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Oh, then, another and another and yet another story of consequence filed away, flitted into the morass of mendicity.

US Senate targets Social Security and Medicare

Last week, Republican Senator Ron Johnson called for ending Social Security and Medicare as entitlement programs, instead transferring them into the discretionary budget where they would be gutted.

Johnson’s proposal follows a similar call by Florida Senator Rick Scott, who earlier this year called for putting Social Security and Medicare up for renewal every five years.

Social Security and Medicare spending is allocated as mandatory spending, funded by workers’ payroll taxes, to prevent them from being pillaged.  Transferring these programs to the discretionary budget would mean their abolition, slashing US life expectancy as millions of retirees die in poverty and from preventable disease.

Seymour Fogel, “The Wealth of the Nation,” commissioned for the Social Security Board Building, Washingon DC in 1938.

“If you qualify for the entitlement, you just get it no matter what the cost,” Johnson said. “And our problem in this country is that [mandatory spending takes up] more than 70% of our federal budget, of our federal spending.” (WSWS Source)

And, another not-a-peep from anyone of national or international value or fame or . . . . This is the death of cult countries, as we are distracted by football, actors, Trump & Company, Pelosi and LLC, BIden/Harris Blackface Histrionics. 

We shall become Ukraine!

We shall sell off every asset, every human waking and sleeping moment, to the highest lowly elite bidder. The elected officials are like turpintine-crazed hornets. Yet, no pitchforks.

You think a Bezos or Koch or Bloomberg or Gates or Buffet or et al would latch onto this madness and decry the even mention of gutting the people’s already lowly Social Security and Medicare? They are leeches with golden alimentary canals:

1) Elon Musk

  • Age – 50
  • Net worth – $255.2 billion
  • Industry – Automobile
  • Nationality – South Africa

2) Bernard Arnault

  • Age – 73
  • Net worth – $157.9 billion
  • Industry – Hospitality and Fashion
  • Nationality – France

3) Jeff Bezos

  • Age – 58
  • Net worth – $146.6 billion
  • Industry – E-commerce and Technology
  • Nationality – USA

4) Gautam Adani

  • Age – 60
  • Net worth – $117.9 billion
  • Industry – Infrastructure and commodities
  • Nationality – India

5) Bill Gates

  • Age – 66
  • Net worth – $106.6 billion
  • Industry – Technology
  • Nationality – USA

6) Larry Ellison

  • Age – 77
  • Net worth – $104.5 billion
  • Industry – Technology
  • Nationality – USA

7) Warren Buffet

  • Age – 91
  • Net worth – $100.8 billion
  • Industry – Finance
  • Nationality – USA

8) Larry Page

  • Age – 49
  • Net worth – $97.5 billion
  • Industry – Technology
  • Nationality – USA

9) Sergey Brin

  • Age – 48
  • Net worth – $93.8 billion
  • Industry – Technology
  • Nationality – USA

0) Mukesh Ambani

  • Age – 54
  • Net worth – $88.9 billion
  • Industry – Telecommunication, Energy, Retail
  • Nationality – India

11) Steve Ballmer

  • Age – 66
  • Net worth – $88.4 billion
  • Industry – Technology
  • Nationality – USA

12) Carlos Slim Helu

  • Age – 82 years
  • Net worth – $81.1 billion
  • Industry – Finance
  • Nationality – Mexico

13) Michael Bloomberg

  • Age – 80 years
  • Net worth – $76.8 billion
  • Industry – Finance
  • Nationality – USA

14) Francoise Bettencourt Meyers 

  • Age: 69
  • Net worth: $71.3 billion
  • Industry: Personal care
  • Nationality: France

15) Zhong Shanshan

  • Age: 67 
  • Net Worth: $71.6 billion.
  • Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Beverages
  • Nationality: China

16) Mark Zuckerberg

  • Age: 38
  • Net Worth: $61.0 billion.
  • Industry: Technology
  • Nationality: USA

17) Jim Walton

  • Age: 74
  • Net Worth: $60.5 billion.
  • Industry: Finance
  • Nationality: USA

