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*ACAB meaning, all cops are bastards . . . FTC too! (fuck the cops)

It never changes, the censoring, the recriminating, the middling mindless prater that my fellow citizens have shown almost the entirety of my life.

It isn’t surprising, and, to be honest, it’s more pathetic than angering, but for sure, at age 63, my reality is both accepting the fact we are in a United States of Amnesia and also birthed from an infantilized one. Where “black and/versus white” are how the white world views their own world, and where someone like me – way outside the sheeple normality – presents himself as a clear and present danger to them all.

It wasn’t much – 50 people in Newport, at the city hall, rallying for Juneteenth 2020 (6/19) and a mixture of Black Lives Matter and these homilies for diversity and “can’t we all live together” admonitions.

Two things stuck out – first, the event was outside, on a grassy knoll abutting a public sidewalk. I was at the curb, and had my little sign prominently up in the air: “No Police” with BLM fist in one corner.

I also appreciate the value of fresh air outside, here on the coast, where some of the healthiest air on earth constantly recirculates and regenerates due to amazing atmospheric conditions. I did not have on my mask (I use it for inside, public places, an the like), for sure, because I do not believe a virus is coming to get me in the middle of an open space where Pacific air ionizes most any bad ass bug.

Everyone else did have on some variation on a pathetic theme of a mask; you know, after 40 minutes into the rally, the masks were partially over the nose, slipping down, cloth, and a ragtag array of other things people had made. Not exactly the masks used in Biosafety Labs of a 3 and 4 category. You know, virologists donning moon suits, where every square centimeter of the human body is covered in an airtight covering, and where the breathing is done with an air source, through a tube or hose, with an air source originating not within the lab itself.

The audacity of people to come up to me and say they are offended by my sign, “No Police.” The lunacy of these people, with BLM signs, who are actually thinking that the anti-police demonstrations across the country attacking the murdering cops who see blacks, Latinos, Asian and poor white people as equal to rabid dogs, that these demonstrations are actually about praying for good cops, or hoping a retraining program might turn little Nazi’s into Little Opies?

The white race is insane when it thinks this shit.

It’s cognitive dissonance, and I have to give it to the few that challenged me listening to me explain what defunding the police is, what community control of police is and why we need no police as we currently know them to be and experience them daily.

These are the colonized minds of Biden supporters, of people who would string me up – emotionally that is – for working on a third party candidacy for someone like Howie Hawkins or the socialist alternative candidate or even Jesse Ventura if he were to decide to run.

Communists like me are responsible for Bush and Trump and then Trump 2.0 in their censoring minds. They will not listen to reason, will not look at the facts about Jill Stein and the Russians having zero to do with Trump 1.0. Or how Ralph Nader had Zilch to do with Bush 1.0 against that toad Gore.

They will not listen to reason, read stuff by Rev. Barber or Greg Palast or anyone on how the GOP has done amazing things to disenfranchise eligible voters, how votes get thrown away by the millions, how people of color have to wait in lines to vote twice as long as whites. How Trump “won” the election through vote tampering and vote theft.

They will not understand that censoring Tweets by the Pedophile Trump or de-platforming  groups outside the pathetic cartoon black lines of their infantile fantasy are actually the actions of Big Brother of my own nightmare. We know Facebook is disgusting and a guy like F/Zuckerberg made $30 billion over the novel coronavirus  lockdown. Why Google should have been broken up years ago. That all major industries need to be held by the public, us, and that most other large corporations must be people controlled.

But censoring?

They will go out and pretend Juneteenth is a celebration of the whites giving the blacks freedom, instead of what it really symbolizes: a deeply complex historical moment, one where Lincoln was not the great anti-slavery bastion of goodness. How Mexico had outlawed slavery in 1820, and how African Americans went to Mexico and even fought in black regiments to kick the shit out of the Maximillian and French who had invade the country and perverted the land with their rotting European shit-hole thinking. Cinco de Mayo, fuck yeah.

Oh, then, someone came up to me and tried to verbally lash out asking why I was putting everyone at risk by not wearing a mask outside, on the sidewalk, away from 95 percent of the “protestors,” who were wearing some version of a very-very bad face covering.

