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“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. Because they control the minds of the masses, they have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power… If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”  – Malcolm X

Profundity coming from these blogs many times ends up in the recesses of very troubled and discerning minds. There are literally millions of blogs, and the millions of gigabytes of copy coming out of the world daily is astounding. Too bad we don’t spend as much time building, growing, serving, healing and educating. Instead, we are trapped in our own morgue, and we look to the ice cold boxes (if your community is lucky enough to have those refrigeration units)

Palestinians remove the body of an eight-year-old from the rubble from a house hit by an Israeli airstrike in the al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza City on August 4, 2014. The eight-year-old girl was killed and 30 people wounded in a strike on the beachfront Shati refugee camp in Gaza City just minutes into an Israeli-declared truce, medics said. (MARCO LONGARI/AFP/Getty Images)

There are no national, televised, 24/7 CNN shows drilling down into the crimes and murders and continuing criminal enterprises of the military industrial complex a la capitalism and USA Terror Networks. No parsing deeply the Biden or Trump or Whathaveyou administration in this shit-hole, with policy after policy, killing the people, the planet, the hope for any peace. Imagine, the lies about Cuba and revolts, and lies about Nicaragua, coming from these Icy-Ivy League Corporate Elites, and then, dare they condemn their other masters, Zionist Israel? What sort of sanctions do we get on Zionists involved in spying on the world, including USA, or their nuclear missile program, or their hacking into nuclear power stations? What sort of sanctions? Never. And don’t count on popcorn hours being facilitated by real interesting documentaries or fictionalized accounts of the horrors of these billionaires in Israel, or wherever. Nope.

Narcissistic, consuming everything around it, the mechanistic mind, as the system of beliefs with this desire, insists upon itself as the center of all things. Any identity developed from this ideology becomes one based on destruction, thus doomed to be a repetition of reversals “in a reversal society,” as Mary Daly remarks. The death of the flesh—indeed, what Luce Irigaray describes as “the murder of the mother”—becomes life for the self, with destruction as creation, emptiness as fulfillment. It can be characterized by what Erich Fromm analyzes as necrophilia, being “the passion to transform that which is alive into something unalive,” “the exclusive interest in all that is purely mechanical.” (Source)

 Technological fundamentalism, a term used by David W. Orr in his 1994 analysis, discussed by Robert Jensen in his 2017 book The End of Patriarchy, has been deployed for describing this ideology against biology and ecology. Technology, although substituted for the sacred, is killing the living world, civilization being its consumer.

Seen in the example of bright green environmentalism, the authors critique this dependency, which, in the increasing enslavement to the machine, seems a tell-tale sign of desperation, not hope.

“Unable to separate can do from should do,” Orr writes, “we suffer a kind of technological immune deficiency syndrome that renders us vulnerable to whatever can be done and too weak to question what it is that we should do” (336). At its most basic, there seems to be a failure to see boundaries, as one becomes only more obsessed with breaking them, including everything in nature to be dominated.

That is the sickness of the White Civilization, like a virus, pushing this disease of “throw it away now, out with the old, in with the new, and if we can improve anything, then go for it” mentality. We have that sickness deeply ingrained, since schools (K12) are rubbish, controlled by rubbish peddlers. We have state agencies controlled by rubbish peddlers of the Eichmann Variety. Entire universities in the thousands peddling rubbish. This “a means to an end,” is, of course, the Bezos way, since he is a fool in a phallic space can, paid for by you and by me. He will pay off more rubbish peddlers, i.e. NASA, to equip his perverted class with orbiting spas in the sky. Club Med? Shit, think Club Orbiting Cosmos.

And it is all rubbish, really, when we have ZERO people in the mainstream or even semi-mainstream willing to call a spade a spade. No real gutsy language, no name calling, none of that in today’s watered down or just plain looney media. We need motherfucking funny and hard ass people railing, brother, slamming, sister.

The audacity of the King of Death, Phillip Morris, declaring: “Philip Morris wants cigarettes banned in the UK by 2030”

Tobacco giant's stock falls on report of potential new cigarette regulation

According to the World Health Organization, smoking — including inhaling smoke second-hand — kills more than 8 million people each year. That compares with about 4.1 million recorded Covid-19 deaths to date.Philip Morris International, which was separated from New York-listed Altria (MO) in 2008, has invested $8 billion and hired dozens of scientists and technicians to develop lower-risk alternatives to cigarettes, including its flagship IQOS product, which heats rather than burns tobacco.

