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Amazing, this Greek billionaire, Big Pharma King, Money-First, Jewish-Second, Mengele-Third Albert Bourla just not giving a shit!

After Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla refused to show and answer questions in front of the special COVID committee of the European Parliament, Janine Small, president of Pfizer’s International Developed Markets, took his place in the hearing that took place on October 10, 2022.

She received many questions from the committee members, which, in majority, she did not specifically answer.

When asked about the “redacted” version of the contract, she said that they can’t disclose the whole contract because they have interests to protect.

When asked if they tested if their injections are stopping the transmission of the virus, she said that they did not. (source)

SARS-CoV2 the variant’s variant-producing gain of function, cleaved furin . . . .

We need that honey badger to take on these globalists!

Kanye West: bank JP Morgan Chase cuts ties with rapper . . . . These boys and girls own the spigot, the tap, the sink, and all:

Walter Kirn: The first story that caught my interest was this feint by PayPal, in which they announced a new policy that it would allow them to fine you or grant themselves $2,500 from your account if you were caught spreading “misinformation.” They quickly reversed to that. It was a little bit like a flasher in the park, quickly opening his raincoat to show you the ugliness, then closing it again and saying he didn’t mean to.

Then there was Kanye West, who had a very garrulous week. He was on Tucker Carlson. He was on Twitter. He was making a lot of noise. And one of his remarks apparently caused JP Morgan Chase to close his account. And that’s a hell of a big account. Then, you know, you had Alex Jones fined a billion dollars for his Sandy Hook defamation. You also had a story the Wall Street Journal reported about the ongoing orgy of insider trading on the part of our government officials. None of them are being de banked, and none of them are having their E*TRADE accounts closed, it seems. So, this financial censorship, or the financial engineering of social thought and direction, seem to be a meta-story for the week.

Matt Taibbi: My knowledge level about Kanye West is zero. He was married to a Kardashian or something?

Walter Kirn: He was married, he’s had a famous divorce.

Matt Taibbi: But then he gets de-banked by JP Morgan Chase. And that was the moment where I started paying attention, because I covered this subject. Chase has an extraordinary history of not getting rid of real problem clients. In fact, they were criminally charged and fined nearly half a billion dollars, if I remember correctly [editor’s note: they were actually fined $1.7 billion by the Justice Department and $461 million by FinCEN] for not getting rid of Bernie Madoff as a client when they knew he was a problem. The funniest part of that story was that when Chase figured out that there was something wrong there, they didn’t notify the world. They didn’t release him as a client. They just withdrew their own investments in Bernie and BLM Enterprises, which was Bernie Madoff’s fund. There’s social conscience for you!

From the FinCen release about Chase and its Madoff accounts.

Matt Taibbi: Chase has a history beyond Madoff, for violation of anti-money laundering rules, which means they were not properly vetting where their depository money came from, which is the problem across the industry. They also have a history of race based discrimination. They had to pay a pretty significant fine a couple of years ago for mortgage discrimination, where they were accused of charging blacks and Hispanics more for mortgages than white clients. And then they turn around and they’re claiming to be shocked, shocked, by the behavior of Kanye West, to the point where they’re going to take away his banking services. That’s troubling to me for a couple of reasons. One, because you wonder, are my services in the hands of some bureaucrat at a bank, who’s judging what I do in my private life? It’s also just so hypocritical.

Oh, capitalism, in your face, and that small town who sold out to a Mall company in 2017 all full of blackberry weeds and raccoons:

Tiller residents lament the absence of tiny Oregon town’s new corporate owner

Southern Oregon’s tiny town of Tiller rocked the world five years ago when people learned the news, from the BBC network to Fortune magazine, that they could buy a Shangri-La along the South Umpqua River.
Southern Oregon’s tiny town of Tiller was marketed as a Shangri-La along the South Umpqua River when it was for sale in 2017.

By Janet Eastman | The Oregonian/OregonLive

Southern Oregon’s tiny town of Tiller drew worldwide attention five years ago when people learned the news, from the BBC network to Fortune magazine, that they could buy a Shangri-La along the South Umpqua River.

The asking price of $3.85 million bundled together 257 contiguous acres that included most of the downtown as well as pioneer Aaron J. Tiller’s homestead and forested hilltops with water rights and about 2 million board feet of merchantable timber.

After a year of negotiations, the new owner, Global Shopping Mall, based in Garden Grove, California, signed the deed in September 2018, and continues to remain quiet about preservation and development plans. Tiller Town Corporation was registered as an Oregon business on Aug. 17, 2021.

In 2019, representatives from Global Shopping Mall announced to some of the 250 residents at a meeting in the town that they wanted to broadcast a virtual outdoor experience around the globe, capturing the verdant, remote and mostly unoccupied setting an hour’s drive from Crater Lake National Park.

When told Tiller didn’t have high-speed internet or cellphone service, the owners declined to supply it, said residents.

Today, locals lament the town’s absentee corporate owner, and that unbridled raccoons and unchecked blackberry bushes are overtaking the structures.

“It seems sad nothing has happened yet,” said former owner Rick Caswell, whose late father, Richard Caswell Sr., purchased Tiller tax lots over four decades, zoned for rural commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural use.

Sort of emblematic of Capitalism? Private ownership of cities, now they’d have charter cities, too, no?

I believe millions of people are being pressured to be on the move, because it serves the interests of power to normalize biometrically-managed social instability as the disruptive potential of Web 3.0 materializes. Last year the Charter Cities Institute prepared a white paper proposing their solution as an improvement over the current horror of refugee camps where families may languish for years. In the introduction, the author Sarah Doyel states that data from the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees indicates the number of displaced people has almost doubled over the past decade from 43 million to 80 million. Each of those people is a potential impact opportunity for global investment portfolios. (“Charter Cities, Refugee Labor, and The Learning Economy – Synthetic Pretenders Part 15A“)

Here ya go, the Charter Cities manifesto, PDF!

So the beat goes on and on. The follies:

Israel to the rescue . . .

A senior Israeli official reportedly also said that a private Israeli firm was giving Ukraine satellite imagery of Russian troop positions. 

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk has previously called on Israel to sell to his country the Iron Dome, the Jewish state’s indigenous effective short-range projectile defense platform. 

“We need Israeli assistance… I mean that we need the military-technical support; we need an Iron Dome,… which will allow us to save our civilian women and children from the shelling of the Russian missiles in our territory,” he said in June. 

Alas, the same globalists, eugenicists, and billionaire thugs are running the Covid Incompetence and the Charter Cities Scam.

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