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Yah, I am training to be a school bus driver. I’ve written about it in previous pieces, and that First Student outfit is in 49 states, 7 Canadian provinces, and it’s an equity firm out of Belgium. Bidding on school district transporation, and alas, this Belgium company is getting paid by guess who?

USA and Canadian taxpaers. This is what they call the public-private arrangement, again, what is a low level form of socialized payola for private companies.As if the public and the governments and the states and the national funding can’t take care of OUR own children’s food, education, and transportation needs. How long will I last is a crap shoot, since this is it for Lincoln County — no luck getting past interviews for county, city and state jobs as a case manager or services coordinator, even though there is that great 10 million shortfall of men dropping out of the workforce.

Oh, shit, I’m almost 66, too many college degrees and a resume way too long.

Ahh, I am a social worker, educator, writer, journalist and even someone in urban and regional planned, but I can’t get past the interview. Missing men, well, there are many reasons for this. In the uncritical thinking USA, we will not get much deep analyses.


The gender gap in college enrollment has been growing for decades and has broad implications for colleges and beyond: a loss of enrollment revenue, less viewpoint diversity on campus, and fewer men in jobs that require some college education. Some academics want to make clear that just because women outnumber men in college it doesn’t mean that gender-equity issues no longer remain.

This collection of Chronicle articles features news stories, analysis, advice, and opinion essays, including several articles that sounded a warning years ago. It also looks at how some colleges are trying to draw more men of all backgrounds — and help them succeed once they get there.

Section 1: Why Don’t Men Go to College?

Section 2: How Can Colleges Draw More Men?

Section 3: Deconstructing the Gender Gap

Don’t get me started on the nanny state, the reverse sexism, the anti-femism bullshit female empowerment. Don’t get me started on the battle of the sexes, and don’t get me started on the sheeple aspect of education, social work, and nonprofit work. Don’t get me started man.

I can go down a thousand rabbit holes or warrens, but the thing is I come back out, revitalized, smarter, and, sure more pissed off. This is the state of the world, under captialism. A Belgium company in the USA and Canada, monopolizing on school transportation. No union shop, $19 an hour here in Lincoln county where home prices and gasoline and food are outragous and where other districts might pay more per hour.

Again, it’s a bunch of older folk, mostly women, driving busses at age 67, 71, 78. What the hell is that about?

I have also been a substitute teacher in this district, and I’ve written about that too: “Take Down this Blog, or Else! No job interview, no job offer, targeting by city, county, state honchos, watched by the pigs, shadowed by all the sub humans”. Of course, I was and still am mad as hell and can’t accept it, or take it. Even writing this will get scrutinized by those overlords of the HR subhuman who spend countless millions on applications that do background checks, credit checks, employment checks, reference checks, drug checks, and of course, in my case, Google Checks, looking for any anti-this or anti-that diatribes or even plain old inverted triangle journalism.

Let’s scoot over to the issue of the failing male, the males in the womb, those just out of the womb, and then the developing baby, child, kid, teen, and we end up with 355 million Americanos and a shit load of chronic illnesses for EVERYONE, including the poor child, babes in the woods. The top ten:

What are the 7 main types of learning disabilities? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that developmental disabilities occur among all ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups. Children from ages 3 through 17 frequently have one or more developmental disabilities, such as:

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Hearing Loss
Intellectual Disability
Learning Disability
Vision Impairment
Developmental Delays

In particular, psychology professionals should study these seven learning disabilities:

  • Auditory processing disorder. …
  • Language processing disorder. …
  • Nonverbal learning disabilities. …
  • Visual perceptual/visual motor deficit.
  • Types of Learning Disabilities

  • Dyscalculia A specific learning disability that affects a person’s ability to understand numbers and learn math facts.

  • Dysgraphia A specific learning disability that affects a person’s handwriting ability and fine motor skills.

  • Dyslexia A specific learning disability that affects reading and related language-based processing skills.

  • Related Disorders
  • ADHDA disorder that includes difficulty staying focused and paying attention, controlling behavior and hyperactivity.

  • Young child playing in children's ball pit.
  • Dyspraxia A disorder which causes problems with movement and coordination, language and speech.

So here we are at, now, in a society with so many epigentic, developmental, gestational, chromosomal and neuro disabilities. So many youth are faced with a lifetime of struggled, even before crawling, and then in pre-K and then K12, and then as adults. If this were a socially just society, there would be trillions spent on finding out the causes and effects and then the effects as new causes for new effects on the individual gestating, and what it is that makes this such a prevalent issue in our Western Society. Schools are warehouses, for sure, and the school to prison pipeline is not some goof-ball concept. We’d be looking hard at the chemicals, the stressors, the mother and father and their own stressors. All the toxins in air, water, food, drugs, including EMFs, and just the lack of nutrition, the fatty liver disease in 1/3 of folk, and the failing sperm counts in men since 1950, and, well, the discussion of who is that village that takes to raise a child.

Everything in capitalism is ANTI-health, ANTI-human, ANTI-Learning, ANTI-community engagement. More and more children, and yes, mostly boys, are monitored in the classroom, those prisons, and the effect or affect is that there is little significant learning and developing going on. They are a nerved out or nervous wreck, and they are watched and graded and sent home with behavior reports.

Now is the time to pity the child. Our children, and of course, all those children hit with the wagers of war, the wagers of sanctions, the wagers of economic and health and food sanctions. Depleted uranium or lead in the pipes. All of those realities also tie into the mental health, the pressures put upon mother, father, child, grandparents, the lot of them in education, et al.

This is the sickness of America:

In solidarity with Cuba, leaders and activists of all Left and democratic parties of India welcomed Aleida Guevara in Surjeet Bhavan.

To a packed hall, Aleida said that it is one thing to talk about an economic blockade and quite another to live under that blockade.

