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Reset #9

someone cries
blood shortage
desperately empty
caches of plasma
whole blood
vampires in our midst
Goldman and Sachs
Vanguard and State Street

How A Few Bankers Fucked Romania – All Things Romania

gobs of trillions
the price of nuclear war
no need for transfusions
these gated community
minds with private
cardigan-wearing armies
bloodless devils
unleashing their vampires
unleashing Mensa Madmen
technocratic necrophiliacs
the fire roils FIRE
finance insurance
real estate

If nuclear war broke out where's the safest place on Earth? | Science | The  Guardian

wonderful lives
shuttered inside
latchkey Zoom Gen
Z shut-ins by
invitation only
check body temperatures
a hundred and one questions
you get blood
maybe, but only with
whatever Gates and Italian
guy with legion of East
Indians Orthodox Jews
Ivy Poison League Goyim
deem acceptable
patients on life support
or just pushed to the curb

On new podcast, Bill Gates talks COVID-19 with Dr. Fauci, masks vs.  nudists, and a plan to hug Bono - GeekWire

unquenchable thirst
blood on the tracks
blood on hands
bloody Monday
bloody Saturday
bloody Mary
blood brothers
with the prick
of whatever means
necessary for bloody
fear sistah

S Brian Willson, Blood on the Tracks: The Life and Times of S. Brian  Willson - PM Press

we hear childish
admonitions cartoonish
hip junkie advertising models
unlike days of old
days of blackout
curtains tiny corona
of headlights air raid
shelters all of them

The Blackout in the Second World War

in it together blue
blood by blood
bloodless bloody buddy
all in this bloody
mess together women
and children first
old men hoof it
skedaddle sayonara

Explainer: Are Shipwreck Evacuation Rules Still "Women And Children First"?  - YouTube

sacrifice for greater
good health of
a nation service
to unborn generations
blood pact
saving healing
bloody blood
sacrifices in the
nanoseconds ticking
closer to one minute
to midnight doomsday

Chronos - Wikipedia

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