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Sure, the they is well, us, or, we are the cancer. Even though some of us are for reparations, against spending cents on military, on SWAT teams. Many of us are knowing that the Buffalo Commons and Y2 Y are the best ways toward regenerative conservation, with the tribes at the helm.

This is what prompts this short piece, which is the tip of the injustice iceberg:

Before white settlers arrived in Oregon, it was home to over 20 indigenous tribes whose people lived symbiotically with the land, maintained the forests, and worked to preserve the environment around them.

As a territory, Oregon was shaped through manipulation of land by United States government. The Donation Land Act of 1850 dispossessed Indigenous Peoples and pushed white settlers into the territory. White males and married white women were allotted a 320 acre plot of land in Oregon. Conflict erupted between these white settlers and Native Peoples; many tribes did not survive the wars. In 1854, U.S. army troops forcibly relocated most surviving tribal bands to a newly established coastal reservation. The Act expired in 1855, but resulted in a huge increase in Oregon’s population of white settlers.

Today, there are only nine federally recognized tribes within the state. However, they continue play a crucial role in the maintenance of forested lands and passing on indigenous knowledge to other state residents.

It is a whitewash article, since it comes from the Oregon World Forestry Center.

This is the only way to go:

There once were over 400 million acres of wild prairie grasslands in the central part of North America. The backbone of the Buffalo Commons movement is the work — over a period of decades — to re-establish and re-connect prairie wildland reserves and ecological corridors large enough for bison and all other native prairie wildlife to survive and roam freely, over great, connected distances, while simultaneously restoring the health and sustainability of our communities wherever possible so that both land and people may prosper for a very long time. Future generations may choose to expand these reserves and corridors, as the new culture of caring and belonging we have started today becomes an integral, ingrained part of life in the world of tomorrow, especially as extensive grasslands become needed to help absorb carbon from the atmosphere. (Highly biodiverse native prairies are excellent carbon sequesters.)

As both model and metaphor, the Buffalo Commons includes various, sometimes seemingly disconnected components that all add up to a new healthier life for our region centered around sustainability and regained community. This restoration economy can include everything from GPRC’s Million Acre Projects and Plains Youth InterACTION program, to a small West Texas or Kansas farmer’s re-banking of the soil on his land, to a group of Lakota or Oklahoma or Colorado mothers working together to stage gang intervention or ward off a meth invasion, to a string of communities along two hundred miles of a creek or river working to establish clean, healthy water flows again, to environmental groups making ecologically-focused land purchases. It’s problem solving through local, hands-on action. (GPRC)

Then, of course, back to the other racist projects, against Blacks and Japanese and Chinese, you name, these cancerous whites were and still are the carginogens of now and the future:

Oregon’s Constitution originally included a racist provision that excluded free Black Americans from the state. It read that “No free Negro, or Mulatto, not residing in this state at the time of the adoption of this constitution, shall come, reside, or be within this state, or hold any real estate, or make any contracts, or maintain any suit therein.” The constitutional provision was only repealed in 1926.

This racist provision meant that most of Oregon’s early population and loggers were white. However, despite this prejudiced history, Black Americans and other people of color played a key part in our state’s logging industry. 

Black and white loggers pose side by side for a photo in Maxville, OR.

This is putting it mildly, since, Oregon, like so many other racist states (all the states) had sundown laws — you know, if your skin isn’t as white as a catfish belly, then you are subjected to arrest, kidnapping, beatings and lynching. This mentality is epigenetic, deeply epigenetic, and the Oregon Folk, even in Metro Sexual glee in Portlandia, are tried and true, well, racists of another mother.

History of Racist Planning in Portland — “Historical Context of Racist Planning: A history of how planning segregated Portland is a review of racist planning practices in Portland. This systemic discrimination, which was also practiced nationwide and goes back to the origins of our country, has harmed communities of color by excluding them from homeownership and wealth-building opportunities; denying them access to educational resources, jobs and healthy neighborhoods; and perpetuating segregation, displacement, and harmful stereotypes through the zoning code, deeds and covenants, lending practices, public housing and urban renewal.”

Then, the racist, Zionist, CIA loving Atlantic magazine — The Racist History of Portland, the Whitest City in America.

Note the hoods and sheets, well, they are now judges’ robes, DA’s briefcases, and the entire building and construction and real estate industry in Brooks Brothers:

A Ku Klux Klan March in Ashland, Oregon (Date unknown; estimated to be from the 1920s)
PORTLAND, Ore.—Victor Pierce has worked on the assembly line of a Daimler Trucks North America plant here since 1994. But he says that in recent years he’s experienced things that seem straight out of another time. White co-workers have challenged him to fights, mounted “hangman’s nooses” around the factory, referred to him as “boy” on a daily basis, sabotaged his work station by hiding his tools, carved swastikas in the bathroom, and written the word nigger on walls in the factory, according to allegations filed in a complaint to the Multnomah County Circuit Court in February 2015.