She narrated how no country was ready to even give easily available medicine for a five-year-old child only because of the fear of America. In spite of not being a milk producing country, Cuba supplies one litre milk daily for all children and the aged, by importing it from New Zealand which is expensive because of the high transportation costs.

They were forced to buy milk from far away New Zealand, as their northern neighbour, US is not ready to trade with Cuba. The sixty years of illegal and inhumane US blockade has taught Cuba to spread humanism through sending doctors to wherever they were in need. Cuba is just 90 kilometres away from the mighty imperialist super power US. Even then it can’t be defeated since it believes in the scientific principle of people’s unity and those who are united can never be defeated. “El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido” (The people united, shall always be victorious). She said Cuba took arms for peace and defending their motherland. She asserted that Cuba believes in standing up for equality against any kind of barbarism in the world. Thanking the people of India for always standing with Cuba, she said that the people of Cuba will always treasure this solidarity and value it immensely. (source)

Milk, man, and the United Snakes of America is so so powerful, going after children far and wide. You know, Cuba never attacked the USA, never went to war, and alas, this is the power of the dirty capitalists, war mongers and some sick psychopaths. Medicines, medical equipment, air conditioners, food, and energy. This is the way of the rat, the USA RATON.

The entire psychiatry and psychology and sociology of oppression is what runs modern Western society. There are no right ways now to raise children, to support families, and to build community. It’s all about the private sector sucking up as much as the public sector can regurgitate to this thieves. While the children suffer, and while the entire shooting match is toast as we in a culture of pollution and gestational crimes and constant bombardment of children with poisons, from those in the plastics, chicken nuggets, lawn sprays, all the off gassing, all those artificial flavors, all the death traps that we know this society is unleashing at an earlier and earlier age.

We are in an age of behavior adjustment, brainwashing, mind control, sinister Stockholm Syndrome, general anxiety disorders. Checked out or challenged just looking at a book, we are in the new normal of trillions for the pigs of war, for SWAT teams, for the opposition to us, the family, the human and humane family. These kiddos come onto the bus with behavior plans, with their little classroom check slips for the parents to mull over at home.

Oh, what is enlightenment? “Behavior charts and similar public shaming methods don’t teach self-regulation. They mainly harm vulnerable learners.” The following is pretty light weight compared to the scenes I have been enmeshed in as a substitute teacher in special education and blended classrooms. Believe me.

Mr. Hill stops reading aloud to his 4th grade students and turns to Anisa. “Anisa, you’re off task. Change your clip. I asked you once and you are still digging in your desk. Walk over and change it now.”

Anisa stands and walks across the classroom. Several of her peers make condescending comments under their breath. Anisa moves her clip from green to yellow and returns to her desk and puts her head down. Her nonverbal behaviors indicate that she’s angry, hurt, and frustrated.

A few minutes later, Josh raises his hand. Mr. Hill calls on him and Josh responds, “Anisa is off task again.”

Mr. Hill looks at Anisa and says, “Again? Please change your clip to red. One more problem and it will be another call home. You have to learn to pay attention.” (Source: Tear Down Your Behavior Chart!
Lee Ann Jung Dominique Smith)

Read the book: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Freire gives the term “freedom” a specific meaning: it is the freedom to critically question and change the world. In other words, a person is free when they are able to understand and change their own conditions. For Freire, education and oppression are connected, since education can be used either as a tool for oppression or as a method of liberation from oppression. Freire distinguishes between a pedagogy (a way of practicing education) that serves oppressors, and one that helps oppressed people understand and change their society. According to Freire, “freedom” (the freedom to critically question and change the world) requires people to gain a new understanding of how reality works. Changing the dominant understanding of history is a key part of this process. Freire sees education as useful not just for individual growth, but also for achieving social change. To expand on this point, he discusses social change as a necessary tool to achieve freedom and overthrow oppression. Within Freire’s framework, systems of oppression try to prevent radical social change so that they do not lose power. Throughout Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Freire draws heavily on the theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels—especially the concept of dialectics. A “dialectical” way of thinking starts with a “thesis” (an initial idea or proposition) and an “antithesis” (an idea that opposes or contradicts the thesis), and the interaction of these two ideas creates a “synthesis,” or a new idea that reconciles the conflict between the two original ideas. (some clipped notes)

Feeling the burn yet, the absolute oppression instilled in the greatest country and system the world has ever seen?

Get a little primer on exactly what capitalism and inflation and the systems of Milton Friedman are all about here:

Hudson: Since the Democrats took power in the 1990s under Clinton, they’ve stopped the anti-monopoly regulation. They’ve stopped the antitrust laws from being enforced, and you have a great concentration of monopolies, and they can raise prices for whatever they want, as much as they want. For agricultural goods, the distributors have simply raised the prices without paying the farmers and the dairy farmers any more.

So when you say that inflation is only a monetary phenomenon, what Milton Friedman is saying is, “Don’t look at the power structure. Don’t look at how markets are structured. Don’t look at monopolies. Don’t look at how the wealthy corporations are inflating [prices]. Look at something that we can blame on labor.”

The inflation that Milton Friedman talks about — and you just mentioned my old boss’s boss Paul Volcker — is wages. So when the Federal Reserve talks about inflation, they say, “It’s really wages rising.” Well, we know that wages have not risen anywhere near as fast as the cost of living, so that can’t be the reason — that wages are rising.

But if you can claim that inflation is only caused by labor making too much money and hurting other workers as consumers, then you have the Federal Reserve able to come in and say, “We’ve got to have a depression. We’ve got to have unemployment. We’re going to raise interest rates because we want more unemployment to increase the reserve army of the unemployed so that wage earners will be so desperate for a job that they’ll work for less. And if only they worked for less, then prices will come down, if somehow the companies are going to lower their prices because they can pay their labor less.”