“Quitting is the best option, but for those who don’t, science and technology has allowed companies like ours to create better alternatives to continued smoking,” Gilchrist said. The company wants to generate more than 50% of net revenue from smoke-free products within four years, up from about a quarter currently.

Digging Fork Decisions: Which One And What's Best For Your Wallet | Epic  Gardening

There is no hell in the afterlife for these wacko religious fiends’ brains, other than the hell on earth they unleash. So, no lock-up for the purveyors of death, in the billions, but rather, lock-up an anti-masker wandering out in public or an Occupy Seattle protestor. These people running the show need pitchforks, sharpened, wide blades, and they need to go the way of the Dodo. Imagine, the cancer sellers dictating when cigs can come and to. This is what prostitution looks like —

G20 JAPAN 2019 | The Government of Japan - JapanGov -

Now multiply that by millions of minions, hitmen, hitwomen, felons, gear greasers, hangers on, sycophants, and the like. The power of these human stains is like a global microbe, resistant to health, healing, humility and humanity. Look at the G20 “leaders.” Criminals and perverts. The power to end 8 million cigarette deaths a year? Right, this is not a planned pandemic (wink nod and smile). Millions die of preventable gut diseases yearly. Millions starve. Millions die of preventable injuries and treatable conditions. Millions die die die, because of them, those above, and their bankers and war profiteers and liver-spotted billionaires and the ones hiding in the shadows with aps, digital chains, and more.

During the night of July 26-27, the Cuban Embassy in France was the object of a terrorist attack perpetrated by two individuals who threw three Molotov cocktails, causing a fire on the façade and entrance of this diplomatic mission.

Cuban diplomatic personnel were not injured, but material damage was noted.

Terrorist acts such as this one are encouraged by the US government’s campaigns against our country, inciting actions that resort to violence.

The Cuban Embassy strongly condemns this criminal and terrorist act perpetrated against the Cuban diplomatic representative and personnel credited in France.

During the interviews, he assured that the US government identified the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to reinforce the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba and to apply measures of maximum pressure against the Cuban government and people, through incitement to violence and disorder in an attempt to justify a military intervention.

The Ambassador highlighted the many messages of support and solidarity received at the diplomatic Mission from political representatives, intellectuals, trade unionists, supporters and Cubans living in France.

Paris, July 27, 2021

How about these buttoned up monsters, from the Swiss banking elite? Multiple this by thousands of bankers who are criminals of the highest (lowest) kind.

Swiss Bankers Headed for Break-Up?

How about throwing mama from the train, and make that a bullet train —

Women Now Run the Military-Industrial Complex. That's Nothing To Celebrate.  - In These Times

Guillotines for these criminals. How women took over the military industrial complex. Whew! A photo is worth a million dead bodies.

How women took over the military-industrial complex - POLITICO
Our Poor, Defenseless Military Industrial Complex - FAIR

The criminality of these people, these Boris Johnson pukes, it is never really critiqued hard, now, not in the dead-end Press:

Offenders guilty of anti-social behaviour should be in “fluorescent-jacketed chain gangs” publicly paying for their crimes, Boris Johnson has said.

Launching the government’s crime plan, which has been criticised by campaigners for the extension of stop-and-search powers, Johnson also called the controversial tactic “a kind and a loving thing to do”.

Boris Johnson (centre) with home secretary, Priti Patel, in Surrey as the government released new proposals to tackle crime.

Look what happens when a dude confronts another multimillionaire piece of shit, Tucker Carlson —

The worst human being': man confronts Fox News's Tucker Carlson – video |  Media | The Guardian

And then, more wasted human flesh, commenting on this, and saying, no, famous fucking criminal people like Tucker and any number of slugs, should never be politely called out in public. This is how the rich work it:

Meghan McCain may be fine with going head-to-head on The View, but that doesn’t mean she wants to see that happen anywhere else. On today’s episode of the ABC talk show, the co-host slammed a recent confrontation involving a private citizen and Tucker Carlson in a fishing store, disagreeing with the other ladies who deemed the spat justifiable.

“I think it’s a very, very slippery slope,” McCain said. “I know how much people don’t like Tucker Carlson. People equally don’t like Meghan McCain and Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin and Whoopi and Sara. When you’re putting your opinion out there, you’re making yourself a target.”

