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surfing the Israel-First- dominated Netflix for flicks will paint you into a echo chamber of Hell on Earth!

Yep, that is not an antisemitic thing, the subtitle, or the rest of I write herin. You know, some of us have looked critically at the media: I’m a journalist who actually took real journalism classes, did the lab newspaper in Tombstone, did the editing and reporting for the Daily Wildcat in Tucson for UofA, did an internship in Phoenix, and worked for dozens of newspapers, in small and large cities. Every reporting beat possible . . .

Studying for a masters to teach college writing and composition and other cool courses like beginning news writing, literature, film, poetry fiction, and more, yes, I did a deep dive into Media, Media studies, scholarship around the Press and entertainment, et al.

Yep, aspiring novelist with a New York literary agent, I studied that arena, big time. Who controls publishing, and why, and how . . . . You betcha it isn’t antisemetic to point out a spade when you see one!

Union organizing in Seattle for the big Purple One, SEIU, more insight into who and why they are in unions . . . and today, or last night, that is, come on, I am not seeing anything in the TV or limited series Landia on Jewish extremists in Israel, or elsewhere. I am not seeing deep dramatizations and coverage of what it takes to bomb Gaza and go home and have a chicken and hummus meal. You know, no Meathead “All in the Israeli Family” stuff, for sure. But what material, oy veh, what material for sit-coms and situational dramas. So many crimes there in Isra-Hell, so much of a legacy of criminality, that is, before it was an Isra-Hell state, and up until now. You will find Mossad and Israelis stirring the proverbial dangerous pots everywhere, so, why not a decent look at “them,” instead of all those looks at “us.”??

This is the way of the controllers and the controlled opposition.

Back to my two minutes of hate, and watching a mini-series last night. Getting into something on one of the streaming/screaming channels, I opted for the three-part series on Norway and the Nazi and really just German occupation of that country. Imagine that, 1940, and here we are, 2023, and Norway throws whatever it can to the Nazis in Ukraine. The hatred of Russians and Russia is truly not just schizophrenic, it’s absolutely retarded.

War Sailor,

Yes, a flick which is following a few people: Alfred “Freddy” Garnes (Kristoffer Joner) and his friend Sigbjørn “Wally” Kvalvåg (Pål Sverre Hagen) and Freddy’s wife, Cecilia (Ine Marie Wilmann) and 3 kids. But it is about cognitive dissonance for me, since Norway is a duplicitious place, before NATO it was, but now, and a dangerous place for sure. Who would have thunk they support Germany today, the largest economy in the EU, a la Brussels. Bandera, all those Azov Nazi’s, and here we are, 2023: Finland now a nuclear power, soon, that is, as a lapdog of USA USA.

The statistic is that was one out of nine merchant saliors were killed at sea by the Germans, and their U-Boats, and they were hitting merchant ships, with civilians, many of whom were oufitted with kids, since Norway conscripted boys at age 16, and some were younger.

Quite a death, at frigidity and drowning at sea, with a torpedo hit, all the explosions, all the fires, the steaming engine oil on skin, sizzling hot metal, shards bursted into all directions.

My namesake is my grandfather, and I have written about him. Paul Haeder was a Navy pilot in World War I, from Dortmund, in Germany. Young and forced to train 18 months on a three mast tall ship. Then pilot school, and tri-planes.

He was on the Rostock in the Battle of Jutland, and that ship went down in the largest Naval Battle ever, and he was in the water with a broken jaw holding up a wounded soldier who had his left leg blown off.

They watched the battle from the water, and then the Axis and Allies picked up their dead and wounded with that proverbial white flag.

Battle of Jutland's 100th anniversary marks the Royal Navy's darkest day |  Daily Mail Online

The sickenss of the merchants of death (never call those sons of bitches and bitches “CEOs of the Military Industrial Complex,” or call them “heads of defense companies” — they are all to be hated, scorned, and they are evil, ending up on all levels of Dante’s Circles of Hell) includes now idiots on Fox and CNN, and then machos like Scott Ritter (he’s not all bad in some of his “stuff”) talking about Ukraine and Russia. And, hell, all those others with podcasts and blogs who write and broadcast in those cold, heartless ways about the meat grinder, about the lies and propaganda of Ukraine and the countless analyses of the EU, USA, UK, Russia. Ritter is okay when he is emotional about the Nazi’s in Ukraine, and his own name listed on a kill list which has been approved, essentially, by USA USA Make America Great Again.

