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more and more people on all sides of the Nato-Russia-Ukraine have zero idea how blunt those weapons are and what it means to have militaries . . . the Military Industrial Complex is, well, complicated since it is embedded into almost everything!

Recall all those shoot-to-kill orders in the USA and other places where, say, people protest the murder of MLK, and then, bam, there are fires, broken windows, overturned cars and then people smash and grabbing baby food, baby diamons, baby sized stereos. That is the law of the land, right — once an emergency is “called” by the powers that be, the pigs (cops, another blunt force pounding the citizens nail) get to come in, with National Guard, too, and find their targets.

US cops and The Guard and other enforcers have the right to shoot to kill someone breaking into a Starbucks stealing a load of coffee or the cash register. Shooting to kill some kids taking a $300 tv.

In 1967, Miami police Chief Walter Headley used the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” during hearings about crime in the Florida city, invoking angry reactions from civil rights leaders, according to a news report at the time.

“He had a long history of bigotry against the black community,” said professor Clarence Lusane of Howard University.

“The NAACP and other black organizations had for years complained about the treatment of the black community by Miami police. At this hearing, in discussing how he would deal with what he called crime and thugs and threats by young black people, he issued this statement that the reason Miami had not had any riots up to that point, was because of the message he had sent out that ‘when the looting starts, the shooting starts,’ ” Lusane said.

Headley was head of the police force for 20 years and referred to his “get tough” policy on crime during a 1967 news conference as a war on “young hoodlums, from 15 to 21, who have taken advantage of the civil rights campaign. … We don’t mind being accused of police brutality.”

Oh, the law of the land. We are the beasts, and they — the authorities, those in mayor’s and governor’s offices — have ultimate powers to shoot to kill. Mandates, forced masking, all the powers of agencies to put new laws on the books, and there we are.

What is that humanitarian crime, the outcome on the people of Yemen, Syria, blockades on Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua? What are those reverberations? A few extra dollars for a kilo of maiz? Fifty cents more for a gallon of gas? Water bills doubled? Food off the shelves, and buyer beware — shortages (contrived or perceived)? That is Ukraine, and the warnings by Putin, whether he’s Putin the Dictator or not, were there. Who is to blame for Ukranian Comic Billionaire President’s Great Last Stand? Zelensky, I believe, and the USA, and, yep, Putin invaded, in his form of cleaning up the bad hombres. You got it, UNHCR?

Yet, oh yet, how many Panama Papers and other leaks:

What are the Panama Papers? A guide to history’s biggest data leak

What is Mossack Fonseca, how big is it, and who uses offshore firms? Key questions about one of the biggest ever data leaks:

It is Putin, no?

The Panama Papers began in the oldfashioned way a leaker contacted the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich eventually offering...

[The Panama Papers began in the old-fashioned way: a leaker contacted the Süddeutsche Zeitung, in Munich, eventually offering up millions of documents]

Pandora Papers: Ukraine leader seeks to justify offshore accounts/ Files obtained by ICIJ claim Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his partners established a network of offshore companies in 2012.

[Zelensky awards Right Sector commander Dmytro Kotsyubaylo the “Hero of Ukraine” award]

Shit, Ukraine, Russia, Nato, US-UK, and all the fear porn, war porn, and we have this going on while the world cancels vodka and cats and anything Russian:

Drawn from across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, participants at the Forum examined policymaking that drives defence-economic trends. The event was centred on a concentrated afternoon of plenary sessions, while also offering an unparalleled opportunity for bilateral and multilateral meetings, both public and private, on national defence policies, structures and capabilities.

The IISS Riyadh Defense Forum took place at the Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh, on Saturday 5 March 2022, and was deliberately scheduled to precede the inaugural World Defense Show. The Forum was an invitation-only event for ministers of defence procurement, chiefs of defence, defence-procurement senior officers and officials, and global business leaders, who wish to engage in the Middle East and understand the dynamics of policymaking as it affects international defence industry and capability. 

