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Demonstrators, who were joined by Democratic presidential candidate and Washington governor Jay Inslee, march to McDonald’s corporate headquarters to demand $15-per-hour wages for fast food workers on May 23, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. Inslee is one of mo

. . . for bad food, for enormous single use garbage (both packaging and the “food”), for the company’s perverse economies of scale (for the stock holders but not for the local businesses), for the idiocy of the automation, for being located in low income neighborhoods where there are no green grocers, for the poor treatment of workers, for the low and shitty pay, for the corporate pigs stealing wages, stealing profits and for their lack of humanity.

But in Israel, where apartheid is going strong, where the theft of Palestinians’ land is laughed at, and where their history books are scrubbed and filled with lies, these mercenaries, or former “soldiers” (murderers of doctors, people in wheelchairs, teens, and old men and women), want the Jewish owner of McDonald’s a la hummus to be boycotted because this businessman has the terminity to say he will not place his death food franchise in illegal settlements (sic):

Israeli Jew Omri Padan, the owner of the Israeli MacDonald’s franchise.

Padan has for years refused to open branches in Jewish settlements in the Palestinian West Bank: he rejects the presence of these so-called “Jewish communities,” which are considered by international law and most of the world to be illegal. In 2013, Padan’s franchise refused to open a restaurant in Ariel, an illegal settlement of 20,000, sparking anger and accusations of discrimination.

The irony of a MacDonald’s boycott in Tel Aviv
Signs outside a McDonald’s in Tel Aviv protest the refusal of the local franchise to open in Judea and Samaria.. (photo credit: MAARIV)

Oh, this country — “Israel” will be paying for the high crimes and misdemeanors and slow-steady drip drip genocide against the real residents of this homeland for real battlers. Trump and Schumer and their pets:

New pro-Israel orgs try to save the Jewish State’s sagging reputation

Not only is boycott of Israel and “Israeli-controlled areas” – the illegally occupied West Bank and Gaza –against Israeli law; the Israel lobby is pushing for legislation in the US and in Europe that would criminalize the use of boycotts against Israel.

But while pro-Palestinian justice boycotts are being systematically outlawed around the world, pro-Israel boycotts such as the one against MacDonald’s are in full swing.

Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs issued in 2018 a “blacklist,” which declares a boycott-type ban on 20 international organizations, denying them entry to the Jewish state.

In the days of apartheid in South Africa, Israel was an ally of that country, benefiting from arms sales and secret collaboration in nuclear weapon development. Israel refused to answer the call of a worldwide boycott, a movement that eventually brought an end to the racist regime.

The pattern suggests that Israel considers boycott permissible only when it works in Israel’s favor.

By Kathryn Shihadah, staff writer for If Americans Knew. She blogs at Palestine Home

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