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You don’t need old episodes of F-Troop to let you know how rotten a country is that utilizes death machines, mercenaries in uniform, entire budgets for bullets and bombs to annilihate people.

We are talking about total integration of the war machine, war mentality, war budgeting, war propaganda, war mentality, war products/by-products into American, that is, AmeriKKKan, culture and society.


There is a short piece over at MintPress News on the great female-mother led General Dynamics. The piece is about how GD is in total control of the narrative, and even has ways to shunt the true debates around just how much taxpayer money goes to these Angels and Devils of Death.

“General Dynamics recently rejected a human rights proposal on the grounds that it would “undermine shareholder value and more notably, “embed radical skepticism toward U.S. foreign policy.” by Shea Leibow. Here, a pulled quote from Leibow:

That is why now is a critical time to focus on pulling money away from these weapon-manufacturing corporate behemoths. Divesting money from weapons manufacturers, whether that is through divesting your church, university, or city budget, not only pulls financial resources from these death-dealing corporations but also demonstrates to them that there are dissenting communities across the U.S. who do not believe their lies about “just doing their jobs.” Pushing your Congressional representative to divest from war by refusing to take campaign contributions from weapons manufacturers is another powerful way to disrupt weapon manufacturers’ manipulation of U.S. policy for their own profit.

I then followed up in the comments section, since Mint Press News seems to be on the outs, censored to death, and PayPal crushed. I wake up with coffee, orange, and a couple of hours of slamming Big Brother and the Agnotologists. Here, comments from me, as pablosharkman:

Divesting from military industrial complex, these weapons manufacturers, these offensive military billion-dollar publicly traded outfits means the end of capitalism. The “complex” is a many rooted toxic tree. Any college that runs an engineering department, runs a drone program, runs communications classes, that runs arts and sciences and liberal arts, all of it, that college has blood on its hands, of course. Teaching young people to go out there and get good paying jobs, well, that’s the cost of killing.

They learn how to game the world, with lies, legal gymnastics, propaganda, business tricks. All those football fields and game days with US military units bringing up the flag. All those ROTC programs. All the junk in video games that teach younger and younger folk to shoot-shoot-shoot. All the investment portfolios that are tied to seemingly green and innocuous companies, like battery manufacturing. One side of the company makes batters for cardic pacemakers, but the real profits comes from batteries in guided missiles and other such maiming and murdering junk.

Then, we have all these Woke companies hiring on women, he-she-they pronoun holders, all the daycare centers and bring a dog to work fun and games. Again, welfare for the rich, for the companies, and savagery for the 80 percent.

Remember, it is not the point zero-zero one percent. It is the 19.999 percent of Americans who are the Eichmann’s, the woke abusers and murder incorporated soldiers and captains and colonels making a killing off of death.

Militaries need cities to run, so, every A/C unit, every roll of toilet paper, every floor of a hospital, every hamburger fried, every school room staffed, well, you get it. The military, the tech companies, the surveillance state, the entire mess of USA Capitalism are enbedded in every breath every single American takes.

Copper, coal, colbalt, cotton, carbs, crime, colleges — that is the system, so pulling any one part from the whole would be like taking one cardiac artery out of old Uncle Joe’s heart. He ain’t gonna live!

And, then following up my follow up, I look at the systems of oppression, the systems that keep those planes, jets, helicopters and drones afloat:

And, just coursing through this P.O.S. outfit’s bizarre writing style and focus points,

Annals of War: May 16, 2022 Issue, New Yorker — “The Turkish Drone That Changed the Nature of Warfare.
The Bayraktar TB2 has brought precision air-strike capabilities to Ukraine and other countries. It’s also a diplomatic tool, enabling Turkey’s rise.” By Stephen Witt

You will see how the systems of education, religion, money, power, inventiveness, war, fun and game are all wrapped up to get us here. Yes, Turkey, and Islam. But, remember, many of the war manufacturers, the diode and drone behemoths, they are in the land of apartheid, Israel.