The pretense is that it’s all labor’s fault.

We are all on this behavior and consequence chart. We, that it, the 80 Percenters who have 8 percent of wealth in the USA, compared to the Point Zero Zero One Percent, the One Percent and 19 Percent holding 92 percent of the money-power-possession chart. We mustn’t act up, mustn’t question the boss, mustn’t wonder whyt he oppressors are out neighbors, the ones our taxpaying work fund, or why so many Americanos believe this is it for Nirvana — the USA, greatest invention in human kind since the wheel.

Oh, those progessives are capitalists to their bones:

Last November she shifted from supporting Medicare for All to advocating a two-phased approach intended to build support for a single-payer model (in which the federal government would provide health insurance for every person in the U.S.), by first creating a federally based plan to compete with private insurers and expanding access to Medicare. Elizabeth Warren Says She’s ‘a Capitalist To My Bones’ And Positions Herself as FDR’s Heir

And that is THAT capitalism —

“Inflammation is the body’s appropriate response to damage, or the threat of damage,” says Marya, a physician and co-founder of the Do No Harm Coalition. “We’re learning that the social structures around us, the environmental, political structures around us, are tuning the immune system to sound out the full range of inflammation.” Patel adds that “capitalism primes bodies … for sickness.” (“Inflamed”: Dr. Rupa Marya & Raj Patel on Deep Medicine & How Capitalism Primes Us for Sickness)

Imagine that, all those children, and I am not talking about those with allergies, with multiple chronic illnesses, including diabetes and asthma, caught in this vice which is CAPITALISM.

Daily, we are oppressed, and as the digital oppressors get more powerful, everything about us will be transhumanist, and we will be abiding by retinal scans, spit analyses, galvanic skin response, and then the body will be the internet of physiology, the absolute bot world of nano things controlling the entire human experience, and that’s not just heart rate and BP, but thoughts.

Below, I find these on the bus floors much of the time. The children leave them in their desks at school. They are on the playgrounds with orange peels wrapped inside. Oh, the behaviorists. The mind benders. The psyops, the dead-end Americans, paying for the tools of Nazi War, and now, how many teachers are talking about the Doomsday Clock to their high schoolers, just to broach the issue?

Hell, people do not talk about Ukraine and the pimping of weapons of childkilling in public or at the workplace. These bosses, like the Belgium First Student, send memos out on what can and cannot be said during election A or election B.

And we wonder why so many neuro-normal (sic) people are checked out. TraumaThe Science of Stuck – Britt Frank, baby, trauma!

This is Startup to Storefront, and on today’s episode, we are unpacking the science of how to get unstuck. It’s no coincidence that that’s also the title of the book written by our guest today: author, psychotherapist, and trauma specialist, Britt Frank. Britt knows a thing or two about getting unstuck, as she has battled everything from meth addiction to sexual abuse. She emerged from that trauma with a new outlook on life, a Master of Social Work degree, and a desire to help others overcome their own hurdles. These hurdles vary from individual to individual, but when it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s not uncommon for someone to put up a mental blockade that prevents them from moving forward. Getting over this mental blockade that inhibits you from progressing forward is what we are dissecting today.

In today’s episode we discuss:

– Why you don’t need every friend to be a best friend

– How Covid didn’t create a mental health crisis, it just exposed the one we already had

– The power behind changing your why’s to whats. So roll up your sleeves and let’s start the process of getting unstuck.

The Science of Stuck – Britt Frank,

4 thoughts on “More and More Boys Are Coming Home with the Behavior Sheets

  1. Mike Fish says:

    Yeah, so who’s driving your bus, buddy? I did that thing, back in the 80s. Volunteer bus driver for a Christian youth fellowship, bunch of good kids.
    Oppressive, responsibility, getting those kids away, and back home, safe again. Nothing terrible ever happened, I am grateful to report.
    Although, I did get lost with a van full of them, adolescent, insulated, hick white kids, on my first trip to the Chicago area. I won’t elaborate more than to say, scared $hitless!!!

    After reflecting, and rereading, for a couple of days, you put me in mind of David Graeber. I have probably had him subconsciously in mind, since I started reading you. He couldn’t get a “job” in the USA either. Bull$hit jobs. I wonder why kids are so enthusiastic? lol Go to school, so you can get a well paying job.

    Be happy like mom and dad.

    Be happy like the teacher.

    Actually, this whole school experience is kind of like a bull$hit job. Unless you’re tagged as a behavior problem. Then it’s a $hit job. I did K-9 in the 60s and early 70s. Stopped at nine. Couldn’t take it no more. Ended up in a Synanon clone, to improve my behavior???? I got my GED.

    One cult got me out of the previous cult – school. No behavior charts. We got beat, until we got to big, or defiant, to try. Not everyone. Just the bad ones.
    You know the ones that question, or say, “that’s bull$hit”. Different world than the kids nowadays. No kids ever got pepper sprayed, handcuffed, or clubbed, when I was a kid. The teachers had their own brass knuckles. I think that method is superior to what they have now, but cmon, we can do better for our precious little bundles.

    How about a class featuring The Dawn of Everything. A little Weingrow and Graeber. Econ, and personal finance: Debt: The First 5000 years.
    College prep: Bull$hit Jobs

    I keep hearing that kids are smart. Or at least they ain’t stupid. Well maybe they’ve tuned out because they’re tired of being bullshitted. Maybe what they’re hearing doesn’t make sense to them. Don’t make sense to me. Hasn’t for a long time. Hence the 9, instead of the 12. I did receive a degree in 1991. Summa Cum Laude.

