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Americanos, Anglo Saxons writ large, and the Chlamydians under that Western Perverse Spell in their constant Stockholm Syndrome-Shifting Baseline Disorder

How the Death of a Janitor Captured a City's Media Narrative for 6 Years

The stench is far and wide when one opens up the crusty eyes on a glorious Sunday AM here in beach city Oregon.

Endless insanity of the Donkey and Elephant putrid politicos, that is for sure, and I never partake in the dirty meth needles the MSM serves up on Sunday talk/new/public affairs (sic/sick) shows (Big Brother in size 2 shoes).

politics elephant Memes & GIFs - Imgflip

I can saunter over to the New Woke Times, the Common Nightmare site, the CNN news wrapped up fish head headlines, Yahoo or Bing crap tidbits, what have you, and get that Chlamydia smear all over my lips, nose and brain. Takes days to clear up. Just one Sunday morning.

Forget about it. We are in the endless “Stella Hey Stella” mode: Listen to the Americano, or that Cocaine Cowboy Penis Piano Man Zelensky yell to Stella, US, U$A, Isra-Hell, U-Inbred-Kingdom, Klanada, EuroTrashLandia, hell, even Vatican City, “More guns, more Benjamins, more more more, or the world will be without Zelensky.”

Maybe we all coulda been a contender:

Okay, here, tangent number 999:

Man oh man, drink your CocaCola in the morning, kiddos:

The Coca-Cola Co. has picked the town of Webster to build a $650 million fairlife milk production facility. The move is expected to create up to 250 jobs.

The 745,000-square-foot facility will be built on property on Tebor Road and is expected to break ground in the fall, state officials say. The production facility is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2025. (Rochester Beacon)

“Consumer demand for fairlife products is at an all-time high, and a new production facility will allow us to significantly increase capacity and deliver fairlife to even more households across the country,” says Tim Doelman, fairlife CEO. As we continue to grow in the Northeast, Webster’s proximity and access to best-in-class dairy farmers make it an excellent location to support our next phase of growth in the region and beyond.”

The company’s products are made through an ultrafiltered milk process that removes the lactose and much of the sugar and leaves behind more of the protein and calcium. Coca-Cola, a strategic partner in the venture since it was launched, acquired fairlife in 2020.

Again, these Sunday Morning “news” pieces are stipped bare, complete PR spining, amazing ugly lies of the non-journalists coming from non-journalism schools that advertise their bullshit journalism.

Ya see any pushback in the story above on Killer Coke/FairLife(Lie) in Rochester? Nah. No one saying this is corporate welfare, corporate monopoly, corporate crime. Nothing about the dead white cancer causing, addictive shit that they peddle as ultra filtered? All probiotics screened out, and the sugar crap product of those udders on dead and dying cows, fed soy and corn meal and other unnatural elements including roadkill, in their evolutionary line, never will the un-journalists venture in that line of thought, just how deadly that creamy shit is.

Sacred Cows? There are a billion products and services (disservices) the corporate criminals have put on their shelves, with corporate lawyers, with PR spinning Bernays-bred Goebbels-in-Skinny-Jeans and Drag Queen Wigs as the protection racket.

Industrial dairy farm

[Photo: More than half (50%) of U.S. milk is produced by 3 percent of dairies. DAVID SILVERMAN/GETTY IMAGES]

Darn, just more Toothless in Wisconsin latency here, on Sunday.

In Wisconsin, several dairy operations are now facing opposition to plans to expand their herds. Porous karst soils in the parts of Wisconsin where a significant portion of dairy expansion is occurring present some unique environmental issues. Run-off from dairy farms and other agricultural activities has seeped into aquifers and elevated levels of nitrogen, in some instances to unsafe concentrations; in one recent case, the Wisconsin Department of Justice levied a $65,000 fine against a dairy operation for contaminating groundwater. (source)

Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) anticipates the supply of regular Wisconsin license plates with six characters (123-ABC) will run out at the central office and new vehicle license plates with seven characters will be issued beginning mid April.

And all that entails — cheese, milk, ice cream, the lot of the shit: I remember this shit while I was working in Spokane and on the board of the Washington Sustainable Farm and Food Network,

In one of the larger cases of manure pollution in recent years, an estimated 15 million gallons of manure, water, and other matter spilled in 2010 into a slough that drains into the Snohomish River in Washington state, when a berm on a dairy farm’s manure lagoon failed.