This is virtually fucked on a dozen levels. Dozens. Don’t get me started, man, from the people I meet in the beach community I live in, to people who I publish literature with, they are pure war mongers, selective seeing-hearing-speaking. Shame on them, and they are virtually war mongers in Democrat Party goofball clothes.

Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector and ex-Marines intelligence officer, joins Max Blumenthal to explain how the US has supported online kill lists maintained by the Ukrainian government. Blumenthal and Ritter address the malign objectives behind their own inclusion on such lists.

Battle of Jutland, and it was big: Jutland: The Great Naval Duel of WWI, The Battle of Jutland was the only major clash of battleships in World War I, fought in the North Sea near Denmark in 1916. Go to the CIA Wikipedia for more information.

Battle of Jutland

So, watching this series and the drama and the fear those civilians displayed, and the look into their wanting to head out and go “AWOL” even though they were not in the Norweigan military, and then the PTSD of some of the characters.

The U-Boat scene where four Norweigans are on flotsam planks, one 16 year old with a blown-off leg, well, the Krauts gave them morphine, a kit with canned food, and that was it.

The boy was euthanized with the morphine, and one of the Norweigans, a religious nut, was going crazy about the two other Norweigian men being Satan, the devil’s workers for putting the boy out of his misery.

Then, a little slice of some other stuff tied to British bombing a Danish school – Freddy’s wife and children and others in an apartment building were bombed by British airmen.

This is a chapter of World War II that’s not discussed often, particularly not in the United States. In 1940, Germany occupied Denmark. During this time, the Danish government and King were able to rule until Germany put the country under direct military occupation in 1943. That was the state of Denmark when the bombing happened two years later.

The Danish resistance was supposed to bomb the Gestapo headquarters in Aarhus. It was a plan that saw the resistance align itself with the British. And on some level, it worked. Operation Carthage resulted in the destruction of Gestapo headquarters, the release of 18 prisoners, and the disruption of Nazi activities. But part of the raid was mistakenly aimed at a nearby school.

In the middle of the raid, a de Havilland Mosquito — a type of British aircraft — hit a lamp post. That miscalculation was enough to damage the plane’s wing, causing it to crash into the Jeanne d’Arc School. The horror didn’t stop there. Several other bombers in the second and third waves mistakenly took the school for their target.

This onslaught resulted in the deaths of 125 civilians. Eighteen of those victims were adults, many were nuns, and a staggering 86 of those deaths were children. It’s a truly chilling story that Borndahl captures.

So, today, with April 3 hitting the news cycle, all the lying and whoring politicians, military midgets, all the Blinkens and the merchants of war and hell talking about war drumming and China. This is the sickness of a brain dead society — brain dead through delusionial thinking, stupidty in the media, the limelight disease, the amazingly amnesiatic way of the rabid dogs of America, from Elon Musk giving Starlinks to Ukrainians (that’s a merchant of death with a pot pipe) and now his Space X is pumping satellites into space for US military’s grid of defense-offense tools to dominate the world. These are war criminals, muder profiteers, but worse — cold, steely eyed misanthropes who get money thrown at them, get on TV and cable new for endless attention, and they are less honorable than a sicario or punk Juarez hit man/ hit child. Now look at this toad, and this is what passes as staged nothingness, with little Botox and and bubble brain-assed women and men in Mainstream Mush Media fawning: Cruz, or Rubio, or a ten thousand strong cabal of freaks that get 99 percent of cable and TV news attention, all to be hated daily.

Yes, so, I truly believe these people are cancers, but worse, viruses, and prions like Mad Cow Diseased burgers fed to us, even we vegetarians can’t get away from the dirty meat grinding freaks.

And the broken and broken records on UkroNaziLandia, or if you call it, Land of the New David-Churchill.

Then, the bubbling bravado humor of Ray McGovern, and can he get on another shtick:

They all are economic hitmen, all ex-CIA/Colonels/Spies, now seeing the light, what this freak show calls Redemption, and in the shadows, in the place of elephants in the room, the Neocons, the destroyers of Goyim, of cultures.

Again, there is no hatred for these people, and they need to be hated — all of the Neocons, all the administrations, all the beknighted ones in any POTUS cabinet, and then the manure piles in media-banking-finance-entertainment-press-education- et al, they are the spores killing us all not so softly: Bovine spongiform encephalopathy is the BSE of mad cow disease throughout the land. They need to be HATED and eradicated, and I know I know, such terrible words from a socialist-anarchist!

