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Quickly, I am out back, cutting back some Sitka limbs, and the pot smoking, cigarette fuming, dumpy neighbor who is in his 50s, starts talking to me over the fence line. He’s bullshitting about two dwarfs fruit trees I planted a year ago. There is a lot of white trash bullshit not just in this rural-coastal Oregon town, but throughout the land, so don’t get me wrong.

I already told the dude a week before, “Stop talking to me. I have nothing to say and want nothing from you to even contemplate.”

Here I am, cutting and sawing, and this pot head/smoker/cougher who lives in his old mother’s home, with his California license plate beat-up car broken down in the front yard — and mind you, we have not talked, and when he piped up last week when I was talking to a contractor about a fence for our yard, this pot smoking-cigarette fuming dude inserts himself into our conversation. I let him spew his yammering, and then told him to can it, and let me talk to the guy. The contractor says he deals with a lot worse in his line of work.

The point is I am trying to be less righteously nonconfrontational, and this dude, today, was talking while I was working, and I repeated to him to shut up and leave me a lone. He went on and on about the sign on our property — This one, or this one in rainbow colors:

Read the other idiot neighbor, another adult boy, drunk, living with his mommy –A Flag; a Violent MAGA Family; a Brick through the Window!

These are weirder and weirder times, and the white boys — his brother is also a pot head, hacking up shit all the time in the back yard — they are out of work, living with mommy, and they are mad as hell at anyone on a forward path. They pontificate, listen to Fox, go all over the Internet for their slime news/unnews. They are vapid, and they live in a racist bubble, and because this part of the world is white and white and white on white, they feel entitlted.

They had Black Lives Matter and anyone in Portland protesting the pigs of capital, including Trump Pig, LLC, and Biden Pig, LLC. However, these pot heads are railing against Harris and Biden, but they are oral sex wannabes when it comes to Trump LLC and the whole rotten crew. They think Biden is awful, but Trump is, well, I won’t go on and on about their bizarre and perverse love of Trump.

These fuckers know nothing of commies like me, left of socialist lite, and they are basically on a trajectory of hating AOC, The Squad, educated folk, artists, protestors. Yep, they do not do nuance, and this guy, in his pothead shape, actually stated, “Now, if I was a conforming’s cis gender person, would you talk to me this way. WOuld you talk to me if I was BIPOC?

My spouse entered the scene, coming outside upset since she was in a flare — Hashimoto’s which precipitates asthma attack. I was minding my own business, but she’s right to tell me, “Come on, Paul, you are trauma informed. This guy has something wrong with him. He is also white trash looking to stir up anything. Next time, if he confronts you over the fence, just put down what you are doing and walk away, and come in the house.”

She called the cops, and alas, that is yet another story of pigs whining, saying that “he didn’t break any laws, so I recommend you start filling out the paperwork for a restraining/no trespass order.” So, yelling at a cop, a pig, I wonder what that would do to me, uh? No laws broken. Right. Disturbing the peace. Terroristic threats. Assault with deadly weapons.

The feeling my spouse has is that we are in no-man’s land — an old community of washed out white trash, many of them on pot, and most of them racists. Do nothings. And, the California infusion up here, unfortunately, most are coming with Orange County chips on their shoulders, millions to burn, and they are not the rooted people one would want as collective neighbors.

The world is dicey for sure, and as I get older, my pugnacious spirit has to be tempered. Cold cocking someone, like these fucking fools, is actually a good thing, but in nanny and litigious USA — where the rednecks would call the cops and lawsuit me if I did what would be deserved — this is no longer an option without finding oneself in the criminal injustice world. Fines, fees, payments, judges, pigs, DAs, the lot of them.

I was trained a bit by my older sister, Robbie, who was killed as she road her Harley from Kamloops BC to Arizona. Some fucker fell asleep at the wheel and ran into her as Robbie was on her way down south with two other riders. She was 23. That was my legacy, as she lived her life to several fullest points by the time she was road rashed and concussed into death. She was not afraid to confront a pig, a swine, anyone doing her or any of her friends an injustice. I learned a lot from her in her show years, and one was that you stand up for yourself.

Today, with the Trumpidians, Covidians, Lesser Evilests, and the More Evilests, we are locked in a bizarre circus. A carnival, that is, a back of the town show of the strange and perverse ways of humanity. The cruelty, the abusiveness, the evil, the sinking stupidity of the sucker born every minute and the shark and grifter born every nanosecond. There is no rootedness, and this society is hyper classist, full of the castes, leveled to make most people feel disposed and disenfranchised. In that process, they are dispossessed, and rootless. They are evil, and their protectors are many — so many feeling sorry for the white, racist and deplorable people who are misanthropes, violent in their dreams, hateful in the thoughts but on the surface looking like poor white trash, victims of modernity, and all I can say is that leftists and liberals who feel this are insane — with no grounding in reality, with dealing with these people. The racists on the right-wingnut side of things, they are pure and pure bigots and racists, too, and they want chaos and pain. They want a pound of flesh and they want injustice to rule. They would pull the switch in a moment’s notice, They are the lynchers. They love the Border Patrol whippers, and they love the thugs turning away entire ships of refugees. They are the true little ignorant fascists, who believe this land is their land. Fucking putridity.

This is not easy to read, I am sure, for most people have some semblance of hope, or they see people as products of bad upbringings, bad divide and conquer crap. The believe there is some time for retribution or rehabilitation. Most Americans have no idea how bad their fellow citizens are. Really. They buy into this or that lie, and for sure, most people I meet that are on that spectrum of hate and incompetence, they are not your brother’s or sister’s keeper. They want to believe the lies and the violence and the mythology of this shit hole country because they are the shit in the hole of this empty country. Most people doing bad things, well, if they have not poverty or hell of addiction to crawl out of, they do the bad things because they are bad people.

And this of course goes all the way to the top, to the people in top hats and fancy ball gowns, or Brooks Brother’s soldiering uniforms. They are beautiful and elite, in their minds, but they are awful people who protect awful leaders and awful ideas.

What can we expect, then of the people who follow the awful ones, who buy into the hate and violence, who are lobotomized?

So be it.

Here, from my friend Joe the Farmer from Mercded —

Turns out President “Not As Awful” is just as awful as former President “Awful”.

DeJoy is still there fucking up the postal service.

Jerome Powell is still shoveling free money to Wall Street.

And President “Not as Awful’s” appointments that are every bit as bad as “President Awful’s”.

“President Not as Awful” ain’t changing the criminal corruption but instead is appointing another Justice Department official neck deep in the graft. 

Now go back to sleep America.

There’s nothing for you to see here.

The business of America is stealing everything not nailed down.

Always has been.

Always will be.

 Ain’t it awful?

This is in reaction to this article — The Justice Department Has 58 Documents About Its New Criminal Chief that It Doesn’t Want the Public to See.

And this is the awful truth:

Fed's Wall Street Bailout

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