18) Alice Walton

  • Age: 72
  • Net Worth: $59.6 billion.
  • Industry: Art
  • Nationality: USA

19) Rob Walton

  • Age: 77
  • Net Worth: $59.4 billion.
  • Industry: Retail
  • Nationality: USA

20) Amancio Ortega

  • Age: 86
  • Net Worth: $58.4 billion.
  • Industry: Retail
  • Nationality: Spain (Forbes, Source)

These above and the other 3,000 plus their families, their associates, their Eichmann’s and hitmen, they are the enemies of the world. Then, you get the thugs in suits, the Ivy League or Some-Sort-of-Frat-Boy League graduates who end up in office, as electeds, who follow the secretive and overt marching orders of the people above who invent coalitions, lobbying battalions, work groups, foundations, NGOs, and media-press affiliations that are willing to say, “There Will Be Blood.” To the very last Ukrainian, Russian, Chinese.

Ameicans are so confused, so traumatized, so tied into hoping that over-valued home, sold, will be the nest egg for retirement. This is how 50 and 60 somethings see the world. They are not in the trenches demanding HANDS off those social safety nets, those ENTITLEMENTS. They will turn blue in the face yelling about white Biden should run in case Trump should run, and they say Trump is Still the President but He Should Run in 2024.

Like a Breaking Bad Game of Thrones, all these armchair pundits inside the Beltway, on the two coasts, with many amatuers in flyover states regaling over the very top 20 listed above, as heroes, as saviors, as job creators, as their own kings of their own wealth, thank you very much, and one day too,, my grandson might be a millionaire by age 29, and daughter head of a Military Offensive Private-but-publicly-funded-industry.

I met a young couple, with a two year old son, and they were vacationing on the coast, and the dad is a consultant in forestry, and the mom is a recently branded surgeon. They seemed nice, but when we talk about forests, the spraying of chemicals on communities — human and non–human — and when we talk about a crisis in medicine, the sacking of ER doctors, etc., they of course lament, but again, me-myself-my-child-I prevails, because in school, success is not in true community lifting, team work, but in individual guts, persistence and pullling oneself up by the bootstraps (and impossible feat unless you are Bruce Lee).

And don’t believe the myth about the tepid water turning to boiling water with a frog lulled into boiling death.

If you throw a frog into a pot of boiling water, it will (unfortunately) be hurt pretty badly before it manages to get out — if it can. And if you put it into a pot of tepid water and then turn on the heat, it will scramble out as soon as it gets uncomfortably warm.

The folly of allegories, and then, always atributing negative human things to animals, like:

sly as a fox; loan shark; wiley coyote; rabid dog; snake in the grass; bloodthirsty wolf; followers like sheep; leech; bloodsucker; blind as a bat; slow as a turtle, sloth; stings like a wasp; deadly as a . . . fill in the animial/nature blank.

Yet, this humanity, man, this collective fear, the group think, the clustering and tribalism and xenophobia and, well, it’s not the frog lulled in warm-to-boiling water, but rather, the human baby-stepped out of a job, or lulled by distractions, fleeced slowly but surely by usury, dumbfounded by the small and big lie, warped by patriotism, taught to be his or her or their worst enemy.

We are the frogs, the sheep and the lemmings, because we make up those insipid stories to shield ourselves from the fact that we have let the billionaire and warring and criminal and perverted classes take hold of our futures, our wombs, our seven generations out. Then, we allow the human stain like those Republicans mentioned above wanting to gut Social Security and Medicare, and then with the Democrats who want no more Russia-Russians-Slavs, to live in peace, when they should be facing the old chopping block.

This is a declaration of war on all the people — gutting entitlements instead of ramping them up, and then all the fixes off the table while giving money to the most currupt and Nazi-like land, Zelenskistan, with no debate. This is the distracted and delluded and denigrated West.

While lawmakers haven’t struck a deal yet on spending for the coming fiscal year, increases backed by the armed services committees point to national defense spending that could approach or exceed $850 billion, versus the $802 billion Biden requested.

Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.), a House Armed Services Committee member who voted in favor of the topline increase, noted the swiftness of the deliberation over the topline. “In the committee, there was almost no debate,” he said.