These are serious folk, at the top, high end college degrees, lots of internships with the elite, and they are the lords of discipline, lords of finance, lords of who lives and who dies. They are the umbrella for all that is the military industrial/finance/extraction/resource COMPLEX. And even the non-Caucasians-Anglos-Whites, they believe that the white “race” is the “race” that deserves, well, more than the exceptionalist tag.

We can parse it all up over at Mint Press News —

“We are living in dangerous times. All around the world, intense military actions are taking place. Last week alone, Russia launched a huge military invasion of Ukraine; Saudi Arabia carried out dozens of strikes on Yemen; Israel launched a wave of deadly missile attacks against Syria; and the United States restarted its bombing campaign in Somalia.

These four deadly incidents happened concurrently. Yet judging by media coverage, it is highly unlikely that many will even be aware of the final three. A MintPress News study of five leading Western media outlets found that overwhelming attention was paid to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while the others were barely mentioned, if at all.”

THE OUTRAGE MACHINE — It’s Different, They’re White: Media Ignore Conflicts Around the World to Focus on Ukraine

We can see story after story about the humanitarian suffering in Ukraine, on the road. And, yet:

Al-Attar and her friends were baffled but they had no choice other than to continue on foot.

Along the way, an endless stream of vehicles filled with Ukrainians queued on the road to Poland. Cars were moving at a snail’s-pace and so people opened their homes to fellow Ukrainians, Meryem Saber, also part of the group, told Al Jazeera by phone from Warsaw.

“They offered them [Ukrainians] food, water, and a place to rest,” said the 21-year-old Moroccan pharmacy student. “But when they saw us, they’d just turn their faces.”

African countries have been scrambling to evacuate their citizens from Ukraine since Russia sent troops across the border on Thursday [Wojtek Radwanski/AFP]

“They [Ukrainians] kept coming from the comfort of their cars, while we were left shivering in -10 degrees Celsius. They had no qualms seeing us walk in the snow and through woods with our luggage. It was so unkind and condescending,” al-Attar said as her voice shook.

The African Union (AU) says it is “disturbed” by reports that African nationals in Ukraine are been prevented from safely crossing the border to flee the raging conflict in the country.

In a statement late Monday, the pan-African body said: “[A]ll people have the right to cross international borders during conflict, and as such, should enjoy the same rights to cross to safety from the conflict in Ukraine, notwithstanding their nationality or racial identity.”

“They” all knew this would happen — the people left to their own devices. The billionaire Ukraine leader, well, he gets 100,000 weapons to distribute, and he gets billions in weapons, and, well, they knew this would happen: Women, children, the old, the sick, fending for themselves. That was the gambit. Make people BEFORE the hammer of Russian military madness started. We know the over racism of those Slavic countries, and of any white country, any France or Spain, any Britain or Italy. And yet, the South, the so-called Third World, they will come to other countries, out of desperation. That is the hammer of these weapons. Please, look at the people, the beautiful million-dollar smile people, at this arms summit:

But first the stuff they hawk:

What is sold?
The Grimmett Report describes items counted in the weapons categories as follows:

Tanks and Self-propelled Guns:
This category includes light, medium, and heavy tanks; self-propelled artillery; self-propelled assault guns.

This category includes field and air defense artillery, mortars, rocket launchers and recoilless rifles — 100 mm and over; FROG launchers — 100mm and over.

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Armored Cars:
This category includes personnel carriers, armored and amphibious; armored infantry fighting vehicles; armored reconnaissance and command vehicles.

Major Surface Combatants:
This category includes aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates.

Minor Surface Combatants:
This category includes minesweepers, subchasers, motor torpedo boats, patrol craft, motor gunboats.

This category includes all submarines, including midget submarines.

Guided Missile Patrol Boats:
This category includes all boats in this class.

Supersonic Combat Aircraft:
This category includes all fighter and bomber aircraft designed to function operationally at speeds above Mach 1.

