargained for as radicals and real leftists who have been marginalized out of living or fair wages in those occupations we ended up in that are NOT STEM or superstar in law-marketing-investing-banking-real estate: FIRE!

Here, 2021, and the US Navy wins. Over the needs for drinking water. But this has been going on forever:

This is Democracy Now!, I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González, as we turn now to Hawaii, where the U.S. Navy is facing growing calls to permanently shut down a massive underground fuel storage facility that’s contaminated water supplies in parts of the island of Oahu.

State health officials recently found petroleum levels 350 times the safe limit in a water system that serves over 90,000 Navy families. The Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility has been used since the ’40s to provide fuel to Pearl Harbor. It can hold up to 250 million gallons of fuel. Environmental activists have long called for the Red Hill site to be closed down, in part because it’s located just a hundred feet above the primary groundwater aquifer for Honolulu and the rest of Oahu.

On Monday, the Navy defended its response to the crisis during a 13-hour public hearing. The Navy refused calls to temporarily remove fuel from the tanks, saying the facility, quote, “provides a large preponderance of the war reserve fuel supply for the Indo-Pacific theater.”

Environmental activists and Native Hawaiians have held a number of protests in recent weeks over the water crisis.

SAM IKEHARA: How many more leaks and reports of burning skin will it take? How many more children need to experience headaches, vomiting and diarrhea before the tanks are shut down? There has already been too much harm, too much damage, not enough accountability and not enough healing. Two hundred thousand gallons of fuel cannot be unspilled. The skin cannot be unburned. But it is not too late to do the right thing and shut down Red Hill before an even greater catastrophe is upon us.

Those dirty, bloody mercenaries —

Shares of several leading COVID-19 vaccine makers were jumping as of 10:44 a.m. ET on Monday. BioNTech (NASDAQ:BNTX) stock was up 6.2%. Shares of Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) were rising 5.7% higher. Novavax (NASDAQ:NVAX) stock was trailing not too far behind, with a 3.8% gain.

There was one common denominator behind the rise of these vaccine stocks. On Sunday, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that a “tidal wave” of COVID-19 cases in the country stemming from the omicron variant could be on the way. The U.K. is accelerating its booster program. Investors could be anticipating that other countries could be on a similar path.

We can’t even follow through on a vote of the people, in California, for more “human” treatment of farm animals (contradiction in terms). Amazing how dysfunctional Capitalism is, and how perverted the corporations are and how they have pimped out politicians galore.

Simple humane stuff — The California law requires that breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens and veal calves be given enough space to stand and turn around. For pigs, that means they no longer can be kept in narrow “gestation crates” and must have 24 square feet (2.23 square meters) of usable space. But the restaurant thugs — lobbies/industry groups — and the grocers and the animal meat thugs — are against even that minor shift in treating animals with a bit of more space in their torture chambers before they are further tortued before butchery. The numbers are staggering, how much bacon Californians eats, and most of it comes from other states. Here is the impotence of capitalism — profits over everything:

“Producers of eggs and veal appear able to meet the new law, but hog farmers argued the changes would be too expensive and couldn’t be carried out until the state approved final regulations for the new standards. An estimate from North Carolina State University found the new standard would cost about 15% more per animal for a farm with 1,000 breeding pigs. The National Pork Producers Council has challenged California’s right to impose standards on businesses in other states, but so far those efforts have failed. California is the nation’s largest market for pork, and producers in major hog states like Iowa provide more than 80% of the roughly 255 million pounds (115 million kilograms) that California’s restaurants and groceries use each month, according to Rabobank, a global food and agriculture financial services company.”

Pigs, uh? Swine flu, huh? Zoonotic diseases, uh? Pig waste lagoons, uh? Spoiled soil, waterways, air, uh, from pig producing? Then, since they are confined, pigs then become these antibiotic resistent, bacteria breeding, and virus harboring ghosts of their previous selves. Bovine? Poultry? This is madness:

Researchers have developed an on-site bovine respiratory disease test that provides results within an hour, a breakthrough that experts say has the potential to save the cattle industry millions of dollars.

The technology likely won’t be in farmers’ and veterinarians’ hands for a while because it must undergo further testing and development, but researchers say the future looks promising.

Bovine respiratory disease, or BRD, is the costliest disease in the beef cattle industry nationwide, causing nearly $1 billion in losses annually, according to Mohit Verma, the project’s lead researcher and a professor of agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue University.

SM verma2.jpg

Josiah Davidson, a graduate student in Mohit Verma’s lab, shows the color change in a new pen-side bovine respiratory disease test. (Source)
The Associated Press (AP) assigned six “reporters” to put out a 4,000-word hit piece on Kennedy.

