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In a 1989 volume of The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science devoted to “universities and the military,” MIT Physics professor Vera Kistiakowsky, one of the country’s outstanding scientists of the 20th century, wrote that…

“Pentagon funding of university research has no benefits. Preferential funding of weapons has had its economic consequences, witnessed by our deteriorating civilian industrial infrastructure, our negative balance of trade, and our mounting deficit. We have not invested in civilian research at a level adequate to these pressing problems, and will continue to suffer the consequences until we do.”

Ahh, daily, every nanosecond if I let it to infect me that much, daily, the world is nothing but chaos, terror, perversion, devolution, priorities gone to hell in a handbasket.

You know, the continuing military mauling machine, while there are so many real problemos en el mundo.

Seriously: “Fungi that cause serious lung infections are now found throughout the U.S”

The reality is things are not going down with a spoonful of High Fructose Corn Syrup. As we have seen the mindless media and the destracting pols and the absolutely perverse corporations play their fiddles while WE burn, there are cascading issues too big for a midget brain USA to tackle:

In 1955, cases of the lung infection coccidioidomycosis, caused by Coccidioides fungi, occurred mainly in the Southwest.


From 2007 through 2016, 35 states reported cases above a certain threshold, Medicare records indicate.

Valley Fever, man, and as a teenager in Arizona, the history of that state was one where sanatoriums were set up for lung diseases, including TB. But, alas, all the imported flowering plants, and all the scrapping of the desert, and we had an epidemic of massive allergies and Valley Fever. Many a friend’s dog succumbed to the fungis. Now, as we have more and more chronic illnesses, more and more youth with co-morbities, and now with mRNA and BioCovi19Etc. taking out more immune systems and more respitory and cardiac systems, the collusion of the madness of reckless growth and wreckless everything is taking root in we the people!

Histoplasmosis cases, then vs. now: Medicare records from 2007 through 2016 show that the fungi have spread, causing infection rates above a certain threshold in 47 states and Washington, D.C.

Then, whew, we are at the point of mRNA vaxxes for the humble bee: What could go wrong?

The vaccine is not genetically modified and can be used in organic agriculture, Dalan Animal Health said.

The USDA issues conditional licenses for products that “meet an emergency situation, limited market, local situation, or special circumstance” and are pure, safe and have a “have a reasonable expectation of efficacy,” according to a memo by the agency.

Pollinators are responsible for one of every three bites of food we take, according to the agency, but their numbers have been declining for many years.

Ahh, the right to a fair Zoom Trial? What could go wrong there? “The Relentless Mental Toll of Public Defense

Chronic under-resourcing compounds that toll: For every five defendants facing criminal charges in the United States, about four will be unable to pay for a private attorney. They will instead rely on public defenders or court-appointed lawyers. There are far from enough public defenders, however, to meet the need. In Oregon, the shortage of available public defenders is so acute that, as of October 2022, around 1,300 people facing criminal charges were denied attorneys. Many public defenders’ offices do not have the resources they need to effectively represent their clients.

What, now, 92 percent, or more, people accused of crimes, many of which they did not commit, do the plea bargain. I am seeing this up close and personal now with a domestic violence case I am assisting in. And, many of my veterans and homeless folk took plea agreements that royally screwed them. When I was an English teacher at a federal pen, many of my students were in prison on trumped up charges, set up, really, and they too took pleas for seven years versus going to trial and facing 20 years for, again, marijuana importation charges. Set up by informers, and just they right conditions, i.e. with a firearm in the plumbing van, and just the right amount, say, 300 pounds of mota, and, bam, seven year itch.

I was a writer, teacher, activist and inside man, sort of, and in El Paso, I even brought bags of cocaine on the golf course where a circuit and federal judge gobbled the stuff up on the back nine, downing the Jack I also brought them, and that was a Saturday on the links, but these two fellows Monday through Friday, were sort of the hang man judges, throwing the proverbial book at gang bangers and others with drug importation charges. You know, 20 times more time for crack-freebase as opposed to the powder.

The blasphemy is continual. even if you go for the real journalism, so-called alternative sources.

Every dollar, every missile, every tank, every drone, all of it, donated to the shyster ZioAzovNaziLensky is not just a blight or a crime, but overall it has to be collectively traumatizing to a good chunk of people who have not yet been brainwashined.

Only small hardy bands by comparison have taken to the streets to protest record military budgets—approaching $1 trillion under Joe Biden—or the illegal bombing of Syria, expansion of U.S. troops in Africa, provision of $20 billion in U.S. military aid to Ukraine, and military provocations directed against China.

Joan Roelofs’[1] new book The Trillion Dollar Silencer: Why There Is So Little Anti-War Protest in the United States (Atlanta: Clarity Press, 2022), starts with an important question: “Why is there so much acceptance and so little protest against our government’s illegal and immoral wars and other military operations?”

