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We interview Paul Haeder, a radical Marxist from the Pacific Northwest with his own ideas about what is going on to drive the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset.  He shares his views with us this week. Check it out!

We interview Paul Haeder, a radical Marxist from the Pacific Northwest with his own ideas about what is going on to drive the 4th Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset. He shares his views with us this week. Check it out! Paul Haeder on Bioweapons, 5G, and Star Wars Other Paul Haeder Articles What’s Left?

It’s not pretty, for sure, how I go all crazy and fugue like, in the interview (man, the lack of teaching 30 students face to face has turned me into a dervish, nodding, head shaking, wacko) But I enjoyed these three socialists, and while I sort of take over the discussion, and I do have a set of nervous ticks and habits [and I can rationalize those by saying I don’t like looking at a screen, an external camera, and in this episode, I had to prop the smart/dumbphone onto the keyboard since Zoom Doom was cutting out on the computer], I think there are harvestable points the four of us made. Again, thanks to Andy, Kenny and Eduardo for the time capsule moment. Reimagining Sanity and Voices Beyond the Echo Chamber is a type of resurfacing, coming up for air, gulping ions and atoms, in a vain attempt to open our eyes wide, baby, wide.

One more bit of evidence on the WWW that points to my complete marginalization and disenfranchisement from the systems — so many systems, left and right, bad and worse. Anyone can go to these articles and podcasts and point the Nazi finger at me and say: “He is not one of us and not one of you and so, time for bedtime.”

Andy Libson asked me to cover the interesting triumvirate of SARS-CoV2 bioweapon/origins; the rush for 5 and 6 G; and weaponized space. I’ve written about that combination here — The Jab, Star Wars, and the Bubble Net of Digital Gulags

It maybe forcing the three into a lumping process, but that is what ideas and brainstorming and plain old historical looks at all the bullshit thrown upon the human race by a sliver of people we call the elite, the beautiful people, the controllers.

It is a fundamental discussion now, we on the left-left, looking at the varioius nefarious activities, plans and invented narratives the controllers have unfolded in the past, currently and for the future. If it feels like Blade Runner or Minority Report , then it must be somehow in the reality slipstream of our times to actually force us to admit the fact that AI and the fascist billionaire club are looking way beyond the horizon of Miami under water. Way beyond disease and viruses and pathogens.

Here’s a fascist — “In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it’s the fast fish which eats the slow fish. “– Klaus Schwab

And here’s the reality of the USA and other western countries citizens afraid to look in the mirror or at their own controllers . . . .

Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil by Gavin Mayhew

I talked a lot about books, about authors, even newspapers of old, in this Interview. For very good reasons —

There must be something in books, things we can’t imagine, to make a woman stay in a burning house; there must be something there. You don’t stay for nothing.

— Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451, page 48

See the source image

The idea is to drum up and initiate and converge people into conversations, and deep analyses, but without a truckload of books under one’s belt, well, the conversation stays shallow, stays controlled, stays right smack in the center of the mainstream mush media’s lies of omission and submission, the controlling media, the media of government controllers, owned and served by the corporations, and the billionaire class who are nefarious, who are the drivers of destruction and culture. That we have to know Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic might “beat” Jeff Bezos into space as a bug-eyed sociopath billionaire, well, that news takes another breath of sanity away from people consuming it and contemplating it and talking about it as a valiant thing. We have to educate the masses on healing, farming, medicine, aging, self-sufficiency, mutual aid, how to rattle the cages and shake the trees and beat these sons of bitches!

Richard Branson poised to beat Jeff Bezos into space | Financial Times
Jeff Bezos Risks It All for His Space Dream | WIRED
How Elon Musk Became Space's Top Entrepreneur With SpaceX and Starlink |  Observer

These are more of the perversions of our times, and while I touch upon them in the interview above, well, come on folks — all those billions, all those tax dollars, all those S.T.E.M. graduates, all the time and mental energy with satellite constellations and the macho “I am going into orbit first” bravado, man, if that is not enough to occupy real left-left journalists’ shows and mindsets, then I have no idea what does. Because, we are on a planet of forced starvation, forced feedback loops of no water, depleted soils, ag collapses, rising seas, inundation, no infrastructure, housing issues, war-war-war materials/equipment sales. These human scum above should be, well, tanked. They represent beyond hope, beyond humanity. Playing with space trips, and then, the mega constellation, and the telecoms and corporations tying to internet of things/nano things, all of that, it ties into self-indulgence and massive profits beyond anything Carnegie or Rockefeller of JP Morgan of old could have imagined.

