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This multimillionaire perverted human (sic), Sean Penn, telling the world that “people need to be dragged, kicking and screaming, in headlocks, or zip ties, or straight jackets, to be forcefully jabbed.”

Oh, I alread wrote about this putrid man, about his lies about Haiti, and his great white hope stupidity. Check past blogs, or go to Dissident Voice to be reminded.

My friend Joe the Farmer from Merced, California, sent this after I sent him the article, “Sean Penn Calls for Mandatory Vaccinations, Says Like Setting Speed Limit.” Caccior

Jack boot mother fuckers like Penn have no problem with martial law and suspension of peoples rights. He’s straight out of the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. I hate assholes like Penn who live a life of fantasy and think they know something. He knows nothing about genetic engineering or the history of the mRNA vaccines long term effects because no one does. Only in a country as stupid as the United States can an idiot like Penn gain legitimacy because he’s an actor. It’s happened over and over in this country, (Reagan, Schwarzenegger) and we’re still trying to recover from their actions and fucked up policies. But it’s looking like the lunatics in charge are going to knuckle all of us into forced vaccinations one way or another. I’ve come to loathe this country.

I followed up Joe’s spot on email with this:

Yeah, I wrote about Penn a few DV articles back, and he is the fucking pervert who loves US military, loves US CIA, and he will do anything to get the fucking war equipment for his next movies. Does he say, “Hmm, welfare checks for these murderers, so why not reappropriate all that welfare blood money from the MIC and bring it home to fight climate change, fight forest fires, to harden cities, to build community housing, and, food for my workers.”?

He is the worst of the worst, like The Apprentice motherfucking Trump and all the minions and banks and producers and advertisers who stuffed their dicks into the pussy Donald’s face. “Skunk Works Plant to Build Advanced Fighters Other Projects.

100 percent welfare cheats, one and all. Remember that Ronald Alzheimer’s Reagan shit about the welfare queen with three Cadillacs and a hundred thousand a year income? Ray-Gun has to be told many times, “Mister President, err, we can’t track down any Negro woman like that . . . we’ve scrapped all data bases, all welfare people. She doesn’t exist. But Ketchup, sir, is still a veggie suitable for the FDA’s veggie requirements for school lunches. Isn’t Amerikkka great?”

This is a broken society, from the killer wasp, all the way to Beady Eyed Dementia Patient Joe Citibank Biden, and his millionaire Indian-Jamaican married to a Jewish Money Man VP, all the way through and through, as the US Post Office is gutted daily by a human stain, DeJoy, and here we are — in Florida’s most populous county — “In Florida, Brevard County’s fire chief is pleading with residents to cut back on 911 calls as a surge of COVID-19 cases is overwhelming hospitals and leading to a shortage of ambulances. In Broward County, teachers union president Anna Fusco says four Broward County school teachers died of COVID-19 in just one 24-hour period this week. And she said students are getting sick and dying across Florida, too.” (Source)

Here, the leaders (sic), both female (they run the MIC major players) and male, wetting their pants —

skunk works
Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility at Skunk Works in Palmdale, Calif. Courtesy of Lockheed Martin.Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works advanced development division opened a new 215,000-square-foot production facility Aug. 10, allowing reporters and visitors a glimpse inside the state-of-the-art factory before it begins production of classified systems and is likely permanently closed to non-cleared personnel.
What will be built here first is a secret, but Skunk Works Vice President and General Manager Jeff Babione said he anticipates the facility—at the Air Force’s sprawling Plant 42 complex—will build fighters; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft; hypersonic missiles; and other advanced projects, with possibly more than one project in series production at a time. He declined to say specifically whether Lockheed Martin will build Next-Generation Air Dominance fighters at the plant.

That’s it, no — taxpayers footing the bill for the Military Industrial Complex Mafioso and we don’t get to know what’s behind those doors, and how it is we pay $300,000 a year, minimum, for engineers (sic) to do their dark arts of murder. How’s that $18 an hour to take care of granny as a CNA? These motherfuckers, from the wrench turner at $40 an hour, to the sons and daughters of bitches making $23 million a year, all of them need to go the way of the Dodo. Anyone reading this, left of Pig Obama/Clinton, or right of pig McCain/Reagan, you know it’s true. So if this pulled quote doesn’t spur you on to hate these people, then continue watching the mush on TV, “Homeland,” and all the other propaganda lies a la “Independence Day.”

“There will be no paper, only iPad-like devices,” Babione noted. The workers will have access to augmented reality systems to troubleshoot and determine the best ways for robots to execute the work in addition to developing better designs.

The cavernous plant is environmentally controlled to stay within 2.5 degrees of a set temperature in order to minimize changes of the materials in response to heat or humidity, so that joints line up as they were designed to do using digital thread methods.

