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no amount of insane barkers, PT Barnums, Snake Oil salesmen/women/thems can ever top the elites’ plans for ‘Soylent Green is Us!’

You can rubber neck a million times a day until you are Gumby. Rubber necking the news, the deep analyses, the books and studies and journal research articles. You needn’t go far to understand the value “they” put on us, the useless eaters, breeders, breathers, shitters, urinators, sleepers.

So how far will this story go with the Team Red/Blue/White in this impending circus of whores, pimps, Johns/Janes, sicarios known as POTUS politics?

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Will we get Liz Pocahontas Warren to come to her super predator capitalist rescue?

Bernie or Obama to the rescue?

“We need a strong military, it is a dangerous world,” Sanders told voters in Iowa.”

“The first Black U.S. president, Barack Obama, was among the most aggressive defenders of white supremacy in history.”

Sanders says he'd drop out if Biden has plurality at Democratic convention

Oh, that socialist (sic).

F-35 Lightning II

During his recent Democratic primary campaign, Sanders contrasted his policy proposals with the more hawkish ones put forth by former Secretary of State and presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, so his involvement in a costly project for the military industrial complex may seem to clash with his rhetoric. In a February article called “Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine,” The Daily Beast took the senator to task for this very thing.

“The socialist trumpets his antiwar record,” the article said. “But he doesn’t mind expensive war machines — if they’re based in his home state.”

All of them are clueless in their Chlamydia Capitalism, as if the disease has rotted both brain and heart. There is no need for a soul in today’s digital gulag, but these people, up and down the aisle, are Eichmann’s. Imagine anyone looking hard at the 70 Percenters — you know, seventy percent of the earth covered in oceans. And what they, the seas, do for the globe? Nah, these chlamydians have more merchants of death and their Eichmann’s and small tendrils of shit-storm capitalists to please.

Nah, this ain’t big news like who will get the neon and wheat and PayDay loan contracts in the rump state of UkroNaziLandia.

Over the past century, says Pauly, the greatest pressure on marine life has been overfishing, which has caused huge declines in fish numbers. That could change. If we get overfishing under control, he continues, climate-related pressures will pose the biggest problem for marine life in the coming decades. A 2021 paper showed that the oceans are already committed to a fourfold greater oxygen loss, even if CO2 emissions stop immediately.

If you chart out the trends in warming and oxygen loss, the cataclysmic endpoint for the ocean thousands of years from now would be “a soup that you that you cannot live in,” says Pauly. The ocean already has sporadic hypoxic zones, he says, “but you could imagine all the dead zones of the world coalescing into one, and that is the end of the thing.” If we don’t get a handle on greenhouse gas emissions, he says, “we have to expect this to happen.” (source)

Atlantic bluefin tuna, shown feeding on a school of herring, have been driven into narrower layers of water by oxygen declines.

Nah, it’s about biopsy meat and cricket flour, thanks to the billionaires and dirty scientists aiding and abetting this global murder incorporated plan:

Foods | Free Full-Text | The Epic of In Vitro Meat Production—A Fiction  into Reality

Yep, hear those crickets?

Cricket powder insect and pile Gryllus Bimaculatus for eating as food items  made of cooked insect

I’m dealing with my wife’s mother’s husband’s decline. Big time. No longer allowed to be in the big hospital on the hill, OHSU in Portland, his discharge orders will not allow him to head home just with this 74 year old woman dealing with his 220 pound frame, his inability to transfer himself, and even with a lift, the last weeks of his life he will need care, two on one at least.

Benefits gone for long term care, as most readers know, is the third step in this casino-usury-predatory-PayDay Loan Capitalism. This bankrupts families, and this great ugly Chlamydia Capitalist shit hole, with zero intelligent people in office, in the neocon group, in elite schools, you name, dumb and mean and rabid and full of chlamydia from so many intercourses with the devils — billionaires and millionaires calling the prostitution ring shots— will let the profiteers make bank — you know, $6,000 a month for bedpan and IV servicing and crappy food and overworked staff and abuse on top of abuse.