Subsonic Combat Aircraft:
This category includes all fighter and bomber aircraft designed to function operationally at speeds below Mach 1.

Other Aircraft:
This category includes all other fixed-wing aircraft, including trainers, transports, reconnaissance aircraft, and communications/utility aircraft.

This category includes all helicopters, including combat and transport.

Surface-to-air Missiles:
This category includes all ground-based air defense missiles.

Surface-to-surface Missiles:
This category includes all surface-surface missiles without regard to range, such as Scuds and CSS-2s. It excludes all anti-tank missiles. It also excludes all anti-ship missiles, which are counted in a separate listing.

Anti-ship Missiles:
This category includes all missiles in this class such as the Harpoon, Silkworm, Styx and Exocet.

[Source, Richard F. Grimmett, Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 2004-2011 , A Congressional Research Service Report for Congress, August 24, 2012, p.82]

This is just a partial list of things the Complex forces down the throats of the innocents. Trillions, not a trillion a year, but trillions. And Zelensky knows, Putin knows, Boris knows, Biden knows, Macron and Trudeau know.

Five Eyes my ass —

[Headquarters of the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland (Source: Wikimedia/NSA)]

In 1972, a historical officer at the NSA produced a “Memorandum for the Record” entitled,

“Historical Note on the UKUSA COMINT Agreement,” which provides further insight into the formation of the agreement. It begins by noting that “[t]he question occasionally arises as to the governmental levels at which the UKUSA COMINT Agreement was authorized or approved” but quickly clarifies that “the President of the United States authorized an agreement in this field, and that the British Foreign Minister must have been aware of it.” (Compare that with, for example, the statement by David Lange, the former prime minister of New Zealand, who remarked that “it was not until I read [the] book [“Secret Power” by Nicky Hager, which details the history of New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau] that I had any idea that we had been committed to an international integrated electronic network.” He continued that “it is an outrage that I and other ministers were told so little, and this raises the question of to whom those concerned saw themselves ultimately answerable.”)

This is secret power, and all those people in the arms market, they are beyond the law, beyond humanity, beyond even the dictators like Biden or Putin, Goldman Sachs or Deutsche Bank.

There will be two responses to this book. One will be to take the easy course of dumping on Hager. He is quite small and can easily be dumped on. The other will be to challenge the existing assumptions and to have a rational debate on security and intelligence. I have always enjoyed taking the easier course but we may have been the poorer for it. — David Lange, Prime Minister of New Zealand 1984–89 from the book, Secret Power!

How many bloody warnings from Russia does it take to screw in a missile launcher? How many years of this had to go on. Now, the pundits, the rotten racists, all those anit-this and pro-that folk. Normal (they never were normal) conversations are back to “you for Putin by questioning the Ukraine narrative, then you need to be cancelled and worse.”

The warnings from Russia to not put more weapons into Ukraine, all of that, no matter how rotten Putin is, and he is rotten. Rotten like, now, let’s get that list going, and it is long. Think of all world leaders. Starting with those running the 5 eyes. And then just work your way through the alphabet of “countries,” those running the show, those with millions and billions stashed away while people are starving, homeless, unemployed. Yachts? Offshore accounts? Multiple residences?

Yet the average person needs that cut-out enemy, Russia. The insanity of it all, and it is insane. But again, the war profiteers, the mercenaries, the looters, the ones thieving and derailing humanity.

Then, there is Lindsay Graham, who is saying what Harris VP is thinking or Hillary State Department Clinton says about Putin.

[South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is facing intense pushback from all corners of Washington after calling for the Russian people to end the Ukraine war by assassinating President Vladimir Putin.]
[Boris Johnson does not back calls for the assassination of Vladimir Putin, but wants to see the Russian president held to account in front of an international court, Downing Street has said.]

