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The tides come and go, and we just had King Tides here in the Central Oregon Coast, so that ebb and flow of life is right smack square between my eyes in this period of transition — from Vancouver-Portland-Beaverton, to Otis, population less than 300!

Out of the blue compliment from a former English Composition student from Spokane Falls Community College, way way back, maybe 2006!

Hello Mr. Haeder,

You probably don’t remember who I am but I was an English student of yours a few years back in Spokane.

It’s interesting because I saw that you are/were in Portland and I just moved away from there as well about six months ago.

Anyway, I feel there aren’t many people in life that one could say they’ve been influenced by, but I’m am reminded quite often of my time spent in your class. I just wanted to write to say how much of an influence you and your teachings had on me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt any sort of passion towards anything prior to that class.. but you opened a door for me.

Drawing curiosity and emotion to environmental issues that I never knew existed. It created an awakening, or new view, in the way I saw these issues and how they portrayed in the media. Recently I heard someone say if you don’t listen to the news you’re uninformed, and if you listen to the news you’re misinformed. It made me think of you.

There is so much that goes on in the world that I hadn’t seen before and now, learning that there truly two sides to every story, instead of only what the text book teaches. I have since then felt more compelled to search the whole truth. I am glad our roads crossed at the time they did, and I’m very thankful to have had you as my English teacher.



Hey C: Of course I remember you — I may be old, but I have a mind like a steel trap. It makes my day to see that you are bold enough and articulate enough to self-express your feelings and thoughts. Icing on the cake that you have some kind thoughts about my kick in the butt teaching style. Gracias!

I have been fighting the good fight, for sure, C, with so many lifetimes now of other experience and jobs since Spokane. I know you are fighting the good fight for yourself, I hope, and looking at the world through lenses and not a looking glass — you know I come from the social justice, equity, anti-imperialism, pro-decent education, environmental and cultural fluency lenses, so I hope that, or some of those are the same optics you see your world from.

What did you end up doing in Portland, and where does life now take you, or that is, where do you take your life?

Keep in touch. I might use your words in an article, but I will remove your name for anonymity if you desire.

Keep up the strong sense of self, and if you want to keep up with my work, here, then:

Peace, Paul

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