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Ha. The revolution will not be surveyed. Yeah, I’m 64, and, teacher par excellence, journalist (real, newspaper, small and mid-sized town), social worker for foster youth, developmental disabled, homeless substance addicted, even homeless veterans . . . Yah. Surveys man, and Commondreams, man.

By any means necessary, bog us down, hit us with another survey, another, and let’s chew through our masks, popcorn, and watch Dark Waters and The Mauritarian and cry, keeping that six-foot distance, for sure.

Passports passed around. Survey poll focus group.

Yippee for Goebbels, err, Bernays, err, Friedman, oh those Mad Men, now the Pew Peeps.

The revolution will not be Whitey on the Moon, Whitey on Mars, Whitey at COP 29.

You want that Gore Vidal, United States of Amnesia?

How about Agnotology.

The Revoution will be surveyed, Pre-crime, prequel, sequel.

The crimes will be GIS mapped, the venn diagrams, oh, those surveys, executive summaries.

Poll Toll Fine Code Enforce Levy Tax Triple Penalize Regressive Taxation Eviction Penalties Surcharges Add-ons Price of Inflation Two-for-One Limited to One.

Oh, Survey Rachel Carson. How’s that DDT Survey coming?

Forever chemicals. Militarized Industrial Ag. All those blood lagoons of Pig Body Parts.

Survey again, those fence lines.

White Paper, executive summaries.

Shoot, one out of 10 think or do they just believe or is it a nightmare?

Ask just the right set of questions, and, shoot, the Revolution will Be Televised. Netflix Mini-Series. Amazon Prime Hulu Showtime. Bring it all on, and we then, can cogitate, ruminate, resonate.

The Survey will not be Revolutionized.

Whitey is at the bottom of the sea. Whitey is on his submarine. Whitey is in the lab. Whitey is DARPA mad.

Thanks for the Survey.*

Shit dog, my reaction to yet another meaningless piece of survey data, executive summary. My response above.

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