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Reset #5 poem

by Paul Haeder / December 8th, 2021

Australia's Barrier Reef erupts in color as corals spawn

ready set go
bio-net turns to 5G
power of lasers
drones magnificent
controlling body temperature
flooding corpuscles with
flavanols on command
demanding love
titrating lithium

Peter Brueggeman photos

gnats metal diode torsos
gripping buildings
computer aphids in trees
matrices spreading everywhere
modulated wherever
you go, dreams foretold
masters of illusion

conifer - Pollination | Britannica

some want backbreaking digging
simple sweat glands soil
percolating humanity
others squeeze acrylics
onto canvases deep
inside woods

A dust storm in the Sahara

but the masses
are amassing for meta
verses, music already
prepackaged, dirges
only syncopated with
6 G reverberations
inside spinal fluid

The COVID-19: Locust Swarm and its impact on infrastructure in emerging  markets — LawMiracle

there are no real sci-fi
stories, just lamentations
cowboys and Indians
trekking along starships
yet human touch
outlawed in schools
public displays of affection

Breathtaking Shots of Millions of Flamingos | Most beautiful birds,  Flamingo, Beautiful birds

then you say
no reset, just tinfoil
mad hatters, jabberwocky
of unrealized youth
conspiracies of souls
all good men, good women
enter S.T.E.M. with
higher ideals, good of
country countryside continents
everlasting communities
might as well stay in hive
ants or termites
lovely colonies
held at bay

Step Feed

drones digital dungeons
apples as crispy as
Eden bio-mimicry
ten million colors
Mac screens, inserted
VDTs of corneal transplants

HD wallpaper: group of fish, sea, underwater, shoal of fish, animal, animal  wildlife | Wallpaper Flare

you yell no reset
no 9/11 no false
flags, unreality
proven empty thoughts
proven blind spots

Research collection of pollen grains given to Smithsonian Tropical Research  Institute | Smithsonian Insider

resetting is new dining
table set, the new improved
you genomic reset
no more ALS MS STD
clipped and cured
DNA coiling up
this is what we
evolved from
vole or sea jelly

Aspen Grove Panorama Fine Art Print - Mike Putnam Photography

we are the end point
in the set, reset
reorganizing for the
good of cybernetic
mankind reset the song
music drilling at apex
of eardrum
magnificent science

Wildebeest Migration, Masai Mara, Kenya - Every year staring from the early  July to late September, over a million Gnus (wildebeests) and Zebras  followed by the big cats cross over the rolling

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Phillip Glass at 3 am — Magnificent Reset Arpeggios

  1. Joanna Perry-Folino says:

    And in the end the love we take is equal to the death they make. That has always been the intention of the soulless damnable oligarchs. And the struggle of the common man and woman.


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