Quoting here:

…I spoke with Bayraktar in March, via video. He was in Istanbul, at the headquarters of his company, Baykar Technologies, which employs more than two thousand people. When I asked him about the use of his drones in Ukraine, he told me, “They’re doing what they’re supposed to do—taking out some of the most advanced air-defense systems and armored vehicles in the world.” Bayraktar, who is forty-two years old, has a widow’s peak, soft eyes, and a slightly off-center nose. He was flanked by scale models of new drones, mounted on clear plastic stands, which he displayed to me with the unconcealed pride of an aviation geek. “Any U.A.V. built today to fly, I pilot it myself, because I, like, love it,” he told me. Bayraktar, who has more than two million Twitter followers, uses his account to promote youth-education initiatives, celebrate Turkish martyrs, and post pictures of new aircraft designs. “Some people here consider him like Elon Musk,” Federico Donelli, an international-relations researcher at the University of Genoa, told me.

In May, 2016, Bayraktar married Sümeyye Erdoğan, the youngest daughter of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey’s President. Erdoğan is the leader of a political Islamist movement that, the analyst Svante Cornell has written, wishes “to build a powerful, industrialized Turkey that serves as the natural leader of the Muslim world.” Turkey’s arms industry has grown tenfold in the past twenty years, and most of the country’s military equipment is now manufactured locally. “The Bayraktars, and particularly the TB2s, have turned into the flagship of the Turkish defense industry,” Alper Coşkun, a former Turkish diplomat, told me….


Then, of course, the Jews, working with the CryptoChristians: How would Moses bomb? What Would Jesus Invest In?

“How Israel became a leader in drone technology: Israel did what it generally does best – to innovate using existing technology to solve a problem that Israel faces.”

J Post

Israel’s drone pioneers not only built the IAI Scout, which was active in 1982 and after, they had also developed the Tadiran Mastiff in the 1970s. IAI and Tadiran would work together in the 1980s when the US took interest in Israeli drones. Eventually Israel’s innovations led to the development of the AAI RQ-2 Pioneer, which was introduced in 1986 and developed through American and Israeli cooperation between AAI and IAI’s Malat or “drone” division. These technological innovations would help the US in the 1991 Gulf War.

Drones wouldn’t find their full calling until 2001 when one of the first drone strikes would be carried out by the US General Atomics MQ-1 Predator. The innovations that led to the Predator also had Israeli origins in Abraham Kerem, an aeronautical engineer born in Iraq who moved to Israel as a teenager and eventually founded a company in the US. Using experience gained as a designed for the Israel Air Force, he designed Amber, a drone forerunner of the Predator.

If Israel was there at the beginning of the drone revolution, like the Wright brothers, it is also there at the cutting edge of the current wave of drone wars. The country became a “superpower” in UAVs. Globes said in 2011: “At a base in central Israel, an even more advanced UAV is in operation. It is the cutting edge in IDF unmanned vehicles, capable of reaching any place that the Israeli intelligence community might want to go. Even Iran.” That was eight years ago. Iran is thinking the same thing. In March 2019 it launched dozens of drones during an exercise titled “toward Jerusalem 1.” An Iranian drone even penetrated Israeli airspace in February 2018. In response, Israel struck the T-4 base the drone came from and other areas in Syria.


So, ALL the railing against the system (sic) gets us just more digital ink, but no change. And to completely depress my readers, take a look at the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Education:

“How Education International is Pushing Teachers’ Unions into the 4th Industrial Revolution/ Why have teachers’ unions been pushing ed-tech that is driving schools into the 4IR?

Look no further than Education International, a global federation tied to UNESCO & the WEF that dominates most teachers’ unions in the US and beyond.”

This is the brave new world these college grads and investment funds and globalists are creating in their sleep. And the unions? The leadership? They are all in on it.

