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Smoke ’em if you got ’em — There are More Ways to Kill the Eighty Percent than the average Predator can Concoct — So they default to AI, Suckers!

I got this from a friend today:

“More inequality built into the system…….”

She was referencing a ProPublica article

Landlords Use Secret Algorithms to Screen Potential Tenants. Find Out What They’ve Said About You.

When you apply for housing, some screening companies plug your personal details into algorithms and rate you as a potential tenant. These scores can have a huge impact on your life when you’re trying to get approved for an apartment.

I get it, but in reality, this is an old story, and I chided her for using the term “inequality” in her couching the article. The reality is this form of predatory capitalism is the very form of structural violence the Fascist Corporations deploy daily, on every level for the poor, the working class, the lower middle class. We in the 80 percent are not just marks and suckers born every minute, we are useful tools of penury, and they do see us, the 80 Percent, as useless breeders and breathers and eaters.

I’ve done a song and dance over the years with this person, and while she loves sending articles from NYT or WSJ, or ProPublica, I just do not think she is seeing straight, though in many ways, she gets that the CIA is Murder Incorporated. I have repeatedly written about and spoken to her about the systems in place to screen out people like me from, oh, education, from social work, from journalism, from literary arts, from urban planning, and from environmental activism.

She knows me from my work with homeless veterans and their families. She knows me from my passion to rework the entire system and get people on the land, in agro-centered communities, and there are thousands of properties in Oregon alone that would be great as intergenerational holistic centers where people who have been caught in the systems of oppression, in homelessness, in the dirty dealing of criminal injustice courts, in the center of real estate thugs could develop their own communities with input from those of us who are healers and who are tired of the rat race.

The fact that the real estate and housing and apartment industry can deploy AI tools to screen out (after collecting all this information on us) humanity, that is, to delimit a human right — the right to shelter — for a large percentage of citizens, well, that speaks volumes about this system I have never supported, nor cared for, nor shown allegiance to, nor genuflected for. I have been the butt end tool of rotten administrators, rotten deans, rotten graduate faculty, rotten chairs, rotten heads of companies, rotten CEOs of nonprofits, rotten leaders in journalism. They have sacked and blacklisted me. End of story, sucker!

That there are piss tests, background tests, fingerprint tests, loyalty tests, credential tests, personality tests, “intelligence” tests, vetting systems, and layer after layer of things to give employers not just the upper hand, but sledge hammers for which to pound prospective workers and current workers.

There are tools to scour the internet for my name, for my work, for my writing, for my this or that public engagement that are used to screen away my viability as not just as a prospective employee, but as a human being.

I did retort back to my friend with this:

“Oh, that’s what you call it, “inequality.” Hmmm, seems like a pretty neutral word for what it is — predatory fascism, as in, corporate fascism, which is structural violence. And, well, ya think those digital passports are all fun and dandy? Hmmm. Right. So, for those citizens who do not “do” the mRNA jab and the follow up jab-jab-jab yearly, shit, they don’t get to work, get cared for in an ER if they hit the pavement head first on our bike, and they do not get housing, they do not get to go to school. Right.
Again, Fourth Industrial Revolution and Digital Gulag.

Human Capital Markets, Predatory Philanthropy, The Gamified World

Then, this Jewish fellow, follower of everything Israeli, Google/Schmidt! Eric Schmidt Cashes in on Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

P.S. I recommend if you have Hulu, “Cold Case: Dag Hammarskjold”

Not only CIA and MI6 murdering the UN Secretary General, but the Danish documentarian stumbles upon the, well, you knew that, the HIV spiked innoculations given to Blacks throughout Africa.” 

A video game with millions of real corpses?

Even though the U.S. military budget is already around three times greater than China’s, the AI arms race has been used to justify the largest Pentagon research and development budget in history. Biden’s DoD budget request for the year 2022 includes $112 billion for R&D -– up $5.5 billion from 2021.

It is a bipartisan effort that has spanned three administrations. But how dangerous is it really?

A candid U.S. Army report remarks:

By distancing the human from conflict, the technology lowers not only the costs and risks associated with war, but the political bar to initiating hostilities as well. As a result, the deterrent quality desired in the Third Offset could actually increase the likelihood that the United States would use force and ultimately decrease global stability.

It adds:

Third Offset capabilities increasingly remove the soldier from the conflict — introducing a video game-like effect into ethical decision-making that often leads to moral disengagement.

…The United States must pursue Third Offset capabilities with the understanding that our actions will drive and incentivize continued proliferation of nuclear weapons.

At least one person in the Obama State Department had some concern. At a 2017 panel with Eric Schmidt, an official in the audience asked him if he was concerned about igniting an artificial intelligence arms race:

Schmidt: Do you think there’s going to be an AI arms race?

State Department official: Yes.

Schmidt: You do?

State Department official: Well, you just said China is going to be ahead of us by 2020. Doesn’t that concern you?

Schmidt: It does. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an arms race. Depends on how it’s done.

State Department official: Well you said China is interested in using AI for weapons… for military purposes.

Schmidt: I said for commercial as well as defense purposes, which is what they’ve said publicly. 

State Department official: So it doesn’t concern you at all?

Schmidt: It actually does but the reason I’m provoking you is that it’s so easy to go to the movie. You know the movie of the robot. 

State Department official: Yeah, I’m not talking about the Terminator but, you know as you mentioned the example of nuclear weapons in the Forties. We might be at that stage in the next few years when it comes to AI.