These are not people, and, of course, that assassination team, who would they be, and that court of law, that international criminal court of law, who would that be? Positing the idea that any looters and war profiteers and gougers and those impeding anyone from fleeing harm’s way — anyone culling people’s bank accounts, anyone denying medical care, food, housing, or shutting off the gas, or water, anyone coming to the house at 2 am to repossess (sic) sofa, van, tools, any of it, all those great mouse warriors working the collection rackets, all of them nickle and diming and dollaring us all out of our money, with FEES, Hidden CHARGES, penalties, tolls, service charges, tickets, FINES, TRIPLE taxation, INTEREST rates, repossessions, foreclosures, evictions, court-lock-up-legal bills.

That is where we are at, now —

2022 SPEAKERS — FIRST PLENARY SESSION: Regional defence policy and economics in a global context

Fenella McGerty, Senior Fellow for Defence Economics IISS

Emile Hokayem,Senior Fellow for Middle East Security IISS

  • HE Ahmad Abdulaziz Al-Ohali, Governor, General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Kang, Eun Ho, Minister of Defense Acquisition, Defense Acquisition Program Administration, Republic of Korea
  • Lord Grimstone of Boscobel KtMinister of State (Minister for Investment), Department for International Trade and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, United Kingdom
  • Jed Royal, Deputy Director, Defense Security Cooperation Agency, United States

On January 17, Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis, writing for the website Declassified UKdisclosed that the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a nonprofit corporation funded by the U.S. Congress, had ploughed more than 2.6 million pounds into seven independent British media groups over the last five years.

The media groups included openDemocracy, the Media Legal Defence Intiative, Thompson Reuters and Bellingcat—which is known for promoting disinformation lending support for regime-change operations in countries such as Russia and Syria.

Though supporting the work of the Jimmy Carter Center to secure fair and transparent electionsthe NED has been involved since its founding in 1983 in trying to undermine or remove governments independent of Washington, including democratic ones in BoliviaEcuador and Venezuela.

Philip Agee, the late CIA whistleblower, wrote in the 1990s that “nowadays, instead of having the CIA going around behind the scenes and trying to manipulate the process by inserting money here and giving instructions secretly and so forth, they have now a sidekick, which is this National Endowment for Democracy, NED.”[1]

Who’s Who of Hawks — The Blob!

If the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Is Subverting Democracy—Why Aren’t Some of the Left Media Calling It Out?

By Jeremy Kuzmarov  March 4, 2022

“The list of the NED’s past Board members reads like a who’s who of neo-conservatives, Russophobes, regime-change specialists, and war hawks who constitute what Obama speechwriter Ben Rhodes famously called “the Blob”—or foreign policy establishment. The list includes”:

A person in a suit and tie

Description automatically generated with medium confidence
Former Board member Francis Fukuyama speaks at NED. His 1992 book The End of History and the Last Man justified U.S. imperialism, claiming that U.S.-style democracy and capitalism had triumphed during the Cold War and was superior to any other political-economic system. [Source:]
  • Henry Kissinger
  • Victoria Nuland
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski
  • Frank Carlucci (Reagan’s Defense Secretary and key figure associated with the assassination of Patrice Lumumba)
  • Madeleine Albright
  • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (extreme right-wing former congresswoman from Florida)
  • William Burns (current CIA Director)
  • General Wesley Clark
  • Norm Coleman (Republican supporter of the Iraq War who became Senator after his progressive opponent Paul Wellstone’s plane crashed)
  • Sally Shelton-Colby (late wife of CIA Director William Colby, former head of the murderous Phoenix operation. She served as treasurer of the NED in the mid 1980s)
  • Paula Dobriansky (State Department official who is the daughter of Ukrainian Nazi and holds sympathies with the far right)
  • Jean Bethke Elshtain (pro-war philosopher who advised President George W. Bush)
  • Francis “the end of history” Fukuyama
  • Richard Holbrooke
  • Fred Iklé (member of the Project for the New American Century)
  • Winston Lord (Kissinger associate and President of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1977 to 1985)
  • Anne-Marie Slaughter
  • Paul Wolfowitz