It is about total surveillance and tracking and subjugation of man, woman, flora, fauna.

Tax payers foot the bills — triple or more taxation on everything; paying for infrastructure to supply these felons with everything, from roads to communication to air space; then, all the externalities of the fallout of their predatory and casino capitalism; all the trained/educated men and women coming from tax payer funded schools who end up working for these billionaires, in their companies; all the dead-cultural crap these people are infecting the world with; all the lies of Hollywood and others in media propping them up or even covering their lives and their schemes at the expense of the real stories.

These space programs, trips to the moon, man-womxn in the cans/rockets/shuttles programs, take away from the hard scrabble life stories and struggles of the 90 percent of the global population. We can fix and mitigate and compensate/end a world of nukes, forever chemicals, endocrine disrupters, deforestation, ocean acidification, over-harvesting, bad education, bad farming, and the like, including bad medicine, no medicine and even antibiotic microbial resistance and viruses, and income inequality and so much more, maybe even violence.

BUT WE NEED TO GET RID OF THE BILLIONAIRES AND MULTIMILLIONAIRES. Get rid of despots and lords of war. If it takes simple earth-source botulism, concentrated and atomized and aerosolized, sent to their mansions, their yachts, their resorts, then be it. BECAUSE these Bezos and Gates and Branson and Walton, et al characters are plain ice cold murderers who have TV shots, platforms and stolen trillions from the workers, the tax payers. They are normal, their behavior valorized and we are the chumps, expendables.

Lyrics — Whitey on the Moon

A rat done bit my sister Nell.
(with Whitey on the moon)
Her face and arms began to swell.
(and Whitey’s on the moon)

I can’t pay no doctor bill.
(but Whitey’s on the moon)
Ten years from now I’ll be payin’ still.
(while Whitey’s on the moon)

The man jus’ upped my rent las’ night.
(’cause Whitey’s on the moon)
No hot water, no toilets, no lights.
(but Whitey’s on the moon)

I wonder why he’s uppi’ me?
(’cause Whitey’s on the moon?)
I was already payin’ ‘im fifty a week.
(with Whitey on the moon)
Taxes takin’ my whole damn check,
Junkies makin’ me a nervous wreck,
The price of food is goin’ up,
An’ as if all that shit wasn’t enough

A rat done bit my sister Nell.
(with Whitey on the moon)
Her face an’ arm began to swell.
(but Whitey’s on the moon)

Was all that money I made las’ year
(for Whitey on the moon?)
How come there ain’t no money here?
(Hm! Whitey’s on the moon)
Y’know I jus’ ’bout had my fill
(of Whitey on the moon)
I think I’ll sen’ these doctor bills,
Airmail special
(to Whitey on the moon)

3 thoughts on “Haeder’s Reimagining Sanity – Batty Bioweapons, 5G, Star Wars

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and time with us, Paul! You’re passion and commitment to unearthing the truth is undeniable. We’ll definitely do this again some time!


  2. haederpaul says:

    @What’s Left?

    So, really, Andy, I have found how dour the so-called “left” can be. I have been taught by Liberation Theologists, by Zapatistas, by Sandinistas. One of the huge issues I have had as a poet, fiction writer, journalist, college teacher, environmental activist, and even urban planning dude is how bloody boring people are, and lacking passion and chutzpah. Note that I have been a sustainability director at Spokane Falls Community college as well as hosting a radio show, weekly, one hour, and having regular columns in a magazine, daily newspaper, and weekly. It is about truth, and about having some kick-ass fun. We can keep our cards close to our chest, or we can be dispassionate, pedantic, and that, to me, is the ultimate turn-off. Making a fool of myself with a bombast and some clownish stuff, well, for god’s sake — has anyone taught English, been a featured poet, ended up running an earth day for a city, got another master’s in urban and regional planning AND worked in a memory care facility laughing with failing adults, while changing adult diapers. I’m not seeing much of that in the people I have run into in this country who teach at colleges and universities, even the adjuncts. Again, I organized adjuncts, and many had to be coaxed into seeing themselves as workers, like hotel staff or line cooks or roofers.

    With those people in my camp — workers — I have always seen humor and full-throttle passion with some sense and knowledge as the only way through to youth and cynics. And, one person’s left is another person’s center left or right. It has all gone right, in this society. Moved right. No alternative newspapers around. No more guts.