Even more alarming, Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology ran a simulation in which the U.S. missile detection system’s reliance on AI leads to hot war, potentially with nuclear weapons. They created a scenario in which the detection system interprets unusual atmospheric conditions “as a series of missile launches, and the system fires interceptors in response.” Then: “As the interceptors reach the stratosphere, China’s early-warning radar picks them up. Believing they are under attack, Chinese commanders order a retaliatory strike.”

A technological glitch could spell disaster for humanity.

This is a remarkably similar scenario to the infamous 1983 incident when a Soviet warning system detected an incoming missile strike from the U.S. Soviet Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov believed the warning to be a false alarm and rejected firing nuclear weapons at the U.S. Thus, human intervention prevented nuclear war and saved millions of lives. In a system run by AI, the bombs would have launched. 

With Eric Schmidt as a central figure of the Pentagon’s new AI arms race, the U.S. is preparing for a devastating war with China. While a hot war between the two superpowers seems unlikely for now, the creation of this technology in itself creates the possibility — a danger that must be stopped before it evolves to threaten humanity.

I know this Fourth Industrial Revolution stuff is problematic for many in the USA, since attention spans are captured by fear-Covid Porn, and the latest missing white woman who had a show on TikTok or whatever. Tough to consume since in USA and the West, the groundswell of computing, data mining, 5, 6 G, of 60,000 satellites in the heavens, all of that, including instantaneous downloads and a thousand streaming podcasts and movies trapped in your home, has been the way for years, and it is now the default to give up all rights in order to get more stuff in our Zoom Castles. What a new default, new baseline. Shit! Additionally, it is impossible to criticize anything now tied into the billionaires’ evil schemes without being co-opted and colonized and corrupted by the very things we criticize.

It only gets worse, as a plebe looks at the vast Internet for ideas, news, history, but instead, that person gets honorific crap about the smart ones, the beautiful people, the elites, the rich, the successful, the business class, the movers and shakers, those on the cutting edge. Branson and Bezos are not really hated. They are just cute cue ins for the multimillionaire comics and comedian news stenographers.

Which bloody propaganda crap to choose from today while surfing the internet, or while on your smart fucking phone? Virgin Adults Only Cruise?

The 1,408-cabin ship is hip, alternating luxury with a casual vibe that beckons guests to come as they are if they happen to be very cool kinds of people. The adults-only ship has luxurious gold fixtures and bannisters, ultrachic, boutique-sized restaurants and double chaise loungers absolutely everywhere that seem destined for guests who want to canoodle the day away.

Or, this one, again, the Chosen People, and, well, Remember the USS Liberty: “Remembering USS Liberty: When Israel attacked America”

And notice the Israeli and USA flag on this schmuck’s worthless mask . . . .

Barkan, who is in charge of building the future capabilities of the IAF, said that a special F-35 test aircraft has been used extensively to test more Israeli made systems on the stealth jet.

While he would not go into details about what Israeli-made technologies the IAF would want to add to the F-35, sources here say they include a new electronic warfare system, a new communication system that will allow a two-way flow of real time data, and the addition of highly-classified weapon systems to be loaded into the weapons bay when operating stealthily.

Israel has a program of record for 50 of the conventional take-off and landing F-35A models. Israeli officials have started that its F-35 fleet has been used in different combat operations in “close and far away arenas,” and the country is known for being more willing to use the jets in combat situations than some other F-35 operators.

So, we can talk about the AI for screening out renters, for all the predatory capitalism that runs the West. Sure, fine, but there are so many other issues tied to this snare, this system of elites and chosen ones and misanthropes ruling the world. Ruling means death, fear porn, smoke and mirrors, distraction, chaos, disorder. The reality is they all work together, and these Jews in Flight Suits above have many many plans for their enemies, and their so-called allies, and so, while USA throws billions at “Israel” yearly, more of the in-kind/kindred spirit stuff worth the billions goes into Israel.

But is it all just air? Hot polluted air that’s killing us softly, slowly?

From smog hanging over cities to smoke inside the home, air pollution poses a major threat to health and climate. The combined effects of ambient (outdoor) and household air pollution cause about seven million premature deaths every year, largely as a result of increased mortality from stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections.

The 1956 Clean Air Act in Britain arose from the lethal effects of London’s 1952 killer smog, which is said to have taken some 12,000 lives.  The Act granted powers to establish smoke-free zones and subsidise householders to shift to the use of cleaner fuels (gas, electricity, smokeless solid fuel).

There is certainly no shortage of advocates for the self-evident point that clean air is vital.  Some of this has been reduced – at least historically – to an issue about the non-smoker’s wish not to have the air clouded by the selfish actions of a smoker.  But this is small beer when compared to the general levels of global pollution that keeps the Grim Reaper busy on an annual basis. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution kills 7 million or so people each year, with 9 out of 10 people breathing air “that exceeds WHO guideline limits containing high levels of pollutants, with low- and middle-income countries suffering from the highest exposures.” (source)

Oh, it’s the Delta, err, the Beta, err, the SARS-CoV2 4.0!

A novel coronavirus, deadly and unnecessary lockdowns, civil unrest, political division, economic crises, a rise in mental health issues — the list goes on and on and on. Since March 2020, most of the world has suffered immensely in one way or another. But, amidst the madness, there is room for gratitude. More specifically, I’m suggesting we should be grateful for who and what has been exposed over the past 18 months or so.

6 Reasons to Feel Grateful During Covid — Mickey Z

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