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Been finishing up a simplistic but valuable Netflix series, Somos:

The series is in a nutshell a study of modern Western Hemisphere. A study in greed and lust. A study of entire states in Mexico failing, and the power of commercialism, retailism, Americanism, drugs and importation, and the bottom up failures of a society, Mexican, with the failure of the Top Dog, United $nakes of America. Imagine the world of rape, prostitution, child trafficking, torture, gutting humanity, beheadings, mixed in with El Presidentes trained and schools at Yale, at law schools in the USA and Europe . . . trained in business, and inside and under the table dealings.

You see these presidents milling about and negotiating with our own massive thugs, and we can only imagine the depravity. They play a good game. They own entire bottling companies, they own media conglomerates, they own agriculure ventures. These presidentes and then when they move on after six years in Mexican office, they make the sicarios look like social workers.

Good journalism here, the germ of the Netflix series: HOW THE U.S. TRIGGERED A MASSACRE IN MEXICO. “The inside story of a cartel’s deadly assault on a Mexican town near the Texas border — and the U.S. drug operation that sparked it.” by Ginger Thompson, ProPublica June 12, 2017

And so, maybe 300 murdered, in this town of Allende, and no heads rolling, and in the end, the poor people, and those in the middle class, gone without a trace of justice:

We have testimony from people who say they participated in the crime. They described some 50 trucks arriving in Allende, carrying people connected to the cartel. They broke into houses, they looted them and burned them. Afterward, they kidnapped the people who lived in those houses and took them to a ranch just outside of Allende.

First they killed them. They put them inside a storage shed filled with hay. They doused them with fuel and lit them on fire, feeding the flames for hours and hours.

José Juan MoralesInvestigative director for the disappeared in the Coahuila State Prosecutor’s Office

Now, of course, we are at the world stage, the murder incorporated suits of the Nuland-Kagan-Blinken clan, for sure, and the idiots asking just one sicario, Victoria Nuland, about Nordstream 2. What is the difference between Zetas or Nuland? Come on kind readers? Not a huge leap, really.

In March 2011 gunmen from the Zetas cartel, one of the most violent drug trafficking organizations in the world, swept through Allende and nearby towns like a flash flood, demolishing homes and businesses and kidnapping and killing dozens, possibly hundreds, of men, women and children.

The destruction and disappearances went on in fits and starts for weeks. Only a few of the victims’ relatives — mostly those who didn’t live in Allende or had fled — dared to seek help. “I would like to make clear that Allende looks like a war zone,” reads one missing person report. “Most people who I questioned about my relatives responded that I shouldn’t go on looking for them because outsiders were not wanted, and were disappeared.”

Who Holds the DEA Accountable When Its Missions Cost Lives?

In 2011, a DEA operation touched off a massacre in a Mexican town, yet the agency never investigated what went wrong. Read the story.

But unlike most places in Mexico that have been ravaged by the drug war, what happened in Allende didn’t have its origins in Mexico. It began in the United States, when the Drug Enforcement Administration scored an unexpected coup. An agent persuaded a high-level Zetas operative to hand over the trackable cellphone identification numbers for two of the cartel’s most wanted kingpins, Miguel Ángel Treviño and his ​brother Omar.

Then the DEA took a gamble. It shared the intelligence with a Mexican federal police unit that has long had problems with leaks — even though its members had been trained and vetted by the DEA. Almost immediately, the Treviños learned they’d been betrayed. The brothers set out to exact vengeance against the presumed snitches, their families and anyone remotely connected to them.

Which murderer do you favor?

Come onn now, this accused domestic abuser, Penn, got his story, and is now the other guy in the picture, with the king of thugs and murder now, Zelensky. But this is what the elites, the Ivy Leaguers, the Chosen People, say:

The US led military interventions in both Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s, with NATO troops physically occupying both territories and serving as enforcers for a Washington-funded ad-hoc tribunal. The US and its allies have been looking for ways to apply the Yugoslav precedent to Russia, though Washington itself rejects the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

Nuland first came into the spotlight in December 2013, when she endorsed nationalist protesters at Kiev’s Maidan square by delivering them snacks. Two months later, in February 2014, a recording emerged of her discussing who should run Ukraine with the US ambassador in Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt. Nuland was famously dismissive of the EU and talked about then-VP Joe Biden helping “midwife this thing” with the UN.