    Loved university life. Loved learning. Explored, and expanded, with the nudges, and inspiration, from kindly intellects. Thanks to many profs. Went with the bull$hit job, accounting and finance, instead of the heartstrings, teaching. Needed to get a “job”, and support my wife and kids. Dumba$$. Cheated us all.

    Never did get wealthy as a bean counter. Gave it up. It was a bull$hit job. I had better things to do with my most precious asset, time. Spent many years of it hanging out with sick, and dying relatives. And, with the survivors. Didn’t pay a dime, just like the bus driving. Best use of my asset, I have had. A few minimum wage jobs. Nursing assistant. Made firewood, and friends with “developmentally disabled adults”. Who’s not quite right in the head?? The jury’s still out on that one.

    That group of friends, of mine, had some good mojo going on. I looked forward to going to….work???? Just couldn’t quite pay the rent, and feed the kids.
    Ahhhh kids. Find your calling(s). Find things to do with your life, that intrigue you. Motivate you. Make you happy. Money comes. Money goes. Time is fleeting. There ain’t no time store to spend that money at. And, we’ll never know the balance in our time account, until it’s empty.

    “How did we find ourselves stuck?” Britt Frank??? No, David Weingrow. Britt’s working on my micro stuck. But, Graeber, and Weingrow, examine a larger scale stuck, that, I think, has a lot to do with the stuck that Britt is working on with me. I’m not so much concerned about “the gym”, or what up with dating, or canned health drinks. (I like coffee) I’m more excited about the stuck that Haeder, and Graeber, are/were “ranting” about. I’m an old fart, too, and there is so much exciting scholarship to, yet be consumed. Oh god, consumption, and production. Got to work on my language.

    Where’s George Carlin, when we need him??? So much exciting scholarship, that we may never see, because information is tightly controlled, falsified, and destroyed. Why? Ask them, not me.

    Then there’s all of the toxicity that you reference. Above my pay grade, and outside my realm. I would offer that, mom used every chemical known to a US housewife, and mother, to create a “sterile” environment for me, cause that’s what she was told to do. And, both mom and dad were one to two pack a day smokers, too. I would go to the doctor, and all three of them would smoke during my appointments. As a nurse, and nurse’s aid, part of the job was to sit with the patients, and smoke with them, or watch them smoke. Oxygen patients were SOOL. 💩Out Of Luck.
    Different world.

    I’m not sure when I got the equivalency of my first behavior sheet, but I’m still getting them. Aren’t you?? Where’s George Carlin?? What about Roger Waters??? The Wall. I made my granddaughter a mortar board out of a vinyl, The Wall, the year before last. She didn’t wear it. The preannounced consequences were too severe for her to “go for it”.

    The land of the free.


  2. haederpaul says:

    Glad the rant and sarcasm and the polemics got your juices going, Mike Fish. Did you ever see the documentary on Mister Fish? Now there’s someone all children should tap into:

    In this feature documentary we discover the dangerously funny cartoonist Mr. Fish, struggling to make a living in an industry that is dying out. In a world where consumerism is king, and opportunities are few, will this uncensored artist find a way to sell his art, or be forced to sell himself out?

    Mr. Fish has been published in the LA weekly, Harpers, the Village Voice, The Nation and, as well as having his first book GO FISH published through Akashic press. F.X Feeney says, “He places you in the contradiction….He is a poet who’s operating with a cartoonists pen, and with a satirist’s goal of making you see further.”

    Having found success creating compelling editorial cartoons, we discover Mr. Fish as his profession is on its way out. Editors previously willing to back controversial work are disappearing as fast as the newspapers which once employed him. Can an outspoken artist raise a family and maintain his unique defiant voice? This intimate documentary follows the artist as he struggles to stay true to his creativity in a world where biting satiric humor has an ever-diminishing commercial value.

    Undeterred, Mr. Fish meets his plight head-on and with an abundance of creative energy. In the course of the film he curates a show and produces a book on the history of the art form, developes an animation series, and stages a gallery show of new original fine art. But the demands of raising a family overtake his freelance opportunities, and Mr. Fish is forced to make devastating choices.

    Ultimately CARTOONING FROM THE DEEP END is about the kinds of compromises a radical artist makes (or refuses to make) while trying to live in a traditional society.


    Not allowed in high school or elementary school.

    That is the queen of the nanny state. This Prussian-Anglo-Saxon-Puritan creepy schooling system is now bleeding into everything. Work trainings, PowerPoints, workshops — as if we are all fourth graders.

    Remember, I have done curriculum development, and the honchos in k12 and higher education, many of them that is, are of the Jewish East Coast Persuasion.

    Now, I am not knocking Jews and how they clan up the family. I have been called a Jew because I like to talk, I know a lot, and I love debate and know some history of the Israel project.

    The problem with Jews or any minority or majority calling the shots is obvious.


    He’s dead now, but, “John Taylor Gatto Challenged the Ideas Inherent in US Mass Schooling
    Gatto envisioned an education system that placed freedom and justice above technology and efficiency. ”
    By Vincent Kelley , TRUTHOUT


    Here, from the article:

    The U.S.’s Thwarted Promise and Gatto’s Challenge to Whiteness
    “The backdrop of my teaching debut … was a predicament without any possible solution, a deadly brew compounded from twelve hundred black teenagers penned inside a gloomy brick pile for six hours a day, with a white guard staff misnamed ‘faculty’ manning the light towers and machine-gun posts. This faculty was charged with dribbling out something called ‘curriculum’ to inmates, a gruel so thin [that this school] might rather have been a home for the feeble-minded than a place of education.” —Gatto, The Underground History of American Education

    The story of the U.S.’s adoption of a European mass schooling system designed to foster a rigid class system while at the same time sublimating class warfare is a pivotal development in Gatto’s history of American schooling.

