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drats, forget about these experts who have studied millions of people, millions of times, around what obesity does to the body, what poisons do to the gut, what all those inflammatory products do to our immune systems

Unending loopy discussions about how great the mRNA pushers/developers are, for sure, and then in the same breath, these people are obese/morbidly obese, and full of chronic illnesses, most notably asthma, pre-diabetes/diabetes. The entire list of poisons and synergistically deadly things consumed actively or passively would scare the hell out of any Covid Cultist if she or he would just take the scales off their eyes.

And, alas, what a tale to tell, that nefarious DARPA with all of its paid for in the open, and paid for under wraps outfits to develop, well, weapons of mass destruction, mass surveillance, mass confinement, mass disruption, mass sickness. No no no, DARPA, messing with bacteria, viruses and in/organic poisons as “defense” tools in the offensive tactics of Empire/Military/Reset.

For some reason, the scales stay on those liberals (sic — think highly neoliberal and conservative) even when confronted with piles and piles of evidence. Just yesterday, a friend, in his early 80s, already on mRNA 2.0, waiting for 3.0 to be delivered to him in Spokane. He knows he doesn’t have or won’t make for the bandwidth on these stories around Operation Warp Speed, gain of function a la 30 years, all the WEF plans, all those World War Games prior to November 2019. Event 201. Nah, it is too too much for even old hippies like Bob, who is living on $1,100 a month, Social Security, and he just cited the Washington CIA Post‘s article on Spokane having the highest per unit raise in rents. A town with 60 percent of the populous renting, and here we are — enough said, right?

How can he be prepared to linger in the science and the counterarguments around mRNA, the forced jabs, lockdowns, masking, social distancing, variations on a viral theme? How can he, when he thinks those opposing the mandates, and those questioning the mRNA booster for all of USA, are somehow all tied to Trump, or/and, all ignorant or poorly educated.

So, I am challenging the entire Covid narrative, and Bob knows me, likes me, and honors me. He was my radio show producer. He respects me. I told him last night that a telephone chat just will not cut it for me to attempt to educate. A Power Point? A reading list? Some podcast?

This is one tough nut to crack, the lefty nut, or the liberal nut. He is from Minnesota and he is tied to Zimmerman, Bob Dylan, and he is schooled in lots of great things, too, like tenants association, and working with Mondale a long time ago. He’s not a commie, but he sees himself as a socialist, of the Bernie Sanders (sic) variety.

This is Mr. Fish, and good on him, but let’s see the liberal version, please:

That one of Jesus would be handing out coupons, a few SNAP benefits, pamphlets on LGBTQA, some guides on organic gardening, and posters supporting Tesla and electrified everything, but with a pile of 401 retirement fund statements, etc., with all those piggy banked investments of the old hippies around, well, those lovely stocks tied to the entire mess of surveillance capital, med, CRISPR, even GE or Boeing or you-name-it BlackRock or Blackstone or Apple or UPS. It really doesn’t matter, divesting from fossil fuels campaigns, etc., because, well, fossil fuels are embedded in all those things the greenie weenies and liberal fascists supposedly support because they are believing in socially responsible investments (contradiction in terms, no?). They might not want Smith and Wesson or Raytheon in their stock holdings, but goddamned if they are not going to invest in Google, Amazon, Boeing, etc.

Again, all those Fauci Fawners, all those idiots who will not listen to others, even those with credentials, even those from big schools, big Ivy League institution, even those who once worked for Big Pharma. Their obedience is massive. Absolutely massive. No jamming on the streets now that Biden The Bumbler is turning Guantanamo into a, well, illegal alien processing/holding/incarcerating/tracking camp.

Again, the real news is this:

Today we have pollution levels out of control; the most important problem is the pollution of the human and animal food chains. The most recognized toxic substances is glyphosate, including involuntary biological contaminants mycotoxins. Each species has its own peculiarities in inducing effects on health. Mycotoxins is an important stressor factor, in particular deoxynivalenol (DON) that disrupted the expression of the Zonulin-1(ZO-1), occludin and claudin of porcine gut epithelial TJs. Mycotoxins are immunotoxic and teratogenic. Antibiotics imbalance microbiota. Pollutants, including involuntary, and antibiotics have a negative effect on cell junctions, the microbiota and the microbiome, which ultimately lead to dysbiosis and leaky gut. Glyphosate is another emerging problem; it appears that the damage is caused by the surfactant, TN-20. Surfactant and glyphosate led to mitochondrial damage, apoptosis, and necrosis, disrupts the integrity of the cellular barrier and blocks out microbial growth at lower concentrations. Furthermore, glyphosate induces an increased activity of phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL) that leading to a hyperammonemic environment in the gut, incresed ammonia level is believed to be intestinal bacteria in small and large intestine. There is strong correlation between gut dysbiosis and autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There is strong relationship between intestinal gene expression and bacterial structure. This is the future challenge for research. Keywords: autism spectrum disorder (ASD); deoxynivalenol (DON); dysbiosis; tight Junction (TJ) glyphosate; microbiota; mycotoxin; zearalenone (ZEN); phenylalanine ammonia lyase (PAL)  (source)

