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It has been a good week for leading COVID-19 vaccine makers,  Pfizer PFE / BioNTech BNTX  and Moderna MRNA, with a string of positive news.

The European Medicines Agency’s (“EMA”) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (“CHMP”) has granted a positive opinion for a 30-µg booster dose of Pfizer’s/BioNTech’s Omicron BA.1 bivalent COVID-19 vaccine. CHMP recommended conditional marketing authorization of the booster dose for individuals 12 years and older. It also gave a positive opinion recommending authorization for the use of Moderna’s Omicron-targeting bivalent booster in the European Union.

However, Source!

They told you they needed just three weeks to flatten the curve.

They lied.

They told you if you stayed at home that it would protect the Health Service.

They lied. (Source)

They told you millions around the world were dying of Covid-19.

They lied. (Source)

They told you that if you got the Covid vaccine, you wouldn’t catch Covid-19.

They lied. (Source)

Then you were told the Covid vaccines make you less likely to be infected with or transmit Covid-19.

The lied. (Source)

They told you that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective.

They lied. (Source)

They told you that the contents of the Covid vaccines stay at the injection site.

They lied. (Source)

They told you that the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines do not interfere with your DNA.

They lied. (Source)

Now they’re trying to tell you that the Covid-19 vaccines lose effectiveness over time and that you need repeat booster shots.

But they are lying yet again. The Covid-19 vaccines do not lose effectiveness. Instead, we are witnessing the degradation of the immune system of most people who have had more than one dose of the Covid-19 injection. In other words, the Covid-19 injections cause a new form of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. and we can prove it… (source)


Then, of course, deploying common viral sense is thrown out the window. And they are all lining up for that big surge this fall and winter for these next and next genetically engineered variants from the DARPA weapon. With those next and next generation mRNA chemical hackers to create more sickness. Think HIV and then, AIDS, but with a different Fauci smile pasted on that pig with lipstick. And it is a very fine DARPA-Big Pharma-Great Reset Weapon. You think that there will be face to face education in five years? You think your Zoom stocks will flounder in the next five years? You think drone food deliveries are just for the very very rich? Ahh, the wonderful world of gain of function, gaming the world.

But if you just pile on the data, does anyone listen?

And I wonder how those high high energy bills and the cold cold room temperatures and the stress stress of the DNA mutated Inbred UK leaders putting on society with their constant UkroNaziLandia love will play out in terms of people’s, well, overall health?

Ahh, more news too true and fit to print:

The problem with the study is that after 48 hours they stopped observing the accumulation. So how does anybody know if that accumulation reverses? How do they know it doesn’t go on for months or even years? Until they can prove otherwise they are only guessing.

If the mRNA that has been injected into the body constantly invades cells and instructs them to create millions of spike proteins over a long period of time then this is one more constant thing that the immune system has to do. But then they tell you to get a booster jab, and then a fourth dose. Now the body is constantly creating millions more spike proteins and working the immune system even harder.

Whilst the body is busy battling millions of spike proteins, it’s unable to fight off other opportunist infections or cancer cells. This is similar to what occurs with HIV. HIV infects and destroys immune system cells, making it hard to fight off other diseases.

When HIV has severely weakened the immune system it can lead to Acquired Immunedeficiency Syndrome. But it isn’t the HIV virus that kills people infected with it, it is the opportunistic infections and cancers that the immune system can no longer fight off.

So this theory would make perfect sense as to why official Government data shows the triple vaccinated are more likely to be infected with Covid-19 and transmit Covid-19 than the unvaccinated.

It would make perfect sense as to why the fully vaccinated are more likely to be hospitalised and die of Covid-19 than the unvaccinated.

This is it for the world, as the leader (sic) of the free world (not), United $nake$ of AmeriKKKa throws trillions at NaziLandiaUkrainia, and we have the two really dispicable (both in terms of what’s on their surfaces and within their mouths and body cavities) running for Prez. Over a 160 years combined filth.

These stumbling fools are nothing compared to Big Pharma. Read Whintey Webb’s piece on DARPA and Welcome Trust,

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction — by Whitney Webb

“The world’s richest medical research foundation, the Wellcome Trust, has teamed up with a pair of former DARPA directors who built Silicon Valley’s skunkworks to usher in an age of nightmarish surveillance, including for babies as young as three months old. Their agenda can only advance if we allow it.”

And these Frankensteins are lining up pruning sheers for babies, to get AI and other tools in the babies’ brains to hack their moods, to carve out a better transhuman baby. And the beat goes on. You’d think this would be amazing news, for real journalists, but not in the legacy media since their million dollar homes and townhouses are paid for by Gates and Big Pharma and Big Data.

Transhumanist Toddlers?

The second program to be pursued by Wellcome Leap is called “The First 1000 Days: Promoting Healthy Brain Networks,” which is abbreviated as 1KD by the organization. It is arguably the most unsettling program because it seeks to use young children, specifically infants from three months to three-year-old toddlers, as its test subjects. The program is being overseen by Holly Baines, who previously served as strategy development lead for the Wellcome Trust before joining Wellcome Leap as the 1KD program leader.

1KD is focused on developing “objective, scalable ways to assess a child’s cognitive health” by monitoring the brain development and function of infants and toddlers, allowing practitioners to “risk-stratify children” and “predict responses to interventions” in developing brains.

The program description document notes that, up to this point in history, “our primary window into the developing brain has been neuroimaging techniques and animal models, which can help identify quantitative biomarkers of [neural] network health and characterise network differences underlying behaviours.” It then states that advances in technology “are opening additional possibilities in young infants.”

The program description goes on to say that artificial neural networks, a form of AI, “have demonstrated the viability of modelling network pruning process and the acquisition of complex behaviours in much the same way as a developing brain,” while improvements in machine learning, another subset of AI, can now be used to extract “meaningful signals” from the brains of infants and young children. These algorithms can then be used to develop “interventions” for young children deemed by other algorithms to be in danger of having underdeveloped brain function. (Source & Source)

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