The systems in place are there only for the 5 percent in terms of Cadillac services and then for the 10 percent, Lexus services, and then the other 5 percent, the Prius services. The rest of us eats shit. Broken down Ford Pinto rusting somewhere:

Stuck in the Hedge: 1980 Ford Pinto | Barn Finds

Death, dying, and then in their boardrooms and Zoom Rooms and Webinars, they chant, “they are useless breeders and from useless broken families”; and it is our fault that the atomized and vapid families are scattered like cricket flour in the winds. The PSYOPS of media-media schools-schools workplace-workplaces family bullshit-family bullshit just takes us further into the collective dellusion, facilitating this rotting away of the soul and mind and body with these Chlamydia Capitalists running roughshod over our lives.

We’re now into the weeds of Income Cap Trusts and elder lawyers and getting social security checks handled by an elder attorney (not for free) to get Medicaid to kick in for the guy whose SS income is just barely over the absolute dead in your tracks federal povery level standard (sic). That Medicaid – – the one the blue and red teams want evicerated, and of course, Team Biden/Jill/Hunter wants more for the war(s) and is predicting the end of Social Security too.

If you don’t hate a Ukrainian yet, then you are full of the stuff, chlamydia and syphillis. Capitalism will rape you, poison you, and murder you from the inside out.

Ukraine has a Nazi problem, but Vladimir Putin's 'denazification' claim for  war is a lie.

Man oh man, where is SCOTUS and Liz and Bernie when we need them to take their attention away from the Pandora Papers, Villa-Owning, Money-Hiding, Cocaine-Using Jewish Nazi Comic El President?

But a ProPublica investigation — based on court documents, property records, company training materials and interviews with 48 former franchise owners and dozens of homeowners who have sold to its franchises — found HomeVestors franchisees that used deception and targeted the elderly, infirm and those so close to poverty that they feared homelessness would be a consequence of selling.

If this one story, or the one about the dying world — the oceans losing O2 — doesn’t get to you, then, well, the syphillis from Chlamydia Capitalism’s whores has overtaken you.

One HomeVestors franchisee falsely claimed to a 72-year-old woman suffering from a hoarding problem that city code enforcement officers would take her house, according to court documents. An Arizona woman said in an interview that she was forced to live in her truck after trying unsuccessfully to cancel the sale of her home. One court case documented the plight of an elderly man in Florida who was told if he sold his condo he could continue living there temporarily. But he spent his final days alive waiting to be evicted when — after the contract was signed — the franchise owner informed him the homeowners association rules didn’t allow it.

“You were always lying to them. That’s what we were trained,” said Katie Southard, who owned a franchise in North Carolina. “There was a price that you could pay, but you would always go lower and tell them that was the price you could pay.”

Even when homeowners believed they were being taken advantage of and tried to back out of deals, franchise owners sued or filed paperwork to block a sale to another buyer. Some homeowners fought from hospital beds to keep their properties. At least three died shortly after signing sales contracts; a fourth died after three years of worrying about money. Their families told ProPublica that they are convinced the stress of losing their houses contributed to their loved ones’ deaths, though all had been ill or infirm.

That this is allowed in the unfree and dirty dealing free market is telling of how dirty the politicians are, how prostituting the population is, how deep the Eichmann is Our Hero mentality runs through the culture:

Who started this outfit, out of Texas, who are the employees who have regrets and those who go balls to the wall to extract every bloody cent out of vulnerable people? And, now, this outfit is managed by two rabbi-influenced folk:

Enjoy these pieces of decent journalism while they last . . . Know your enemies rabbi- influenced upbringings:

HomeVestors’ general counsel, Anthony Lowenberg; Maren Kasper, managing director of Bayview Asset Management, the investment management firm that bought HomeVestors in 2022

Again, Criminal Chlamydia Capitalism thrives in this dirty country of land theft, broken treaties, small pox seeded blankets, reservations, Beat the Indian/Savage Out of the Child Schools, and the constant hell Chlamydians put those people and their own people — us, gthe 80 Percenters — through. Should be illegal, no? No?