The above image accompanies a piece about how the AP and others are attacking Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and, well, the AP and the American people (pre-Covid-19) believed the lies of the militarists, the pigs like Ronald Reagan, Nixon, Ford, Bush A and Bush B and Trump. Kennedy continues to self-identify as a lifelong Democrat. Fine, but his book is amazing, and Fauci is, truly, if you spent just a minute or two looking at his records, well, Fauci is criminal. And as such, he is running the criminal enterprise. No other way to work this Covid-19-SARS-CoV2 other than through the auspices of CDC, NIAID, NIH, WHO, and others.

As Kennedy’s new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci” rose to the top of the bestseller list in recent weeks, the blue check bourgeoisie started to panic because his work reveals, amongst other things, that they are charlatans.BUY TODAY: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s New Book — ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’

So the Associated Press (AP) assigned six “reporters” to put out a 4,000-word hit piece on Kennedy.

This appears to be part of a wave of paid retribution stemming from Kennedy’s extraordinary record of successfully challenging the dishonest Pharma narrative.

The AP hit piece reveals nothing new about Kennedy but it tells us heaps about the worldview and mindset of the corrupt white-collar class that makes their bread defending the Pharma cartel.

Whether you like him or not, Kennedy is a serious scholar. “The Real Anthony Fauci” is 480 pages and involved a team of more than 20 world-class research scholars working for more than a year. (source)

Read on —

And more reading:

And more:

It’s a fight, really, every aspect of the world, now, and, yep, 1900, 1800, 1950, 1750. But when you are in this fight, now, and you have history as perspective — or some of it under your belt — things can look bleak. However, to tell youth we think they are screwed, that we gave them a screwed earth, that is the height of stupidity. Oh, those Nazi’s —

How do you, fine reader, take this? Sitting down? On your toilet? In a corner cowering? Or all primed to be self-satisfied and self-important, ready to lock me up, lock us all up, for questioning the Powers That Be’s narratives. Because PTB are dangerous in any time, any epoch and with any subject matter at the ready: CP Hopkins,

And so, as 2021 goose-steps toward its fanatical finish, it is time for my traditional year-end wrap-up. It’s “The Year of the Ox” in the Chinese zodiac, but I’m christening it “The Year of the New Normal Fascist.”

And what a phenomenally fascist year it has been!

I’m not talking amateur fascism. I am talking professional Class-A fascism. Government and corporate sanctified fascism. Bug-eyed, spittle-flecked, hate-drunk fascism. I’m talking mobs of New Normal fascists shrieking hatred and threats at “the Unvaccinated” as they are dragged off “Vaccinated Only” trainspainting Nazi-era messages on their windows of their storesleaders of government fomenting mass hatredTV commentators literally quoting sadistic Nazi SS doctorsleftists going full-fascist on Facebook, concentration camps, Goebbelsian propagandacensorship of dissent … the whole nine yards.

Here in Europe, things are particularly fascist. One by one, New Normal countries are rolling out social-segregation systems, ordering “lockdowns” of “the Unvaccinated,” and otherwise persecuting those who refuse to conform to official New Normal ideology. Austria has made “vaccinations” mandatoryGermany is about to follow suit“Covid passes” have been approved in the UKGreece is fining “Unvaccinated” pensioners by reducing the amount of their state-pension payments. Swedes are “chipping” themselves. And so on.

In New Normal Germany, “the Unvaccinated” are under de facto house arrest. We are banned from society. We are banned from traveling. We are banned from protesting. Our writings are censored. We’re demonized and dehumanized by the New Normal government, the state and corporate media, and the New Normal masses on a daily basis. New Normal goon squads roam the streets, brutalizing pensionersraiding barber shopschecking “papers,” measuring social distances, literally, as in with measuring sticksThe Gestapo even arrested Santa Claus for not wearing a mask at a Christmas market. In the schools, fascist New Normal teachers ritually humiliate “Unvaccinated” children, forcing them to stand in front of the class and justify their “Unvaccinated” status, while the “Vaccinated” children and their parents are applauded, like some New Normal version of the Hitler Youth. When New Normal Germany’s new Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, announced that, “for my government there are no more red lines as far as doing what needs to be done,” apparently he wasn’t joking. It’s only a matter of time until he orders New Normal Propaganda Minister Karl Lauterbach to make his big Sportpalast speech, where he will ask the New Normals if they want “total war” … and I think you know the rest of this story.

Figure out where you stand on EVERY issue that you can put on your bandwidth. And realize that they all relate, that systems thinking is the only approach to seeing how this madness in one silo parlays into madness in another and another and another and . . . .

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