Hallelujah. If the white readers of this blog, and those that are in the Uncle Tom and Tio Taco clan, can’t see the destructive cancerous white race’s project of annihilation of the races, other than the catfish belly colored ones, then, they are the enemy.

Yep, now for the animals, all those animals murdered by farmers and ranchers, all those wolves, all those puma, all those coyotes. The white race is the vermin, but they dynamite the noses off of everything on their precious polluted industrial agriculture —

Ahh, now who pays the ferryman, uh? How many tens of thousands of big, medium and small (sic) leaks are there in the world, with the oil giants destroying human and nonhuman health. This is the price of the white cancer —

The spill has significantly affected Huntington Beach, with substantial ecological impacts occurring at the beach and at the Huntington Beach Wetlands,” a city statement said.

Huntington Beach Mayor Kim Carr said the spill of 3,000 barrels worth of oil was reported about 9 a.m. Saturday and drew a response from a broad range of government officials. A unified command of cities and agencies, along with Beta Offshore, was established.

The oil continues to spill from the pipeline breach location connected to Platform Elly, Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley tweeted early Sunday. She said the leak location is five miles off the Huntington Beach coast.

And it is a state, cities, counties, the USA, that is broken, so incompetent, so fucked up:

Foley — who represents the impacted cities of Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and Seal Beach — said the damage from the spill could be irreversible. She said the beaches and marshlands are “part of our heritage” and draw countless numbers of people to the shore.

“We’ve started to find dead birds & fish washing up on the shore,” she tweeted.
She wrote that Newport Beach Mayor Brad Avery “hit the oil slick in his boat today heading back from Catalina. He saw dolphins swimming thru the oil.”

The price of energy, oil, fossil fuels, cars, planes, trains, trucks, and all those Tesla’s made from the burning of fossil fuels. Don’t let the electric battery fool ya. You think all those parts are metals and plastics and rubber from heaven?

Finally, Ellen Brown, yammering in her piece about unfathomable virigin water under the crust, 400 feet down, pure unadulaturated water. Water for all. Bullshit.

“Now re-branded, AquaterreX, LLC, was launched in May 2021 with breakthrough technology to locate vast amounts of underground fresh water.”

Four billion people depend on dwindling supplies of shallow groundwater for drinking and food production. Moreover, water is becoming contaminated every day from pesticides, chemicals, and other contaminants.

“By 2025, 1.8 billion people will experience absolute water scarcity and two-thirds of the world will be living under water-stressed conditions.” –UN Convention to Combat Desertification

A New Water Source That Could Make Drought a Thing of the Past

More white saviors, drilling for water. You know, water for, well, just people, right? Nah, how much water to raise a pound of beef, or to produce an 8-inch micro computer wafer? How much energy and pollution in the process of water for industrial food, to move sewage, to deal with pig blood-fetus-shit ponds? Right, water dozens of times more than the people’s needs. Absurdity. This is Ellen Brown showing her true capitalist lite face?

Off with their heads, all of them, Goldman Sachs and the other Fortune 1000 class:

The ideal solution would be new water flows to add to the hydrologic cycle, and promising new scientific discoveries and technologies are holding out that possibility. But mainstream geologists have long contended that water is a fixed, non-renewable resource —and vested interests are happy to profit from that limiting proposition. Declaring water “the new oil,” an investor class of “Water Barons” —including wealthy billionaire tycoons, megabanks, mega-funds and investment powerhouses — has cornered the market by buying up water rights and water infrastructure everywhere. As Jo-Shing Yang, author of “Solving Global Water Crises,” wrote in a 2012 article titled “The New ‘Water Barons’: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water”:

Facing offers of millions of dollars in cash from Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, UBS, and other elite banks for their utilities and other infrastructure and municipal services, cities and states will find it extremely difficult to refuse these privatization offers.

Here, from one of the letter writers looking at Brown. I doubt my letter will be published, since Sheer Post is, well, sort of nanny gate-like in its gatekeeping:

Richard Gallagher

Drill for water. Oglala Aquifer, one obvious example.

The proposal to drill or mine for water ignores the obvious. No matter the science.

As if, water is a singular or isolate concern. Clean aka potable water is befouled as part & parcel of industry or simply the ‘washing away’ of contaminants aka pollution.

The institutions and the systemic architectures of the present – one might even tilt towards ‘the green’ which is another form of wizardry – are basely the problem. Conjure up infinite amounts of water, akin to infinite amounts of oil, infinite amounts of any & all precious substance(s). That is not a solution.

You can begin with overpopulation. Consumerism. Inequality of wealth. Economies based on war & profiteering from such. Bad governing structures aka corrupt. Globalization. On an on and on. WATER. There isn’t a shortage – there is a misuse of a resource and simply too many goddamn people. The solution (as if here is one) is sustainability and balance. Good luck with that.

Oceans of water are beneath our feet, and new technologies are extracting it economically without ecological damage.
[Sam Cox / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

Yep, you think anyone in any business or administration would plumb Michael’s head around commodities, socialism, and this concept of privatizing everything, including water? Yep, sell lithium, steal lithium; food or fish; oil or copper; trees or rubber.

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