Runaway inflation, arming Ukraine in its fight against Russia and growing concerns about China’s military have beaten arguments that the Pentagon should seek tradeoffs and make due. And as lawmakers of all political stripes look to secure cash for weapons and equipment built in their districts, bipartisan backing for steady defense spending has also weighed heavily on the Democrats’ spending agenda. That upward trend will almost certainly accelerate if Republicans sweep the midterm elections. (source, Politico)

More people in line at food banks, more people turning off the A/C and then the heat, more people huddled in a corner with sterno and three year old can ‘o beans. Scrolling through the black mirros, picking up dopamine hits from Candy Crush 6.0, TikTok, the entire suite of electronic, digital, mind-warping addictive and human-denying stuff we read and watch on the black mirror, while we have no pitchforks sharpened, no tar vats boiling, and no hotel down pillows gutted for what is the only solution to the crimes of this decade, this century, this moment, this day, this season, here and now, as the list goes on and on and on.

The life-death struggle has been televised, digitized, gain of functionized, chemicalized, commercialized, weaponized, devised now, in the past and for the future:

The old days in my planning graduate classes, looking at community, population growth, unchecked growth, builing and paving, and the “if you build it/dam it/wind turbine it/ solar panel it/ Disneyfy it, they will come.

Oh, the fertility problems from environmental factors, and the mRNA shots and boosters and now cocktail of MMR and DPT and mRNA at birth. Get little Johnny to have small testices, lower sperm, and well, little Jane will have no workable hormone system, and then Johnny and Jane will be on the austism and sexuality/gender spectrum until we are in that mess (not to the Eugenics Queens and Kings, some of whom are listed above in the Top 20 Evil list).

Here from another blog I am subscribed to: laughlyn

On an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT topic, this was posted yesterday by SVT, Sweden’s main public news broadcaster, on our trusty old teletext service:

The last headline reads: “Fertility in Sweden at low levels: Covid [shots] one of the explanations”. “Wow”, I thought. The correlations are so glaringly obvious that our mainstream media are raising the issue? But the actual article said absolutely nothing on this purported cause.

And moments after I (and the three or four of the aforementioned 90-year-olds who still use the teletext service) had caught this little gem, the subline was also edited into reading “couples’ priorities were changed by [the shots]”.

Interesting way to spin it, I think. There’s a correlation between the covid shots and a (hopefully temporary) reduction in fertility, no way to argue anything else. But getting out in front of this, the marketed hypothesis will seemingly be that young couples simply postponed having kids simply because they’d received these treatments.

What are these anti-social security, anti-medicare-for-all, pro-war, pro-kiss-a-criminal-billionaire all about?


And, golly, the Russians are finding that the Ukrainian POWs, when check up on by medical teams, has pathogens in their blood, showing 16 times the occurance and rates than what might be “normal” in Ukraine. Oh, golly, Hunter Biden and those Bioweapons Labs, DARPA and DoD approved and sanctioned.

And that is what we are fixated on, including:

Perhaps you’ve heard the recent “news” that Beyonce had to change some of her lyrics because they were “offensive.” A headline in Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post blared: “Beyoncé used ‘ableist’ slur in a new song. After uproar, she’s deleting it.”

The word in question is “spaz.” It’s viewed by some as a slur because it allegedly mocks people with spastic paralysis. (Mickey Z, source)

While ZioLensky bombs a huge nuke plant, we worry about words.

On August 7, the Zelensky’s regime committed a new act of nuclear terrorism at the energy infrastructure facilities of the Zaporozhye NPP to create a humanitarian catastrophe in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, the Russian Ministry of Defence claimed.

The attack was carried out at about midnight. The AFU used the Hurricane MLRS. Fragments and a rocket engine fell 400 meters from the operating power unit of the station. Striking elements damaged administrative buildings and the adjacent territory of the storage. A voltage surge at the plant caused smoke on the open switchgear of the station. The security system turned off the power supply. As a result of the Ukrainian shelling, the Kakhovskaya high-voltage line, which provided electricity to the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, was damaged.

The Homo Consumopithecus, Homo Plastipithecus, Homo Infantilerectus, that’s what they are doing, sitting in the slow slow burn of the nuclear Armageddon.

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