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a few more photos of the Wisconsin for ‘This is Your Life’ Bullshit! … a 10-part series now (goddamn, I hope not!)

Wisconsin Historical Markers: The Hodag

Dog and Dude: A holy place in Merrill…

The fellow after he had surgery on an almost decapitated index finger (more on that story, too, to add to the pathetic nature of things up north for this guy). River Falls, Wisconsin, where the Shop-Ko closed down so you can’t even buy new underwear in town, a college town, no less (where is Zelenksy when we need help?)

Fellow and grandkid in Rhinelander, a city in and the county seat of Oneida County, Wisconsin, United States. Its population was 7,735 at the 2000 census. Rhinelander is the home of the Hodag. He’s here with his granddaughter, again, Wisconsin: IV drug abuser, for sure, but at 19, hanging on, as her own life is one tragedy and one trauma and one PTSD blight after another. But she is not the sum total of her addictions, nor her family’s dysfunctioins, but again, the beautiful people like the Obama’s or Clintons or the 5 percent in the Golden Billion Party, they would like to see KK and his granddaughter at the bottom of the sea:

Hodag: In American folklore, the hodag is a fearsome critter resembling a large bull-horned carnivore with a row of thick curved spines down its back. The hodag was said to be born from the ashes of cremated oxen, as the incarnation of the accumulation of abuse the animals had suffered at the hands of their masters.[1] The history of the hodag is strongly tied to the City of Rhinelander where it was claimed to have been discovered. The hodag has figured prominently in early Paul Bunyan stories.


The fun stuff of some of us in the Golden Billion Chlamydia Club.

Now, look up “the golden billion” on Google CIA Gulag, or anywhere, and the search results are anti-Putin to the max. Amazing how quickly the stupid Hollyood drenched fucks in the world, the elite, freakshow barkers, the Republicans and Democrats, the Ivy League and the Minor League, the Merchants of Death in and out of Uniform, the pure ignorance of it all, how this country, and other Disnyefied and Marvel Comic Books dumbdowned in the Collective Perverse West have turned into puffy empty cheese puffs.

Now, it’s hard to see the down on their Chlamydia Capitalist luck folk in Wisconsin or Wyoming would ever ever see themselves down on their luck, let alone part of some billion person juggernaut of death to the rest of the world, but WE are:

The idea of total domination of the ‘golden billion’ is racist and neocolonial, dividing the peoples into first and second-rate, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, speaking at the Strong Ideas for a New Time forum.

“The model of total domination of the so-called golden billion is unfair. Why should this ‘golden billion’ of all the population on the globe dominate over everyone and impose its own rules of behavior? Based on the illusion of exceptionalism, it (this model – TASS) divides the peoples into those of first or second-rate, and therefore it is racist and neocolonial in its essence, while the globalist, allegedly liberal ideology underlying it, is more and more acquiring the features of totalitarianism, restraining the creative search and free historical creativeness”, the Russian president stressed.

According to Putin, the impression is that the West simply cannot offer the world a model of the future. “Of course, this ‘golden billion’ became golden for a reason. It has achieved a lot. But it not only took such positions thanks to some implemented ideas, to a large extent it took its positions by robbing other peoples: in Asia, and in Africa,” the head of state pointed out, “Indeed, it was like that. Look at how India has been plundered”.

Therefore, the Russian president continued, today the ‘golden billion’ elites are panically afraid that other world centers can present their visions of global development.

So, fear and loathing and beer and speed balls and running and gunning and living in a flophouse, the whole nine yards of destitute but on a Smart Phone, all of that Western putridness, it is exemplified for me in little bouts of tangential tributes to the suffering, of good people like KK, and his granddaughter, Ivy.

We all might be looking at glowing Wisconsin cheese curds and milk with U$A on its bipolar, addicted to pain trajectory of wanting more war so the perverts of power get off on the killin’.

For now, all I can do is upload and unload:

“That means a new civilization model for emerging economies like China and Argentina because they want to rise up peacefully (…) I think we are in the new civilization age.”

—Wang Wen from the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies stressed the need for Russia to rediscover China – finding “mutual trust in the middle level and elites level”. At the same time, there’s a sort of global rush to join BRICS, from Saudi Arabia and Iran to Afghanistan and Argentina. (source)

You will not be getting any discourse on the real world from Wisconsin beer lovers or Iowa bacon hoarders or LA Falsies or SF Transitions or NYC Apple Cores, what have you. The name of the game is the golden billion is getting the golden shower treatment by the elites, the Goyim Ghouls and their ZioJewish Fascist Masters.

Talk in towns far and wide is about the game, the Friday night highlights, or who got thrown in jail, or some talk about the deals at Costco and the next cruise ship run before the next DARPA (now Ukraine and USA cooking up those bioweapons in those ferret and monkey labs) fun locks down the planet, where the Golden Billion already have mostly shut down their heads, their thinking. Car wrecks and mall shootings. Weather reports and the price of eggs and where’s the toilet paper now?

Ahh, the old town hall for the ‘township’ of Merrill:

Another holy house bites the dust:

Some light in those eyes left:

More coming up.

Hodag – Harry Potter Lexicon

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