These are the cogs, the fodder, in the system — remember, that hammer is something else. Baby-killing hammers: Private army, private security, for-profit murderers, guns and bombers for hire, mercenaries, looters of lives! All legal. As legal as napalm and White phosphorus :

So. High end, beautiful people at these arms conferences, and all those connects with Ivy Leaguers and the London schools, all those vaunted people with shine on their shoes, they are, again, the lords of the world, and they love war, love love love war.Love: A war of words, a war of images, a war against people, against systems, against ideas, against land, against anything that might go up against their bottom line, which is MAKING money ANYWAY possible, with as MANY ways to HIDE the dirty PROFITS.

Some Chechen and Georgian volunteers also filmed themselves offering to fight for the Ukrainian military even before Zelensky said he would be accepting the foreign volunteers.

The private contractors also told MEE that they heard that Russia had also deployed infamous Russian state-linked private Wagner forces to the Ukrainian front. Wagner mercenaries are known for their far-right views.

The contractors said it was smart for Ukraine to accept foreigners with military experience, especially ex-special forces. “You cannot beat the Russian special forces in urban warfare with an armed general public,” the second contractor said. “They [foreign fighters] would be effective against Wagner as well.”

However, the contractor said he wasn’t personally planning to go to Ukraine.

“I started to work in this industry to make a lot of money,” he said. “You wouldn’t have a lot of luck against the Russian special forces, Wagner or the Chechens in an urban war.”

They are winning, the Googles, the Facebooks, the New York Times, and the lot of them:

Jonathan Cook: “It is simply astonishing how many western journalists, including normally cautious BBC reporters, are shamelessly fawning over young women building Molotov cocktails on the streets of Ukrainian cities like Kyiv.

Western journalists’ difficulty containing their identification with, and support for, Ukraine’s civilian ‘resistance’ must be maddening to Palestinians in tiny Gaza!

It’s suddenly sexy to make improvised explosives – at least, if the media consider you white, European and ‘civilised‘. “

It is worth it, no, these war hawks, with multiple millions in hidden accounts, in real estate, in the market?

In 1996 Madeleine Albright said on national TV that 500,000 Iraqi children dead from sanctions was “worth it”. A few months later she was confirmed by the US Senate as Secretary of State and nobody even questioned her about this statement. Transporting 500,000 first graders would take 6,667 school buses, making a line more than 50 miles long. Albright’s father, Josef Korbel, was also the mentor of Condoleezza Rice.

The hammers are people, Russians on tanks, at the helm of just a tank, with orders from the military industrial complex. This is their war, those companies’ big profit war. Make no bones about it — a million parts in that tank. Who is making all that stuff? Many hundreds of companies. Then the marketers, and the HR departments, and then the salespeople, the executive teams, all the parts makers, etc., etc. That is the Military Industrial Complex. Each part embedded with another company here, another investment portfolio there. Sort of like the life cycle of a thing, but in this case, the Military Industrial Complex Embedded Sources of Weapons!

But then, one tank shell in Gaza, shot by the other Hammer, the Israeli mercenaries:

So it goes — as Vonnegut says. What would Jesus Do? What would MLK Jr. do? How is it legal and ethical to go after EVERYTHING Russian? How is that fair? How is it truly fair to look at people’s names, decide they are Chinese, or Chinese American? Oh, remember they did the same to Mexicans and Mexican-Americans? Remember they did that Vietnamese refugees in this country? Remember they did it to anyone who might be from the Middle East after September 11, 2001?

What do we make of this tribalism, the elitism, the flavor of a company, the roots of a corporation, the identities? How many check boxes on those diversity questionnaires at the end of a job application?

It is compelling to see who delivers the news, who controls the media, if there is some small grouping of self-identifying people controlling the message? Pointing out that there is a perponderance of males in a company, or white males, or what have you, that is telling, no?