Here, more of the evidence:

Greater dairy consumption, for instance, may increase levels of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), which promotes cell proliferation and has been associated with higher risks for several Greater dairy consumption, for instance, may increase levels of insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), which promotes cell proliferation and has been associated with higher risks for several types of cancer. Potentially, female sex hormones present in cow’s milk (such as oestrogen and progesterone) may have a role in the increased risk of breast cancer, whilst saturated and trans-fatty acids from dairy products may increase the risk of liver cancer. For the majority of Chinese people who do not produce enough lactase, dairy products may also be broken down into products that affect cancer risk.types of cancer. Potentially, female sex hormones present in cow’s milk (such as oestrogen and progesterone) may have a role in the increased risk of breast cancer, whilst saturated and trans-fatty acids from dairy products may increase the risk of liver cancer. For the majority of Chinese people who do not produce enough lactase, dairy products may also be broken down into products that affect cancer risk.

Dr Maria Kakkoura, Nutritional Epidemiologist at Oxford Population Health, and the first author of the study, said: ‘This was the first major study to investigate the link between dairy products and cancer risk in a Chinese population. Further studies are needed to validate these current findings, establish if these associations are causal, and investigate the potential underlying mechanisms involved’. (source)

Oh shit, more and more lies and Big Brother components coming across my feeds. Gotta get this diatribe out NOW.

Big Brother is Watching You (And He's a Corporation) – Queer Sci Fi

[Note: In this collection of sardonic and synergistic diatribes, radical teacher and writer Paul Haeder confronts six decades of America’s great slide into the intellectual muck that is today’s neoliberal morass. In these literary incantations, the iconoclastic Haeder fights against the trappings of a world gone mad while simultaneously contemplating the missed chances of his own life. Collected over a decade of writing for the radical blog Dissident Voice, the wide range of essays vary in stylistics, shifting voices and points of view, but are all underpinned by Paul’s fearlessness. They come crashing together to spark a rarefied bonfire of truth rising from the ashes of propaganda and doublethink. Reimagining Sanity: Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber is a white-water rapid rush, a free-fall into the heart of American darkness. (Paul Haeder Reimagining Sanity)]

Okay, the germ/kernal of my attack on the Chlamydia Capitalists: Australian pigs. Here, you can go down under too, in some of the news feds, and luckily for me, we have over at Dissident Voice, Binoy Kampmark, a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, Cambridge, and now lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne, on story there, again, just more and more emblematic of Capitalism, and Police State Mentalty, the Power of Badge, Gun Uniform. If you are not disgusted with this, then you need to see a doc doing lobotomies:

The Australian-based Police Accountability Project notes the significant risks that arise from Tasers “when used on vulnerable groups or in particular ways.” By giving police such devices, the likelihood of their use, “rather than negotiation, containment, retreat and de-escalation” increases.

Peter Cotter, NSW Police Force Assistant Commissioner, tried to justify the actions of the officer in question. “At the time [Nowland] was tasered she was approaching the police.” Was it at breakneck speed? No. “It is fair to say at a slow pace.” This dementia-suffering terror was also using a walking frame, bound to strike fear in any law enforcement figure. “But she had a knife,” insisted Cotter, miraculously elevating the level of risk. “I can’t take it any further as to what was going through anyone’s mind when he used the Taser.”

Other details were offered. Two officers, after being called to the address at 4.15 a.m., found Nowland with “a steak knife with a serrated edge that she had obtained from the kitchen area of the nursing home a couple of hours earlier.” Negotiations followed – as if Nowland’s state warranted a lengthy conference with paramedics and the police. She duly “approached the doorway where the police were at that stage, and the officer, the one officer, discharged the Taser.” Nowland fell to the floor. Hit her head. Lost consciousness. “The injury that she suffered as a result of hitting her head on the floor has rendered her bedridden at the moment,” stated Cotter.

Shit-dog, where oh where are the real humans in uniform, in the room? This is a triple layer of appaling. The idea of a steak knife pulled on me, even now, age 66, with a shit load of judo, wrestling, grappling and some fist fighting through my 30s, this is laughable, sick, that hulk beer-drinking cops “down under” wouldn’t even use a modicum of defensive grappling or self-defense. A fucking steak knife? Christ, even the dirty Australians, with their junkets to Israel to learn new subduing and restraining and crowd busiting, they have to have some spine left and just work with this woman who is 95 goddamaned years OLD.

This undated picture shows Clare Nowland, 95, who was tasered by NSW Police in Cooma.

