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unending minute by minute examples of human stain rich (pieces of shit) parading around like heroes

Unbelievable these culprits who make national news feeds, yammering their fascist leanings. Whether it is the putrid criminal Bezos and his ejaculation into near space, or some actor like Sean Penn demanding all on his acting and production crew to be hit with the Emergency Use jab, to an earth-circling parade of scum in office, out of office, CEOs, managers, supervisors, and those who follow the money to do ANYTHING for the sadist rich. All for their shekels. They could be butt to groin, circling the earth two times, 50,000 miles. That’s how many of the capitalist dictators and their el capitans there are. Like a trail of human termites, eating the very souls of us, we the people of earth, i.e., the salt of the earth.

Headline: “Sean Penn won’t return to ‘Gaslit’ set unless all cast and crew get mandatory Covid vaccinations”

a man looking at the camera: Penn stars as Attorney General John Mitchell in the political drama, 'Gaslit'.

On Saturday, Rolling Stone published a major scoop: Actor Sean Penn traveled to northwestern Mexico to speak with Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera — “El Chapo” — the notorious leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel. It was El Chapo’s first (and perhaps last) press interview as a free man. At the time of the visit, El Chapo was a fugitive in hiding, but the day before the article went live, Mexican marines, with support from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and U.S. Marshals, captured him after “a fierce gun battle.”

Mexico’s Attorney General Arely Gomez has said that Penn’s face-to-face meeting with Guzmán “was an essential element” in the operation that led to the fugitive drug lord’s apprehension.

Look at these two multimillionaire sell-outs. White as the bare ass of an Irish baby, but they will tell the Haitians how to live, run their lives, etc. Here he is below that in Israel, loving that Israel aid (sic).


On his first visit to Israel, American actor and humanitarian activist Sean Penn declared that the work of his nonprofit J/P Haitian Relief Organization has succeeded largely because of its cooperation with volunteers from IsraAID-The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid.

“The indirect impact of IsraAID is that everything that JP/HRO has accomplished would not have existed without the inspiration and support that they provided,” said Penn, the keynote speaker at IsraAID’s November 30 conference in Tel Aviv, “Can Haiti Grow? Haiti and Israel Partners in Recovery and Development.”

Following the program, IsraAID introduced Penn to representatives of eight Israeli startups that offer technologies in agriculture, water and solar power to developing nations.

Israel & Colombia: Mercenary Allies – Part 2
By Dan Cohen –For Colombians, a different Israeli is well-known for his role in the death squad rampages that have plagued the country since the 1980s. While Eitan was advising President Barco, an Israeli mercenary named Yair Klein arrived in Colombia and began training narco-paramilitaries in how to defeat the FARC insurgency.

Israel & Colombia: Mercenary Allies
By Dan Cohen — On April 6, 1984, a group of men dressed in police uniforms arrived at the home of Milcíades Contento in the town of Viotá, Colombia. Contento was a peasant, communist and member of the Patriotic Union (UP), a newly-formed experimental political party born out of the 1985 peace negotiations between the conservative President Belansio Betancourt and the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. The men seized Contento, tied him up and dragged him away.

New investigation reveals role of Israeli operatives in Colombia’s “political genocide”
By Dan Cohenr — On April 6, 1984, a group of men dressed in police uniforms arrived at the home of Milcíades Contento in the town of Viotá, Colombia.

New Investigation Reveals Role of Israeli Operatives in Colombia’s “Political Genocide”
By Dan Cohen – Known as the “Red Dance,” the systematic murder of the Patriotic Union remains one of the most extreme cases of political violence in Latin America and new evidence suggests that it was concocted by one of the most decorated spies in Israeli history. BOGOTA, COLOMBIA — On April 6, 1984, a group of men dressed in police uniforms arrived at the home of Milcíades Contento in the town of Viotá, Colombia.

Fuck Penn, fuck them all, supporting ANYTHING coming out of murderous Israel.

These two fuckers, Leonardo and Sean, combined net worth on the books, that is, a la scum-bucket lying Internet, err, $300 MILLION, but they, like the other felons in their elite perverse pool, use offshore accounts, have devalued valuable land, and a million financial scams that would make the Swiss blush.

Shmuley Boteach to honor Sean Penn

This is who Penn is, and now, everybody, he states, must be forced to have the fake vaccination for his shit show:

“He who is greedy of gain troubles his own house, but he who hates gifts will live.” —Proverbs 15:27

“As a rabbi, I am particularly grateful to the Adelsons.” —Shmuley Boteach

Shmuley Boteach promotes himself as “America’s rabbi” and “the most famous rabbi in America.” A man of many hustles, he has inserted himself as political liaison to far-right pro-Israel casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, close confidante of Senator Ted Cruz, spiritual guide to Michael Jackson, pal of Oprah Winfrey, soulmate of Eli Wiesel, buddy of Senator Cory Booker, star of his own reality TV show, and bestselling self-help author of Kosher Sex. This month Boteach scrambled between a meeting with Donald Trump, whose candidacy for president he recently endorsed, and a ritzy gala for his own organization, thrown on the solemn Holocaust Memorial Day, at which he bestowed special honors on the former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson and Yoko Ono, among other dignitaries.