The co-host then got personal, sharing that she and her husband now have to “talk about what restaurants” and “neighborhoods” they feel “comfortable” at with their infant daughter. She then shared a bit of empathy for Tucker Carlson’s wife, who once had to barricade herself from protesters.

“This isn’t normal. I think any rationalization that this is normal or should be accepted in the United States of America is not only indecent, but it’s beyond the pale of any expectation of any kind of decorum in a society like the United States of America,” McCain concluded. “Anyone who tries to rationalize it is gross. That man should apologize to Tucker Carlson.” (Source)

Now, I have no idea what this stupid show is, how these overpaid, idiotic hosts run it, and who McCain is (John McCain’s evil spawn?), but this is how the elite work — it’s all protected, gated-community, lawyering up colonized fascist thinking. Ahh, shucks, can’t go out and verbally slam any number (in the millions) of leaders of, spokespersons for, and workers of the military-pharma-banking-prison-surveillance-real estate-investing-AI-education-media-fossil fuel-resource destroying-lobbying Complex? Would these elites and their prostitutes rather have this below? Hmmmmm.

History of Horrifying Guillotine Executions in France | by Hdogar | Lessons  from History | Medium

And who would dare take Boris Johnson to task, with this fucking inane statement — “If you are guilty of antisocial behaviour and you are sentenced to unpaid work, as many people are, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be out there in one of those fluorescent-jacketed chain gangs visibly paying your debt to society. So you are going to be seeing more of that as well,” Johnson told reporters.

Imagine, visualizing this: the antisocial mentality AND behavior of the elite, of the Boris Johnson types, all of their paymasters, all of them, stealing from the public coffers in broad daylight, getting into those jumpsuits, and, yep, Orange is the New Politics for Politicians, and those leaders of the Complex listed above.

Goodbye Switzerland, hello Singapore: World Economic Forum comes to the  Lion City in 2021 | Meetings & Conventions Asia

From Davos to Singapore. Hmm, how’s that working out for these drug peddlers? Well, now that the planned pandemic is back on the fourth wave of the endless summer, these criminals will be Zooming from their boudoirs.

Singapore arrival card

Singapore? Wonder why these felons and murderers with the WEF picked Singapore? Protests? Not allowed:

Stay Out of Trouble in Singapore: Prohibited Goods

None of these optics will occur in that fascist controlled Singapore:

World Economic Forum 2020: Protestors Block Road to Davos - Rolling Stone

So, this sick morgue of a society run into the ground by Capitalists is coming up short on life-saving, cheap and inexpensive and out-of-the-ER-ICU treatments, but darn, no more booze? We’ll fix that!

Shelves nearly empty of beer at a supermarket in as shoppers purchase supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Yep, booze at home increased during the first 15 months of planned pandemic, and then, now, with bars and restaurants (opening up) selling the deadly stuff, we have shortages, much of it linked to no glass bottles, not caps, and no glue for labels — Fucking Capitalism and Transnationalism:

As the U.S. continues to grapple with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the non-health burdens that’s never seemingly let up, even as the virus itself has ebbed and flowed, is supply shortages. A shortage of shipping containers and the complexities of supply chains during the pandemic have resulted in heavy delays and shortages on everything from  furniture  to  chlorine  to shellfish over the course of the last year and a half. And now, some states are facing a shortage of one of the products Americans tend to lean on in times like this: alcohol.

Every second of every day, the blustery bumbling (planned) of countries privatizing everything and letting the revolving door ruin not only cities, but entire nations, on display wherever you go for your fake news; however, no show on TV, or on the internet going for broke, calling out the mindlessness and mindfulness of this rape of the people, planet and prosperity. It is all a pack of lies, and the liars control the medium and the messages and the schooling and the corporate law. It is their world, all packed with the most perverse judges, most little of little man complex District Attorneys, packed with the oppressors and subjugators in and outside or city, county, state office/employment.

