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Thanks for joining me! I will be posting updates to work featured, for sale, and on some active blog-sites where I regularly publish.

“Es mejor morir de pie que vivir de rodillas.”

“I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees” ― Emiliano Zapata.

“The preachers and lecturers deal with men of straw, as they are men of straw themselves. Why, a free-spoken man, of sound lungs, cannot draw a long breath without causing your rotten institutions to come toppling down by the vacuum he makes. Your church is a baby-house made of blocks, and so of the state.

…The church, the state, the school, the magazine, think they are liberal and free! It is the freedom of a prison-yard.”

― Henry David Thoreau, I to Myself: An Annotated Selection from the Journal of Henry D. Thoreau

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  1. haederpaul says:

    Fiddling with a new Web Site look. Stay tuned for more updates and changes.


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