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In the incendiary words of Radical Women founder Clara Fraser, whose 100th birthday would have been this month:

“It is time for swift-striking gender insurgency. Time for women guerrillas, [21st] century Amazons, mad shrieks of protest, and careful mobilization of political battalions. Goddammit, sisters: Let’s get revolutionary. Let’s understand that the private profit system is at the bottom of all this horror, and let’s catapult ourselves on to the mainstage of history.”

— from “Revolution, She Wrote”

International WOmen’s Day — Russian pilots!

удачи — udachi — good luck!

The National Guard congratulated women in the Lugansk region on March 8, Women’s Day!

#8M23: “By rebelling, we sow popular peasant feminism, build food sovereignty, and organize against crises and violence!”

To mark International Women’s Day, The Black Agenda Review is pleased to reprint “Dedicated to Women in Struggle,” an editorial from a 1974 special issue of the newsletter African Agenda: A Voice of Afro-American Opinion . African Agenda was published from 1972 to 1977 by the African-American Solidarity Committee, a Chicago-based coalition of Black radicals committed to the anti-imperialist struggles in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia, and to the fight for Black rights within the United States.

On many holidays recognizing people’s struggles and their leaders — for example, the civil rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. — the present-day celebrations are both sweet and sour.

The only reason for formal recognition is that protests and struggle made it so — and this is a victory. But the other, “give it the side-eye” part is that the actual history of how they originated is covered up in pink ribbons.

The blood, sweat and tears that were shed have been washed away.

If you can’t HATE Israel for the Nakba, then look deep inside your cold heart.

If you can’t HATE Israel for their Apartheid State, then you need to go back into some history books.

If you can’t hate Zionist Jewish provactuers in the Israel-First USA camp, then you are the problem,, not the solution.

These are evil people with their law degrees, MD degrees, PhD’s, MBA’s, PharmD’s, EduPhD’s . . . . You want a complete list?


A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States — so She Lost Her Job

A major attack on the First Amendment: No credible advocate of free expression can remain silent about this “free speech exception for Israel.”

In mobilization throughout the country, the National Day of Struggle of Landless Women has already mobilized 22 states and the Federal District, with marches, occupations of land and public bodies and a series of pedagogical camps. In at least three states, Rio Grande do Sul, Pará and Piauí, there were cases of repression by the police apparatus and private security against mobilizations.

The most emblematic case occurred in Belém, when the Landless Women were harshly repressed by the Military Police, when they approached the Legislative Assembly of Pará to negotiate their agendas. The PM, under the order of President ALEPA, used pepper spray and physical force against the demonstrators. At least one of the participants in the act had to be hospitalized.

Mulheres Sem Terra denounce the various forms of patriarchal and racial violence, which have affected people in vulnerable conditions and made victims, such as the cases of femicide, LGBTIphobic murders and suicides that have been experienced in recent years. In this way, they also announce the willingness to build emancipated human relationships, free from all forms of violence.

“We need to maintain and expand popular organization, because this is a Government in which rights will have to be defended and conquered on a daily basis, both in dialogue and in struggle. We demand the repeal of EC 95, the New Secondary School, the Labor Reform and many other agendas, which will only be possible to be implemented with a lot of struggle and grassroots organization”, explains Lucinéia.

God, I was watching Jimmy Dore and his minion going after some creep of a journalist (sic) who created some Google open source document for women to place the names of men who they accuse of all sorts of “crimes” or “assaults,” both verbal and physical.

Dore goes off on this woman, and he does that a lot, against women in particular, and while he has free speech and the poetic license of half-assed comedy and pretty shallow knowledge about the world, there just seems a tinge or two of misogyn. It’s being 66 and haven been on dozens of teams and in many more dozens of workshops and conferences where guys like Dore have hit the metal ceiling of depth, of understanding the reality of hateful men, violence and what happens on the ground, and certainly in other countries.

If the goofballs celebrity females and goofball journalists and communications handlers in the USA and Europe now are doing goofy stuff, but the reality is the entire culture tied to the blue-red political line and the dumbdowning and the infantalization and the Disneyrfication of the Collective West is rotting.

