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Capitalism is the Monster/Ghost/Bioweapon in the Machine: Ukraine, Sudan, Yemen, China, Russia!

Before the Nazi Showcase, let’s look at just ONE example of the decay of the USA, the Empire, the Savagery of Capitalism. Take one piece of news, and, well, in my book, run with it. Utilize it to demostate just how savage Capitalism is. We all have our daily deluge of stories pointing to Capitalism’s Structural Homocide.

Just the absurdity and contradictions in this headline should blow a few tens of millions of gaskets in citizens?

“Private Equity Gloats Over A Doctor Glut”

Health care vultures helped create an oversupply of ER physicians — now they want to use the surplus to cut wages and limit care.

And, so, with 90 million baby boomers aging and sagging , and then one out of three people in USA in general with chronic illnesses, and many with co-morbities, and the self-harm being done, the fatty liver disease running rampant, the mental issues increasing, all of that, and the car accidents, and more, the USA has these evil decaying financial felons and their prostitute politicians fucking up yet more safety nets. While the citizens buy the bullshit of 1/6 Insurrection, while USA pays the supremely rip-off and Nazi Ukraine, now at $1.5 billion a month to keep their fucking evil government running, USA burns, floods, crumbles and ends up in one giant pot hole..

“ER staffing firm American Physician Partners (APP). The company, which operates ERs in 155 hospitals, has been trying — and failing — for months to raise $580 million to pay off creditors, including Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), who holds somewhere between $5 million and $25 million of the company’s debt.”

Oh, that Green should be shot. These companies and their soldiers of fortune, all of them should be taken out to the firing squad wall, and, well, shot: “Envision Healthcare, TeamHealth, SCP Partners, ApolloMD, and APP — are owned by private equity firms that have accumulated nine- or ten-figure sums of debt buying out smaller competitors. Making the interest payments required by that debt leaves no room for extravagances like higher doctor-patient ratios.”

And, HCA, and all of them in the boardroom, the investors, the higher ups and the middle managers, again, outside, in the woods, with the UkoNazis. easy as apple pie.

The most prominent driver of the ER doc glut, doctors say, is the hospital giant HCA Healthcare, which has emerged as the nation’s largest single sponsor of post-med school residency programs.

This is a recent development: Until 2015, HCA’s annual report contained a boilerplate sentence about how its hospitals “do not typically engage in extensive medical research and education programs.” Last year, the company issued a press release welcoming an incoming class of two thousand medical residents and boasting of being the “largest provider of graduate medical education” in the country.

Physicians with experience in various outposts of the hospital chain’s burgeoning educational empire say that HCA is exploiting residents at the expense of their educations and future patients. Doctors familiar with HCA residencies in Florida, for example, say the programs are often run by physicians with flimsy-to-nonexistent academic credentials, and many say they are mystified as to how the programs first gained accreditation.

Now, just ramp this up, and look at every stock holder, every boardroom, every Fortune 5000 company, all the them, sucking the blood of the citizens. The “services” throughout the land — hiring outfits, HR, payroll, research, staffing, etc., etc., all outsourcing outfits, third party rip-off units, and then all the rip-off Salesforce and Indeed “services” systems sucking nickels for each nanosecond of what they do — stripping away the cohesion of a company, or a business — and here we are: A Nation of OUTSOURCING and MIDDLE men/women. .

It’s the rent-a-cop on military bases formula. It is outsourcing and Zoom Sourcing and sucking a decent company’s resources dry. Vulture Capitalism, as in Bain, the Romney little extortion racket.

“These hospitals have so few nurses left that the residents are stuck doing all the IV bags, changing the sheets, while any patient with a moderately complex case is going elsewhere,” said one physician familiar with HCA residency programs, who asked to remain anonymous because they live in a state where the company has substantial market power.

And this is it for the political whores, the entire system that is the Savagery of Capitalism, this so-called representative democracy (not) whereby lobbies and lawyers and layer upon layer of rip-off scheme keep this sham going.