    That mainstream abolitionists like the Stowes were early advocates of European mass schooling in the U.S. is telling. James Baldwin wrote in 1949 that Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, has, at its core, a “self-righteous, virtuous sentimentality” which is “the mark of dishonesty” and the “inability to feel.” Stowe opposed slavery, but, as Baldwin put it, could only do so by “robbing” the Black man of his “humanity.” Only then could she mold him into the proper subject: docile, uneducated and forbearing.

    As educator and writer Jerry Farber wrote in 1969, these qualities encouraged in the Black slave are nearly identical to those fostered in students in 20th-century American schools. Indeed, by understanding Calvin Ellis Stowe’s passion for the Prussian forced schooling system alongside his wife’s portrayal of Black people in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, we can see a direct link: a schooling system that would control what students would learn was necessary to manage and mold potentially revolutionary Black youth after the abolition of slavery.

    It is this connection between schooling and white supremacy which Gatto understood. He taught for years in working-class Black schools in Harlem, and observed that “black kids had caught on to the fact that their school was a liar’s world, a jobs project for seedy white folk.”

    Instead of modifying the curriculum for these students in order to prepare them for their presumed subordinate social role, Gatto challenged “the scientific religion of schooling which believes [Black people] to be genetically challenged” and presented a rigorous education focused on strong reading skills and critical discussion of fundamental questions in history, philosophy and literature.

    By refusing to lower expectations for Black youth in school and eventually rejecting the racist school system altogether in favor of autonomous institutions such as Marva Collins’s groundbreaking Westside Preparatory School in Chicago, Gatto provided a concrete example of what an educational program for the abolition of whiteness might look like.


    Ahh, I hitchhiked today. Spouse and I drove to her MD appointment which took longer than we anticipated and I had to head back home, 15 miles, to do the school bus monitoring.

    Asked a fellow and feline for rides, but they were going the other way, north. I got my third ask give me a ride south.

    Again, more stories, more articles. He grew up in Toledo, Oregon, and spent most of his life here. He could have gone to college, but he opted to be a lineman. He’s 51 and making $150K a year in management for the same Central Electric District. His brother called him a loser when he was 21 for doing the blue collar thing.

    His brother, with a college degree, apologized for calling him that.

    Again, the shortfalls, the blue collar (sic) shortfalls. He says the crisis in getting young people to do the work of electricity wiring, you know, power lines, is tougher and tougher each year. He said a big storm down here, forget about electricity being out for a few hours or day. Think weeks. Texas ice storm? Months.

    We’ve let the elites and rich and the Ivy League and heavy hitter graduates to run this country into the ground, and so we have human stain in the CEO boardrooms, in the Blinken type cabals, in the Ivory Towers, and here we are — shortages of nurses, teachers, linemen, masons, and carpenters.

    End of story.


    But with Blinken-Kagan-Nuland-Yellen-Sherman-Albright-Soros, the lot of them, we will see more jobs in USA murder incorporated.

    Cannon fodder and atomized humanity.


    Here you go, Boyle, who worked on stopping gain of function virus Frankenstein experiments. If this doesn’t scare the shit out of American shitters, then they are constipated creeps:

    Interviewer: And you’re on record doing that. You’ve done so many amazing things. I know. When I asked you to talk about how you know all this, you just moved on and accepted, but your knowledge is just incredible. I mean, it’s amazing bill to pick your brain. We got two minutes to break. What subjects do you want to go to next?

    Dr. Boyle: Well, we can move on to Ukraine. If you want to. Well, if we don’t stop Biden, we’re going to have direct war with Russia. Right now there is an indirect war, a de facto state of war between the United States and Russia. Even Foreign Minister Lavrov had said that we were going to have to stop the Bidenites before they continue up this ladder of escalation. You have the list there of the Herman Kahn ladder of escalation. And if you skip down just a little bit, you’ll see we’re at stage 20. The no nuclear use threshold. We’re right there. Peaceful worldwide embargo. Right. That’s exactly what we have today against the Russian Federation. Biden and the European Union member states are waging economic warfare against the Russian Federation. We, in my opinion, I think we’re one step below the nuclear threshold there as identified by Herman Kahn.

    Interviewer: That’s what you said two months ago on the shots with Lavrov said yesterday, he said, we’re entering the nuclear threshold. This needs to stop now.

    Dr. Boyle: Right, it has to stop now. And yet you will see the Bidenites refused, adamantly refused to negotiate. Just the other day Putin said he will negotiate. Lavrov once again said they will negotiate, the Bidenites refuse, and of course Zelensky refuses, but he’s our puppet.

    Interviewer: Let’s talk about what comes next with Dr. Francis Boyle.

    We’re talking to Dr. Francis A. Boyle right now, who wrote to us biological chemical weapons laws, was a top U.N. war crimes prosecutor and more. And who’s the most accurate person predicting almost three years ago, starting in January of 2020 what was going to unfold and happen. So we’re continuing on. We hit the break with Russia and this escalation ladder, a generalized scenario the RAND Corporation and the Pentagon were at point 20 point, what 44 means and where this huge escalation is going and what the Neocons and the crazy Democrats think they’re doing, please continue.

    Dr. Boyle: Well again, we saw this massive propaganda campaign by the Bidenites to bring Zelensky over here and try to get support for the American people and Congress for this existentially dangerous war against Russia. That is going on right now. You know, I teach the laws of war. And I would say right now, with Russia, we are in a de facto state of war with Russia. It is not yet a de jure state of war with Russia, but it’s certainly de facto. And again, Foreign Minister Lavrov, who’s a very experienced, consummate diplomat has said the same thing here. So it’s extremely dangerous. Anything could set this off and then rather than de-escalate the situation Biden and the Democrats, brings Zelensky over here to escalate.

