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The clock ticks ticks ticks. So many dumb people, so many unthoughtful people, so many dog-eat-dogging people. The wasteland of this consumer culture, the Retailopethicus of the new American Male/Female/They, it has gotten us here: you can’t drink the water in any river, and when it comes to you all chlorinated (maybe) it costs you an arm and a leg. And if the electricity goes out, forget Bruce Willis and Batman coming to the rescue.

River? Merced. California. Young married couple, one year old and the dog, dead:

Algal blooms can form in waterways that are shallow and warm.
“These algal blooms can produce toxins that can make people and pets extremely sick,” Elizabeth Meyer-Shields, a BLM field manager, said in a statement. “We will continue to monitor for the algae’s presence and look forward to when the public can safely recreate in the Merced River.”

This story is microcosm, in the richest state, and alas, the anti-regulation libertarians, the conservative second/third/fourth coming Republicans, the Israel Firsters, the Dimwit Money Loving Democrats, the entire Dystopia has come upon us decades ago, the lag time now catching up, the feedback loops even more loopier, and the tipping points big and small, well, a society, a for-profit-at-any-cost society will continue to see the small deaths of this family, the thousands murdered by USA pigs/cops, and the unmitigated insanity of the corporate media, the corporations and the pimps and prostitutes/presstitutes with the microphone!

You do not have to look too deeply how destructive the new normal is, and I am not talking about Covidians, the culture of locking up people, the lockdown Collective Stockholm Syndrome of the SARS-CoV2 crap. Because it is not just in a vacuum, this new digital fascism coming at us at breakneck speed.

Well well, what about this factoid that has been on my radar for, decades?

Pollution: The World’s Number One Killer

Marie Donlon | October 31, 2017

Responsible for more premature deaths than terrorism, war, smoking, disease and natural disasters, a new study is declaring that pollution is the number one killer in the world.

Publishing their findings in the medical journal The Lancet, researchers analyzed pollution levels both indoors and out, and determined that roughly 9 million people were killed by pollution in 2015 alone — an estimated one out of six deaths worldwide.

But the posse to the rescue —

Persian Gulf trip
US Afghanistan Feature photo
Oh, how many war criminals are there in this 20 years of civilian murder? How many military offense contractors, from Joe Pipefitter to CEO of Raytheon should be in jail, well, maybe just used as medical experiment subjects?

The framing of the US ‘military intervention’ in Afghanistan, starting on October 7, 2001, as the official start of what was dubbed as a global ‘war on terror’ was left almost entirely to US government strategists. Former President, George W. Bush, his Vice President, Dick Cheney, his Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld and an army of spokespersons, neoconservative ‘intellectuals’, journalists and so on, championed the military option as a way to rid Afghanistan of its terrorists, make the world a safe place and, as a bonus, bring democracy to Afghanistan and free its oppressed women.

For that crowd, the US war in an already war-torn and extremely impoverished country was a just cause, maybe violent at times, but ultimately humanistic.

Another narrative, also a western one, challenged the gung-ho approach used by the Bush administration, argued that democracy cannot be imposed by force, reminded Washington of Bill Clinton’s multilateral approach to international politics, warned against the ‘cut and run’ style of foreign policymaking, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere.

Although both narratives may have seemed at odds, at times, in actuality they accepted the basic premise that the United States is capable of being a moral force in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Whether those who may refer to themselves as ‘antiwar’ realize this or not, they, too, subscribe to the same notion of American exceptionalism and ‘Manifest Destiny’ that Washington continues to assign to itself.

Everything else, daily, minute by minute, seems, well, vapid. Again, this fun exercise in this rotting country is not so fun for those of us not employed, not getting employed, not finding themselves in a great employee loving county or city or region. And this is it for Labor Day: — the memory care president and the previous memory challenged one, this is how the Democrats and the Republicans work. So, yep, more Delta and Mu and endless variant news from the suspect “follow the science” crowd, that, well, the ones with Moderna and Pfizer fortified junk in their arms are what, 10 times, 250 times, likely to have more viral load, more infectability, more transmissibility? Oh, which crowd shall the US public follow?

Yet in the years before it became a formalized or federal holiday, Labor Day was celebrated at different times and in diverse ways by distinct unions and organizations, and there were those who argued for a much more overtly radical element to the holiday: celebrating it on or around May 1, to link it overtly to the burgeoning international association between May Day and communist activism. Whether Peter McGuire first conceived of the holiday or not, both he and the newly formed American Federation of Labor (of which he became a national leader after its 1886 founding) were among those arguing in this decade for a more clearly international celebration, inspired in part by Toronto’s Labour Festival which McGuire had attended in 1882. Whenever the holiday was celebrated, it had the clear potential in these early years to reflect the labor movement’s more radical and activist sides.