In no uncertain terms will these issues be looked at, because we are in Covid Porn, and it is every fat man/woman/child for him/her/them self. This is a giant eugenics scheme being played out on many levels. You won’t have billionaire Anderson Cooper covering any of this, because these people are trained on what to say, what not to say, how to say it, and how to keep it out of the news.

Then, like I stated yesterday, you have this scam layered upon another layer of scam:

Pretty amazing, these liberal lites, AKA Fascists. Where are the great newshounds on this one?

These are the beautiful people, don’t you know? Yikes, we don’t have time?@!#$%?

“The Manufacturing of Greta Thornberg” is compelling, and speaks to the entire Capitalism-Billionaires-Philanthropies-Big Businesses-Technologies will get us out of hot water, hot air, hot land, collapse. That’s it for these people. Read, “The Making Of Greta Thornberg by Cory Morningstar.”

These people are serious, these blue faced-blue assed Democrats, especially in the two states I have spent countless cortisol loads on — Oregon and Washington.

As a final note, I was talking to the manager of a place in Corvallis. It’s a 12 room “hotel” funded by a big wig in Corvallis who made his multiple millions selling poison and war, Pepsi, et al. You know, all that HFCS and sugar and bubbly shit. Sugar. This place is for people and families who have to have some procedure or operation done at the Samaritan Hospital, but it’s cost savings — $30 a night.

This gentleman stated,” Well, it could have been last week you were looking for a place. We were all booked up, and because it was back to campus week at Oregon State University, the hotel rooms, I was told by several patients, were going for upward of $800 a night.” You know, Best Western, La Quinta, Holiday Inn, et al. He chuckled and said, “Price gouging. Imagine if a gallon of gasoline doubled in a day. How many people would be out on the streets protesting that?”

That ain’t going to happen here, but in places like France or Chile, Haiti or Brazil, millions take to the streets for a doubling of bus fare or 40 cents more a gallon for petrol.

Price gouging? Oh, the euphemism for theft, ransom, out right criminality. So, capitalism relies on this disaster and shock relationship, buyer beware, and without leadership and without the revolution to upend these piece of shit, this is a constant factor in USA. CONSTANT.

But again, it’s the Covid, Stupid, not air pollution, toxins, fetal damage, epigenetics, synergistic process of not just two chemicals in daddy’s or mommy’s body, but many all together.

I did a review of Semper Fi, here — “Semper Fidelis or Das Kapital Uber Alles: From Eisenhower to Trump!” Read it. Camp Lejeune disease.

Semper Fidelis
Am I eligible for disability benefits from VA?

You may be eligible for disability benefits if you meet all of the requirements listed below.
Both of these must be true.


Served at Camp Lejeune or MCAS New River for at least 30 cumulative days from August 1953 through December 1987,


Didn’t receive a dishonorable discharge when you separated from the military
And you must have a diagnosis of one or more of these presumptive conditions:

Adult leukemia
Aplastic anemia and other myelodysplastic syndromes
Bladder cancer
Kidney cancer
Liver cancer
Multiple myeloma
Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Parkinson’s disease

Who’s covered?

Notice, no citizens, civilians covered in this BS VA benefits blurb, and be real — 7 diseases! Right. Make that dozens more. And, make that hundreds of places other than this shit hole Camp Lejeune. You think that contaminated water has nothing to do with the immune system, all those physical compromises, cardiac issues? You don’t think DARPA and CIA and others, worldwide, to include Israel and the Old South Africa and UK, that there haven’t been experiments on a weaponized bio-engineered virus getting into the general population, where chronic illnesses and comorbidities outnumber any of the normal’s or Iron Man/Woman types?

Grow a set of testicles or ovaries or both! PLEASE.

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