    Interviewer: Well, this is like imagine if Kennedy vacationed in the U.S. Virgin Islands for two weeks during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He’d be impeached. Should we move as you push four months ago, to impeach Biden immediately for war crimes?

    Dr. Boyle: Well, yes, that’s true. But let’s compare this to the Cuban missile crisis because I think it’s very instructive that, for Russia, this is even more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis in reverse. Because in our case, Cuba was 90 miles south of Florida. This is right on their borders. And the second thing I think we need to consider is that Biden is no JFK. Whatever you think of JFK, he volunteered for combat during World War II and performed heroically, courageously and was seriously injured. Well, Biden’s done nothing with his career. But been on the payroll up there in Delaware, of Wall Street. And the banksters and everyone else who does their corporate headquarters in Delaware, because that’s the most favorable state…

    Interviewer: Kennedy engaged a Japanese destroyer with a small patrol boat, got his back broken and I mean, the whole story of very heroic, and then meanwhile, if we go up this chain and what’s happening, it’s very apocalyptic to have Biden vacationing, all this is going on.

    Dr. Boyle: Right. And, you know, Kennedy tried to de-escalate, though most of his advisors on the executive committee, except for Adlai Stevenson here, in the state of Illinois and Undersecretary of State George Ball a friend of mine tried to restrain everyone else on the executive committee from invading Cuba that would have set off a nuclear war.

    Interviewer: General Curtis LeMay. All of them wanted to go to full war.

    Dr. Boyle: That’s correct. It would very quickly become a nuclear war. Yes. Well, who’s the restraint on Biden? Indeed, who’s really home there with Biden? I regret to say, I think Biden is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s dementia.

    Interviewer: Let’s go up this ladder here because you bring this up now with the Russians are bringing up the ladder. So you’ve got 1 up to 20 peaceful in quotes worldwide embargo blockade. Then we move to local nuclear war which ladder […] are saying is next, the declaration of limited nuclear war. And then we’ve got local nuclear war military, unusual, provocative and significant countermeasures, evacuation, 26: demonstration of attack on zone of interior. Well, that we’ve kind of skipped ahead with all these cruise missile attacks inside Russia. How big a provocation is that the last month, just like they’ve kind of skipped ahead here to internal provocations in Russia.

    Dr. Boyle: Well, again, yes, it does appear they’re trying to provoke Russia into more substantial military action against them. We have to understand whatever the Ukrainian military is doing today, has been green-lighted by the Pentagon and the Biden administration. And all these attacks into Russia itself rely on U.S. GPS coordination. So the Russians know this. They’ve even said this, that basically it’s the Americans using the Ukrainians to engage in direct attacks against Russia, and the Bidenites , if you read the news media, have made it clear that they don’t believe that the Russians are serious about any of their red lines. And so they’re going to keep pushing up this ladder of escalation, which makes it extremely existentially dangerous.

    Interviewer: So why would the Pentagon and NATO openly be running attacks coordinating them and trying to escalate Russia to a full military commitment?

    Dr. Boyle: The Pentagon believes we have escalation dominance at every rung of that ladder that we can control and dominate.

    Interviewer: They’re pushing and tricking the Russians into building a Napoleon invading Russia, that route in reverse.

    Dr. Boyle: Well, again, it’s the lessons learned from the Cuban Missile Crisis, which I think were the wrong lessons. But that’s by Thomas Schelling of Harvard ahead of me in the government department. His Arms and Influence, talked about Compellence namely, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, we had escalation dominance, all up that ladder of escalation and therefore caused th is escalation dominance at every stage. Eventually, we compelled Khrushchev to back down.

    Interviewer: But let’s look at those maps. If we totally destroy Russia, we just lose half our cities. It’s a Pyrrhic victory. So, in their ladder of dominance, they win but America gets destroyed, that is very sick.

    Dr. Boyle: Well, I think they believe they can get the Russians to back down without coming to that, but that again, when Khrushchev looked at the ICBM balance during the Cuban Missile Crisis, he concluded there was no way we could prevail here. And he backed down. So that’s, I believe the way the Pentagon is looking at now, from the perspective of the Kahn ladder of escalation. Their doctrine of escalation dominance, and Schelling’s game theory.

    Interviewer: This is next level Russian roulette with the whole world.

    Dr. Boyle: That’s the way I see it. Yeah. So remember, at the very height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the CIA sent up a U2 over there to overfly the Soviet Union in order to provoke them. The Soviet shot it down, and instead of overreacting, Kennedy continued with his back channel diplomacy with Khrushchev through his brother Bobby and Ambassador Dobrynin, saying “there’s always some son of a bitch down the line who doesn’t get the word.” So in this game of Russian Roulette, something can always go wrong. Someone does not get the word.

    Interviewer: Let’s talk about how to end this peacefully. […] We look at this escalation ladder that we know the Pentagon still uses. We know the RAND Corporation developed and that now has been quoted in the news one separate world talked about it. We move up here from 1 to 20 where we’re at right now, they’re skipping ahead with some of the attacks inside Russia 26. We move up into a formal declaration of general war. You’re basically doing that now with Zelensky visiting, slow motion counter, property war, slow motion counter force war, constrained force reduction salvo, constrain disarming attack. Oh, we just got to attack the stopper, offensive counter force with evidence attack, unmodified, counter force attack, and now the really bad ones. Slow motion. And it goes on with augmenting disarming attacks, civilian devastation attack, they hit our cities, some other kinds of control, general war, spasm of intense war we just nuke everything they nuke everything and it just fire everything, total insanity, kind of end of the world as we know it. Most estimates even say a limited nuclear war will cause a breakdown of civilization and kill billions. A total nuclear war I think probably 7 billion. There’ll be a billion people left. Maybe. Dr. Boyle, your comments on this ladder of escalation.