Imagine, these are old and grumpy and self-important people. Defund the police? What does that mean? No Police? How can the world function without SWAT teams, detectives, street cops, traffic stops, etc.? The same colonized minds that could imagine a world without people  — you know, these  sad sack weak climate change activists – before they could imagine a world without capitalism.

This will get worse, as they get more and more calcified in their Trump Derangement Syndrome and go all out after people who would dare vote their conscious and conscience and not vote for the war candidate, the racist, the misogynist, the better republican in the democrats’ eyes. Biden!

“Anyone But Trump,” bumper sticker . . .  and that is it for the state of intellect in this group’s minds, their collective mindset. They will never study deeply or understand the real history of this country, of what these cops represent, or what our so-called military has done to the mind-scape of Americans on both sides of the political manure pile.

It is amazing how the “woke people” are again, half-woke, or worse, one-quarter woke. What is the old adage – ‘a little bit of knowledge is dangerous!’ Or, ‘only knowing what they tell you is dangerous to us all.’ ‘What you don’t know can’t hurt you?’ Worse, ‘what you don’t know doesn’t exist.’ Agnotology.

Every rotten president has been every person of color’s nightmare. Yes, maybe JFK’s murdered by CIA was the last hope for something more than this lockstep cascade of war/ war/ war, and the terror that the country’s leaders and business leaders and capitalists have engendered and fed the masses, until here we are – broken, bankrupted, on the verge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s: complete control of citizens far and wide.

Each day is another chink in the armor, and one year you vow to never shop Amazon, and then the next and the next Amazon controls the world, the libraries, the food, the entire retail gig, and it gets to sell all the algorithm tools to the controllers, the governments, in cahoots with CEOs and the Elite.

‘Nah, this little old town will not roll up its streets and go online, No, not my town.’ As the quick drip drip drip of co-opted and colonized Americans hit the Starbucks drive-thru and wait for all that juicy consumer stuff to be delivered FedEx from Bezos’ huge Santa’s workshops and fulfillment centers, globally.

That slippery slope leads democrats and fake leftists and wannabe brotherly and sisterly love folk down the road to hell, to the end of face- to-face teaching, face-to-face living.

Already I am hearing – ‘Well, tele education might not be so bad. Look at how bad our schools have been. Anything’s an improvement.’ Then, on and on, the entire Zoom Doom mentality of Americans – Zoom the Doctors into Your Home, Zoom the Bosses and Managers into Your Home.

Talk about being on the spectrum. That spectrum is self-delusional, acceptance of overlords, anything new is good philosophy, and ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’ thinking because they – the masters of tech and business and the New Order – know what they are doing.

‘I don’t care what the government gets on me, since I have nothing to worry about. So what if they know my every move. So what if there is a vaccine chip or passport. SO what if the law says mask-mask-mask.’

A chubby woman, 18 years old, maybe, was asked or told by someone at this Juneteenth Rally to come over to me. “Sorry, sir,” she said, fingering both sides of one of those disposable hospital visiting room masks. “Some people here are uncomfortable with you not wearing a mask.”

She nervously touched both sides of this flimsy mask. “Here, sir, I brought you one.”

I politely told her that I was not going to put on some mask that had just been fingered and palmed by her and who knows who else. I also told her that I was away from the crowd, in the open air, as 100 percent of the people driving by had open windows and they yelled their support for the BLM signs and such, screaming out their windows, again unmasked, and the prevailing winds were coming at us.

The unwoke generations, the mean-hearted generations, the American exceptionalists, the ameliorating and colonized minds.

You fucking bet I am afraid of them as much as I am afraid of the KKK-loving, Nazi-adoring, Gun-Humping MAGA or Reaganites or Bush Boys . . . Or whichever shithole Republican has the power of the governorship and the power of the state senate.

The stupidly of American men and women is an equal opportunity disease, infecting democrat and republican alike. And for fuck’s sake, censorship of any of these sites and digital rags, whether it’s Alex Jones or Fox Un-News or Ben Shapiro or the King Dunce himself, Trump, well, it’s still a chink in the armor that is the 1st amendment, for sure.

My sign was bad for this event (haha) and the fact I decided to not mingle but stand my ground in an open air event and not ‘mask up’ caused some to tish-tish-tish me, well, it says it all. Says it all.

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