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Scholar Tony Martin (RIP) Discussed Jewish Influence, and the Slave Trade, too

A number of Black people who have come under attack from the Jewish community have been charged with anti-semitism. This is not a new situation. Pan-Afrikan activists and historians have consistently come under attack for challenging the legitimacy of the State of Israel and highlighting the role of Jews in the Trans-Atlantic Enslavement of Afrikan People. Baba Tony Martin was one such Professor, who would incur the full wrath of the Jewish lobby in America when he dared to add the book, “The Secret Relationship Between Black and Jews” written by the research department of the Nation of Islam – to his History syllabus. Baba Martin documented the history of the attack in his book “The Jewish Onslaught” and then delivered many presentations on the subject. We share this in the hope that it might inform others on the history of this battle.

The long essay on Black-Jewish relations, primarily in the United States, by a professor of African American History who became embroiled in controversy over his classroom use of a book detailing the well- documented Jewish role in the Atlantic slave trade. “The Jewish Onslaught” discusses, among other things, the increasing attacks of Jewish organizations on Black leaders and scholars, the alleged halcyon period of a Black-Jewish alliance, the Jewish role in the slave trade and the Jewish attack on Afrocentrism.

Now, the precipitating event around this quick blog post is the email I got from a guy in Illinois who reads me and thought I might have some soft shoe magic in the realm of publishing, drama, literary arts, etc. Funny thing happened on the way toe the forum uh? So, this guy, a cement guy (mason) who lives on a farm and is around age 62 and he’s retired but became interested in 9/11 and building free-falls and that Infamous Building Number Seven and the building’s owner, Larry Sliverstein, who seems to have already had plans for the building to be brought down, which we call, demolished, for a new state of the sustainability art, safest building in the world, designed by Jewish architects and engineers in Israel. The plans were there well BEFORE the September event, 911. Then, bam, the building pancaked, with no hit by any airline. So, interesting, no? Oy vei!

My email pal, he wrote a play, about three brothers, working class, albeit, and Goyim, talking about the World Trade Center and the free fall love of those buildings pancaking into hell. And, the Silverstein case of Number Seven. This guy has been emailing me, and I’ve been responding, for months. I’ve talked with him via phone, too, and alas, he has a few people looking at the script, and he even enlisted Ed Asner’s interest, and Ed even recorded himself reading part of the intro. Ed was interested in the script, but alas, age and death took him out too soon to be a part of this mason’s deal to have a play produced. He’s also open to a movie. Good luck on that one, I keep reminding him, you know, who controls the media?

From the YouTube crap above, a commentator, Winston Smith:

Lucky Larry!! Not only did he not attend his daily Windows on The World breakfast on 9/11 but his son and daughter, who also worked in the towers, did not show up that day. That’s what I call foreknowledge, I mean luck.

Who could look at the facts of the 911/anthrax attacks and not realize they were domestic crimes carried out by the same individuals? No one who’s objective and has taken even a cursory look at the facts could come to that conclusion.

56:03 (No mention of why his children didnt go to work that morning). In fact, Building 7 The Solomon Brothers Building was 350 feet away from the North Tower and had damage to its southeast corner and scattered fires that burned most of the day. Fire of course cannot bring down a Type 1 building. No steel-framed skyscraper has ever or can possibly come down in the manner of a controlled demolition, (of WTC76) without it having been one. Period.

Building 7 had 58 perimeter and 40,000 tons of steel in its structural support system. Had even one of those perimeter columns been left intact we would have seen an asymmetrical collapse.

It is beyond ludicrous and a spit in the face of every victim and every broken heart that has resulted from these unprecedented acts of treason, for this criminal to make such claims, knowing full well that it, like the Twin Towers, was destroyed through controlled demolition. You will not hear him address the molten steel and iron (See FEMA BPAT App. C which documents molten structural steel), the evidence of thermite (RJ Lee, USGS and Harrit et. al. 2009), the 100 day fires, the insanely excessive temperatures recorded from these underground fires, the 1,120 missing bodies, the pulverized concrete, the 1,200′ radial debris fields the towers left, the complete dismantling of their superstructures and all the rest of the thoroughly documented facts that prove the demolition of those buildings.