I do not have to go into the psychology of pathological liars, cheats, and megalomaniacs. Come on, the leap from Pablo Escobar to George Bush is not very high:

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland has expressed joy over the destruction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. She also argued that, even if the US had sanctioned the infrastructure weeks before the Ukraine conflict broke out, this would not have prevented hostilities.

In a sane world, this statement would be condemned, and the entire cabal of Nulands-Shermans-Kagans-Blinkens would not just be sacked, but . . . . .

During a Senate hearing on Thursday, Nuland was asked by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) whether his legislation aimed at sanctioning the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which was voted down in January 2022, could have stopped the conflict before it began.

“Like you, I am, and I think the administration is, very gratified to know that Nord Stream 2 is now, as you like to say, a hunk of metal at the bottom of the sea,” Nuland said. She noted that she had been involved in negotiations with Russia prior to the conflict in a bid to “prevent this war.” (source)

What’s worse: Presidents, business executives, entire families, the rich and the not-so-rich benefitting off of the greed and corruption and the meth and cocaine and the Mafia Methods of Mexico, or the sick Collective West?

Photo: A Russian serviceman patrols the territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant on May 1, 2022. The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in southeastern Ukraine is Europe’s largest and among the 10 largest in the world. A time of unprecedented danger: It is 90 seconds to midnight 2023 Doomsday Clock Statement; Science and Security Board Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Juxtapose, brothers and sisters, juxtapose the facts — trillions for Ukraine, for Blackrock (Larry FInk) and billions for arms-offensive toxic weapons industrires, millions for brainwashing the collective west, millions and millions for BIg Tech and Big Media to suppress and ditch truth about everything, from war to drugs to economics to labor to . . . . Covid, SARS-CoV2, DARPA, Boeing, the lot of them, those suit wearing El Chapos. If you can’t get angry about this, then you are lobotomized:

 According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), over $2 trillion in much-needed infrastructure is still unfunded, including projects to address drought, affordable housing, high-speed rail, and power transmission lines. By 2039, per the ASCE, continued underinvestment at current rates will cost $10 trillion in cumulative lost GDP, more than 3 million jobs in that year, and $2.24 trillion in exports over the next 20 years.

Photo: Drought-stricken farmland in California!

And this is a functioning Democracy? Of course not!

Yet, but yet, we will hear of more tens of thousands killed because of USA and its saber/thermonuclearpayloads/bombs/missiles/toxins/satellites proxy war against Slavs, against Russia, against the world.

This is what I see when I watch the suits: Uranium ballestics, and uranium armor, and absolute sick thinking as we have a country, a society, that gets an F-minus overall, so screw the civil engineers, because it takes ALL systems go to make a society whole, healthy, sane, smart, clean, together, community-centered.

If this doesn’t turn your stomach, then you are a leech, brainless:

Yes, the Netflix series is a study in small town life, thugs, the little guys running roughshod on businesses, the commone people. This series is all about the Iberian, the dirty deal of Conquest — the Spanish, man, coming to Mexico, Cortez, the lot of them, with germs, dirty ideals, rape, guns, crosses and supremacist ways. The Spanish are the slavers of the world, and that’s what happened in Mexico when Cortez burned his ships and ran across the country like an old day BlackRock and Blackstone and JP Morgan and, well, just read War is a Racket, and then go backwards and see which companies were the Standrad Oils in 1520.

