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and he gets air-time and a bully pulpit to yammer on and on . . .

And he has a new book, and he is on the talk circuit.

Jared Kushner received online ridicule for suggesting he could “live forever” thanks to exercise and advances in science, in what has since been labelled by an aide as being “tongue-in-cheek”.

Speaking on the YouTube channel LivesSigning on Thursday, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and former adviser told listeners that he was keeping fit because his generation could be the first to escape death.

“I think there’s a good probability that my generation is — hopefully with the advances in science — either will be the first generation to live forever or the last generation that’s going to die,” the 41-year-old said. “So we need to keep ourselves in pretty good shape.”

Jew’s r Us

And, so, from afar, we watch and observe the Jewish Comic Killer and the attacks on Europse’s largest nuclear power facility and the hit lists and the sanctioned murders, but the reality is that a Kushner is another Made Mossad boy. Did the Jewish oligarchy kill the young lady?

Ukraine (SBU) – itself a mere tool of the CIA/MI6 combo that de facto rules Kiev.

The Azov operative is just a patsy. The FSB will never reveal in public the intel it has amassed on those that issued the orders, and how they will be dealt with.

One Ilya Ponomaryov, an anti-Kremlin minor character granted Ukrainian citizenship, boasted he was in contact with the outfit that prepared the hit on the Dugin family. No one took him seriously.

What is manifestly serious, however, is how oligarchy-connected organized crime factions in Russia would have a motive to eliminate Alexander Dugin, the Christian Orthodox nationalist philosopher who, according to them, may have influenced the Kremlin’s pivot to Asia (he didn’t).

These organized crime factions blamed Dugin for a concerted Kremlin offensive against the disproportional power of Jewish oligarchs in Russia. So these actors would have both the motive and the local know-how to mount such a coup.

If that’s the case, it potentially spells out a Mossad-linked operation – especially given the serious schism in Moscow’s recent relations with Tel Aviv. What’s certain is that the FSB will keep their cards very close to their chest – and retribution will be swift, precise and invisible. (Pepe Escobar, The Cradle)

And those elephants in the big room, no? Who owns the world? Hmm, Blackrock? Who started the war in Ukraine? Hmm, Kagan, Nuland, Blinken and their Goyim?

Who likes to murder people?

CIA, MI6, Mossad?

Douglas Valentine says that “Zelensky doesn’t go to the bathroom without asking permission from his CIA case officer.” (Covert Action Magazine)

This is what true leftists are up against. And, my Jewish “friends” and such, what a crime around how they have completely wrapped themselves around the merry-go-round of Mossad and CIA and Israeli and Israel-First media. They will not admit the crimes of the Jewish People. I see my circle has gotten smaller and smaller, almost a microdot. Nary a word against the Democrats, as if the rotten Republicans are somehow the only sypllitic monsters in the room. Amazing how colonized are the minds of people I used to have conversations with.

No criticism of Pelosi, Biden, the lot of them.

I have written about the Ukrainian hit list known as Mirotvorets, or “Peacekeeper,” twice before. The first time was in this article about internet censorship, and the second time was when a 13-year-old Ukrainian girl, Faina Savenkova, was added to the list for publicly speaking out against Kiev’s bloody war on Russian-speaking civilians in the eastern part of Ukraine, a region known as the Donbass.

This is the face of these crumbling democrats: “Washington Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal heads the House Progressive Caucus, but that doesn’t mean she’s done much of anything to further actual progressive policy objectives. In fact, she spent much of a recent television interview heaping praise on President Joe Biden and Senator Joe Manchin after the two finally agreed on passage of a bill with all but the most meager of progressive priorities removed in place of giveaways to the oil and gas industry.”

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