Now, there is so much to cover with the September 11, 2001 conspiracy. So so much, and I was and still am helping this fan of mine with the play understand the power of the media, press, dramatic arts, film, etc. Again, listen to Tony Martin above to understand the pervasive censorship. Read Gilad or others,

It takes a lot of backgrounding to help this bricklayer understand what he is up against in his attempt to unmask the Jewish or Israel involvement in 9/11:

Given that Gilad Atzmon and Shlomo Sand are both former Jews who have provided criticism of Jewish identity politics, it may be illuminating to understand why the organized, kosherized, Palestinian “solidarity community” embraces Sand while rejecting and disavowing Atzmon.

Atzmon’s initial reaction to his own “disavowal” was characteristically humorous, with him stating that he has only ever operated as an individual, and cannot be kicked out of any groups because he never belonged to any to begin with.

At any rate, it is well-known and easily observable that the Zionist-controlled solidarity discourse, whose primary mouth-piece is “Electronic Intifada”‘s Ali Abuminah, is deeply compromised and functions as a gatekeeper establishment, i.e. it seeks to censor “politically incorrect” ideas, while simultaneously providing weak, ineffectual criticism which ignores all of the key issues which would actually end the occupation of Palestine. Atzmon, a very successful jazz artist in his own right, as well as is the saxophonist on the latest Pink Floyd album, has remarked that “Electronic Intifada has reduced Palestinian resistance to an electronic board.”

In general, the Solidarity movement bears the unmistakable fingerprints of the Jewish left (which operates hand-in-hand with the jewish right), manifesting in a relentless need to convince their faithful but somnambulant following that Zionism has nothing to do with ‘Jews’ and Jewish culture, that these are two completely separate, non-intersecting spheres. The result of this programming is an ideological collective of curiously vociferous people whose top priority, above and beyond Palestinian liberation, is to never offend the Jews. These people can be seen on social media, energetically laying out their talking points to convey the image that “Zionism is the only problem,” Jews and Jewishness are positive and peaceful concepts, and are adamant that Jews and Jewish culture are outside the parameters of what can be considered socially acceptable criticism. They try to set us up to fail to address the real problem, which is Jewish exclusivity and Jewish ethno-centrism, something that has been endemic and definitive of Jewish culture for thousands of years before Zionism was even invented. (source)

The reality is a cover-up, and multiple cover-ups, well, the big lie and the cancerous lie are better lies to propagate:

For years now, I’ve known there was something wrong when my well-meaning anti-Zionist Jewish friends found it necessary to join Jewish anti-Zionist groups opposing Israel. In the US, Jewish Voice for Peace, in Canada, Not in Our Name; in Britain, Jews Against Zionism — every country has its group, usually more than one. “I am a Jewish witness against Israel,” I would be told. Sounds good, even brave. Sand’s latest deconstruction of Jewishness and Israel, How I Stopped Being a Jew (2014), makes it clear why my suspicions were well founded.

Barely 100 pages, it is a page-turner, a precis of his earlier more scholarly works, arguing that the romantic, heroic age of Jewish nationalism, as embodied in the creation of a Jewish state, is coming to an end. Israel will not disappear, but it is an anachronism, an embarrassment in the postmodern age. A reminder of the horrors of Nazism, but not as the Zionist crafters of the “holocaust industry”, or “holocaust religion”, would have it. The Zionist project is exposed by Norman Finkelstein, Noam Chomsky, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir and many more Jewish critics as reenacting the same policies of yesteryear. A flawed answer that is doomed, “an insidious form of racism“.

For the Israeli Sand, the Jewish “national” identity is a fraud (an Israeli identity is fine); the only viable Jewish identity is a religious one, and as a nonbeliever, he logically concludes,  “Cogito, ergo non sum.”

Gilad Atzmon takes Sand’s logic further. He tore up his Israeli passport, becoming an ex-Israeli as well as an ex-Jew.

What’s so wrong with a secular, ethnic Jewish identity? Well, it can be based on only one of two things: persecution (being “forced” into being a Jew whether one likes it or not, as in the Nazi’s racial laws) or being “born” into the Jewish people. The former is no longer an issue and the latter is full of holes, and based on a dangerous myth. (source)

Read the scholar, Kees Van der Pijl, or look him up on the Internet for videos. Most have been censored, and his work on video is not in English:

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of Studies of the US Army War College and emeritus research chair at that institution, concludes, 9/11 was a Mossad  orchestrated operation. However,

Mossad  did not do it alone.  They needed local help within America  (and perhaps elsewhere) and they had it, principally from some alumni of PNAC (misnamed Project for a New American Century) and their affiliates within and outside of the US government who in the 9/11 attacks got the”catalytic event”  they needed and craved to take the US to war on Israel’s behalf. (source)

Back to Tony Martin: Martin made a startling assertion concerning slave ownership by Jews: “Using the research of Jewish historians, the book suggests that based on the 1830 census, Jews actually had a higher per capita slave ownership than for the white population as a whole.” The Secret Relationship does in fact approach making that suggestion, and since the claim would appear to be a pivotal one, it is worth examining. (source)

Those dancing Jews: Source, the Grayzone!

