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So, on the homefront, United $nakes of AmeriKKKa, the deluge of news about Ninja omicron variations on a bio-weapons theme, about the droughts throughout the Northwest and Southwest hinterlands, and all the warm fuzzy stuff coming out of the Woke Zombistan of DC, academia, media, well, it’s a lot for the average AmeriKKKan, who is in self-imposed solitary confinement, or hunkered down with bills, repairs, no way out of the circling drain that is Continuing Criminal Capitalism.

I got this from my farmer friend, Joe:

Anyone wondering why Biden isn’t stopping the oil companies from price gouging while the one percent and stock market are making huge profits and the workers keep falling farther behind  need to realize that Biden and every president before him don’t work for their interests but for the one percent. The people at the top could give a rat’s ass about everyone else. Total revolution against these bastards, even if it is bloody, is going to be what it takes to rid ourselves of these criminals.

In response to this article:

“The cost of living is tearing us apart Inflation rate in US hits 9.1 percent”

“Inflation is hurting our bottom line all the time,” a worker at the Stellantis (Chrysler) Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Detroit said. “Food, gas and everything else is up. The oil companies are price-gouging, and I don’t understand why Biden isn’t stopping them. I guess it’s because government answers to big business, not us.”

He continued, “The stock market keeps going up, and the shareholders are making lots of profits. This is only widening the distance between us and the top 1 percent, who are making money hand over fist. A little more than 10 years ago, the government bailed out the banks. They did it again when the pandemic hit. Where did all that money go? It went for the big bonuses of the executives and shareholders. Biden is also finding billions for war. They could have bailed us out, but they didn’t.” (source)

Then, of course, my retort, and Joe has received many of my retorts, and read them before in published versions . . . and I’ve personally emailed him about my concept of who is damaging who in the United $nakes of AmeriKKKa.

Yeah, and I wish these guys would stop calling them the One Percent. It’s the 10 and 20 percenters. Plenty of them around here, in rural Oregon, with several million in the bank, cash and assets, and then three homes and an apartment triplex. Sitting on a home, say, a 1928 tear down, purchased for $150,000 in April 2022. Now, it is listed for $299,000. A sagging house on a double lot. In my neighborhood, not exactly the Ritz. Some construction guy, contractor, living in Alaska part of the year.

THESE motherfuckers can handle 9.1 percent inflation. They are our fucking neighbors, not Gates and Zuckerberg and Company. It’s the 20 Percenters, man. They are invested in Wall Street, have gobbled up land and housing, and they have cash and gold and guns. 

Now now, we know Biden and the Beltway Bimbos and the Oil Tycoons, and all the Hunter Biden types making (sic) $50,000 a month with coke-prostitutes-Ukrainian gas company criminality, all those people in high tech making a cool $250,000 a year two years out of college, and all the blue collar millionaires, the gougers, the war profiteers, all the happy Americans in the 19 Percent Club, they covet their dough. They are dream hoarders. They are wanting more and more and more of the 80 Percent who are hobbled-held hostage-hijacked by their data-driven, internet of bodies schemes.

You do want to go to the wild side, if you have weeks, to study what’s in store with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Sixth Domain, the new frontier: Cognitive Domain — A Sixth Domain of Operations. Read Alison’s work and Raul’s work here at Wrenchinthegears and Silicon Icarus!

Here, Alison from that article linked above:

The evolution of artificial agents requires ongoing data transfer from our human experience into the emerging World Sensorium (Global Brain). The desire is that this data be structured to maximize utility and potential for pattern recognition. That means humans, in addition to other beings and objects, need to be assigned unique identifiers, which is why there are so many options bubbling up: ID2020, health passports, digital driver’s licenses, blockchain education transcripts and medical records, crypto play to earn games, and programmable money for refugees. Eventually all those side chains will interlock into comprehensible digitally-twinned individuals and societies.

According to the IEEE authors, their intent is for affective computing to be deployed in such a way as to neither amplify or dampen human emotional experience. It’s strange to contemplate that these engineers really want us to accept and internalize interacting with machines as if they were peers is a sane way to live. Though, if the goal is to nudge us towards a post-human existence, digital mediation of all social and environmental transactions towards some optimization scheme would be in keeping with the de Chardin / Huxley / Vernadsky / Reiser imagined World Brain evolutionary imperative.

The goal of the ghouls is to get all of our money, our data, our capacity to make (sic) them nano-pennies with our every waking, sleeping, urinating, masticating, defecating, blinking, coughing, sniffling, sniffing, listening, touching, thinking, reading, watching, playing, fornicating, day dreaming, breathing, beating moment, and to get us (the next and the next generation — shifted baseline needs-wants-conceptualization) to desire this: Garden storage sheds for family living.

Or this luxury, moving up from the plywood shed for families, to 325 square feet of shit living:

How about a community of these boxes? That’s what World Economic Forum wants, as do George Soros, Bezos, Rockefellers, the entire Davos set, the Aspen Institute wonks, all the people in the IMF and World Bank. Boxed set lives!