HomeVestors of America boasts that it helped pioneer the real estate investment industry. Founded in 1996 by a Texas real estate broker, the company has developed a system for snapping up problem properties — and expanded it to nearly 1,150 franchises in 48 states.

Unlike real estate agents, house flippers operate in a largely unregulated space. Real estate agents have a fiduciary responsibility to represent a homeowner’s best interests in negotiations, which is defined in state laws, licensing requirements and an industry code of ethics. But in most states, flippers don’t need a license.

WWJS. Who Would Jesus Swindle? WMSFTP? Would Moses Steal from the Poor? You get the picture, Allah and Buddha.

Capitalism runs on that flavor, that killer flavor of the day, of the nanosecond. Swindlers and Swines. Sicarios and Sycophants. Grifters and Godlessness.

A country of mass shootings, or smaller ones, is run by thieves and thespians, for sure, selling the Big Pharma Tap Dancing Bear of Lies:

Psychiatric treatment and psychiatric drugs are the common denominator of the growing number of shootings and other acts of violence, which are soaring right along with the soaring prescribing of psych drugs. 

CCHR International is asking the public to sign its petition calling on U.S. lawmakers to immediately open an investigation into the role of psychiatric drugs in school shootings and similar acts of violence, given that data supporting this link has to date been ignored by the U.S. government and mental health agencies.

The latest and the latest killing in a mall?

Here’s how analyst Michael Tracey sarcastically summed it up:

If a non-white person is a “white supremacist,” does that mean he believes in his own innate racial inferiority? @mtracey

Leave it to Tracey to expose the imbecility of a meme that defies reason but to which the media clings like the Holy Grail. It’s actually shocking that anyone can take this type of verbal hucksterism seriously when, in fact, the whole “non-white white supremacist” thing is one of the most absurd concoctions of all time. It’s pure gibberish.

So, where should we look for answers? Where can we find rational explanations for these sporadic acts of violence? (source = “Drugged-Up and Ready to Kill — Is there a link between Psychiatric Meds and Mass Shootings?” by Mike Whitney.

Children were among the 8 people killed at an Allen, Texas, mall by a gunman  who was terminated from the Army | CNN

[Photo: Children were among the 8 people killed at an Allen, Texas, mall by a gunman who was terminated from the Army ]

You will not get the Pharma Felons of the Fancy Mainstream Media to do stories on this aspect of all those school and mall and random shootings.

Close to 17% of Americans are taking psychiatric drugs with side effects such as acting aggressively, being angry, or violent and acting on dangerous impulses...

Psychotropic drugs are hardly helping when their side-effects include worsening depression, new or worsening anxiety, agitation or restlessness, panic attacks, new or worsening irritability, acting aggressively, being angry, or violent, acting on dangerous impulses, an extreme increase in activity and talking (mania), and other unusual changes in behavior or mood.

“Rather than helping the individual, psychotropics alienate, and push them into more and more potentially dangerous behavior,” states the president of the Florida chapter of CCHR, Diane Stein.

This situation was so egregious that in 2004, the Federal Drug Administration issued a “black-box” label warning indicating that the use of certain antidepressants to treat major depressive disorder in adolescents may increase the risk of suicide, homicide, and other acts of violence.

A study entitled Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others… declared … In the 69-month reporting period we identified 484 evaluable drugs that accounted for 780,169 serious adverse event reports of all kinds…. The violence cases included 387 reports of homicide, 404 physical assaults, 27 cases indicating physical abuse, 896 homicidal ideation reports, and 223 cases described as violence-related symptoms.” “Psychiatric Drugs and Side Effects – The Unseen Hand Behind Violence in America“, Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Nah, just doesn’t make sense in a country that has that engineering degree to offensive weaponry military industrial complex company pipeline plumbed and ready:

Then, so, how much rubber necking is a young or old man to do in this crumbling, decayed and structurally violence and venomous country do? Will Substack readers and FU Book fanciers get on the bandwagon and begin yelling at the top of their lungs about each and every Chlamydia Capitalist Crime he or she can name and research?

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