Here’s a female hero beyond heroes:

She said “Don’t side with Skynet, Terminator!”, a message that was repeated by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), which posted the footage on Twitter.

Maryana Naumova, in a video message addressed to Schwarzenegger that was posted on Twitter by the Russian MFA on Monday morning (21st March), said in Russian, with English subtitles, that he should not “side with Skynet” and mentioned the deaths of children in eastern Ukraine, which she attributed to the Ukrainian army.

Her message to Schwarzenegger, in the nearly seven-minute video, says in full: “Dear Mr Schwarzenegger, I’m sure you remember me.

“In 2015, at the Arnold Classic competition in the USA, I, a 15-year-old girl from Russia, set a world record by lifting a barbell weighing 150 kilograms.”

“You were congratulating me, asking about Russia, and I was crying with joy. You seemed so thoughtful, kind and smart to me. You left me an autograph on the sleeve of your branded jacket, and it remained with me, as a good memory of our meeting. To set this record, to lift a barbell at that time, was a matter of honour and a huge responsibility for me.

“I carried for you, Mr Schwarzenegger, letters and photos from the children of the warring Donbass, which by March 2015, I had already visited twice. Yes, I could not stay at home, in Moscow, when Ukraine declared war on Donbass, when for my peers from Donbass, the school bell meant not only a school break, but also the beginning of shelling and bombing. In every school where I performed and talked with the children, I talked first of all about you, about my idol both in sports and in life.

“An ordinary boy from a poor Austrian family became a famous athlete, then a movie actor, then a politician – and all this thanks to sports and dedication.

“Of course, those Donbass children knew and watched your films. I told them that in the spring of 2015 I will be going to the USA again for competitions, and maybe I’ll see you.

“And those children, ordinary schoolchildren from the Lugansk and Donetsk Republics, started to write letters and send photos with a request to give them to you. They were telling the Terminator how they live in the war, asking for help, asking for the simplest advice – how to play sports in such difficult conditions, how to develop, how to become a successful person.

“The Donetsk children saw you as a strong hero who they hoped would be able to protect them. I printed out the photos, translated the letters, handed you an envelope and said, ‘Arnold, I was recently in Donbass with a humanitarian sports mission, there is a war going on there, and children, schoolchildren, asked me to hand over these letters for you.’

“You said then, ‘Ukraine, yes, yes, I know. I’ll take a look, I’ll work on it’, and handed the envelope to your assistant.’

“Mr Schwarzenegger, I watched your message to my fellow Russians. Obviously, you didn’t ‘work’ on the letters I gave you, even though you promised.

“You are a wonderful motivator, athlete and actor, you are really loved in Russia, but your message is based on some other invented reality. It often happens in the movies.

“But the truth about what happened, Arnold, is in the letters that have been kept by your assistants since 2015. The true reality, Arnold, is on the ‘Alley of Angels’ memorial, in Donetsk, where everyone can read the names of children who were killed by bullets and bombs of the Ukrainian army.

“And the reality is, Arnold, that your Terminator not only did not protect, did not help, did not save the children of Donbass, but did not even read their letters and did not try to understand the situation.

“Mr Schwarzenegger, I have visited Donbass more than 20 times since 2014, I have visited the most dangerous combat zones there. I have visited more than 120 schools, talked to thousands of children, held more than a hundred children’s sports events, even though I am an ordinary Russian girl, not an iron fearless Terminator warrior.

“In your message you tell about your father, who did not like Russians and who, along with the Nazis, came with weapons to my Russian, then Soviet, land.

“You say that there is no Nazism in Ukraine, you tell about the Jewish president of Ukraine, and that Russian bombs are allegedly destroying Ukraine now.

“Arnold, sometimes it is very difficult to understand, being thousands and thousands of kilometres away from us, but you still have those letters and photos from 2015, don’t you? In fact, you could just come and see everything in person, you are a brave man.

We can remind ourselves of the despicable folk of the female persuasion in CEO position, MIC leaders, etc. More chilling than a M. Night Shyamalan flick, these two in a room with booze, pizza, children, and a Doomsday Clock! The room is being lit with lanterns fueled with the suet of children. And, Soylent Green is FOOD! Henry and Hillary!


“The greatest challenge of the day is how to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each one of us.”