    Dr. Boyle: that’s the Pentagon’s war plan for Ukraine. Right now as we speak. I believe that’s their draft war plan. And that’s what they plan to do there at the Pentagon, and the Bidenites will sign off on it. Moving up those stages of escalation. Pursuant to their theory of escalation, dominance, that they have escalation dominance until the Russians back down.

    Interviewer: Explain escalation dominance for folks that haven’t studied this. In layman’s terms, they believe every step of the escalation “the US will be in charge of controlling it, even though it’ll be totally disruptive to both sides. They believe they’re going to come out in the end on top, which is what Dr. Strangelove is all about, based on some real events and some real battle plans of where the Pentagon and Curtis LeMay tried to push a nuclear war to Kennedy saying it’ll be survivable. Yeah, we’ll lose 30-40 million Americans, but we’ll win in the end. And he said, I’m not a mass murderer.

    Dr. Boyle: you’re basically right. Again, I believe pursuant to their doctrine of escalation dominance, which goes back to Tom Shelling ahead of me at Harvard, that they believe they control every rung of that ladder of escalation you see there.. And that they believe that at some point, the Russians will back down and we will prevail.

    Interviewer: What if the Russians jump ahead, Russians don’t follow the ladder?

    Dr. Boyle: They very well might not, I really don’t know except my reading of the situation is that President Putin, and not to defend Putin at all, I’ve been up against Putin too, he’s very cautious and moves one step at a time throughout this entire crisis, starting with the overthrow of the democratically elected Government of Ukraine by Obama and Biden. Remember, Obama put Biden in charge of the entire Ukraine project and he has been in charge of it since then.

    Interviewer: How do we stop this?

    Dr. Boyle: Well, I think what we have to do is to go back to the pledge that Jim Baker gave to all Soviet commissar Gorbachev, namely that in return for Gorbachev agreeing to the reunification of Germany, NATO would not move even one inch to the east. That pledge was binding as a matter of international law, even though it wasn’t in writing and to his credit, Bush Senior adhere to that pledge. It was then Clinton and the Democrats who came into power and wantonly violated that pledge. And let me point out here, that the foreign policy Guru for the Democratic Party has been Zbigniew Brzezinski since the days of Jimmy Carter, and indeed the Jimmy Carter campaign, when he was head of the Trilateral Commission. They’re paid for by David Rockefeller, and they coopted Carter into the presidency. Then Bush Jr. under the influence of his Neocons, publicly stated they wanted Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO. This precipitated the war by Georgia, against Russian peacekeepers and South Ossetia. And then the current crisis in Ukraine. Victoria Nuland the infamous role that she played over there in promoting the coup d’etat and now she is Biden’s number three official in the State Department. So, if you want proof that the Neocons are in charge of what Biden’s doing, Newland is in charge of it.

    Interviewer: Now, let me ask you this. Why are we seeing the Pope come out in the last six months three times? Even Kissinger three times pleading last week saying we need a peace deal now, this leads to nuclear war, this is out of control stop it. When even Kissinger who was like the ombudsman of their New World Order is saying stop, is that some faint? Does he really mean that or why is he saying that?

    Dr. Boyle: Again, I think it’s because he has the same sources that I do and realizes how existentially dangerous it is. But to get back to how to end it that the United States government already promised that Ukraine would not join NATO, and that Ukraine would remain neutral…

    Interviewer: And then they sent Kamala Harris there two months ago to say oh, they are going to join, which is another provocation.

    Dr. Boyle: Of course, sure. That’s why Zelensky came all the way over here. And they brought Zelensky over here and gave him Congress and all the mainstream news media to promote further escalation up that ladder. But to get back to my point, it seems to me looking at the situation, that if the United States government were to agree that Ukraine would not join NATO, and could remain neutral…

    Interviewer: That was the only thing he asked for before he invaded.

    Dr. Boyle: You’re right and as a matter of fact, I’ve read the two treaties that Russia tendered to the Biden administration and to NATO. And the core obligation they wanted was a commitment in writing, unlike this verbal commitment given to Gorbachev, that Ukraine would not join NATO. And yet all the public sources indicate that the Bidenites refused, absolutely refused to negotiate.

    Interviewer: A lot of mainline political analysts say great danger nuclear war forever. I mean, what is your prognosis for the short and midterm right now?

    Dr. Boyle: Well, that’s why I drafted my bill of impeachment against Biden. Right now it is in circulation on Capitol Hill, among the Republican House Freedom Caucus. One Congressman I had a 30-minute discussion with, he agreed fully with my analysis of the situation, including the Kahn ladder of escalation, and so he was inclined to introduce my bill of impeachment into Congress. So, we’ll have to see what happens after January 3. But I think if my bill and there’ll be other bills of impeachment introduced against Biden, Biden has hired an entire team of lawyers to deal with these bills of impeachment. But if my bill is introduced, and passed, I believe that will paralyze the Biden administration. They’ll be dead in the water.

    Interviewer: Exactly. And Republicans could win major points and save the world, but they won’t because they’re being financed by the same corporations that think they can survive a nuclear war. This is just total madness, because let’s not blame it all on the Democrats. No, we’re not. The Republicans are just going along with this because they’re bought off too.

    Dr. Boyle: Well, there were large numbers of Republicans in political independence, there were large numbers of Republicans who did not show up for Zelensky…

    Interviewer: No, no, no, I agree that Republicans are better the Democrats. I’m just saying some of the Republican leadership’s going along with this because they could get the impeachment going right now, they have the House. And you know, Jim Jordan, saying, oh, we’re thinking about hearings on big tech censorship. You’re thinking about it.

    Dr. Boyle: I mean, this is long beyond the stage of thinking about anything. We have to have the House pass a bill of impeachment. Send it right away to the Senate for trial…

    Interviewer: Two minute break, come back and finish up and closing comments. We’ll talk about your books.