Ahh, so, that is the values system of One Eye Blind in the Five Eyes, Hateful Australia, wanting more nuke subs and war with China. This is it, boys and girls, for 2023. Look at the un-man man, police chief:

Peter Cotter, NSW Police Force Assistant Commissioner, takes part in a press conference on May 19.

[Photo: Wimp, worthless, and I can’t say more or I’ll be accused of sexism and racism: Peter Cotter, NSW Police Force Assistant Commissioner, takes part in a press conference on May 19.]

The facility’s website describes the lodge as a 40-bed aged care facility with private rooms and en-suites, staffed by registered nurses, enrolled nurses and carers.

Thaler said the community want to know why police thought it was necessary to Taser a frail, elderly woman who was known to have dementia and couldn’t possibly have posed a threat.

“There’s simply no excuse for it. But it’s happened. We want to know why and how,” he said.

Now now, the entire West, the Sunday dumbdowning shows, all of this parade of parasites in both parties, in FinTech, in Finance, Real Estate, the billionaires giving BJ’s to Zuckerberg who supposedly got back another $44 billion more in amassed mass murdering money for his hundreds of billions portfolio this year, the entire shit show that is vapid and vacant America and the Vassals Following the American Chlamydian Capitalism, how can anyone ever stomach a second’s worth of worthlessness?

Here, go back a bit and read my piece on the documentary, Alien Boy: When an Alien is Our Brother, Son, Friend

I think that most of us instinctively avoid people with mental illness.

I think in many ways what my films are about is that search for my grandpa’s dentures: for that humanizing narrative that bridges the gap between “us” and “them” to arrive at a “we.”

—Brian Lindstrom, documentarian, Alien Boy

I’ve been around cops a lot of my life — police beat reporter starting off young, 19, in Tucson for the college daily and the other rags I worked with. I am white, so, most of the fuckers bullshitted with me around misogyny, racism, bigotry, the other anti-human shit.

I’ve been thrown down by cops as a 16 year old long hair on my motorcycle, and I have been arrested, too, protesting wars wars wars, and also thrown around by two pigs in El Paso when I was sheltering patients going into a Planned Parenthood clinic for, no, not abortions, but counseling.

But in Spokane, where I did my gigs from 2001-2011, Otto is his name (I started my own learning and certifications around developmentally and intellectually disabled folk beginning in 2013 — you can read a shit ton of my work tied to social work with homeless, ex-cons, military veteran, foster youth, homeless and drug addicted). Otto sticks with me.

Within 10 seconds after Otto Zehm entered the now infamous Zip Trip, a white-haired police officer brandishing a baton rushed up behind him. Zehm, a developmentally disabled janitor, retreated and was knocked to the floor. He raised a two-liter Diet Pepsi bottle to defend himself from Officer Karl Thompson’s blows. He was tased and hogtied as he struggled on the floor.

“All I wanted was a Snickers!” he shouted. Zehm died two days later in a Spokane hospital.

Spokane police defended Thompson’s actions. They claimed that Zehm “lunged” and “attacked” Thompson that night in March 2006.


[Photo: Otto Zehm]

The dementia is in those sad sacks of humanity, from Pelosi to Feinstein, from Nuland, Yellen, Kagan, to then Biden, Harris, Jill and Hunter, the lot of them, from AOC (she wants to deplatform Trump, that’s her gig?), to every Tom Dick & Harry in Hollywood:

Worthless, monsters, and they are the enemy.

The “crisis talks” are part of a heavily stage-managed, bipartisan operation, including a manufactured default deadline, to enable “progressive” Democrats to cover for Biden and vote for massive cuts while concealing the corporate interests and imperialist war aims that are being served.

Virtually nothing is said about the sources of the spiraling national debt—including $113 billion in military aid to Ukraine and a record $1 trillion defense budget in 2022, combined with hundreds of billions to rescue failing banks and their wealthy depositors. The lying propaganda surrounding the debt crisis likewise ignores the fact that spending caps imposed by the Obama-Biden administration beginning in 2011 have already sharply cut outlays for essential social needs ranging from health care and education to food stamps, rent and home heating assistance, the environment and occupational health and safety.

Following Tuesday’s White House meeting between Biden and the top leaders from each party in the House and Senate, both sides praised the talks and declared their mutual commitment to avoiding a default and pushing a bipartisan budget deal through Congress before the debt exceeds the current legal limit.

Biden cut short his trip to Asia to attend the G-7 summit in Japan, skipping planned stops in Papua New Guinea and Australia, in order to return to Washington on Sunday. Before departing on Wednesday, he said, “I’m confident that we’ll get the agreement on the budget and America will not default.”