Her answer is simple and convincing: Money.

While successful propaganda, fear and distraction are important, the military-industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower warned about in his Farewell Address in 1961 has penetrated so deeply into American life that much of the American public has essentially bought into acquiescence.

Now, I can get some free Southwest Airlines air sickness bags, so-called vomit lunch bags, for the photo below. Trigger warning/warming:

Ribbon cutting for the new BAE Systems plant in Manchester, New Hampshire, in May 2022. Gov. Chris Sununu and U.S. Sens. Maggie Hassan and Jeanne Shaheen are among those pictured in the photo. [Source:]

Source: “The Trillion Dollar Silencer” by Jeremy Kuzmarov

Blasphemy after blasphemy: Germany: Investors buy up farmland- Intervene with the law: Brandenburg’s Agriculture Minister Axel Vogel (Greens) wants to use a new law in 2023 to prevent investors from outside the industry from buying up a large part of the agricultural land.

“The areas are sold to the farms under their butts,” said Vogel of the German Press Agency in Potsdam. “Land has become an object of speculation.”

The, Greens, man, the backers of mor weapons and more death for Every Ukrainian Dead for the Nato Cause.

Germany’s Green Party conference held last weekend was a repulsive spectacle. The 817 delegates gathered in Bonn outdid one another with demands for an escalation of the war in Ukraine.

It is hard to say which aspect of the gathering was more repugnant: the delegates’ rejection of the party’s earlier lip service to peace, disarmament, environmental protection and the phase-out of nuclear power, the cynicism with which they justified their new political line or the Greens’ disdain for and ignorance of the concerns and needs of the broad mass of the population.

Up is down, war is peace, greens are militarists.

Then, another, yet another water story, whether it’s microchip companies draining New Mexico’s aquifers, or bottling companies killing Mexican farmers’ lives, or all those cloud servers getting that hydo power for a song, here, another weird issue.

“Why are Saudi farmers pumping Arizona groundwater? A conversation with Natalie Koch, author of ‘Arid Empire: The Entangled Fates of Arabia and Arizona.’” (High Country News)

In August, an Arizona attorney general candidate called for an investigation into a 2015 sweetheart deal between the Saudi agribusiness company Fondomonte and the Arizona State Land Department, which had allowed Fondomonte to lease desert farmland west of Phoenix at one-sixth its market value and pump groundwater from Phoenix’s water reserves. Geographer Natalie Koch, a professor at Syracuse University who grew up in Arizona and studies the Arabian Peninsula, began researching the deal in 2018.In doing so, she discovered that the arrangement was not an anomaly, but rather part of a long history of collaboration between Arizona and the Arabian Peninsula. HCN spoke with Koch about her book Arid Empire, out this January from Verso Books, which delves into the conjoined history of the two desert landscapes.

High Country News: You open the book by talking about a double exposure: a slide with an image of a camel and a Coke advertisement layered on top of each other. Why did that strike you as symbolic of the relationship between Arizona and the Arabian Peninsula?

Natalie Koch: A double exposure — two images mapped onto one another — is understood as an error in developing a photo. But to me, the double-exposure image was something that helped to see the past and the present together. 

When I started this project, I thought it was going to be about the (contemporary) Saudi-owned farm in Arizona. But I kept finding that there was a circular nature to the stories I was uncovering. I would start with a contemporary question, like the Saudi farm deal, and then immediately get looped back to its deeper history. So the double exposure is a way of thinking about that past and the present together — to be able to focus on both simultaneously.

And, the war criminals unite as Bolton is Bucking to be 2024’s Buckaroo for Prez: “Republican super-hawk to run for US president; Former Trump national security advisor John Bolton plans to challenge him for the GOP nomination

Man, Ukraine.

Ivan Katchanovski, Ukrainian-Canadian political scientist who teaches at the University of Ottawa, is exposing US media lies about the Ukraine proxy war. And, like many Useful Idiot guests, no one will report on his story. This week, Katchanovski shares his research on the Maidan Massacre, a mass killing of Ukrainians protesting the Yanukovich government in February 2014. The US and opposition leaders blamed Yanukovich, triggered a coup and the ensuing civil war that radically escalated with Russia’s invasion eight years later. But when Professor Katchanovski dug into video, witness testimony, and other evidence which reveals who really committed the massacre — including footage that CNN tried to bury — he was ignored by mainstream media for attempted disruption of the approved narrative. But now he’s joining the Useful Idiots to tell us what really happened: the massacre, he argues, was carried out by pro-Maidan snipers.

I’ll leave here with the fungi, pollinators, water and land thieves, the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Stars, and, of course, Bernie and the War Mongers and then darn, a real Ukrainian, in Canada, talking about what no Yankee or Confederate will every want to know.

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