Unlimited Hangout


….To put it all together, Fred Van Leeuwen, who is Education International’s General Secretary Emeritus, and Jelmer Evers, who is an activist member of EI, have been organizing unionized teachers in coordination with the public-private world governance stratagems of UNESCO, the WEF, and Big Tech. These efforts are aimed at micromanaging technocratic schooling in a transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution that is superintended by a Global Union Federation of educators bundled together under the umbrella of Education International. Of course, the transhumanist bent of EI’s UNESCO-WEF collaborations can be traced back to the eugenic histories of UNESCO and the World Economic Forum. Indeed, the first Director-General of UNESCO, Julian Huxley, coined the concept of transhumanism as the next phase of eugenics after he served as the President of the British Eugenics Society. Similarly, the World Economic Forum, which has advocated for Malthusian-eugenic population control since the WEF’s inception, was founded by transhumanist Klaus Schwab, whose family tree has roots connected to the eugenic regime of Adolph Hitler. (For a deep dive into the Schwab family’s Nazi-eugenic legacy, read Johnny Vedmore’s “Schwab Family Values”)…..

Remember, these drone folk, these military mercenaries, these grand schemers of the AI-VR-Robotic-UAV war games come from USA colleges, many of which are state college, not just the rotten MIT’s of the world. These people go to them, maybe take a philosophy course, or political science course, or see political actions on campus, but in the end, it is all about the billions. And, with the Zoomification of Education (sic), there will be no on-campus rallies, romps, rowdy students doing any street theater or big protests. That’s exactly the point in nanny nation. It’s all going to be at home, with old fido at your feet while wearing the Marvel comic book PJs and sipping the sugar-free Pepsi:

Fuck teachers. Fuck debate. Fuck liberal arts. Fuck a broad swath of exposure to a broad range of ideas. Fuck people. Fuck bricks and mortar. This world will be in an 8 by 10 room, with all the digital implants, the AI and AR and VR. You can be living in the fucking Taj Mahal. With a click of a switch. And, alas, it’s also about sending a Tweet via a brain implant. And, this is not some Phillip Dick book. This is now.

And this is science. Follow the science. Like all things in the world, the space programs, the pharmacy programs, the ag programs, the education programs, the law programs, the sociology programs, the psychology programs, the communication programs, the art programs, the writing programs, the anthropology programs, the chemistry programs, and on and on (just think of all the departments on a big campus) they are all connected to and embedded with the military machine that is the United States of Arms. All of them are in the service of the military industrial complex in some way or form. Looking at an innovation with water shortage mitigation, using drones and satellites to assess the drought, well, that will be used by the various Satans of the world for economic, food, water, bomb blasting warfare. And, do not be fooled. It is a small elite of folk doing the messing around on a large scale. That elite’s backgrounds and upbringings and politics and family tied and religious indoctrination, all of it, very important to understand and detail out.

Interesting story here, but first the image,

A new study shows that young women with a Jewish upbringing are 23 percentage points more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree than non-Jewish young women of similar socioeconomic status. Jewish women also attend more selective universities than women from other religions in the United States.

Published in the American Sociological Review“From Bat Mitzvah to the Bar: Religious Habitus, Self-Concept, and Women’s Educational Outcomes” also shows that girls with two Jewish parents have even higher educational attainment than do girls with one Jewish parent. In addition, Jewish girls do better academically than Jewish boys, with 81 percent of Jewish girls graduating from a four-year college, but only 61 percent of Jewish boys earning undergraduate degrees.

Ahh, the implications are enormous. Truly tribal. Truly connected to the families, especially now, who are rally connected. The Jewish connections are immense, for such a minority among minorities. And, I know for a fact, that the study above will not look at what becomes of these great performing women. Will they team up with a spouse later in life? And, that spouse . . . hmmm . . . so you are a superstar female nonprofit ED, but you end up with, a superstar MBA or tax lawyer.? You get it. What are their values when it comes to empire, the apartheid mothership Israel, war, investing, and, domination? The study (aove) looks at a happiness index for them, as if balancing high octane education and machinations with sousehood and motherhood is really a question.

It’s always amazing to get books, reports, education platforms, documentaries, white papers, et al given/delivered by Jewish women and men about, well, all things not white or Jewish. You know, millions of “things” about Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, the Poor White Trash, Muslims, Christians, et al, those are delivered to us, even those of us in post graduate land, by a chosen few. The power of the brain. The power of the Jewish minority. What are the implications of an elite coming from elites in their bubble of elites giving the world their two cents and their massive control systems?