Nothing works. I filed a Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) complaint about the job I had two jobs ago: ageism, sexism, bizarre supervisor coming into my office and unloading, etc. etc. Telling me about her rapes. TWO years ago. That state-run outfit, all the investigators, the screeners, the judges, dead humanity, and still no word, no decision. And, an unemployment claim, 9 months ago, from the last shit-hole job I had, and that was denied, I appealed, and that judge found in favor of the shit-hole nonprofit, and one more appeal by me, and alas, have I heard word on that? On the BOLI? This is the system of middle managers and paper pushers/mouse clickers.

These are human scum too, these state agencies, here, in this fucked up Blue State Ore-GUN. Everything now is rigged against the 80 Percent, that is, those of us with no clout, no bank accounts ready for litigation, and alas, even smart ones like me, while we can navigate these systems of oppression, the end result is these state departments are full of evil, lazy, idiots. Made to fail. Made to fail us.


Here you go for masturbation of the Holly-dirt/USA kind. How many billions worldwide will this USA propaganda show make?

And yet, and yet. Donbass. Women and children and marketplaces and maternity wards BOMBED by the USA and France, vis-a-vis the weapons of the west. With the aid of Musk satellites. Bono from U2 will come to the rescue of Ukraine. Go to the Telgram channel and follow “Donbass Devushka” or “Russell Texas Bentley” or “Jim “Fergie” Chambers” or “Grahama Phillips” or “Brian Bertic’s Newsatlas” or “Ukrainian Policy Matters.”

Be a human, and stay off the putrid MSM, the legacy media. Having my angst with these scum in Oregon, with the IRS, with the pigs around me who have Trump Derangement Syndrome, who think Biden is Better than Rapist Trump, and then having people cancel me, or shut their fucking ears about crimes of USA, UK, ZioLensky Ukraine, yes, this is nothing compared to what Russell Texas Bentley has witnessed today and the past few days as the Ukraine Nazi Military sends rockets into schools.

One of the heaviest artillery attacks on the center of Donetsk city civilian areas by US/Ukrop nazis in the last 8 years of war, happened today, June 13th. 

At this point, it’s not even news. If you don’t know by now who’s the good guys and who are the mass murdering coward terrorist war criminals, I got nothing more to say to you. 

And if you DO know who is who and what is what, well, the time for talk is over. Our enemies are YOUR enemies too, and soon enough, and I mean REAL soon, they will be killing you and yours just like they are killing us. Your choice is clear – You can bend over and take it, or you can stand up and fight. It’s life or death, us or them, starting NOW. Get to work! DAVAI!

He’s 62, and we have corresponded.

So, Gringos, so Yankees, so Confederates, so Woke Wimps, so Educated (sic) Elites, so Rotten Politicians, so Old White Women, so Young Uneducated Students. Those are the ones killing kids because they put their fucking yellow and blue and rainbow face masks on in pathetic spineless ways.

Here, educate yourselves:

The town of Telmanovo was shelled by the Kiev junta’s punitive forces on June 4, 2015, from Granitnoye village, Volnovaha region, controlled by the junta’s forces. The shelling that abruptly started at around 19:45 took away the life of a 5-year old boy, Vanya Nesteruk, who was playing outside with his friends at that time. Three adults were injured. The shelling targeted the private households and the school stadium. More than 20 rockets have hit Telmanovo on that day. The United States-supported Kiev’s punitive forces continued the shelling on the following day as the “Essence of Time” war correspondent, call sign “Texas”, was interviewing the locals on camera.

The West, the EuroTrash, the UK Genetic Defects, the Australian Penal Colony Losers, the Klanadians, that is were we are at now, with their vast supply of propaganda, their thieving of countries’ assets in banks, their poisons, their bioweapons, their other conventional arms/bombs/bullets, they are the demons.

Tag into Brian’s YouTube site,

But better yet, you can’t get the Ukraine News because he has been deplatformed, or banned from You Tube on that accord.

Go to Andrei’s Patreon Channel:

Then, this guy, a global devil, hateful, rotten to the core:

In an attempt to arouse more sympathy from its Western partners, the Kiev regime is changing its rhetoric and even begining to recognize the real situation of the Ukrainian army on the battlefield.

On June 12, Vladimir Zelensky signed a law allowing the Ukrainian command to use territorial defense fighters to perform tasks in areas of military operations.

The Territorial Defense is a paramilitary structure created in the wake of Euromaidan. At the beginning of 2022, its brigades included about two million fighters.

