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In the meantime, some carriers take pictures of their time sheets or write down their hours in a notebook. One of the unions developed a mobile app to help with that.

Campos refuses to quit her job, despite it all.

“I’ve invested so much. I don’t want to leave,” she said. “I am 59 years old. Who do you think is going to hire me?” (source)

This is it with USA, whether it’s the once heralded USPS, or the ejaculatory Bezos telling his broke-back workers THEY are the ones who helped him put on a daft jumpsuit in order to jack-off into space (sic).

Forget about the gates left open at Kabul Airport, according to those incompetents, UK/USA military and civilian leeches.

Forget about New Orleans and who’s in charge of the lights?

One broke-back moment every single moment in this broken capitalism. Whack a mole is what fattens the underbelly of the disaster-predatory-polluting capitalism.

One big storm away from, well, death. We are talking A/C, fans, refrigerators, vital medicines, water, air, anything to survive, but this is Louisianna, this is microcosm USA, whether it’s the dirty republicans or the demonic democrats.

That Ivy League Israel First boy, Anthony Blinken, in the Hamptons on vacation while Afghanistan blows. These are worthless, as mean and dirty as any Nikki Hailey or Lindsay Graham or any of them. Yet, these fellows do not meet their constituents, for sure.

Then, the dirty Democracy Now, gloating over those radio jockeys and others yelling about vaccines this, mandates that, perishing in hospitals. These are not normal human beings. This is the narrative set forth by the Edward Bernays lovers, the propagandists of the billionaire class, the Pfizer Branding, and no debate, no discussion about what does a ventilator actually do to the human “ecosystem.”

See the source image

See the source image
The extent of offshore drilling for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico is nothing short of staggering. According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), there are more than 3,000 active wells in the federally-regulated waters of the western and central Gulf. Additionally,  there are over 25,000 miles of active oil and gas pipelines crisscrossing the Gulf of Mexico sea floor, and more than 18,000 miles of “out of service” pipeline there.

On each level of the graft and grift of capitalism, this is a society — USA — based on scams, taking out granny’s garbage and then stealing her social security checks. It is not a new thing, just now we have the stories foaming through the maddening tide of social media and fake journalism that comes in like dirty sewage every second.

We have people in my little rural community so destroyed by drugs that they do these elaborate scams — hire on as house cleaners, whether that’s a couple or widow aging in place, or for the short term rentals. They are so brain broken by meth or opiates, these addicts go in, clean, take photos of the goods they think will sell, post them on e-bay, and then put down through geo-location the actual location. So, Ethyl gets her floors scrubbed (sort of) and her yard mowed (sort of), loves the company since she is a shut-in of sorts, and then, unbeknownst to her, she is a mark for addicted folks who then get others to break in and steal the goods.

Oh, the cops want after these scum bags (maybe). And, yes, a few of the meth addicted once were bank managers in the community, and those with decent mill jobs. One bad accident, a few months on drugs, and bam, the pain and the drug seeking, set in for life. From credit union manager to house cleaner a la burglar.

Yet, look above, at the quote — these managers are thieving, stealing, altering mail carriers’ time cards to short them. Imagine, if I altered a PO Box in my local post office. What would that fine be? And, the minimum for holding up a mail carrier or USPS employee is 10 years in jail, minium. But the supervisors can steal steal steal and no rebuke or jailtime?

Union representatives Richard Gould and Adam Reyna were incensed with the light rebuke. They asked the arbitrator to order the Postal Service to ban Vela from supervising letter carriers.

“This kind of thievery would have resulted in the immediate removal if perpetrated by a letter carrier, but inexplicably the Postal Service appears to have taken the position that [its] supervisors should be somehow held to a lower standard than the craft employees they manage,” the union representatives stated.

The Postal Service representative argued that any further punishment would impact the supervisor’s career and rob him of “due process.” The arbitrator decided not to mandate harsher discipline, agreeing with that argument.

A similar scene has played out in several closed-door hearings across the country. The Postal Service will acknowledge the unlawful time card changes and agree to pay back workers. A union advocate then asks an arbitrator to sanction the supervisors involved. The arbitrators say they can’t under the contract, ordering supervisors to take training instead.

A broken political system is all about whack a mole, all about each and every aspect of say a small community like Waldport broken, but emblematic of the larger system, the state in general, all those other cities. Fines for fences 18 inches above the city’s code. A thousand a day fine? Or some old lady with grass and weeds “too high” in the front yard, a lady in a wheelchair, and she is fined $3000?

These people — city, county, private industry — go to bed with a clear conscience? They drive their new Jeep SUV’s, they buy their hummus and salmon plates, and they send their children to college. What sort of conversation do these professional managerial class and their Eichmann’s have? On the face of it, they ALL make their wages through an elaborate system of penalizing and fining and tolling and taxing and feeing and gouging fellow human beings.

Yet, it’s the face of the meth addict and the image of her climbing in the bathroom window to steal a coin collection and a few guns from grandpa that gets the USA freaks incensed. “Kill them all.” Or, like one fellow told me a year ago when I was working with homeless and those with homes but with severe developmental disabilities: “We should take them out past the mile marker offshore, give them their last soda pop, and toss them over with a few pieces of old concreate strapped to them. That’s how we get rid of useless breeders.”

See the source image
These are scary, two-bit criminals, or not, looking for a fix. Oh, that methamphetamine.
See the source image
These, the beautiful people, billionaires, the biggest criminals per capita, per country, per ecosystem, per business, per all the tax dodging, tax havens, taxpayer fed billions into their coffers.

And who are the criminals? Collateral damage, well, it is way beyond just military murder jargon. We all are collateral, those of us without a cool few million in the bank, house paid for, steady retirement, let alone the super-spreaders of death spiral capitalism: multimillionaires and of course, billionaires. Smiles on those six out of 2,800 global billionaires, just what is behind them?

Scott Ritter, for his part, has emphasized the need of “perspective” on the claimed drone strike against ISIS-K “from an actual drone expert like Daniel Hale, but they put him in jail for telling the truth about how bad our drone program actually is when it comes to killing the right people.”

By now it’s established that contrary to Pentagon claims, the drone strike hit a random house in Jalalabad, not a moving vehicle, and there was “collateral damage”: at least 3 civilians.

And the civilian death toll of a subsequent missile strike on another alleged “ISIS-K planner” in a car in Kabul is already at 9 – including 6 children. ( “Enduring Terror Forever: from al-Qaeda to ISIS-K”
Pepe Escobar)

Just listening to almost ANYONE in the mainstream mush presstitute corps, and then all the loyal citizen consumers of CNN or Fox, well, talk about lunacy.

And just who does Capitalist Intelligence Agency work for? CIA? Right, the thievery is of course, Murder Inc.

Of course there is no smoking gun – yet: but what we do have is a serious working hypothesis that ISIS-K may be just another CIA shadow army, in collaboration with the NDS.

All that, if confirmed, would point to a dark future: the continuation of the Forever Wars by other means – and tactics. Yet never underestimate the counter-power of those no-nonsense descendants of White Huns and Sakas. (source)

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