“The components that make up the different vehicles that we are manufacturing have different coefficients of expansion,” Babione explained. “Composites are different than steel; steel is different than titanium; titanium is different from aluminum.” It’s important that they be assembled “at the same temperatures” at which they were manufactured, he said. “That’s how we eliminate the need to do drilling in that facility.”

The massive air conditioning system will be powered by a new solar farm adjacent to the plant with 52,000 solar panels. Lockheed Martin is working with the state and county to get the permits.

Old Beady Eyed Biden and her Jamaican Indian VP, what a Team USA: Those murdering wasps (well, white Anglo Saxon protestants are replaced by white Goy/Jew Israel Firsters, for sure) :


Asian giant hornet (Vespa mandarinia) is the world’s largest species of hornet. In December 2019, WSDA received and verified two reports of Asian giant hornet near Blaine. These are the first-ever sighting in the United States. Canada had also discovered Asian giant hornet in two locations in British Columbia in the fall of 2019.

So we have killer wasps, and now, continual 365 days a year wildfires, smoke from them thar hills in New York City, and a D-minus for roads and bridges, and alas, zero public transportation worth shit, a transcontinental rail system that makes 1960 Bulgaria’s system look like a Chinese dream. Mask up, buddy boy, and now the teacher’s union, mandatory jabs. And, well, no mandatory therapeutics for fighting a flu, the so-called SARS-2? Nope!

Here’s a wasp or hornet of another variety —

  • Sen. Kamala Harris’ father criticized a joke she made referring to her Jamaican heritage in response to a question about marijuana, according to the news website Jamaica Global Online.
  • When Harris was asked on a radio show last week whether she had smoked marijuana, she said jokingly, “Half my family’s from Jamaica — are you kidding me?”
  • Donald Harris, a professor emeritus of economics at Stanford University, said in a statement to Jamaica Global Online that the senator’s grandparents “must be turning in their graves.” (Source)
Kamala Harris

“Forget the Gaffes, What About Biden’s Lies?” (Source) Or, “The presumptive Democratic nominee has struggled to deal with allegations of sexual assault by a former staffer.” (Source)

Oh, this is it for USA. For the world tied to White Colonial Culture, all the Euro-Trash, the Aussie-Trash, Kiwi-White-Trash. Canada? Or is that Klanada?

Why does the Canada Revenue Agency treat Jewish, Christian, and Muslim charities so differently?

In June the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group (ICLM) released a report showing that the CRA disproportionately targets Muslim groups. According to the report, 75% of the groups whose charitable status was revoked following a division audit by the CRA between 2008 and 2015 were Muslim. ICLM’s findings add weight to a report released in March by the National Council of Canadian Muslims that also found Muslim charities were disproportionately targeted for surveillance, audits and revocation of their charitable status.

Some Jewish and Christian charities, on the other hand, openly support the Israeli military and West Bank settlements in contravention of CRA rules. Recently, a formal legal complaint was submitted to the CRA by Palestinian-Canadian refugee Khaled Mouammar and Rabbi David Mivasair regarding the charitable status of the Canadian Zionist Cultural Association (CZCA). The complaint details that organization’s support of the Israeli military in contravention of CRA guidelines for registered charities. CRA rules state that “increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of Canada’s armed forces is charitable, but supporting the armed forces of another country is not.” Yet, the Israel Defense Forces website named CZCA as an organization “authorized to raise donations for the IDF.” (When Global News reporter Stewart Bell began asking CZCA questions about its ties to the IDF, the Israeli military quickly removed CZCA from its list of international organizations.) In 2019 the CZCA allocated over $1.7 million to YAHAD, which is run by a retired Israeli General and a Colonel. The organization says its “aim is raising funds for IDF soldiers.”

And if we dare look into Israel’s nuclear arms, the death and destruction industries of Israel, the spying Israel does to even United States of Israel, even Klanada, oh, we get labeled with antisemitism big time. Orwell too is turning in his grave: War is Peace, Lies are Truth, and The Meek Shall NOT Inherit the Earth.

Oh, that fucking Penn and El Chapo. What a messed up world we are in. And redneck Rolling Stone magazine. Ending this quickie blog with the other pervert, Trump and Company, LLC:

Rolling Stone' stirs controversy with drug lord interview

Old Trump and Epstein, and Trump’s Russian Princess:

Jeffrey Epstein Told Inmates About Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Before  Death, Book Claims

On Contact: The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell

Nick Bryant: Maxwell was part and parcel of that whole operation.  And she knows the kind of power that is and we’re dealing with the–with the apex of power.  And I believe that she–it looks at this point like she is gonna take the fall by herself.  Her–and her trial has been really fishy.  I mean, first, it was, like, a year from the time that she was indicted that had her and Jeff for a year and it was supposed to start in July, but then it’s been pushed back another three months, so–the–that–it’s not malfeasance, but it’s certainly fishy.  Nothing in the Jeffrey Epstein story makes any sense.

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