–Dorothy Day


This says so much about the Jewish Project in Ukraine. Amazing, no, that Bandera Land, that Nazi Land, and here two Jewish “freaks” shake hands while the USA coffers empty out. Yellen and Company are NOT interested in the American Goyim and his/her/their problems.

Her father’s daughter, not a hero, but the enemy.

Her father Ernst Albrecht, President of the German state of Lower Saxony from 1978 to 1990, brought unrehabilitated Nazis into his administration and carried out a black-flag terrorist operation designed to discredit the left-wing Red Army Faction.

In the wake of the Russo-Ukrainian war, terms like “European values” have come back into the mainstream. One of the people who has been most responsible for this is Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission who is now a nearly omnipresent figure in the media.

Hero in Nicaragua:

Viva Nicaragua. If you missed this, then watch and listen: One Year Ago,

Max Blumenthal interviews Sonia Castro, lead advisor to the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, on the Sandinista government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Castro explains why, despite heavy criticism, her government did not follow World Health Organization guidance to lock down the population and instead kept schools and businesses open. She also discusses her government’s guidance to prescribe off-patent early treatments against Covid and its ongoing, Cuban and Russian-assisted national vaccination campaign. This interview was conducted in Managua in February 2022.

As opposed to this shit show of a woman: Many pose this stupid question: Why don’t we make Politicians take tests like lawyers, doctors, and a majority of other careers?

Yeah, we are doing great with those Ivy League grads from MBA programs, law schools, medical schools, et al.

So this fake PhD English teacher, nah, never gave an exam or test or final essay assignment in her life. RIGHT.

Now, again, Haley wouldn’t pass a general knowledge and ethics and cultural literacy and basic environmental and world perspectives test, nor would ANY of them, including school marm Jill.

Biden is broke, but so was Clinton, and what about Bush on Coke? What about Ford on Trippy Dippy Land? Nixon? Oh, JFK did what to Marilyn? They are ALL sick puppies because they do not have the licks and the ticks and the deep philosophies of what it means to be human and humane.


More media drivel: First lady Jill Biden pushed back on concerns about President Joe Biden’s age and dismissed a proposal by Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley for politicians over age 75 to take a mental competency test.

“Ridiculous,” the first lady said, responding to Haley’s proposal during an interview with CNN, which will air as part of “CNN Primetime: Jill Biden Abroad” at 9 p.m. ET on Monday.

Asked if her husband, who would be 82 at his inauguration if he’s reelected, would consider taking such a test, Jill Biden said, “We would never even discuss something like that.”

More of the monsters:

USAID’s Samantha Power joined EU and US officials rallied at the Lincoln Memorial at a pro-war demonstration organized by a clique of Ukrainian activists that have described themselves as “true Banderites” and “Right Sektor’s Washington DC branch.”

[Power married to Jewish journalist, Cass Robert Sunstein, also an American legal scholar known for his studies of constitutional law, administrative law, environmental law, and behavioral economics. He is also The New York Times best-selling author of The World According to Star Wars and Nudge.]

Compared to these amazing heroes:

[Photos:The women from Caracas’ Antímano Parish have trained themselves to build homes for their families as part of Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission, created by Hugo Chávez in 2011. (Andreína Chávez Alava / Venezuelanalysis)]

In Caracas, an army of self-trained women are working to build their own homes while they transform the reality around them.

Commodified housing, shantytowns, evictions and homelessness are worldwide realities and no matter how hard corporate media tries to ignore it, this is one of the most glaring horrors of capitalism.

Back to basics — Women kick off a revolution

But the unforgettable turning point that sealed the deal was when the women of Russia touched off a revolution.

On March 8, 1917, striking women textile workers joined other women attacking bakeries over high bread prices in Petrograd, Russia. They implored soldiers to put down their rifles.

Some 90,000 protesters took to the streets demanding “peace, land and bread.”

This was the opening salvo that toppled Russia’s hated czar and in less than a year, the workers, peasants and the poor led by the Bolshevik Party took power in November 1917.

While encircled and under attack by the imperialist powers, they formed the first socialist workers’ state. One of the very first things the new Soviet revolution did was codify women’s equality. (Source)

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