    I want him to finish up with that in the last five minutes. The Pentagon is now directly threatening to assassinate with the capitation attacks inside Moscow or other areas saying that would lead to open war. We know that. We’ve had two US senators, Democrats or Republicans calling for this. Just mad level escalations. Can you speak to that in closing, Dr. Boyle and then to your book dealing with the medical tyranny.

    Dr. Boyle: Sure, calling for the assassination of the head of a state is an international crime. So of course, the Russians take this very seriously and if an attempt were to be made by our Ukrainian proxies, using GPS satellite guidance by us, the game would be over at that point.

    Interviewer: And when Lindsey Graham and a bunch of have been making threats publicly, what do you make of lateral saying the Pentagon is openly telling them you’d better back off we’re getting directives to kill Putin. I mean, this just sounds totally insane.

    Dr. Boyle: Right, we’re moving up that ladder of escalation. Sure. I mean, Lindsey Graham speaks for himself. I mean, we all know he’s a joke and a fraud so fine.

    Francis A. Boyle

    Law Building

    504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.


    1. Mike Fish says:

      I don’t see any calls for a cessation of hostilities in the US war of aggression , against Russia.
      Hell, there isn’t even enough honesty in this country to say what this war really is.
      Impeachment will be nothing more than theater for the part of the US audience that consumes (that word again) that crap.
      What war?
      We’ve got classified documents all over the god dam place.
      That’s serious stuff.
      And, we’re about to default on the “DEBT”.
      Oh god noooooo!!!!!
      I want that dottering old prick right where he is.
      He just needs to say the word:
      Cue “The Fed”.
      Yellin and Powell.
      Listen to em’ howl.
      If Mr./President Putin is really as powerful, as some people imply, or state overtly, he needs to make an example out of a loud mouthed, buffoon, like Lindsay Graham.
      And, acknowledge it.
      It’s better than some hypersonic strikes.
      After what this country did to Gaddafi, Mr. Putin should be under no illusions about the extent to which this government will go to…steal.
      Five bucks for a dozen eggs.
      Shouldn’t have, but I’m making a birthday cake.
      Poor youth becoming cannon fodder, to eat, and have a roof over their heads???
      There’s a hands on education everyone can do without.
      I hope that the kids are too smart for these pricks, and they steal what they need.
      I’ll run lookout, and hold the door for them.
      Some idiots are calling for the resumption of the draft, so everyone has “skin in the game.”
      Politician’s kids. and all.
      The sins of the father, visited upon the children, again.
      I’m old enough to remember burning draft cards, and braziers.
      Proclaimed leftys, calling for “selective service”!!!!!
      What do they think selective means?
      Here you poor, (and impoverished) bastards.
      I’ve got a nice spot right up here in the front, so you can see everything.
      Kind of like front row, VIP tickets to a Beyoncé, or Taylor Swift, show.
      Do it for….Democracy!!!
      Been a while.
      One of my last times, a cop gave me a ticket, and made me stand somewhere, where the possibility of a ride to my destination was remote.
      Got picked up once, by some people with snakes.
      You know what I’m sayin’ old friend.
      Talk about trauma.
      God dam christians really got in my head.
      Been an atheist for decades.
      Didn’t repair our relationship.
      Me and the snakes that is.
      Mr. Fish.
      I’ve had one of his cartoons on my left arm, since 2012.
      Sorry you artists can’t make a living in this Orwellian society, with its odious ideology. (Scott Ritter rides again)
      I’m not even sure what the ideology is, but odious is everywhere.
      But, Fish’s cartoons, and your screeds, ranty, and digressive tho they may be, are what gets those “juices” flowing.
      But, at this dangerous time, it’s going to take more than juice.
      More than a fingertip tapping on a screen.
      The only people I see in the streets is the growing army of homeless.
      Probably sinners, who don’t pay their debts.
      Where is today’s Smedly Butler?
      The people that I meet don’t even know who Smedly Butler is.
      Hardly know who FDR is.
      American exceptionalism.
      Greatest healthcare, education, military, democracy, freedoms.
      Like I said before, Orwellian.
      I think that we had better get our pleasure quotient up.
      I fear that our time account may soon be overdrawn.


  3. haederpaul says:

    WAR IS A RACKET by Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler – FULL AudioBook 🎧📖 | Greatest🌟AudioBooks

    Smedley Darlington Butler (July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. During his 34-year career as a Marine, he participated in military actions in the Philippines, China, in Central America and the Caribbean during the Banana Wars, and France in World War I. Butler later became an outspoken critic of U.S. wars and their consequences. He also exposed an alleged plan to overthrow the U.S. government.

    By the end of his career, Butler had received 16 medals, five for heroism. He is one of 19 men to receive the Medal of Honor twice, one of three to be awarded both the Marine Corps Brevet Medal (along with Wendell Neville and David Porter) and the Medal of Honor, and the only Marine to be awarded the Brevet Medal and two Medals of Honor, all for separate actions.

    In 1933, he became involved in a controversy known as the Business Plot, when he told a congressional committee that a group of wealthy industrialists were planning a military coup to overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt, with Butler selected to lead a march of veterans to become dictator, similar to Fascist regimes at that time. The individuals involved all denied the existence of a plot and the media ridiculed the allegations, but a final report by a special House of Representatives Committee confirmed some of Butler’s testimony.

    In 1935, Butler wrote a book titled War Is a Racket, where he described and criticized the workings of the United States in its foreign actions and wars, such as those he was a part of, including the American corporations and other imperialist motivations behind them. After retiring from service, he became a popular activist, speaking at meetings organized by veterans, pacifists, and church groups in the 1930s.


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