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Readers — Just letting you know how important are small newspapers: no matter how much they are focused on arts-living, they are vital. Here, in Oregon Coast Today. In the Eye of the Eagle — “Deep Dive with Paul Haeder

Please, support writers — my new short story collection, Wide Open Eyes — Surfacing from Vietnam — is virtually dead in the water. Lock down a la Corona Capitalism, Americans’ bandwidth is tuned to every tidbit of foolish info streaming from mainstream press and the authoritarians in politics all about the Trumpdemic! Much of it so wrong, and the critique on capitalism and the military-corporate-greed complex is zero!

I have no idea how many of my books have sold at the bloody Amazon dot kill account. which my publisher set up. It went up two months ago. Boy, all my readings and appearances and interviews vanished! You can, however, email me,, and I can send you one for $20 with my autograph and thanks. I make a little bit on that after the printing and postage costs! Here, the book review —

Opening Eyes: Paul Haeder’s Stories of the Viet Nam Legacy in America
Book Review of Wide Open Eyes: Surfacing from Vietnam

Finally, look at the ramifications of Trumdemic — Corona Capitalism — small communities are decimated, and there are no comebacks for small businesses. Small-town journalism is dying quickly.

TUESDAY, MAR 31, 2020, 12:14 PM In These Times:
In the Time of Coronavirus, the Decimation of Local News Outlets Could Have Lethal Consequences

Namaste, Paul

​“Take your brother’s need as the measure for your actions and solve the problems of the World”
— Maitreya

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