Boteach has also managed to leverage his wide-ranging connections into a gig as a columnist for the New York Observer. The weekly newspaper is owned by Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, touted by her father as among his closest political advisers. Jared Kushner’s father Charles is a wealthy real estate developer and convicted felon who has contributed to Boteach’s non-profit, the World Values Network, known until recently as the Jewish Values Network. (Source)

These white monsters/devils are who the Holly-Dirt elite run with —

Over the weekend, the United States and other members of the so-called Core Group threw their support behind Henry, who will become Haiti’s seventh prime minister in four years. Monique Clesca, a Haitian pro-democracy advocate based in Port-au-Prince, says despite the polarization and turmoil in the country, it is ultimately up to Haitians to find a political solution. ​​”It is not up to the United States State Department to tell us who should be the prime minister of Haiti,” Clesca says. “It is offensive. It should not be done. It is unacceptable.”

MONIQUE CLESCA: My thoughts, in hearing — after hearing Ned Price, is, they haven’t talked to us. They haven’t — how can — such arrogance of a State Department spokesman to say they are speaking on behalf of the Haitian people. No, I believe the Haitian people are able to speak for themselves. And we have been speaking for ourselves for the last three years during this crisis, demonstration after demonstration. How many demonstrators have been killed? No one listened to what we’re saying.

And now what we’ve been saying is, “Let us pause. Let us sit down. And, Haitians, talk together, come together and find a solution.” It’s not going to be like magic that it’s going to be done. There is such polarization. There is such mistrust. But we must do this. (Source)

Here is an amazing pushback on the Jewish-run, Democracy Now —

DAHOUD ANDRE: Yeah. I want to point out first that this is exactly three years since the major uprisings that happened in the country in 2018, July 6, 7th, when the IMF had demanded that Haiti, the government of Haiti, raise fuel prices. And some of these prices were doubled. And the puppet government that Jovenel Moïse headed, they did this in the middle of a soccer game between Brazil and Belgium. And the idea was that Brazil would win and that it would be euphoria, and the people wouldn’t mind. They wouldn’t notice. They wouldn’t be — they would be celebrating Brazil’s victory. And fate had it that Brazil lost shamefully. And immediately after the game ended, uprisings all over the country. So, it’s important to note this date, this anniversary, and that Jovenel Moïse would be killed on this anniversary.

But also, I want to point out what Kim Ives is calling the revolutionary forces of the G9 and Jimmy Cherizier, these are criminals. These are people that are responsible for killing, massacres in poor neighborhoods in the country. These are people — and a lot of people find it amazing, unbelievable, that Kim Ives and his newspaper, Haiti Liberté, would be defending, trying to make people believe that these are revolutionaries — these are the people who are throwing 78-year-old elderly folks off of buildings, burning them alive — that these are the people who are going to save us.

The audience should understand, yes, Martelly was handpicked by the Clintons as a puppet, as someone who would do their bidding and join the campaign. It was obvious that the Clintons, Bill Clinton, who was running the CIRH to supposedly rebuild Haiti “back better” — same slogan that Joe Biden used in his recent campaign — that they would find that this is the person who would be — a degenerate, someone — I know that this program has done much about Martelly, so I don’t want to even go there. But what is important is that Martelly handpicked Jovenel Moïse.

And Jovenel Moïse, who was a crook, an indicted, fake entrepreneur, was put in directly by the U.S. government again. And in that position, he was a reliable puppet to, first, Donald Trump, to the point that he betrayed Haiti’s historic relationship with Venezuela in recognizing Juan Guaidó as legitimate head of Venezuela. And Jovenel Moïse had the nerve to say that with the most recent legislative elections in Venezuela, he would not recognize them because there was not enough popular participation. And this is someone who, by their own numbers, got about 500,000 votes in a country of 12 million people.

So, I need to say that the Haitian people loathed Jovenel Moïse and Martelly, the PHTK government, because they are the tools of the United States, to impose the will of the United States on the people. And they arm these street gangs. They finance these massacres in the poor neighborhoods, that are supportive of, I should say, President Aristide, the Lavalas government. And they just felt — and this was Martelly’s position — he clearly said, so long as the heavyweights — meaning the United States, the U.N., the OAS, the Core Group — supported him and Jovenel Moïse, nothing could happen to them. And this is what we have seen: the support, the unequivocal support, of the United States to the PHTK government, who was killing the Haitian people and stealing the resources of the country. (Source)

So, the largest health care system in Arizona, Banner, is forcing ALL employees to jab-up, by November, “or look for new work.” So, as one health care system goes, all the health care systems go. Mask up, Johnny Boy. This is how these culprits go.