The reality for me is that I was terminated unethically and wrongfully from a nonprofit social services poverty pimping outfit, and I fought them for both a wrongful discrimination event through Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries, via age-gender discrimination case; and then I had to fight them — the terminating nonprofit — for the measly unemployment benefits owed me. I won on the last account, and the BOLI event is in the backlogged and understaffed pipeline of this state’s dying safety net arena. Every day I look for and apply to jobs, and I get some interviews, sometimes two for one position, but alas, this is the Eichmann Show, the simple minded show, where people (all women thus far) are in the social services game, judging me, and I know I interview well as well as have the credentials to do any of these jobs, but these people, these K12 colonized people, and those with fucked up college degrees, many of them are more than just leery of the old socialist guy with more college education than what they have. They are discriminating against me, a, white guy, b, old white guy, c, old very radical white guy, d, very prolific and unabashedly pro-client but anti-supervisor old white guy. Imagine, two jobs a week the Oregon Unemployment office demands I apply to, in this county, Lincoln, with few and far between jobs, and I expect they want me to eventually apply to a hotel to be a linen guy. Not that this job is unworthy of respect, but again, I am qualified for any number of social services jobs, education jobs, editing and planning jobs, but they are not HERE, in this Oregon Coast County with high poverty, higher unemployment, higher housing costs, and higher levels of ZERO housing.

Bloomberg columnist highlighted what we’ve been seeing in the job market, but no one wants to openly talk about: “people 55 and older [are] leaving the labor force.” 

The number of people over the age of 55 who are participating in the workforce is down by 2 million, compared to pre-pandemic levels. The Great Recession of 2008 didn’t even result in this huge of a loss of senior, experienced workers. 

Not that I have much respect for Bloomberg or Forbes, but here,

Anyone who’s been actively searching for a job has likely noticed that advertisements call for candidates with only about three to five years of experience. It’s rare to read a job listing that specifically calls for an applicant with more than 30 years of relevant experience. The liberal usage of lower-end titles, such as “associate” or “analyst,” coupled with the requirements of certain technologies, software and systems, seem to say that veteran workers need not apply. 

Jobs have steadily been moved to lower-cost states in the U.S. and to other countries. It’s a salary arbitrage. The position that was once based in New York City or San Francisco is now located in a city or country that is less expensive. The salary offered would be much lower. An experienced person may elect not to move her family across the country to take a job that’s about 40% lower compared to what she’s earning. Eventually, her job would be eliminated and replaced by a lesser-paid person in the other location. (Source)

Oh, that great example of putridity, American style, sucker born every second, smoke and mirrors, faux society, la-la land, Disney, will sell out again:

“Capital and corporations are not loyal. They are not people. They don’t have emotions. All they care about is the bottom line and that’s why the move is gonna happen,” said Fernando Guerra, a political science professor at Loyola Marymount University. “The existing 2,000 employees, it’s not better for them cause half of them, or more than half, will lose their jobs and many will decide not to go over.”

The Disney move is to gain $600,000,000 in tax giveaways, no unions, and a redneck, conservative, non-activist state mentality. Sure, one quarter hat tip for Abigail but in reality, again, these rich people need to be taken to task — Capitalism is all about Protecting Polluters, Criminal Bankers, Perverted Rich, Tax Dodging millionaires, Dream Hoarders, Crime Syndicates. It doesn’t matter if it is golden (rainbow) shower Trump or pedophile Prince Andrew, all of them, criminals, protected by media, lawyers, the laws they write to feed more and more workers into their human squashing machines.

Abigail Disney, heiress to the Walt Disney Company, argued Tuesday that the U.S. economy is in an “upside-down structure” in which some people are constantly working “to make ends meet,” while wealthy individuals are “sitting on their rear ends” while “not paying taxes.” 

Disney, a longtime proponent of a federal wealth tax, said in an interview on CNN’s “New Day,” said it “really is time for wealthy people to ask themselves some hard questions.” 

The granddaughter of Roy Disney and grandniece of Walt Disney said there has been a “long, long many generations ethos” in which wealthy families have taught their children to take advantage of the tax system in order to protect their assets. 

Artwork of a piggy bank with a red velvet rope line holding it in.
I Was Taught From a Young Age to Protect My Dynastic Wealth: A common ideology underlies the practices of many ultra-wealthy people: The government can’t be trusted with money.
By Abigail Disney

So, again, all this news, all the inhumanities, all the planned collapses, all of it, daily, and, it does reach to me personally, and those babies in the ice cream freezers, that is the USA, right from the bottom of the morgue blood pool, to the top, where a hero, like Daniel Hale, faces Julian Assange time —

Daniel Hale Letter to Judge Liam O’Grady

The deaths of the two men sparked protests in the days that followed, symbolizing for many Yemenis the human cost of U.S. counterterrorism operations in their country. Thousands of miles away, at the U.S. military’s base in Bagram, Afghanistan, Daniel Hale, a young intelligence specialist in the U.S. Air Force, watched the missiles land. One year later, Hale found himself sitting on a Washington, D.C., panel, listening as Salim’s brother, Faisal bin Ali Jaber, recalled the day Salim was killed.