In previous remarks on Republican demands for tougher work requirements for low-income recipients of Medicaid, food stamps and what remains of the federal welfare program (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families—TANF), Biden noted that as a senator during the Clinton administration he had voted for work requirements for welfare and indicated he was open to tightening such requirements for those receiving food stamps. (source)

May be an image of 4 people, people standing and text

Ahh, so, then, every fucking blue and yellow Nazi flag I see, Rage, man, RAGE. I spit at:

File:Ukrainian neo-Nazi flag.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Azov Battalion's Second-in-command: 'Like in Israel, There Is Also Terror  Against Us. We Are Not Nazis' - Europe -

I have now thrown out some of the old people friends with the bathwater, so to speak, those idiots who yammer and yammer on about the Cocaine Penis Pianist ZioAzovLensky being the next-new David and Winston Churchill. They are more than just vapid, more than followers of the dead, more than Zombified and Disneyfied. They are more than just misdirected fools. They are part of the problem, even those old people I used to associate with in literary circles.

The Dictator Who Is Now In Every Boardroom-Bedroom-Billiards Room, ZioAzovNaziLensky:

On January 24, following several prominent corruption scandals, including two major investigations involving the embezzlement of funds, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced “personnel decisions” across different government ministries and within Ukrainian law enforcement. Zelensky also announced that state officials would be banned from traveling internationally for non-government purposes following a report that a now-former top prosecutor vacationed in Spain despite a martial law that bans Ukrainian men ages 18 to 60 from leaving the country without permission.

How Corrupt is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky?

A thousand stories, yet the old people I am throwing out with the bathwater, have zero tolerance for anything outside their Stockholm Syndrome lives, outside their dementia chlamydia capitalist LIVES.

Fucking Grammy Awards? Who owns the music business? Come on, a little hummus with that response?

2022 Grammys: Zelensky's video address and other Jewish moments - Jewish  Telegraphic Agency

[Photo: Zelensky gives a video address at the 2022 Grammy awards in April.]

Fuck this little prick David and the New Winston:

Steering One of the Biggest Ponzi Schemes in World History

Meanwhile in January 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice filed a civil forfeiture complaint—the fourth against him—which alleges that Kholomoisky and Gennadiy Bogolyubov, who owned PrivatBank, one of the largest banks in Ukraine, embezzled and defrauded the bank of $5.5 billion which went missing.

The two allegedly obtained fraudulent loans and lines of credit from 2008 through 2016 and laundered portions of their criminal proceeds using an array of shell companies’ bank accounts, primarily at PrivatBank’s Cyprus branch, before they transferred the funds to the U.S. where they continued to launder them illegally through an associate operating out of offices in Miami.

Churchill and ZioAzovNaziLensky?

Churchill floated “Keep England White” as a campaign slogan for the 1955 election. Perhaps most damning is the recollection of Churchill’s friend, the politician Violet Bonham Carter: when asked his opinion on China in 1954, he reportedly replied, “I hate people with slit eyes and pigtails”.

Churchill’s view that “Indians breed like rabbits” was surely relevant to his decision not to deliver food supplies to Bengal during this famine as a matter of urgency.

From Cuba to India, Sudan to South Africa, Ali provides extended extracts from Churchill’s letters and memoirs to show a consistent enthusiasm for European imperialism and a profound disgust for those he felt should be ruled over.

For instance, when the 22 year old Churchill discovered the mutilated bodies of British soldiers in northwest India (today Pakistan), he denounced the Pashtun perpetrators in his diary as “miserable and brutal creatures” and “pernicious vermin”. There was no reflection on the violence the British army had carried out on the Pashtun or why British rule might be resisted. Churchill is portrayed as the epitome of Rudyard Kipling’s “White Man’s Burden” justifying all acts of military cruelty as part of a perceived civilising mission. (source)

When we going to see the book, Ukraine’ Zelensky and His Crimes, Hate of Russians, and Ponzi Schemes from Hell?

It all leads up to me throwing out the old people with the bathwater, because they will not entertain shit when it comes to another view of ZioLensky, or even Jill & Joe & Hunter Go to the Bank!

For example, Hunter was paid $50,0000 a month for five years (approximately $3 million) to serve on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, even though he had no experience or credentials in the energy field and never visited Ukraine for company business during that period.

Hunter’s appointment was allegedly part of a scheme to pressure the Ukrainian government (which at the time was desperately seeking billions in U.S. loans) to shut down an investigation into Burisma’s owner, Ukrainian oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, who was suspected of money laundering, tax evasion, and corruption.

Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani claim that Hunter earned his $50,000 a month from Burisma by having his father—then Barack Obama’s Vice President—tell Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to fire chief prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was spearheading the investigation into Zlochevsky’s affairs—otherwise the U.S. would not approve the loans.

Hunter Biden joined Burisma in 2014 - while Joe Biden was Vice President. He was hired to boost the company's reputation in the midst of scandal as the Burisma Mykola Zlochevsky was accused of embezzling state money

Did you forget about Hunter the artist after all those cocaine and prostitute masturbation videos some of us got to see from his laptop?

As reported in Artnet, art critic Scott Indrisek, former editor-in-chief of Modern Painters magazine, said that, “Hunter’s paintings … remind me of … art for dermatologists’ waiting rooms.” He also compared the paintings to a screensaver and told the Washington Post, “It’s the most anonymous art I can imagine … somewhere between a screen saver and if you just Googled ‘midcentury abstraction’ and mashed up whatever came up.”

Little wonder that the White House is embarrassed at the prospect of this art sale, since it has provoked allegations that it is just another attempt by Hunter to trade on his father’s name and high public office—as he has been accused of doing in his previous questionable business dealings overseas, which have sparked the current investigation into Hunter’s finances by the Department of Justice.

But Joe Biden won’t try to stop Hunter from selling his paintings.

Instead, he is giving him a green light. Under a special “ethics protocol” worked out between the White House and the Georges Bergès art gallery, there will be no objection to Hunter’s paintings being sold for up to $500,000—as long as all buyers’ identities are kept secret from the public, and presumably from Hunter himself.

This is supposed to protect the government from those who might want to buy access or special treatment. But it will do exactly the opposite. Since the buyers will be anonymous, “you won’t be able to follow the money,” as pointed out by The Art Newspaper.

White House Grants Hunter Biden “A License to Swill”, by Steve Brown – July 16, 2021

Forget about those old poetry hacks I used to associate with understanding any of it, “Ukraine: The CIA’s 75-year-old Proxy.”

Capitalism as an Unnatural System - Front Porch Republic

Enough said after reading Caitlin’s “Marching To The Beat Of The Imperial Machine: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

The problem that underpins most other problems in modern times is that human minds are highly hackable, and that the science of hacking them at mass scale has been advancing since Bernays over a century ago. This is what keeps people consenting to the destructive and exploitative agendas of the powerful against their own interests.

The question is, Will you stand by and watch a 95-year-old frail woman get assaulted by goons in uniforms?

Right before I moved to that pathetic city, Seattle:

Woman plunges from bridge after taunts

A suicidal young woman plunged from a Seattle bridge after being urged to “jump, bitch” by angry commuters.

The drivers who jeered and taunted the woman had been caught in a traffic jam as police closed lanes and tried to talk her to safety.

Yesterday the woman was in a serious condition in hospital with a spinal fracture and chest and abdominal injuries after her 150ft fall into a canal.

The police were dismayed by the behaviour of drivers. “They were swearing at her and telling her to jump,” a spokesman, Clem Benton, said yesterday. “It’s not something that has happened before in my experience.”

He said the taunts included obscenities which he did not want to repeat. “Obviously when you have an individual in some type of crisis, yelling for her to jump is very insensitive to a person’s life.”

The woman, 28, who works as a political lobbyist in Olympia, Washington, had stopped her car on the Ship Canal Bridge in Seattle early on Tuesday morning in a distressed state. She climbed on to the edge of the bridge, where she sat down. Rush-hour traffic was halted for three hours as police attempted to talk her down and tried to contact her boyfriend.

Finally, after jeers from the delayed commuters, she stood up for the first time and jumped into the canal. She emerged from the water feet first and was rescued by police divers. She was taken to hospital where she was initially described as critical.

There have been 10 previous suicide attempts from the bridge since 1966.

“We were amazed that she jumped,” Lieutenant Richard Schweitzer told the Seattle Times. “It’s unusual for people to spend that much time talking to negotiators before leaping.”

Yesterday her boyfriend’s family issued a statement saying that “she is a wonderful woman. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.” Police said it was unlikely that she would face charges.

The action of the commuters is in contrast to Seattle’s image as an easy-going and broad-minded city. With its wealth from the industries of Boeing and Microsoft, it frequently tops surveys in money magazines of the most desirable places to live.

City sanitation worker leaps to his death from Verrazano Narrows Bridge

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