The so-called Teroborona units consist of Maidan activists, nationalists and veterans of the war in Donbass. Basically, these are not professional military, but rather civilians who have not received the necessary training. They were mainly used as armed groups serving the interests of local business.

Previously, members of Teroborona were exempted from conscription in case of hostilities in Ukraine. However, after the start of Russia’s military operation, some of them had to take part in hostilities for which they were not ready either morally or technically.

Dozens of Ukrainian units complained about the huge losses and lack of weapons and training, pointing out that they were sent to the front lines illegally.

As a result, Zelensky’s decree legalized sending untrained members of Teroborona to the front as cannon fodder for the professional Russian army. Zelensky’s current decision confirms the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. (source)


  • As of June 13, the fierce battle for the city of Severodonetsk continues. The recent days were marked by several incidents which confirmed the deplorable situation for the Armed Forces Of Ukraine in the city. The AFU confirmed the loss of control over the center of Severodonetsk
  • On June 13, Denis Pushilin, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, said that the attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of populated areas in the DPR had become more frequent, in connection with which he noted the need to increase the military contingent of the Russian Federation and the DPR. He claimed that “An understanding has been reached that all the necessary additional forces of the allied forces, primarily the Russian Federation, will be involved”. The head of the republic also noted that Ukrainian soldiers violate the rules of combat and use prohibited methods of warfare.
  • One of the AFU attacks with CAESARs was recorded on June 12 in the center of Donetsk. The DPR representative in the JCCCP confirmed that the strikes were made by the French self-propelled howitzer CAESAR with a caliber of 155 mm. The attack was ordered by Ukrainian Colonel Roman Vladimirovich Kachur, commander of the 55th Separate Artillery Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a result of shelling in the Kirovsky district of Donetsk an elderly woman born in 1938 was injured.

The Fucking French:

This is how the Nazi’s of Ukraine, and the Jewish “head” of the snake deal with people of UKRAINE:

  • Three people were killed as a result of the shelling. At least 18 more civilians were injured, including 2 children. Among those killed were a young woman and her 11-year-old son. During the artillery shelling, several retail outlets were destroyed, cars were damaged. Fire crews of the Ministry of Emergency Situations arrived at the scene.

This is pathetic, sad, end of brain power in the USA, where you, I, have to go to super alternative sites to find information about the Nazi’s of the Ukraine Run by a Jewish Comi of Ukraine who murder children! And then there is racist Israel, a friend of Zelensky;


Because we are as blind to our own tribalism as Meretz is to its racism towards Palestinians, we cannot understand why anyone else might fear us more than we fear them. Our “superior” civilization has cultivated in us a solipsism, a narcissism, that refuses to acknowledge our threatening presence in the world.

The Russians could never be responding to a threat – real or imagined – that we might pose by expanding our military presence right up to Russia’s borders.

The Russians could never see our NATO military alliance as primarily aggressive rather than defensive, as we claim, even though somewhere in a small, dark mental recess where things that make us uncomfortable are shoved we know that Western armies have launched a series of direct wars of aggression against countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, and via proxies in Syria, Yemen, Iran and Venezuela.

The Russians could never genuinely fear neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine – groups that until recently Western media worried were growing in power – even after those neo-Nazis were integrated into the Ukrainian military and led what amounts to a civil war against ethnic Russian communities in the country’s east.

In our view, when Putin spoke of the need to de-Nazify Ukraine, he was not amplifying Russians’ justifiable fears of Nazism on their doorstep, given their history, or the threat those groups genuinely pose to ethnic Russian communities nearby. No, he was simply proving that he and the likely majority of Russians who think like he does are insane.

More than that, his hyperbole gave us permission to bring our covert arming of these neo-Nazis groups out into the light. Now we embrace these neo-Nazis, as we do the rest of Ukraine, and send them advanced weaponry – many billions of dollars worth of advanced weaponry.

So, we go from ER doctors, and that one story, that one aspect of Zombie and Predatory and Casino Capitalism, to the Lies of Ukraine and UK and USA and EU!

I’ll be doing a feature on Texas Bentley. Long live the Texan, who is a communist like yours truly!

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