As Fazil recounted what happened next, I felt myself transported back in time to where I had been on that day, 2012. Unbeknownst to Fazil and those of his village at the time was that they had not been the only ones watching Salem approach the jihadist in the car. From Afghanistan, I and everyone on duty paused their work to witness the carnage that was about to unfold. At the press of a button, from thousands of miles away, two Hellfire missiles screeched out of the sky, followed by two more. Showing no signs of remorse, I, and those around me, clapped and cheered triumphantly. In front of a speechless auditorium, Fazil wept.

This is how Amerikkka runs, criminal judges, and putting an environmental lawyer on house arrest for 600 days, and then found guilty by Chevron Judge? There will be no blasting of the judicial system, of capitalism, of these white devils from Ivy League to all the other Top Rot Law Schools. Because those with a voice box, those on TV, know they fear losing millions and being locked up in censorship or no job hell.

Steven Donziger, a human rights lawyer working of behalf of Ecuadorians harmed by over three decades of Texaco-Chevron's oil drilling and dumping of toxic wastewater in the Amazon rainforest, gestures during a press conference on March 19, 2014 in Quito. (Photo: Rodrigo Buendia/AFP via Getty Images)
Six members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus sent a letter Tuesday urging U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to immediately review an ongoing legal case involving human rights lawyer Steven Donziger, who has endured more than 600 days of house arrest related to his efforts to help hold oil giant Chevron accountable for its Ecuador disaster.

Obviously, this story can’t go viral. Yet, we are spending multiple billions of taxpayer money to make new billionaires in the drug peddling businesses, and all the millionaires coming from the ancillary industries and services from this Planned Pandemic: :

U.S. publisher rejects random lab-leak theory of COVID-19

Special: Battle Against Novel Coronavirus

Existential evidence suggested the possibility of a coronavirus biowarfare attack launched by Washington more than the lab-leak theory, said Ron Unz in a review article published on the Unz Review website in late May.

China had been hit by various viruses right when the country was locked in a growing conflict with America for years, noted Unz, the website’s editor-in-chief and publisher.

Additionally, the outbreak of COVID-19 “appeared at the worst time and place for China,” referring to the Lunar New Year holiday with a travel rush, and the major transit hub of Wuhan in central China with a huge volume of passengers, said Unz, who believes the timing of the emergence of COVID-19 is “suspicious.”

“300 American military servicemen had just visited Wuhan as part of the Military World Games, providing a perfect opportunity for releasing a viral weapon,” he noted, calling the scenario “a strange coincidence.”

“The characteristics of COVID-19, including high communicability and low lethality, are absolutely ideal in an anti-economy bioweapon,” Unz said, adding it’s odd to speculate that a Chinese lab would release a virus perfectly designed to damage the Chinese economy

To Protect Ourselves From Bioweapons, We May Have to Reinvent Science Itself
In June 2012, a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin published a paper in the journal Nature about airborne transmission of H5N1 influenza, or bird flu, in ferrets. The article changed the way the United States and nations around the world approached manmade biological threats.

This was not the researchers’ intent.
The team had altered the virus’s amino acid profile, allowing it to reproduce in mammal lungs, which are a bit colder than bird lungs. That small change allowed the virus to be transmitted via coughing and sneezing, and it solved the riddle of how H5N1 could become airborne in humans. 
The U.S. government initially supported the work through grants, but members of Congress, among other critics around the world, responded to the publication of the research with alarm and condemnation. A New York Times editorial described the experiment and similar research conducted in the Netherlands, eventually published in the journal as “An Engineered Doomsday.” So the researchers agreed to a voluntary moratorium on their findings. In October, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy announced that it would halt funding for research into how to make diseases more lethal — so-called “gain-of-function” studies — and asked anyone doing such research on deadly diseases to cease and desist.
This BDS win is because of our people power': Ben & Jerry's vows to stop  sales in Israeli West Bank settlements – Mondoweiss

“There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”  — Søren Kierkegaard

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” — Mark Twain

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