Back to the Turk:

Özdemir set out to secure government support for Selçuk’s drones. Özdemir was friendly with Necmettin Erbakan, an Islamic nationalist and a vitriolic critic of Western culture. Turkey had been a secular republic since the nineteen-twenties, but Erbakan, ​​a professor of mechanical engineering, believed that by investing in industry and grooming technological talent the country could become a prosperous Islamic nation. In 1996, Erbakan had been elected Turkey’s Prime Minister, but he resigned from the post under pressure from the armed forces, and was banned from politics for threatening to violate Turkey’s constitutional separation of religion and the state. (Erbakan, who had developed connections with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, blamed his ouster on “Zionists.”)

Bayraktar briefed Erbakan on his work, and by the mid-two-thousands Bayraktar was spending his school breaks embedded with the Turkish military. The Bayraktar family also had ties to Erbakan’s protégé, Erdoğan, who was elected Prime Minister in 2002. Bayraktar’s father had been an adviser to Erdoğan when he was a local politician in Istanbul, and Bayraktar recalled Erdoğan visiting the family house.

Bayraktar’s first drone, the hand-launched Mini U.A.V., weighed about twenty pounds. In early tests, it flew about ten feet, but Bayraktar refined the design, and soon the Mini could stay aloft for more than an hour. Bayraktar tested it in the snowy mountains of southeastern Anatolia, surveilling the armed rebels of the P.K.K., a Kurdish separatist movement. Feron recalled his astonishment when he contacted Bayraktar in the mountains. “He has no hesitation to go to the front lines, to really the worst conditions that the Turkish military can go into, and basically be with them, and live with them, and learn directly from the user,” he said. Bayraktar told me he prefers to field-test a drone in an active combat theatre. “It needs to be battle-hardened and robust,” he said. “If this doesn’t work at ten-thousand-feet elevation, at minus-thirty-degrees temperature, then this is just another item that you have to carry in your backpack.”

Bayraktar began developing a larger drone. In 2014, he débuted a prototype of the TB2, a propeller-driven fixed-wing aircraft large enough to carry munitions. That year, Erdoğan, who was facing term limits as Prime Minister, won the Presidential election. A popular referendum had given him control of the courts as well, and he began using his powers to prosecute political enemies. “They arrested not only a quarter of active-duty admirals and generals but also many of Erdoğan’s civil-society opponents,” Soner Cagaptay, who has written four biographies of Erdoğan, told me. Bayraktar dedicated his prototype to the memory of Erdoğan’s mentor, Erbakan. “He gave all his life’s work to changing the culture,” Bayraktar said. (In his posthumously published memoirs, Erbakan asserted that, for the past four hundred years, the world has secretly been governed by a coalition of Jews and Freemasons.)

Oh, come on, that bold last few words are not so unusual, now, and will these be picked out of Word Press as antisemitic, and, alas, will the algorithm either black the words out like all those trillions of pages of government documents, or will the site be hacked, or closed, or . . . . ?

Back to the 25th mosgt powerful woman in the world, Phoebe of General Dynamics: Wikipedia,

  • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Phebe Nevenka Novakovic
  • Фиби Новаковић
  • Born November 1957
  • Education Smith College (BA)
  • University of Pennsylvania (MBA)
  • Spouse(s) David Morrison
  • Phebe Novakovic (Serbian Cyrillic: Фиби Новаковић) is an American businesswoman and former intelligence officer. She serves as the Chairwoman and Chief Executive Officer of General Dynamics. As of 2018, she is listed as the world’s 25th most powerful woman in business by Forbes.

Novakovic is of Serbian descent. Phebe Novakovic graduated from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1979 and received an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1988.

She worked for the Central Intelligence Agency.[5] From 1997 to 2001, she worked for the United States Department of Defense.

She joined General Dynamics in 2001.She became president and Chief Operation Officer in 2012. She has served as the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of General Dynamics since January 2013.

She has sat on the Board of Directors of Abbott Laboratories since 2010. As of 2018, she is listed as the 25th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes, rising from 56th in 2015 and 65th in 2014. In 2020 she was appointed a director of J. P. Morgan Chase.

Here we go, the Hillary Pant Suit brigade:

A picture is not worth a few words because the few words count more than all the depleted uranium projectiles in the world:

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