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If this is not sickening, foreboding, welcome, then, thank you, Christmas Eve . . . . Then connecting the dots by journalists to see how powerful TPTB are, well, then, let them wire us all — the entire house, the car, the backyard, and our fucking bodies. Is this legal? Passports to hell, that’s what has been foisted upon us. Who will complain that the CDC, of all agencies, has the power to get our travel records, records on who we are, our medical records, all of it? Once you take a freedom away, it’s gone forever, until you revolt and destroy the cancer. These are many freedoms scuttled.

The CDC last month ordered airlines to disclose passenger names and other information about those who have recently been in the eight southern African countries.


A little insight, via Snowden?

On Democracy Now.

These activity records were now available for the first time in a form called metadata. Things that are analogous to what a private detective would get from following you around in your daily life and taking pictures and writing down notes were now being produced by the smartphones in our pockets, by the laptops on our desk or on the couch next to us. But it was also coming from your TV. It was also coming from your car, you know, the systems inside of that. It was coming from automated license plate readers. All of these things for the first time were producing information, that now the government went, “What if we didn’t have to go to a judge in every individual case and say we thought this person was up to no good? What if, under the aegis of the threat of terrorism, we could say we want to collect all information that could potentially, theoretically, be relevant to a terrorism investigation before we need it? And we’ll simply say, ‘Look, we’re not going to look at this information if you’re not suspected of a crime, but we will still gather it about you as though you were committing a crime.’”

This is what changed, and this is what continues today. What has actually happened that expands this to an even greater state of alarm is that now this is a business model. Now corporations are getting into this, and they’re competing against each other to see who can provide a similar product, an even more attractive product, not just to governments, who they do sell this information to as a service, but also to advertisers and anyone else who’s willing to pay. That’s what’s changed.

Glenn Greenwald: “And I think it gets back to what Chris said: Julian was doing the kind of whistleblowing and reporting, like Ed was doing, that the government doesn’t want. And what they do, what they think is reporting, is when the CIA comes to you or the FBI comes to you and says, “Here’s the information we want to be published,” and then they go and publish it. And I think they are a huge impediment to so many of the goals that we’ve been talking about trying to reach, but also a crucial instrument that’s being used by these centers of authority to maintain these repressive structures in place.” (source)

Sheep. Numbered, tagged, tracked, recorded, filed, captured, data based, digitally imprisoned:

Travellers wait in line at the Philadelphia International Airport

We know that I am being tracked by accessing this article, and then, on Word Press? Reprinting the link and title and then commenting on why we need robust investigations on this “bug,” these jabs, and the origins of the SARS-CoV2 Super Duper DARPA Virus to End All Viruses.

The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses’
It’s all in the title
… by Jessica Rose

The bottom line here is this. We know that innate responses are vital to a healthy and optimally-functioning immune system. They are vitally integrated with and into the adaptive responses as these two branches work in impeccable, complex harmony. We also know that there are cases where vaccines have caused dysregulation of innate responses in humans. We also know that something is very, very wrong with these COVID-19 injectable products with regards to persistent hyperinflammation and a plethora of systemic and physiologically-comprehensive adverse events including death from micro-emboli formation and clotting. We also know that these authors have now provided evidence to support that these COVID-19 injectable products are modulating innate responses and that this isn’t limited to problems with COVID-19. Problems with fungi, other viruses and bacteria can be anticipated. VAERS has hundreds of thousands of reports of adverse events related to fungal infections, plagues of herpes zoster occurrences (shingles) indicating weakened immunity, cancers coming out of remission, and the list goes on. And most of these reports are made for adults.

Here’s the thing…

Since children have extraordinary capabilities with regards to dealing with COVID-19 via their innate immune system responses, what will happen to them if these are not only by-passed by these injections, but knocked down by them?

Figure 4: The kids are alright. Leave them alone.

Again, tracking, snooping, spying, snitching, singleing out, denigrating, interrogating, intercepting, vilifying, criminalizing, demonizing.

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Tis the season!

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