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“poor people should be sterilized to reduce the country’s welfare bill”

The governing regime in Kyiv pushed through the bill, citing a familiar theme: “Russian aggression.” But the bill was originally registered in April 2021, nearly one year prior to Russia’s military intervention.

Formally, the bill was submitted on behalf of the head of the parliamentary committee on social policy, Galina Tretyakova, and a number of other deputies from the ruling Servant of the People party. Ukrainian trade unions had demanded Tretyakova’s resignation following a sickening speech in which she said that poor people should be sterilized to reduce the country’s welfare bill. (source)

Ukrainian unions demand resignation of lawmaker who wants to sterilize the unemployed

Consciously or unconsciously, [the American people] have certain basic beliefs about the United States and its foreign policy…The most basic of these basic beliefs, I think, is a deeply-held conviction that no matter what the US does abroad, no matter how bad it may look, no matter what horror may result, the government of the United States means well. — William Blum 

This witch above is not so unlike the witches and warlocks of the Planned Pandemic Kind, oh, that bioweaponry fun, all those toxins captured in all those billions of doses of Covid Vax. These people want depopulation, and they want decoupling from sanity. Imagine that, this Greta World of a World Without Hydrocarbons, Plastics, Fuel, Rayon, you name it. This world doesn’t exist, and alas, now, a criminal Nazi regime like Ukraine gets the entire world back into coal and dirty fuel a la LNG. The mindlessness of the American public never astounds me, for sure. I can see where the washing of the brains begins, and boy oh boy, the soft shoe media, the Chosen People Running News (sic) and Infotainment, all of that has occurred on “their” watch, sure adds to the mind scraping . . . scrapping.

Think of all the Russia-hating Jewish reporters and pundits with the New York Times. On TV. Think of that creep of a slug, Rachel Maddow, and her little LGBTQ chorus of lies dripping from her mouth. All interestingly tied to her family’s upbringing.

Pro-Ukrainian activists in Leipzig, Germany disrupted the showing of a film about the 2014 Maidan coup, police said on Friday. A group showed up at Thursday evening’s screening of ‘Ukraine on Fire,’ a 2016 documentary produced by Oliver Stone, and got into an altercation with the organizers.

The documentary screening was part of the globaLE film festival, which runs from July 27 to November 1. The open-air festival shows works critical of globalization. ‘Ukraine on Fire,’ produced by Stone and directed by Ukrainian filmmaker Igor Lopatonok, takes a critical view of the 2014 Kiev protests that resulted in a violent overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine.

I have no idea what actual feces is truly delivered on a 24/7 basis on the mainstem of the corporate media since I have opted out for years. The few blips and seconds of Mainstream Trash I see throughout the week, reposted or illustrative of their demented stenographers, show me how degrading these people are. This sort of stuff below can be replicated a thousand times.

The disturbing footage of mainstream media talking heads repeating the exact same scripted lines suggests the public are being force-fed government propaganda about the FBI raid. Which raises the question, what do they have to hide and why are they so determined to make everybody see the event in the same way? This is mind-control in action. There is a reason they are called programs and programming. And it’s not the first time the media has been caught parroting from the same propaganda script. In 1949 a CIA director called Frank Wisner was given a task to create an organization responsible for the manipulation of media and direct action in the United States and other countries around the world. This operation would be known as Mockingbird. The justification for Operation Mockingbird was to fight against Communism. But as often happens with government programs, the stated objective and the reality of what the program is used for do not always align. (source)

To say the least, I have come to despise this country. Yeah, Contras, Dirty War in El Salvador, yep, 60,000 at least murdered in Guatemala. Yes yes yes, Vietnam, and, hell, so many murders by USA Murder Incorporated. Just following William Blum over the decades, enough for any sane American to despise this country:

But now, 2022, with this total hatred of Russians? Imagine the lies of that propaganda boy, Zelensky, and the endless fabrications and endless skits to turn the stupid Goy against the Slavs, against Russians.

I have nothing in common with people my age, with people coming out of English Departments, coming out of this exceptionalist shit-hole. I am more than embarassed for them, but the danger now is more than just canceling and deplatforming. This society is full of stupid: Trump Love and Biden Love. The two-party system is so openly corrupt, yet, these pissing contests between Red and Blue.

Here, Ritter explains how surprised the Russians were surprised at how much hatred the Ukrainians have toward Russians. Leave it to the USA to back Nazis and this creep of a subhuman, ZioLensky.

Just listen to them talk about how decrepit the Europeans and the Americans are . . .

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