    I was going to go into shifting baseline disorder — that is, from a diver’s point of view, this is how it is played out: I dove the amazing islands in the Sea of Cortez, when I was 18. Not what the sea was in 1500, but in 1970, imagine, amazing 60 minute dives with dozens of moray eels, a dozen dolphins, turtles galore, reef fishes like something out of a Cousteau documentary (he called the Sea of Cortez “the aquarium of the world”). Now, a dive with PhD students in 2016 — 36 years later — and those divers come up in awe, crazy motivated by the sea life. Lots of digital shots. And, old timer me and another fellow on the boat have this slide projector, and our 1970’s shots, underwater shots from heavy Nikons. Marine scientists looking at the 2016 reef system as something to save, preserve, well, when we showed our 1970s shots, the guys and gals gasped, some teared up. It was night and day the dive in 1970 and that in 2016. The sheer numbers, sheer variety, the amazing encounters in 1970 compared to 2016? Again, my baseline is 1970 Sea of Cortez, again not virginal, but pristine in some ways — dozens of species, encounters with mega species and apex predators, compared to their baseline: anemic dive compared to the real dive.

    So if a 25 year old PhD student in 2016 has no other baseline to compare, then the 2016 view of the reefs around Tiburon Island, not what should be considered as the REAL baseline for stewardship and restorative conservation.

    So, imagine my many shifted baselines — journalism, environmentalism, social work, education, fiction writing, and, yes, what it means to be true left. It’s as if I speak another language, and when I teach or engage now, the choir or the non-choir, the preaching is on deaf ears — the Shifting Baseline Disorder as well as Collective Stockholm Syndrome and the United Snakes of Amnesia like a hot desiccating wind curling my lips!

    Throw me any topic, Andy, and I’ve been up close and personal on most, and researched most. Teaching composition and research writing starting in 1983 with thousands of students, well, you can imagine how many topics and essay types I have encountered, stewarded and graded!


  3. haederpaul says:

    From my friend, Joe the Farmer from Merced:


    Watched your interview. You covered lots of ground. I agree with you and have read most of what you said about DARPA, MK-ULTRA and the rest of the ruthless actions our government has perpetrated on the people of the world and its own citizens. I especially agree that the 20 percent at the top are as rotten as the one percent and must be held accountable for their actions if there is to ever be any justice. I also am enough of a realist to know that will never happen. Americans are to misinformed, apathetic obedient to authority and juvenile to ever enact the change that is needed.

    I’ve said it to you before, we are living in collapse. All empires fall. Ours is no exception. We are witnessing the rats leaving the ship. The one percent are being gorged with money. They are stripping every last asset they can get their hands on. The government has turned on its own citizens as all Empires do. Covid is a means of control to keep the masses from rebelling until the final yoke of the police state is in place.

    The rest of the world is rejecting the United States. Eventually the idiot in the White House, (whichever idiot happens to be holding that office at the time), will provoke a war to try to save the casino of financial capitalism and its ever enduring Ponzi scheme. The only thing I can see that will bring Americans to their senses is for the rest of the world to kick the United States ass so fucking hard it will never be able to re-arm again. But I also am enough of a realist to know that won’t happen. The crazies in power would rather blow the world up than release their grip on power.

    Enjoyed the blog post you wrote about going to see your daughter. She asked a tough question of you, one my youngest daughter asked of me. My oldest girl won’t even talk with me. Their mother and grandmother did a number on them. When you fight against the machine as I did fighting the UC eventually everything is stripped from you and you stand alone. People are afraid of you. They don’t want to know the truth about the situation they’ve been forced into by the most ruthless economic system ever devised. They want to believe if they get a college degree everything will be fine and they will get to live the iconic American dream. For my two girls it isn’t working out that way. I think they are starting to realize all the things they thought I was totally a raving lunatic about are coming to pass in their own lives. That maybe the old man wasn’t so stupid after all. At least that’s my fantasy that they wake up to the reality of their situation. As a father that’s the best I can hope for. None of us can ever go back and mend other peoples fantasies. They have to do that themselves. Hell I’m not even sure I can mend my own fantasies.

    Sometimes when things break they can’t be repaired no matter how hard one tries. Betrayal, personally or collectively, is one of the hardest things people ever face. As a nation we have all been betrayed many times over. Most won’t accept that they’ve been betrayed and prefer to hide from the hard work of accepting they got a bum deal and work to overcome it.



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