Covert Action Magazine looks closer at 9/11:

Everything, we are told, changed in September of 2001.  It has been twenty years since the terror spectacle of 9/11. On this grim anniversary, we offer some big picture analysis—a series of articles reflecting on the extent to which everything did and did not change as a result of 9/11. Begun months ago, and building on years of scholarship by the authors, the occasion is all the more salient given some strange synchronicity. Specifically, we have just witnessed the fall of the U.S. puppet regime in Kabul. And in the wake of this spectacle, the Biden administration announced plans to declassify information pertaining to the FBI’s investigation into the Saudi role in the attacks.

These events highlight the fact that despite all the investigations and research around the events of September 11, 2001, much remains obscured. As such, this series presents a deeper exploration into the tragic events and catastrophic consequences of 9/11.  In this first installment, we examine how the U.S. for decades has utilized Islamic terrorists as assets for its own ends.  In Part 2, we look at how CIA figures actively prevented other government agencies from exposing the al Qaeda presence in the U.S. prior to the attacks. In the third and final article, we explore the deep political and historical implications of the U.S. government’s “emergency” powers in order to offer some conclusions about 9/11. (source)

I don’t have the patience to rewrite a lot of things from these articles on Acae demica, and turn them into quotations here from this piece, so find it yourself:

Academic Corruption, the Israel Lobby, and 9/11, or, Why I have resigned from my emeritus status at the University of Sussex by Kees Van der Pijl

Van der Pijl also talks about the Covid Planned Pandemic here:

Pandemic of Angst: Elite strategies to control the masses as democracy is dismantled, Kees van der Pijl – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

Here we go, RIMA – Relações Internacionais e Marxismo – “The politics of fear: 9/11, MH17, Covid19”

Here, since Google CIA YouTube takes it all down (Video unavailable: Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner) = RIMA Relações Internacionais e Marxismo

Again, Tony Martin’s book, The Jewish Onslaught: Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront

When money, power and influence are used to revise history by erasing ugly truths, the world needs courageous and informed truth-tellers like professor Tony Martin to correct the record, by every means necessary, even if it endangers his life, career and reputation. This was an eye-opener for me, regarding the ruthless, high-stakes world of political lobbying. (source)

So my mason in Illinois who is Catholic and believes all beings can find redemption, is a knee-jerk fearful of criticizing too many actions by and connectivity with a Zionist and Jewish mindset kinda guy. Here, a tribute to Tony Martin, PhD.

As an intellectual member of the Unity Nation scholar-warrior coterie, Martin along with Steve Cokely, Khallid Abdul Muhammad and Leonard Jeffries Jr. documented the Black Holocaust at Howard University on April 19, 1994. For their research and scholarship regarding the methodical plunder, displacement, enslavement and unlawful premeditated massacre of Africans along with the systematic impact of such atrocities, the Unity Nation coterie faced an economic, political and cultural onslaught by those who advanced a Eurocentric historiography of the world. Therefore, Martin was considered to be a polemical scholar due to his relentless and warranted intellectual dissension against belligerent academic and societal forces. His intellectual dissension against belligerent forces came full circle during the 1990s as he became the target of several libel suits and vituperative attacks. As a consequence and riposte to deliberate provocations, Martin published “The Jewish Onslaught: Dispatches From the Wellesley Battlefront,” which some considered the best polemic by any human being since the 1829 publication of David Walker’s classic “An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World.”

Jeffries, the last living member of the Unity Nation coterie, said, “Dr. Martin is truly a great scholar and extraordinarily spirited human being who left an enduring intellectual legacy because he had a sacred mission to the production of knowledge and maintenance of Pan-African values, interests and principles.”

Martin’s scholarship Garvey, the Caribbean and Pan-Africanism is commendable and must be advanced by the next generation of Black scholars. May the ancestors be with him when we look for him and the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey in the whirlwind. (“Look for me in the whirlwind: Controversial Caribbean scholar Tony Martin dies” by Amsterdam News, January 24, 2013)

Keeping it simple for Building Seven:

A bit more around the 9/11 deal:

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