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So much can be written about Germany rearming, hosting the nukes. All of those EuroTrashLandians flipping the switch, and we know they are more than just closet fascists. Amazing, now, the schizophrenia of military bases on Japan soil, and then the PFAS’s, poisoning the people, and then Japan getting that Imperial war saber rattling.

Targeting China

Japan’s military expansion fits in with Washington’s aggression aimed at China, the DPRK and Russia. U.S. strategists’ goal is to use the U.S. alliance with Japan, South Korea and Australia, just as it uses the U.S.-led NATO alliance in Europe.

The doubling of NATO’s membership and NATO’s targeting of Russia have led to war in Ukraine, when the U.S. government imposed thousands of new sanctions against Russia, and the U.S. has ruptured the European Union’s mutually beneficial trade with Russia. 

Japan rearms under Washington’s pressure − a wake-up call to the antiwar movement


The Rape of Nanking (1937), also known as the Nanjing Massacre

The Bangka Island Massacre (1942): Slaughter of Australian Army Nurses

The Bataan Death March (1942)

The Sandakan Death March (1945)

Murder and cannibalism on the Kokoda Track (1942)

Conscripting women for sexual slavery in Japanese Army brothels (1937-1945)

Mutilation and murder of Dutch civilians in Borneo

Murder and cannibalism – captured American pilots


Murder of American pilots and aircrew at Midway (1942)

The bombing of the hospital ship Manunda (1942)

The sinking of the hospital ship Centaur (1943)

Extermination of survivors of merchant vessels sunk by the Japanese (1943-45)

The U.S. Military is Poisoning Okinawa

But then, there is Hawaii:

In February, residents of Kailua Bay, north of Honolulu, were advised to avoid the namesake waters after a leak from a US Marine Corps wastewater treatment facility released water contaminated with unsafe levels of fecal bacteria into the bay. In March, the Defense Department announced that it would permanently close and defuel the Red Hill facility. (source)

The source above is Grist, and not my favorite greenie weenie place, and look at their Ukraine coverage: Grist, Ukraine.

As Gabor Mate states, there is a myth of normal, but in fact, the elites, the psychologists, the mainstream media, the economists, the Administrations in DC or in your local community college, the sellers, the marketers, the creatives, the lot of them, their normal is? Read and weap:

2022’s Danger Signs

From Totalitarian Paranoia to Authoritarian Madness

by John W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead / December 28th, 2022

“The danger signs were everywhere in 2022.

With every new law enacted by federal and state legislatures, every new ruling handed down by government courts, and every new military weapon, invasive tactic and egregious protocol employed by government agents, we were reminded that in the eyes of the government and its corporate accomplices, “we the people” possess no rights except for that which the Deep State grants on an as-needed basis.”

The shifting baseline disorder, coupled with mass hysteria, mass brainwashing, mass propaganda, mass marketing, mass anxiety, the lobotomizing media, the miseducation in k12 and higher education, the end of knowing history, the drone deliveries, the self-driving cars and trucks, the airports filled with lost people, lost luggage, the entire blizzard of broken and more broken infrastructure, yet, a creep like Grist and 350 (dot) or Bill McKibben vaunting Biden for pushing climate killing, people killing, land polluting, city destroying weapons for the Nazi Regime which is Ukraine.

The end of history, and the geeks talking out the sides of their mouths. Actors telling us who to vote for, what to think about the globe, what to do with the shrinking middle and lower economic classes for the sake of their lifestyles, the billionaires and the Ukro ZioAzovNaziLensky.

Read the Whitheads’ headings for that end of 2022 danger signs piece:

Totalitarian paranoia spiked. 

The state of our nation suffered. 

Thought crimes became a target for punishment.

Speech was muzzled. 

Kill switches aimed to turn off more than just your car.

Currency went digital.

The government spoke in a language of violence. 

Cancel culture became more intolerant. 

Homes were invaded. 

Political theater kept the public distracted. .

Bodily integrity was undermined. 

The government’s fiscal insanity reached new heights. 

Surveillance got creepier. 

 Precrime became more fact than fiction. 

The government waged psychological warfare on the nation. 

Gun confiscation laws put a target on the back of every American.

The burden of proof was reversed. 

The Supreme Court turned America into a Constitution-free zone. 

The FBI went rogue.

The government waged war on political freedom. 

The military industrial complex waged more wars. 

The Deep State went global. 

Authoritarian madness escalated. 

AGAIN, cognitive dissonance:

“One thing that has always baffled me is why do Jews drive BMW’s, or Mercedes Benz, or Volkswagen? It would seem to me that a priority would be placed on boycotting companies that employed Jewish slave labor in WWII. Thousands suffered and died at these plants, yet well-to-do Jews think nothing of driving these automobiles in their quest to achieve a social status. It appears the Holocaust has lost it’s place in the pecking order on what is considered important to the Jewish community.”

Ahh, then those Japanese goods, uh? And those Israeli goods, no? Spain and their dirty hands. France and Italy and Britain in India? Ahh, what did Madame Butterfly say?

As soon as a Western man comes into contact with the East — he’s already confused. The West has sort of an international rape mentality towards the East. …Basically, ‘Her mouth says no, but her eyes say yes.’ The West thinks of itself as masculine — big guns, big industry, big money — so the East is feminine — weak, delicate, poor…but good at art, and full of inscrutable wisdom — the feminine mystique. Her mouth says no, but her eyes say yes. The West believes the East, deep down, wants to be dominated — because a woman can’t think for herself. …You expect Oriental countries to submit to your guns, and you expect Oriental women to be submissive to your men. ― David Henry Hwang, M. Butterfly

Go to Larry Johnson, 2 hours in, about his Jewish friends in La-La-Land.

GABOR MATÉ: There are many conditions in a society that are completely unnatural and unhealthy. But we mistake normal for healthy and natural. The way we live, the way we raise kids, the way we deliver babies, the way we go to work—we all assume them to be normal, and therefore natural and healthy. But it’s a bit like studying zebras in a zoo. You can study zebras in a zoo and learn things about them. But you’re not learning about them the way they naturally are in a context that is naturally healthy for them. It is the same with human beings. To assume that this society, because it’s the norm, is therefore natural and healthy, is a really false and dangerous assumption. That’s the one sense in which I am talking about the myth of normal.

The other is that we have this idea that those who are sick are abnormal, and the rest of us are normal. Whereas I think there’s a real spectrum of well-being and ill-being that runs through society. There are no clear lines between normal and abnormal.

And then the third sense in which I mean it is that the people who are ill—mentally ill or physically ill—they’re not abnormal. These are normal responses to abnormal circumstances.

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