Talk about sicarios in Brooks Brothers suits and skirts. Talk about the beautiful people hanging with Clinton and Cruz, Bush and Ellen, Oprah and Jon Leibowitz, et al:

The political influence of several weapons manufacturers has made these companies extravagantly wealthy, all while the United States has wasted trillions of dollars on military adventurism and destroyed large parts of the Middle East and Central Asia, killing at least hundreds of thousands and displacing tens of millions. The 5 major companies with the most influence and power are:

  • Raytheon Technologies
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Boeing
  • Northrop Grumman
  • General Dynamics

We’ll take a look at these companies, their partnership with the US government, and their influence over the US Congress and the Executive Branch, under both Democratic and Republican presidents. (source: Meet the Big 5: How the Military-Industrial Complex Controls Politics)

Who profits from the Meth and Fentinal and Cocaine? The war machines? War Industry Muster Check out the dollar counter . . . .

The U.S. military budget (most of which is spent on goods and services from war corporations) takes up the largest amount of discretionary spending in the federal budget. This money could be going to education, healthcare, infrastructure, and sustainable energy—each of which creates more jobs than military spending. Today’s wars kill and maim the troops, degrade military professionalism, displace millions overseas, pollute the environment, and kill civilians. U.S. military bases, including those overseas, are avenues through which the war industry routes goods & services. Nobody wins, except Wall Street and corporate executives.

Yet, this is how the world is run now, the clown, the ZioNaziAzovLensky. This is what the collective west is arguing about while the Doomsday Clock ticks?

Tens of thousands of Italians have signed a petition protesting Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s planned address at a Eurovision-style song contest. Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini told reporters that the event “should remain the festival of Italian song and nothing else.” (source)

I’ve worked in Twin Plants in Juarez, as a one-on-one English teacher, and then once as a technical writer. I’ve done some journalism deeper into Mexico, on a ranch in Chihuahua, and, yep, the guy had hay and seeds and even watermelons in warehouses, but the gall of this guy, US educated and MBA from Harvard, showed me the horses and I was there for the million dollar betting on quarter horses. This fellow was a former governor of one of Mexico’s state. I also, after some drinking and such, was shown through a window, water melons in big open bins, and, then, stacks of bricks. Those kinds of bricks. The confidence of showing some schmuk from the USA bricks of cocaine, knowing I would not say a words since I was living and working in El Paso, a teacher at the university and journalist for the newspapers, and I took that vow of silence with a gentleman’s shake of the hands.

The guy was also a former ambassador to Bhutan, so his mansion was filled with those amazing pieces of arts and crafts. Both his daughter and son were living in El Paso, as college youth, in another mansion, going to the same school, UT-El Paso, where I taught.

Yes, I knew and worked with drug dealers on both side of the border. I’ve been to big parties, where beer was tapped into clean one gallon milk carton jugs. Pigs slaughtered and skinned and cooked for carnitats, chicarones, and blood sausage and tamales. Cock fights, and dog fights. Cholos and Zoot suiters. The whole nine yards, and yet, all those thugs and small-town hoodlums and even the ex-cons who has a few murdered under their belts, man, so much more human than the Chihuahua rich guy and the others I have met in varous cities throughout Mexico when I was doing feature stories on tourism throughout Mexico.

I know who the real thugs are. Americans don’t, really, since they have been fed endless Mafia and Hoodlum and War movies and narratives. Good guys, US, USA, bad guys, THEM, those people who have more than just a few drops of melanin in the skin and hair.

Come on down to the freak show. Who is the dangerous ones?

BlackRock has not only profited from being the largest investor in coal worldwide (companies and mines), but blocked attempts by its polluter investments to create meager emissions targets or even create “scenario planning” for climate change. (source)

Ahh, the real cartel: “Exposing BlackRock: Who’s Afraid of Laurence Fink and His Overpowering Institution? There is scarcely a company, country or region of the planet that the world’s largest asset management firm does not touch or influence.” (source)

There is money in those hills, in those weapons, in those GMOs, in those assets, in that ag, in those social impact bonds! Fink does not care how to make money. Everything is game, especially Goyim Killing Goyim!

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