Both the formalizing and federalizing of the holiday happened in direct response to such radical elements. The May 1886 Haymarket riots and bombing, and the fears of international radicalism that followed, led to President Grover Cleveland’s 1887 recognition of a September Labor Day celebration, the first such formal national acknowledgment of the holiday. (Ironically, it was to commemorate the Haymarket affair that the 1889 Paris Second International officially designated May 1 as International Workers’ Day, a holiday still celebrated around the world.) And the 1894 Pullman Strike, one of the broadest and most prominent national strikes of the period, led Congress and Cleveland (serving in his second, non-consecutive term as president) to go one step further—just six days after the strike ended, Cleveland signed the hastily drafted and passed legislation that made Labor Day a federal holiday, to be celebrated on the first Monday of September. (source)

The holiday’s founders in the late 1800s envisioned something very different from what the day has become. The founders were looking for two things: a means of unifying union workers and a reduction in work time.

The first Labor Day was hardly a national holiday. Workers had to strike to celebrate it. Frank Leslie’s Weekly Illustrated Newspaper’s September 16, 1882

Then, alas, so many systems flooded with graft, theft, outright poisonous and murderous policies that the American public is again hunkering down, tied to the Tube, or Black Mirror, now that sports are up and running, now that every worthless cable channel in the thousands, all those worthless podcasts, all that, and more, is sucking any few bits of nano particle brain matter from the collective consciousness of the Covidians.

Take this, for example — “On Child Vaccines, the Experts Are Suddenly Reluctant to Follow ‘The Science'”

Peek behind the curtain

There are a few revealing snippets buried in the media reports of the JCVI’s reasons for delaying child vaccinations – information that challenges other parts of the vaccination narrative that have been unassailable till now.

One concerns long Covid, fear of which has probably been the main factor driving parents to push for their children to be vaccinated – given that Covid poses little immediate threat of serious illness to the vast majority of children. Of long Covid in children, the JCVI argues, according to the Guardian, that “the impact of the symptoms may be no worse than those seen in children who have not actually had Covid”. (source)

And it cancel culture, a death culture, really, and even this blog is the death of my own ability to peddle books and to be an educator, because the nanny state, the retrograde thinkers, the bulk of them in the right-left manure pile of conservatism, they have us all snookered by their fear, panic, stupidity.

“Follow the science” is a mantra designed to shut down all critical thinking about how we respond to the pandemic – and to justify censorship of even well-qualified dissenting scientists by corporate media and their social media equivalents.

For example, YouTube has excised the testimony of medical experts to the US Congress who have been trying to bring attention to the potential benefits of ivermectin, a safe, long-out-of-patent medicine. Instead the corporate media is derisively describing it as a “horse drug” to forestall any discussion of its use as a cheap therapeutic alternative to endless, expensive vaccine booster shots.

(And by the way, before the “follow the science” crowd work themselves into a lather, I have no particular view on the usefulness of ivermectin, I simply want experts to be allowed to discuss it in public. Watch, for example, this farcical segment below from the Hill in which the presenters are forced, while discussing the media furore about podcast star Joe Rogan’s use of ivermectin to treat his Covid, to avoid actually naming the drug at the centre of the furore for fear of YouTube censorship.)

Not that Joe Rogan is worth the digital electricity he uses for his multimillionaire contract to spew, well, stupidity. There is nothing really good about this shyster, but he is now an “alternative.” Watch him in this great Norton-Blumenthal video, and it’s long, but the guy is so not an interviewer, so not Rogan the Barbarian Journalist:

There you have it. A short blog, and, connect the dots — yes, the pandemic relief (sic) money from the feds stops, and there was no $2000 Biden check, and, the elite will coup you, coup me, coup for lithium, and they are sitting in high places, with multiple millions in investments and banks, or wherever their slimly ill-gotten money is stashed.

On an individual scale, the money stops and the variants grow. But, take a look at this one last uppercut to humanity:

Were all the sectors of the economy to also fuse with the national security state, it would inevitably create a reality where there is no part of daily human life that is not ultimately controlled by these two already very powerful entities. This is a clear recipe for techno-fascism on a global scale. As this WEF-Carnegie report makes clear, the roadmap regarding how to cook up such a nightmare has already been charted out in coordination with the very institutions, banks and governments that currently control the global financial system.

Not only that, but – as pointed out in Unlimited Hangout‘s article on Cyber Polygon – the World Economic Forum and many of its partners have a vested interest in the systemic collapse of the current financial system. In addition, many central banks have recently backed new digital currency systems that can only achieve rapid, mass adoption if the existing system collapses.

Given that these systems are set to be integrated with biometric IDs and so-called “vaccine passports” through the WEF and Big Tech-backed Vaccine Credential initiative, it is worth considering the timing of the expected launch of such systems in determining when this predicted and allegedly inevitable event is likely to occur.

With this new financial system so deeply inter-connected to these “credential” efforts, this cyber attack on the financial sector would likely take place at a time when it would best facilitate the adoption of the new economic system and its integration into credential systems currently being promoted as a “way out” of COVID-19-related restrictions.


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