This is what I wrote in response to an Edward Curtian piece on how the New York Times is going after RFK, Jr. It was a musing. RE: “The New York Times’ Disgraceful and Deceitful Attack on Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.” :

Good stuff, Edward, today, looking at the attack on RFK, Jr by, lo and behold, NYT? There are so many elephants in the room when it comes to who controls not just money and media and science and medicine and education and law and such, real estate and financial schemes in America, UK, Klanada, Australia, EU. Who controls the narratives? It does matter the color of one’s skin, in the USA, I believe, and those people’s backgrounds and ethnic influences and histories. Malcolm X was Malcolm as the sum of all his parts, making him amazingly human. But we look at him from a very magnified lens. So why not that same lens behind how we are supposeed to look at just “one” current event, Ukraine? We have mainstream commercial media looking at any number of places from focused lense, on all countries in Africa or Latin America, but do we have those writers and prognosticators of that country’s origin? Nope.

Here, a different and refreshing view point of view:

Black Alliance For Peace —
“For African and Colonized Peoples, to Understand Ukraine: De-center Europe and Focus on Imperialism”

But the Kennedys are not going to cross the other rubicon, that is, where this power emenates from, really. You look at one newspaper, NYT, and that guy, that man who writes about how a homosexual movement in the USA needs kick-starting, Adam Nagourney (Out For Good: The Struggle to Build a Gay Rights Movement in America).

But we are the sum total of all our parts, and who we have as family, as mentors, as spiritual guides, as financial advisers, as influencers, as historical linchpins, all of that matters for Blacks, for Latinx, for German Americans, for African-Americans, et al. And with those who identify themselves as ethnically and racially and culturally Jewish. White Jewish!

But when it comes to the New York Times, well, how those editors and op-ed writers and reporters identify, hmm, is that not open for discussion? Is looking at Kamala Harris’s family a racist move? No. So, is looking at the New York (mostly Jewish) Times from a staff to staff family background lens antisemetic? It is informing of a lot of things, Edward.

I am struggling big time in my own world, and write for DV and other places —

And I have been put on David Horowitz’s list of liberal, communist and anti-Israel faculty.

Decades ago.

These staffers at the NYT, interestingly enough, overwhelmingly represent a very rarefied grouping of folk. How does one’s family and heritage and upbringing and education and geograpic and geopolitical influence, well, influence us?

I think it is difficult for folks even like me — I believe in radical socialism, democratic, and people centered — even to begin to look at the backgrounds of folk, even those in power positions at the vaunted NYT, without getting that Red Badge of Upside Triangle of Being labelled Anti-Jewish?

Look at the list, not necessarily just the source: And what’s that say about this one fellow with the NYT (Some, of course, call it, The Jew York Times, as a pun, and then as a bigoted aspersion) who goes after RFK, Jr.? Why is Adam on a rampage? Think hard about WHO he is, versus who Kennedy is. Again, New York City is unique in many ways in the USA, with a high number of Jewish identifying folk there. The calculus of who gets the job, who gets into the media, who gets onto the NYT’s staff directory, well, that is complicated, but it is who you know, and all about networking, too. But again, when we do a Wikipedia search of people to find out about them, where they come from, their roots, their identifcations, it makes for an interesting discussion to ponder influences and to ponder narratives, BUT it has to be a discussion that must be set forth as an open forum, not some racist or bigoted frame, and that includes no shouts of anti-Semitic.

I am not sure of the 100 percent accuracy of this list of the New York Times staff who identify as Jewish, but again, this newspaper isn’t just a New York City paper, so the influences count. Who’s who? Why? What worlds do they come from? Why they are the way they are? How do they think? Where are their influences?

<a href="http://&lt;!– wp:paragraph –> <p></p&gt; How Does the New York Times Lie About China and Its Health Care?

Peace be with you, Paul Haeder

Ahh, who are the neoliberal, neocon, neofascist HAMMERS? They are all there out in the open!

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