More more more of that old time “I had my coming to Jesus-Moses-Allah-Money moment: “Retired Army Colonel Andrew Bacevich argues America’s leaders are woefully out of touch with reality, and unable to adapt to a changing world. Unless they are wrenched from power, the twilight of the American empire will be one filled with catastrophe after catastrophe. Andrew Bacevich is a retired army colonel and Emeritus Professor of History and International Relations at Boston University. He is also the cofounder and president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.”

In the end, these are the worst of times:

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way–in short, the period was so far like the present period that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.”

Yep, so, I have so many military people under my belt — as a military dependent for Marvin, CW4 Haeder, both in the Air Forde and US Army. My own shit hole time in the military. All the newspaper reporting of military folk down at Fort Huachuca and Fort Bliss and Fairchild Airforce Base. Hell I taught at the Sergeants Major Academy at Biggs Field:

The Sergeants Major Academy holds first ever virtual graduation for Class 70 | Article | The ...

And to tell you the truth, even with those homeless veterans I assisted, and most Americans in the military and those who identify as veterans, they are either natural born killers, racist to a Tee, or crocodile tear infants of the patriotic diseased kind. I was with the Starvation Army:

The Salvation Army’s Special Brand of Poverty Pimping

salvation army

Nothing’s free, man, and the Starvation Army is at its worse.

What Exactly Is the Salvation Army?

Again, we do not need Orwell’s two minutes of hate, man, but we need our own agency, our own ability to have higher order thinking AND then still come at them — the controllers, the manufacturers of consent, the PSYOPs rulers, the merchants of death and those money changers — with HATE. Come at them with emotions but with critical discourse.

None of that man. Because this country and Klanada and EuroTrashLandia and United Inbred Kingdom, Australia, Isra-hell, New Zealand, they are a’’ breeding grounds for hate a la Anglo Saxons =

But the hate can be an equal opporutnity emotion. I have people who are dyed in the wool democrats, who think Oprah and Michelle and Barak are the best things since Aunt Jemima gluten free pancake mix and low glycemic fake maple syrup.

Yeah, Zelensky, the new David my ass unless they are meaning, David Ben-Gurion:

Gratuit David Ben Gourion Citation - Citationto

The term “terrorist” often gets used as a general-purpose epithet intended to consign a disliked state or group to perpetual isolation and punishment. Used in this way, the label of “terrorist” becomes a substitute for careful analysis of policy toward the state or group in question. Usually, the object of the labeling has indeed used terrorism — but so have many others who don’t get labeled the same way and may even be treated as friends and allies. If the operative notion is “once a terrorist, always a terrorist,” then there are many shady histories that warrant examination.

Consider, for example, as Benjamin Netanyahu — who has flung the “terrorist” label at least as freely as anyone else — is finally being pushed out of the prime minister’s job in Israel, the histories of some of his predecessors. Menachem Begin, who held that job in the late 1970s and early 1980s — longer than anyone except Netanyahu, David Ben-Gurion, and Yitzhak Rabin — had an earlier career as a hard-core terrorist. As leader of the Irgun group during World War II, Begin conducted a campaign of attacks, focused principally on British government and police targets, intended to drive the British out of Palestine — while Britain was busy waging a war against the Nazis. 

Here, some reality from Texas Bentley,

A radically different, even disquieting interpretation of what could well be the pivotal battle of this entire conflict. He calls a Ukrainian a spade, a Nazi. He has skin in the game. He’s a Christian Communist. Get over it, readers.

Now, imagine a thousand, or even a hundred, drones swarming across the Front and into a major city full of civilians. If even a few civilians or soldiers were killed by poison gas, how long do you think it would be before videos of them convulsing and choking to death in the streets got on social media and panic starts?  Ukrop media says the drones will be used to sow panic, “in Crimea”, but there are no major population centers within drone range in Crimea. But Donetsk/Makeevka and Gorlovka are literally on the front lines, and heavily populated. It is no secret that there are not enough gas masks for the soldiers here, much less for the civilian population in these cities. If you were a nazi terrorist with a thousand swarming drones and chemical weapons, where would you use them? In the empty rubble of Bakmut? The open fields on the way to Melitopol? Or in the major cities of Donbas?

I am not a military genius, but I have read Sun Tsu, Von Clauswitz, Patton, Rommel, and Che Guevara. I have studied history. And I have played a lot of chess,  and I have learned from all of the above. I am, as Scott Ritter recently pointed out, not an “intelligence officer”, but unlike Ritter, I am intelligent. As a combat veteran, I have learned that the most important skill a soldier can have is to clearly see and analyze reality, and from this understanding, be able to predict what the enemy will do next, by putting myself in my enemy’s position and asking myself what I would do if I were him.

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