My previous post was about Maggie the Artist, in her seventies, healthy but not perfect, wanting to age in place, in a beat-down, broke-back home; in a rural community where you are encouraged to take out $60 a month ambulance service insurance, where food and goods and services are out the roof (remember, that 20 Percent, those blue collar millionaires, and those who charge $1500 labor just for some carpentry . . . and that doesn’t include the materials).

Oh, that Nine-Point-One Percent inflation. We, the 80 Percenters, with no buying power, no power to scarf up a piece of land, or a home, or go into a fixer uppper at the minimum.

But, we are woke, man, woke.

Here’s a decent look at how maligned the USA and EU and Klanada and Australia are tied to LGBT work, tied to getting the world wrapped in a rainbox flag or gigantic scarf.

Oh, that dirty, thieving, Nazi-landia, Ukraine, with the penis piano playing Jewish President, and this is the state of their decline, and why Russia has to end this Nato-stan fucked up world. This is while the ZioLensky Band, including the LGBT Bandaristas, enjoy that bombing of Dombass, you know, homes and markets and schools. That is what Gay Pride is All About — intersectionality and murder!

A couple kiss at Kiev Pride
Image caption,Kyiv’s Pride parade in 2019 was the largest and most peaceful Pride event the country had seen

A petition in Ukraine calling for same-sex marriage to be legalised has gained enough signatures for the president to consider the proposal. The petition has more than 28,000 signatures, meaning President Volodymyr Zelensky now has 10 days to respond. Homosexuality is not illegal in Ukraine, but same-sex marriages and civil partnerships are not recognised.

Christopher Mott of the Institute for Peace and Diplomacy joins Max Blumenthal to discuss his provocative white paper on the Woke Imperium. According to Mott, “The rise of a ‘woke’ activist-driven, social justice-oriented politics—particularly among the members of academia, media, and the professional managerial class—has provided the latest ideological justification for interventionism, and it has become readily adopted by the U.S. foreign policy establishment.”

Yes, wonky, and not exactly close to what we need as ground-truthing here in Oregon, in Lincoln County, and this Christopher Mott is in the Beltway Brigade, and he is not of the regular world, those of us working just to survive, since he has time to do months of research. He’s gay, and he is definitely way against the wave after wave of de-culturalization utilized by US state department.

Read it here! “Woke Imperium: The Coming Confluence Between Social Justice and Neoconservatism”

And, so, now that jobs are shit jobs, we have the soft-shoe Bernays and cognitive warfare wonks getting Johnny and Sally and Juan and Anita to join the Army, USA CIA:

“Raised by two loving and inspiring mothers, Emma excelled in school. But as a college student, she realized the challenge she truly sought required a surprising new direction. See how our Soldiers’ lives could inspire your own”!

But back to living in the USA.

This is the 1928 sagging home. Foundation is sunken. Roof is shot. Windows are askew. Mold. And, the guy who did live there was from California. he cam up a few years ago to help his aging mother who was left living in it. She died, and he ended up living there with a dog, putting his BMW in the garage, heading to California half the year. Finallly, he got that blue collar amigo in Alaska to purchase it. A cool $150,000. He told the seller he’d be tearing it down and putting up a triplex or quadplex.

Lies, and in three months after he purchased it, sat on it from his 5000 square foot home in Alaska, that $150,000 buying price tag went to $299,000. He’s selling it now for $299,000. While sitting on his 20 Perenter Ass. At that price, a Texan or Californian will swoop in, with $1.5 million to buy it, demolish it, and put up something, either an Air B & B type thing, a duplex, or . . . .

Vultures! And I do not intend to impune those amazing creatures!

This is the landscape, here, in the Gringo Land, with endless fake news, fake humanity, fake stories, fake thinking, fake economies. This is the Woke Society that is Asleep at the Wheel. This is the society that has the wait and see sofa loving collective fear factor. It’s Monkey Pox, Nija Corona, Universal Bi-Annual Boosters. No baby formula in the grocery store. That wait and see Stockholm Syndrome.

So, Max (go to 2:14 — hours — in the above Mott interview. Mocking the unbelievable CIA ad for Woke BIPOC non-CIS gender folk) has this interesting researcher on, and the conversation is worth it. Watch that mocking version of the CIA recruitment video here.

Here’s the CIA’s idiotic version: The mocking version, should be the real ad for what the CIA has done and will continue to do to the world with BIPOC and LGBTQA+ happiness.

And, alas, what’s this got to do with Maggie and that 1928 dilapidated home? The housing market? The housing shortage. Blackrock buying up all the foreclosed houses. Buying many houses. Controlling multi-family housing, i.e. apartments?

This is the shit-show of our times. Truly a shit-show! Where the real problems of the day are not resolved, where criminals run free, where the biggest criminal outfit, CIA, is now launching its recruitment 4.0!

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