The planned pandemic itself (and the global military deterrent exercise called “quarantine”) has only accentuated the gravity of a crisis that puts the crisis itself in crisis (by highlighting only the consequences, one can see a new and more ruthless transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich of the world, making it possible to disappear even the middle class worldwide; for under the logic of acquired debts, whether at the individual or national level, the whole world is facing an economic drain unprecedented in world history: in 2020 alone, the global unemployment rate exceeded the rates of the “great depression”, the product of a worldwide bankruptcy at all levels, for the exclusive benefit of transnationals and gigabanks, causing the debt to reach, in that year alone, 23 trillion dollars, bringing the global debt to 282 trillion, that is, 355% above the world’s GDP. This means that the world is leveraged three times over its own production, with no hope of a quick economic recovery, since production itself (and also services) are, in many countries, paralyzed; the “pandemic” continuity will only provoke new tax burdens on already unbalanced economies; for the global “economic health” to recover and not be “contaminated” with defaults, the health of the world’s population will be sacrificed.

A world does not enter into crisis by itself but because the collapse of its vital principles is what unleashes the loss of all the basic references of its own systemic consistency. If capitalism needs crises to accelerate its own dynamics of dispossession and destruction -known as development- what does it mean that we are in crisis, when the crisis has become a way of life? (Source)

I spoke with a 74 year old in a parking lot at our local food co-op. The Subaru still had that “Biden” bumper sticker, right near the exhaust pipe (man, the image of Joe Biden and Donald Trump next a spewing exhaust pipe and hot catalytic converter just don’t go away). I asked the lady why, after saying hello, with all that Biden has proven to any leftist who voted for him that Biden is as a bad a demented hombre as the rest, she would still have the insipid bumper sticker plastered on the old station wagon. She said it was her spouse’s car, that it was his idea. She and I talked about forest issues, how bad the Oregon state is, like a Florida transplant, Jew or Goy, with a hundred cancers removed from the face. She was disheartened, but felt she still had to have hope, citing Winona LaDuke. Citing the concept that we old timers have to fight and we will lose and lose, but it is for the lesson, the under girder to build momentum for younger and younger generations.

I emphasized that usually, a discussion, or my comment face to face with someone about a Trump or Biden bumper sticker, would illicit stupidity, either from a logger or from some ex-hippie or neoliberal liberal, to the point of most definitely bringing up Trump or Obama in their argument — “At least he isn’t Trump/Obama.”

That is the most meaningless statement yet, from so-called liberals, “anything is better than Trump.” There are of course hundreds of like sayings coming from the mouths of hard-core democratic party adherents. The so-called ex-hippies are the worst of the lot.

WINONA LADUKE: You know, this is a new pipeline project going in, but they’re crossing like 69 rivers, and 22 of them with this thing called the HDD, which is a super phallic, horrible drill system, the high direction drill — horizontal direction drill. And so, what happens is that they’re drilling like underneath the rivers, and they hit an aquifer, and they shoot out into — or they hit a seam that shoots out into the river, in some spring that they didn’t know about, and all of a sudden you’ve got a bunch of, like, toxic bentonite, all kind of crazy stuff at the bottom of the river.

And, you know, the thing is, is like the Shell River is a pristine river, crossed five times by Enbridge, hit by industrial agriculture like R.D. Offutt. And it has the largest mussel population in the Upper Mississippi River. It has this huge and beautiful mussel river, hence the name Shell River. And those guys don’t last through frac-outs, you know? Just the Army Corps of Engineers, the Department of Interior, you know, all of these agencies are looking aside as Biden seems to approve the tar sands pipeline. And you can’t do both.

WINONA LADUKE: Yeah, sadly, Deb Haaland has not stepped up on this. And the Biden administration certainly has chained her to their position. You know, it’s tragic. You know, there’s no federal environmental impact statement on this project. It wouldn’t pass the climate test. It’s exactly — it’s even bigger than Keystone. So, if Keystone wouldn’t pass the climate test, why would this pipeline pass the climate test, let alone the water impact? This is a fifth of the world’s water. Enbridge is in the middle of the water wealth of our territory, you know, the heartland of the water. And the Army Corps of Engineers and Department of Interior, no agency has stepped up to protect the waters of the people of Minnesota, the Anishinaabe, trust responsibility, nor any of the waters of this territory.

And, you know, it’s so disappointing that the Biden administration is throwing Indigenous people under the bus, the water under the bus — you know, there’s no new water — and that everybody is tolerating more and more arrests, as if, you know, that’s how it goes these days — we just keep arresting people because we think our project’s a great thing. You know, I’m so disappointed in the Biden administration, in Deb Haaland, you know, in every agency. I’m so disappointed that they are destroying our planet so a Canadian multinational can make a buck at the end of the tar sands era. (Source)

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